Random Rita’s Read Along – Angel Series Part 3!


Evenin’, ladies!

Y’all ready to continue our read along of Deb’s Angel Series with Part 3: An Angel’s Promise?

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/6203334/1/Angel-Series-3-An-Angel-s-Promise

The THIRD in the Angel series. We pick up where we last left off. Edward and Bella starting new in England…new friends, old friends…and lots of love, angst, and music. AU/slightly-OOC…and as always, lemons. Sequel to Broken Angel & Angel’s Embrace.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 46 – Words: 404,987 – Reviews: 2,650 – Favs: 1,197 – Follows: 458 – Updated: Aug 17, 2011 – Published: Aug 3, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 6203334

By this time, you should all know the drill, so…

Step 1: Report to the startin’ line by lettin’ me know you’re in!

Step 2: Start readin’ and at least leave a review for Deb where you finish for the day!

Step 3: Come back here and report how many chapters you’ve read and what your thoughts are, so far!

Step 4: Definitely report back here when you finish!

Last, but not least, remember this is not a race to see who can read fastest…we’re just havin’ fun together!




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128 responses to “Random Rita’s Read Along – Angel Series Part 3!

  1. Hi, Kay checking in. I am finishing up Crimson Edward (80% done.) I hope to be able to start book 3 by Monday the latest. By the way I read zveka’s rec Thank You for Waiting and my kindle very nearly melted. Wow! I’ll check back in as soon as I’m ready to start.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, boy! Lookin’ forward to takin’ this journey with you, Kay darlin’! Are you talkin’ about the short (4 chapters) fic by Love-Tart? If so, yeeeah *drool!*

  2. Once again I will cheer you on and enjoy your comments, without reading the whole thing for myself. 400K words, seriously? Was this woman inspired, or what??

    • rita01tx

      Whatever magic she got goin’ on, I hope it never runs out on her, Renee darlin’ *high five!*
      Okay, how ridiculous is it that I’m tryin’ to picture you in a cheerleader costume, pom poms and all ROTFLMAO!!!

  3. I’m here ! I already read chapter one could not wait and a gay friend right out of the gate…things are getting so BORING in the bedroom already that they have to role play pick up in a bar? And I don’t know about ” nurse” Eden who has a name like that ? I wonder if she will be slut-a-fied (I don’t know that word I just made it up) by Bella.

    So lemon count

    Chapter 1 🍋🍋🍋

    If book 2 had over 90 actual acts,fade to blacks and mentions of coitus I can’t even venture a guess how many we will read. Even the story description ends with …as always lemons, Yikes!
    Did you all have a good week. I am so far behind Mobward updates I can’t look in my in box. Some have to be expanded. So Great.

    • rita01tx

      Well, I woke up to a dead internet until five minutes ago…talk about Panic City *whimper!*
      Already intrigued by your description of chapter 1, Beth darlin’! Three lemons already? We’re in for a deliciously bumpy ride LOL!
      I’m afraid I spent my R&R week chasin’ phantom fics that turned out to be incomplete when I found them…read them anyway ’cause I’m a sucker for a good plot *sigh!*
      In one, Bella sees numbers over everyone’s heads that tell her how long they have to live! If they’re gonna die within 24 hours, she gets a flash/vision of how they die!
      Of course, when she starts school at Forks High, the lack of numbers above the heads of all the Cullen kids freaks her the fuck out LMAO! Another author adopted it but simply rewrote the first 2 chapters and then abandoned it, as well! Gawd, I hate when that happens!!!

  4. Zveka on Starting block… yes yeah!! my favorite book in series 🙂 !!!

    and already Deb gave me heart attack with this first chapter … damn Bella and her fantasies

    • rita01tx

      Now that my internet is back up, I’ll try to catch up with you and Beth as soon as I sort my updates, Zveka darlin’! Really lookin’ forward to this one since you praise it as your favorite *fist bump!*

  5. HI! Just checking in. As weird as it sounds, Angel Part 3 was the first fic I read on Fanfiction. Yep, I skipped over the first two part, but yeah it was worth a read. Great story- had me down, hook line and sinker.

    • rita01tx

      Did you ever go back and read the first two, Connie darlin’? If not, it might be worth a few sessions of speed readin’ to catch up…I mean, you DID see Beth’s lemon count, right? You missed a LOT and I’m not just talkin’ about the lemons LOL!

      • Oh yes, I did read Angel Part 1 and am currently on part 2. Spectacular read, really. I wouldn’t have missed it anyway. And I know what you are talking about; Angel series is truly well written.

        • rita01tx

          What about her Gravity series, Connie darlin’! I forget whether you mentioned readin’ them or not! For an AH fic(s), it was seriously awesome!

  6. rita01tx

    Slow start with only 2 chapters read! But I’m already rarin’ to go for more tomorrow! Kevin is a hoot and I can’t wait for more of Toby!

  7. I’m on chapter 2, and concur that Kevin promises fun times ahead. I really like that Edward has found something outside of his relationship that he really feels good about. It just seems like he chose it too early into his marriage. They’ll figure it out. I love that he feels challenged and fulfilled occasionally. It’s rare for vampWard.

    • rita01tx

      I’m hopin’ for more observations of Edward’s actual performance at the hospital, Kay darlin’! How cool would it be to have a vampire doctor who can smell better than a sniffer dog LOL!

    • Contrary to what my autocorrect insists, that should’ve read “fulfilled vocationally” And NOT “fulfilled occasionally.” *Sigh*

  8. rita01tx

    Woo hoo! CaraNo has completed A Bastard’s Girl on her blog! You can download the pdf from there…

    Click to access a-bastards-girl-by-carano.pdf

  9. rita01tx

    Finished tonight with chapter 5 and I can’t wait for y’all to hear Kevin’s nicknames for our boys ROTFLMAO!

  10. WTF Cara No is posting FF again 😂😂😂 I have actual tears in my eyes. I subscribe to her blog when the hell did this happen? Man I ain’t gonna read much Angel today between the mob one shots and now this when she left our favorite couple they were in the showers 🚿. Sorry for my spastic response I do have a lemon update 😉

    Chapter 2 🍋🍋🍋➕an all nighter sweet
    Chapter 3 🍋🏥on the desk in scrubs oh baby
    Chapter 4 🍋🎂Bella’s birthday sex was slightly disappointing Ed better represent next year😉
    So happy to be reading with all of you and Ms Connie97 your new story seems very dark and delicious like a truffle so I’m 🍫Sending you out a chocolate.
    Rita if your computer keeps giving you problems change the oil and use duct tape Mr. Beth says that fixes everything. (Yeah he’s an idiot)

    • Thanks for the chocolate, Beth.😊😊 I am really pleased that you liked ‘Broken’. With the way I have portrayed Edward in it, I was expecting rotten tomatoes and eggs, literally. *chuckles* But, it’s great to get such enthusiastic response. Readers like you always make my day, making me smile so goofily that my family is beginning to fear for my sanity. 😉Thanks a lot!

    • rita01tx

      Saw the completion of A Bastard’s Girl on one of my Facebook fanfiction groups and snatched it instantly, Beth darlin’ LOL! I follow CaraNo’s blog, as well, but NEVER get any notice of updates or anything else so it’s good to have more than one pair of eyes on the prize *fist bump!*

  11. I’m getting ready to start chapter 7. Itching to hear about dirty dancing Edward.

  12. rita01tx

    Finished chapter 9 and now it’s off to bed *sigh!* I sooo wanted to continue readin’ but the flesh is weak LOL!
    No spoilers but a couple of rotten scoundrels have popped up who sorely need punishin’ but Deb’s holdin’ our boys back, damn it!

  13. I’ve got to get on the ball. I’ve been busy and haven’t read more than a couple of pages today, but I hope to get a chapter or two in before sleep takes me.

  14. Chapter 5 🍋
    Chapter 6 🍋
    Chapter7 🍋🍋🍋🍋 with a broken 🛏🛏
    Lemon count 15

    Ending tonight at chapter 7 I’m still loving their marriage. Edward as a pediatrician is sweetest ever I have to give it to Deb for creating Docward . Him holding a infant was a beautiful thing to read. Night ladies.

  15. finished chapter 10, I don’t think I will be able to read more today … love that her Bella is not perfect as in the books 🙂

  16. eewee333

    Ok. I just finished book two. Great story. Im going to start book 3 this weekend. I want to read the mobward contest entries. And I have a question. If Tanya is truly mated to Mark why does she still want what Bella has? She’s not acting like a truly mated vampire, at least as I understand it. But either way too bad Bella didn’t crush her when she had the chance.

    • rita01tx

      Good for you, Eewee darlin’ *HUGS!* Yeah, just because she’s mated doesn’t mean she’s any less crazy! I don’t think it’s necessarily that she wants Edward anymore but that she just wants Bella dead for ever standin’ between her and a target of her “affection!” Dumb ass bitch!

    • I’m with you eewee. I think Tanya’s shelf-life should’ve expired by now. She’s been begging to have her ass handed to her. Permanently. So sorry for Mark, but it is what it is. I believe at this point, Tanya is just insanely jealous of Bella, period. She wants to be a Cullen, even if it’s not ad Edward’s mate. She believes Bella has usurped her in every way. She just swooped in pretty as she pleased, and took the place of pride as Edward’s mate and wife, adored new daughter to Carlisle and Esme and cherished baby sister. To salt the wound, she’s a powerful, kick-asss vampire with a compassionate heart. Even Tanya’s mate and coven like Bella. It just burns Tanya’s buns. LOL

  17. rita01tx

    You know those days where you have no idea what you’ve been doin’ but it’s already bed time? Yeah, had me one of those so I only read chapter 10 and it looks like change is in the air! Deb sure knows how to keep us comin’ back for more LOL!

    • Well I even less. Not for lack of desire, I assure you. And the LA premiere for LCoZ red carpet apparently is tonight-in like 15 minutes, so I will be trying to find a live stream for that. I’ll try to get in another chapter tonight at least.

      • rita01tx

        I have better luck watchin’ Rob’s red carpets when they’re on this side of the world, Kay darlin’! I’ll be snaggin’ pics for my Pinterest board today…haven’t looked yet lest I get too distracted to function the rest of the day LMAO!

  18. rita01tx

    I suspect Charlie had a bet goin’ on how long it would take Rob to put his hands in his pants!

    “Pay up, assholes!”

  19. rita01tx

    Totally blamin’ Rob for distractin’ me so much I only read chapters 11 and 12! But very insightful chapters they were! Looks like Edward and Bella are on the same page about which fork in their road to take and Charlie has dug up some fascinatin’ information on Alice’s past!
    Anybody seen those Twilight Saga Stories videos from 2015? There was one about Alice that was similar to Deb’s vision!

  20. kneon65

    Ok ladies, finally finished the Mobwards & voted. Enrolled into UCLA’s extension class that I need, but I haven’t done my lesson plans or any other work for teaching & its Thursday night. Where did the week go? I started ch 1 last night & I am so ready to get back to E&B especially with the living in London (my favorite place). So let’s see how much I can read tonight before bed, because tomorrow I need to get some lesson plans done, because spring break is over with Sunday night 😦

    • rita01tx

      Dang, girl! Spring Break didn’t last near long enough LOL! When I first started work here in The Netherlands, I was shocked you could work your way up to SIX WEEKS vacation! And, yes I did get that far *fist pump!*

  21. OMG I Just read the most amazing thing AHHHH 🤐🤐🤐🤐I will not spoil, I will not spoil but OMG!,, Just wait till you get to the last half of chapter 16 . Rita I’m gonna borrow a *THUD*.
    Hint I call it SS you all will figure it out. I can’t stop giggling or smiling Drotuno really is a one of a kind. Wish I could read her mind when she wrote this I wonder if Jen her partner in porn had anything to do with it. So bloody fantastic.

    Lemon count
    Chapter 8 🍋
    Chapter 9❌
    Chapter 10 🍋 El grande lemon
    Chapter 11 🍋🍋
    Chapter 12 🍋
    Chapter 13🍋
    Chapter 14 🍋🍋🍋 things are building up
    Chapter 15❌
    Chapter 16🍋🍋🛡🙈🙉🙊

    Lemon total 26

    • rita01tx

      Well, hell, Beth darlin’! I don’t think I’ve ever been as tempted to skip ahead and I love your shield and three monkeys {see, hear, speak no evil} emojis LMAO!

    • Ladies, I’m lagging behind you all. And Beth you are making me want to stay up all night and have a marathon read. I’m taking meds that make reading difficult so it’s slow going for me, but I’m going to try. Oh and I also got distracted by LA promo Rob. The super secret LA red carpet premiere and the screening and press junket.

      • rita01tx

        Just saw he and Charlie are gonna be on Good Morning America April 11th, Kay darlin’! Caught a few interviews on the LA red carpet and he’s just as cute, funny and sweet as ever…imagine suggestin’ he’d eaten a maggot or two just to be an attention whore LMAO! Glad it got cut from the movie, if it was even true! You know how he loves to make things up just to shock people *gigglesnort!*

  22. rita01tx

    Hope you guys liked my Friday post! It mighta cut into my readin’ time so I only managed chapters 13 and 14! Not that that was a hardship…Edward’s costume *THUD! H00r down!* Not to mention some classic Emmett and Jasper moments *gigglesnort!*

  23. Just started chapter 17 and the start is just too funny I need to share this ..

    …”Rose grabbed his ear hard and twisted, walking him back to the patio, where the entire family but me was in hysterics. I
    grimaced as my normally strong-willed, tenacious husband allowed this punishment.

    I eyed his ear, making sure that my man had all of his parts.
    There wasn’t a thing on him I could live without. His temper tantrum warranted her ire, but I preferred it if he stayed in one piece.

    “He’s still in possession of everything,” Alice chuckled softly in my ear.


    • rita01tx

      Well, hell! I better get readin’, Zveka darlin’ LOL!
      Thought at first Rose had hold of Emmett but, since it’s Edward, I can’t imagine what he could have done to piss her off so bad!

  24. rita01tx

    Okay, noooow I know the meanin’ behind Beth’s shield emoji *wink!* If Bella can manipulate her shield like that, Edward’s in for some excitin’ years ahead LMAO!

  25. Morning all lemon update

    Chapter 17 🍋🍋🔥🔥🔥👨‍🚒hot hot hot
    Chapter 18 🍋🍋🌉
    Chapter 19❌
    Lemon count 30
    Approaching the half way mark I think a change is coming for our couple. Some characters are being left
    behind I wonder who is next? Ms. Drotuno is so creative always thinking up new stuff so talented. So many of my favorite authors follow this site MOH, conniseour97, Alicia68 ect. I’m so glad I found you😘

    • rita01tx

      Thanks for the lemon count, Beth darlin’! I’m on chapter 18 right now and Edward was lucky Rose let him keep his body parts in chapter 17 after the demolition derby of chapter 16 LOL!
      Alice’s story has me by the throat right now…
      Yeah, I love it when authors drop by to say hello!

    • rita01tx

      So, Deb asked for song recs at the bottom of chapter 18 and I immediately thought of this one…even though it’s way too late LMAO!

      • Ok so this song is very erotic I remember seeing this video when I read In you Room by layathomemom. Yeah it’s mentioned in chapter 2 . I can see Ms Drotuno playing this on loop while writing quiet a few of her stories.

        • rita01tx

          Melbie had this same song behind another of her video’s full of Fifty’s sexy quotes over gorgeous RobPorn but it’s GONE from her channel *snotsob!*

  26. rita01tx

    Well, it’s after midnight and I’m kinda punch drunk after finishin’ off chapter 20! That was a fun one startin’ with a voyeuristic Dirty Edward and endin’ with a trainin’ hunt through the dark streets of London!

  27. rita01tx

    Havin’ just now finished chapter 25 and things are gettin’ mighty excitin’ and action packed! New characters have come aboard…3 rescued newborns, 1 girl and 2 guys. I like all of them although the one guy is a snarky bastard who gets taken down a peg or two by various Cullens for his lack of respect but he’s basically a good dude so cut him some slack when you get there!
    Night all!

  28. Hello friends. Beth, I really get a kick out of your lemon count special effects, lol. I was trying to riddle out what that shield emoji was for. Sadly, I’m still reading slower than a snail in molasses…in January. Sorry girls. I’m not in top form. I’m on chapter 18. On another note, I did see the GMA segment this morning. I hope to get some time to read a bit later today. I’m still with you,

  29. rita01tx

    Ugh! Spent far too long pluggin holes in my still mangled TBR today so I only read chapter 26! Oh, my! The way Bella describes her love for Edward is just so beautiful *sniff!* My eyes won’t stay open long enough to read more so I’ll say good night, y’all!

  30. I’m here I am not MIA I have a very long weekend and will be catching up on the Angel.

    Chapter 20 🍋🍋🖱(mirror)
    Chapter 21🍈Lime for some dry humpin
    Chapter 22🍋🎹🎹piano -again that thing sure makes Bella want to “play” with Edward
    I have a gift for you all and will post as soon as I figure out attachment and what not. On to New York and I hope Alice gets retribution.

    • rita01tx

      Oooh, the mirror scene was so hot *phew!* Don’t know how Deb manages to keep all the lemons fresh…it’s a kind of magic LOL!

  31. My gift:

    So my daughter tells me you should be able to copy and paste for these images.


    If it doesn’t work I can email you.

    So let’s go back it’s a hot July night in 2014 I am walking thru the living room to find a quiet place to read twific Mr. Beth is watching baseball I look up and stop …. There in the Arizona Diamondbacks dugout is … Robert Pattison swear to God. I watch and watch and there is this player. Centerfielder Number 11 (can I get a Hell Yeah ) who has a jaw that could cut glass, scruffy beard, hooded eyes, smirk, dimple, beauty mark the whole enchilada. Fast forward April 2015 I am at a Arizona Diamondbacks game with family on the field before first pitch….. I need a moment……. Players are ….. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g
    This number 11 is on his back legs over his head feet on the grass and he is there and then as if I’m not about to spontaneously combust he spreads his legs and bounces😲😲😲 all while wearing those sexy ass white baseball pants. I need to catch my breath……………….whew…………exhale ……. the memories are intense. Any how I call AJ Pollock my baseball boyfriend. It being opening week and all I will share him with you my new friends. He could be Robs brother . The chin is different he weighs more but I see similarities all the time. AJ is who I think of for all of the sport Edwards I read. I think of the banner for Planetblues Badlands when comparing the two, before RP became Dior model. Well D Backs are in San Francisco tonight AJ bats first and I have to ogling to do while I read Angel.
    Night All☮

    • rita01tx

      Oh, hell, yeah! Those uniforms are the best part of baseball, Beth darlin’…well, the taut asses they cover *drool!*
      Thanks for sharin’! There’s a Rob flavor to his features but I wouldn’t mistake him for him LOL!

    • I’m a football lover (American football), and I kept seeing football fans commenting that quarterback (at the time he was playing with the Denver Broncos) that Brock Osweiler looked like Rob. Every game there’d be tons of tweets about it. My vote still goes to Rob.

  32. eewee333

    Hi everyone. I’ve finally joined in the read-along for book 3. Enjoying it so far. Love Kevin and Toby. Learning more and more about Edward’s time before Bella. I love the way Deb writes these characters. I’ll check in again next week. Happy Easter everyone.

    • rita01tx

      So glad you could make it, Eewee darlin’! It sure didn’t take long to understand why Zveka said the 3rd book was her favorite *high five!*

  33. Lemon update

    Chapter 23 ❌
    Chapter 24🍋
    Chapter 25🍋
    Chapter 26🍋🍋🍋 It’s a fresh air lemon fest
    Chapter 27❌
    Chapter 28🍋🍋
    Chapter 29❌

    Total 41 and I agree that she keeps things fresh. Debs imagination and skill as a writer is amazing. No spoilers but the battle scenes were so well done.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I do love Deb’s action sequences, Beth darlin’! Looks like you and I are neck ‘n neck right now LOL! I”ll be lucky to get one more chapter in tonight…gettin’ late again *poutyface!*

  34. Finished chapter 32 … not sure I will read more today … the only thing I will say is … finally Alice could see something!!!!

  35. I’m just starting chapter 27, but that last sentence of chapter 26 had me reeling. Our peace-loving pacifist Dr. Goodlove going all-in with the first punch. Aggressive action not defensive reaction. Wondering why they didn’t have Bella tear him to pieces on sight. Followed swiftly by Lance. No chit-chat necessary.

    • rita01tx

      Bella’s certainly bad ass enough to be able to handle it, Kay darlin’, but the Cullens at least have a veneer of civility which costs one of them at the end of this battle *sniff!*

  36. Lemon count
    Chapter 30 🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 31🍋
    Chapter 32🍋Ahhh the meadow 🌄
    Chapter 33🍋👂👏🏻🤣🤣the slap cracked me up on the roof
    Total 47

    • rita01tx

      Just finished chapter 32…if the trees surroundin’ that meadow could talk LMAO! And now I’m determined to finish chapter 33 before I turn in thanks to your intriguin’ emojis, Beth darlin’!
      Sweet Edward dreams, y’all!

    • rita01tx

      OMG! Chapter 33 the sound the sound the sound…gonna have to agree on that one *gigglesnort!*

  37. kneon65

    Ok, I think this should finally get posted. I’ve had a hard time signing in WordPress the last few days. I did some updates and it messed up passwords. So anyway I’ve been trying to read 2 chapters a night, but have been falling asleep and dropping my tablet (good thing its durable & it hasn’t broken). So I’m up to ch 19. I am so sad that a Edward is giving up being his career of a doctor. He was so caring and doing such a great job. I love Kevin. Still think Tanya is going to cause some major problems. I love the lemon counter I always check to see what I can look forward to before I read. So I guess they will be eventually heading to NYC. I also hope they find the key to this separation that effects their connection.

    Rita, love you your recommendations this week. I of course added them to my list. I’m off to try to get another chapter or 2 read for tonight. Talk to you ladies again soon.

    • rita01tx

      With any luck, Edward and Bella can find a way to help children in a way that won’t separate them since they are both so good at it, each in their own way, Kneon darlin’! I also agree Tanya’s gonna continue to cause trouble *sigh!* She needs a permanent resolution sooner rather than later, the psycho bitch!
      Your’e so gonna enjoy where Deb’s takin’ this story so don’t give up!!!

  38. Had some time to read today between addictive marathon of Pillars of Earth on Stars, I can’t resist all those English actors ,and new season of DR Who.

    Chapter 34🍋
    Chapter 35 🍋🎹🎹🎹piano -again geeze Bella get off the piano already I mean quite getting off on the piano already.
    Chapter 36 🍋
    Chapter 37❌
    Chapter 38🍋♋️(Take the hint)🍋
    Total 52
    Feels like things are coming to a head I mean climax I mean oh hell you know what I mean.

    • rita01tx

      Mornin’ Beth darlin’! Thanks for the lemon update! Finished chapter 35 last night! Dayum, their “moments” are just gettin’ fiercer and fiercer! I was sure they were gonna get caught this time LOL!
      Not followin’ any series since it’s impossible a) to catch the first episode and b) to watch sequentially after that so there’s no point *shrugs!*
      But, oh, I do miss the 10th Doctor, especially when Catherine Tate was his companion…she cracks me the fuck up!

  39. rita01tx

    Chapter 36 proved interestin’ with the elimination of one threat and a firm resolve to terminate the other! Hell’n, Mark might just have a surprise up his sleeve!

    • Well….two chapters were lemonless ?? That word does not sound right.

      Chapter 39❌
      Chapter 40❌
      So many plot twists and action will they ever get a break? This has been a massive story I’m very curious about what’s in store in book four.
      Have a wonderful day everyone.☮️

      • rita01tx

        Lemonless sounds ominous somehow…as if they’re too busy fightin’ to fuck! Damn, gonna have to drop all my updates and get to readin’ LMAO!

  40. Finished chapter 40 …. a lot happened….. twists and turns in every chapter!!

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, chapter 40 was a real nail biter, Zveka darlin’! Couldn’t just leave after that so I’ve plowed on through the end of chapter 42. Gonna give my eyes a break now so nighty night, y’all!

  41. Running out the door, but just wanted to pop in. I’m starting chapter 35. I’ll pop back in later if I can.

    • rita01tx

      I’m amazed we’ve all stayed fairly close to each other this time, Kay darlin’! A little sprint ahead here…a little fall behind there but, all in all, it’s been a real good read along *fist bump!*

  42. Last of the fruits

    Chapter 41🍋🍋
    Chapter 42 I’ll give it a lime🍈
    Chapter 43❌
    Chapter 44🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🌋 Ms. Drotuno takes us out with a weeklong bangin.

    Total lemon zester count 60 give or take
    Wow what a trip this has been. I checked out her blog and it appears there was quiet a gap between book 3 and 4 can’t wait for the rest but I will.
    Nite all.☮

  43. Finished and I will say again book 3 is my favorite 🙂 even if book 4 is full of challenge for Cullens 🙂

  44. rita01tx

    Okay, I’m done, too! Wow! What a ride…definitely my favorite, so far! I’ll give my final verdict after book 4 LOL!
    So, since Kay, Kneon and Eewee are still readin’, we’ll take another break to let them catch up, okay?

  45. kneon65

    I’m on ch. 26 right now still plugging along, trying to reading 2 ch a night without falling asleep & dropping my tablet.

    • rita01tx

      There were nights when I barely got 1 chapter read, let alone 2, Kneon darlin’! At a certain point, I had to just ignore my inbox and focus on readin’ Angel 3 ’cause it was takin’ too long and I NEEDED to know what was happenin’ next LOL!
      Of course, now I’m payin’ the price tryin’ to clear up tons of updates as well as the new mobwards! Wait…that wasn’t a complaint *gigglesnort!*

  46. rita01tx

    Hi, y’all! Sorry for bein’ AWOL but I’m about to OD on all the Mobward fics comin’ out of the We Love Mobward Contest! Hell’n I’m even stuck in the middle of an older complete fic where Edward tricks Bella into marryin’ him without tellin’ her he’s in the mob! She just found out so I’m goin’ back in to see if he lives LOL!

    • kneon65

      Rita, which Mobward are you reading. I love Mobward. Oh who am I kidding I love Edward in any form.

      Kay. I was lucky enough to see QotD in a super secret screening that I was invited online. Which it was incredible. Then last weekend I saw Qotd On Demand last weekend & it was totally different. I liked both versions, but I loved the other version so much more.

      My husband and I have to drive over 1/2 hour away to see LCoZ because it is sold out at the theaters close to us. I have tried to stay away from interviews & pictures this whole time so it wouldn’t taint my viewing of the movie.

      I’m in the middle of chapter 29 I think bc I again fell asleep with my tablet in the bed and glasses on my face. At least the tablet didn’t get dropped. LOL. Reading everyone’s comments I can’t wait to for what is to come.

      • rita01tx

        I’m readin’ Things Aren’t Always What They Seem by Jess2002, Kneon darlin’!
        Once you join or marry into the Mafia, it’s for life. That was something I didn’t know. If I did, I never would have put my family in such a situation. mobward! r&r
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 62,586 – Reviews: 1,202 – Favs: 1,006 – Follows: 649 – Updated: Apr 7, 2012 – Published: Nov 1, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7513445 Bella’s a widow with three young children and Edward has to marry before he turns thirty-five or he gets kicked to the bottom of the mob ladder LOL!

        • kneon65

          Oh I haven’t read that one. Thanks sounds really good. Another one for the list. LOL Plus, I just bought a book from Amazon. Don’t know when I’ll read that. Maybe in between one of the fanfiction stories.

          • rita01tx

            It’s definitely got my attention LOL! I would love to finish it tonight but don’t think my eyes are gonna stay open long enough! In fact, I just noticed the time so nighty night!

      • Really cool that you were able to see special screening of QotD. Interested that it was recut.

  47. I’ve finally finished. Got a bit distracted at the end with Rob goodies like seeing QotD, LCoZ again, twice, a great interview, New DiorRob pic, and more. Alas, I soldiered on. Loved the epilogue.

    • rita01tx

      Way to go, Kay darlin’ *high five!*
      Rob has definitely been very distractin’ LOL! We’ll get LCoZ here by next weekend. My Bear might even go with me since my usual movie buddy is on vacation *woo hoo!*
      What was your impression of him in QotD? Haven’t even gotten a hold of that one or CoaL on DVD yet! Damn, I’m gettin’ way behind *sigh!* Oh, and did you enjoy LCoZ even more the 2nd time? I always need two or more sessions with Rob’s movies to make sure I don’t miss anything LMAO!

      • I’ve been having loads of difficulty posting here lately. Like for weeks. It may be my kindle scrapping out, but I keep trying. Sometimes it’s fine, like now, and others I have to keep things very brief if I am able to type anything at all. Kindle tech told me to clear my history and cache and that might help. Just wondering if it’s just me or is anyone else having difficulty.

      • Lcoz even better the second and third time around. I’m having tech diff so can’t elaborate here. It’s a long movie, with a deliberate pace. Well-acted, stellar supporting cast.

  48. Hey, gang, I came across something yesterday that you might want to know … I’m reading Cutlass by TKegl (yeah, I’m a little late to the party – that’s OK it’s an excellent party). Anyway, she posted a note on her profile that she’s pulling it for publication on May 1!

    Congrats to all of you who finished or are still working on Book 3 of the Angel series! For a college class I’ve read two Jane Austen novels in the same time frame, but I think y’all read way more words!! Plus I had to imagine all my own citrus…

    • rita01tx

      Thanks for the heads up, Zveka darlin’! Snagged and saved! I love TKegl’s fics and hate to see any of them disappear, even for publishin’! Which reminds me…have you read Just One of the Boys? She pulled that one a long time ago!
      Summary: Bella’s dying to break into the music biz, but is thwarted at every turn. When boy band 5Point holds open auditions, it could be her big chance. Of course, first she has to convince them she’s a boy… AND hide her huge crush on the dreamy lead singer.
      Talk about an epic fic hunt LOL! I finally tracked it down under an orphan account on Archive of Our Own so if anyone wants a copy, just holler!

      • I don’t have that one, so please consider this a holler! I vaguely remember hearing about that one but being unable to locate it, so thanks for your superior hunting skills. Fic friends are the best!

        • rita01tx

          You’ve got mail, Renee darlin’! And you’re very welcome!
          The scene that sticks out the most in my mind about this fic is a drag queen contest the band gets involved in that was hilarious and strangely hot LMAO!

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