Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Well, a promise is a promise so here are some complete fic recs for Eewee darlin’!

And, as it turns out, there’s significant age difference in the first two but so well written, you can’t help but love ’em!



On that side of the Equator a six year age difference is nothing, just a number that loses meaning in the face of adventures and shared interests and long bus rides. But on this side of the Equator, in Forks Washington where Bella is a teacher, six years are everything, an impenetrable barrier that makes life impossible when Edward Cullen shows up as an exchange student.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – [Bella, Edward] [Emmett, Rosalie] – Chapters: 21 – Words: 91,415 – Reviews: 1,048 – Favs: 575 – Follows: 980 – Updated: Oct 9 – Published: Jan 14, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10020758

So, this is what happens when your vacation fling follows you home…

“Edward,” I say, leaning against my desk. Needing a moment to collect myself, I dig the heels of my hands into my eyes. Three deep breaths and my hands fall to my sides as I straighten to look at him.

He’s closed the distance between us. I have to look up to meet his eyes. “You’re an exchange student?”

“Cool, yeah?” he says, smiling once more.

“You’re an exchange student in Forks?” I demand, not really believing it.

“You moved back to Forks. I came to Forks. Simple.”

“No!” I shriek, glancing nervously towards my still open door. “No! Not simple. You are my student, Edward. How are you still in high school? You’re nineteen. You just turned nineteen. You graduated!”

The difference in our ages once felt like nothing, forgotten in the face of shared interests and experience. Now these six years separating us might as well be the fucking ocean.

And they will drown me.

“I’m your teacher,” I repeat.

“I forget how prudish Americans are,” he says, rolling his eyes. He takes another step closer and I push back into my desk with such force that the metal legs drag on the linoleum. The sound is unpleasant but Edward takes another step. I scramble around the desk, pleased to have a physical barrier separating us. “Are you running from me, love?”

“Do not call me that!” I am absolutely seething, glancing at the door every three seconds. I play with that annoying patch of wispy hair at my temple. The rate I am going this will be another nervous habit, joining the lip biting. “In this classroom, in this school, it’s Miss Swan.”

This fic is chock full of angsty goodness, trials and tribulations…mostly for Bella ’cause Edward doesn’t see the problem, but you can count on the HEA they both deserve!




Hot old dude was cocky from the beginning, yet for some reason she wanted him. He was relentless, and she was a brat, but together they were on fire.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 80,345 – Reviews: 1,348 – Favs: 987 – Follows: 1,248 – Updated: Aug 25 – Published: Feb 13, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11042171

On the opposite end of the age spectrum from Equator, I present to you Asshole and Brat!

Hawaii is like a dream come true. Four days in paradise are just what the doctor ordered. Between finals and helping my sister plan this shotgun wedding, I need to just relax.

I exit the airport in Kona and find the shuttle bus to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. It’s crowded and although the air conditioning seems to be on high, it’s hot as hell in here.

There is one available seat, which happens to be next to some sexy as fuck older dude. He’s not as old as my dad, Charlie, but I would say he has at least ten years on me.

If I didn’t have the five-year-rule, I would totally get on that.

His face is divine and I’m not exaggerating. Old dude is smoking, with his chiseled cheekbones covered in facial hair. His green eyes dance mischievously as they take me in.

“I’m here for a family thing but…” He shrugs his shoulder suggestively, and then gives me a sexy smirk and a wink.

Five-year rule.

I do not do older men.

Not even sexy-as-fuck old men.

“Does that usually work for you? What’s the matter can’t find a woman your own age down at the senior citizens home?” I give him my best bitch brow, but it does nothing but cause him to laugh loud and hard.

“Playing hard to get? I like that.” He inclines further into me and takes a deep breath.

“You need to back off, gramps. The desperate act is not a good look on you.” I turn around in my seat officially dismissing him.

I’ll be damn if I give him the satisfaction of knowing I’m attracted to him. Nope, I’m sure once the bus gets to the hotel I’ll be so busy with maid of honor duties that I’ll never see any other hotel guests…

Especially hot-as-fuck-old-dude.

The van pulls to a stop in front of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. It is breathtaking. People start exiting the van and I turn to face sexy grandpa.

“Well, I hope you find a young girl that will fall for your lines. Enjoy your vacation.” I stand up grabbing my bags.

“Oh baby, I’m sure before my vacation is over, I’ll have you beneath me.” He says as he follows me off the van.

“In your dreams.” I turn away from him trying to hide my blush.

I quickly take my luggage, rolling it to the front desk, acutely aware that sexy is following me. I may or may not add an extra swing in my step, giving him a full view of the ass.

Again, this fic has the most wonderful HEA with lots of fun and fuckhawt lemons along the way! Low on angst…high on fun!




The winter of 1869 recorded a low temperature that would last for more than one hundred and fifty years. The only thing colder ever recorded was Isabella Cullen’s marriage bed. Entry for the Caveat Emptor: Maybe An HEA? contest. Trigger warning. Now expanded from original contest entry.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward, Jasper – Chapters: 24 – Words: 73,905 – Reviews: 1,755 – Favs: 766 – Follows: 1,108 – Updated: Oct 5 – Published: Jun 2, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11287145

Warning: This story takes place in a time when women had no control over anything including their own bodies. They could not own property, vote, or serve in office. Most importantly to this story, legally there was no such thing as marital rape. Being married implied consent. This story touches on this dubious consent. Although today it is, rightly, considered rape, in that time it was not. The law was not changed in Canada until just after the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) was enacted, in 1983. Please do not read this story if it will in any way make you uncomfortable or trigger a reaction. 

This fic ain’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but for those souls brave enough to take it on, there is great reward at the end!

A large sign proclaiming Inn at the Forks announced her arrival. The building was bigger than any she had ever seen and she wondered how she was to clean it all. Perhaps there would be another maid or two to help. She tried to brush the dust off her dress before walking into the main reception hall to find her employer. A cheery peal of bells sounded as she opened the door. The young man at the counter took in the sight of travel-weary Isabella and smiled at her. She walked to the desk and put her baggage on the floor.

“I am Isabella Swan. I’m to see Mr. Cullen.”

The young man at the counter nodded and left the desk. He came back minutes later with a tall man, who had a look of consternation on his face.

“You are Isabella Swan?” Isabella nodded her head.

“This way.” The man pointed to an open door just beside the desk.

“Get Weber.” He said to the desk clerk.

Isabella picked up her bags and followed the tall man. He led her through a few hallways to the back of the Inn. He held a door open for her and motioned for her to go ahead of him. Once through the door he pointed to a smaller building set away from the Inn. It was a large carriage house with what looked like living quarters above. He led her again to a stairway up to the living area. When she opened the door she saw that it was a dwelling rather than the dormitory she was expecting. She looked around the sitting room just off the entry. It was well appointed and comfortable looking although it could do with a good cleaning. The tall man stood by the door with his back to her. She waited patiently for him to give her instructions.

“You are not what I expected.” He finally said after a very lengthy pause.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It was a very taxing journey. If you could show me to my room I can clean up before meeting Mr. Cullen and starting my work as housekeeper.” Isabella was exhausted but could rally her courage to begin her new life.

“I am Mr. Cullen. This is your new home, not your place of employment.

You are here to become my wife, not my housekeeper.”

The tall man did not even turn to face her as he destroyed her every perception.

“My uncle said I was to be a housekeeper at the Inn. Not your wife.” Isabella’s voice shook with terror.

“Your uncle told me you were pretty; I guess he lied to us both.

Here’s the Minister. Just do as you are told, do you understand?

Answer every one of his questions with an affirmative.” The tall man finally turned and fixed her with a glare.

“Yes, Sir.” Isabella obeyed.

For a period piece that starts out so dark, it gets even darker until it finally takes a turn into the light when the right Cullen turns up to set things right! Ain’t gonna give away the plot any further than that LOL!

Lookin’ forward for your recs!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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52 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. dpennell007

    Cold was a TOUGH read, until it wasn’t. And it had a great ending! It makes me wonder if her current fic – Uncredited https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12022822/1/ will follow a similar script – because right now I can NOT STAND Edward! I’m following and enjoying As Leaves Fall and The Emperor from last week’s recs. Thanks for those!

    I’m not sure where everyone is from, but they just set the dates for the Twilight East Coast Meet Up which is going to be in Baltimore, MD this year – May 19-21 2017. I asked for the days off from work this morning, so if I can talk my husband into driving me – it’s a go! In the spirit of cooperation I plan to volunteer to go to the races at Pimlico, or to a baseball game at Camden Yards if the Red Sox happen to be in town while we’re there.

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, Cold was a gut wrencher for a good portion of the story but rivitin’ nonetheless! Haven’t picked up another of her fics just yet…need something fun right now!
      Oh, the East Coast meet up sounds like so much fun! You’ll have to keep us posted on all the doin’s when it happens LOL!
      Gonna hit the hay for now…see y’all laters!

  2. eewee333

    Rita you darling!! Thanks for the completed recs this week. I’m still deep into Pattyrose’s works, and I’ve read The 5 year rule (loved it!),but not the other two. I will open more windows on my phone and try to start them this weekend. I would love to go to the East Coast meet up in May, but it will all depend on my health at that time. I’m in Charleston, SC so Baltimore is doable by car (as I don’t fly). I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Hugs and Love and thanks again. E

    • rita01tx

      Damn, I need to at least live on the same damn continent so I can go, too *grrrr!*
      As you see from other comments, Cold was pretty angsty but I promise it’s worth gettin’ into, Eewee darlin’!
      And, now that it’s complete {’cause it drove me crazy waitin’ for updates on this one}, This Side of the Equator will knock your socks off…there’s no resistin’ this Edward, young as he is, as Bella finds out LOL!

  3. Hello gals. These recs all look great. I’m not the biggest fan of the big age gap, but man I’ve read some really good ones, so hmm, maybe I am. This Side of Equator looks so good, and The Five Year Rule looks like a lot of fun. I’ve had Cold on alert, but when I read the category and warning I chickened out. Now that I know the ending is pleasing, I am itching to read it. It sounds like one heck of a ride. I had such a good time at the NYFF last week and was so caught up with all of the goodies that came our way that I found it hard to focus on reading. I did finish Parma High, which I believe Donna rec’d. It was good. Such an endearing Edward. I caught up with Eight Days and now I’m reading Captive by Totteacher. Rita you mentioned this fic last week and I was intrigued. Donna, I’m not sure if I can attend the Meet Up, but would you keep us posted? For anyone who didn’t see my thoughts on The Lost City of Zed on last week’s post. I’ll be briefer, and just say It was a beautifully filmed , well-acted gem. It was good and Rob was excellent. You will love his performance.

  4. I look forward to your emails! Thank You!


  5. Thanks for Rec’d Rita didn’t read any of them …

    I finished Still Waters excellent story 🙂
    Started The Watcher and my my this one is good, re read Captive( love this one)
    re read two short stories too
    As a nurse, Bella’s seen it all, or has she? When the clinic where she works needs an expansion, the guy hired isn’t what she expects. Sometimes all that glitters, is all it takes. Romance/Humor
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 17,649 – Reviews: 299 – Favs: 519 – Follows: 520 – Updated: Sep 19 – Published: Dec 1, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11644599
    When Bella catches her boyfriend cheating will a handsome stranger help her forget him? *Winner Swooniest Male – Edward in the TwiHEAContest*
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 18,300 – Reviews: 244 – Favs: 817 – Follows: 337 – Updated: Dec 1, 2015 – Published: Apr 17, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9209407

    and now I ‘m off to read By Proxy by LyricalKris

    • Oh I’ve read All That Glitters! Swooniest Male winner? I think I need to take a look-see at Maybe Next Time He’ll Think.

    • rita01tx

      Just finished All That Glitters which was a very fun read! Thanks, Zveka darlin’!

      • to stay with age gap theme I just finished this one …

        Being a movie star is all glamour and privilege, right? Sure, if you call obsessive fans, prying paps, and the occasional threat of bodily harm glamorous, but Edward was used to all that. Bella worked behind the scenes until he accidentally brought her into the limelight and in the sights of someone dangerous. Mystery, action, and romance – welcome to Hollywood.
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 18 – Words: 56,683 – Reviews: 2,095 – Favs: 1,557 – Follows: 1,763 – Updated: Feb 16 – Published: May 13, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11245370

  6. rita01tx

    Ah! Mountainward was such a great character and I wasn’t surprised Bella didn’t want to leave him when her “retreat” was over…I sure as hell wouldn’t LMAO!
    I’m gonna make sure I have lots of popcorn and a tall, cold Coke for the next chapter of The Watcher ’cause Bella’s gonna hand Aro his ass…I’m actually hopin’ she’ll fold him into the castle walls *gigglesnort!*
    The Captive is an automatic reread every time I come across it in my travels, which seems to be quite often LOL!
    Right now, I like the look of your two short recs *high five!*

  7. rita01tx

    Oooh! Good news from The Lemonade Stand! Pattyrose will begin postin’ a new story on Halloween called Bellaria and it sure sounds like a good one to me *squeee!*

    The Lemonade Stand Sneak Peek 22Oct16
    According to a dark and little-known legend, in the high middle ages, and in the midst of an unspeakable betrayal, a young knight made a timeless vow to his beloved wife, Bellaria: “Wait for me. I will find you…as always…for always.”

    You can read more here…

  8. Thank you, Rita – always enjoy your comments and recs.

  9. Hello ladies I read some really well written mob ward this week with a twist-The lion and the Lamb and its sequel The jackel and the Lion by Lalina they are pulled but I get so many great PDFs from perusing the shelves .com fanfiction alley.
    In observance of the World Series ⚾️ GO Cleveland Indians GO Chicago Cubs ⚾️I will be searching out some Baseballward this week. Foul Territory by MarinaH /rinabina ,The game that changed it all by eternally addicted and The game by cynosure23 are all sweet quick reads.
    Thank you for this wonderful site I am Lovin what you do!

    • rita01tx

      Mornin’ hon…hey, what can I call you?!
      Even though Mobwards are my weakness, I still haven’t read Lalina’s fics *facepalm!* And high praises to the ladies at PTS for givin’ us a place to find lost fics…don’t know what I’d do without ’em!
      The only Baseballward I know firsthand from your list is Rinabina’s Foul Territory which I read as a WIP. It was really good {might have to have a reread right about now} LOL! Have you read Bornonhalloween’s baseball fics, Benched
      6th-grade teacher Edward Cullen has done his homework on coaching tee-ball. His confidence evaporates when he takes the field for his team’s first practice and sees none other than Emmett McCarty, World Champion Mariners pitcher, on the sidelines. Can Edward manage his 5-year-olds, his fanboy crush, AND the arrogant asshole who insists on getting in his way at every turn?
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor – Edward, Emmett – Chapters: 80 – Words: 12,929 – Reviews: 2,754 – Favs: 169 – Follows: 183 – Updated: Mar 28, 2015 – Published: Dec 9, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10879668
      and its sequel…
      Wild Pitch
      Superstar Emmett (“Big Mac”) McCarty is a genius on the mound, but fame forces his true desires deep into the shadows. When a certain fan with a knack for numbers catches Emmett’s attention, life gets a little bit wild. This NON-drabble story is a prequel to “Benched.” M/M Emmett POV. Rated M for major league Edward/Emmett loving.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Chapters: 50 – Words: 149,483 – Reviews: 3,040 – Favs: 286 – Follows: 298 – Updated: Oct 20, 2015 – Published: Mar 28, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11144889
      Oh! And let’s not forget AKABrattyVamp’s current Baseballward WIP:
      “Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.” -Yogi Berra
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 12 – Words: 39,849 – Reviews: 1,306 – Favs: 570 – Follows: 1,112 – Updated: Oct 19 – Published: Aug 4 – id: 12084328

  10. rita01tx

    Please forgive me, my lovelies, for I made the disastrous mistake of openin’ The University of Edward Masen by Sebastian Robechaud last night *THUD!*
    How I managed to pass over it all these years, I don’t know but now that I’m invested….I’m a goner!
    You know where to find me if you want a copy!

    • dpennell007

      Haha! That should keep you out of trouble for a week or so.

    • oh I have pdf but didn’t read it.. hope you will tell us what you think about this one

      on the other hand I finished the series by LovinRob you send me Rita and my my this is really good!!! she published A Dry Heat, A Bitter Cold, Law of Numbers as Helios Chronicles 🙂

      • rita01tx

        Well, now that you’ve sung their praises, I’ll have to read them soon, Zveka darlin’!
        The Edward in UoEM is deliciously dark and decadent and Bella’s torn between the version of him she fell in love with years earlier to the man he is now…I love this!!!

        • hmmm need to find a time to read this one then lol

          what can I say the series by lovinrob are really good, nothing is white or black all of them have scars some visible and other deep inside them and just the summary tells a lot

          “..When Bella moves from New York City to the California desert to care for her ailing grandmother she never expected that she would meet the man of her dreams. A man that would set her heart, body and soul on fire. But this man comes with a price, a heavy price. Will their love be able to survive the life he had before her or will it melt away in the dry heat..”

          and yeah he came with heavy price but my my he is hot!!! Jasper in this story is one of the best Jasper I read a longtime, the plot is great and there is a lot of sexy times!!! lol

      • Zveka HoME is a classic and it’s a must read. It’s been so long since I’ve read it, so I’m rusty on the details, but it’s definitely, definitely one that should not be missed. Is the series you are reading by LovinRob still available online as fics? If not would you mind sharing them?

    • I cannot believe that you some how managed to bypass the UoEM. Wow, you will love it, I think. You are making me want to revisit it myself. It’s one I will one day need to reread. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

      • rita01tx

        Let’s just say that my updates are stackin’ up so high it might take me a looong time to catch up LMAO!
        I’m deep into UoEM, Kay darlin’! The shiteth is just about to hiteth the faneth!

        • Oh yes, hitteth the faneth indeed. Btw, did you rec Prey for the Wicked to me in a thread a while back. I can’t recall, but I thought maybe there was a discussion about it and I mentioned that I had it, but hadn’t read it because it was an apparently abandoned fic. You and maybe one of the other gals encouraged me not to be dissuaded as it ends in a decent place. I recall the gist of our conversation, and I’m pretty sure we were speaking of PftW. Any who I got around to reading it and I freaking loved it. It remains thus far unfinished, but of what a deliciously dark, controlling and possessive PreyWard. Welllll, I have some potentially fantastic news. Aleeab4u PM’d me to say that she’s working on returning to the story. She’s busy with RL and is feeling a bit rusty, but said not to give up on her yet. I am super excited about this. PftW was just too good to be left abandoned. Even incomplete, I’ve added it my my favorites list.

      • rita01tx

        Lordamercy! Just finished UoEM and I can’t lavish enough praise on the author who wrote such a rivitin’ story! What a rollercoaster ride of romance and angsty goodness, all perfectly balanced so as not to overwhelm you and scare you away LOL! But what an intense Edward and a sexy motherf*cker…Bella didn’t refer to him as her sex god for nothin’ *groan!*

        • eewee333

          I read UofEM years ago. I may have to give it a re-read. I remember it being such a wonderful story. Great characters. Did you know it was published as a trilogy? Gabriel’s Inferno, Rapture and Redemption by Sylvain Reynard. Of course, I love the E/B version just like with 50 shades.

          • rita01tx

            I’d heard it was published…hope it did well ’cause it deserves to be widely read, Eewee darlin’!
            You’d think we’d all be sick of Edward and Bella by now but noooo….still can’t read a “normal” book without replacin’ the main characters with them *facepalm!*
            Gave up mainstream fiction a long time ago *gigglesnort!*

  11. rita01tx


    SCREENDAILY: AFM: SYLVESTER STALLONE replaces Robert De Nero in Olivier Assayas’s IDOLS EYE. Filming is supposed to start in February 2017 in TORONTO CANADA

    Lotus Entertainment has launched sales here on Idol’s Eye, Olivier Assayas’ cherished heist thriller that will now star Sylvester Stallone as Chicago mob boss Tony Accardo.

    Stallone replaces Robert De Niro and takes his place alongside Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz on the $25m project, which has been reassembled and is ready to shoot in Toronto in February after financing fell through in late 2014.

    Pattinson plays a petty thief who unknowingly steals a blue diamond from Accardo and sparks a war between the two men as they strive to stay ahead of the FBI. Charles Gillibert, Alexandra Milchan, Scott Stuber, Scott Lambert and Michael Benaroya are producing.

    More at the source: http://www.screendaily.com/news/afm-sylvester-stallone-joins-olivier-assayass-idols-eye/5110983.article

    Woohoo!!!! It’s back ON!!!

  12. Thanks for the recommendations Rita, especially for the last time ones.
    I discovered an absolute gem in ‘The Emperor’!
    And incidentally found another of Connoisseur97’s masterpiece.
    “The Duke of Alsworth”
    Summary: Edward Cullen, the cold and ruthless Duke of Alsworth had sworn off of love, yet he was captivated by her and vows to possess her. He will not stop at anything to make her his.
    I swear it is absolutely AMAZING! Even though it’s a WIP. I have never read a more charming piece! It’s an absolutely must read!! I am absolutely in love with her little fiction and her Edward.
    Holy Cow! But is he hot and damn possessive.

    • rita01tx

      Welcome to RA, Akansha darlin’! I was gonna wait for Duke of Alsworth to complete before readin’ it…I already have too damn many WIPs to keep up with, but you just said the magic words…HOT and POSSESSIVE! Oooh, my favorite Edward *squeee!*

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