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Evenin’, ladies!

Tonight, I’ll be takin’ you from the lightness of a supersweet Beardward to the darkness of a 15,000-year-old vampire in the throes of the mating instinct!

Intrigued? Yeah, I thought you would be LOL!



Can a bearded, quiet man, a shy, sweet four-year-old and a cup of hot chocolate be enough to entice an even shyer woman out of her shell. A birthday fic for sweet Ericastwilight.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 2,914 – Reviews: 93 – Favs: 103 – Follows: 190 – Updated: 5h ago – Published: Oct 11 – id: 12186362

“The leaves are falling.” The amazement in his voice made me smile.

He had always been excited with the leaves falling, the colors they changed to.

“They are. I think we will have to rake them up soon. But I think maybe for today, we could go to the park and walk around. Seems a good day for it. And you could pick up some more leaves for your collection.” I turned around and began to walk towards the front door, grabbing our coats along the way.

Toby followed, and then stopped, looking entirely way too serious for a four-year-old. “You know. . . I think I need another red leaf.”

I turned my head, my hand automatically coming up to my now long beard, and Idly wonder if I should shave it all off or keep it on with the oncoming cold weather. My son, Toby, has never seen me without it in all his years so far on this earth.

“Like you don’t have enough of those?”

He laughed and turned around so that I could help him into his coat. “Nope! Wanna know why, Dad?”

I knew his answer; it was always the same.

“Because my friend loves the color red.”

She was sitting on her favorite bench. Red hat on top of her head, long brown, wavy hair blowing every which way in the wind, but she smiled the instant she saw Toby running toward her.

Toby stopped and stood still a few feet from his friend and brought his hands up. He confidently signed, Hello, friend!, and her eyes lit up as her smile grew bigger. She signed back, slowly so that Toby would know most of the letters. Hello, Toby.

Her eyes found mine just before she patted the seat next to her for Toby to sit down. I slowly walked up to them, taking in the sight.

And then I signed what she taught me weeks ago.

Hello, Bella.

Careful, now! You just might crack your teeth on this one!




Bella is an e. r. doctor who doesn’t play by the rules. One night a gunshot victim is brought in and Bella feels protective over him. She realizes he may be one of the most feared men of New York, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to help him. In doing so, she finds herself mixed up with some unsavory characters. Mobward Assward Jerkward mafia mob kidnapped Spunkella EPOV BPOV

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Crime – Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper – Chapters: 10 – Words: 33,403 – Reviews: 498 – Favs: 444 – Follows: 759 – Updated: 21h ago – Published: Sep 26 – id: 12165736

“What do we got?” I yelled.

“Caucasian male, mid twenties to thirties. No I.D. Unconscious.

Gun shot wound to the abdomen. He’s lost of a lot blood. Oxygen and heart rate are steadily dropping.”

“Last vital check?”

He called off the numbers. We had to get this guy into surgery NOW.

I barked out orders and soon the man was on the operating table.

Hours later. . . .

Nicole, the front desk receptionist, greeted me with a half smile.

“Hey Nicole. What do you need?” I asked.

Nicole motioned for me to get closer. “Two men came in looking for a gunshot victim.”

“Are they police?”

“No.” She replied.

Nicole’s voice got lower. “I have a bad feeling about these two men.

Watch your back.”

I nodded and then she motioned her head, indicating where the two men where.

They were in suits and looked to be about mid-twenties. Once they saw me look in their direction they walked towards me.

“Sweetheart, will you be able to give us some answers?” He said with a thick Jersey accent. He smiled, trying to be charming. He was average looking with brown hair and grey eyes. I had a bad feeling about him.

“You’re friend isn’t here. I’m sorry.” And then turned to walk away.

Before I took five steps I heard one say, “Come on. We got three more hospitals to check. If Masen is still alive, we got to finish the job.”

My blood ran cold. I forced myself to keep walking, to act like I didn’t hear their comment.

I walked back to the unidentified man’s room. I leaned back against the door and stared at his unconscious body. They were talking about him. I could feel it in my bones. They also said “Masen.” The name of a supposed mafia family here in New York City. A name that put fear in just about everybody. The men in the waiting room could very well be from a rival mob. And I made myself stuck in the middle of it all.

Now what to do?

I went to the table and grabbed the cellphone from before. I took a deep breath and called the number I did earlier. When he picked up, I didn’t wait for him to answer.

“You need to get here and get your friend out ASAP.”

An unpolished jewel that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go LOL!




He is the ruthless Emperor of the world- the oldest and most powerful Vampire in existence. She is a young human girl. What will happen when he finds his mate in her after years of loneliness?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 6,834 – Reviews: 73 – Favs: 100 – Follows: 195 – Updated: Oct 10 – Published:Oct 3 – id: 12175535

The careful façade of humanity which I had perfected over the years, was ripped to shreds. I was no longer Edward Masen, the Emperor of the shadowy world of Humans and Vampires, but an animalistic Vampire who had caught the delectable scent of his mate.

The beast was released from his cage.

With an effortless pull, I ripped the door of my car off of its hinges and jumped out, fierce growls issuing from my chest. I was unmindful of screams of panic as humans around me ran for their lives. Lost in frenzy as I was, only the scent of my mate registered to me. That delicate aphrodisiac which was a heady amalgam of freesias and strawberries, commanded my senses in every possible way.

I was barely aware of the rush of footsteps behind me, as my guards followed me. But none dared to stop me, which was quite prudent of them, for it was the height of stupidity to try to stop a Vampire lost in mating frenzy.

The last mistake one can ever make.

Shades of Totteacher’s Captive, Batman *Wicked Evil Grin!* 

What fics have had you totally enthralled this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!






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39 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. dpennell007

    ALL three of those look good, and I plan to check out each one – but *whine* I wish some of them were already finished. I’ve been reading fewer WIP’s lately because it’s easier to remember what’s going on from chapter to chapter with the completed fics. Yep, I’m getting old.

    About an hour ago I finished the last Twilight story on Mrs. Brownloe’s page. My review didn’t post, so I suspect Fanfiction is up to its weekend tricks of going partially offline when no one is around to fix things.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I do wish I had the luxury of concentratin’ on one single author until I’ve devoured all her {or his} fics, Donna darlin’ *le sigh!*
      And, yes, it certainly can be a pain in the ass waitin’ for updates that never come! Even then, I often find myself rereadin’ the previous chapters to reaquaint myself with the story, as well!
      Such is the life of a Twilight fanfic pusher LOL!

      • dpennell007

        I just caught up with, and am following As Leaves Fall. ADORABLE!

        • rita01tx

          IKR? I mean, Beardward on his own is always swoonworthy but add a precious four-year-old son and you can color me the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy throws that bucket of water on her LMAO!

  2. I just recently subscribed to your site thank you my lady for your recommendations. I read ALOT but I am a lurker not much of a reviewer though I do love and adore our fandom writers. Last weekend The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith (?) made me lose sleep and say WTF for days. Kinda a Hannibal Lectorward. Like dpennell007 I need my completes Planetblues Edward takes a holiday, shouldbecleanings ( me too) Cold and nictaylor79 All the right moves kept my eyes attached to iPad all week. Tonight mob ward -lLike a moth to a Flame by citizencullen25 is calling me , So thank you for recommending Is there a Doctor.
    Johnnyboy7s epic There will be Blood and sequel will round out my weekend I love me some Skip and Junior😉😉 Please continue your wonderfully entertaining reviews you are much appreciated.

    • rita01tx

      Welcome to RA, ajfflady darlin’! Your comment was in moderation until I woke up to approve it {I’m on Central European Time} but that only happens the first time you comment. Smooth sailin’ from here on…promise!
      Now, ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ a lurker, hon…we’ve all done it! Hell’n it took me a couple years to come outta the closet, so to speak, but when I did, they couldn’t get me back in *gigglesnort!*
      And where can I find All the Right Moves by nictaylor79?
      This author/story is new to me and my Google search, PTS search and TWCS search has coughed up zip!
      If you’ve been lurkin’ here a long time, you know discoverin’ new authors gives me a lady boner so spill LMAO!

    • All the right Moves by nictaylor79 can be found on fanfiction.net https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11711857/1/All-The-Right-Moves It is a classic tale of Stripperella and her wealthy admirer…. ahhhh romance is in the air at the Lucky Devil lounge in Portland Oregon. Thank you for pointing us to the Emperor. Oh my lord I became dizzy and breathless and nearly passed out from the prologue. I read her other fic also and all I can say is wow what a amazing talent.

      • rita01tx

        Woo hoo! Thanks for the link, darlin’! Put her on alert so I don’t miss a thing from now on LOL!
        No idea why FFN didn’t recognize the author when I searched but since I’m also not seein’ story reviews for the last 15-16 hours, gotta assume FFN is sufferin’ glitches…again *sigh!*
        Glad you’re just as hooked on Emperor as I am…we seem to have similar taste in fics *fist bump!*

  3. All three of these are new to me and all of them sound great. Will put them on alert. Your comment about Totteacher had me scrambling to see what Captive is about. Luckily, I have it and it looks good too. Is Batman the name of another fic, or was that just an expression you were using?
    After finishing up with Dishie’s Silence is Golden, Sex is Devine, I moved on to A Love Worth Defending Ladylibre). Wait, I think I mentioned theses last week. Oh heck. This week I read a fix called Pudding Cup, by OhGeeFantasy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10189248/21/Pudding-Cup
    How much mischief can innocent, high school senior, Bella Swan get into in just one evening? A lot, if she’s on the arm of bad-boy Edward Cullen. Entry in The Bad Boys of Twilight Contest. Awards: First Place Public Vote & Two Judges Choice Awards. (Mizzez Pattinson & Jonesn) E/B A/H
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 21 – Words: 96,034 – Reviews: 2,074 – Favs: 1,976 – Follows: 1,789 – Updated: Jan 30, 2015 – Published: Mar 15, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10189248
    And now I’m reading Parma High, rec’d last week by Donna. It’s good.

    • rita01tx

      And I absolutely MUST get to Pudding Cup one of these days soon…I adore Gina’s fics, startin’ with her first fic, Fly and Be Free, which I rec’d here in April 2014!

  4. rita01tx

    Mornin’, Kay darlin’! Batman is just an expression, as in “Holy ashtray, he did tip us off {Batman}!”

  5. Lolololol. I thought you might be channeling The Boy Wonder, but I wasn’t sure. I’d hate to miss a twi vamp fic called Barman. Hmm, I’ve gotta see if I have Fly and Be Free. Oh, guess what I’m doing this evening? I’m going to see the LCoZ! I hope to be able to report back that it was excellent.

    • rita01tx

      OMG! OMG! OMG! You are so lucky…I hope you get to see Rob *squeee!* And, although we KNOW Rob will be excellent, I’ll be anxiously awaitin’ your review of the overall film LOL!

      • Okay, okay, okay…So I am back from the NYFF and have seen the LCOZ. I loved it. Visually it is resplendent. There are no grand or sweeping wide angled vistas, but the colors and textures are so lush and pleasing. It generates a different feeling than a the hyper real, ultra sharp images of most of today’s movies. Shot on actual 35mm, this is an actual FILM. The pacing is deliberate, there aren’t any huge action sequences and it is 140 minutes, so it will not appeal to everyone. That being said, I loved it. The acting was good all the way around. I like Charlie Hunnam, but I often find his delivery a bit stiff I guess. I mean he was excellent as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy, but to me he always sounds and caries himself much the same across roles, never really able to fully disappear into a character. He was as good as I’ve seen him, and he and Tom Holland had me blinking back tears at the end, but it was Rob who stood out. That’s my unbiased, but biased opinion. My husband concurs though. Rob is truly transformative in his role. He steals scene after scene, but not in any overwrought way. This is a mature, nuanced and fully committed performance. Stellar I will say. Like in The Rover, he has a couple of unexpected funny moments. The audience really responded to them with hearty laughs. And just as TR was a relationship movie , the LCOZ is as well. It explores the relationships of Percy Fawcett with his wife, played brilliantly by Sienna Miller ( the other standout performer in this film); with his children, most notably his eldest played by Tom Holland (he was good); with his men; with his place amongst society and with himself, his obsession. I also thought Angus MacFayden gave a very strong supporting performance as fellow explorer Mr. Murray.
        Now for the juicy stuff, the director brought the cast out on stage before the film. By now you’ve seen the pics. Rob was all long, lean and dapper with lots of hair. Lol. Tom looked dapper and I confess won best suited. Siemens looked lovely. Angus was dapper as well. Edward Ashley’ s suit looked too big for his thin body. At curtain call the cast stood in the balcony directly above me. I had a perfect vantage , very close. I could look into their eyes and vice versa. I was a complete and total fail in taking pictures. I did take a few, but they’re pretty scrappy. I was just too excited (and trying to look age appropriately dignified standing by my husband’s side.) I discreetly tried to scope a glimpse of Rob before the film to no avail, but I did see the others enter the building. And then inside I saw James Gray and Angus M. Actually James and I bumped into each other. I had no idea who either of them were, but I though Angus looked secretly amused at the brief interaction and that they went unrecognized. I actually thought to myself that Angus looked like I imagined a director might look at one of these events, or like a professor. Lol. While I was on my low-key, half-hearted stalker mission, my husband was busy rubbing elbows with the entire damn crew, including Rob right where I abandoned him. He had no idea who they were. Didn’t figure it out until he saw them in the theater. When they came on stag he said “Oh, I was just talking to them, didn’t know who the he’ll they were. ” I was like “What!? When????!” Apparently after I gave up waiting on line with him for the restroom, they came out of a side door and stood in the alcove where he was standing. Unfreakingbelievable. On the way home my husband laughed and told me they walked right past him twice before he saw them later inside in the alcove. That’s what I get for trying to be stealthy. I think it’s hilarious and yes, I’m envious, but I had such a nice time I don’t even care. Much. Apparently at the 9pm screening Rob sat in the audience along with Tom S, Jaime S and others. His friends and former directors JBenny, BCorbet and Mona Fasthold(sp?) were also there. They were seated in row N, in the middle. One measly row behind where I was seated only minutes before. I think it’s great that Rob sat through the entire film. Other film crew was seated nearby as well. I did not stay for the red carpet because my husband was ready to go and I was ok with that. He was a great sport and although I know he’d have stayed if I explained why I wanted to hang around, I decided not to. It was a perfect day and I didn’t want to leave him standing around just so I could get a quick glimpse. Fun day. Great film. Seeing Rob was a treat.

  6. thanks Rita, hmm Captive you said(this one was so so good) need to read this one, and will put two others on alert.

    I read Salacious by Missus Robinson, had hard time with her Bella, never knowing what she want ..
    I also read Dead Man Walking that you rec’d last week( it was good) and re read the other Dead Man Walking witch was complet opposite of the MandyLeigh87 story 🙂

    didn’t read anything more from Mrs. Brownloe Donna, but liked to no end The mail order bride.

    ajfflady didn’t read any of those stories, hmm and my tbr list is growing again!

    Kay you will love Captive 🙂 excellent story and I need to add your rec’d to my list …. when will I find the time to read it… that’s the question lol!

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Zveka darlin’! This is what has kept me too distracted to reply earlier…

      and that was only the beginnin’!!!


      well, just click through…I’ve collected a ton of pics on this board!

  7. by the way Rita I finally took time to read Emperor(excellent start) and As-Leaves-Fall very cute story 🙂 thanks for rec’d

  8. eewee333

    Hi Rita! Just wanted to stop by and say HI. Didn’t get a chance to log on last week because of Hurricane Matthew that came blowing through Charleston and knocked out our power. But we are all ok and back at work and back on line. Thanks, as always, for your wonderful recs, but no completes this week 😦 I’ve been reading pattyrose this past week and I’m on the third story of hers that I haven’t read. I loved her New Moon AU fic. Now I’m loving her Geekward story. She is a fantastic writer. So much talent in this fandom. Take care. See you around FB. {{hugs}} E


    • rita01tx

      Hi, Eewee darlin’ *HUGS!* Sorry for the lack of completes! Just goes to show I need to cut back on the WIP’s {but I’m such a sucker for a good story *poutyface!}
      I’ve read a few Pattyrose stories and absolutely loved them! Would love to be able to just sit down and read them one after the other but so many distractions, it’s plumb ridiculous LOL!

      • eewee333

        Know what you mean! I have about 22 windows open on my phone to different stories, but I’m just really enjoying hers at this moment. So many great stories out there right now. I wish I could retire and just read all day and night!!!

        • rita01tx

          Oh, snap! That’s just what I expected to be able to do when I retired comin’ up on 4 years ago LMAO!
          The reality is that I’m havin’ huge fun here on RA with you girls and on Facebook in a few select groups but, bein’ the fierce fic hoarder that I am, it’s nearly impossible to pass up hearin’ about a new author and/or a new story here and there and chasin’ ’em down! Sure does eat into my actual readin’ time but I shall persevere to come up with some good completes for you next time LOL!

  9. for info

    anhanninen the auteur of Fatherhood, Formula, and Other F Words pulled down all her stories on ffn and TWCS …

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