Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Okay okay okay!

So, since I didn’t even get half way through Fire & Ice AND because Rob was a major distraction this week *cough*understatement*cough,* no additional readin’ got done, except for some WIP updates!

Oh, but what WIPs they are!

You know, I try my best to ignore new stories until they complete but these would not be quiet and here’s why!



The last time they met, they were both left with scars. Fifteen years later, they find themselves working together to find an elusive shipwreck and the treasure that it holds. AU/AH/M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 12,584 – Reviews: 129 – Favs: 114 – Follows: 200 – Updated: Feb 12 – Published: Jan 22 – id: 12333336

When an old friend of Bella’s dad shows up with his bored son in tow, she takes the opportunity to bug the young man for some answers.

“So, why are you guys here?”

He rolled his eyes as he told me that his dad had found some information on a shipwreck that his dad and mine had been obsessed with in their younger years.

My interest was immediately peaked. I loved doing research about shipwrecks, and it was even more cool getting to dive down and see the remains of them.

“Which ship?” I asked him.

“The Sirène,” he said, and my jaw dropped.

“No way! Your dad found it?”

Edward shrugged a shoulder.

“He thinks he has.”

“That’s so cool,” I said, and it to me it was, but Edward didn’t seem all that interested.

“I guess,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest and staring at his dad.

“The Sirène went missing in the 1700’s from France. Supposedly, it was on its way back to France from the British Virgin Islands. Rumor has it that there was a heart shaped brooch in its coffers that is known as the Treasured Heart. The heart is a huge ruby with emeralds and dia—”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know,” he said, with an eye roll. “I’ve heard it all before.”

“You don’t believe it?”

“It’s a rumor, kid. You can’t believe everything you hear,” he said in a harsh tone, and I shrunk back in my chair, letting out a huff. I was sixteen, not six, and I wasn’t stupid.

“Whatever,” I muttered before picking up one of the old magazines that dad had left lying on the outdoor table, and I began to read about the best fishing spots in the southern United States, doing my best to ignore the cute jerk next to me.

Well, Bella and the cute jerk are gonna have to get along for a few months LOL!

Three days later, Dad and I were boarding Breaking Dawn, the boat, well yacht really, owned by Carlisle. And boy, was it a beauty.

It was a hundred foot yacht, with four large staterooms, four and a half bathrooms, a huge living room, kitchen, and large decks.

Esme, Edward’s mom, greeted me on the deck with a hug, which I returned, before she told Edward to show him where I’d be staying, and he begrudgingly agreed.

As I followed him down the stairs below deck, I noticed that he had a scowl on his face.

“Why didn’t you just stay at home?” I asked him as he showed me to the cabin I’d be staying in.

“My folks want me here, so here I am,” he said bitterly, and I rolled my eyes at his surly tone. It sounded like he’d rather be anywhere else than here, and I figured he’d rather spend his summer on a beach somewhere, partying with other frat boys because there was no way that Edward Cullen wasn’t a frat boy.

The trip ends in tragedy…not gonna give that away, and it’s fifteen years before Bella and Edward come face-to-face again!

This is one adventure I’m unable to resist…how about you?




Someone is killing low life scum who have escaped justice in Seattle, but do we really care? Bella Swan doesn’t, in fact she’d probably open a GoFundMe so he doesn’t run out of weapons. Bella and Edward are detectives. She is outspoken with her hate of scum, Edward is more balanced and rational and thinks the justice system will prevail.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 19,483 – Reviews: 62 – Favs: 49 – Follows: 106 – Updated: Feb 11 – Published: Feb 2 – id: 12347672

You wouldn’t expect a fic about a serial killer to be funny but there’s an entertwinin’ story line about Bella’s desperate desire for a baby…preferably without the burden of an annoyin’ husband! And, with a little help from her best friend, she get’s her wish!

I walked to my full length mirror and turned side on.

Was I showing?

I laughed at myself.

Somehow I doubted something the size of a pinhead was going to be detectable from the outside for quite a long time. But that was good, too. Save me having to make any announcements and get transferred to the inevitable desk job for the rest of the pregnancy.

And we had a killer to catch.

Really. I thought we didn’t care if he ever got apprehended? I thought we agreed a serial killer who wiped off the universe men who raped and tortured and killed women and children was an asset and we should do some real police work, like catching little old ladies who jaywalk?

“I just want to finish this one case, then when I am at home with my beautiful little baby, we can keep up with the trial and hopefully, see some slimy lawyer get him off on a technicality.”

You just want to arrest him yourself so you can ‘forget’ to read him his rights.

“Hey. Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I may well forget and oopsie daisy there goes the whole case. Tossed out of court. What a pity.”

I smiled to myself and caressed the skin on my abdomen.

I wonder if my beautiful little son or daughter knows how much I love him or her already?

Of course it does. You have loved this baby long before it was conceived in that cold little test tube. . . .why you and Edward couldn’t have just done it the old fashioned way. . . .

“Shut it. As I have explained a hundred times. Edward and I are friends. Best friends. And we work together. Any hanky panky would have risked all that. And we have to work together, forever.

How awkward would that have been if we’d had sex and he’d become deluded and thought it meant more and then we had to have ‘the talk’ and then he resented me, or hated that I rejected him, or . . . . What if he’d wanted to be part of the baby’s upbringing? This is MY baby.

Oooh, someone’s bein’ selfish! We’ll see how Edward feels about fatherhood soon enough!




Witness to a terrible crime, Bella’s life has never been in more danger than it is now. Memories are scattered and Bella has trouble remembering what happened, that is until someone helps her try to remember. Violence, guns and sexy criminals, what could go wrong? Rated M.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Crime/Romance – Chapters: 13 – Words: 36,650 – Reviews: 262 – Favs: 143 – Follows: 312 – Updated: Feb 5 – Published: Apr 29, 2016 – id: 11920878

While this WIP seems to update rather slowly, it’s still absolutely worth at least puttin’ on alert until it completes!

Lost at night in a bad part of Phoenix, Bella witnesses a mob hit and runs for her life!

I press myself back against the wall and start making my way to the exit, if I could just get out of here unnoticed and alive that would be great, I could get help. Just as I make it to end of the alley someone shouts “Hey!” and a thwack hits the wall above my head.

“Kill her!” Another shouts.

I don’t even turn back to them, no I run as fast as my short legs can carry me. More pings and thwacks sound out around me as shots are misfired.

I run across another street, down another alley way, through two more vacant buildings, two empty lots, down anther street before I start to hear the sounds of civilization. The sounds of screeching tires behind me let’s me know they’ve found me.

Go, move it! I scream at myself as I push myself my hardest, my legs screaming at me in protest. Down one more alley way and I come running full speed out into traffic, the last thing I see is a bright light headed right for me before I’m swallowed in complete cold blackness.

While the bad bad guys want her dead, the good bad guys want her alive to tell them who killed their Don and his wife! So they kidnap her…for her own protection, of course!

“Edward, she doesn’t remember.” Jasper says.

I look up at Jasper, Emmett, and then Edward, he doesn’t look happy. “What do you mean, she doesn’t remember?” Edward asks.

“She was hit by a car running from them, man. She got hit hard and suffered a concussion, they weren’t even sure she’d wake up. More than likely, it’s the concussion and her own form of protection that’s not allowing her to remember, even if she wants to.” Jasper explains.

“Fuck!” Edward kicks the chair that Jasper was sitting in a moment ago, the force and sound of the chair falling makes me jumpy.

Emmett smacks Edward on the arm, “Not in front of the kid, man. She’s freaked out enough as it is.”

“She doesn’t look like a fucking kid.” Edward says, eyeing me, making me squirm. Now it’s Jaspers turn to smack his other arm.

“We have to help her remember otherwise we’ll never get what we need.” Jasper says.

They’re talking as if I’m not even in the room yet they’re all staring at me. It’s quite uncomfortable.

“We also need to keep her safe.” Emmett adds.

Edward crosses his arms over his chest, “Which means you’re not allowed to leave here.”

My jaw drops, “You can’t be serious. You’re what, kidnapping me?” I ask, shocked.

“She still doesn’t look like a kid.” Edward mumbles and Jasper and Emmett smacks him both.

“Unfortunately, Isabella, we can’t let you leave at all, for your own safety.” Jasper says.

What can I say…it’s Mobward, which makes it pretty much an automatic read LOL!

Feel free to share your own automatic reads!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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36 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. dpennell007

    I am reading/following Treasured Heart, It’s good so far! My rec of the week is: The Cube
    By: SuddenlySandi
    Bella is a unique girl, to say the least, and meets Edward when he needs to learn a different way to live. She helps him look at the world in a whole new way and find true love. SDFreeze Story AH
    Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 54,291


    It’s hard to explain other than it’s similar to the brand of comedy from staceleo. Bella is a funny, snarky, off kilter heroine you can’t help but roll your eyes at – even though you are pulling for her all the way.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I’ve always wanted to read the Cube Series, Donna darlin’, but the word “series” put me off! Of course, now that I’ve lost my series cherry, I might have to give it a try soon, especially if the humor is similar to Staceleo’s!

    • have the cube on my tbr list but didn’t have time to read it yet 😉

    • Hi Donna. I downloaded The Cube, but now I see its part of a series. It seems like that’s been the theme lately. I hope you will let us know if the series holds your interest throughout.

      • dpennell007

        I will! I can say the first one could be read alone. It doesn’t end on a tease or anything.

        • dpennell007

          *Update* Since I just finished reading The Cube Series – I am giving it a High recommendation rather than a General rec. There was a small lag in the middle when Bella went off on a too long tangent against Edward’s ex, but overall it was funny and heartwarming throughout. She made me laugh and cry. Excellent work!

  2. Oh my I have been waiting for today to share a thaisce( treasure) of a short story by a really new author Banphrionsa by AngelaAbbot. Only 15000 words I came across it around 1:30 am on wed. Her other story Their Princess was mentioned by Gabby 1017 this week I tapped on over and I was overwhelmed. It has Irishward, older ward, mobward, short sweet and complete. She only posts complete fics doesn’t like unfinished abandoned WIPS.
    OK gotta say last weeks Blue and Crimson Edwards geeze warn a woman will ya. I have never read a more …..ummm….passionate Edward. I gotta hang out reading with that Mrs. Cope some more. Finished Jack and Crush love all Soldierwards . This weekend I am reading between two We’re the Cullen’s by Paint the Walls (a beast at over 400000 words) but already 15 chapters in. And tufano79 got me with Buying Love I follow Josie all the time. Ladies if you have time check out AA (AngelaAbbot) Banphrionsa she replied to my reviews and her favorites list of stories is a twilight fanfic best of the best list it blew my mind how similar our reading is. Happy readings 🤓Beth

    • Banphrionsa by AngelaAbbot is cute 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Beth darlin’! Seems we found AngelaAbbot about the same time…I’ve already harvested new fics from her favorites list, too LMAO!
      Bella strives to distance herself from her large, overbearing, Irish family but is there safety in numbers? What secrets will be revealed? HEA ExB
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 15,751 – Reviews: 62 – Favs: 63 – Follows: 44 – Published: Jan 27 – Status: Complete – id: 12339926
      Snapped up We’re the Cullens to read asap! Love it when I get new {to me} authors *squeee!*
      Edward Cullen is a CIA agent, Isabella Swan is his ever so bitchy neighbor. What happens when he needs a fake family for his new case in Seattle? Isabella Swan is an aspiring writer currently a waitress, Edward Cullen is her arrogant jerk of a neighbor. What happens when she gets an offer she can’t refuse? Walk along their journey as the past unfolds new mysteries and adventures…
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Family – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 44 – Words: 469,327 – Reviews: 551 – Favs: 484 – Follows: 648 – Updated: Jan 27 – Published: May 7, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11233913
      Glad you enjoyed Blue Edward and Crimson Edward…wasn’t my warnin’ for the under 18’s to scoot enough to tip you off ROFTLMAO!?!?!
      I think we’re gonna need a futuretake or two for Jack & Crush, don’t you? I really hated to leave them *sniff!*

    • Thanks for the recs Beth. I grabbed Banphrionsa and Buying Love. I’m LOLing at your remarks about Rita’ s recs from last week Blue and Crimson Edwards. I’m really going to have to check those out sometime soon. I thought I had Jack & Crush already, but I couldn’t find it. Glad you mentioned it, now I definitely have it.

  3. kneon65

    Rita love your choices of WIP so I add some to my list. I am on ch 18 on Fire & Ice trying to finish as fast as I can. The only problem I just was called in for a long term substitute teaching job for the next 3 weeks and then will have another that will start shortly after that for 6 – 10 weeks. So my reading will be cut down drastically because I will have to do all that teacher work like grading papers, make up lessons, prepare for those lessons, and so much other work.

    I can’t remember if anyone recommended this, but I’m loving this right now:

    A Port in the storm By: deJean Smith
    It was a dark and stormy night when Edward Masen made his way to Swan House in the hopes of fulfilling his father’s promise. He prayed Master Swan would honor the contract Edward, Sr., had made but could no longer uphold. Little did the young man know that the storms of life strike equally, regardless of social status, and he was not the only one searching for a safe port

    • rita01tx

      As slow as my readin’ has gotten, I think you’ll be able to keep up when we start the Angel Series, Kneon darlin’!
      In the meantime, have fun substitutin’! Any particular subject?
      A Port in the Storm is definitely a fic I want to sink my teeth into one of these day…soon, I hope *sigh!*

      • kneon65

        Well I’m actually certified to teach from Kindergarten through 12 grade. I have a BA in history with minors in English & social studies. So to substitute teach day to day I can do any subject, but to do it for a long term assignment I can only do it in history, English or social studies. This new job is U.S. history & government at a local high school, which I will be in my glory because its what I love to teach.

        • rita01tx

          Wow! My favorite subjects in high school, as well *high five!* And why were they my favorites? Because of the awesome teachers…knock their socks off, Kneon darlin’!

          • kneon65

            Oh I plan too. I’m redoing the regular teacher’s PowerPoint presentations to make them more interactive & with sound, video & primary source. I’m going to try to show them history & Government can be fun.

            • rita01tx

              Hahaha! I’d love to be a fly on the wall! For me, it wasn’t all the dry facts and endless, borin’ dates, but the human stories behind those facts and dates!

              • kneon65

                Yeah teaching history today we don’t really get hungry up on dates we teach eras or decades, which is so much better & easier on students. Your right if you put it in a personal or story form it is not only more enjoyable but easier to remember.

    • Kneon, thanks for the rec. I liked deJean Smith’s Evermore Experience so I’ll add this to the list to watch.

  4. Thanks Rita, once again your rec’d are great, don’t have any of them on alerte.

    I finished Fire&Ice and while waiting for you, Kay and other ladies to start Angel series I read two short stories

    Trapped by a sudden storm, will Edward and Bella discover an unexpected gift this Christmas season?
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Chapters: 3 – Words: 12,111 – Reviews: 664 – Favs: 808 – Follows: 770 – Updated: Jan 2 – Published: Dec 31, 2016 – Status: Complete – id: 12299474

    Something is different about Edward, something that started in Italy, and he can’t seem to get it under control. Canon, New Moon, AU, Edward POV, Rated M. For JenRar for her birthday
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 6 – Words: 24,543 – Reviews: 640 – Favs: 694 – Follows: 503 – Updated: Jan 5, 2016 – Published: Dec 22, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11681717

  5. eewee333

    Good Monday afternoon! (not really, it’s been a killer so far) Just taking my lunch break and trying to catch up on my emails. I’m following all the WIP’s you rec’d and thanks for all the completed stories in the comments from all you lovely ladies. So many stories and so little time! I just finished MVP by BrattyVamp last night and what a wonderful story. She is truly one of the best writers in the fandom. I miss her other stories and wish she would consider reposting them on FFN. Anyway, if you haven’t already read it, go do it right now. Her Edward and Bella are phenomenal and her description of Edward’s family is just hilarious. Especially Doc and Esme.

    I’ve just started PlanetBlue’s Edward Takes a Holiday. She is another one of my favorite writers. And I’d like to follow along when you guys start the Angel Series by the great drotuno, so please let me know. Thanks.
    Have a wonderful week.

    • rita01tx

      Love love loved MVP, as well as Edward Takes a Holiday…so glad BrattyVamp came back and hope she stays for a while. Just let me know if you want any of her pulled fics, Eewee darlin’, and I’ll dive into my secret stash for you *wink!*

      Finally managed to finish the Gravity Series late last night but I need a day or two to decompress…as in pry my steely fingers off of Mercward LMAO!
      I’ll fire off a startin’ shot when it feels like a good time for us all to get started on the Angel Series!

  6. kneon65

    Ok ladies I finished Fire & Ice, which made me very sad. I will miss Mercward so much, along with Bella, oh and Bethy, and that oh so lovable Sammy. I really hated finishing that series.

    So let me know when se will start the Angel Series, hopefully on a weekend. I was up to 2:00 a.m. to finish Fire & Ice, which makes a teacher not have the answers to all the history problems that she should have.

    • rita01tx

      I feel your pain, Kneon darlin’, and I was actually thinkin’ to start this weekend when you’d be free LOL!
      What I thought I’d do is make a special post for the first one: Broken Angel, where we can all report in to start and also where we leave our progress, as in which chapter we last read and what our thoughts were so far…without givin’ too many spoilers away, of course, although I think it will be inevitable LOL!

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