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Evenin’, ladies!

Lookie what Sandy Claws got me for Christmas! A brand new office romance with Snarky Bella and Assholdward LOL!



It’s the hottest book of the season, every kid wants it. When two people who often clash at work go head-to-head for the last one on the shelf, who will come up the winner? A holiday fic written from a Pay it Forward prompt and for my Secret Santa last year, thank you again.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 5 – Words: 8,550 – Reviews: 449 – Favs: 234 – Follows: 416 – Updated: 19h ago – Published: Dec 25 – id: 12290095

Edward’s assistant goes on maternity leave but ultimately decides she’d rather stay home with her twins than come back to work. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Edward proposes to make Bella’s temporary position permanent!

“What is in it for me?”

His eyes narrowed again. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s see, you have no choice, you need me as you explained. However, I do have a choice. My contract ends in two weeks, I could simply walk away. You’ve given me nothing but hell for two months, why should I stay?”

“You’ve seen the package and benefits, I’ll throw in five percent more, and an extra week vacation time.”

“I’ll take the extra week, but ten percent more and Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off next week.” The office was closed for Christmas and New Year’s Day, but Mr. Cullen had calls and video conferences scheduled around the holidays.

“Oh, um, thank you.” He nodded, waiting for something else. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Cullen?”


Bella pursed her lips. “What do you want?”

“New Year’s Eve; I need you here.”

“All night?” she asked. He nodded once again. “And you’re agreeing to my pay raise and extra week?”

“You drive a hard bargain, Miss Swan. Yes, I’ll agree to your terms.”

She smiled as she stood up, holding out her hand for his as he rose to his feet. “You have yourself a deal, Mr. Cullen.”

“Good, now go get me some coffee, make a fresh pot.” He said it with such authority that normally she would snap right to it, but if he wanted her to work for him, some things had to change. She waited, even after his dismissal, his attention already on his planner. “Is there something else, Miss Swan?” he asked without looking up.

“I know you have an eidetic memory, so use it to figure out why I’m still waiting.”

He looked up at her, his eyes narrowing again. “You’re pushing your luck, Miss Swan.”

She batted her lashes and smiled sweetly, adding a little wink that seemed to make him smile. Though he covered it quickly, adding a gruff, “please,” to his request.

She walked out of his office with a bounce in her step and swing in her hips, singing Christmas carols.

Edward sat back, watching the delectable Miss Swan, and wondered what circle of hell she was sent from to torment him.

This fic is so much fun…just try to resist!


It’s been a good while since we’ve had a good RockStarward so I jumped onto this one the instant I read the summary!



Bella Swan never expected superstar Edward Cullen to wander into Walgreen’s and she never expected him to change her life.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Bella – Chapters: 8 – Words: 23,663 – Reviews: 272 – Favs: 213 – Follows: 471 – Updated: 3h ago – Published: Nov 4 – id: 12219270

Bella glanced at the clock for what felt like the thousandth time that night. 11:42. It was like that time keeping monster was running more slowly just to spite her. She gave it the finger. She dropped the accusing finger quickly when the doors slid open.

“Welcome to Walgreens,” she said slapping on her retail smile.

The grunt that came from the ball cap clad gentleman wasn’t inviting but it was retail standard. Customers had a habit of forgetting the people behind the counter were real, live humans who addressed them. Bella felt her smile fade and she turned her gaze back to the clock. 11:43. Rat bastard clock.

She moved from around the counter to the magazine rack to straighten the misplaced gossip rags. She read the headlines without much consideration. Leo was dating another model. Brad and Angie were splitting up. . . again. Blake Shelton did something redneck. A Kardashian did something trashy. Edward Cullen was spotted hand in hand with the star of some new drama that Bella would never see.

Bella wrinkled her nose. The allure of life where your every move was media headlines was lost on her. She didn’t aspire to notoriety. Her goals were more along the lines of having enough funds to move out of her dad’s place. She hoped that if she really worked hard, that place would have a fridge filled with Killian’s instead of Bud Light.

“Excuse me,” the guy from earlier was at the counter. The only item he placed there was a bottle of wine.

“Sorry,” Bella told him slapping on the retail smile again as she headed over. “Just tidying up.”

“No problem,” he replied without looking up from his fishing expedition in his wallet.

His voice was nice. Melodic. And, bonus, he spoke real words to her instead of grunting this time.

“May I see your ID?” Bella asked picking up the wine.

“Uh. . . ”

His hesitation made Bella’s nerves twinge. No freaking way was she getting into it with some underage punk who wanted to give her shit ten minutes before close. Then he looked up and she understood. Her mouth dropped open. Her eyes darted to the magazines she’d just organized.

“You’re Edward Cullen,” her tone was way more accusatory than she meant for it to be.

He looked both hesitant and amused.

“I am,” he agreed.

Bella felt her nose wrinkle. Words were out of her mouth before she could put them together the right way. The right way being something without profanity.

“What the fuck are you doing in Forks?”

What the fuck indeed?

He could think of at least a thousand things he’d rather do than trek off to some Podunk town in Washington to celebrate the retirement of Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He’d rather have a sex tape with the ugly Kardashian leaked. He’d rather do Kimmel after swallowing a bucket full of acid. He’d rather cover Celine Dion for the rest of eternity.

To say Edward’s relationship with his father is a train wreck is puttin’ it mildly! Still, he might just have found another reason to come back to Forks…a girl who treats him like a normal human being!

With her backpack across her shoulders, she headed down the cemetery path and through the wrought iron gates. The walk back home would be nice. Forks was quite on Sundays, with folks at church or home doing the family thing. The streets were nearly empty, and Bella felt the sadness that crept in drifting away again.

For a while, after her mom died, Bella was scared of the sadness.

She was scared that she would be devoured by it, just like her mom was. Even though she had lived in Forks for a few years, she was still on the outskirts of the kid populace. She wasn’t bullied but she didn’t really have a circle either.

Bella’s attention was caught when the sleek SUV that was driving by eased to a stop along the sidewalk in front of her. Her curiosity was peaked but many, many SUV reruns with her dad made her ease off to the opposite side of the walkway. As she approached, she saw the passenger side window was down. Behind the wheel was the fuck-hot man she’d just been telling her mother about.

“Hey little girl, need a ride?” he quipped.

Bella felt her mouth curve up in a smile and her heart started to pound.

“Got any candy?” she asked reaching for the door.


Creepy as hell but it’s Drotuno and, as impossible as it seems at first glance, I’m trustin’ her to take us to a happy place in the end!



A month after losing his wife, Edward Masen was taking it one day at a time, trying to simply survive the torrent of grief. Surrounded by memories of their life together and messages she left, he was already questioning his sanity when his phone lit up in the middle of the night… with her picture and number. EPOV/OOC/AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 13,553 – Reviews: 553 – Favs: 462 – Follows: 698 – Updated: Dec 26 – Published: Dec 12 – id: 12270478

Plus, I’m a sucker for any fic that includes a cat!

Resetting my alarm for just a bit earlier, I fell back on the bed, smiling over at Steve, who barely shifted when the bed moved. One long, orange paw stretched out, finally covering his eyes.

“Right, right. . . Turn the light out, human. Got it.” I chuckled, reaching over to shut off the light.

The room went dark, except for the street light outside beaming in through the window. I closed my eyes and pulled the covers up, trying to relax after the long, strange day. Just as I was about to roll over, the sound of my phone buzzing across my nightstand had my eyes snapping open.

Once I’d grabbed the phone, my heart stopped and my hand shook so badly I almost dropped the phone to the floor. As it was, it landed on the bedside table with a thump, still continuing to vibrate. But it was who was calling that had my brow breaking out into a sweat.

My wife’s happy smile, a picture I’d taken just a few months ago, lit up the screen of my phone. Her number. Her face. It didn’t make sense. She was gone, and so was her phone.

Swallowing thickly, I swiped my thumb across the screen to answer.

“Who is this?” I answered angrily.

There was a sudden inhale of breath, but whoever was on the other end didn’t say anything.

“How did you get this phone!?” I yelled, starting to shake with anger and heartbreak. “Answer me, dammit! Where did you find it?!”

There was that same whispering that sounded like static, and then the phone beeped that the call had been ended.

I wanted to throw my phone, but at the same time, I wanted answers. My first assumption was that some kids had found my wife’s phone and were playing around. But deep down, somewhere in the depths of my soul, I wanted her back. And as crazy as it sounded, I’d take whatever I could, even though I knew it wasn’t possible. My wife had died almost a month and a half ago.

Geez, the hairs on my arms just stood on end readin’ this again *shudder!*


The gore factor is strong in this one LMAO!



This could have been your typical high school romance. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Live happily ever after. But when a deadly illness breaks out in Forks, students at Forks’ High have to put the romance aside and do what they can to stay alive. Even if that means losing a few friends along the way. Rated M ExB

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 6,466 – Reviews: 193 – Favs: 154 – Follows: 312 – Updated: Dec 27 – Published: Dec 12 – id: 12269910

Just then, the bells rings, and the lunchroom erupts in the chaos that is “making it to your next class on time.”

“I’ll see you next hour.” Edward grabs his belongings and joins the masses. We’re herded like cattle, out the tiny double doors that lead from the cafeteria into the halls, and disperse from there.

I make a quick stop at my locker and turn to go to my next class when I see her.

Tanya walking, more like stumbling down the hall. She trips over her own feet and falls into a small group of people. She doesn’t get up right away, her shoulders heave up and down like she’s trying to catch her breath.

“Tanya, are you okay?” One of her friends rushes to her side.

“No. I can’t breathe,” she gasps. “I can’t.” She starts to cough, so violently that she falls again, this time onto the ground.

As soon as she does, everyone around her gasps. Her face has these strange spots all over it, almost like pimples, but they’re huge and raw. The next time she coughs, blood spurts from her mouth like an erupting volcano.

“Oh my God. . . ” I whisper, instinctively backing up.

Mr. Franklin, the math teacher, steps out into the hallway to see what the commotion is. When he spots Tanya, he immediately springs into action.

“Everyone, back up. Back up, people!” He kneels down beside Tanya and checks her out. She coughs again, spewing another rain of blood.

Mr. Franklin backs away, shocked, his shirt and his face dotted with red spots. “Oh, dear.” He turns to another student. “Call 911!”

By that time, more teachers and students had gathered. I’m frozen, standing by my locker with my hands gripping my books so tightly that I can’t feel my fingers.

“Come on, guys. Let’s give her some room. Ambulance is on the way.” Principal Walters starts pushing all of the students back, urging them to get to class while they tend to Tanya.

I force myself to look away and robotically walk to my next class, one foot in front of the other.

Edward is already in his seat, seemingly blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the hallway. He’s got his headphones in, working on his homework before class starts.

I plop down beside him, still shaking and unable to speak. When he finally notices me, he immediately pulls his headphones off.

“Bella? What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Did you see her just go down?” A student says, walking in the door.

“No, but I saw the blood, man. It was all over Mr. Franklin’s face!” Another says.

As the classroom fills with students, all chattering about Tanya, Edward seems to get a good idea of what happened without me uttering a single word.

Our teacher tries to run a normal class for about five minutes before she realizes it’s not going to happen and declares it a study hour.

A text ringer goes off on someone’s phone. Then another one. Then another one. The teacher doesn’t bother yelling at anyone for it.

As each student reads their texts, the talk starts.

She started bleeding out of her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

She was convulsing as they took her out in the ambulance.

And the final one. The worst one.

She’s dead.

So, what do Mike Newton, a wild party and a dead deer have to do with anything? You’re gonna have to read to find out!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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40 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. Reading and following all the stories you recommend. Thank you!

    Happy New Year!

  2. bevey99

    As always thank you for keeping this going. I usually read everything you rec. So I’ve been a bit MIA, but now trying to get back in the groove. I’m reading all of the “”Christmas”” wips, including today’s rec The Last One.
    This one hasn’t been mentioned {I don’t think} https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12273082/1/One-Christmas-Eve
    One Christmas Eve [short & complete]
    By: Edward’s Eternal
    When her world collapses, Bella does her best to find the light. Will one Christmas Eve be the miracle her broken heart needs to heal?
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward –
    I’ve been reading but not a lot, and unfortunately not quality.
    I did really enjoy [even with it’s 100’s of errors] Punch Me, Love me, Save Me. [I almost stopped reading several times-due to the errors. And, normally I would but the story-line was so good]
    Punch Me, Love Me, Save Me
    By: ericastwilight
    Edward Cullen is an alcoholic who hits rock bottom. One day, his sister Alice is handed a card – Only Call If Desperate & ALL Else Has Failed. She makes the call that will change her brother’s life. His savior? Bella Swan.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 48 – Words: 273,399 – Reviews: 5,176 – Favs: 3,760 – Follows: 4,535 – Updated: Dec 14 – Published: Feb 3, 2009 – id: 4837391

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    Round 2 polls will open this Sunday, January 1st, and close January 8th at 11:59 p.m. EST. This year’s winners and the recipients of the Fandom Achievement Award will be announced January 22nd.

    Good luck!

    Host, Organizer
    TwiFic Fandom Awards

  4. Greetings ladies! Rita I’m loving all the recs this week. First of all, all you have to say is drotuno has a new fic and I’m all in! Well, let me temper that with, I’ll enthusiastically put the story on alert (since it sounds like a bit of a gut-wrencher). I love tense, suspenseful drama, but reading it as a WIP right from the early days sounds like a true test of patience and fortitude. We’ll see how long I can hold off till I brave the waters. Deb is one of my all-time favorites. I haven’t really read any doom fics (deadly epidemic zombies, or other end of world disasters) yet. They don’t usually pique my interest, although drotuno’s, Rain Must Fall is one I intend to read. You have managed to intrigue me with your writeup of Quarantine. I will put this on my TBR list. I read Down Home by Mrs.SpaceCowboy this week. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9070588/15/Down-Home Sometimes, everything you’re looking for ends up being right where you left it. *Entry for The Heart of Country Contest. 1st Place Silver Spur Award Public Vote, 2nd Place Silver Spur Award Judges Choice, 1st Place Gentlemen Wear White Award (Swooniest Fella) Public Vote and Judges Choice, 2nd Place Hay Ride Award Judges Choice.* Now expanded and complete!
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 15 – Words: 96,538 – Reviews: 3,053 – Favs: 3,404 – Follows: 2,921 – Updated: Apr 30, 2015 – Published: Mar 4, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9070588
    I’ve just started reading Badlands by Planetblue. I haven’t gotten very far, but I am so, so intrigued by this fic. Hope it’s good. I have high hopes as Planetblue has written some real gems. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10011982/1/Badlands
    By: planetblue
    Moonlight drives and sharpened knives. This is the story of us.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 97,301 – Reviews: 7,286 – Favs: 2,398 – Follows: 1,896 – Updated: Mar 31, 2014 – Published: Jan 10, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10011982
    Wishing each one of you a very happy, healthy New Year.

    • rita01tx

      Oooh, Kay darlin’! Rain Must Fall is a MUST READ, even if apocalyptic fics aren’t normally your cup of tea! I wasn’t sure what I was gettin’ myself into when I opened the link but I was rivited from the first chapter and couldn’t stop until the end…so good!!!
      STILL haven’t gotten around to Down Home *facepalm!*
      And Badlands…can’t say it was my favorite Planetblue fic but it was still an amazin’ read! That woman knows how to string words together LOL!

      • Okay, you’ve given me the push I needed to get off the fence. RMF will be my next read, if all goes as planned ;D
        Now I’m a bit worried. Both you and Zveka are in agreement about Badlands. It’s getting more and more twisted and I think I’m in for total heart fail. Even if somehow they do find their way to an HEA, which I truly doubt-I don’t think either of them deserves to ride off happily into the sunset. And that makes me sad. Hmm. Perhaps I need to read something sweet before I tackle the zombie apocalypse next, lol.

        • rita01tx

          Probably a good idea LOL! I truly don’t remember how Badlands ends but I think I would remember if either of them came to a bad end!

          • Well at least there’s that. I will finish this story because I am very curious to see how this plays out. The writing is good and I have to find out just what the hell Edward’s deal is. I have my theories and I must see if I am close or way, way off.

  5. dpennell007

    I’m only following The Last One so far. It’s good! As much as l like Deb Drotuno’s writing, I think I’m going to wait until she finishes her story until it’s complete.

    The story I loved that finally completed this week (29,000 works and took 4 years to finish!) was Ballad of the Spinster and the Outlaw. I think either you or I have mentioned it before.


    Ballad of the Spinster and the Outlaw
    By: Alby Mangroves
    “Sometimes, at night, he’d walk in his meadow and look to the sky, hoping she was seeing the same full moon, the same brilliant stars.” This is a story of second chances and intrepid hearts.

    Shockingly, I made it into round 2 of the 2016 TwiFic Fandom Awards as Favorite Fangirl. Thanks to everyone who voted. Happy New Year everyone!

  6. Donna, I just went and grabbed your rec. Thanks, and congratulations on making it to the second round!

  7. The last one is excellent 🙂
    I have others on alert but will wait next year to read them lol
    I have read One Christmas eve it was sad but with great end 🙂

    didn’t read Punch-Me-Love-Me-Save-Me ( this one will wait too) but I love her Come Take a walk with me (it’s vamp story) and her Red coats is excellent Christmas story

    Down Home is one of my favorites 🙂 love a lot this Mississippiward and Badland is not one of my favorites of her stories 😦

    Thanks Donna for pointing that Ballad-of-the-Spinster-and-the-Outlaw is complete 🙂 and Release is on my tbr list…

    finised to read all Christmas story from las week and some others, like Parma High ( I think Donna rec’d this one) and
    Snare by raum
    Dead man walking by mandyleight87
    Just a kiss rtgirl (pdf)
    Lies Destroy by awish0921

    Congratulation Rita and Donna for making in the second round ( will vote again for you two ),

    Wish you all Happy New Year!!!


    • dpennell007

      Thank you, Happy New Year to you and yours. Snare, Red Coats, and Down Home were all very good. I’m not familiar with some of the others. The always reliable Edward’s Eternal just started a short, fun 4 chapter fic. (I think I need to play the number 4 in the lotto!)


      The Storm
      By: Edward’s Eternal
      Trapped by a sudden storm, will Edward and Bella discover an unexpected gift this Christmas season?

    • rita01tx

      Happy New Year, Zveka darlin’!
      Good thing “next year” is tomorrow so you can dive right into all the good fics floatin’ around our fandom LOL!
      Pretty sure you’ve outread me by this time…haven’t gotten around to even half the ones you mentioned!
      Thanks for votin’ for me and Donna *high five!*

    • Happy New Year Zveka! I haven’t yet read most of your recs, but they’re n my list. Well except for Red Coats. I’ll go grab that one now.

  8. Quarantine doesn’t have much to it yet but what’s there is riveting! I hope to be ringing in the New Year with several of your recs!
    It’s been a long and difficult year, but your unwavering support for the fandom and its authors has been a bright spot in a dark year.
    Thank you Rita, for all that you do. Happy New Year!!

    • rita01tx

      Hahahahah! Well, thanks for overlookin’ a few temporary fails in that “unwaverin'” support, Christa darlin’! But, as Scarlett O’Hara always says: “Tomorrow is another day!” And damned if it ain’t a whole ‘nother year, too!
      Happy New Year, hon!!! *HUGS!*

  9. Hello, Rita. So glad to see your mojo has moseyed back home where it belongs! I never fail to read your posts, whether or not I take the time to comment. It has been a long time since I’ve shared what I’m reading, so here goes…

    First I want to “second” a couple of AU recs that Zveka68 has mentioned in the past. I know putting in all these links will land me in link jail, but I can’t make myself leave them out!
    One of Zveka’s recs is “The Beginning of Always” by staringatthesky:
    Because Edward and Bella together is a love story that transcends time… A medieval twilight story.
    Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 32 – Words: 88,836 – Reviews: 371 – Favs: 108 – Follows: 145 – Updated: Sep 30, 2016 – Published: Oct 28, 2015 – Status: Complete
    The unique idea of setting the Cullen/Bella story in medieval times is a lovely one. It was absolutely charming, as well as having the requisite dark moments. She did a nice job of imagining what life would have been like then. And she showed that a really engaging story can be done with a T rating. Only 371 reviews – seriously?

    The second Zveka rec was “Darkest Before the Dawn” by CatMasters:
    What if Edward finally found his mate, but she had a troubled past and wanted to kill herself? Could he help her find a reason to live? Could she show him what he had always been missing? DARK themes, rape discussion and sexual content. AU, EPOV
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 51 – Words: 271,773 – Reviews: 2,571 – Favs: 1,748 – Follows: 1,139 – Updated: Jan 24, 2012 – Published: Sep 22, 2009 – Status: Complete
    I haven’t quite finished this one yet but it has really kept me on the edge of my seat. I have not figured out the mystery, and I’m halfway through! She has a way with all of the characters, and there’s an excellent balance of humor and angst. One fun twist is that Edward just can’t quite figure out that this human is his mate.

    I’m not sure how I happened across this AU: Bloodlust by Kalejay
    A teenage boy stumbles onto Edward’s eradication of Victoria, witnessing more than a human should know. Jane forces Edward to kill the boy, and in doing so, his desire for human blood is awakened and becomes nearly impossible to control.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Drama – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 64,062 – Reviews: 462 – Favs: 281 – Follows: 260 – Updated: Dec 19, 2010 – Published: Jan 17, 2009 – Status: Complete
    It, too, deserves far more reviews. The writing is excellent, she has some intriguing ideas, and she goes places that other stories have not. I always like it when authors take the idea of “vampire” seriously. (It’s also a reasonable length, which I seem to have trouble finding lately).

    I’m also most of the way through a unique AU: Seeing Bella by Sherryola.
    Alice has a vision of a girl with no vision. She will either save Edward from his life of lonely brooding, or she will destroy him with his destruction of her. Can Bella discover the Cullen family secret if she can’t see? Canon vamps and couples. AU
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 50 – Words: 366,996 – Reviews: 4,006 – Favs: 2,685 – Follows: 1,495 – Updated: Apr 1, 2012 – Published: Dec 22, 2010 – Status: Complete
    This one is special because it’s not only about a Bella who is blind, it is written by a blind author! It strikes me as on the wordy side, a bit more canon regurgitation than necessary, but that’s easy to skip through. Wonderful warmth between E&B, and I especially like her Charlie.

    There are a couple more well-known fics that I have read and enjoyed lately, but I’ll save those for another day…

    Keep those recs coming, Rita – your last post had several gems!

    • rita01tx

      Paid your bail, Renee darlin’ *HUGS!* So good to see your name pop up and with such great recs, too!
      Still sittin’ on The Beginning of Always…not in a medieval frame of mind just yet LOL!
      The summary for Darkest Before the Dawn catches my eye in passin’ when I’m cruisin’ my TBR but, since you rec it, I look forward to stoppin’ to read next time!
      Now, Bloodlust *shudder!* I’m totally with you on this one…it needs way more reviews! What a great read!!!
      Seeing Bella is definitely something I’ll be readin’ one of these days soon since I’m a sucker for fics where either Edward or Bella has something “different” about them!
      Besides all the regular updates, I’m currently locked onto a fic called Fate, Love and Second Chances by Nightvision {only on STARS…formerly TWCS):
      Tragedy brought them together, perfection seemingly found between two imperfect beings. Bella is a nurse, Edward a firefighter-paramedic, both are in need of a miracle. Friendship grows into love, but a misunderstanding changes everything, and an already broken Edward hits rock bottom. Can they rebuild their lives together through the complications caused by their mistakes?
      And when she says “Edward hits rock bottom,” she means rock fuckin’ bottom! I had no idea what I was gettin’ myself into with this fic but I’m too far in to flounce LMAO!
      Happy New Year, Renee darlin’!!!

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