Random Rita’s Read Along – Angel Series Part 2!


Evenin’, ladies!

We’re continuin’ our read along of Deb’s Angel Series with Part 2: Angel’s Embrace!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/5564546/1/Angel-Series-2-Angel-s-Embrace

The SECOND in the Angel series. We are continuing in the lives of the Cullens, during their senior year at Dartmouth, when some new things develop in their lives. Will Edward and Bella be able to deal with the changes? AU/slightly-OOC. Rated M…lemons, language, violence. Sequel to Broken Angel.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 44 – Words: 370,821 – Reviews: 2,592 – Favs: 1,490 – Follows: 512 – Updated: May 23, 2010 – Published: Dec 7, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5564546

Since it worked so well with Part 1, the process will be the same, so…

Step 1: Report to the startin’ line by lettin’ me know you’re in!

Step 2: Start readin’ and at least leave a review for Deb where you finish for the day!

Step 3: Come back here and report how many chapters you’ve read and what your thoughts are, so far!

Step 4: Definitely report back here when you finish!

Just remember that this is not a race to see who can read fastest…we just want to have fun together!








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134 responses to “Random Rita’s Read Along – Angel Series Part 2!

  1. rita01tx

    Rita checkin’ in at the startin’ line!

  2. eewee333

    EeWee checking in. I cheated and started reading last night. On chapter 2.

  3. I’m checking in so I can keep up with everyone’ comments… At the moment I’m not planning to read/review, but who knows, y’all may motivate me to read it! I still have six chapters of Part 1 to finish up.

    • rita01tx

      Feel free to chime in anytime, Renee darlin’! Lookin’ forward to your reaction at the end of Broken Angel!
      Maybe then you’ll feel a bit more motivated LOL!

  4. I’m in again but…. finally started Age of Innocence today I am only 18 chapters in out of 70 holy moly Angel2 has over 300000 words I’m gonna need eye drops stat. Also some kick arse Mobward tales are dropping into my Inbox-decisions, decisions. I have been reading like a mad woman this week Lyrical Kris The Captive and Coward stands out. Also in keeping with mobsters A wip -The Book Keeper by trainwreque opens with some great Good Morning Glory and looks promising but I so don’t need anymore WIPS🙄🙄🙄. Have a great weekend of reading everyone Let’s do this!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, I was just about to pick up The Bookkeeper but then I noticed the time! I’ll be needin’ eyedrops myself if I start readin’ in the middle of the night again LOL!
      Good to have you aboard again, Beth darlin’ *high five!*

      • So I finished chapter 1 of Book 2 and guess what it had…..🍋Yup a fresh air lemon. I feel in the interest of literary research that a comparison of lemon count to the countless number in Book 1 must be conducted. I am willing to be unofficial lemon counter. According to posts we all think Ms Drotuno serves up 🔥🍋(hot lemons) let’s see how she does in round two. Stay Tuned….Beth out☮️

    • OMG wasn’t The Captive and the Coward fabulous? I don’t watch Game of Thrones but I loved the world building. Like many others, I thought about dropping out when I hit the iceberg in infamous Ch. 10, but I’m glad I persevered. Love love love that Edward as well as Bella. And Emmett!

      • I have so many coworkers and family members who are begging me to watch Game knowing I will get obsessed, no way not until series is complete. My mother got me to watch a few Outlander episodes (feckin kilt wearing hot ass Jamie) as well as that Damned Dowton Abby it takes time away from my “stories ” know what I’m saying.

        • Oh, Outlander. Jamie Fraser – my second favorite “literary” character of the male variety. Yeah, Sam Heughan in a kilt, or anything for that matter. Season 3 coming up in another month or so, that will definitely interfere with the time I need for reading my fics! Then my project for the summer: I’ve only read through #3 of the Outlander books – they’re even longer than Deb’s stories! – so I’d better get going before they make season 4 from book 4.
          And at least Downton Abbey is done. Man, life is just too short!

        • rita01tx

          Not one episode of Thrones have I watched either and for the same reasons Beth just outlined…cuts into my readin’ LOL! But I did enjoy the few episodes of Outlander I got to see. It’s just impossible for me to follow a series from start to finish so I don’t start!

      • rita01tx

        While I normally read everything Lyricalkris writes, the summary for The Captive and the Coward didn’t move me to pick it up. In fact, I sneaked a peek here and there and got the impression that Edward was the “coward” and that put me off. Have I gotten the wrong impression?

        • Edward is passive aggressive and apathetic to his situation at court until he falls for Bella. There is political manipulation and an evil king. I enjoyed it. Also I am a sucker for Olderward **sigh** he is like twice her age but it works.

          • rita01tx

            Thanks for clearin’ that up for me, Beth darlin’! Don’t know why I didn’t trust Kris in the first place LOL!

  5. Zveka on starting line 🙂 …

    Oh and thanks Beth for counting lemons …. lol

  6. rita01tx

    Slow start…only read 2 chapters just now *facepalm!* However, I have a really good excuse which I will reveal with my next Friday Feature Fics post *evil wicked witch cackle!*

  7. Chapter 4 🍋🍋
    Chapter 5 🍋
    Chapter 6 ❌

    TLC 7

  8. Chapter 7 💥🔥🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🔥💥🍋

    TLC 14

    This chapters ending is a return to plot progression. Edward & Bella in a hotel room enough said.

    • rita01tx

      You know, I think Beth’s TLC might just inspire us all to read a little faster ROTFLMAO! I’ll certainly be doin’ my best to catch up today!

  9. Sorry sorry i’m late for check in … I fished chapter 6 (have a problem to log in on ffn) and I hope I will have time to read more because it’s start to be more and more interesting 🙂

    • rita01tx

      There’s no sorry on RobAttack, Zveka darlin’ LOL! If that were the case, I’d be apologizin’ my butt off every day LMAO!

  10. eewee333

    Just checking in. It’s Monday morning at 11:00 a.m. I’m at the beginning of chapter 6. Won’t get much reading done today, but hopefully tonight when I get home. The lemons in this story are unbelievable!! So HOT. Deb can really write them. I guess Edward has 100 years to make up for. Whew!

    • rita01tx

      Haven’t read any new chapters today, so far, but I agree about the HOT lemons *woohaaa!* Good thing Bella’s all vamped up so she can take everything he’s got LOL!

  11. I’m reading at a snail’s pace. I’m on chapter 6 now, but I hope to get in a few more before my eyes give out. We have a snow day tomorrow so the kids get to stay up late. If they want to do a movie night, I may try to read late tonight. Btw, the lemon in chapter five was pretty hot. So when I see Beth’s lemon alert for chapter seven I can’t help but wonder what the fabulous Deb has in store for us.

    • rita01tx

      Just finished chapter 4 so you’re still ahead of me, Kay darlin’! Joe just made a fatal error so I’m anxious to see how the boys handle it! But, since it’s almost 1:30 am, it’s gonna have to wait LOL!
      You’d think the lemons would get old but nooooo! Deb keeps ’em fresh somehow…it’s magic *gigglesnort!*

  12. Chapter 8 🍋
    Chapter 9🍋✈️🍋
    TLC 17

    This story is shaping up to be EPIC already setting up different conflicts. Can’t wait. (Hope you like the clue for chapter 9) hee hee hee

  13. Chapter 10 ❌
    Chapter 11 🍋🍋🍋

    TLC 20 only a quarter of the way in …. oh boy.

  14. rita01tx

    Well, my laptop’s been on the fritz today so I only just now finished chapter 6 *poutyface!* But what a shocker the news from Italy turned out to be! Big changes on the horizon *eeep!*

  15. Chapter 12❌
    Chapter 13 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🏜
    TLC 25

    • Ooooh, chapter 13 looks like fun. Must. Read. Faster. I thought Edward was going to lose his shizz with the choice Bella offered him in chapter 9. That was funny. **Potential Spoiler if you have not reached chapter 9** Does anyone else think Joe and Chelsea should not have been let go?

      • rita01tx

        Just finished the latest update of derivation by cupcakeriot and it was an exceptionally long chapter!
        But now I’m free to dive back into Angel’s Embrace and TRY to catch up with you, Kay darlin’!

  16. rita01tx

    Yay! Actually got 4 chapters read…just finished chapter 10 *woohoo!* Lovin’ all the lovely lemons and Deb still manages to catch us off guard as the plot progresses! My thought on Chelsea was the message to Felix would have been more…um, clear, shall we say, if she’d left an arm behind as collateral *snickers!*
    Joe, Joe, Joe! I’m actually hopin’ his daddy bails him out so they can have a more permanent go at him *gigglesnort!*
    Demitri’s surprise blew me away, though *sniff!*

  17. Dimitri’s surprise was a tear jerker. I dont know, I think leaving two loose ends like Joe and Chelsea may come back to haunt them. Joe is unhinged and obsessed. If changed…holy feck. And Chelsea’s gift weaponized is terrifying.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, lordylord…let’s hope that doesn’t happen! Strangely, Chelsea didn’t seem to have any influence on the wolves *head scratch!* Either that or she hadn’t turned it on them for some reason!

  18. I’m with chapter 14 and 13 was excellent!!! and hot! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Good afternoon’, Zveka darlin’ *hugs!* Frantically workin’ through today’s updates so I can dive back in LOL!

  19. Sorry to be MIA yesterday I was having my world tilt on its axis by Patty Roses Age of Innocence. So glad I read this as a complete story. That story shows how professional and wonderfully talented our authors can be along with working, being mothers and what not. I will be reading Angel 2 today and be back with the TLC this afternoon. I can’t wait to see who takes down… Oops no spoilers.

  20. Woah! You guys started with Angel 2. I am lagging behind a lot. I just started with Angel 1 and darned, is it well written. I wanna wring Jacob’s sorry neck. Deb literally casts spells with her writing on readers.
    I also checked up on ‘Edroar the angry lion’. Unfortunately there is still no update, but the already published chapters made me die and go to heaven, AGAIN! *wink*
    Rita, did you read Keogh? How was it? And oh, since you too have a fetish for Cedric Diggory fics, here are two recs for you. A second chance by Ludo13 (which is complete AND simply too good) and Wish me luck by water flower 20 (it is on hiatus but the read is worthwhile). Have a great read!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Connie darlin’ *hugs!* We’re all findin’ it so easy to get swept away by Deb’s genius plot twists and spectacular lemons LOL! It won’t be an easy road, but Jake eventually redeems himself…maybe never 100% but enough to get back to a kind of friendship with Bella and even Edward which you might find hard to believe but Deb nails it!
      Have not read Keogh yet *facepalm!* But please don’t stop givin’ me Cedric recs…I love him so *squish!*

    • Ooh, thanks for the Cedric / HP-Twi crossover recs! It looks like Ludo13 has a ton of unfinished (and intriguing!) stories, but very few completed ones. She seems to be particularly intrigued by the Edward/Hermione pairing, which I have never thought of. Think I’ll go give her a chance to convince me!

      • rita01tx

        Just took a peak at the unfinished Hermione/Cedric 1-2 shots on both profiles to get the “flavor!” Not touchin’ any Hermione/Edward fics but, otherwise, I’m likin’ Ludo13’s style LOL!

  21. eewee333

    Evening everyone. I’m just starting chapter 15. Holy sh*t the lemons are hot in this story.

  22. I haven’t gotten more than a few pages read today, but I plan to tuck in tonight. I’m on chapter 17 right now. Did everyone catch the Kermode and Mayo BBC interview with Rob for LCoZ?

    • rita01tx

      Yes! I could listen to Rob talk all day long *le sigh!* And I’m so lookin’ forward to seein’ The Lost City of Z in April when it comes to Holland!

  23. rita01tx

    Signin’ off at chapter 16! Gettin’ way too late to start chapter 17, damn it!
    Night, y’all!

  24. Chapter 19 is a 🌶🌶♨️♨️🍋🍋🍋🚬🚬🚬
    Just … Damn Hot.

    TLC 39
    First half of chapter is pure sex the ending has BIGGEST cliffhanger yet ! Debs author notes show how exited she was for this portion of the story.

    • rita01tx

      Hopin’ to get at least that far today, Beth darlin’! And youz gonna hafta tell me how/where you’re gettin’ all those symbols…they’re so cute!!!

      • The emojis are on my iPad Mini I ❤️My mini I sleep with it …no really ….like to check time and email updates that come in the middle of the night . Heaven forbid I go more than a few hours without checking in. Geeze I might be a tad obsessed ya think.?

        • rita01tx

          Meh! Obsession, obshmession, Beth darlin’! As long as you’re havin’ fun LOL! Oh, and please continue to entertain us with those very cute, colorful emojis!!!

    • Ok, ok, Ok I just started chapter 19. Between Beth’s spicy emojis and where I think this chapter s headed, I’m kind of giddy.

  25. rita01tx

    Bloody hell! Deb unleashed Domward on us in chapter 19 *THUD!* And damned if she doesn’t always manage a super cliffie just when I have to give up for the night *stompyfoot!*

  26. Chapter 20 🍋🍋
    Chapter 21🍋
    Chapter 22 🍋🚙🍋(if the vans rockin don’t come knockin or Edward gets a nooner)
    TLC 44
    Not much reading done today saw Beauty Beast amazing sets and costumes.
    You won’t believe who shows up at end of 22 this is really getting interesting can’t wait to see where she takes the story next.

    • rita01tx

      In chapter 19…who else thought the drive-in movie sex scene wasn’t terribly realistic? NOBODY gets totally nekkid at the drive-in LMAO!
      Well, maybe the tinted windows made a difference from my day but, legally, they can’t be totally blacked out, right? The cops don’t appreciate surprises!

      • I’m on chapter 27, stealing time for myself to read late at night. I’m with our Rita about the stripping naked in the back of the car. You mentioned the drive-thru movie, and I agree, but at least it was at night. What I found ore unrealistic was the nude romp in the car at school. Heavy rain or not, getting completely naked during the middle of the school day…nope. Sometimes a mostly clothed quickie is even hotter.

  27. Chapter 23 🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 24 🍋
    Chapter 25❌
    TLC 48

    • rita01tx

      Oooh, chapter 20…first day back in Biology and Edward gets to do what he always wanted to do when she was human *wink!*

  28. rita01tx

    Chapter 21…Esme is at her awesomest *woot woot!*
    Anybody else ever have a teacher like Mrs. Richardson?
    I lucked out with pretty much all of mine!

  29. rita01tx

    Chapter 25…rest in pieces, bitch *high five!*

  30. rita01tx

    Signin’ off for the night after chapter 26 endin’ with another trashed hotel room…well, not quite as trashed as the first one but still LMAO!

  31. Finished chapter 25 … yes and one less to care!!

    • rita01tx

      Twist and pop LMAO! Our Bella is baaad ass *fist bump!*

    • She was the one I was really worried about. Now, do we trust Marcus?

      • Without saying too much you will love Markus Kay 🙂 he is not one you need to worry about ….

        • rita01tx

          Oh, good! And I hope he finds a bit of happiness outside the walls of Volterra!

          • Oh my gosh you guys are killing me! But now I know exactly which chapters to focus on. And what’s this about the Volturi brothers breaking up the act? It surely would be nice for Marcus to get a break.

            I have been deliberately picking up much shorter stories. Just finished an AH one that started out very promising, but the author went MIA for a while and when she came back finished it up with a strange turn. So no recs on that one. Now I’m starting Kris Salvador’s Ride, which is ever so entertaining:
            Bella wanted to fulfill a fantasy – to be groped inside a crowded train. She gets her wish and more, when a sex-starved ex-convict decides she’s fair game. ALLHUMAN. Mature but with plot.
            Rated: Fiction M – English – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 67,524 – Reviews: 4,527 – Favs: 7,725 – Follows: 4,322 – Updated: Aug 6, 2011 – Published: Aug 19, 2010 – Status: Complete
            I have to say I have NO idea where this is going, but I’m on board!

            Party on, chicas!

            • rita01tx

              Holy crap, Renee darlin’! Kris Salvador’s Ride is so fuckin’ HOT *swoon!* Damn, wish I had time for a 4th reread LOL!
              Have tons of fun focussin’ on the most lemony chapters…thanks to Beth! As for Aro and Caius, they no longer pose a threat! I’m sure you’ll stumble across the particulars as you skim!

      • rita01tx

        Well, Marcus isn’t likely to survive for a split second longer if he proves unreliable LMAO! For now, if any of the brothers had to survive, I’m glad it was Marcus!

  32. rita01tx

    Endin’ at chapter 28 tonight…lovin’ the sexy, funny interlude before the shit hits the fan again! Oooh, Edward and Bella relive some pre-vamp fantasies in Bella’s old bedroom at Charlie’s house *groan!*

  33. Chapter 26 🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 27 🍈🍋🍋(a lime for sucking face)
    Chapter 28 🍋🍋🍋🔥🔥🔥🔥this was a four alarm lemon chapter for me what was ms. Drotuno thinking how did she come up with …let’s just say Edward took things in 🤛 Rubbing one out while rocking out (stalking pervert) She sure has an imagination. (Spoilers)
    Chapter 29 🍋
    Chapter 30 🍋🍋🍋🍋

    TLC 61 and to much dirty talking to count *whew*
    Hope you all are enjoying your spring I can’t wait for Book 3. I am holding myself back from reading more than a few chapters a day I want to savor.

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Beth darlin’ *HUGS!* Yeah, that scene is still branded in my poor bwainz…not that I want to forget it anytime soon LOL!
      Yep, we’re havin’ some gorgeous spring days right now! However, the strong sunlight through my windows shows every speck of dust and schmutz I’ve missed all winter *facepalm!* Damn, I no longer have the youthful energy for spring cleanin’ I once had and I’m too stingy to pay someone else to do it for me LMAO!
      Oh, well! Back to buryin’ my head in fanfiction …worked aaaall winter *gigglesnort!*

    • Oh writing from iPad is complicates…

      Thanks for All counting Beth 🙂

      I’m with chapter 32 🙂

  34. rita01tx

    Signin’ off after chapter 32…the Holiday ball and a very appreciative Edward for the wonderful gift Bella gives him *wink!*

  35. Chapter 35 … some important plans for the futur are made 🙂

  36. Chapter 31🍋🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 32🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 33🍋🍋
    Chapter 34❌ But🏀⛹🏀 A really good BBall game. Appropriate with the Sweet 16 going on.

    TLC 70 Have a wonderful day everyone!☮

  37. rita01tx

    Oh, dear! Confession time…Rita’s a baaad girl! Yup! Not one chapter of Angel’s Embrace have I read today and probably won’t before I call it a night!
    Made the mistake of pickin’ up a pdf of Sincerely, Lieutenant Cullen by LuvCullens and can’t stop! It’s not even a lemon fest…just a very sweet love story with mild angst but it’s a MARINEWARD so I was a goner as soon as I found that out *le sigh!*
    Of course, I’ll share…just holler!

    • Marine ward sweet Dont hold out spread him around. Have you been following Stricken by Myonlyheroin? It’s a marineward with ptsd . I am up to Chapter 40 most likely I can finish on Friday. Here is our lemon count:

      Chapter 35 🍋🍋🍋🍋
      Chapter 36 🍋
      Chapter 37 🍋🍋
      Chapter 38🍋 Plus a🍈 Lime for citrus ( hell what does that mean anyway)
      Chapter 39 🍋🛀🏻🚿🛁🍋
      TLC 80 geeze I had to leave Ms Drotuno some words of praise the story up to now has been so entertaining.

      • rita01tx

        You have mail, Beth darlin’! And hell yeah, I’m followin’ Stricken…might even make it a feature fic *wink!*
        Your emojis are crackin’ me the fuck up, especially Chapter 39…lemon, bathtub, shower, bathtub, lemon! Damn, those are some clean vampires ROTFLMAO!!!
        I warned Deb at the start you were doin’ a lemon count so I think she’ll get a kick out of your survey!
        Oh! Maybe you could copy/paste some of the more colorful ones on her blog!?!?!

        • finished chapter 39… I guess I will finish book 2 this week end 🙂

          • rita01tx

            Right in the middle of chapter 35, Zveka darlin’! Gonna have visuals of that basketball game from chapter 34 in my head for a while, not that I’m complainin’ LMAO!

            • Thank you so much for the mail I appreciate it lady. I love soldierward in all branches of the military. I’m with zveka68 and will most likely finish by tomorrow. This read along has been something that I look forward to each day Thank you to everyone. I’m so tempted to check out end of Book 4 to see how this all works out but I can wait .. I think.

              • rita01tx

                Any time, Beth darlin’! Sharin’ is actually my first name…just a bit bastardized! What? Rita is just my alter ego LMAO!

              • If you can wait Beth and not check out end of Book 4 it’s better… I can just say that in next book drotuno will introduce new characters ( some of them great some not really lol) and the same in book 4 so maybe you will be a little lost if you just check out the end of the book 🙂

                for me next book is the best in series 🙂

  38. rita01tx

    OMG! New Karl Lagerfeld shots for Dior’s Black Carpet Fall 2017 Campaign!

    • eewee333

      Holy crap! You are killing me with these pictures. How am I supposed to work?? I just want to lick my computer screen all day.

  39. rita01tx

    Show me something Rob can’t wear and wear well!

  40. rita01tx

    Okay, not my favorite only because the angle makes him look super skinny…well, that dorky tie and pimp chain are a turn off but the suit looks good on him *gigglesnort!*

    • LOLOL, pump chain. That made my morning. I just don’t love Karl Lagerfeld’s photos. They’re so stylized and polished that they have an artificial feel to them. That’s not to say that I don’t like some of them. But there are several that I don’t love. Particularly one from his first shoot where Rob is photographed to look like a younger version of Karl, if Karl was a vampire from an old black and white classic film. Creeeepy! All he needed was a cat in his hand to complete the image.

      • rita01tx

        Not sure I know which one you’re talkin’ about but, yeah, not all the KL shots bring our sweet man to life…it’s all about the clothes, I guess! That’s why they’re payin’ him the big bucks LOL!

        • That was supposed say pimp chain, not pump. LOLOL The pic that I don’t like is among the first batch of KL photos. He’s standing in profile. You can see a small black earring in his ear. He has an outerwear (mid thigh length maybe) jacket on and his face looks like it’s airbrushed to the point of looking like a statue. Sometimes is reflection is shown in the window or whatever surface that is. He’s barely recognizable.

  41. rita01tx

    Muuuch better!

  42. I’m so sorry that I haven’t popped often to give an update, but I am still reading along. Slowly, but faithfully. My internet browser is giving me real fits. I had to close out and reload this page several times just to leave this comment. It’s been giving me problems for the last two weeks. Sigh. I am on chapter 36 at the moment.

    • rita01tx

      Me, too, Kay darlin’! On chapter 36…somewhere in the middle, that is! I’m ready for some ass kickin’, right about now, though!

  43. eewee333

    Afternoon ladies! I think you all have left me in the dust again, but this has been a bad week for me. I feel down my front (brick)steps Sunday morning and am pretty banged up and sore. Wednesday hubby had to have a heart procedure done and I’m working full time in between. Needless to say, I’m exhausted and sore and didn’t get much reading done this week. But I am on chapter 25. I love that Marcus survived. I love that Mrs. Richardson took an Esme lashing. The lemons are beyond hot. Wendy is so sweet and I love that the guys have taken her under their wings. Anyhoo, back to work. Ya’ll have a great weekend. And Rita dear, if you get a moment could you send me the pdf of that marineward story you mentioned earlier in these comments? Many thanks!! Hugs and love

    • rita01tx

      Well, that’s a pretty rotten week, Eewee darlin’! Hope you both feel better soon *HUGS!* Maybe you’ll catch up this weekend…I’ve been strugglin’ to get more than a chapter or two read today myself and Rob’s not makin’ it any easier today LOL!
      I’ll get Marineward to you asap!!!

    • Oh my, you have had a rough week! I hope you and your dear hubby heal up soon eewee.

  44. rita01tx

    Signin’ off for the night at the end of chapter 39…finally got to the ass whoopin’ and it was epic! Damn near gave me a heart attack in a couple places, though!

    Also, you may have noticed I didn’t get around to postin’ a Friday Feature Fics! today…thanks to Drotuno and Rob, of course *eye roll!*

  45. kneon65

    Hi everyone,

    Remember me. Yeah RL is kicking my butt royally. So I have been sick the last week & I came home early from work today. Instead of sleeping like I should have done. I read Broken Angel (yeah I’m one story behind everyone) but hey I finished it tonight.

    Now I see why all the Tanya hate. I can’t wait for the next story Angel’s Embrace. Again, don’t wait for me I’m expecting to read a lot during spring break which starts 3/31

    Miss talking to you all but I’ll be back.

  46. finished the book 2 🙂

    can’t wait to start book 3( my favorite) lol

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