Random Rita’s Read Along ~ Angel Series Part 4!


Happy Saturday, ladies!

Well, here we are about to embark on our final read along of Deb’s Angel Series which ends with Part 4: Haunted Angel!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/8519121/1/Angel-Series-4-Haunted-Angel

The FOURTH in the Angel Series. Its a year later. When the Cullens move to a new home, Edward begins to hear something he can’t explain. Is it a ghost or is he losing his mind? As always, there’s love, angst, and music, plus old friends & new. AU/slightly-OOC Canon couples E/B Lemons/language

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Mystery – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 41 – Words: 391,137 – Reviews: 2,928 – Favs: 923 – Follows: 574 – Updated: Feb 3, 2013 – Published: Sep 12, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8519121

By now, I’m sure you remember what to do…

Step 1: Report to the startin’ line by lettin’ me know you’re in!

Step 2: Start readin’ and at least leave a review for Deb where you finish for the day!

Step 3: Come back here and report how many chapters you’ve read and what your thoughts are, so far!

Step 4: Definitely report back here when you finish!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed these read alongs as much as I have! Now, let’s get this show on the road!





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81 responses to “Random Rita’s Read Along ~ Angel Series Part 4!

  1. Yup I’m here . I visited her blog interesting pictures over there. The description of this story seems a bit far out but Drotuno has always delivered. Time to dust off the abacus and get to counting lemons ( I really need a better use for my time)
    I’ll try to get thru first chapters tonight. ☮Beth

    • rita01tx

      *High five!* It’s time LOL! Yeah, I noticed the word ghost in the summary, Beth darlin’! Can’t wait to see what Ms. Rotuno has in store for us!!!

  2. Chapter 1🍋🍋 starting it out right

  3. I’m here too. Started this morning after reading the first three chapters of Angel’s Dust (outtakes.) I will do my darndest to keep up with you all, but it seems I’m in for a whole lot of unexpected RL drama. This will be my peaceful sanctuary when I can fit it in.

    • rita01tx

      Uh oh! We’re here with open arms if you need us, Kay darlin’! Damn, RL can really get in the way of quality readin’ time *sigh!*

        • Ms Lady Kay I don’t know whatcha going thru but I’ll pray for you. This week I had work conference, recertification testing, daughters 18 birthday and Prom. graduation coming up and all the year end crap. I keep in mind -this to shall pass – and I saw a kick ass quote on Sunshine1220 (?) FF profile ” don’t cry because it’s over, be happy it happened ” -Dr Seuss

          If you find those utter crap and no help what so ever put on your headphones and enjoy the awsome Mr Blue Sky by ELO see link above. 😘 I send you wine to enjoy with the music🍷🍩oh and a chocolate donut with sprinkles YESSSSSSSS are you smiling yet?

          • rita01tx

            You iz one busy lady, Beth darlin’!

          • Beth darling, thank you, thank you, thank you for the smile. I surely do need it. And the prayer especially. I am feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed and out of my depth and a host of other conflicting emotions all at once. So having a place like this to come, even virtually, to escape the crazy for a bit, with a great group of women is nice. You my dear are a very busy woman. I hope your recertification goes smoothly and your daughter’s prom festivities are lovely. Graduation is exciting. End of school year is so hectic, but you’re almost there.

  4. Chapter 2 1/2🍋 They were done
    Chapter 3🍋🍋Edward ” moment”

    What is the voice?? I’m confused. 👻👻 I do have this cool ghost so ….Casper show yourself.

    Total lemons 4 and a jip

    • rita01tx

      Dontcha just lurve their “moments?” It was called “love days” in the LolaShoes trilogy…smokin’ *phew!*

      • Library sex is always a win. Couple that with unhingedWard, smack dab in the midst of a ‘moment’ and well that was white hot. That ghost must be totally scandalized, lol. Actually, I don’t think it’s a ghost. I have another theory.

        • rita01tx

          Just finished that chapter, Kay darlin’! Couldn’t agree more that sex in the library with Unhingedward was fuckhawt! Still in the dark about the ghost…I’ll just let it play out *shrug!*

          Hey, anyone else missin’ updates comin’ in? It’s been nearly all day since the last one showed up and, before that, FFN had been sittin’ on our reviews/comments again, although that seems to be fixed.

  5. rita01tx

    Got to see LCoZ this afternoon! Truly, this film needed a whole lot more of Rob…uh, I mean Henry Costin LOL! But it wasn’t his story so it’s all good! Sienna, Tom and the other secondary characters were superb and I absolutely admired Charlie’s portrayal of Percy Fawcett! Musta been like goin’ to the moon back then and how his wife stuck by him even through all those years of virtual abandonment spoke volumes for her fortitude! Of course, gettin’ knocked up each time he came home kept her occupied LOL!
    Like Kay said, though, it needs to be watched at least a time or two more than just once!!!

  6. Chapter 4 ❌
    Chapter 5🍋🍋
    Chapter 6 🍋BJ

    I’m going to focus on reading this and my wips this week. The tone of this seems different than the last 3 books in this series. Maybe it’s me and I’m getting “desensitized ” to ALL the smut I read. This plot has me intrigued.
    Who /what is it?????
    Total 7 lemons and some limes
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. i’m in, I’m in!!! just had some internet problems 🙂

    I started Sunday and now I’m with chapter 6 🙂 …. hope they find soon what this ghost is !

    • rita01tx

      Knew you’d show up, Zveka darlin’ *high five!* You guys are already leavin’ me in the dust LOL!

  8. Chapter 7🍋🍋
    Chapter 8❌
    Chapter 9❌
    Chapter 10🍋🔥🔥🔥🐻Edward gets freaky feral that’s some vamp lovin right there.
    Total 10 wait ….. 10 chapters ONLY 10 lemons and assorted lemonade *shakin my head * that seems almost impossible.

    • rita01tx

      Since not one update has shown up in the last 24 hours, I just might catch up with you, Beth darlin’! I certainly want to get to chapter 10 now LMAO!

  9. rita01tx

    Chapter 10…Oh, My Word! Feral vamp sex after a successful bear hunt *THUD!* And you won’t understand just how much that box of letters meant to Bella if you haven’t read the outtakes in Angel Dust!

  10. rita01tx

    Signin’ off after finishin’ chapter 12! Damn, Deb just constantly amazes me with the depth she gives all her characters, not just Edward and Bella!

    • Only one chapter last night ladies
      Chapter 11❌
      Total still at 10

      • rita01tx

        Oh, it doesn’t stay at 10 for long, Beth darlin’ LOL! Been readin’ updates I found out about on Facebook today but I’ve still managed to get through chapter 13…startin’ chapter 14 right now. Gonna get as many in as possible before my inbox finally kicks into high gear!

  11. rita01tx

    So, after someone on Facebook pointed out that all I had to do was check my favorites list to see what had updated, I got pretty well caught up *phew!* Ended Haunted Angel at chapter 15 and all I gotta say is a human bully gets payback Cullen style *fist bump!*

  12. Chapter 12 🍋🛁🍋 ok so we got a twofer in this chapter whew I thought the Lady Drotuno joined a convent or sumthin 😜
    I have next two days off and will be reading this is a great story so far hoping AV finds a place to belong. The Cullen’s have his back I really enjoy hoe Emmetts big brother bear comes out.
    Total Lemons 12

    • rita01tx

      Oh, ye of little faith LMAO! Emmett is one of my favorite characters, if done right, and Deb does him right…oh, that came out wrong but you know what I mean! And the Cullens are certainly doin’ their best to help AV adjust and he cleans up real cute *gigglesnort!*

  13. Please disregard my previous comments about the lack of sexy times and Deb and convents what was I saying? the beginning of chapter 13 is a doozy I’ll get back to you all with the count I’m rereading that sucker.😉😉wink wink

    • rita01tx

      Headin’ to chapter 16 shortly where I expect some luscious lemony goodness or maybe I should wait to read it tonight? Wouldn’t wanna scare my Bear LOL!

  14. finished chapter 12 … poor Edward and poor poor AV … hope they will be able to help him 🙂

  15. Chapter 13🍋🍋
    Chapter 14❌
    Chapter 15❌
    Chapter 16 🍋🍋🍋
    Chapter 17❌
    Chapter 18❌
    Total 17
    I want to say again how much I am enjoying how Drotuno took canon Twilight themes and expanded. I feel that she is giving us such great insight to the families relationship with each other. How Archie will permanently become a part of the coven I can’t wait to see.

    • rita01tx

      Afternoon, Beth darlin’! What with FFN fail suckin’ all the fun out of things, I wasn’t feelin’ the love enough to do a blog post yesterday AND, try as I might, I couldn’t get through chapter 16 until just a while ago…almost done with chapter 17 as we speak LOL!
      Deb does indeed provide remarkable depth and clarity to the characters created by Stephenie Meyers who, I think, would be astounded and impressed if she ever read the Angel series even though it was written very early in Deb’s fanfic career!

      • OH the loves still there Lady Rita. I’m missing updates I keep checking my inbox like an addict. I scan the updated section of FFnet but I want to add more WIPs and god knows I have enough I follow now. I’m gonna get out of the house for a while taking my little man to the movies. He makes his own films Pit Boy Films on YouTube he even started his own Imdb page ( he’s got big plans) . I was going to read Going down in one shot but this Angel story is keeping me coming back for Archie’s progress. Enjoy the day all!☮️ Beth

  16. rita01tx

    What with the acute lack of FFN updates…STILL! I’ve been burnin’ through Haunted Angel really fast! So much action…so many juicy lemons *sigh!* Just finished chapter 27 and now I know what prompted the motorcycle sex outtake Deb put in Angel Dust LMAO!

  17. Chapter 19🍋
    Chapter 20❌Chapter 21🚘🍋car sex sweet
    Chapter 22❌
    Chapter 23❌
    Chapter 24🍋🍋
    Total 21 assorted lemons

    Hope you all enjoyed the weekend 50 shades darker blue ray out Tuesday I took Wednesday off from work so mama won’t be interrupted 😉
    ☮Peace out-Beth
    Read a funny fic this weekend Cullen Boot Camp by EdwardAteMyPuppy Bella drops the f%#£ bomb ( that’s fuck) in nearly every paragraph. Edward is a sexy sergeant. The writing is hilarious.

    • rita01tx

      Got my copy on back order but won’t get it until nearly the end of June, Beth darlin’ *poutyface!*
      And Cullen Boot Camp sound just like something I’d FLUV to read LOL!
      “You think this is fun and games Bird? You may be small, but I assure you half of these big mother *%#@ers are healthier than you are.” I wanted to kick him in his shin and lick his face at the same time. Wait, why the hell did he just call me a Bird? –Boot Camp has never been this entertaining. Or sexy. ExB AH, Citrus, Language, and just plain ol’ good times!
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 25 – Words: 75,596 – Reviews: 729 – Favs: 716 – Follows: 706 – Updated: Aug 3, 2016 – Published: Aug 16, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9601006

  18. I’m still here with you. Way back on chapter 15. RL is still being mean, but that’s…life. I’ll pop back in if I can.

    • rita01tx

      Had a feelin’ it was gonna be tough for all of us to get through this last book, Kay darlin’! Me’n Beth are feelin’ mighty lonesome *poutyface!* Just kiddin’, hon! You take care of YOU first and foremost…we’re here if you need us and you have my email address so use it *HUGS!*

  19. finished chapter 31… wow and wow! ffn still have a lot of issues with updates so with angel series I had time to read even in dead from drotuno and this is excellent and Saudade by Violet Bliss excellent too 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Workin’ on chapter 33 as we speak, Zveka darlin’! It’s no wonder you’ve read this series more than once already LOL!
      I’m findin’ it very tirin’ to snag updated WIP’s without email alerts but I’ve noted a few, especially my favorites:
      Kaleidoscope by myotherlife
      The Blessing by highlanderprincess
      Where the Heart Is by BitterHarpy (God, I love this one)
      Treasured Heart by Tardis19
      Stricken by Myonlyheroin (another snotsobber I FLUV!)
      Red Ranger by 2brown-eyes
      Out of the Darkness by Tufano79
      The Body by AliciaW68
      and a few more I kept checkin’ on but, like I said, it’s tirin’ to have to search manually!

  20. rita01tx

    With Cannes fast approachin’, we have our first glimpse of Rob in official stills from Good Time!

  21. rita01tx

    Cropped close-up!

  22. rita01tx

    The 2nd official still:

  23. rita01tx

    Cropped close-up!

    Can’t wait for the first trailer *squeee!*

  24. rita01tx

    Well, I just couldn’t help myself, ladies! With nothin’ else to distract me, I just finished Haunted Angel and all I can say is 41 chapters ain’t near enough *sniffles!*

    • I’m at chapter 31 and will update the lemon report later. Things just getting good with Archie and his mate. 😁

      • rita01tx

        Oh, please keep up the lemon count, Beth darlin’! Not only are your emojis so damn cute, but they’ll inspire me to go back and reread certain chapters *blush!* Bella’s one lucky bitch, is all I can say LMAO!

        Well, looks like updates are finally startin’ to trickle in. Got a few late last night and there are more in my inbox this mornin’! Hope this means the drought is over LOL!

  25. I got pretty far this week hoping to finish tonight or tomorrow. End of year school events sucking my reading time 😤😤😤Dang kids.

    Chapter 25❌
    Chapter 26🍋
    Chapter 27🍋
    Chapter 28❌
    Chapter 29❌
    Chapter 30❌Yeah I didn’t believe Drotuno could go 3 chapter without the S-E-X-Y times
    Chapter 31🍋🍋🍋she more than makes up for it😉
    Chapter 32❌
    Chapter 33❌
    Chapter 34
    AHHHHHHHH THIS CHAPTER IS SO GREAT!!!!’!!! Holy Shit Drotuno wrote Edward mind reader sex for the house so let’s count the lemons on the Cullen tree:
    🍋One for Emmet and Rosalie
    🍋One for Jasper and Alice
    🍋One for Kevin and Adrian
    🍋One for Carlise and Esme ( 🐕Style)
    🍋Yeah Archie give him a hand ✊….oh he gave himself one never mind
    🍋For Edward and Bella

    Total 32
    Have any of you all read a fic like chapter 34 ? I can’t recall one Deb really had a creative streak in that Chapter. ☮Beth

    • rita01tx

      Oooweeee! Bella didn’t get her shield down fast enough to help poor Edward block out everyone else gettin’ it on, too ROTFLMAO! Bout time she even hinted at a little boy lovin’ *wink!* But Carlisle and Esme…even that tiny bit, just WOW!

  26. Ok I’m done

    Chapter 35❌
    Chapter 36❌
    Chapter 37🛥🍋The motion of the ocean baby
    Chapter 38🍋
    Chapter 39🍋🍋🍋🏝back to the isle
    Chapter 40 🍋And🍒Yes cherries were popped (I’ve been waiting to use those)
    Chapter 41just a hint of lemon 🍋

    Total 33 give or take
    This has been such a fun and funny time spent with you ladies. I’m so glad I removed myself from my silent lurking status after all this time .

    Seeing as tomorrow is the God Robs Birthday what do you all do to celebrate HIM? For me it is the only day I allow myself to Google him and read up on all the crap gossip. Well maybe not the only day a couple of bottles of red will have me “browsing” sometimes also.

    Happy Birthday to Rob🎂🎉

    • rita01tx

      Well, I’m glad you got lured out of lurkin’ mode, too, Beth darlin’! It’s a big step to put yourself out there…I remember it well, but see what fun you can have when you do!?!?!
      Now, with all the sex Edward and Bella had throughout both the Gravity series and the Angel series, never once did Edward go in through the back door …well, only with a knuckle or two. Just seems funny she’d leave that opportunity out ’cause she sure wasn’t shy about anything else LOL!

  27. Yeah that was interesting seeing as how she basically covers the joy of sex in her stories. To each their own. I have my chores done so I’m gonna catch up on my WIPS and read Going Down in its entirety. Hey did anyone read Drotunos Student Body I followed it but did not read it complete. I better get on that. Once a author publishes I get worried they will pull all their works😱. Enjoy the day☮Beth

    • rita01tx

      Student Body is complete at 8 chapters, Beth darlin’!
      I’ll have some more WIPs for you guys later this evenin’! Gotta read at least a few chapters of my complete rec so I know what I’m talkin’ about *facepalm!*

  28. kneon65

    Wow I missed that whole story. I’m still ready Angel’s Promise (the last 2 chapters). Work has really taken all my time up. To the point laundry is piling up, with the dishes. Thank goodness I have about 3 weeks then I will be done for the summer. I do have a job interview so I can actually get to do this for full time. Keep your fingers crossed ladies.

    So let me know which story will be next so I finish Angel’s Promise, read Haunted Angel & read with you ladies again.

    Miss you all.

    • rita01tx

      Haunted Angel is the last of the Angel series, Kneon darlin’! No immediate plans for another read along…unless someone has a suggestion!?!?!
      Majority rules, in my book, and I wouldn’t mind doin’ it again, especially with you lovely ladies! It’s been such fun!!
      Which means you have plenty of time to dive into Haunted Angel next and it soooo worth the read!
      Oh, but it’s important you read tAngel Dust BEFORE you start! It’s only 4 outtakes from Haunted and you’ll understand why it’s important as you get into it and recognize where they fit into the story!
      Hope you can survive unscathed until your summer break…got my fingers and toes crossed for you LOL!

  29. eewee333

    HELLO!!! I’m still lurking around. Just been busy with RL stuff, work, doctors appointments, sick parents, etc. Anyhoo, I’m still on Book 3, chapter 31. I’ll continue to read but I know I’ll never catch up with you guys. I did take a slight detour and read a different Vampward story, it was really good. He’s a real badass in this one. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop.


    And then I got sidetracked by the Carlisle Contest. Some pretty good one shots in there.


    I agree with Beth that I must be becoming desensitized to all the lemons in the Angel stories. I find myself kinda skimming over them at times just to get back to the meat of the story. And so many stories have been marked “complete” in the past few weeks I feel like a kid in a candy shop, but I’m thinking Redtini’s “Going Down” is my next stop. And OMG I also read CareDee’s Bastard’s Girl. What a great story. I think I read that through in one evening. I better stop. I could babble on forever. Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Love and Hugs E

  30. rita01tx

    Oh, hell, Eewee darlin’! Eternally Damned is one of my all time favorite Vampwards! Now, I’m gonna have to find time to reread it…it’s too good not to *sigh!*
    And, of course, I still desperately need to get into A Bastard’s Girl *groan!*
    Haven’t checked out the Carlisle Uncovered Contest but I expect I’ll see a surge in my inbox eventually LOL!
    And, while I read Going Down as a WIP, it’s not one I’d put on my reread list…too much unnecessary drama but that’s just my opinion *shrugs!*

  31. finished last week but had some internet problems 🙂

    this was fun to do even if it was re read for me 🙂

    • rita01tx

      So, tell me, Kay darlin’! Was it worth it? Did you not FLUV the new characters Deb kept addin’? I sure as hell did *woot woot!*

  32. kneon65

    I finally finished Haunted Angel. It was bittersweet. Loved the story so much, but hate to see the series end. I decided to move on to Coming Home by Sarge’s girls (which is Drotuno & JenRar) so I know it will be good. I’m presently on vacation so plenty of time to read at the pool.

    • rita01tx

      So happy you didn’t give up, Kneon darlin’ *HUGS!* Agree we need MORE…Deb seriously needs to revisit both the Gravity series and the Angel series LOL!
      One promise I can absolutely make is that you will love the characters in Coming Home just as much!!!

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