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Evenin’, ladies!

Still recoverin’ from a bloody virus that cost me my precious TBR…may it rest in peace *whimper!*

Which means I haven’t read any completed fics since my last post but never fear!

I’ll be sharin’ three WIP’s I KNOW you’re gonna love as much as I do!


Poor Bloody Infantryman Eddie Masen can only be soothed by Base Hospital Nurse Isobel Swan. Canadianward and Scottishella, Flanders, 1915. O/S from the Age of Edward Contest, 2015. Now a multi-chapter fic that will post weekly. This story contains references to assault and horrors of war.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 2 – Words: 9,280 – Reviews: 41 – Favs: 36 – Follows: 73 – Updated: Mar 16 – Published:Mar 9 – id: 11832268

Only two chapters in and I’m so hooked LOL!

Private Masen eyed his nurse as if she were a snake poised to strike. Isobel gestured at the screen propped in the corner.

“Kindly hurry up. There are other lads needing my attention. Ye may go behind there if ye wish, but ye shall nae be going back to the front until we have solved this. I dinnae ken what ye’re sae worrit about. Ye’ve nothing I havenae seen before.”

He released his breath in a long sigh and looked at his boots. He removed his belt and the khaki wool trench coat and set them on the examination table, turned his back and pulled off his sweater. Off came the long sleeved cotton shirt, leaving him in his sleeveless cotton undershirt. Isobel sucked in her breath.

He faced her, his mouth turned down, eyes glittering but lowered. “Do I have to show you more?”

She put one hand on his elbow and the other on his wrist, and inspected the welts that covered every inch. “How far does this extend?”


“These are hives.”


“How long have ye had them?”

His green eyes welled with tears but he would not let them fall. “Two weeks.”

She put her hands on her hips and clenched her teeth. “Since the winter uniform came out.”


“Ye foolish man!” She flapped her arms at him. “Why didnae ye tell anyone ye’re allergic to wool?”

When he raised his face to look at her, his eyes burned. “I tried to keep the summer uniform. I argued with my commanding officer. He told me that it wasn’t up to him.”

Isobel gawped at him. “Ye mean he knew you were allergic?”

“Not exactly.”


“He didn’t hear me out. Men who refuse to wear the uniform exactly as prescribed are court-marshalled.”

“But there must be exceptions!”

“They don’t care.”

Her voice went up with excitement. “They have tae care! Ye’re scratching your skin to ribbons and it’ll get infected! What use will ye be with the gangrene?”

Private Masen did not answer. She growled at him, stalked across the room, pulled a set of towels from the shelves and thrust them at him.

“Follow me!”

I’d like to think our soldiers get better treatment in this day and age ’cause if any of them had to go through what Edward was forced to endure…

She brought over a bottle of carbolic lotion and a bowl of paste, on a tray. “Lie down.” She took his wrist, brought it to the side of the table, and picked up the leather restraint to buckle him down. He pulled out of her grip.

“I don’t need that.”

She leaned over him, near enough to kiss. “Edward, ye’d nae like to hurt me, would you?”

He blinked. “I’d never hurt you.”

“A decorated officer broke a nurse’s jaw last week.”

He placed his hands in the restraints and allowed her to fasten them. He’d have preferred to face a hundred Huns.

“Thank you.” She stroked his hair. “It is gonna hurt.”

Edward blushed and turned his face away as she opened his dressing gown. He clenched his jaw and held his breath.

A cloth saturated with carbolic touched the worst of his wounds and he gasped. The more it penetrated, the worse it burned. “N-no, stop!”

“Ye maun have it, dearie.” Rapidly, Isobel washed him all over. When she swept the cloth across his inner thighs, he screamed.

Well, that was the worst of it…or was it? You know what to do LOL!




Front: noun…the foremost part or surface of anything ; a facade ; verb…to meet face to face. It’s all in the semantics, isn’t it? Bella Marie works all hours to pay off her father’s debts when she’s thrown from the pot into the fire.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Crime – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 25,098 – Reviews: 238 – Favs: 172 – Follows: 357 – Updated: Mar 14 – Published:Jan 21 – id: 11745042

Now, I’ve read a number of fics where Bella was forced to pay off Charlie’s debts in one way or another but there’s a twist to this tale you won’t see comin’!


“Bella Marie! Pick up!”

A young woman in a too tight pale blue cotton shirtdress, the top two buttons long gone, looks up from the order she is taking with a frozen smile and nods at the cook. She’ll be there in a moment.

Ding! Ding!

“Bella Marie! NOW!”

With a too big smile plastered across her face, one that does not quite reach her eyes, Bella Marie trays the three plates of food and double checks the ticket to be sure everything is alright before grabbing a stand. Fortunately, everything is okay and Bella Marie catches her reflection in the chrome trim surrounding the pass thru.

She sees her highly curled, heavily sprayed hair that rivals Reba in her height of fame and somewhere under the thick black liner, her dark brown eyes peer out. Twilight Diner has a reputation as a throwback to the fifties, a time when Happy Days and carhops thrived. It’s all part of the image James has tried to cultivate as a front for his other businesses.

Okay, so the diner is a front for something else. Edward is hidin’ something , too…

“Trust no one,” he whispers next to her ear. “Not everything you think you see is real. Not even things that I may tell you.”

Bella Marie silently follows him to an elevator and waits for it to arrive.

Bella Marie raises her chin. If he wants her to act proud, she will. No one will dare make her cower when she is with him.

Of this, she is certain.

“My job requires a certain image. Jake orders me to have a certain appetite for beautiful women. Too many of his clients see it as a necessary evil. And since he is constantly watched, I am constantly watched. You are just the latest he has had show up, to those people. But remember, it is not always real.”

Even Bella’s reality isn’t what she thinks it is but you’ll have to read to find the clue to the mystery of how she got into her current predicament!




Forks was a polar opposite of Arizona, and it was perfect. I just wanted to figure out how to live again. Mom was dead, which meant I was safe now. They didn’t have any use for me anymore. I just wanted to be alone, it was easier… but Edward Cullen didn’t do easy. I don’t know why he kept torturing himself by trying to be my friend. Rated M, BPOV/EPOV.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 5 – Words: 15,910 – Reviews: 122 – Favs: 119 – Follows: 238 – Updated: Mar 14 – Published: Mar 4 – id: 11823555

There are a number of stories in circulation where Bella has been stricken mute by some tragedy or other but, as you know, each author tackles the whys and wherefores in a different way! To me, the difference in Break My Silence is all about Edward!

“Mr. Cullen! If you interrupt my class one more time-“

“Fuck, I didn’t do anything!” I growled, glaring at Crowley, who just gave me a shit-eating grin.

“That’s it! Take your foul language over to the principal,” the old hag hissed at me. I grabbed my shit, glaring at her, before storming off and walking down the hall. I took my time, the longest route that was possible to take in this tiny building, so I could calm down before getting to the office. It’s a reflex to turn when someone kicks your fucking chair, I hadn’t even gotten a second to say a God damn thing.

She was still pissed at me for pointing out her sub-par education two years ago. But seriously, a math teacher should know that an equilateral triangle can be split evenly in three ways. Every damn side is the same.

I have no idea where they find the excuses for teachers for this school.

Cocky much? You have no idea!

“You… can’t talk?” I asked in clarification. Every tear that escaped her eyes was like a punch to the gut.

She nodded, and I stood there in disbelief and an oncoming sense of horror. She sprang, taking a run for escape, leaving her basket of groceries on the floor. I was cemented in place, I couldn’t have stopped her.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t wanted to talk to me. Well, it was probably, but it wasn’t the reason for her silence.

I looked down at her abandoned basket, frowning even more. I looked at the corner shelf, and assumed that she was looking for sour cream. Not knowing why she’d been frowning, I looked through the containers, finding that most of them expired within the next two days.

Feeling determined, I dug through to get to the back and got another container, then brought her basket up to the cash. I paid for her groceries, figuring it was the least I could do when I’d sent her away running. Then I drove over to the Chief’s place. He was only a few blocks away from my house.

I still had her note pad, and wrote her out a note on top.

I’m really sorry for scaring you Bella, and ruining your grocery trip. It was a dick move. I hope I see you around again soon, and if so, if you let me say hi I swear I won’t scare you off again. Take care. –Edward

I set her writing block down on the bag of groceries on her front step, and then rang her door bell before going back to my car. I made my way home, needing to turn the ringers off on the phones in case the school called while mom and dad were home.

See what I mean? So, if you love Edward already, you’re gonna completely ADORE Charlie…trust me on that!

Happy Friday, y’all!







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60 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am reading all three stories and following.

    • rita01tx

      You’re welcome, Nelisabeth darlin’! Don’t you just get butterflies in your belly when you see updates for these three fics in your inbox? I certainly do!

  2. Oh Rita, Rita my dear. I am so sorry about the unceremonious death of your TBR. This is truly a twific sadness. I know your TBR was epic. I don’t have many PDFs, but if you need any fics replaced and I have them, I’d be happy to send them to you.

  3. Your recs this week all look really, really good. I read a couple of terrific quick reads. Shot in the Dark, by MissWinkles is a great little one shot. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9213087/1/Love isn’t blind – it has something in its eye. Entry for the Happily Ever After Twific Contest. Second place Judge’s Vote. Best HEA. Best Couple.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 7,910 – Reviews: 65 – Favs: 248 – Follows: 97 – Published: Apr 18, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9213087
    I’m just about finished reading a nine chapter fic and I’m loving it. It is seriously hilarious and cute. A great, fun, quick read called Seventh and Pine by iambeagle. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8727265/1/ Eating food, drinking beer, and watching football are acceptable ways to spend your Thanksgiving Day. Wooing your niece’s insanely attractive babysitter, however, is not. EPOV
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 20,446 – Reviews: 1,615 – Favs: 1,745 – Follows: 2,033 – Updated: Jan 12, 2013 – Published: Nov 22, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8727265
    Oh and for a longer read, I loved CoVert Masquerade and the alternate ending Forever CoVert, by Saharafirefly. It’s no longer on ffn, but you can nab it from PtS. Did you rec this fic Rita? If not I’m definitely rec’ing it. Summary: In the subversive world of organized crime and undercover agents, nothing is what it seems. Will Bella Swan, sent to extract Edward Masen out from under the clutches of the vampire fetish obsessed Volturi Crime Family, succeed in her mission? Or will the lines between business and pleasure become blurred? AH/OOC (36 chapters, M). btw, your rec Student Body was really good. Great Edward.

    • rita01tx

      I’ve read almost everything Iambeagle has written, Kay darlin’! But it’s been a while since I read Seventh and Pine so I’ll have to have another look! First became acquainted with her and Livie79 when they collaborated as winehoes to write Dirt Roads, one of the funniest fics you’ll ever read LOL!
      Haven’t read any of Saharafirefly’s fics yet but I have them stashed where I can get to them…only had to replace Forever CoVert, which was on PTS *phew!*

      • Winehoes? LOLOL. I just checked my library and I have Dirt Roads. This has just become a must read. I grabbed a bunch of other titles from iambeagle’s ffn page as soon as I finished SaP. I love her writing style. As for Saharafirefly, CoVert Masquerade/Forever CoVert were the first fics by this author that I’ve read. They were terrific.

        • rita01tx

          Judgin’ by their A/N’s, Winehoes must have been a most appropriate name for those two crazy girls to use *gigglesnort!*
          Individually, Meg and Liv are amazin’ authors but together, they put the hoot in “What a hoot!” LMAO!

      • I read from Imabeagle First of the Month and The Inheritance it was great read 🙂

        • I haven’t yet, but they’re on my kindle carousel, so they’re next up, unless I get distracted.

          • rita01tx

            Preach it, Sista Kay! Distractions are the work of the devil…can I get an Amen!?! I had every intention of spendin’ the day catchin’ up on my updates but nooooo!
            Zveka put some completed fics in her fanfiction community and I made the mistake of checkin’ who wrote themf!
            This means addin’ the authors and all their stories to my BRAND NEW BABY TBR and some of these authors had quite a few stories on their profile! Then there’s the color codin’ of fics: To Be Read, Currently Readin’ or Already Read, addin’ stars from my five star ratin’ system and, of course, the pdf process for completed fics!
            It’s a labor of love so I’m not actually complainin’ LMAO!

            • Lol Rita, and tomorrow I will check my alert list because it was just page 4 lol. Sorry but I guess I will give you more job tomorrow.

              My TBR list is so so long I have no idea when I will have time to read all those stories and I don’t even speak about wips

            • The whole church shouts Amen. Down with that dastardly, devious, devil of distractions. Destroyer of tidy organized, carefully planned out TBRs. But then again, distractions can be oh so reverently delicious.

    • Didn’t read those two, put them on my TBR list Kay 🙂 hmm I need look for the last one 🙂

  4. Ok, I’m back again. Hope I’m not getting on anyone’s nerves, but just wanted to say that I just finished Seventh and Pine (link in my post above) and it was wonderful, fluffy fun and now going on my favorites list. And while I was updating my list to mark off recently read fics, I wanted to make sure I mentioned And Then There’s You, by StewLuv. I’ve had a very pleasing streak of great reads over the last 2 to 3 weeks. I just love when that happens. Anywho, happy reading all.

    • rita01tx

      Luck of the Irish, Kay darlin’? It’s very frustratin’ investin’ time in a fic that just doesn’t do it for you and I always feel bad for not likin’ it more *sigh!* Oh, well, I can at least appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into producin’ even one chapter!

  5. Thank you so much for recommending The Itch, Rita. I’m tickled pink. 😉 There’s a ton more story to come. xoox Jess

  6. dpennell007

    Shot in the Dark, by MissWinkles was good! I reviewed it in the contest, and just realized when I looked to see what I had said about it, that I never moved my review over to her page – which I usually do. I’m adding Seventh and Pine to my TBR list. It looks like a quick, fun read.

    • Donna, you’ll love SaP. It was excellent. Well written and just a great, fun read. I laughed so hard and its a natural humor, great, realistic banter. I’m gushing aren’t I? Ok, I’ll stop pimping, but yeah, I kinda liked (loved) it. ;D

  7. Thanks Rita 🙂

    I already follow The Itch, this one is special to me because I live on Maginot line in France and this year is 100 year of Verdun battle( one of the worst in WWI) and Break my Silence ( you mentioned this one last week in one comment) and I put The Front on alert. I was reading a lot this week trying to catch up with some of wip and I just finished this one (you must put some mob vaudou spell on me because I was reading again mob story lol )

    When Bella meets the mysterious ‘E’ he calls her his Princess and she’s soon drawn into his dangerous world of organised crime. But this is no fairytale, so when Edward finds himself in trouble, it’s up to his Princess to save him. OOC/AH. ExB AxJ RxEm.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Family – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 31 – Words: 214,813 – Reviews: 3,745 – Favs: 4,234 – Follows: 2,959 – Updated: Jun 1, 2013 – Published: Apr 20, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6920528

    I also follow two new stories

    Playing Cops and Vloggers

    So you’re standing in line for coffee, minding your own business, when a sexy cop with nerdy tattoos walks into your life. Soon, you have yourself a sexy, nerdy cop boyfriend who rocks your world. Cops can’t be seen on social media, did you know that? Bella didn’t. That was going to be a challenge considering she made her living as a vlogger who documented her so-called nerdy life.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 2,119 – Reviews: 216 – Favs: 326 – Follows: 578 – Published: Mar 14 – id: 11841147

    Her outward beauty entices him, her innocent optimism intrigues him, her loving heart ensnares him. A lighthearted, fluffy tale about how a twenty-something’s sanguine leash on life brings joy and happiness to even the gruffest member of the Playboy Club. A/H
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Chapters: 2 – Words: 6,855 – Reviews: 70 – Favs: 63 – Follows: 111 – Updated: Mar 16 – Published: Mar 14 – id: 11840571

    • rita01tx

      Oooh! Been havin’ a hard time resistin’ Playing Cops and Vloggers and The Bunny Ranch, Zveka darlin’! But I have way too many WIP’s goin’, as it is! And now you got me jonesin’ for The Princess and the E *facepalm!*

      • lol Rita my wip’s is every day longer and longer

        The Princess and the E have one of the best Rosalie ( and that’s something because she is not my favorite character most of the time)

        • rita01tx

          Poor Rosalie LOL! She’s so easy to malign but givin’ her a wicked sense of humor and fierce loyalty to her friends just gets me right here *pounds heart with a fist!*

  8. Put your wip recs on alert and grabbed The Princess and E. Thanks for the recs.

  9. Those two are complete now

    Because her own life was so devoid of it, Bella always wanted to protect sweetness and innocence in other people. Maybe that was what drew her to Edward, a strange, socially awkward, but very sweet man. She couldn’t know the secret he held-that he wasn’t what he seemed, and she was the one being protected.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 28 – Words: 95,932 – Reviews: 2,270 – Favs: 1,059 – Follows: 1,572 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jan 11, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 10963205

    Bella Swan is a time traveler, drifting between the past and present. Can the Cullens help her find the cure before time runs out?
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 110,110 – Reviews: 680 – Favs: 306 – Follows: 408 – Updated: Mar 17 – Published: Aug 26, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11470212

    • rita01tx

      Fly Away Home and Number Our Days are two of the many fics I have stashed in a holdin’ pattern until I can get to them LOL!

    • dpennell007

      Number Our Days looks like an excellent story! I was planning to read Fly Away Home after it was complete because LyricalKris sometimes leaves some dangerous cliffhangers, and then works on something else while I die inside. So thanks for the heads up!

      • Donna, LyricalKris recently completed her other story By Proxy

        Being a movie star is all glamour and privilege, right? Sure, if you call obsessive fans, prying paps, and the occasional threat of bodily harm glamorous, but Edward was used to all that. Bella worked behind the scenes until he accidentally brought her into the limelight and in the sights of someone dangerous. Mystery, action, and romance – welcome to Hollywood.
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 18 – Words: 56,683 – Reviews: 2,058 – Favs: 1,330 – Follows: 1,734 – Updated: Feb 16 – Published: May 13, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11245370

        and Number Our Days is excellent!

      • Lol, can’t have you dying inside. I don’t think I can handle reading a gut-wrencher as a WIP.

  10. eewee333

    Hello Rita darling. Sorry to hear about that nasty virus. Thanks for the WIP’s and I have a confession. I am actually reading one WIP right now. I know, I know…it goes against everything in me to be doing it, but it just sucked me in and now I can’t stop. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11808148/7/What-Happens-in-Vegas-Doesn-t-Always-Stay-There
    I’m still reading some completed works as well. I just hope WeeKittyandTat don’t let me down by not finishing this story. Keeping fingers crossed. Just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy weekend. Back to work. Hugs {{{}}}

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Eewee darlin’ *HUGS!* Judgin’ from their history, I’d say it’s a good bet they’ll finish What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There LOL! WeeKittyandTAT have produced 46 stories so far and don’t look to be runnin’ outta steam any time soon…bless ’em!
      Oh, and did you notice on their profile that the UNCENSORED versions are posted on TWCS and Fiction Pad? Keep that in mind!
      You have a great weekend, too!!!

  11. rita01tx

    By the way, ladies! Thanks for not callin’ me out on my epic “senior moment!” I just now glanced at my clock radio and noticed it’s Saturday today. Now, I coulda SWORN it was Sunday which means…

    I POSTED ON THURSDAY *facepalm!*

  12. rita01tx

    ROTFLMAO! *wipes tears!* Oh, gawd! I just finished readin’ CaraNo’s Trash & Darlin’s and there’s an outtake where Edward, Emmett and Jasper are out campin’ and the girls sneak up and scare ’em so bad Edward starts prayin’!

    “Our Father, ya know, up there
    Hallowed be your or thy name or some shit
    Your kingdom’s comin’
    Your will be cooked and done
    On Earth or whatever
    Give us grub this day
    And help us pay off the bookies
    or whatever
    And lead us into temptation
    And fuck evil.”

    So freakin’ funny…the whole story!

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