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Evenin’, ladies!

Only one complete fic this week that began as a one-shot for the Mine to Mark Contest,  receivin’ 1st place Public vote, 2nd place Judge’s Vote, Most Tantalizing Lemon, Most Seductive Edward, and Hottest Dirty Talk!



When a mysterious stranger moves in next door to Bella in the middle of the night, he awakens something inside her that she didn’t even realize she yearned for. One shot written for the Mine To Mark contest.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 39,434 – Reviews: 180 – Favs: 534 – Follows: 455 – Updated: Jan 19 – Published: Jan 16, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 8913601

They Meet…They Mate…They Marry…They Multiply! How predictable, you might say, and you might actually be right if it wasn’t for love-tart’s  way of bringin’ Edward and Bella to life for us in a way that will send the stock in ShamWows through the roof!

I made my way to my bedroom, pondering the arrival of the stranger.

My mind was so sufficiently distracted that it took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. My bedroom window was open; I had left it like that because it was such a warm and breezy night. It’s not like I worried about someone climbing in through my window; the crime rate in our tiny town of Forks, WA was slim to none. So when it was nice out I usually left my windows open.

Oh, dear God. He the most beautiful thing I think I’d ever seen.

His jaw was strong, and my eyes dropped to fasten on his Adam’s apple as he swallowed from a bottle of water. He lowered the bottle and licked his lips and I swear I actually whimpered. Those lips were dark pink, soft and perfect, and even with the distance separating us I could see that they were unbelievably kissable.

I was wrong about his hair. It wasn’t regular, medium, brown, but rather a rich coppery hue. It was tousled and sticking up all over, and I suddenly ached for the soft brush of it against my fingertips, my throat, the sensitive skin of my thighs.

I felt slightly creepy, just watching him when he was so unaware of my presence, but I literally could not stop. My eyes were drawn to him, refusing to look away. They followed him closely, and I felt them widen when he reached back with one hand and tugged his shirt over his head.

Holy shit.

His body was literally a work of art. Not only was it toned and tight, broad-shouldered with slim hips, but it was also a canvas for some amazing tattoos. There were lines of script on the left side of his ribcage, and a stunning flock of ravens across his back. Colorful Koi swam down his left arm amid lush blue waters and green jungle plants. Some sort of coat of arms covered his outer right bicep.

He bent over to retrieve something and I admired the long, strong line of his back; two dimples were visible just above the edge of his jeans.

I sidestepped quickly when he turned to fully face the window. I calmed my racing heart after a few seconds and peeked around the edge of the window. I frowned. His light was now turned off, the bedroom in darkness.

It’s not long before they meet and sparks really start to fly on their first date when Bella notices his tongue is pierced!

“I really want to kiss you right now,” he said huskily.

“Please,” I breathed, aching for the touch of his lips.

“I can’t,” he replied. “Not here. I’ve barely held myself in check all night long. You’re so fucking beautiful, and if I kiss you now I won’t be able to stop.”

I took a deep, unsteady breath. God, he smelled amazing, so warm and clean and manly. The scent was just radiating off of him and invading all of my senses.

I watched as he glanced around sharply, seeming to look for something.

“What is it?” I whispered.

He looked down into my face.

“I don’t want anyone watching this,” he replied, just before his mouth covered mine.

Oh, sweet Jesus, the man could kiss. His lips were unbelievably soft and warm and they just molded to mine so perfectly. I moaned, opening my mouth and gratefully accepting the sinuous plunge of his tongue. I encountered his piercing and was immediately enthralled.

He held still, letting me explore him. I brushed the little silver ball with my tongue and was startled – yet searingly aroused – by the groan that he emitted. So I did it again and was rewarded the same way. I grew bolder, slowly licking up the length of his tongue before flicking the piercing more firmly.

Edward snapped. His hips thrust against me and his fingers slid up my throat to curve around the back of my neck. He held me still, trapped between him and the car door, while he kissed me almost savagely. It was in-fucking-credible. Never had I been so completely possessed by a man’s mouth. I gloried in it. I was fucking born to be kissed by Edward, to be owned by him like this.

And this is just chapter one *THUD!* Read, ladies…I’m tellin’ you to READ!!!




One night, successful businesswoman, Bella, stumbles upon Edward stitching up his bloodied face in the office. Edward is unfriendly and rude and people at Cullen Consulting Inc don’t trust him. Soon, Bella becomes obsessed with figuring out what he is hiding from them all and when she finds out, she gets drawn into a world of danger, in which one wrong move will lead to death.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 12 – Words: 38,670 – Reviews: 601 – Favs: 502 – Follows: 783 – Updated: Jan 11 – Published: Sep 10, 2016 – id: 12143266

“Mr. Masen appears to have a relatively normal life, if not a bit of a reclusive one. His parents are both dead and doesn’t have any other family on record. It doesn’t appear that he has many friends or really any associates he spends much time with. He has however, been spotted multiple times eating at Bite, the restaurant downtown that is owned by one of the Brigado sons.”

Bella looked at the picture of him entering the restaurant.

“After talking with a chatty hostess, it seems that he always eats alone and always orders the same thing. He is served by the same waiter every time as well,” Mr. Marcus said slowly.

Bella was not necessarily sure what that meant, but Mr. Marcus was looking at her meaningfully.

“And this one?” she asked, flipping to the next picture.

It was Edward reaching into the back of his waistband of a suit.

“Masen appears to be the owner of several guns, which he carries regularly on his person. And while that isn’t necessarily illegal, it doesn’t appear as if those guns were legally purchased, nor does he actually have a permit to conceal and carry,” Marcus said as Bella stared at the picture. 

“When were these taken?” Bella asked, moving to close the folder again.

“Last night.”

Mr. Marcus was looking at her and he didn’t seem concerned about his pending job application. He kind of shook his head to himself.

“Mr. Masen is one interesting man.”

Bella could only nod in response.

Interesting…and potentially dangerous.

Tryin’ to figure out what Edward is up to and why brings Bella closer and closer to an answer she’s might not be able to live with…literally!

Edward leveled her with an angry glare. “You do not need to be around this, Swan.”

Bella looked down at her fingers as Edward continued to breathe shallowly.

“What is this, exactly?” she asked quietly.

Edward closed his eyes and rested his head against the stall behind him. He stayed like that for an undeterminable amount of time – so long that Bella was sure he was going to ignore her existence.

“This,” he finally intoned, “is what Carlisle does not know he asks of me.”

Bella was silent in response. She did not understand what he meant, yet was hardly in the position to be asking more questions, especially given the fact that he had answered one already. She didn’t want him to continue to try and send her away and so, she remained quiet, determining that her presence there was more important than answers at the moment. Without a word, Edward pushed up the sleeve of his already unbuttoned white dress shirt. His hands shook as he pushed it past his elbow and let it drop to his lap for Bella to examine.

There were angry red dots right along certain parts of his veins.

They were tiny, yet the recently dried blood around them left Bella to conclude that these were recent.

He seemed resigned to her presence and resigned to his fate. He rested his head against the stall, his eyes closed as he let his arms loosely encircled his raised knees. Bella guessed he was determined to wait out the lasting effects of whatever had been injected into his system, and she’d be damned if she let him do it alone.

This is a slow burn, people…but soooo worth it!




Ten years ago four people were forced from their world into his. He learned that he could live another way but not until it was time. He never thought that he’d be liberated from high school purgatory by the brightest star in his eternal life.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 13 – Words: 142,635 – Reviews: 235 – Favs: 114 – Follows: 180 – Updated: 8h ago – Published: Aug 19, 2016 – id: 12109038

Oh, Reneeeee! Here’s that HP/Twilight crossover I told you about a couple weeks ago LOL!

“Mrs. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, may I please have some paper and ink?” a young girl, about ten years old, asked while she skipped into an odd-looking kitchen.

“Of course, my sweet Isabella. What do you need them for?” the aforementioned Mrs. Weasley asked as she pulled some parchment, ink, and a quill down from a shelf to put in front of her.

Isabella smiled a stunning smile for one so young. “I’m going to draw my Edward and his family.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded. “Well, okay then. We wouldn’t want you to stop drawing your Edward now, would we? You’ll be drawing his family too? How many pieces will you need?”

When her answer didn’t come immediately, she looked at Isabella to see her contemplating with her eyes closed and her finger tapping her lip.

“Hmmm, I’ll need eleven, please.”

Again, Mrs. Weasley nodded, took out her wand, and replicated eleven pieces of parchment; she then floated them to the table in front of the sweet girl.

It was well into the afternoon when Isabella had finished her drawings.

Mrs. Weasley saw them on the table and decided to look through them. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger when she came to the last few pictures. She turned to the owl sitting on the kitchen windowsill, quickly wrote a note on a piece of parchment, and tied it to his leg.

“To Dumbledore, Errol, quickly; this is important.”

Mrs. Weasley started on that day’s dinner after she had spread the drawings on the large table in the kitchen. She busied herself getting everything ready, or watching the pots simmering on the range, until she was distracted by a loud pop from outside. Seconds later, a tall man with a very long beard and half-moon spectacles tapped on the door frame.

“Albus! I’m so glad you could spare the time. Come in, come in.”

“What was the urgent message for, Molly?” he asked.

She nodded to the parchment laying on the table. “Take a look, Albus, and tell me what you see. Isabella has been drawing at least four times a week since her fifth birthday, and it’s always the same thing. My Edward.”

“Well, she’s part Veela, so if she draws anyone on a consistent basis, you should know what that means,” Albus Dumbledore said. “It is unusual that she drew others, though.” He turned his attention back to the drawings.

He picked them up one by one, acknowledging them for what they were. “Vampire, vampire, vampire; vampire dressed as a doctor, vampire, two more vampires, and…No!” he gasped. “It can’t be.

They were supposed to have died years ago!”

Dumbledore continued to stare at the last four pictures. The ones I could see that had him intrigued were of a dark-haired man whose hair was down to his shoulders, a taller, older-looking man I recognized straight away, another darker-haired man who had round glasses, and then a little boy, again with round glasses. But this boy also had a scar on his head, a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

“Molly, you better call Arthur home; he’s going to need to look after the younger ones. It looks like you, Isabella, and I are going to be going on a trip to the United States.” Albus laughed as he looked back at an older picture of Isabella’s Edward. “She’s even managed to tell us where they are located.”

Molly took the picture from Albus to have a look before she ran from the room getting the other pictures from the last five years. “Oh, my God, she’s been telling us the whole time she’s been here, but I never took notice. What does it mean? And why is he hers?” she asked, holding up the last picture.

“He’s her mate, Molly. Veela are immortal, and if they are lucky enough, for all their lives, they dream of just one man repetitively. Their mate. She is exceptional in that she’s dreamt of his family too. But now we must prepare her and ourselves to go to Forks, Washington.”

This is the beginnin’ of Bubbleybear’s epic project of weavin’ the Twilight characters into the wizardin’ world of Hogwarts! I would love to just show you the whole thing right now but I’ll leave you with Bella’s beautiful introduction to the Edward and his family!

“Hello, Miss Rosalie. You’re my big sister along with Miss Alice. I know you will be the best big sisters in the whole wide world.” She beamed like a sunny day. “My name is Isabella, but you are going to call me Bella.”

Rose and Alice had leaned forward to interact with her, but she surprised them by leaning forward and placing kisses on their cheeks.

I watched as Rose reached out and tucked some hair behind her ear. “Well, hello, you adorable little girl. I’d be honored to be your big sister.”

“Me too.” Alice clapped quietly. “We’re all going to be the best of friends.”

Isabella beamed at them again before moving on. “Mr. Jasper, you don’t need to worry; you aren’t going to eat me.” She giggled. “I don’t smell like food! Will you be my big brother?”

Jasper, who had been standing, dropped down to his knees, picked up her hand, then gallantly bowed over it, placing a kiss. “You, little lady, are fascinating. And I’d love to be your big brother.”

Again she surprised him by kissing him on the cheek and moving on to Emmett. “Hello, Mr. Bear. I don’t need to ask you because you always want to have fun! And I’m fun!”

Emmett let out a boisterous laugh, bending down to pick her up.

“Of that, Miss Bella, I have no doubt. I can’t wait to get to know you.”

She leaned in and started to whisper, it looked like she didn’t know that we could hear her. “Could you please put me down on my mummy’s lap?”

Esme put her hand over her mouth trying not to let out another sob. She was overwhelmed that this little girl wanted her to be her mother. She looked over at me, telling me silently that we would be taking care of her and confirming that she was my mate. When I nodded to let her know it was true, she held her hands out to Emmett.

Isabella snuggled right up under her chin after she was placed down. She sighed. “It’s so nice to have a mummy who will love and care for me.”

Esme whispered in her ear. “You don’t have to worry about it ever again. I will always love and care for you, Bella. I promise.” It was that promise that made Isabella break down into sobs. It looked like she’d been holding that in for quite some time. “Hush, shhh, my beautiful girl. I’m always going to be here.”

When Bella finished, she got up and walked directly to me. She climbed up onto my lap with no hesitation at all. She placed her hands on either side of my face before leaning in and placing the smallest, softest kiss on my cheek. “Hello, my Edward. I’m your Isabella. We’re mates, and I’ve been dreaming about you for years. I’m going to call you Teddy like your mother did, and to you, I’m going to be Isa.”

I leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. “Hello, Isa. I believe you are right because I feel the electrical charge between us that the other mated couples feel. Do you feel it?” She nodded so hard I thought she was going to pop her head right off. The others snickered at her. “I can’t wait to get to know you better too, and I’d love to be your Teddy.”

“Good.” She yawned before laying her head on my chest and going straight to sleep. Again, the others snickered as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me. She was the most adorable child I had ever seen. I had a feeling she was going to grow into one stunning woman.

“Well, that was certainly the most interesting introduction we’ve had in a while. Is it true?” Emmett commented.

I nodded, but it was Jasper who answered. “Their bond is already strong. I can feel what they are feeling and just being together like that is enough. They’re mates, but the mating instinct isn’t there yet.”

“As well it shouldn’t be,” Albus stated. “And it won’t be there until she comes of age around sixteen or seventeen.”

This first “book” is nearin’ completion and I’m so anxious to see what she does with the next one *squeeee!*

What’s everyone readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!




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18 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. dpennell007

    I have written 2 long comments on my ancient 2008 laptop and they disappeared BOTH times. So frustrated… Loved the Mine to Mark one-shot Thank You for Waiting! I am hesitant to follow her next story because it took 3 years for 36,000 words.

    Then I said something about how I still haven’t finished Me and Mr. Cullen, and I’ve not read Harry Potter – but I watched the Fire movies Rob was in.

  2. Hello and happy Friday beautiful Rita. I am waiting to see Mrs Trumps gown we Americans don’t get any Royal Balls (hee hee I said balls) except for tonight so …. (Can’t wait to see Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast trailers look amazing) as does 50 darker I will reread Master of the universe starting Feb 1st then all 3 50s I already have my tickets for Darker in IMAX can’t wait to see Jamie all manscaped hee hee. This week …well lady I guess I had to many sweets over xmas -I went angsty. All the HEA over holidays left me wanting something sour so I looked over my to large TBR list -Fuggiasco by kdc2239 -shelter ward gawh and 412 by my fellow baseball babe cynosure23 and on this rainy night I am reading Loner by Nilla79 . It’s long and looks painful but WTF I have all weekend. Love my fandom ladies ❤️❤️💋💋 Twific babes RULE!!!!!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Beth darlin’! After my BFF dragged me kickin’ and screamin’ to Fifty Shades of Grey last year, I’m actually lookin’ forward to Fifty Shades Darker! Hadn’t expected to like the film version of MotU but I’m happy to report that wasn’t the case *woohoo!*
      Still hopin’ to get to Fuggiasco one of these days but I read Four Hundred & Twelve as a WIP and it was sooo good! Loner is an automatic reread whenever someone brings it up so that’s added to que now LOL!
      My ultimate angst fic would have to be Ultio by Mac214 and 22Blue, a pulled fic, followed closely by Quothme’s
      Awake in the Infinite Cold!
      Sometimes the fruit is forbidden for a reason. A mélange of Twilight and How to Be, with an Artward who so carefully and so softly sneaks under her skin and into her soul. Not your typical E/B romance. Complete.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 78,819 – Reviews: 3,144 – Favs: 2,900 – Follows: 1,206 – Updated: Apr 11, 2010 – Published: Oct 13, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5440286

  3. Wow Rita, what an interesting mix you’ve got for us this week. Something hot and tasty, an intriguing suspense, and what sounds like a very cute crossover. I’ve never read one of those before, so this will be a cherry-popper for me.
    I finally, finally finished Blood & Glory and now I’m four chapters into Sin & Innocence.

  4. dpennell007

    Shoot me! I wrote a comment on how much I loved the Thank You for Waiting one-shot from the Mine to Mark contest, and my laptop froze and Quit on me! They gave us a brand new laptop at work to bring home, but they said be Careful what websites you look at – and I am SO tempted – but I don’t dare.

    The other thing I said was I am only on chapter 30 of 39 of Me and Mr. Cullen which I started last week. I should be done by now, but I can’t think of why I’m not. And I confessed that I’ve not read Harry Potter – only watched Rob meet his untimely end on the Goblet of Fire movie.

    • rita01tx

      Such a bummer when technology failure harshes your mellow, Donna darlin’! Pretty sure we’ve all been there many times LOL!
      As for Harry Potter, I haven’t read all the books but I do have the films! Like you, I only rewatch Goblet of Fire for Rob…the rest are like “been there, done that!”
      Hope you get to finish Me and Mr Cullen…at least you don’t have to wait for the updates anymore LOL!

      • dpennell007

        Just finished Me and Mr. Cullen! It was one hot fantasy of a story – I liked it. I think I’m going to read Damsel by FyreMasen next (nice and short – 16,846 words). It was suggested here recently. I heard it was originally supposed to be in the Fandom Against Domestic Violence compilation, but they ran out of time or something.

        My favorite story from that compilation (A Port in the Storm by deJean Smith) is going to be continued. It started last week.


        A Port in the storm By: deJean Smith
        It was a dark and stormy night when Edward Masen made his way to Swan House in the hopes of fulfilling his father’s promise. He prayed Master Swan would honor the contract Edward, Sr., had made but could no longer uphold. Little did the young man know that the storms of life strike equally, regardless of social status, and he was not the only one searching for a safe port.

        • rita01tx

          Oh, you’ll love Damsel, Donna darlin’! I didn’t read DeJean Smith’s entry but I have her on alert so I saw it pop up the other day…gonna have to have a sneaky peek LOL!

  5. Thanks Rita for rec’d … I’m still in Angel series and started the last in series, the 3rd is so far my favorite 🙂

  6. rita01tx

    Oooh, guess what???

    TwiFic Fandom Awards:
    First place for Favorite All-Time Fic is Gravity Series 1: Blood & Glory

    *YAAAAAAY!* *muppet flails!*

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