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Wet Rob Avi

You know, it really chaps my ass when Fanfiction.net bullies authors until they feel forced to remove one or more, or ALL their stories!

If we’re VERY lucky, these hard put upon authors post them elsewhere so that they aren’t lost forever!

Such is the case for today’s Feature Fic! In fact, what stories left on Corinne Tate’s FFN profile are better read on TWCS where they are uncensored!

Rob Attack


TWCS Library :: Corinne Tate

Chapters: 83 Table of Contents

Completed: Yes Word count: 453800 Read Count: 57638
[Add Story to Favorites] [Add Author to Favorites] [Report This] Published: 18 Nov 2013 Updated: 29 May 2014

Bella is a divorced English teacher, who doesn’t know she has a vampire in her class.

 “Please don’t push me away, Bella. Isn’t it my choice if I want to be with you? I’m not a child in the way I feel.”

“I’m not the older woman who’s going to spend a season educating a teenage boy so he can go off and remember me fondly. I’m looking for forever.”

“How do you know I couldn’t…”

” Because you’re a boy, Edward, a beautiful, sweet, confused, boy! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. This kind of thing doesn’t work out.”

In this story, Bella is nearly twice Edward’s age…well, his human age LOL! Now, I don’t normally go for fics with a huge age difference, especially when Bella is the older one, but this fic absolutely blew me away! So beautifully written, thoughtful and jam packed with action and surprises!

Ladies, if ever there was a “must read,” THIS is it!


Rob Attack


‘I witnessed a crime and now I am paying for it.’ Bella has a price upon her head, the police can’t protect her and she is quickly discovering she doesn’t stand a chance on her own. Enter Edward Cullen who decides to take things into his own hands when he kidnaps Bella for her own safety. But don’t be fooled he isn’t doing it for her benefit.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Crime/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 6 – Words: 31,744 – Reviews: 105 – Favs: 133 – Follows: 277 – Updated: Nov 22 – Published: Oct 2 – id: 11537663

If you aren’t already readin’ this story, put it on alert now! Of all the Mobward fics floatin’ around at the moment, and there are quite a few, this one is highest on my TBR!


That’s all I have this week…I spent far too much time readin’ pdf’s but I’m just so amazed at the quality fics that disappeared when I’d never even heard of them or their authors!

Kinda glad I joined a few Facebook groups and heard about ’em! A couple trilogies well worth grabbin’ from Perusing the Shelves are…


1. Training Bella: Prequel to Generational Sins

2. Generational Sins – This story is about a father passing on abusive behavior to his son and Edward’s struggle as he rebels against Carlisle and learns what it really means to love.

3. The Taming of the Dominant {incomplete but you get the idea}


1. The Forbidden Room – Jasper Whitlock found much more than he bargained for when he applied to be Edward Cullen’s roommate. Why is the room at the top of the stairs off limits? Entering that room will change Jasper’s life forever. AU/OOC/AH – GRAPHIC LEMON ALERT

2. A House of Cards – Sequel to The Forbidden Room. Edward Cullen’s life is a precariously built house of cards. What happens when two of the cards holding it up are now gone? Ex? – AU/AH – GRAPHIC LEMON ALERT

3. Community Service – Sequel to A House of Cards. In the final installment of the TFR/HoC series, Edward and Jasper have finally found peace in each other. But, with Jane and Alec enlisting Felix’s help in order to exact revenge on Edward and Alice for their banishment, will that peace last? MA/AH/BDSM {haven’t started this one yet but I will tomorrow!}

And, since I didn’t get to give thanks yesterday, may I take this opportunity to give thanks to the wonderful people who run and contribute to Perusing the Shelves http://www.perusingtheshelves.com/fanfiction/twilight-fanfiction-index-to-uploaded-stories/20/ …a comprehensive depository for pulled fics!

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider


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65 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. These sound great! Thank you!

    • rita01tx

      Welcome to RA, Augustraven darlin’! Enjoy the recs and feel free to share what fics you love! Oh, and your comments won’t have to be moderated after this first one so they’ll pop up right away instead of when I wake up on the other side of the world to hit the Approve button LOL!

  2. bevey99

    I’m extremely thankful I found the fanfic community of writers so many years ago. You all give me so much enjoyment [every day]. I laugh, I cry, I get pissed, I get confused, and I get the urge to have a cold shower -really often.
    And, thank you Rita daring for keeping this blog after it was suppose to be gone. I read the fics you and others here rec. Love you B

  3. To my fellow American gals, I hope that you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving holiday. I myself toiled away in the kitchen for 2.5 days, but my DH was beside me at the ready so I can’t complain too much. Then I did a spot (wink, wink) of online shopping for the family. No Black Friday crowds for me! My belly’s full and my pockets are a bit lighter, and now all I want to to is chill out and read. Rita, I already have all of your PtS selections on my Kindle. They all sound great, but I’ve yet to read them. I went over to TWCS to check out May December Divide and nearly lost myself to all the interesting looking fics there. I don’t know how to download to my kindle from there so I’ll have to copy, paste from my dreadfully slow laptop when I get the chance. Unless perchance you have a pdf or mobi file of it? Either way, a ‘must read’ rec from you is a definite Must-Read. This week I read a fix that I also picked up from PtS, called Enchanté, by winndsinger. Did you rec this story recently cause I can’t remember what lead me to that fic. I loved it. I enjoyed this story very much. I felt that the author handled some the ugly, the unsavory and the controversial topics tastefully. Not politicizing or justifying, but rather tastefully placing her story within the context of the historical setting. As a woman of color I appreciated the regard her Edward and Jasper held for their ladies. Whatever my feelings about the practice, institutions and traditions of the story’s setting. The ending came too soon though. It felt rushed and I was enjoying it so much that I would’ve like the last chapter to be paced a bit slower. I also read a o/s mentioned on last week’s thread (Neighbor?) And the three chapter fic Wild Thing(?). Okay that last one was kinda weird, but I’m up for weird, on occasion. I’m starting The Red Line now.

  4. Thanks Rita, I will add them to my TBR list 🙂

    We don’t have anything like Thanksgiving to celebrate in France, still I’m thankful for my daughter who introduce me to Twilight movies. Next day I was buying the books! I’m thankful that I find Midnight Sun on SM blog, witch lead me to start to read in English and while looking for more I found FFn and all those writers who share beautiful stories with us. Finally I’m thankful that I found last year this blog with beautiful rec’d from Rita and all of you ( I guess my family is less thankful for this, because I have my nose buried all the time in my Kindle)

    Actually I have my nose buried in this one….
    Rm w a Vu by AngelGoddess1981 which I saw was pulled from FFn … *sigh*

    • rita01tx

      Rm w a Vu is actually the only one of AngelGoddess1981’s stories I’ve read! It was a very good read, if I remember correctly LOL!

    • rita01tx

      Aw, hon! I remember when you first showed up here on RA and you were so enthusiastic and you STILL participate and interact with me and the other ladies…it’s a pleasure to know you *HUGS!*

    • Same zveka, same. I was late to Twilight, and watched reluctantly at first. I then devoured the books and found Midnight Sun. When searching for more, I found a random thread somewhere discussing classic fics. This lead me to Fluffy Liz, who hooked me up with some damn terrific fandom classics and I was well and truly hooked! She directed me here and the rest is history. This is a brightness in my week. I know how much work it must be to post weekly, so I really am appreciative of all the effort and dedication that Rita puts into keeping RA going, when it seemed it was going away. I love all the contributions from the ladies who post here and I think we’d all agree that we understand the breaks, and will be here whenever there’s a post.

  5. rita01tx

    Okay, ladies! Ever since we lost FLAG because Fanfiction.net wouldn’t allow them to pdf fics from their site all of a sudden for no good goddamn reason, it’s been hit and miss findin’ a good fic downloader! I’ve since settled on Ficsave strictly for stories on Fanfiction.net:
    However, if you want to download from TWCS, you’ll do best with Story Master:
    Still not as ideal as FLAG was but it beats ol’ none LMAO!

  6. dpennell007

    FLAG is the best, but you can still save fics on TWCS yourself.
    Go to the story itself.
    Click on the print icon on the top of the page (next to the coffee cups).
    On the print option on your computer click on Change Destination.
    Click on save as PDF.
    Save to computer.
    The best part is that it saves the pictures that are attached to the story.

    I just tried it on A Slow Boil by kts, and it still works!

  7. rita01tx

    Ran out of room to reply again LOL! If you can get all 26 chapters of ADaaG, it will be a great read! Hell’n I’m tempted to read it again myself LOL!

  8. bevey99

    Hey Rita, Just read I Love Mr. North. Thank you thank thank you. LOOOOVED it.!!!!! Started it last night and marathon-ed it today till I finished it. xoxo keep ”em cuming

  9. DayDreamingFairy author of His Apartment, My Blood, my Conscience and your Soul and High School Reunion will remove all her stories from FFn to reposte them on her blog ( for the moment she have there just High school Reunion… but not with Twilight characters)

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