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Evenin’, ladies!

Today’s recs are gonna be all over the place from AU to AH and everywhere in between LOL!

You’ll be meetin’ werewolves, hit men, space travelers and a Dom to die for *swoon!*

Something for everyone LOL!


{banner by the author, Kara Galloway}


He could have chosen any female wolf in the room. Why did he have to choose me, the lone half-breed? *Drabble*

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 13 – Words: 6,427 – Reviews: 830 – Favs: 346 – Follows: 590 – Updated: 10h ago – Published: Jul 16 – id: 12053147

Yeah, this is what hooked me on The Alpha *THUD!*

“He’s here,” one of them whispered. I looked up to see Edward Cullen as he entered the room. He was wearing nothing, but a pair of jeans, showing off his muscular physique to the females of the pack as they drooled over him. His eyes scanned the room as if looking for someone. I sank further into the corner, I was hiding in, hoping I would go unnoticed and would be unable to witness most of the ceremony. You see, shifters weren’t so strung up about sex, not as much as humans were and tonight our alpha would claim his mate on the bed in the center of the room for all to see. It has even been known for the alpha to allow other members of the pack to join in, to show their appreciation of his chosen mate. I guess it was the human part of me that was repulsed by the idea. I didn’t see why they couldn’t keep that stuff private, but I guess it was part of their nature. It just wasn’t part of mine.

And it just gets better from there, if that’s at all possible! There’s chasin’ and catchin’ and claimin’ and markin’…at least on Edward’s part. Bella’s bein’ stubborn LOL!

Drabble fic updatin’ at least once a day, sometimes more!


{Kara liked my banner, too, so we traded LOL!}




The girl’s not going to know what hit her.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 6,827 – Reviews: 396 – Favs: 416 – Follows: 681 – Updated: Jul 21 – Published: Jul 18 – id: 12056351

PB’s back and we’re all gonna be in trouble…the best kind, of course *woo hoo!*

I notice the silence, and see Emmett and Rosalie exchanging a glance. “What?”

“Edward, there’s no one better at what you do.”

“I know that,” I snap.

“And you’ve been doing it a long time, no breaks. Which is great for our pockets…”

“But?” I totally sense a ‘but’.

“Rosalie and I think you need a break.” He says it really fast; like he’s afraid I’m going to take offense to this. Which of course, I do.

“I don’t need a fucking break, Emmett. I’m at the top of my game. There’s no reason to stop as long as we have clients.” I pause, suddenly anxious. “We do have clients, do we not?” I look between him and the blonde who actually is our company accountant, as she narrows her eyes at me.

“Of course we do, Edward. People don’t stop wanting others dead, it’s human nature and it’s one we’ll always be able to rely on.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Emmett clears his throat and perches on the front of his desk, his big hands squeezing the wood. “We feel it’s in the best interest of the business if you take a little rest, that’s all.”

“Have I screwed up? Gotten made? Left anyone alive that shouldn’t be? No. The answer to all three of those questions and your request for a break is no. The business is fine as long as we’re all doing our jobs.”

“Oh hell Emmett, if you won’t tell him I will. You’re turning into an asshole, Edward. You need a fucking vacation.”

So, out of all the exotic destinations in the world, which one does Edward choose? More importantly, why…

“Key West. I want to go to Key West.”




The year is 2300 and Earth no longer exists. Famine and poverty are non-existent, disease is at an all-time low and emotions have no impact. Society is perfect, but is there such a thing as too perfect? After discovering her ancestor’s diary, Bella learns that there’s more to this foolproof world than meets the eye. FIRST 8 CHAPTERS ARE A COLLAB WITH VAMPIREGIRL93.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Sci-Fi/Romance – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 11 – Words: 36,870 – Reviews: 669 – Favs: 319 – Follows: 612 – Updated: Jul 21– Published: Apr 15 – id: 11897593

From Sharp Left Turn to Wanted, Fyrebyrd never fails to deliver a whoppin’ great yarn! Mating Deviation is her first venture into science fiction, a genre I loved for many years…way before fanfiction snuck up and changed my whole view of the written world LOL!

Dear Diary,

My name is Amelia, and today I watched the world end.

In the blink of an eye, I’d become a science experiment. My entire existence up to this point ceased to matter. Life on Earth was coming to an end; everyone I knew and loved would die.

And they did.

I watched as Earth disintegrated in front of my very eyes through the porthole of a spaceship transferring hundreds of passengers to the Tesla Enterprise. Everyone cried as they watched Earth end—with it, all their loved ones. I was sure everyone I knew was gone until the moment I was delivered to a pod for educators such as myself and was met, face-to-face, with Teddy.

Hope slowly began to restore itself.

I threw my arms around him, sobbing uncontrollably. He held me for what felt like hours, also crying silently. I then asked Teddy if he knew what they wanted from us, and he cleared the tears from my cheeks as he replied, “They want us to replenish the human race.”

I was born not a native of Earth, but rather one of the Andromeda Galaxy, as were my compeers and those before us. For the last one hundred and fifty years, our existence has continued to thrive on a system that consists of two missions: service and reproduction. As I am seventeen-years-old, I have already mastered my profession as a librarian in the Education Pod. Meaning, I have only one duty left to fulfill.

Our companions are handpicked for us from the Commanding Pod before we are even birthed. It is something we are taught to accept and embrace, for we would not exist if it were not for this predetermined copulation.

However much I tell myself that I have nothing to fear, there is an anxiousness that clings to me throughout the morning as I prepare for the ceremony. Jitters, I suppose, or perhaps I am just overwrought after learning that people like us, who were chosen to breed together, could do something more than simply coexist. I tell myself that it is absurd, and yet Amelia and Theodore Swan are proof of ardor’s existence.

However, Bella discovers an anomaly in the computer program that selects breedin’ pairs. This discovery will change everything…a change many people will reject unilaterally, especially those in power who are profitin’ from the status quo!



{banner by DeeBelle1}


Some so called friends invite Bella out for her birthday, and send her to a BDSM club as a prank. What happens when the owner of the club sees her? Will he be able to set aside his Dom nature? Will she ever believe she deserves to have her needs met? Will he be able to set aside his wants and desires to meet those needs, or will she find her true desire is to submit to him? AH/M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 25 – Words: 215,781 – Reviews: 4,329 – Favs: 2,922 – Follows: 2,343 – Updated:Dec 31, 2013 – Published: Jul 22, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9518156

{and for the uncensored version on TWCS}


Someone in one of my FB groups was searchin’ for a particular fic today and I was reminded of this wickedly delicious story! Checked out the first chapter to see if it was the one I had in mind and COULD NOT STOP READIN’!

I am a Dom, and I love having control. I guess you can’t help the way your mind, body and soul direct you. I didn’t choose to be a Dom, it chose me.

Each time I find myself in a relationship, there just has always been something missing. It’s like I can’t find that other half to make me whole, or there’s always a piece missing.

I rub my face walking to the window where I can see the whole bar area and there’s a bank of monitors for viewing the entire club, including private rooms and secluded areas. You see this is Seattle’s most upstanding BDSM club. As I glance around the room, I see a young woman-girl who is looking lost. I let out a sigh and pick up my jacket. I hate the beginning of the new college season. We always and I mean always get the sorority or fraternity houses—sometimes both—sending pledges here as a joke.

It’s very clear that she has no idea where she is, or what she’s walked into by entering this establishment. Just as I reach her, another Dom speaks to her. I wait and listen, because you can tell a lot about someone from how they speak.

“Little One, are you here with anyone?” he asks keeping his hands to himself. That’s a sign of a good Dom. No one should never touch another Dom’s sub and just because she’s not traditionally collared, doesn’t mean she doesn’t belong to someone.

The girl looks around herself. “I am not really sure Mr…” her voice trails off not knowing his name.

I raise my eyebrows at her response. Where she was polite and respectful with her reply, it was certainly not a typical response for a submissive. This is just further proof to me that she doesn’t belong here, nor does she know what this place is.

“SIR!” he booms at her.

I roll my eyes at James. He’s a very old school Dom and expects everyone, even those who aren’t of our preferred lifestyle to bow at his feet. Other Dom’s and I have spoken to him before about this, but he just can’t keep a grip on it. As much as we would like, not everyone knows about or is into this lifestyle.

“I’m … I’m sorry, what? I mean, I’m a girl so why are you calling me sir?”

I bite back the chuckle, because she really does look puzzled by his response.

“No, Little One, you should say Sir when speaking to me? Now are you here with anyone?”

This time the girl shrugs her shoulders and bites her lip. I move over to them, knowing that James will just get more pissed off at her.

“You will show me respect.” James makes a move to touch her, but I grab a hold of her arm pulling her toward me. Fuck she’s really small. I notice how much, as I tower over her. I know that I’m tall standing at six-three, but I have a clear foot over her.

“James,” I say his name and James sneers at me and walks away. “You, come with me.”

The girl looks at me in shock and shakes her head as I look at her face. I can see that she’s a beautiful girl and she has really pretty eyes. I swallow trying to get my mind working again, because all it’s doing is trying to convince me of what I need. It’s like hearing a looped recording of, ‘You need to dominate her and fuck her into submission.’

Needless to say, Edward heeds the call to the satisfaction of them both!

Now, excuse me while I dive back in…

Happy Friday, y’all!


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29 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. I enjoy reading ‘Mating Deviation’. It gives us a futuristic look on how things might actually be the fate of our planet. It’s how we continue to destroy our environment to the point of having to find another planet to inhabit. I hope to God, we become that advanced to find such a solution.
    So, as I read this story, I truly think about our future.

    • rita01tx

      That’s what I love about science fiction, Gabby darlin’! We can’t change our past…not even seconds ago, but the future is wide open!

  2. dpennell007

    Excellent recs as usual! I’m not following the first one, but I’m either following, or did follow (Meeting Her Needs) the rest.

    I’m sure I got it here, so I’m not going to post the link, but I’m on chapter 23 of 38 of Instinct by hisbella – a story by an author from Ireland whose characters are just now ending up in Ireland. I’m a big fan write what you know. It’s good!

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, Instinct was in my July 1st post, Donna darlin’! I’m enjoyin’ all of them, especially rereadin’ Meeting Her Needs! Never gets old revisitin’ the genre that lured me into the world of Twilight fanfiction in the first place LMAO!

  3. Alpha promises to deliver an Edward And Bella very different from any I’ve ever read before. I’m excited at the prospect. The others are on my list. They all look good. This week, I read two fics by Kalejay, both are short and DARK. Guess I was in the mood for DarkWard. The first features Jasper as Edward’s sire and mentor/companion. This is NOT slash (It’s eventually ExB), but be forewarned. They are not so nice. Curious to see what else this author has written, I stumbled upon Bloodlust. This fic was really good. Of the two, I preceded this one. It kept me anxious and absolutely riveted til the end, worrying how this was ever going to resolve into an HEA (no worries!). If you like a darker Edward, and give this one a try. There’s a chapter in there that crushed my soul. It’s only 19 chapters . I did feel like I was missing the presence of some of the regular cast of characters-other than Alice and Jasper, who feature prominently, the other family members are fairly peripheral. I am currently reading zveka’s and Donna’s rec, The Tonic of Wilderness. Rita, lemme know how you like Meeting Her Needs. Maybe I’ll indulge in a bit of Sir. DomWard.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I have read both Two and Bloodlust by Kalejay! Absolutely brilliant stories and I’d be hard put to choose a favorite but it would have to be Bloodlust if someone twisted my arm LOL!
      A teenage boy stumbles onto Edward’s eradication of Victoria, witnessing more than a human should know. Jane forces Edward to kill the boy, and in doing so, his desire for human blood is awakened and becomes nearly impossible to control. COMPLETE.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Drama – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 64,062 – Reviews: 457 – Favs: 280 – Follows: 261 – Updated: Dec 19, 2010 – Published: Jan 18, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 4799449

      Heat by PrincessRachael was the one that introduced me to the concept of Edward and Bella as shapeshiftin’ wolves, Kay darlin’! Oh, hell…another (3rd) reread *facepalm!*
      Summary: Edward is an Alpha wolf of a dying pack in a world where she-wolves no longer exist. The responsibilities of too many lives rest on his shoulders and he’s running out of time. Edward/Bella. Graphic lemons, violence, sensitive themes. Mature.
      It’s a pulled fic so let me know if you want a pdf!

  4. HOH! Looks like I need to make immediate space at the very top of my TBR. Heat sounds like a tantalizing way to break my shape-shifting WolfWard cherry. I was pleased to see that I have Heat and My Mate and the sequel. The summary for that looks nearly as enticing.
    Mate by PrincessRachel Summary: Two reluctant vampires find themselves mated, each requiring the other’s blood to survive. She will fight it. He will fight for her. In the end, their blood will save them both. Graphic lemons and violence.

  5. I’m following the wip’s and all of them are excellent
    Meeting her Needs is great story, they did a lot of research and give different look for this way of life and it’s in EPOV!
    Still didn’t have time to read Instinct by hisbella, will add Bloodlust to my TBR list

    and Rita you are messing with my list again I have Heat and I think this will be my next read
    Loved My Mate a little less My Power by PrincessRachel

    I finished Flushed … this one was excellent, funny and fluffy
    The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472 and I stayed in politics with My Esteemed Colleague by Betty Smith (both pulled)

    • Did you like My Esteemed Colleague? I considered reading a few more political fics, but my attention span being what it is, I got pulled another way. I think I may join you in reading Heat next. I had other plans, but Rita and Donna have teased and tempted me.

    • rita01tx

      Hell’n I’m messin’ with my own list, Zveka darlin’ LMAO! Can’t seem to settle on one fic from start to finish but dash around “tastin'” this one and that until one snags me and won’t let go!

  6. dpennell007

    I guess I didn’t like My Power as much either, because I didn’t save the PDF.

  7. I love each rec you give, Rita! I haven’t read a bdsm fix in a while, but if you love it then I will go ahead and put it on my to read list. Lol.

  8. Thanks Rita for rec’d Heat … my my my… this was excellent read 🙂

    finished to reread Meeting her need too… TWCS version … didn’t saw a difference with ffn version…

    • rita01tx

      You’re welcome, Zveka darlin’! It’s entirely possible Meeting Her Needs was posted BEFORE the FFN witch hunts that made them start postin’ uncensored versions on TWCS! If a fic of theirs is posted on TWCS, that’s where I go to make a pdf!

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