Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Late again, dang it!

And by a couple weeks at that *facepalm!*

So, while I’ve been readin’ a lot, only a very few fics stood out enough to bring to your attention, startin’ with a one shot…yes, a ONE SHOT!

Hot off the presses today, you’re gonna want more of…

Rob Attack


*ONE SHOT* Lots of college students take on part-time work to pay their way through school. Edward and his two best friends take it one step further: ‘Plus One’, an escort service for wealthy single ladies. Edward is already considering scaling back when he takes on a new client and discovers that desire and admiration are sometimes a one-way street. *Not really an HEA

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Words: 12,979 – Reviews: 4 – Favs: 3 – Follows: 2 – Published: 1h ago – Status: Complete – id: 11487804

Bella hires Edward to be her pretend boyfriend for Renee’s weddin’ to Phil but she’s not at all like the women Edward has encoutered before which totally throws him off his game LOL!

Edward checked his GPS. It was the correct address, but nothing about the neighborhood implied that trust-fund kids with thousands of dollars to burn on a fake boyfriend would choose to live there. It was decidedly middle-class. He felt out of place as he climbed out of the red Lexus IS C. He self-consciously smoothed his slacks, straightened his collar and grabbed the half-dozen roses he had purchased from a florist on the way there.

“Time to make her night,” he whispered to himself.

Edward took the elevator up to the fifth floor, checked his watch to make sure he wasn’t too early, then knocked on the girl’s door. She opened it almost immediately.

“Isabella Swan?”

Edward did his best to hide his shock. She had long brown hair, tied up with a rubberband. Her face was completely free of cosmetics, and she was wearing glasses with thick, brown plastic frames. Her figure was completely hidden beneath a man’s XL t-shirt and baggy jeans.

“You from ‘Plus One’?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m Edward. Can I come in?”

“What are those for?” she asked, wrinkling her nose at the roses.

“They’re for you. Flowers. For you. . . um. Yeah.” Edward had never felt so awkward.

Once he gets to know Bella better, Edward has an epiphany!

Edward glanced back at the photographer to see him snapping pictures of the two of them. That’s when it hit him. He wasn’t posing. He wasn’t acting. He genuinely wanted Bella to be attracted to him. Her response to his proximity send a thrill up his spine. He wanted more. And that’s exactly why he shouldn’t go for it. She wasn’t a giddy college girl excited about experimenting with her sexuality. And she definitely wasn’t a horny, jaded cougar. She was different. Special. She wasn’t for him.

Awww, poor Edward! I’m desperately hopin’ this author will be inspired *cough*bullied*cough* into continuin’ this story ’cause there’s so much more to be explored!

Please read and review! Maybe we can encourage her!?!?!


Rob Attack


Confirmed bachelor and career soldier, Edward Cullen was perfectly happy with his life. Until a young punk busted his windshield. Suddenly, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful widow with a LOT of baggage- four rambunctious sons. AH/AU – COMPLETE

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 78 – Words: 304,177 – Reviews: 9,467 – Favs: 5,259 – Follows: 2,650 – Updated: Jan 5, 2011 – Published: Jun 4, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 6023650

Why I waited so long to read this story, I’ll never know! But, now that I have, I’m totally blown away by the beautiful bonds the characters either already have or will have by the end!

For instance, Edward’s love/hate relationship with his brother, Masen, has just given him invaluable advice on how to get into Bella’s pants!

I paused. It was painful but it had to be done. “All kidding aside, Masen. Thanks.”

“Aw big brother, your gratitude warms my heart. It really does.” Then Masen sighed. “Of course, man can not live on gratitude alone.”

I realized what he wanted. Hell. No.

“I’m not doing it.”

“Yes you will,” Masen said smugly. “If you want Lyssa and I to watch those boys so you can put your ‘Get into Bella’s Panties’ plan into effect, you will. And you’ll enjoy it.”

“Fuck you.”

“I’m still waaiitiing.”

I heaved a sigh, knowing there was no getting out of this.

“Okay, okay. Shit…Thank you, Masen for sharing your wisdom with me. I’m the luckiest brother in the world to have you as my sibling. I’m so grateful for the awesomeness that is you.”

Masen sat back and grinned, motioning me to continue.

“I bow before your wisdom and knowledge and I thank you for so generously sharing it with me,” I repeated by rote.

“Keep going.” He was enjoying this way too much.

I made a face and finished off the torture. “And I confess that I just need to get my panties out of my crack and admit that I want to be just like you.” The last few words were spit out between clenched teeth.

“See? That wasn’t so hard.”

“I’ll get you back,” I promised.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll try.”

Edward makes a friend for life when one of Bella’s sons spots a dog in trouble on the side of the road and insists he stops to help!

Those magical words. Can we keep her, Mom? How often had those words been used by a hopeful child? I had said them myself more than once when I was a kid. I’d been expecting to hear them since we’d seen the dog on the side of the road. I knew that Bella had too. She smiled and brushed her hand over Sam’s dark hair. “Well, I think she’s picked us, hasn’t she?”

Sam gave a cheer and went to tell his brothers the good news.

“I’ll help take care of her,” I offered.

“You’re as bad as one of the kids,” Bella teased, coming to stand beside me. We watched as the dog wandered around the yard, sniffing and getting familiar with things.

“Aw, come on, can we keep her? Can we, can we? Huh? Huh?” I said in her ear. “


“What is it about boys and dogs?” she asked, shaking her head.

“We’re both hairy, have been known to pass gas in public, and have humped things we shouldn’t have,” I told her. “It’s only natural that we’d have an affinity for each other.”

“Bet you wish you could lick your own balls,” Bella shot back and her words went straight to my dick.

“I’d much rather have you lick them,” I said before I could think about it. I drew back. Had I offended her? I should have known better. Bella didn’t offend easily and certainly not over anything sexual. She was a demon, temptress, ninja after all. Such creatures are not faint of heart. I heard her snort with laughter and she stood on her toes to give me a kiss, and then leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“I’m sure we can arrange that.”

Bella gave me a wicked grin and walked back into the house, leaving me alone with our new dog and an evil boner. Demon ninja temptress.

Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed a family oriented fic so much since I started readin’ fanfiction!!!

Guess what else? She wrote the outtakes in parallel so it pays to have them both open at the same time and switch back and forth LOL!


Rob Attack


Outtakes from “The Bigger They Are” from different POVs. Won’t make much sense without reading Bigger. Bella is a military widow with four sons, Edward is a confirmed bachelor and career soldier. He only does casual, but she’s got lots of baggage.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 57 – Words: 121,585 – Reviews: 2,698 – Favs: 915 – Follows: 860 – Updated: Mar 21, 2011 – Published: Jun 15, 2010 – id: 6054708

Many of the outtakes, especially in the beginnin’, are somewhat darker than the original as they deal with Bella’s life before Edward. Even so, they are just as beautifully written!

When he left, I closed the door behind him and leaned against it, taking a moment to relive the few minutes we’d spent together. Getting to know him just a little better had not alleviated the need inside of me at all. If anything, it had spurred it on, grown it, increased it, given it more space inside of me.

Why couldn’t he have been an ass? That would have made dealing with his beautiful face, that velvet voice and smoking hot body so much easier.

Hopefully he hadn’t seen me wiping the drool from my chin.

I wasn’t good enough for him, and if I ever hinted that I found him attractive he would run as far away and as fast as he could. With good reason. It wasn’t just my family that was broken; it was me.

I’d accept his help with Emmett and keep my feelings to myself. There was no need to sully what was an act of kindness on his part by acting inappropriately. Then when the debt had been paid, he would say good-bye.

And I would never see him again.

It was better that way. But the want and longing inside of me did not abate.

“Oh Mac….what am I going to do?” It didn’t feel odd to ask him, even about this. We had been best friends forever.

Be happy, sweetheart. That’s what you’re going to do.

And did I wanna leave at the end? Noooooo! *sigh!*

What fics have been keepin’ you busy???

Happy Friday, y’all!






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75 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. bevey99

    I read ‘The Bigger They Are” way back when it was almost complete. I don’t care for soldier stories, but this one had something. Really good read.
    Off to read the one shot. xoxo ;-}

    • bevey99

      So I just read it, and crap that was SO NOT the end. We need more. [bangs the table] We need more…we need more.

      • rita01tx

        Hehehehe! I see she’s bein’ appropriately “encouraged” to continue LMAO! Thanks for puttin’ your two cents in *fist bump!*

    • rita01tx

      I think that’s why I had put it off for so long, Bev darlin’! There was a virtual flood of soldier fics at one point, the very best of which was Coming Home by Sarge’s Girls {Drotuno & JenRar}!
      School teacher Bella sends a care package and letter to Army sergeant Edward, who is stationed in Afghanistan. They begin a relationship through letters, phone calls, and video chats. There’s love, there’s language, and there’s adult situations, plus a strong, independent Bella and the Edward we all know and love.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 178 – Words: 285,873 – Reviews: 17,772 – Favs: 4,546 – Follows: 3,138 – Updated: Aug 16, 2014 – Published: Jun 4, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8182137

      Followed closely by Tip of the Spear by Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy {damn, I love that name LMAO!}
      The “tip of the spear” – in the military, they are the front line; the initial attack that draws first blood. As a CACO in the United States Marine Corps, Capt. Masen delivers that leading blow, too. He’s often faced with handling the collateral damage this life can bring. He’s accepted that love & commitment aren’t for him…until she opens the door.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 36 – Words: 238,971 – Reviews: 7,194 – Favs: 3,015 – Follows: 3,254 – Updated: May 31, 2014 – Published: Nov 6, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8677928
      Believe me, once you got past that knock on the door, it was like goin’ on a vacation to Hawaii yourself LOL!

  2. msrubydee

    Thank You So Much for your rec of Plus One. Really good story! 🙂

  3. Howdy gals! Life has been busy and I’ve been slacking on my reading lately. I did however, read Work of Art by Abstract Way, per your recommendation Rita. I loved it! It was languishing away on my TBR list. I don’t know when I would have ever gotten around to it had you not mentioned it. So thank you. I’ve just started Puddle Jumping, As for The Bigger They Are and The Harder They Fall, I’ve been passing these up too. I’ll move them right on up my list now. Funny, I have two fics by the same title by Ironic Twist. I looked them up and they don’t appear to be the same.

    • rita01tx

      Gotta admit to devourin’ a couple more pdf’s while I was at it, Kay darlin’! Continuin’ on my Asperger’s kick, I read Eye Contact by SilverSniperOfNight and I’m in the middle of Love Amongst the Ruins by Theladyingrey42 which has nothin’ to do with Asperger’s so I think I’m cured LMAO!

      • Loved Puddle Jumping, there are two other stories with Asperger
        “He talks to me sometimes. I mean, it’s usually sort of one-sided, but… every once in a while, he’ll make eye contact with me, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery or something.” A boy most people overlook. A girl who sees just how amazing he is. All human. High School. Dedicated to lellabeth.
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 21 – Words: 37,085 – Reviews: 2,722 – Favs: 1,999 – Follows: 1,924 – Updated: Feb 22, 2014 – Published: Dec 13, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9922916

        Simply Edward by CaraNo

        • dpennell007

          I loved Yes, and I’ve re-read Simply Edward several times. I wanted to protect that Edward from the world. Such a wonderful story.

        • Great recs ladies, thank you! I have Yes, and Simply Edward, but I haven’t read either one yet. Looks like I have some good reading ahead of me. Eye Contact is new to me though. I’ll have to look that one up. I’ve gotten distracted though. I’ve been rereading some chapters of Red Dawn so that I can catch up on the last couple of updates. I’m so bad at this WIP reading businesses. Lol. I love the excitement and anticipation of getting update alerts. I also love being able to engage a bit with the author, but damn, how to you stay fresh? I’ve forgotten some of what I’ve read. And you gals read multiple WIPs at once. I’m in awe. I need a strategy.

          • rita01tx

            Dependin’ on how long it’s been between updates, I’ve been known to go back and reread a few chapters, if not the whole damn thing LOL! Since you’re only readin’ one WIP, it shouldn’t be too hard, Kay darlin’…that’s what she said *gigglesnort!*

            • Hehehe. You’d think Rita, right? But I was reading two other completed fics while reading RD. I’ve been very distracted in my reading these last three weeks (real life drama) so, although I remember the gist, I’ve forgotten details. It’s too good a fic to not refresh my memory so I’m doing a bit of rereading. Well skimming.

  4. Thanks Rita,
    I didn’t read the two you rec’d 🙂 but The-Bigger-They-Are was already on my TBR list… I wil just need to move this one up 🙂

    I read a lot during this past few weeks and I can’t put link for all of them so there the list
    Falling Beyond Redemption by Aleeab4u
    Mary, Marry, Merry Go Round by beegurl13
    As One Does by purelyamuse
    Under the Master’s Kilt by ladyeire3
    A Boy, A Girl, and a Couple of Kilts by ladyeire3
    River by CaraNo
    The One and Only by heartfortwilight

    Edward, the lead singer of Eclipse, has always considered himself fulfilled. He has never desired an emotional connection with anyone outside his band or family, until he meets a much younger Bella on European summer tour. Will love prevail? AH/OOC
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 193,673 – Reviews: 3,392 – Favs: 3,353 – Follows: 2,935 – Updated: Feb 25 – Published: Apr 8, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5879485

    Bella Swan is a closet fanfiction addict who lacks romance in her life, so she decides to create it online. After transitioning from fanfiction reader to fanfiction writer she butts heads online with TonyMazen69, a well-known smut writer in the Moonlight fanfiction world. What happens when the two bickering fanfiction writers meet during a three-day Moonlight Fanfic Convention?
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 54,594 – Reviews: 1,746 – Favs: 1,144 – Follows: 1,347 – Updated: Jun 25, 2014 – Published: Apr 4, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9169385


    • rita01tx

      Hehehe! Gonna take me a while to work my way through your list, Zveka darlin’, but once again we are on the save wavelength as it was a toss up whether I would read my two recs or the Ladyeire3 Kiltwards LMAO! So close…

  5. dpennell007

    I’ve read a few things lately that were just OK. One of the two I can think of that I really liked was a PDF of Saving Myself by 107yearoldvirgin.

    He’s fresh out of the Army. She’s fresh out of luck. They’ve just met, but when an opportunity to win 2 million on a reality show arises, can they pretend to be in love? BXE/AH/Fluff-fic.

    The other is All That Jazz: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5928431/1/All-That-Jazz

    All That Jazz
    By: javamomma0921
    AH/AU Set in 1919. Meet orphan sisters, Bella and Alice Swan, as they journey to Chicago to meet their Aunt Esme, brazen, disowned sister of their mother. Join Bella as she learns the true meaning of marriage and love. M for adult themes and later lemons.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 23 – Words: 184,134 – Reviews: 2,035 – Favs: 1,890 – Follows: 1,285 – Updated: May 30, 2011 – Published: Apr 27, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5928431

    • rita01tx

      To this day, I’m upset 107yearoldvirgin took all her marbles and went home without finishin’ that one last little WIP, Unravel Me {summary: Edward doesn’t know who is writing him the letters, but he knows that his secret could be revealed at any minute. Finding who the writer is could be his fantasy come to life. Or his worst nightmare come true.} Ten chapters in and *poof*…she was gone along with all her stories! Thank goodness I had them all pdf’d before she bailed *sigh!*

    • For me her best story is still The Sleep Humper 🙂 to read and re read 🙂

    • The summary for All That Jazz calls to me. This is one I’ve been meaning to read, and somehow just haven’t. There are so, so many of those. Sigh. I’ve really gotta read this.

      • dpennell007

        All That Jazz was good with lots of longing looks and a slow courtship (with tea on the porch – made me think of Edward proposing in Eclipse!). I’m on chapter 3 of another of her fics – The Foreign Papers – where Edward is a sexy dominating vampire, and Bella is already smitten. Excellent start so far!


        The Foreign Papers
        By: javamomma0921
        AU – Bella Swan is an expert in antique documents. When the paper trail she is following leads overseas and she finds herself enamored with an enigmatic man named Edward Masen, will her training be enough to help her solve the mystery surrounding him?
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Mystery/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 31 – Words: 149,817 – Reviews: 2,651 – Favs: 1,375 – Follows: 1,260 – Updated: Feb 13, 2012 – Published: Jan 28, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6695089

  6. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, just a quick stop by to say thanks again for bringing more lovely recs. I’m getting to the point where I can actually start to read some of these fics that are sitting on my e reader, lol.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

    • rita01tx

      Gonna feel really weird, huh ClaireBear LOL!

      • ClaireBamboozle

        Yeah, it will be nice for both of us not to have the pressure of a weekly posting hanging over us…although that did slip a little at the end, lol. It’ll be a real novelty to go to bed at a reasonable time if instead of burning the midnight oil at my laptop. 😀

        • rita01tx

          Well, that’s what I thought until my bedtime kept slippin’ until I found myself sittin’ up readin’ until 3 am last night *facepalm!* And 2 am has been the norm for a while…again just from gettin’ caught up in a good fic! See, there are no distractions…no demands on my time and attention at that time of night LOL!

  7. Hello, Rita, glad you surfaced again! I’ve been saving up comments on a couple stories…

    My Blood, My Conscience, and Your Soul
    I tore through this pretty quickly after you rec’d it, and enjoyed it a lot; I’m going back to review soon. It still amazes me that there are undiscovered good canon stories out there, often several years old. A couple of small quibbles – I have to say I was disappointed that after all her world-class UST earlier in the story, their eventual consummation didn’t have the sensuality I was expecting. It was very vampire, though, I admit. And strike two, they make love ONCE and then he changes her. My favorites (obviously) are the ones where they spend a leisurely year or two living together before she decides she’s ready. Well, at least there was no miracle/demon baby!

    I promised you a report back when I finished abandoned WIP “Changing My Course”. Sure enough it does screech to a halt mid-story. I still think her Edward makes it worth reading what’s there. He’s so vibrantly alive (and an Actorward no less) – I found him completely charming. Not to mention hella sexy. Full disclosure – she did use one of my least favorite plot devices, an unplanned pregnancy very early in their relationship. I guess it’s a device to prove how devoted he is? Bleah.

    Thanks for the new recs, Rita. “Plus One” most definitely sounds like it needs to be continued. Intriguing. Did you read The Agreement by Gemgirl65? A somewhat related premise – sizzling hot and sweet, but sadly abandoned at the end of 2013. My guess is that she was really close to the finish line, too.

    The one by Lady Excalibur (always a good bet) has also zoomed through my radar a couple of times. The thought of four boys stopped me, but you make it sound pretty appealing. Like a couple of you, I’m lukewarm about soldier stories, but your endorsement of “Coming Home” has me updating my TBR list. I’ve heard raves about that one.

    OK, and with everyone jumping on “Simply Edward” I guess I’ll have to try that one too.

    I’ve spent a lovely couple of weeks tiptoeing through the meadow (don’t know where I’m going with this metaphor…) of the May to December Romance contest from late last year. I usually don’t get excited about one shots but there is such a bouquet (there it is again!) of terrific stories in this contest:
    including “As One Does”, mentioned by Zveka. That is one of several that was subsequently expanded by the author after the contest, so for the ones you particularly like it’s worth looking at the author’s profile.

    Thanks as always, Rita and fellow readers…

    • rita01tx

      Good mornin’, Renée darlin’! {{HUGS}} Thanks for reportin’ back on My Blood… and Changing My Course! Gonna read CMC as soon as I get through all my updates LOL!
      And YES, I have absolutely read The Agreement! Damn, I wish to high heaven she’d finish it but, at 50 chapters, it’s well worth readin’ even as is! Remember the RobPorn post I did usin’ that poem she included in chapter 5? Fun times!
      I’m sure there are some wonderful entries to the May to December Romance contest but I’m about up to here with wide age gaps…not my favorite genre *sigh!*

    • Changing my Course is beautiful and I hope she will have time to finish this one 🙂
      Coming Home is a lot of chapters but they are short so it’s quick read and it’s hot! my my Sarge’s Girls know how to write lemons!
      Simply Edward is one of the most tender Edward and as somebody here said you just want to protect him, love her Bella in this one.

    • hi Renée

      Twilover76 just updated her story Choices and here her A/N
      It has been a long time since I’ve written any fic, so I’m grateful to all of you who are still reading. I got sucked into
      the world of books and especially Outlander. Jamie Frasier is battling Edward Cullen as my favorite male fictional
      character in my head. LOL
      Anyway, I recently started reading Getting Blitzed by Nolebucgrl and AB Negative by ooza and I rediscovered my love
      for Twific. I’ve found some inspiration and it feels good to revisit these characters I love and get words out to share. I
      plan to finish both this fic and CMC and am working on the next updates for both right now.

      she will update soon Changing my Course


      • Hi, Zveka! Yes, I have Twilover76 on author alert so I was excited to see the chapter update on “Choices” (which I immediately moved up my TBR list and started reading). I was even more excited at her note within the chapter that she intends finishing “Changing My Course” as well. There was so much I loved about that story.

        I have to tell you, I read a completed fic from a couple of years ago that just blew my socks off. I assume I heard about it from someone on RobAttack … maybe even you! It is “Infinite Visibility” by the FicChick:
        As you may know, it’s a crossover between canon Twilight and Remember Me. To me, the melding of those worlds and characters is a challenge on the scale of “Beyond Time” by TKegl, and she did such a great job. I admit there were pieces that still make me squirm, that I felt were not as thoroughly addressed as I’d like, but wow I haven’t been this captivated by a story in a LONG time. A talented writer with a wonderful imagination and the ability to bring characters vividly to life. If you haven’t read this one yet, I highly recommend it!

        And hey, Rita – if you’re lurking out there, we miss you! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

        • rita01tx

          Iz here *cough!* *snifflesnort!* By doze is stuffed ub *sigh!*

        • Hi Renee,
          thanks for rec’d, I just read her OS The Prettiest Regret
          Choice by Twilover si great, I love all her stories 🙂
          I spend my time to catch up with few stories rec’d by Rita and ladies here, and now I try to catch up with wip’s I have on my list 🙂 and some contest on FFn like Tricks AND Treats Contest and RedEyedEdward Contest.
          OS are not something I usually read but… Monolith and Mate in RedEyedEward contest are my favorites and Ritual by jmolly is excellent in Tricks and Treats contest, I just hope she will be able to keep it on FFn or her others stories, because she was reported for content violations.
          and I read this one OS…. excellent by the way
          By: spanglemaker9
          Bella’s found a creative way to use her degree, and it’s going great. Until Eddie Masen crosses her desk.
          Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 10,959 – Reviews: 244 – Favs: 453 – Follows: 261 – Published: Oct 27 – Status: Complete – id: 11582254

  8. So I finished Puddle Jumping and Plus One. You were right on both counts. Loved them both. Now I’m trying to decide my next read. I was leaning one way, and then I got all of these great recs last post and now I’m doing an eenie meenie minor Moe between Simply Edward, All That Jazz and Foreign Papers. Decisions, decisions.

    • rita01tx

      Not sure I can help you with that, Kay darlin’ ! What I sometimes do is see which one is the quickest read…get that one out of the way so I can sink my teeth into a looong one LMAO!

  9. On the strength of consensus here, I opted to go with Simply Edward. And right away, I’m loving it. I’ve spit cookie crumbs all over myself within the first 20 minutes. This Edward has blurted out some thangs, lol. I must say Bella’s handling it well thus far.

  10. I had to share with you guys … I was reading a WIP yesterday that was poorly written enough to make me HAPPY when I got to the last chapter and saw it was abandoned. I hate to discourage authors so I don’t want to name names, but here’s my favorite line. She’s giving evil vampire Edward a BJ, and pauses when she gags.

    ‘”Pull back again pet” Edward said as I looked up my eyes connecting with his “I DARE YOU”
    I didn’t. I continued my menstruations.’

    Ha ha ha, maybe she really did but I doubt that was what the author meant! That was kind of the last straw in word bungling. To be fair she did keep saying she needed a beta, and she was right! Sigh, I don’t even know how I wandered into this particular gem. On to something better, no shortage of those!

    • rita01tx

      Unfortunately, even as forgivin’ as I am if the plot is brilliant, it happens! Got all excited this week about a new WIP where Edward is an escort…I think there are 5 chapters up. Couldn’t get past the first 2 and wound up deletin’ it from my TBR and unfollowin’ the author *facepalm!* And the beautiful banner was so promisin’ LOL!

    • I’m guilty, I laughed. Hard. But I promise, it was at the unexpected word and not at the author. It takes a lot of courage to put oneself out there and I am in awe of those that do. But yeah, that sentence caught my off my guard. And I’m still smirking as I’m typing. I’ll persevere through a story with errors if the story is strong. However sometimes the errors become too distracting and I have to flounce.

  11. bevey99

    Rita sweetie, do you have a pdf for Eight Days A Week? Would like to read that one.

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