Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Bit of a mixed bag for you this time startin’ with an AU {Alternate Universe} Vampward that’s NOT another take on New Moon, for a change LOL!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12326133/1/Saudade

Unhappy with her monotonous and seemingly aimless life, 24 year-old Bella Swan sends a wish up into the universe for more. It answers, leading her back to Forks, for a chance to fulfill the destiny always planned for her. But will the reluctant, handsome and butterscotch-eyed Dr Edward Cullen let her? AU.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 9 – Words: 9,978 – Reviews: 653 – Favs: 380 – Follows: 768 – Updated: Mar 6 – Published: Jan 17 – id: 12326133

If she had cared at all, she might have been saddened by how easily she was able to pick up and leave her life in Chicago. She’d handed in her two weeks notice to her supervisor, who had nodded and said nothing other than, “Sanitize your phone, desk and chair before you leave.”

Her roommates had cared even less than her boss had, telling her that they’d know if she took anything that belonged to them and that she wouldn’t be getting her share of the security bond back.

She’d said nothing then, hadn’t bothered to argue, but she hadn’t left her furniture in her room so they could advertise it as furnished and make more money, instead she’d given it all to the neighbor across the hall, who’d moved there after leaving an abusive ex and who had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for two months.

She had, however, been saddened to notice that everything she’d accumulated in the past six years of living in Chicago had fit into just six boxes that she’d managed to get into her car with little to no maneuvering. It was startling to see that even of those belongings, there wasn’t much more than the items she’d originally brought with her from Forks to begin with.

With a final glance at the window that had belonged to her bedroom, she got in her car, turned the radio onto a station that played nothing but The Beatles and drove away, Let It Be playing softly in the background.

She grinned widely as she drove past the sign declaring Welcome to Forks and giggled for the first time in years. “Home,” she said softly as she drove through the towers of trees. Taking in the hundreds of shades of green of the Pacific North West had never felt so comforting as it did in that moment and she knew that she’d made the right decision.

She felt somewhere in the back of her mind, that all would be set right by her moving home. That there was something in Forks that had been waiting for her.

And right at that moment, across Forks and a little ways into the forest, Alice Cullen sat in her bedroom, a magazine open in her lap with her eyes unfocused as a vision made itself known. She watched it play and grinned before whispering too quietly for anyone but Jasper, who was sitting next to her, to hear. “Finally.”

In this story, Bella is a new teacher at Forks High School, where she has Alice in her class…

“Persuasion?” Alice asked, ignoring Bella’s obvious shyness.

“It’s probably my favourite book in the world,” Bella replied, coming out of her shell again. It had been Wuthering Heights during her teens but the incident in Chicago had ruined it for her and she’d fallen to other books in solace and in doing so, Persuasion had captured her heart.

“I’ve read it once or twice, but I’m more of an Emma girl,” her student replied with a wide smile, showing a row of perfect white teeth.

“Meddling in everyone’s love life but your own?” Bella teased.

“A Happily Ever After is worth a bit of meddling, wouldn’t you think?” Alice winked at her and they both laughed.

Bella left that day with the distinct impression that Alice Cullen was going to be in her life for a lot longer than her senior year of high school.

…while Edward is the youngest doctor at Forks Hospital, as Bella soon discovers after a fall in the school parkin’ lot leaves her with a broken arm!

She thought about him a lot.

She wasn’t sure why because she’d seen enough attractive people in her life not to be so enraptured by a person’s appearance and even though Edward Cullen was by far the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, she knew it wasn’t because of his that.

Hell, it wasn’t even about him being so cold to her in the beginning or warm to her in the end, it was because of the look he had given her when he’d told her not to joke about death. That look had told her everything she needed to know about Edward Cullen. It was the look that made something deep in her chest ache.

She rubbed at it constantly, desperately trying to make it go away but it was like an itch she couldn’t scratch, no matter how hard she tried.

And it didn’t go away, not for hours or days, but when it did, it was because she was standing in her meadow, looking at him.

Wow! What’s Edward doin’ in HER meadow and will she discover somethin’…well, a little “different” about him? Guess you’ll have to read to find out LOL!


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12336160/1/There-Goes-My-Life

Thirty-year-old Edward Cullen seems to have it all. Loving parents, a hot young secretary, he’s one of San Francisco’s most eligible bachelors and also Vice President of Cullen, Inc. His life is perfect until he receives an unexpected phone call that changes everything. AH, OlderWard.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 5 – Words: 14,111 – Reviews: 455 – Favs: 517 – Follows: 991 – Updated: Mar 9 – Published: Jan 24 – id: 12336160

“This is Mark Goldberg from the New York Department of Family Services.” Edward’s eyebrow rose, but he didn’t speak. “We found your contact information in some of your mother’s documents. Elizabeth Mason.”

His frown darkened. “I see. Has she passed?” He asked a bit coldly, opening his take-out bag.

The man was quiet for a moment before clearing his throat, “she has, and it is in that regard I am calling you, Mr. Cullen. To request that you come to my office to speak to me in person.”

“In New York?” He snorted, “can’t I just pay for the cremation over the phone? I live in California.” His eyes snapped to the clock and his daily itinerary, this call was cutting into his fifteen-minute lunch break.

“I’m calling to speak to you about the arrangements that need to be made for your siblings, Mr. Cullen.” The man’s tone had shifted from warm to a bit cool and frustrated.

“My what?” He asked sinking back into his chair as a cold ball fell into the pit of his stomach.

I have such a soft spot for Daddywards who get stuck with one or more kids out of the blue, especially if the mother is permanently out of the picture…as in dead! So, okay, we’re talkin’ siblin’s, in this case but…well, you’ll see!

Mark shuffled through the folder and held out four birth certificates to Edward, “all listed as unknown.”

He snorted, his mouth twisted into a bitter grin, “well, I’m glad Elizabeth kept some things consistent.”

“Asher James Mason, born on May 10, he’s five.” Edward moved onto to the next, “Mia Grace Mason, February 15, she’s almost three.”

He rubbed his mouth, then squeezed the back of his neck as Bella took the last two certificates, “Braxton Thomas and Holden William Mason born on January 3rd, seven minutes apart. They’re three weeks old.”

Edward shut his eyes. What the hell was he going to do? Peeling them open, his gaze drifted back down to the picture, each face now had a name. Mia’s large hazel eyes stared back at him. He let out a deep sigh.

You’ll adore Bella in this fic! She’s smart, funny as hell and Edward would not survive this debacle without her!


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/5319052/1/A-Rough-Start

Overnight irresponsible Edward goes from bachelor to father of a 5 yr old. Meanwhile responsible, prepared Bella begins her first job as Kindergarten teacher at Forks Elementary. When irresponsible meets the epitome of responsible, sparks will fly!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 41 – Words: 253,554 – Reviews: 23,036 – Favs: 14,864 – Follows: 10,729 – Updated: Aug 31, 2011 – Published: Aug 21, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5319052

A Rough Start is one of my very favorite Daddywards and here’s why!

Edward started at the sight. First of all, Anthony was smaller than Edward had expected. Weren’t five-year-olds taller? Is he potty trained? And second of all, he looked like his mother…Edward’s mother. An undetermined emotion seized Edward’s heart in that moment and wouldn’t let go. This was his child. His flesh and blood.

Still, it felt strange and foreign.

“Hi.” Edward heard his own voice for the first time in hours.

Anthony said nothing and gave no indication of greeting. He simply blinked and stared.

“Well, here’s his stuff,” the woman, who had yet to introduce herself, gestured towards a few suitcases and backpack.

“That’s it?” Edward asked. Before the question was all the way out of his mouth, a small piece of paper was being thrust into his hands.

“This is the address to his granddad’s house. He’ll ship the rest of his things to you.”

Edward nodded. “Uh, thanks…?”

“Dotty.” And then she turned her attention to Anthony and gently stroked his cheek with her finger. “Now remember what we talked about. You be a good boy for your daddy, ya hear?”

Anthony nodded minutely and stole another glance at Edward before leaning over to pick up his backpack. He unzipped it and pulled out a small puppet, aged and worn.

Edward eyed the toy conspicuously. Yep. I should have brought a toy. Anything would be better than the doll Anthony was gripping now. A boy with a doll? That shit has to go.

Edward said an awkward farewell to Dotty before dragging his hands nervously through his hair and climbing in the driver’s seat.

Under the guise of adjusting his rearview mirror, Edward used the instrument to conspicuously view his offspring in the backseat. His eyes roamed over the child in much the way Dotty had eyeballed him. Edward took in the clean and seemingly in fashion shirt, the small, knobby knees, the hands that looked like his father’s…Edward’s father’s, the small mouth that was settled into a pout, and then the eyes.

Anthony’s gaze was piecing as he and Edward stared at one another through the reflective instrument.

And then Anthony finally spoke.

“I hate you.”

This Edward is a blue collar workin’ stiff with no money and no clue how to take care of a kid so epic blow ups are inevitable when Bella, Anthony’s teacher, perceives Edward as an incompetent father!

Dr. Mr. Cullen,

Anthony has brought it to my attention on several occasions that for whatever reason, he has not eaten breakfast before arriving at school.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that you are under the impression that school starts earlier than it actually does. Rest assured that Anthony does not have to be at school until 9AM. You may drop him off beginning at 8:15AM, but the school has a policy against him arriving any earlier, as we do not have sufficient supervision for him at this time.

I hope this information will resolve the issue of Anthony being at school unattended so early in the morning, as well as allow you both the time to enjoy a satisfying and healthy breakfast together.

I understand that some children are not interested in consuming a lot of food early in the morning. For this reason, I encourage you to pack your son a healthy snack to tide him over until lunch time.

Also, if you would prefer not to pack a lunch from home, the cost of a school lunch is $2.50.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.


Miss Swan

It’s so heartbreakin’ to watch Edward struggle to do the right thing by Anthony when it seems the whole world is against him!

Another MUST READ, ladies!

Happy Friday, y’all!







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16 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. bevey99

    Humm the story Saudade might not make it to my list. I have a concern about making Edward a Doctor at 24,25 or 26. 2 other people have done this in theirs. It takes a minimum of 11 years to be any sort of medical practitioner in the US. That’s fast tracking. Yes he’s vamp [he was human in the other stories] but still people in Forks would know him. That’s my vent. Sorry.
    Broke down and am reading Blue Edward —- Love It.
    I already have A Rough Start on my TBR [probably your rec from a couple of years ago.] But I’ll be adding There’s goes my life
    This week I read an older fic that had so many elements to it, and was on the lighter side, plus being well written made it to may favs list. Easy mostly feel good read.
    The Gap By: capitalab
    Their first encounter is brief, minute, insignificant, forgettable. At least it should be. Edward and Bella live very different lives, but a chance encounter forces them to reexamine everything they thought they wanted.

    • rita01tx

      Wait, Bev darlin’…does that mean you didn’t believe in Doogie Howzer, M.D? *gasp!*

      If Doogie can do it, so can Edward LMAO!
      The Gap was a great read…might have to set aside some time for a reread, although I have no idea when *head scratch!*

    • dpennell007

      I started The Gap, but never finished it. Bookmarking it on my phone for the train to work this week.

  2. A Rough Start is one of my all time favourites. Great stories this week Rita x

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, Alison darlin’! Made the mistake of openin’ the outtakes just now ’cause I didn’t remember if I read them or not…so much for the rest of my afternoon LOL!

  3. dpennell007

    Three for three! I’m reading or have read all 3 of your recs this week. Last night I caught up to and followed There goes my Life. Thanks for that rec! Hope she finishes it, as I notice she didn’t complete her other story.

    • rita01tx

      I did see that, as well as her AN’s outlinin’ her priorities, Donna darlin’! It was a leap of faith to follow + rec this little jewel but I couldn’t resist!

  4. Thanks’ Rita for rec’d … didn’t read any of them …

    Thanks Bev for rec’d too …my TBR list will explode one day lol

    I finished to catch up with The Watcher ( I think you rec’d this one Rita)

    And this one which is something completely different 🙂 and Wip

    Winner of 3rd place Judges Choice Diane Tant Daniel in The Age of Edward Contest. For so many years he lived his life by the name they had given him, afraid he would become a monster like his father. Everything changed the night he saw her from across the room. Dukeward
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 37 – Words: 143,452 – Reviews: 2,444 – Favs: 943 – Follows: 1,502 – Updated: Mar 5 – Published: Feb 8, 2016 – id: 11776817

    • rita01tx

      Ha! I’ve given up thinkin’ I’ll ever read every fic on my TBR, Zveka darlin’! Fortunately, it’s immensely fun to try LOL!
      The Watcher was quite a good read once I stopped scratchin’ my head as to why Edward would voluntarily join the Volturi! And Totteacher certainly gave us a unique Bella with some awesome “gifts!”
      Not quite into the mind set for period fics but I’m startin’ to feel a lean in that direction!

  5. Happy Saturday! I’ve managed to get to bed fairly early last night and sleep in this morning. A rare indulgence! A Rough Start has been on my list for a long time and yet I keep skipping by it. I know it must be good because it’s on a lot of author’s favorites list. I think I’m slow to read daddyWards. Not sure why. They’re usually so good. I’m bumping ARS up and adding your Doogieward rec, Saudade to the list. There Goes My Life got my attention, I’ll put that on alert until it’s complete. I grabbed Zveka’s rec, The Bachelor Duke. I have The Watcher and Bev’s rec, The Gap, which looks good.
    This week, after Broken Angel I did a little TBR list cleanup and read several shorter recs that I hadn’t gotten to over the past couple of weeks. I read Perspective by ama2978. One of you rec’d it last week (Beth maybe?) It is a very good read. Anyone looking for a good, short read (it’s a one shot), should go read this one and then leave a review. It’s a gem. I also read The Cube, by suddenlysandi. Rita I think was your rec. This fic had my stomach aching from laughter. That is one seriously funny fic. The humor is clever, and well written. This Bella is irreverent and irrepressible. I don’t know if I’ll read the sequel because by the end I was thinking Edward was off his rocker for marrying her so quickly. But what fun that was. I also read Seven Minutes in Heaven, by readingmama and the one shot Donna rec’d, Conquer, by rhythm junkie. Holy shiz that’s one dark Edward!!! Wow. I’m halfway through Damsel, by FyreMasen now.

    • rita01tx

      No, I’ve actually never read The Cube, Kay darlin’, but I think I might have mentioned that series as a possible read along somewhere down the line…one of the other girls must have rec’d it *shrugs!*
      All the other fics you mention were well worth the read!!!

      Aside from the too numerous to count updates I try to keep up with, I sometimes rest my bwainz by readin’ pulled fics on pdf so I don’t have to think up a million and one reviews LOL!
      I’m currently readin’ Can’t Let Go by MadeleineJade
      Summary: All human. Bella was best friends with Alice and Edward in high school. She decided to confess her feelings to Edward before end of senior year, but he unfortunately didn’t return her feelings. Embarrassed and regretful of a ruined friendship, she moved back to Arizona for college but returned to Washington due to Charlie’s illness. Can she and Edward be friends again?

      It’s actually very cute and Edward was not / is not a douche…he was just otherwise committed at the time Bella asked him to prom back in high school! She was mortified and pretty much disappeared until she had to come back for Charlie! Little does she know Edward now harbors warm and fuzzy feelin’s for her LOL!
      Happy to share if anyone wants a copy!

    • dpennell007

      Damsel was adorable. Thanks for giving The Cube and Conquer a shot! The popular ones are easy to rec, but the ‘different’ stories make me pause before I hit that enter button.

  6. Oh no I hit the thumbs down by mistake just before I left my WiFi area. Yikes. Yes I’d love a copy of Can’t Let Go, please and thank you! I love reading older fics too.

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