Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

I’ll be featurin’ three “WIPs to Watch” this week…didn’t get any complete fics read, what with Deb’s Angel Series read along, book 3, burnin’ up all my readin’ hours LOL!

Sure wanna thank AliciaW68 for steerin’ me in the direction of my first rec…thanks a lot, Alison darlin’ *MWAH!*

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12313852/1/That-Cowboy-Dream

Bella is having second thoughts about the wedding to her childhood sweetheart when a chance meeting sees her spending a sizzling night with cowboy Edward. The wedding is called off but not before Edward finds out the truth. Pregnant and alone, will Bella ever find Edward again or will he fade to a cowboy dream? AU. Canon Pairings. ExB. Weekly updates. M for language & lemons.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie – Chapters: 20 – Words: 30,511 – Reviews: 328 – Favs: 275 – Follows: 498 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jan 8 – id: 12313852

Determined to give Bella a taste of Las Vegas fun before her weddin’ to Jacob, Rose drags her off to a cowboy bar where her world’s about to flip on its axis!

Dancing usually instilled complete terror in her but with Edward it was easy. He guided her effortlessly with a steadying hand here and there. She found that she wasn’t self-conscious, just one of the crowd for once. The song came to a crescendo and he spun her around and around, half a dozen times in a row, stopping her by pulling her into waltz hold. She was a little dizzy and made the fatal mistake of steadying herself on him and gazing up into his big green eyes.

A slow song came on and he started to sway in time to the music, keeping a safe distance between their bodies. There didn’t seem any harm in it so she swayed with him, suddenly aware of the heat of his body and every tiny movement of his hand against her back. She felt like everything was a little foggy, like there was something that she should have remembered but couldn’t. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to move her body closer to his and rest her head a moment on his shoulder like other couples nearby were doing. His shirt was soft clean cotton, comforting against her cheek. His scent was all man, citrus and fresh but with a touch of musk that spoke volumes. She lifted her head and gazed again into his eyes. He leaned down and touched his lips to hers.

Jacob! She sprung from Edward like he had bitten her. “Sorry,” she said, “I’m sorry.” He stood dumbfounded on the dancefloor as she backed up until she hit a table, turned herself in the right direction then ran. She ran straight towards the door with no thought of Rose.

A row of yellow cabs were waiting outside and she dived into the first one, mumbling that she wanted the Bellagio before breaking into floods of tears. What had she done? She was getting married in three days. In fact, she looked at her watch, it was the middle of the night so technically only two days. What the hell was she doing flirting with a sexy cowboy?

What the hell, indeed! And, if she’s just run away from him, how did she wind up pregnant? Last I heard tell, sperm aren’t carried on the wind LMAO!

Guess you’ll have to read to find out *wink!*

~oOo~ROB ATTACK{banner by the author May T. Brown}


When Bella left years ago, she never had a chance to say good-bye to her friends. When she returns, she’s shocked to see that the ‘group’ was no longer intact. Will she be the one to get them back together, or will something else prevent it from happening.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 7,531 – Reviews: 195 – Favs: 178 – Follows: 342 – Updated: 6h ago – Published: Mar 24 – id: 12417694

One sure way to grab my attention for a new story is to start it out with our gang as kids growin’ up together!

“Why does a guy always have to be Red Ranger, why not a girl?” Rose asked.

“Please, that will never work, I’m not following any girl leader. Alice is too small. And just look at Bella; she gets bruises all over her legs from just walking, so she can’t be Red Ranger.” Emmett pointed at me.

I suddenly felt self-conscious about the dark marks on my legs. I shifted uncomfortably as they all stopped to stare at me. Luckily, Rose wasn’t finished with her side of the argument.

“So why can’t I be Red Ranger? I’m sick of being Pink just because I’m a girl and know gymnastics.” Rose used the fireman pole to slide down then stood nose to nose with Emmett.

“Fine, be Rita Repulsa, you’re ugly enough,” Emmett quirked.

Rose’s mouth dropped open, and she looked stunned. After a moment, she kicked him hard in the shin, causing him to wince. She took a step back and glared at him with her hands balled into fists.

“Emmett!” I gasped in shock, he had never been that rude before.

“That was mean—apologize,” Alice ordered.

“Say something.” Rose glared at her twin brother.

“What? He’s right, no one can yell quite like you.” Jasper shrugged.

“You know what? I’m too old for this baby game anyway. I’m leaving.” Rose flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“Good riddance,” Emmett yelled at her back as he rubbed his shin.

“And that didn’t hurt!”

“Rosalie, come on. Mom said we had to stay together; if you leave I have to go,” Jasper complained.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to agree with the jerk,” Rose snapped as she yanked her bike off the ground.

She straddled it and took off down the street.

Jasper groaned, giving Emmett a dirty look. “Thanks a lot.”

He chased after Rose, quickly catching up on his own bike. Emmett rolled his eyes then glanced at the rest of us with a disappointed look.

“You coming, Edward?”

Edward glanced at Alice and me. “What about the girls?”

“I can be Pink Ranger, and Bella can be Yellow. We can draw names for Red Ranger, and the other can be Green. Tommy is just as good as Jason,” Alice suggested.

“I’m tired of playing with you girls, you only drag us down.” Emmett turned but continued walking backward. “Edward, are you coming, or are you playing sissy games like one of the girls?”

Emmett didn’t wait for an answer and hopped his own dirt bike leaving a cloud of dust. Edward gave me a half a glance before starting to follow.

“Wait, Edward, I need to tell you something?” I suddenly remembered why I came to the playground in the first place.

“Why couldn’t you side with me and say I should be the Red Ranger?”

He frowned and scuffed his foot.

“You’re blaming me?” I asked incredulously.

“No. I just. . .maybe Em’s right. I already get picked on for being a nerd. Maybe we should play separately more often.” Edward’s ears turned pink.

“But Edward. . . ” I felt hurt by his words. Out of all of them, I had been the closest to Edward.

“I’ll see you later.” He ran towards his bike.

“But I gotta tell you something. It’s important,” I called after him.

“Later! I promise.” He was already peddling away.

Biting my lip and trying not to cry, I looked around. The playground was empty. At some point, Alice must have left. Dejectedly, I sat down on the swing and pushed off the ground. I stared at the sand as it blurred under my feet as I moved. I should be walking home, but I was too tired at the moment.

I wasn’t sure how long I sat there when my dad’s car pulled up. He got out and headed towards me.

“Bells, we’ve been looking for you. Where is everyone; you know you’re not supposed to be here by yourself,” he reprimanded lightly.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

He sighed and was quiet for a moment. “We have to go; we can’t miss the plane. Come on, your mom is waiting in the car.” He stopped the swing, so I could get off.

“I don’t wanna go.” Tears ran down my face.

“I’m afraid you don’t get a choice, kiddo,” he said softly.

I glanced around the playground one more time before taking his hand. We climbed into the car and drove off, leaving Forks behind.

Awww, how sad Bella had to leave all her friends behind, especially Edward! But she’ll see them again although she’ll have a hard time recognizin’ ’em!

{And, once I saw a pic of this little cutie pie, I couldn’t resist makin’ a banner for it myself LOL!}



ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12362953/1/Iris

Bella is the new girl in Forks. Edward is the loner with the tragic past. Will they find happiness with each other, or will something bigger tear them apart? Will Bella get the happy ending she’s dreaming of?

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 9 – Words: 38,645 – Reviews: 51 – Favs: 22 – Follows: 52 – Updated: Apr 10 – Published: Feb 13 – id: 12362953

Lordamercy, my last rec tonight is just full of angsty goodness!

I sat at my lab table and found myself sitting next to the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. His untidy bronze hair was striking against his porcelain skin and emerald green eyes. Even though he was sitting, I could tell he was tall and lean but well built. I tried not to drool, and I hoped he couldn’t hear me gasp at his beauty. He was just perfect. I was completely rendered speechless. How did I get so lucky to have this Greek god as a lab partner?

“Hi,” I said shyly once I found my voice, not sure how to approach this Adonis but not wanting to seem unfriendly.

He responded by giving me a cold stare and turning away from me.

I looked around to see if there was possibly something around me that could have affected him that way. Nope. Just me. I tried again.

“Hi, I’m Bella.”

“I know who you are,” he snapped.

I just sat there with my mouth open and wondered how he could be so rude. As Mr. Banner began lecturing, I noticed my partner scooting his stool further away from me. I could feel the blush creeping into my cheeks and tried not to cry. Tears were my usual response to anger, and I really didn’t want this idiot to see my cry. I was livid. I hadn’t done anything but say hello to this guy, yet he couldn’t stand me for some reason. He was stiff and rigid throughout the whole lecture, and when the bell rang he practically ran out of the room. I just stood there in shock. 

The final bell rang at 2:30, and I hightailed it out of the school as fast as I could. I didn’t want to run into Alice or anyone else I had met today. I just wanted this day to be over. Unfortunately, I wasn’t meeting Charlie at the diner until 5:00. I went home for a bit to do some homework, but I couldn’t get my mind off of Edward Masen. I had no idea why he had gotten under my skin so badly.

“So how was your day?” Charlie asked after we had ordered.

“Pretty good,” I lied. “My classes seem easy, and I met a few people.”

Charlie nodded. “Did you see Alice?”

“Yeah. I met her this morning. We have a couple of classes together, and I sat with her at lunch. I met Emmett and some of their friends.”

I paused for a moment. “I also met Edward.”

“Nice kids, all of them,” Charlie said.

“I don’t know,” I contradicted. “Edward wasn’t very friendly.”

“He really is a good kid,” Charlie insisted. “He’s just been through a lot, losing his parents and all. You’ll like him once you get to know him.”

I doubted that, but I didn’t feel like arguing with my father.

Charlie continued. “Esme Cullen called today. She invited us to dinner tomorrow. You can hang out with Alice outside of school and perhaps see that Edward isn’t so bad.”

Great. My own father was taking up for Edward Masen. I could deal with Alice and her endless supply of energy, but her cousin was another story. Edward annoyed me, yet for some strange reason I couldn’t get him out of my mind. He had been rude to me, though.

I was nothing but nice, yet he chose to treat me terribly and ignore me. We’d have to work together as lab partners, but that didn’t mean we’d have to be friends. I finally decided to make my life easy and just dislike him. I only hoped I could stick to that decision.

Lucky for Edward, he and Bella find a way to be friends…maybe even more, just when he needs her the most!

Brigit says: “In case you were wondering how I chose the title of the story, it’s from the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris.” I felt the lyrics were appropriate for Bella and Edward here.”

Happy Friday, y’all!




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25 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. Thank you so much for recommending my story.

    • rita01tx

      Hope it brings you a lot of new readers, May darlin’! They surely won’t be disappointed *fist bump!*
      Sorry for the delay…first time commenters land up on moderation and me bein’ on the other side of the world, it’s happens! Well, it won’t happen again *wink!*

  2. eewee333

    Great recs this week Rita. My TBR list is insane. So many wonderful stories to read. I’m still on Angel 3 right now though. Hugs E

    • rita01tx

      You know me, Eewee darlin’! Can’t resist a good WIP to save my life LOL! That’s about all I have time for while we’re all readin’ Angel 3…dayum, it’s goood!

  3. rita01tx

    OMG! I’m readin’ the cutest, sexiest, funniest fic on pdf right now!
    Here’s an excerpt from Can’t Let Go by MadeleineJade:

    Bella’s just landed a job at a local newspaper reviewin’ books and movies. Also, she has an advice column her friends are more than willin’ to help her with, especially Emmett:

    Lana, {her pseudonym is Lana Love}
    My wife and I have been together since college, eight years now and married for five. We just had twins, and my mom’s still cold towards my wife. This dislike is irrational and unfounded. Mom loves the twins but still puts down my wife, who is otherwise liked by pretty much everyone she comes in contact with. The twins are still too young to understand the animosity. Luckily, we have a tight knit group of friends and family other than my mom. My wife is a very strong person and doesn’t let my mother get to her, but I know it still hurts her to some extent. I’ve tried reaching out to my mom in the past but to no avail. Should I just give up? What the smurf should I do?

    “Aww, I feel bad for him and his wife,” I said. “His mom sounds like a real piece of work.”

    “She’s a real piece of something,” Rosalie mused.

    “What a bitch,” Alice snarled. “I think the mom needs to be thrown in a vat of acid.” Rose and I nodded our heads in agreement.

    “I think he should try at least once more to see what his mom’s problem is, and if she’s still a bitch then give up,” Jasper said.

    I looked at Edward. He was thoughtful a moment but ultimately agreed with Jasper, “Yes, he should try again even though they probably don’t need her support, it’s nice to have everyone getting along especially when there are kids involved.”

    Even though I didn’t really get a good feeling about the mother-in-law, Jasper and Edward were probably right, though the vat of acid sounded like a splendid idea for this woman.

    Finally, we all looked to Emmett, “I like the vat of acid idea, sis.” Emmett high-fived Alice. “But who the hell uses the word smurf? I’d call him a tool if I didn’t feel bad for him.”

    “Hey, don’t call my readers tools, Emmett,” I warned. “And FYI, smurf is an all-purpose, universal term used to mean whatever you want it to mean so smurf the smurf up.” I had to defend my audience though I wasn’t doing it with the straight face I intended to maintain. Something about the word smurf made me smile.

    “Don’t smurf me what to smurf, Bell-LaLo Smurf,” Emmett laughed. Uh-oh, it was on now. I glared at him murderously pretending to be pissed. He saw through it. “Oooh, I’m smurfing in my boots.”

    “Ex-smurf me? I’ll smurf you into next smurf, you…smurfin’…smurf,” I choked out. Then I made a face. “I think I lost track of my smurfs. Did that smurf sense?” I looked at Edward.

    He nodded, “Abso-smurfly. But I think you two have had a smurf too much caffeine,” he pointed out grinning at me.

    “Yeah, cut them the smurf off,” Rosalie chimed in. Alice and Jasper were in hysterics and unable to put in their two cents.

    Thank goodness. This was already getting out of hand.

    If you want a copy, let me know and I’ll send it to you!

  4. Hey sure send it on over I’ll take a look. Been reading like a fiend these past few days finished A Bastards Girl forgot about the shoes. 👠👠 a great fetish for a biker. Three generations of Edwards was fantastic. I’ll send today’s lemon update in a bit. Hope all are having a wonderful weekend.

  5. dpennell007

    Happy Easter Ladies! We’re going to the in-laws later for dinner, so I can spend my morning reading.

    I’m on chapter 18 of a recently finished fic which is out-there but is VERY good. I took a chance starting it because she has 2 terrific one-shots:


    Beautiful World
    By: Wonwordful
    Complete! It’s a time when chaos, terror and curses reign supreme. No one is truly free but some have even less than others. The meeting of two souls, twin desires in a sea of secrets, is a struggle for trust and meaning. AU/Dark/Vampire Dystopia/HEA
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Fantasy/Horror – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 44 – Words: 54,184 – Reviews: 767 – Favs: 314 – Follows: 519 – Updated: 19h ago – Published: Jan 31, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 7791614

    I have been following That Cowboy Dream. Jacob’s sisters are wicked, evil villainesses! Last week I read a few of the recs – The Unexpected, and A Touch of Kismet. Both were good!

    • rita01tx

      Happy Easter, Donna darlin’! Just another lazy day in mi casa with my two cats, my Bear and lots of fics to read! Followed Ara’s Beautiful World until she pulled it last year. Figured I’d wait until it’s complete to try again…just don’t know when *facepalm!*
      Oh, I seriously wanted to kick those bitches in the ass and I hope someone does before That Cowboy Dream completes *fist bump!*

  6. I put the wips on alert and downloaded Beautiful World. Thanks! Back to Angel series.

    • rita01tx

      I was just about to get back to Angel 3 when my inbox exploded with one shots from the We Heart Mobward Contest, Kay darlin’! Been busy updatin’ my TBR and pdf’n the heck out of them *phew!*

  7. Thanks Rita, I put wip on alert 🙂

    Emotion Masen repost her two stories


    A year ago Bella had it all, attending college, friends, a boyfriend and her family. Then in one night her entire world came crashing down never to be the same. Edward recently requested for a job transfer. Relocating to Seattle, to run from his own problems, Edward was determined to never fall victim to another woman. That is until he meets Bella at a coffee house. REPOST
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 11,203 – Reviews: 45 – Favs: 82 – Follows: 123 – Published: Apr 15 – id: 12448121

    Bella has always felt like she had the worst luck. So what happens when she gets locked out of her house in nothing but a bathrobe, one slipper and a bag of garbage with her hot new neighbor Edward watching from his porch with that stupid sexy grin on his face. REPOST!
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 9,074 – Reviews: 46 – Favs: 104 – Follows: 132 – Published: Apr 15 – id: 12448136

    Both are excellent! 😊

  8. thank you Rita for Want You Bad 🙂 excellent!!!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, Zveka darlin’! Edward doesn’t always have to be a rich CEO or mob boss to ring my bell LOL!

  9. rita01tx

    OH! MY! GAWD! This is an abandoned WIP so I couldn’t possibly rec it as a Feature Fic but, as we all know, there are lemons and then there are LEMONS! Well, let me tell you…this lady writes drop down dead in a swoon FUCKHAWT LEMONS!!! Just don’t pay any attention to the gross misuse of your for you’re…hell’n you’ll hardly notice *gigglesnort!*
    Breaking Trinity by VvDeadRosesvV
    AH/AU ExB Lemon. Mid-Semester, Senior Year. Bella is escaping Arizona and starting over in Washington. An unexpected hook-up at a party in Port Angeles turns into obsession. What happens when desire becomes too much to control? Rated S for Snarling.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 32 – Words: 184,871 – Reviews: 6,705 – Favs: 5,081 – Follows: 4,888 – Updated: Aug 23, 2012 – Published: Sep 16, 2009 – id: 5379823
    Oooh, you’re gonna love Snarlward! Too bad she never finished it but at least the lemons are not to be missed!

    • Rita, I have this on my kindle. I’m glad you mentioned it or I might’ve passed it by since it’s unfinished. I am very, very curious because we have read our way around some spicy citrus. I was thinking that Ride, which I finished yesterday has some world-class lemons.

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