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Evenin, ladies!

Cruisin’ my TBR the other night, I came to a screechin’ halt when I realized I had never rec’d Breakdown by FelicityDeadwood *facepalm!*

Well, tonight, I’m here to rectify that situation!

Chock full of angsty goodness, Breakdown is a MUST READ!!!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/7694688/1/Breakdown

What if Charlie and Renee institutionalized Bella after Edward left and it only damaged her further? What if Edward returned to beg her to take him back only to find her broken? Could his love repair the damage? B/E Canon couples. NOW COMPLETE.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 57 – Words: 351,774 – Reviews: 1,661 – Favs: 1,259 – Follows: 1,033 – Updated: Mar 10, 2014 – Published: Dec 31, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7694688

Back in 2014, this fic had me rivited from Alice’s first vision of the horror awaitin’ Bella, through the struggle to bring her back from the brink, to the well earned HEA!!!

Rose POV:

“So I had an idea,” Alice began as she studied a dark blue sweater. “We haven’t visited the Denalis in a while. Maybe I’ll talk to Carlisle about us taking a trip to Alaska when Jasper’s spring break starts.”

“That’s a good idea; it will be nice to see Kate, Tanya, Irina, and Eleazar.”

“Yes, that’s what I thou…” her voice trailed off.

I glanced up at her and saw her face go blank. I wasn’t overly concerned. She did this all the time. Alice had visions like most people had random thoughts. I went back to looking at a pair of pants that would go nicely with the red blouse.

“What?” Alice’s voice was a strangled whisper as the sweater slipped from her grasp. “No!”

My head snapped up. Even the tiny amount of color in her face had drained away and her expression was the picture of silent horror. Whatever she was seeing, it was beyond the normal vision and it was bad. One word slid from her lips.


The way she said it sent a shiver up my spine.

“Alice!” I said more sharply than I probably should have.

“No, no, it can’t be,” she pleaded.

“Stop it, Alice!” I shook her angrily, making her head flop back and forth like a rag doll’s. “Edward told you not look for her!”

Alice’s lips trembled and her eyes finally focused on me. “Just because I don’t look, doesn’t mean I don’t see,” she said shakily.

I didn’t want to know… didn’t want to care, but I couldn’t help it. “What did you see?” I demanded.

“I have to go,” she said suddenly as she made a break for the door.

“Alice, wait!” I called tearing after her.

We both moved so fast the only thing the clerk or the other two patrons in the store saw was the red blouse fluttering to the floor and the door swinging closed behind us.

“Alice, stop!” I said catching up to her when she got to the car.

I grabbed her arm and refused to let go. “You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what you saw!” I snarled.

“I saw Bella being attacked, now let go of me.”

Something in my head was warning me to let it go, but I couldn’t. “What do you mean ‘attacked’?”

“I mean attacked as beaten, raped and strangled!” Alice screamed at me. “Are you happy now? Are you glad I told you?”

I dropped her arm as if her skin had burned me and stumbled back two steps. The weird feeling in the pit of my stomach became a full blown sickness. If I actually ate things and would have had something in my stomach, I probably would have hard a hard time keeping it down right about then. The pain and humiliation of what had been done to me rolled through my head. No one should ever have to experience that, least of all someone as fragile as Isabella Swan.

“Are you sure?” I heard myself say.

“Look at my face,” Alice yelled. “Do I look like I’m sure?”

“Can we stop it?” I asked softly.

“I don’t know,” she said with an almost deathly quiet. “It was at night so it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not sure exactly when it does, tonight maybe. I think I’m seeing it now because her attacker has decided what he’s going to do and Bella suspects and has given up on being able to get away from him. In any case, there isn’t much time and I won’t spend it standing here arguing with you.”

In the end, the decision was easy. There really was no other option. “Then I’m coming with you.”

“You are?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes, now get in the goddamn car.” I yanked her out of the way and dropped into the driver’s seat. “I’m driving.”

Oh, my honeys! It’s one hellacious roller coaster ride  after another from there! This is NOT for the faint of heart…just sayin’!

Those of you brave enough to read this one will have it etched on your brains for years to come!


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12388967/1/In-the-Land-of-Sweetwater

Summer. 1957. Sixteen year old Isabella is unexpectedly thrown into the unforgiving hive of wealth and excess that is Sweetwater, Virginia. When she befriends a beautiful boy with shadows of his own, the two uncover a shocking web of lies that irrevocably tie them together.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Mystery/Romance – Bella, Edward – Words: 3,087 – Reviews: 24 – Favs: 38 – Follows: 91 – Published: Mar 2 – id: 12388967

Only one chapter posted, this rags to riches story already has me completely hooked!

The wind was blowing something fierce by the time I crossed over Scuttle Creek, the halfway point home. Mama and I didn’t have much at all in our four room house out in no man’s land. While some girls at school were dreaming about a kiss from Elvis Presley, I was dreaming about having indoor plumbing someday. I wasn’t the only one I knew who had to use an outhouse and hand pump water to boil for a bath, but it was still a sore spot for me. I wore poverty like a scarlet letter across my chest and I hated every second of it. Instead of moving us in town to a nicer place, Mama spent all the money she made on new dresses, cosmetics, and her running tab at the tavern. Everyone knew Renee Higginbotham was a loose war widow, much to my embarrassment.

However, Bella’s real father, who isn’t dead and isn’t who she’d been told he was, is about to change all that…if only she can swallow her pride!

I slid my back down the wall until I was sitting on the floor, the tears finally coming. It was all too much as my body bowed with the fierceness of my sobs. I cursed me ever having been born, God, my mama, Daddy Phil, but most of all I cursed Charles Swan for showing up and dropping a bomb right in the middle of my life. The destruction was too great to bear.

Share your own favorites, ladies!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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32 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. eewee333

    RITA!!!How could you??? Why would you dangle another New Moon story in front of me, and a monster too at over 300,000 words, while I’m trying to read the Angel series? Now I want to start that one too!! **whines like a 3 year old* Just kidding! You know I love ya. I will be putting that at the top of my TBR list after we finish Angel. I may just have to quit my job, give up church, leave my hubby, and devote all my time to fanfiction. So many good stories, so little time…

    • rita01tx

      I’d say I’m sorry but it was impossible not to rec it once I’d been reminded of it’s brilliance, Eewee darlin’!
      It’s not goin’ anywhere and, if it does, I’ll send you the pdf LOL!

  2. Thanks- reading it now! Have a great weekend!

    • rita01tx

      You, too, Nelisabeth darlin’! And let me know how you like the fic, especially when you hit one of those OMFG moments LOL!

  3. I’ve read Breakdown twice…I cried, sighed, and read nonstop both times. It’s in my Superfaves folder, so good!!

  4. bevey99

    I added In..Sweetwater earlier today, it’s going to have add some chapter before I jump in. BUT having said that, because I almost never read WIPS
    I have one to rec that is a page turner, and she has been updating almost daily. Not near enough reviews for a fabulous fic.
    Pinky Promises
    By: CiaraShayee
    When two little girls were allowed to walk home from school one bright spring day nobody could’ve predicted the events that followed. The way two families were torn apart by the vendetta of a deranged man. Twelve years on, we’ll watch as two girls stolen away from their homes at eight years old fight to take back their lives. If only it were as simple as escaping. M for violence.

    • rita01tx

      Been tryin’ to find time to dive into Pinky Promises, Bev darlin’! Too many distractions at the moment but I WILL get a clear space for it soon!

  5. Thanks for rec’d Rita 🙂

    For those who didn’t read first time this one she is reposting her story


    I am re-posting the first fanfic I ever wrote. It is not edited, or unchanged at all. Way back in the day, I wondered what would have happened if Edward left Forks when Bella arrived. SM provided awesome characters and inspiration. All of the what-ifs were mine. The mistakes are mine, too.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Chapters: 3 – Words: 5,306 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 56 – Follows: 109 – Updated: 2h ago – Published: Mar 3 – id: 12389830

    • rita01tx

      I saw that, Zveka darlin’! Sure hope she reuploads the rest of her pulled stories…such a treasure trove that needs to see the light of day again!

  6. dpennell007

    I’m excited about In the Land of Sweetwater, and the re-posting of Abbracciare Il Cantante, which is Good and brand new to me. This week I read a story without a beta that needed one, and a one shot that I really liked, but was pretty dark (as admitted by the author):


    Conquer By: rhythm junkie
    Edward wants Bella to submit to him and will do anything to make that happen. AH/OOC/AU PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EDWARD IS VERY DARK, AS IS THIS STORY – DEALING WITH VERY DISTURBING ISSUES. This is nothing like my other stories, please be aware.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – Edward – Words: 11,297 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 136 – Follows: 85 – Published: Feb 12, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6738531

    The one I plan to start this week is a recently finished story that I saw recommended on Facebook:


    Tangled Up In Blue By: TxBirdie
    Edward Cullen is looking for inspiration to write THE American novel. Bella Swan is looking for inspiration, any inspiration, to pull her from her doldrums existence. But what they find in each other, neither of them could have expected.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 36 – Words: 162,596 – Reviews: 2,937 – Favs: 1,871 – Follows: 2,043 – Updated: Mar 2 – Published: May 4, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5945379

    • rita01tx

      OMG! I was stunned when TxBirdie returned to complete Tangled Up in Blue after a FIVE YEAR hiatus, Donna darlin’! That’s why I’m always so reluctant to give up on a really good fic that looks to have been abandoned just before crossin’ the finish line! Havin’ said that…I’m glad I hadn’t started readin’ it before she hit that Complete button LOL!
      Gonna have a peek at Conquer in a minute ’cause I’m just in the mood for a really dark Edward *shiver!*

    • rita01tx

      Just finished Conquer *jaw on the floor!* Ask for a dark Edward and, by George, ye shall receive *phew!*
      Damn, I wish she would have written more!

    • Thanks for rec’d Donna, will put them on my tbr list

      • dpennell007

        I just finished ch18 of Tangled Up in Blue. Very good. More angsty than I usually read so I snuck a peek at the ending to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time.

        • rita01tx

          Thanks for checkin’ it out for us, Donna darlin’! I’d hate to get involved and run into either or both of my big no no’s: 1) Edward and Bella aren’t together or don’t wind up together, or 2) no HEA! So tired of gettin’ burned on #1…which is an automatic #2 LMAO!

  7. Dark Edward you say ..WHERE ???WHERE??? Don’t hide him from me it’s no fair I’m clicked over there now no sleep tonight. I just finished (like 2 minutes ago) a entry to Beyond the Bedroom contest titled Perspective. This was ama2978 first story and for a writing virgin she nailed it. A one shot that had me giggling and kinda feeling like ummmm well it hit a little close to home, read and you will know why. Maybe she writes the truth for some of us wives and mommies. Been catching up on WIPS and my every growing TBR did not start Age of Innocence as planned because when I peaked at patty roses favorite list I saw Gingerandgreens Plight my Throth I was just gonna skim my favorite parts but read the whole damn thing again. I added Tangled in Blue to my list too. Great Dirty Minds and all.😉 Nite All

    • rita01tx

      Good one, Beth darlin’! It doesn’t hurt to be reminded that not everyone can have Energizer Bunny sex 24/7…only in our dreams LOL!
      Sometimes, more isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s all about perspective. Contest entry for Beyond the Bedroom Contest. Winner of Judge Fyrebyrd’s Pick.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 5,211 – Reviews: 12 – Favs: 10 – Follows: 13 – Published: Feb 13 – Status: Complete – id: 12362864
      Oh, but our fantasies can’t help but run wild readin’ Plight Thee My Troth ’cause Lordward is the reason I, for one, started readin’ historical romance waaaay back in the day LMAO!
      England, 1795. Lord Edward Masen and Miss Isabella Swan promise to love one another for all time; but will the harsh realities of life allow two souls from very different backgrounds to fulfil their vows? EPOV, AH
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 29 – Words: 160,023 – Reviews: 3,833 – Favs: 2,173 – Follows: 1,747 – Updated: Sep 16, 2012 – Published: Sep 4, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7353115

    • Beth!!!!! Wow, I must say that I really fell in love with rec, Perspective. It was excellent- really quite funny and at the same time my heart was shattering bit by bit with each mishap. He tried. But in the end, what they had was pretty damn wonderful. I laughed so hard at the shower sex part that my husband wanted to know what I was reading. And the candle wax, OMG! But Edward was a sweet and loving husband, willing to try ‘more’ to please his bored wife and I think that’s pretty darn great. The dirty talk we all love, oh my goodness I was choking by that point. Poor Eddie. I loved the conclusion so much and I’ve even added it to my favorites list. Thank you for the rec. I hope more people find this little gem, it only has a few reviews.

  8. rita01tx

    My last addiction was Johanna Lindsay, especially her Mallory family books *drool!* Before her, it was Kathleen E. Woodiwiss after I discovered and fell in love with Wolfgar in The Wolf and the Dove *swoon!* Rosemany Rogers held my attention for years with her Morgan-Challenger series. Last, but certainly not least, Bertrice Small’s The Kadin about life and love in a harem *groan!*

  9. Hiya ladies,
    I am back here to torment myself with all these literary goodness, given my inability to read at present. My TBR list is burgeoning like anything. And damn, Rita, that New Moon fic is tempting. As it is, I am dying to read the Angel series and here you are dangling this absolutely tempting tale. You are too wicked for your own good, darling. *wink*
    And hey if there are any Cedric Diggory fan here who is eternally sad that JKR had him die in GoF, (like me) then here is a rec for you ChelleyBean’s Keogh. Although it is incomplete which is a shame really, but it is a damn good read. I read it a few weeks back and it is well….find out for yourself.

    • rita01tx

      Good mornin’, Connie darlin’! Just finished readin’ your update of The Emperor and how dare this upstart even dream of takin’ what ain’t his! It’s how he thinks he might have a chance that has me curious, though! Oh, and I can’t wait for Bella to try Aunt E’s suggestion out on Edward LOL!
      While I absolutely adore Cedric fics, I bypassed Keogh because it mentions a Hermione/Snape pairin’ which makes no sense to me so is that the main thread or do we get a lot of Cedric?
      Hey, what’s interferrin’ with your readin’?

      • Good morning to you too, Rita! Hmm…even I can’t wait to write how Bella tries Aunt E’s suggestion. LOL. Though given Edward and Bella’s chemistry, I guess they will set water on fire! 😊😊 As for the jumped up upstart trying to unsurp the place of our dear Emperor, well.. He is the root of all evil and shall get his comeuppance for such daring. *wink*
        Oh no, you misunderstood. Actually Keogh is not Snape -Hermione pairing. They are actually Father and daughter. Hermione is paired with Cedric in it, though their relationship starts out really slow, but the wait is worth it. So, I will definitely suggest it as a good read.
        As for my reading, you should ask what not is interfering in it! Yeah, I am an idiot who took up both a Uni course and a professional course to pursue simultaneously. Right now I am preparing for my Uni exams and preparing to start with my internship since I cleared the professional exam. Oh and though this is infinitely more pleasurable, but I have started editing a draft for publishing the Duke of Alsworth. So, yeah I am not getting any time to read at all.

        • Love the sound of the recs this week. Or last week, I’m super duper late getting here. Didn’t want to get distracted from Broken Angel since adding time was limited and I was lagging. I’ve seen Breakdown’s summary before, but bypassed it. It just didn’t grab my interest. The rec you and the others have given it, make this a must read.

          • rita01tx

            Mornin’, Kay darlin’! While a good summary is all it takes to draw me in most times, recs from our peers weigh heavy in favor of actually startin’ to read a fic…or not!
            Don’t know which it was for Breakdown but the the plot and the way the author kept me on the edge of my seat pretty much clenched the deal! Hope you find time to give it a try…at least you know where to find it later LOL!

  10. rita01tx

    Yay! Thanks for clearin’ that up, Connie darlin’! Since that’s the case, and I can never resist a good Cedric fic, I’ll check it out asap *high five!*
    An unexpected connection is found between Hermione and Professor Snape, but that’s only the start of her headaches. Being her father’s daughter is one thing. Being her mother’s daughter is something else entirely.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Supernatural – Hermione G., Severus S. – Chapters: 47 – Words: 161,797 – Reviews: 733 – Favs: 1,031 – Follows: 921 – Updated: Feb 2, 2009 – Published: Dec 23, 2007 – id: 3962879
    Wow! With everything you have on your plate, it’s no wonder your readin’ time’s bein’ cut so short *poutyface!*
    Well, there are always one shots and short stories available when you need a quick fic “fix’ LOL!

  11. For info


    When outlaw Edward Cullen is wounded in a gunfight, he never expected to wake up with a double barrel shotgun nestled under his chin.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Western/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 75,882 – Reviews: 1,772 – Favs: 548 – Follows: 678 – Updated: 3h ago – Published: Feb 8, 2016 – Status: Complete – id: 11777818

    will be pulled …

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