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Best wishes for the holidays, ladies!

There were too many wonderful Christmas fics to choose from, especially after the release of the Naughty and Nice Contest entries, so today’s featured fics cover other genres, as well!

My first two recs are out of this world…literally, by two authors you may not have heard of until now but I’m sure it won’t be the last!ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12732842/1/Only-the-Beginning

“She wants to rant and scream hurtful profanities at this life invader, while the other half of her wants to pull him on top of her and scream about something else entirely.” AU, E/B, OOC, Alienward

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 19 – Words: 31,520 – Reviews: 318 – Favs: 139 – Follows: 280 – Updated: Dec 19 – Published: Nov 21 – id: 12732842

Bella Swan pulls her shoes off, grimacing at the smell of French fries emitting from her uniform, and slouches against her plush couch with a sigh. Her feet were mega sore from the double shift she pulled at Ollie’s, brain tired and numb from the hours of repetitive tasks.

Her mind eventually wanders and she begins musing over some conversations she had with some customers she’d served when her entire house shakes and the lights all around her flicker on and off rapidly before suddenly dimming to black.

She inhales in surprise, her trembling hands find her phone and switches it on for light.

What was that loud boom sound she heard? It lasted only seconds, but enough to spook her. And enough to alert her giant, lazy great dane, Red. Normally a dog who rarely raises his head to bark at the weekly mailman, his behavior now is strange. Red’s ears are low and his teeth bared, the only sound coming from him a low, but threatening growl.

Something feels wrong to Bella, but she brushes it off with logic.

The frigid night air hits Bella like a slap in the face as she opens the front door. She has a flashlight in one hand, her father’s knife in the other. Her cell phone is resting comfortably in her back pocket next to an extra pair of batteries for her flashlight – she feels ready for whatever may be ahead.

She follows the rock pathway to the driveway and makes her way to the backyard, sticking close the edge of the house. Her fist tightens around the knife, and then around her flashlight to steady it from her nervous shaking. Why is she so afraid?

She scans the backyard with a heavy beam of light, coming to a shaky stop on an old tool shed she’s never once bothered to go in. It’s completely demolished. The roof looks as if it caved in so significantly that the walls around it exploded. Littered pieces of wood scattered around the main mess, the light from her flashlight beaming off pieces of glass from the shattered shed window.

Bella’s breaths become labored, and her stomach rises to her throat.

The crater next to the shed is the size of a VW Bug with a sizable trail at the end that snakes into the forest. Her jaw is hung open in awe, she’s never seen anything like this in her twenty-two years. She is hoping for an asteroid or a satellite, but she sees no rubble or debris.

Shaken to her core, Bella frantically screams, “Hello?! I heard the crash! Is anyone out there?” She hears nothing in response. Alarmed that someone might be dying and need her help, she inches her way towards the end of the trail. She is yelling and yelling, “hello? Hello?

I’m here to help!” and waving her flashlight beam through the trees, searching for life, searching for a body, a mangled corpse…anything.

Instinctively, Bella refrains from reportin’ this strange hole to the authorities but enlists her best friend, Rosalie, for a her opinion.

Later that night, after a grueling, busy dinner and happy hour rush at Oliver’s, the girls determinedly make their way through Bella’s backyard towards the used-to-be-shed. Red is steadily following behind them, although he looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. While Bella bends down to pat his head, Rose inhales a loud gasp at the explosive demolition that is the shed.

“This is way deeper than I thought it’d be,” Rose says, nearly breathless. She tiptoes to the edge of the hole surrounded by the debris. “It’s not the shape I expected either.”

At that, Bella cocks her head and stands up. “What do you mean? It’s oval.”

Despite Red’s whine of protest, she slowly walks up to her friend to look down at the hole. Rose points out her finger with the flashlight beam on the small indents at each end of the oval, she counts five total – three on one end, two longer indents on the other. Bella is surprised she overlooked this observation the night before. However, with her panic in searching for a dead body, she could understand why she’d miss the small details. Now that she had the opportunity to really look at it, the hole formed to that of a large human shape.

“Do those three indents look like a head and arms to you?” Bella rushes out quick, before she loses her nerve by being the first to suggest something crazy. “A-and,” she stutters, “and those two longer ones at the bottom… legs?”

Rose takes a step back from the hole, and grabs Bella’s hand tightly, hurriedly pulling her to the house.

“Rose?” Bella asks urgently, “What is it?” She is ushered into the house with Red hot on her heels.

Rose makes sure they are secure inside and closes the door after them, locking the deadbolt. She takes a step back from the door and holds Bella’s hand. She looks over her shoulder at her best friend of eight years and says, her voice pinched with worry, “Bella…I know I sound like a crazy bitch but whatever was in that hole… it’s still out there.”

Gabby1017 pimped this author / story at chapter 6 of She Rocks My World…THANKS, GABBY DARLIN’ *HUGS!*

~oOo~ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12717676/1/Outerra

Bella is a successful E.R. nurse, so successful that she’s been offered an opportunity to be apart of the Colonization plan. That plan includes a long space travel to the planet Outerra and make a life. She never had much of a life on earth, so making a new life on a different planet was going to be tough. Maybe the right Outerrian can give her a life she never dreamed of.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 10 – Words: 19,511 – Reviews: 143 – Favs: 72 – Follows: 146 – Updated: Dec 18 – Published: Nov 7 – id: 12717676 

“Morning dad.” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Morning Bells,” he said.

“What are you looking up?” I asked.

“I’m looking up Outerra. You have two weeks to get prepared and I want to make sure you’re ready.” He said.

I leaned over the bed and looked at his air tablet.

“Everything there sounds so nice. The air is cleaner, the water is unpolluted, the ground is rich. Bells, you’re going to have such an amazing life.” He said.

I laughed, “Sounds like it.”

“And, it won’t be over populated, like it is here. And the inhabitantsare all friendly.” He said.

“Really? How friendly could they be? I mean, aliens are coming to their planet to colonize.” I laughed.

“Apparently, the reason they agreed to this is because their species is dying. And the human race is compatible with theirs.” He said.

“Ah, so it’s like a breeding program?” I said.

“Hey, I bet you’ll meet a nice young Outerrian and live a happy life with him.” He said.

“What do they even look like? Do they look like us?” I asked.

He switched to images, only a few popped up. I scanned over the few photos. They looked pretty humanoid; two legs, two arms, proportionate size, no slimy tentacles or beaks, or anything that we’ve encountered from other lifeforms through our exploration of our vast universe.

“Hmm, they don’t really seem alien. I guess that’s a good thing.”

I chuckled.

“Yeah, you won’t be able to tell the humans and the Outerrians apart,” He clicked on a website on Outerrian culture, “Well, except this. It says on this official website that Outerrians have long tails.”

“Tails? Oh, that’s a major difference. What do the tails look like?” I asked.

He scanned through the website, “It just says their tails are long and covered in short hair, ranging from dark brown to black. Sometimes a rare reddish color.”

I made a slight face, “That’ll be interesting.”

“I’m glad you didn’t chicken out on me. I’m really glad you’re going,” he said, continuing his research.

“No, after our talk last night I really want to go. It sounds like a fresh start and its exciting,” I said, “So I’m going to call them today.”

“Your life is going to be a hundred percent better,” He said.

And a new TAILWARD streaks across our universe *woo hoo!*


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12736662/17/Holding-On-and-Letting-Go

Bella, a pretty and smart girl is leading the picture-perfect life. Edward, a rebellious and lost guy is barely passing the twelfth grade. Follow these two after they end up in bed together at the beginning of senior year and try to navigate a teenage pregnancy.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 17 – Words: 64,072 – Reviews: 237 – Favs: 84 – Follows: 168 – Updated: 12h ago – Published: Nov 25 – id: 12736662

“Nooooo!” I cried as a sharp contraction hit. “I want the drugs!” I shouted as I squeezed Alice’s hands. At first, I wanted to see if I could do it naturally but I felt like my insides were being ripped apart. I needed the epidural if I was going to get through this day. Especially since I’d been in labor since one o’clock and I only dilated one more centimeter.

I was only halfway there and I’d been at this for six hours.

“Please! I want the drugs!” I cried as tears streamed down my cheeks. Edward had disappeared again to try and reach his Mom again, but I knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. She wasn’t going to show up. Even though he claimed he didn’t care, I knew he wanted her here. We weren’t keeping this baby, but it was still a big deal.

He was scared regardless and just wanted his mom to be there for him for once in his life. I understood that. My mom and I weren’t very close, but I still wanted her here for the birth of our son.

“Shhh,” Alice soothed. “You’re doing great!”

“Shut up!” I yelled. I knew my sister was just trying to encourage me, but I was in too much pain right now. “Sorry,” “It’s okay,” She assured me. “I give you permission to be as mean as you want to me while you’re in labor.”

“Thanks. You’re a good sister,” I laughed.

My doctor came to give me a checkup and laughed when I begged her for the epidural. She left for a few minutes and returned with what she needed and gave me the epidural. Within fifteen minutes, I was already feeling better. When Edward came back into the room, I didn’t want to cut his head off as much as I did earlier.

“What’s up?” He laughed when he saw me lying in bed.

“She got the drugs.” Alice rolled her eyes.

“I thought you were doing this naturally?”

“Naturally my ass!” I laughed. “You try pushing a person out of your penis and tell me if you wanna do it naturally,” I huffed. “Plus, that shit we learned in the birthing class did absolutely nothing.”

“As long as the baby is okay,” He gently placed his hand on my stomach. I watched as he smiled at my rounded belly and felt this horrible ping of guilt. He wanted to keep this baby and I told him it wasn’t an option. We’d been arguing about it since I made the decision, and he agreed to what I wanted.

But I could tell how much he wanted this baby to be his.

“Carlisle and Esme. . . ” I wanted him to meet them. Officially.

“Do you need more ice?” He asked as he removed his hand and grabbed the small ice bin next to my bed. Without an answer, he left the room in search of ice and left me alone with my sister. I knew he was getting me more ice as a way to avoid the conversation, but we needed to talk about this. He’d told me to do whatever I wanted after an argument and he thought I was going through with the adoption as an excuse. Trust me, if we were older and more stable I would have kept the baby.

But we weren’t. We were just about to graduate from high school.

We wouldn’t be able to do this. Carlisle and Esme, however, were grown adults. With jobs and a beautiful house in Tacoma and money to support the baby. And they had a whole lot of love for him and he wasn’t even born yet.

“He’s not dealing with this, Bella.” Alice sighed.

“I know.”

“It’s his. . . ”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!” I screeched. Alice let go of the subject as Edward came back with more ice. I knew he wasn’t dealing with the adoption, but once this baby boy was born he was going home with another couple. I understood how hard this was, but it was best for everyone. I didn’t want my boy raised in a broken home, being tossed back and forth between his parents. I wanted him to grow up in a stable house where his parents could focus all their attention on him. He needed stability and the two of us weren’t going to be able to do that for him.

I just hoped Edward would come to terms with that sooner rather than later.

As many fics as I’ve read about Edward and Bella as pregnant teens, I’ve seldom come across one that puts me in their shoes like this one!


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12744973/9/The-Long-Road-Home

“Some wounds don’t heal, they fester until they destroy everything good you once had inside of you.” – Bella’s desire to help people recover from traumatic events implodes when she discovers the terrible truth about her own family. Can a new love survive so many hardships and be the light that breaks through the darkness? – ALL HUMAN, Bella POV, B/E, No cheating, Dark Content, HEA

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Alice, Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 43,137 – Reviews: 215 – Favs: 98 – Follows: 180 – Updated: 14h ago – Published: Dec 2 – id: 12744973

Bella’s cousin, Jasper, has been workin’ with her to get her equine therapy ranch up and runnin’ but his imminent deployment to Afghanistan leaves her short handed.

“Rose, I really am busy, so can you just tell me why you called so I can get back to work?”

“Okay, okay, so I’m sending someone to come stay with you.”

“Whatahuh?” I asked confused. “Someone to stay with me? How so?”

“Jasper called me after he left there. . . ”

“Ugh!” I whined again, already knowing where she was going with it.

Rose continued as if she didn’t hear my complaint. “His name is Edward Masen. He’s a handyman that did some work on our bathroom last week.”

“He did work for you? That’s the only way you know this guy? He could be anyone.”

“I checked his references,” she defended herself.

“Ugh! If you just talked to Jasper about this a little bit ago, how have you already lined up this guy?”

“He gave me his number last week and said to please call him if I needed anything else done. So after I got off the phone with Jasper, I called him. . . and he said yes!”

“He was just like – ‘Sure, I’ll go stay with your friend out in the country and do random maintenance work around a ranch’? What kind of guy would agree to something like that without even surveying the job first. . . or the condition of the place he’s going to be staying in? Or the terms of employment?”

“Oh, Bella, you are far too paranoid. I’m sure it’ll be fine. The guy is like. . . a drifter, or something.”

“A drifter? Wow, this just sounds better and better.”

“Oh, come on. He’s not a serial killer,” she argued.

“How do you know?” I shouted in frustration. “You, being a Cullen, should understand that terrible monsters really do exist. Knowing what happened to Alice, how could you just invite a random strange man to come live with me out in the boondocks with no neighbors close enough to hear me scream?”

“This guy is nothing like. . . that creepy old guy that took Alice,” she whispered, obviously not wanting anyone around her to hear what she was talking about.

“And you know that for sure, how?” I challenged her. “Because a couple of his references checked out?”

“Yes, and because he’s really good looking. . . ”

“Yeah, so was the guy who took Alice,” I said perturbed.

“Oh Bella, look, I know you grew up in that situation, and everyone around you was always paranoid and freaked over everything, but not everyone is bad. Not even most people are bad. This guy seems very genuine, and he was looking for work, and said he’d be willing to travel. So when Jasper said you could really use someone staying out there with you to help around the ranch, I thought of him immediately and called him. He’s not a murderer. He has a clean record. Young. Handsome. Just someone looking for a fresh start. Much like you.”

“Wait, did you say his name is Manson? OK, nobody with that last name has ever been good. Marilyn Manson, Charles Mason. . . ”

“His name is not Manson, its Masen. Edward Masen. Come on, you’re getting silly with this.”

“I don’t know,” I said, mostly to myself. I hated pre-judging anyone, but with the upbringing I had, it was definitely difficult to trust strangers. Then again, if all went well, I’d be opening the ranch to strangers all the time, so I supposed I needed to learn to somehow come to terms with my fear of the unknown. And I really did need the help. . .

“I guess its OK if he comes. . . . On a trial basis only! If I get acreepy vibe or he steps one foot out of line, he’s gone.”

“Good, he will be there in a couple hours,” she said, taking me aback.

“What? He’s already on his way?”

“I hope you’re planning something good for dinner.”


“What? I told him you’re a good cook,” she giggled, knowing all too well that I was a terrible cook.

Of course, Edward turns out to be just what Bella needs, both around the ranch and at her side! However, something about him seems strangely familiar to everyone who meets him…includin’ Bella!


Okay, so I couldn’t resist…here’s a couple Christmas recs, too!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12756048/5/Mechanics-and-Mistletoe

Bella is driving in a snowstorm back to her hometown for Christmas. Along the way, her car gets stuck in a snowbank. Edward is a tow truck driver and pulls her out. Can an uptown girl fall for a guy with grease on his hands?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 5 – Words: 38,993 – Reviews: 332 – Favs: 401 – Follows: 646 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Dec 11 – id: 12756048

Bella, an uptight, cold executive, is on her way home for Christmas. The first Christmas she’s been home since she started working for the Fortune 500 company that hired her from college, almost ten years ago. The only reason why she’s going home is to meet her brother’s new wife and her parents threatened to cut her out of the will if she didn’t make time to see her family. However, it’s snowing, a blizzard and Bella’s car wasn’t really designed for the cold. Or snow. Or anything other than sunny, perfect weather. 

Edward Cullen is alone on Christmas Eve, working, as usual. His family was long gone and all he had left was his family business, Cullen Towing Service and Garage, though that wasn’t going well for him. Business was slow. His bills were piling up and he was afraid he was going to lose his livelihood if something didn’t turn around. Over the radio, he heard about a stranded driver, stuck on the back road.

Edward pulled on his winter coat, gloves and started his truck, driving to the location.

A small sports car was stuck in a ditch, almost completely covered with snow. A beautiful woman, wearing heels and a fur coat was shivering outside her car. Edward immediately recognized her as the girl he once knew and had secretly crushed on for years. Her brother, Jasper, pretty much told him to fuck off and said that she was too good for him, a grease-monkey, a blue-collar boy.

Can this uptown girl fall for a guy with grease on his hands?

You know I still love Billy Joel’s song ‘Uptown Girl,’ but when I looked up the music video on YouTube, I was shocked to discover I had completely outgrown it *whimper!*

~oOo~ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12769300/1/Resting-Grinch-Face

Grinchin’ ain’t easy, but Edward Cullen makes it look so damn good.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 8,105 – Reviews: 72 – Favs: 114 – Follows: 90 – Published: Dec 23 – Status: Complete – id: 12769300

Standing, Carlisle holds up a packet of paper and rounds the table. “Your internship is coming to an end, and I must say you’ve both done a tremendous job over the past few months. We’re very pleased with your individual work, however, now we’d like to see how you work as a team.” He places the packet between us. “For your last assignment, we’re asking you both to coordinate the annual holiday party together.”

I hear Edward huff beside me.

“Esme’s already taken care of booking the banquet hall; you two will be responsible for the rest.”

Narrowing his eyes, Edward scans over the first page of the packet.

“What exactly does the rest entail?”

“Menu, centerpieces, DJ, employee gifts, and the like,” Rosalie answers, sliding a company card across the table. “Spending limits and budget suggestions are on the last page.”

Edward’s head snaps up. “Who are the Mr. and Mrs. Claus suit rentals for?”

“You, ya’ big dummy,” Emmett Cullen says as he enters the boardroom, ruffling his brother’s hair when he passes.

Smacking his hand away, Edward turns to his mother. “I want to file a formal complaint with H.R. on Emmett.”

Esme tilts her head. “Are you feeling unsafe?”

“No, just mildly annoyed.”

“Join the club,” Rosalie grumbles, shooting a look at her husband.

“Now, now, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, little brother.” Emmett plops down in his seat, grinning.

Edward’s jaw clenches as he fists the packet, and I can tell by the slightly protruding vein in his forehead that he’d happily tangle tinsel around his brother’s neck at the moment, so I redirect. “Does this assignment take precedence over our day-to-day job duties, or would you like us to handle this in addition to our current workload?”

“We’d like for you to take care of this in addition to your current workload.” Leaning back in his seat, Carlisle props his elbows on the arms of his chair and steeples his fingers. “In the past, this has proved to be an excellent way for our interns to demonstrate their ability to work cohesively with others.”

“The CRM holiday party is one of the many ways we show our employees our appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year.” Esme smiles warmly. “We hope you two will put together something fabulous that makes it clear to them how much they mean both to this organization and the Cullen family.”

I glance at Edward, who’s looking at our to-do list with the same pained, disbelieving expression my old roommate wore while watching the Dirty Dancing remake.

“Three weeks,” Carlisle says, holding up his fingers. “Think you two can pull it off?”

Edward and I exchange a look before turning back to his family. I paste on my most self-assured smile and pray I sound remotely convincing. “Absolutely, sir.”

Although it’s only a one shot, anything LayAtHomeMom writes is golden and this fabulous Christmas tale is no exception!

Merry Christmas, y’all!




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  1. dpennell007

    The only one I’ve read is Resting Grinch Face. VERY funny. Esme as HR asking Edward if he was feeling ‘unsafe’ when he wanted to file a complaint on Emmett because he ruffled his hair and called him a big dummy. Bwa ha!

    I am going to check out your other suggestions, especially the first two.

    Merry Christmas!

    • rita01tx

      Merry Christmas, Donna darlin’ *HUGS!* It’s always a gamble readin’ WIPs, especially by new authors who hardly have any complete stories on their profiles *eyeroll!* But you know me…I’m the eternal optimist LOL!

  2. Thanks Rita… I’m only reading Outerra and will add the others …

    Have a great holiday season 🎄🍾🥂

    • rita01tx

      Well, we’ve just learned that Edward is her neighbor and now I’m sooo excited for her to meet him *squeee!*
      Oh, and Sondor changed the name of her fic to Selcouth Cosmos…just for info!
      Merry Christmas, Zveka darlin’!

  3. I hope everyone has been enjoying the season. I’ll keep an eye on these. Tailward you say? Okay! I recently read my first ever Edward/Carlisle fic. I wouldn’t normally, but it’s a one-shot and I was reading other fics by the same author. If you’re curious it’s https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8107076/1/Square-Pegs
    By: BookwormBaby2580
    Three years after Edward chafes at Carlisle’s restrictions and leaves him, Carlisle stumbles across his scent in an alley in New York City. Slash, AU, C/E
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Carlisle, Edward – Words: 6,505 – Reviews: 45 – Favs: 117 – Follows: 26 – Published: May 11, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8107076

    Also really enjoyed the very unique https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7920089/1/Before-the-Dawn
    By: BookwormBaby2580
    After her mother’s wedding in Mexico, Bella encounters a vampire with less altruistic motives than the those held by the vampires she might have met in Forks under drastically different circumstances. One bad decision, she discovers, can change her entire life. AU E/B
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 33 – Words: 245,554 – Reviews: 1,963 – Favs: 1,282 – Follows: 1,716 – Updated: Jan 3 – Published: Mar 13, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 7920089
    *Just a forewarning that the first six chapters are brutal. Well written, engaging, but really dark, very difficult stuff. If you can handle it, stick with the fic. It’s really good. Though at the end it gets very breaking dawn-ish. I really liked this one, but I wasn’t crazy about the Epi, which seemed more like a sequel or spinoff.

    • rita01tx

      Merry Christmas, Kay darlin’! (A bit belated but well meant LOL!) Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner but my laptop has been throwin’ temper tantrums recently and I’m holdin’ my breath it doesn’t completely die on me just yet *whimper!* My sweet DH tried to “help” but only made it madder ‘n a wet hen so it’s been down most of the day *eyeroll!*
      Anyhoodles, I’ve read both those BookWormBaby fics and have a true admiration for her prowess as a writer! And don’t forget her pulled fics: Everlasting *holy crap…it’s good!*, the sequel: Ever After, and the companion fic: Living in the Moment! (haven’t gotten to the sequel and companion fic *poutyface!)
      Pretty sure I already sent them to you!

      • Oh yes, yes- you did send me Everlasting. That must be what prompted me to sniff out some of the author’s other fics. If my recollection serves, Living in the Moment was the Emmett x Ben outtake. I did read that too. It may have been included in the pdf you shared. If not, I went a’ searchin’ . I read and enjoyed the sequel as well.

    • dpennell007

      I just finished Square Pegs. Very good! Thanks for the rec.

      • rita01tx

        If I’m gonna read slash, it’s usually Edward/Jasper because my first ever slash fic was Raw and Rosy by Tuesdaymidnight and that was E/J.
        (and I have no idea how it’s survived all the purges over the years LOL!)
        So, when Lyricalkris started postin’ her Trouble trilogy, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about an Edward/Carlisle pairin’ but it’s really, really good!
        https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12652763/1/Trouble-Ahead (still a WIP)

        • dpennell007

          I LOVED Raw and Rosy! So, so good.

          Trouble is on my favorite list, but I only skimmed the other two because I couldn’t handle the drama of the parent’s disapproval and what they did to those poor foster children. That relationship though – very intense and steamy.

        • I’ve seen, but have not read Raw and Rosey. Perhaps I’ll indulge. Thanks for the link. I do have Trouble and Trouble Follows. Haven’t read them yet though. I haven’t read much slash, but the ones I have read have been really very good. Thank you for the rec!

        • I don’t read slash .. the only one I read it was Low or Numbers by LovinRob but this was compagnon piece of Dry Heat and Bitter Cold and it’s Eleazar and Liam 🙂

          LyricalKris started her 99th story … and I just finished
          Snapshots and Angel is A centerfold both excellentes and different 🙂

          When his older brother walked out on his girlfriend, Bella, on the worst night of her life, Edward was there to pick up the pieces. Jasper breezed back into town after being missing for three years to find his family had reformed around the hole he left behind.
          Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 25 – Words: 92,211 – Reviews: 3,915 – Favs: 2,533 – Follows: 2,298 – Updated: Jul 28, 2014 – Published: Dec 26, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9959272

          The Madonna-whore complex. The idea that women’s sexual expression is limited to being virginal or being degraded. Or lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets? Pffft. Where’s the fun in that?
          Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 15 – Words: 47,983 – Reviews: 1,498 – Favs: 1,096 – Follows: 1,248 – Updated: Feb 8, 2015 – Published: Aug 4, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10591521

          all the best in New Year ladies 🙂

          • rita01tx

            Happy New Year, Zveka darlin’!!!
            A Dry Heat by LovinRob (all her fics are pulled)
            Summary: When Bella moves from New York City to the California desert to care for her ailing grandmother she never expected that she would meet the man of her dreams. A man that would set her heart, body and soul on fire. But this man comes with a price, a heavy price. Will their love be able to survive the life he had before her or will it melt away in the dry heat.
            A Bitter Cold
            Summary: Edward and Bella found love in the dry heat of the desert but that love was tested when the reality of his past hindered their future. They have since made a good life for themselves in California but when unfinished business sends them back to New York will they be able to survive its bitter cold? … Sequel to A Dry Heat.
            Law of Numbers
            Summary: Eleazar Whitlock is an up and coming defense attorney, handsome and well sought out. The only problem is that he’s been living a lie for a greater part of his life but will a chance encounter with a handsome accountant change all that? Can Liam make him see that living a lie is not a life worth living? Love is always too beautiful to be kept in a closet! A spinoff from, A Dry Heat
            Haven’t read any of her fics but I have pdf’s if anyone wants them!

          • Wow, wow 99 fics is super impressive. I’ve read Snapshots and Angel is a Centerfold. I haven’t read LovinRob’s A Dry Heat, A Bitter Cold or Law of Numbers yet, but I do have the PDFs. I’ve just started Crossing the Lines by SheViking. I’m probably the last here to read it. Happy New Year!

            • rita01tx

              Happy New Year, Kay darlin’! I’m incline to read Crossing the Lines again to keep you company but I got snagged by a pulled fic: Trapped by the Sneaky Fox by Kim93.
              Summary: Bella is a trained assassin specialized in knives and martial arts. She gets propositioned for a job as a bodyguard; too bad her potential boss is the guy she fucked last night! Oh, he is also the New York Mafia Boss… A story filled with action, crime, sex and suspense, while it still presents a romance under-plot. Not a typical love story.
              It’s terribly flawed with many spellin’ errors as well as poor grammar but damned if the story isn’t worth the irritation LOL!

            • well I’m the one who didn’t read yet Crossing the Lines … I have several stories like this one on my bucket list for this year lol

  4. Rita! I’m so sorry because I realize I didn’t answer your last question, more or less a lot of months ago! You asked about my family. Thanks to God they are well, and my children growing so fast… Blanca is 4 years old and is so sweet! Sometimes she’s kind of Gollum, she changes from sweet to a very bad mood you can’t explain it but, you know, it’s normal, LOL.
    I follow you on Pinterest and here, but my life is so busy I hardly can find a moment to tell you how much I love you still are here, telling us that Twilight fics are still alive. In fact, I’m still writing them, shorter, but I’m here. I’m writing a story with my own characters I hope I can finish in 2018.
    So… Thanks for being here. I wish you tons of happiness for this year 2018.

    • rita01tx

      Exaltada darlin’ *HUGS!* No apologies necessary as we all know RL takes precedence over Rob and fan fiction, especially when young children are involved! Dang, I can’t believe Blanca’s 4 years old already!?!? Seems only yesterday you were carryin’ her and then she was here and your life got veeery interestin’ after that LOL!
      I’m more than happy with the occasional drop in ’cause it’s good to know you’re still out there, too!
      Here’s hopin’ 2018 brings you much happiness!

  5. Rita, I have to confess that I didn’t open your Christmas-themed blog post until well after Christmas was over. Why? “Resting Grinch Face” – that’s totally me!

    I cannot WAIT to get my eyes on the story by Sondor (which she has apparently renamed “Selcouth Cosmos”. Alienward – woo hoo! Makes me get all fuzzy remembering the incredible “Written in the Stars” by Lissa Bryan (the original Tailward, as far as I’m concerned).
    If you haven’t read it, get on it!

    And then there’s “Outerra” – already got my interest! I don’t know how you find these stories, Rita, but I’m so glad you do!

    I have Knicnort3 on author alert, so I’ve been circling “The Long Road Home”, but your excerpt is moving it up my list. Especially where Bella thinks Edward’s last name is Manson rather than Masen and is even more sure Rose has sent her a serial killer – giggle.

    For the last couple weeks I have been totally absorbed in an AH story called “47 days” by NetraCullen:

    Bella and Edward had never met until they spent 47 days in hell together. They can trust no one, except for each other. Now they’re home, and trying to heal as they fight for the normality they always took for granted. Lang/Lemons
    Rated: Fiction M – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 42 – Words: 110,408 – Reviews: 2,020 – Favs: 1,817 – Follows: 1,999 – Updated: Nov 11, 2015 – Published: Sep 15, 2010


    As you can see it succumbed to the dreaded WIPitis, and is unfinished, but I didn’t even mind. While I would love to see her finish up a few more details, the critial story arc is finished. It’s a remarkably well done psychological study, with a surprising amount of humor mixed into the angst, and a connection between these two characters that’s just electric. One big mystery to me is where the heck I heard about it – I couldn’t find it in your last few posts, even.

    I also recently finished my first multi-chapter Raum story, “A Good Liar”. I’m sure everyone but me has read this, but if you haven’t, it’s a beautifully written little NM story with a really clever twist, and a delightfully maturing E&B finding their way back to one another.

    I have also been thrilled with a WIP AH story you recommended: “A Servant Wife” by the terrific ShouldBeCleaning.

    I’ve had such a good run of really satisfying stories that I’m a little worried about running into a clunker and breaking my streak. So I really appreciate your recs, as always! I haven’t checked out the comments to this post yet, either, which are always a treat.

    Happy 2018, everyone!

    • rita01tx

      We ain’t even half way through January so, far as I’m concerned, we can still wish each other Happy New Year, so HAPPY NEW YEAR, RENEE DARLIN’ *HUGS!*
      Yeah, I almost envy…ALMOST, anyone who hasn’t yet read Written in the Stars! A hotter alien Edward does not exist but Sondor and InspiringWriter-KC are in hot pursuit!
      I found InspiringWriter-KC through the Vampire Mates and Imprints Community on FFN when her profile name was still Evoldrawdereverof (read backward: Foreveredwardlove). Their rec was for Primal, which I have not yet read since the summary for Outerra snagged me first LOL!
      The Long Road Home is a MUST READ as there have already been some shockin’ revelations about Edward with more expected soon!
      Have not read anything by netracullen nor rec’d one of her stories so I put 47 Days on my READ NEXT list on your recommendation, along with Raum’s A Good Liar! I’ve only read one of her stories, so far, which was Snare!
      Damn, she’s a good writer!
      I’m almost sorry to see A Servant Wife come to a close, it’s been so much fun watchin’ Edward consistently drop this ball in this relationship with Bella LOL!
      I know what you mean about bumpin’ into a fic that harshes your mellow after enjoyin’ a string of awesome stories! Actually flounced a story I recently started when I realized the author must be somewhere in her early teens…such immature writin’, which was a shame ’cause the summary sure had me fooled LOL!
      Lucky for me I have many sources for great recs which I’m happy to pass along AFTER I’ve read them myself!

  6. Hi ladies
    anhanninen is reposting her story Fatherhood, Formula, and Other F Words so if you didn’t read it … it’s great Dadyward story

    *REPOST* When man-whore, foul-mouthed Edward’s life takes an unexpected turn, he’s left with a baby to raise. With the help of a friendly neighbor, he learns sometimes the unexpected could be the best thing that’s ever happened. All Human
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – [Bella, Edward] – Chapters: 10 – Words: 26,873 – Reviews: 23 – Favs: 59 – Follows: 65 – Published: 11h ago – id: 12810586

    • rita01tx

      I saw that AND she changed her profile name to anhd1207!
      Great read, Zveka darlin’!

      I’ve spent my mornin’ tryin’ to figure out which of Samekraemer’s stories have been pulled! She’s been sneaky when I wasn’t lookin’ LOL!
      So far, these fics are gone from FFN, 5 of which can still to be found on STARS:
      3 Up…3 Down (still on STARS)
      Adventures of Rusty and Spidey
      An Unusual Arrangement *WIP 61 chapters*
      Bliss *WIP 19 chapters*
      Forgiveness is a Virtue
      Gateway to the Heart (still on STARS)
      Georgia on My Mind (still on STARS)
      She Could Be Everything (still on STARS)
      The Wishing Ring: A Novella (still on STARS)
      Trip of a Lifetime
      If anyone wants pdfs of any of these, just let me know!

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