Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’, ladies!

You’ll understand if I find myself in need of somethin’ unique, hot, sexy and fun…this day is always a little rough *sigh!*

Heard about this fic a year or more ago but, once that weird word, Lagniappe, snagged my attention {pronounced lan-yap} and I started readin’, I couldn’t stop!

Rob Attack


My Fandom 4 Oklahoma contribution. Itsy returns to her Louisiana Bayou roots for a month of gator fishing before she starts an internship at sea. Her cousin, Spud, introduces her to his longtime friend, Dink. Their attraction is mutual and intense—a wholly unexpected gift: lagniappe.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 40,150 – Reviews: 309 – Favs: 179 – Follows: 234 – Updated:May 19, 2014 – Published: Sep 1, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9650361

Bella…Itsy, that is, is my kinda gal! Country when she needs to be…

Water sprayed up onto the pair as the gator thrashed against Spud’s hold. Barely acknowledging the sudden deluge, Itsy wiped her hands on her shorts, and then cocked the rifle. She kept both eyes trained on the beast as Spud worked the gator’s head above water and into position.

There was only one spot on the beast’s leathered head Itsy’s .22 rifle’s Mangum bullet could penetrate to kill. A bullet to another part of the gator would only serve to piss the animal off, and they could not have that. An ornery gator was a thousand times more lethal.

Itsy moved close to the side of the boat, taking aim at the back of the beast’s head. The spot she needed to hit was roughly the size of a quarter, and rested just above where the last of the beasts raised armored scales ended and its head began.

The giant thrashed again, rising higher out of the water. “Itsy, shoot the summabitch already,” he ordered through gritted teeth.

Realigning her shot, Itsy brought the butt of the rifle to her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled as she squeezed the trigger. The loud pop of the gun’s discharge set the sleepy bird in the trees above them aloft.

“Woo!” Spud high -fived his cousin once their catch was secure. “You still got it, girl!”

whereas her citified side craves certain creature comforts LOL!

Spud and Itsy leisurely made their way to an area of the swamp not often traveled. The isolation was unsettling. It didn’t really matter that she’d spent her childhood in the wilds of the bayou, she still needed the comforts of modern technology like running water and toilet paper.

She shivered at the thought of doing her business with a shovel in one hand and a pistol in the other. Getting bit on the ass by a cottonmouth in the backwoods of the bayou was not how she wanted to die. No siree. She seriously doubted that Spud would suck out the venom. 

She fidgeted in her seat. “Ungh. How much longer? I gotta go.”

“You look like EJ and Soph doing the potty dance. Don’t worry. Dink’s spot is just around this bend.” He laughed, and then looked at his GPS before pointing the boat in the right direction. 

“Ho there, permission to come aboard!” Spud called toward the vessel, pulling a thick rope that dangled above them. A bell clanged in response to his actions. Itsy laughed at the crude system of pulleys and ropes operating the mechanism, completely out of place against the sleek, modern lines of the houseboat.

She was grateful for the stylish and modern home; most importantly, she was grateful for the plumbing.

And who, I wonder, owns this precious piece of civilization?

Spud’s friend had his back to her. He was long and lean, and almost identically dressed as Itsy, sporting a ribbed tank and camouflage cargo shorts. His feet were bare, and his exposed skin was just starting to darken. He hadn’t spent much time in the southern sun; he couldn’t have been here more than a week judging by the pink and peeling flesh on his shoulders that was giving way to a luscious, sun-kissed cream.

The moment Spud spied Itsy he called out to her. “Itsy! C’mere and meet Dink.”

The stranger rotated on his stool, and Itsy was suddenly tongue-tied. A garbled ‘hey’ was all she could manage. Itsy was surprised that her feet were able to move when Spud called. She seemed to have lost higher brain function at the sight of the man before her.

“Welcome aboard, Itsy.” His eyes moved quickly over her body, but snapped back to her eyes; bright, wise, and rich, dark chocolate orbs fertile like the Louisiana earth: life giving, life sustaining, and life taking. This woman was powerful and didn’t even know it.

“Much obliged, Dink.”

Okay, okay…we all know it’s Edward LMAO! But a Cajun French talkin’ Edward!?!? *SWOON!*

Dink rested his forehead on Itsy’s, panting in an attempt to calm himself. “Tu m’as ravi, ma beauté.”

Itsy’s eyes went wide at his words, his claim of her. She entranced him, he had said. She was his beauty, he declared.

She pressed the back of her trembling hand to her mouth, and then moved quickly to where Spud had moored the boat.

Dink tromped behind her, whispering more loving words in their beautiful native tongue.

“Je veux que vous.”I want you.

“Je doute que je serai jamais assez une fois que je vous dois.” I doub t if I’ll ever get enough once I have you.

“J’ai besoin de vous.”I need you.

“Puissance et beauté. Reine du marais.” Power and b eauty, queen of the swamp.

By the time Itsy reached the ladder to lower herself to Spud’s boat, she was a heaving mess. The smooth tenor of Dink’s flawless French had caused her insides to melt; couple that with the meaning of his words, and she was ready to mount the man.

“Foutre, Dink…foutre…oh God…fuck…” Itsy’s words were a garbled mix of French, English, and moans as she surrendered to the burn.

“Je veux mettre ce sale bouche à bon escient,” I want to put that dirty mouth to good use, Dink said in a low purr before capturing Itsy’s mouth.

It was heaven and hell all at once.

OMG! I’m off to…uh *dang!* Oh, yeah! Get a glass of ice tea!

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider



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35 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

  1. I love this story and my sweet friend Daph!

  2. Cajun Edward? Downloading!!! Loved Simply Edward. It was lovely in its simplicity. It just felt organic. Your o/s rec last week , Plus One, was excellent too. Now I am reading Foreign Papers. One of the gals suggested it last week. I’ve just started and already my eyebrows are in my hairline. Good rec!

  3. Guts for garters, bwahhaaha!!!! Stay focused woman, you may need your guts one day (I’m hearing Jacob’s voice in my head.) But yeah, I think I’m gonna really like FP.

  4. Sus

    Loved this story! Cajunward rules! I did feel that it did end rather quickly… Would have liked more!
    Does anyone know what happened to “The Bastard’s Girl?”. Can’t find it…it’s been removed from FF. Thanks…

    xoxo Sus

  5. Thanks Rita, this is on my TBR list, I am actually in The Bigger they are… love this one a lot 🙂

    I was also reading some entry for MeetTheMateContest and I want to share two here

    First date… Handsome guy, good food, conversation… Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Bella, Edward – Words: 3,866 – Reviews: 232 – Favs: 109 – Follows: 199 – Published: Jul 28 – Status: Complete – id: 11410495
    but this will not stay as O/S, the authors says this story will be definitely continued

    Bella Swan is having a no-good, very bad morning. And then she runs into him. The day can only get better from there, can’t it? Or not. Two souls collide over coffee.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Words: 2,834 – Reviews: 124 – Favs: 167 – Follows: 301 – Published: 12h ago – Status: Complete – id: 11510632

    I really hope Nolebucgrl will write more about them 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Thanks for the MtM rec’s, Zveka darlin’ ! When my inbox exploded with so many entries yesterday…and a few today, I had no idea where to start so I shoved them all into a separate folder for when I have time to tackle them…one at a time LMAO!

      • Lol Rita i did the same, but i read some of them and they are all good 🙂

        Disguised-Intentions is the most intriguing, I have no idea where she will go with this one and Ain’t Love Grande? is Nolebucgrl story and she is one of my favorite writer 🙂

        Hot Dude, Reading,140 Characters or Less are just some of them I read it 🙂

  6. Bannerday put a warning for her story Fanfiction, Sex gods and Single Girls

    The warring is start on chapter 50
    A/N WARNING! I will be pulling this story for a massive edit on September 30, 2015. I will begin re-posting a chapter per week starting October 1, 2015. Please finish the current version before Sept. 30, or wait for the new one to begin.

    • rita01tx

      Thanks for the heads up, Zveka darlin’ ! Got the original version already pdf’d…haven’t read it yet so I’ll probably wait for the edited/improved version!

  7. nancym5621

    Rita darlin’ I don’t know if you are reading A Few Tables Away by Drotuno, so if not I highly recommend it. Synopsis below:
    Highly emotional story, sometimes almost hard to read for what Edward goes through, but there is much more that is beautiful. You will love this Edward and Bella. Not so much Carlisle…not at all!

    A Few Tables Away
    By: drotuno
    Edward spent most of his life trying to be invisible until he got to college. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there’s only one person he wishes would see him. His Library Girl, just a few tables away. AH/Rated M/Canon couples
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 17 – Words: 71,181 – Reviews: 2,930 – Favs: 999 – Follows: 1,436 – Updated: 9h ago – Published: Aug 9 – id: 11436441

    • rita01tx

      You better believe I’m followin’ A Few Tables Away, Nancy darlin’! And, after today’s update, I think another Die, Daddy C contest is in order…like the one Shay Savage {Savage7289} held for Offside LMAO!

  8. Evening Rita dear, just wanted to check in to make sure all is well with you. Hoping you are busy with RL in good ways. Miss ya!

    • rita01tx

      Mornin’, Kay darlin’! Iz alive and well but it seems I made a huge mistake joinin’ a few groups on Facebook and now all my time is taken up with the million and one new WIP’s bein’ rec’d on a daily basis! It’s not just readin’ ’em…it’s listin’ ’em on my TBR and, if the author is new to me, every other fic said new author has ever written ! *Picture me shakin’ my head and sobbin’ ’cause I KNOW I’m never gonna get to all of them!*
      It’s not that I don’t have any fics to rec, it’s that I have TOO MANY! And, before I know it, it’s past midnight on a Friday night and I haven’t posted…again!
      Oh, yeah, and lastly my BIG computer crapped out on me so I’m havin’ to work on one of DH’s spare laptops and the screen is so small in comparison is hurts my eyes to read too long,
      Life is so fuckin’ hard for a fanfiction addict LMAO!

  9. nancym5621

    Haven’t heard from you in a while and got worried but now that I see what you have been faced with I can understand. Just wanted you to know I’ve been thinkin’ about ya darlin’. Like you I’ve got too many in my TBR file and just keep adding more! 😉

    • rita01tx

      Awww, thanks for checkin’ up on me, Nancy darlin’ ! *Smoochies!* You know that feelin’ you get when you haven talked to your best friend in so long you feel guilty and keep not talkin’ to your best friend ’cause you think they’ll be mad at you? I’m at that point LOL! On the plus side, y’all can catch up with all the rec’s up to now…until I dump some more on you LMAO!!!
      Right now is I’m readin’ a bunch of WIP’s and my inbox is still flooded with all the Meet The Mate contest entries and Red Eyed Edward contest entries…by God, there were some good ones in that contest *woooeeee!* And I can’t seem to get to any good completed fics *sigh!* One of these days, a story will smack me upside the head and I’ll come a runnin’ to tell you guys about it! PROMISE!!!

      • kitt

        I came over to check in on you, too, Rita! Glad you are okay. 🙂

        • rita01tx

          Bless your heart, Kitt darlin’! You done tipped the bucket and got me all misty from the sweet sweet feels I’m gettin’ today!!!
          Oh, hell…this is remindin’ me of Peter Pan tellin’ the kids to keep yellin’ until Tinkerbell starts glowin’ again after her light goes out ROTFLMAO!

  10. rita01tx

    Woohoo! Just finished a really good story I’d never heard of:
    I Love Mr North by Walkingwithgiants
    Rose drags Bella to a porn convention so she can meet Emmett, who is a porn star. Bella literally runs into Edward who is also a porn star but she has no idea…she just comes to love him as a person.
    When she finds out, things get sticky but love prevails in the end, of course LOL!
    Damn good read!
    Let me know if you’d like to have the pdf {it was pulled long ago, apparently}!

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