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Evenin’, ladies!

Well, I might not have gotten as far into the 3rd episode of Drotuno’s Gravity Series as I’d planned but at least I got to the chapter where Bella completely loses her shit on an old flame of Edward’s who is currently their priority client  LOL!



3rd in the Gravity Series. Carlisle brings a client to Gravity for protection, but there is more to this famous female singer than meets the eye. Bella, Edward, and crew not only will have to keep her safe but figure out who is threatening her. AH/Sequel

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 26 – Words: 255,360 – Reviews: 3,188 – Favs: 1,657 – Follows: 805 – Updated: Feb 26, 2012 – Published: Nov 23, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7574955

A fiery, raging ire started to build quickly through me. I’d warned Kyra to back off, but she still wasn’t listening, and this time, she’d gone too far. She was fucking touching him. And it wasn’t just the fact that she was touching him; it was where she was touching him. The Cullen crest. My tattoo. The one he’d gotten to remind himself that family came first, and from the look on his face, she was completely violating it.

“This is new, Edward,” Kyra crooned.

Strong arms tried to reach for me, but my training kicked into overdrive. There wasn’t any stopping me. I dodged Edward’s grasp, spinning when he tried again, and swung hard at Kyra’s face. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath, I landed on top of her, causing sawdust to plume up around us. Before the bitch could bleed from the split lip I’d just given her, my gun was out of the small of my back and in her face.

I pulled the hammer back slowly, letting the satisfying sound of the metallic click to echo around her.

“Bella…” Edward called, but I couldn’t stop myself if I tried.

“I could kill you, you know,” I told her, my voice low as I wrapped a hand around her throat. “You won’t talk to him, you won’t look at him, and you certainly won’t fucking touch him. It’s one thing to not listen to my warnings, but it’s another to talk to my child like that. We’re done here. You’re no longer our responsibility. Period. You can fucking take your chances with FBI. And trust me when I tell you…that doesn’t always work,” I sneered, gripping her throat tighter.

The woodshed’s doorway filled up with people – crew, FBI, and Kyra’s people. I shook my head at them all.

Gator started for me, but Edward stopped him.

“Come near me, and I pull the fucking trigger. I’m not done here,” I warned them, turning back to her. “Yes, he turned you down,” I whispered so that only she could hear me, “and yes, he totally makes you feel safe. I get that, really, I do, but this wasn’t the way to go about it. He’s mine. You need closure? That’s all the closure you’re getting. You wanted safety? Well, that safety is just about to walk away.”

“Edward, please!” she begged, though it came out a little jagged, because my fingers squeezed just a little too tight. “I need him,” she rasped, her voice barely a whisper as she gazed up at me.

I pulled my hand back and let it fly, smacking hard across her face, but before I could do it again, I was pulled up and off of her, securely wrapped up in unforgiving arms.

“So do I! And you’re going to get him killed!” I said through gritted teeth, kicking at my captor. 

Of course, now both Kay and Zveka are waaaay ahead of me but I intend to make it up tomorrow…the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t dry!




After the disastrous birthday party that injured her arm, Bella can see that Edward is pulling away from her. Tired of staying away while Edward distances himself, Bella decides to start the conversation a day earlier than he had planned. But will it change anything? New Moon AU. COMPLETE.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 167,413 – Reviews: 1,665 – Favs: 1,168 – Follows: 1,232 – Updated: Apr 15, 2016 – Published: Sep 2, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11483103

Anyone who has had a bad break up with their high school boyfriend and still had to see him every day afterwards will relate to Bella’s plight!

Throughout the rest of the week, I can tell the news is slowly spreading about our break up. Luckily, most people leave me alone and very few people ask me about it. I think I have my friends to thank for that. Some boy in history started asking me about why we broke up and Mike jumped in and told the kid to shut up and mind his own business. I was surprised and gave him a relieved smile. Mike winked back and gave me a covert thumbs up. 

It was really tough telling them, but I’m glad I didn’t wait. I’ve had their support and friendship to get me through this week and every day with them has been less uncomfortable. It is nice to know that I have good friends who have my back when I need them. 

It makes me realize that I’ve kind of neglected those relationships. 

Edward and I were in our own little bubble most of the time and I would want to spend all my extra time with him. Now that it is no longer an option, it makes me happy to know that I still have other people to spend time with, if I want. I don’t have to sit around and feel sorry for myself. 

I’m not quite out of that stage yet.

This is where I knew we were in for a different Bella than the broken ghost of a girl from canon New Moon!

“We need to find you a rebound,” Jessica declares suddenly.

“Woah,” I exclaim, putting my hand up. “That is not happening.

Like ever.”

“Ever? Come on, Bella! That is what helped me get over Mike. I just found someone new to flirt with. It’s fun! It doesn’t have to be serious.”

“I have realized I’m not a casual kind of person.” I confess. “And anyway, boys are gross,” I tease, trying to joke.

“You think Edward is gross?” Jessica asks incredulously.

“No.” He’s so far from gross, it’s not even funny. But he is not a boy. “I meant other boys. They’re gross.”

“What are you? Nine? They don’t have cooties,” Jessica laughs.

“When they are no longer gross, I’ll let you know.” She huffs like she’s frustrated, but she’s also smiling. I’m obviously joking. Kind of.

Jessica leaves us to head to her own classroom, but Angela and I have this next one together. . . with Edward. I pause outside the classroom and take a deep breath before pushing the door open.

Edward is already in his desk, the one directly in front of mine.

“We’ve all got your back,” Angela says. “You know that, right?”

“I know.” I look at her and grab her hand for a second, giving it a grateful squeeze.

I walk up the aisle to my seat and try not to look at him, but of course I fail.

I meet his eyes and he smiles and mouths, “Gross.” I smack my hand over my face in embarrassment, trying to cover my sudden flaming blush. He smiles bigger when he sees my reaction.

We really, really need to stop talking about him at school.

No idea what possessed me to open the link last night but it turned into a marathon read lastin’ well into today until I finished all 32 chapters!

My apologies to the author for readin’ so fast I didn’t have a chance to leave any comments *BAD RITA!*


Before we move on to my WIP of the Week, will all the under 18’s kindly move along to a more kid friendly site?  Thanks!


{banner appears to be by Clo Rodeffer aka HeartForTwilight}


Edward is a Bi sexual tattoo artist that just wants to find the perfect person but he is starting to realized that is not as easy as it seems. Until one night at work in they walked.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward, Jasper – Chapters: 7 – Words: 14,762 – Reviews: 264 – Favs: 417 – Follows: 638 – Updated: 4h ago – Published: Jan 9, 2014 – id: 10007002

When I make it to the counter, the sexy as sin couple is still here and it looks like they are fighting over something. Looking left to Rose, I see her just shaking her head and walking to the back. I place my smirk on my lips then knock on the countertop with my knuckles to get their attention.

When they both look up at me with lust in their hungry eyes, my forced smirk turns into a real smile. Now here is the tricky part of every meeting for me since I can’t speak. I raise my hands and sign, “Hi, can I help you guys with something?”

By some miracle, both Bella and Jasper know sign language and Bella explains the back piece she wants!

What neither of them realize is that Edward is NOT deaf and hears Bella askin’ Jasper if he as interested in Edward as much as she is!

“Sorry that I have waited until now to bring it up, but the way you were looking at him told me just how much you wanted it again and I knew you would never do it or bring it up on your own. Now I love you and I want you to sit and think about what I just said. We both want to mount this guy and if he is only into you then fine, but I get to watch!”

After Bella finishes, I am speechless and it has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t talk. Fuck! I could have both? Please, Jesus, I am a good man and I really want this.

While poly is not my usual genre of choice, this is a seriously hot, down and dirty, raunchy, funny as hell fic I could not resist!

A warnin’ up front…this author hasn’t completed any of her seven fics YET but, havin’ read what she’s written so far, I’m prepared to have a little faith that she will finish them as promised, despite her hectic RL!

So, what fics have had your attention this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Rob Attack


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31 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. eewee333

    Rita Darling!! How are you? I was just getting ready to leave work and your email popped up. I still haven’t started the Gravity Series yet. I go way sidetracked with Me and Mr. Cullen being completed after a loooonnnnggg time. Love that story. And now I’m reading or re-reading all of Cat’s completed stuff. So many stories, so little time. And it seems like so many stories I’ve been following are suddenly completing and I have about 20 windows open on my phone with a story in each one! I’m going crazy.

    Thanks for the NM rec. You know I love them. That will have to be next on my list. TGIF! Hope to get some serious reading done this weekend.

    Love and Hugs. E:)

    • rita01tx

      Doin’ just fine, Eewee darlin’! Can’t say as I’m missin’ my office at all but you have yourself a real good day LOL!
      I hear you about wantin’ to read all Cat’s completed fics…hell’n I’ll read any of her current WIPs, too LOL! Last count, I still had 8 of her stories to dive into, should I ever get the chance, dang it!
      The Empty Bag was a pleasant surprise! So well written and, although it starts out extra gut wrenchin’ when Bella figgers out Edward’s tryin’ to bail on her, they come back stronger than ever! Sometimes a good air clearin’ is just what the doctor ordered LOL!

  2. kneon65

    I started the Gravity series last week, even though its been on my to read list for awhile and love it. Thank so much for recommending it. I finished the first series (Blood & Glory) yesterday and of course could wait to start the second series (Sin & Innocence) I’m already 1/4 of the way through. I’m trying to find any and all ways to read.

    I’ve even put off reading my stop and drop everything wip because I just love these action/emotional rollercoaster stories so much.

    Thank you so much for the recommendations.

    • rita01tx

      Felt the same way when I started readin’ ’em, Kneon darlin’ {is that what I call you?}! Now, I can’t imagine what took me so long to get to ’em LMAO!
      ps: Welcome to RA!!! Newbies get their first comment moderated which is why it took so long to show up…won’t happen again!

      • kneon65

        Yeah Kneon is perfect. I need more time in a day so I could read more.

        • rita01tx

          Yay! Kneon it is, then *fist bump!* Now, you know you can’t mention a stop and drop everything WIP and not share which one, right?

          • kneon65

            Oh I have many, but here you go ladies:
            MVP https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12084328/1/MVP ( I love baseballward)

            Rescue Ink https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11895298/1/ (anything from Gabby is a slam dunk)

            Chimera https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12081556/1/ (another great pair of authors that I am never disappointed with) This has been a wild ride, but so good.

            Our Kind of Relationship https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12242285/1/ (this has been a controversial subject but the deeper subject of the abuse is very personal. The author is doing an amazing job in my opinion).

            Honor https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11508902/1/ (another very emotional story) this hasn’t updated in awhile, but I’m a very patient reader especially when the story is really good. This very good. Doctorward & militaryella. This came from the Meet the Mate contest.

            The Itch https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11832268/1/ (historical fiction is what I love over all other fiction. Its because I have a degree in history and love everything in British history.) So this checks all the boxes. Author is in the middle of major real life demands so patience is needed, but so worth it.

            Midnight In New York https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12196524/1/ (this is the sequel to Danger in NewYork) I love mafiaward too, This is really a bit different since Bella isn’t just falling into Edward’s arms.

            Where Forgiveness Ends https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10034615/1/Where-Forgiveness-Ends (Irish mob meets Mexican drug lord) Another author with major life problems so slow on updates, but when she does its well worth it.

            A Rebel’s Wife She’ll Be https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11618127/1/A-Rebel-s-Wife-She-ll-Be (I truly loved this one it was historical fiction with a strong Bella & Edward) Author hasn’t updated in awhile, I have pmd her a few times in asking if she was all right without any reply. I never bother them about the story, I always ask if they are well. No reply back. I hope this isn’t one of those that never finishes because it was getting so good.

            So those are the ones I can think of right now. I thought I had a couple of other Mafiawards but I think some of them have completed or close to completed. I usually just pick WIP on those authors I know that will complete the fic. I try to give someone a chance if the story sounds good.

            I do add to my lists to read but then I have to find a way to read them when they are complete.

            I hope you find something new.

            • rita01tx

              Hahahahah! You also get thrown in RA jail {moderation} when you post 3 or more links, Kneon darlin’! Good thing I was not otherwise distracted *gigglesnort!*
              Hmmm, let’s see…I AM followin’:
              MVP {so happy to see BrattyVamp back *squeee!*}
              Rescue Ink {Gabby totally rocks!}
              Chimera {very intricate but followable (?)}
              The Itch {OMG! I FLUV Itchy so hard!}
              Midnight in New York {not trustin’ that Michael dude one inch!}
              The others I have on alert but haven’t started readin’ yet!

              • kneon65

                Sorry 😔but I love spreading good work out to others. I also love find good fic and talking about theories.

                I don’t trust Michael either. I think he’s going to use her against Carlisle or Edward.

                Chimera is good for my brain. It makes me think which sometimes I like a story to make me do.

                I want to be challenged to figure out the whole, the what, and the why.

                Sorry again.

                • rita01tx

                  No worries, hon! Spread the love all you want! Just be aware there will be a delay if I’m not around to moderate…which I would do at the first opportunity!

  3. I read The Empty Bag in one marathon as well, wasn’t it great to see a strong Bella? Loved it!!

    • rita01tx

      Bella might appear desperate at the beginnin’ but it didn’t take her long to hit her stride and the way the author brought them back together with such well thought out dialogue was what kept me readin’ when my poor eyeballs were beggin’ me to stop LOL!

  4. Good evening ladies! I am following too many WIPS and since I am no good at delayed gratification I went for completes this week. White Collar boxing, He Came Along, Tie the Knot, The Rub, Stealing Bella , The Good Luck Club,and finally Constant Bearing and Decreasing Range. I loved to hate that sailorward. This weekend I am feeling threes and have tufano79 Restoration trilogy and Robs Beanie Threes a Crowd that I had followed but put off reading. Of course come Monday its all MOTU. I found a PDFs of MoTU 2 online from the 50 shades blog with author notes (some chuckles in there I tell ya) ❤️ I have such respect, adoration and love for all our writers in this fandom and what they have freely given. I feel they all deserve the same success. Here’s a question for you all which fic would you like to see made into a major motion picture? Of course my favorite Fic Chick Departures but I could see Content1 -Sins of my Past as well as This is not my life by IsaKassees would be a killer thriller. Have a great weekend💋

    • kneon65

      I loved He came Along, Tie the Knot, The Restoration trilogy, & Threes a Crowd. I’ll have to add The Good Luck Club and Constant Bearing and Decreasing Range to my list to read. Which always seems to increase faster than it decreases.

      I agree This is no my Life would be a great fic to movie. Emancipation Proclamation would be a great fic to movie. I also think The Age of Innocence by Pattyrose would be such an epic film like Pearl Harbor on film. I could list so many more, these are just a couple.

    • rita01tx

      Oooh, Beth darlin’! That’s an impressive list LOL! Haven’t read but a couple of the ones you mentioned and I really really want to get to White Collar Boxin’ pronto!!!
      He Came Along was soooo good and I envy those of you who get to read it in one gulp…waitin’ on the updates was agony *whimper!*
      Definitely enjoyed Stealing Bella! I do love a good “Beauty & The Beast” themed fic!
      As for what fic(s) ought to be filmed, I’m sure the Gravity Series would make a fantastic franchise…if they let Deb write the screenplay! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it justice!

  5. dpennell007

    The only story I finished this week was White Collar Boxing. I feel like a slouch compared to everyone else! Tomorrow I’m going to start Terms and Conditions Apply. I’ve heard good things about it.:


    Terms and Conditions Apply By: TheSaintsMistress
    There’s only one person on this earth that Edward Cullen hates, and that’s his boss…Bella Swan. She’s cold. She’s ruthless and incapable of human emotion, and to Edward’s greatest frustration, the hottest woman walking the face of the planet.

    Sunday I’ll be glued to the TV watching my Patriot’s play in the Superbowl, and hoping for my numbers (9 and 2) to come in for the office pool at work. I got lousy numbers, but you never know!

  6. So I am way, way late to the party. Sigh. So yes I’m still reading Smoke & Mirrors. I’m on chapter 20. Time to read has been spotty for me for a while now. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday here in the US, and so I’m cooking for the game feast. And Donna my friend, I am no Patriots fan. Not in the least bit. Alas, my team (NY Giants) didn’t make it so I will be cheering for Atlanta. I’ve picked up some great looking recs from you ladies this week. Thank you. From the summary above, I thought I had already red The Empty Bag, but the excerpt doesn’t ring any bells. I have it on my list already though. The other story I read had a similar premise- Edward takes Bella into the woods to dump her, but her reaction leaves him reeling. It nearly drove me crazy trying to figure out the fix because I can’t remember much more than that. Well, I think I’ve got it…Serenity’s Prayer, by Ladylibre. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember it was excellent. And the same author wrote another NM au fic called A Love Worth Defending, where Edward tries to dump Bella in the woods and Bella takes him to court. Cullen court. I’m sure you’ve all seen the lovely pics of Rob from Paris yesterday and the new LCoZ trailer and beautiful posters. Ok, let’s see if I can get in some reading time.

    • dpennell007

      Sigh. I pretty much knew most of the ladies in the FF world do not share my love of Tom Brady and the Patriots, but I still hope to meet you someday at a future TFMU!

    • rita01tx

      Hell yeah, I saw pics of our sweet man in Paris, Kay darlin’! And, from what I hear tell, High Life will start filmin’ in August *woohoo!* Oh, and with any luck, I’ll get to go see Lost City of Z some time in April *squeee!* But what I’m really lookin’ forward to are pics and trailers from Good Times and Damsel!!!
      I’m also a sucker for AU New Moon fics but, like you, they start to blur together! I think I started readin’ The Empty Bag because I wasn’t sure whether I had read it or not…please to find out I hadn’t and got totally lost in it!

      • Possibly two red carpets next week. High Life filming soonish (fingers crossed)! I’m with you, I am impatiently waiting for a teaser or something from Good Time and Damsel.

        • rita01tx

          Yes, yes, yes! Lost City of Z gets a special screenin’ at Berlinale on the 14th of February and then gets its UK premier at the British Museum in London on the 16th!!!
          Oh, boy! *Squeeee!*
          BTW, I’m just startin’ chapter 25 of Smoke & Mirrors so I expect to get it finished in a couple hours!

  7. I love that you are recommending The Gravity Series. I love those stories. So much that I did a teaser video a few years ago. You can see it on youtube…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FBS7sJ1shY

    • rita01tx

      Left you some love for that wonderful vid, Trina darlin’! Great job! Of course, now I’ll need to check out all the others in my copious free time…que sarcasm LOL!
      Damn, that don’t sound right! I mean I NEED to check out your other Drotuno fic vids as soon as I can *facepalm!*

  8. Another list of awesome recommendation. *sigh* You just make my life so easy Rita. I gotta start with Drotuno’s fic. Boy does she know how to spin a captivating tale! And other sound cool too. So thanks for them.
    Though I wonder if you have any recs for HP & Twilight crossover? I have read A.E. Giggle’s secret keeper series at least ten times and I can still not get enough of it. It’s such a shame she no longer updates.
    And perhaps even Cedric Diggory fic. The only damn thing I disliked in HP was his murder. Been reading the enchanting ‘Finding himself’ again. Though I did request Connoisseur97 to pen down a story with him as protagonist and she has agreed to do it as soon as one of her stories end! *squeal!*
    That girl can write damn well if ‘The Emperor’ and ‘The Duke of Alsworth’ are anything to go by.
    I am eagerly awaiting your next post. You do us all great service by dishing out these little pieces of literary heaven. But I told you that right?
    Until next time. Take care dear lady!

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, darlin’! {Vociferous Reader is a mouthful…what do I call you?}
      It’s a pleasure to share the goodies with everyone *wink!*
      As for a good HP/Twilight crossover, you must have missed my end of January post! Here, try this…
      Ten years ago four people were forced from their world into his. He learned that he could live another way but not until it was time. He never thought that he’d be liberated from high school purgatory by the brightest star in his eternal life.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 13 – Words: 142,635 – Reviews: 235 – Favs: 114 – Follows: 180 – Updated: 8h ago – Published: Aug 19, 2016 – id: 12109038
      This wonderful fic certainly has me under its spell LMAO!

  9. Thanks Rita for rec’d lol

    I’m somewhere beteween you and Kay with Smoke&Mirrors … did’nt have a lot of free time to read this week

    The Empty bag is excellent, I followed this story as wip 🙂
    I will put the other one on alerte …
    Didn’t read any story in ajfflady list and I add Terms-and-Conditions-Apply to my TBR list

    Oh and I can’t wait to re read Angel series with you and Kay

    • rita01tx

      I’m still laggin’ behind Kay in Smoke & Mirrors, Zveka darlin’! Gonna see what I can do about that tonight *fingers crossed!*
      How about we wait until we’ve all finished Gravity before startin’ the Angel Series, yeah?

  10. rita01tx

    Apologies, ladies! RL threw a monkey wrench in my play time but it’s all good now! Well, that and I got a little distracted by some really fun slash…not that anybody’s interested *whistles!*

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