Random Rita ~ A Look into the Future!


Afternoon, ladies!

A not too distant look, I hope!

So, I was gonna sit on this bit of gossip until she actually started (re)postin’ but it’s provin’ to be impossible…I’m far too giddy with excitement not to share the wonderful news!


(banner by Mina Rivera)

Direct quote from the author:

Coming soon … 


We’ve been waitin’ to hear this news for YEARS!!!


Happy Thursday, y’all!




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71 responses to “Random Rita ~ A Look into the Future!

  1. YES!!!

  2. rita01tx

    “Yes, Zveka darlin’! There is a Santa Claus!”

  3. Very soon. 😉 Thanks for the shout out!

    • rita01tx

      You are more than welcome, Sheviking darlin’!
      Havin’ resisted temptation for years, I’m feelin’ mighty privileged to be able to dive in completely open to the whole My Viking experience!
      Hell’n that awesome banner Mina made for you gives me chills down my spine in antici…pation!!!

  4. Yeah, love this girl and her brain… AND that’s some banner… Best I’ve seen!!

    • rita01tx

      You got that right, Gabby darlin’! The incredibly talented ladies in our fandom sometimes leave me speechless and you know that’s hard to do LMAO!

  5. eewee333

    I saw this on Facebook! Sooooo excited. Can’t wait for her to repost and complete. I love and adore her writing so I’m looking forward to it. I may have to break my cardinal rule about not reading WIP’s…but only for her. Hugs Rita!

    • rita01tx

      Since I don’t think she’d start repostin’ if it wasn’t complete, I think it’s a safe bet, Eewee darlin’ *HUGS!*

  6. dpennell007

    Yay!! I think I’m following it on 2 different platforms, so I don’t miss out.

    In other news, reviews aren’t showing up on fanfiction again. I’m sure it’s temporary.

  7. kneon65

    I am so excited that this is coming back. I loved this story so much. I will be reading this as fast as the chapters go up.

    • rita01tx

      Well, you could definitely feel the electricity runnin’ through the fandom when that banner was posted on Facebook, Kneon darlin’! And it’s news like this that keeps me optimistic for all the other great but long abandoned fics left in limbo *sigh!*

  8. Yeah, that banner alone is worth celebrating – can you say “sizzle”? But new chapters on My Viking?? There aren’t enough happy dance gifs in the world to cover that news!

    • rita01tx

      Every time you guys post a comment, I can’t help usin’ it as an excuse to scope out that banner over and over again! Damn, I can hardly wait, Renee darlin’!
      Oh, and thanks for sendin’ me over to FlamingMaple’s profile! You rec’d A Darker Moon but I got snagged by her newest WIP,
      All the ways you know me
      Bella and Jacob are expecting their first child, when tragedy strikes. Lurking, still waiting for her chance at vengeance, is Victoria, who is emboldened by Jacob’s death. Edward returns, but is it only out of obligation?
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 11 – Words: 17,479 – Reviews: 32 – Favs: 11 – Follows: 22 – Updated: Feb 9 – Published: Feb 3 – id: 12823589

  9. edwardsvamptramp69

    Thank you for letting us know, Rita!

    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be reading the Gravity series right now (on # 3!)

    I’ve heard so many good things about “My Viking” over the years, can’t wait to start reading that one, too!


  10. rita01tx

    (Hang on while I use you as an excuse to lose myself in that banner for a few moments, Paula darlin’! *sigh!*)
    Okay…DONE! Now, I take you are a self-confessed MV virgin, as well? Yaaay! I’m lookin’ forward to comparin’ notes on it once we get invested in it! Can’t be soon enough to suit me, I tell ya! Oooh, oooh, maybe she’ll start on Valentine’s Day!? That would do nicely, wouldn’t it?

  11. dpennell007

    Alert the media! The voting is open for the TwiFic Fandom Awards for 2018 and own very own Rita is up for Favorite Fic Pimp as Rita01tx AND for Favorite Fic Pimp Site – Rob Attack.

    This is the link: http://twificfandomawards.blogspot.com/p/vote.html

    You can vote every 24 hours, so vote early and often! lol.

  12. if you don’t have them on alert they started to post a new story … and now they are four to write lol


    by ThreeHotPotatoes

    Twenty-five smokin’ hot men and one Bella… what could possibly go wrong? Oh… with the potatoes at the keyboard, anything and everything! We’re back it again! Drabble. Daily(ish) posts. M for shenanigans.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 909 – Reviews: 74 – Favs: 23 – Follows: 62 – Updated: 16h ago – Published: Feb 12 – id: 12833176

    I guess this will be epic lol

  13. Rita my dear, I hope you are well. I decided to mosey on over here for a quick look-see and was surprised and delighted to find this post. I didn’t see an alert for this post. I wonder if my email is acting up. But this is HUGE news. We were just wishing for this fandom miracle on your January post and the fic goddess has blessed us. Now if we are really good and ask nicely, maybe SHE will fill our bounty by completing The Unaccompanied Soul.

    • rita01tx

      Still kickin’, Kay darlin’! But lemme get down on my knees beside you for The Unaccompanied Soul…six years is too damn long *whimper!*

      Another fic that last updated the exact same time was Anti Social Behavioral Order by SoapyMayhem! Summary: A group of juvenile delinquents are sentenced to spend their summer doing community service. When a freak lighting storm gives them super powers, they are forced to stick together, no matter how much they hate each other.
      Now, that’s another one I’d love to see finished and there are tons more just waitin’ to be loved!

  14. rita01tx

    Just finished…for now, clickin’ ‘n savin’ all the delicious RobPorn from Berlinale and I found this photo of Rob and Mia simply beautiful!

  15. rita01tx

    Gratuitous RobPorn…

  16. rita01tx

    I’m gonna try not to get carried away…

  17. rita01tx

    But don’t hold me to that LOL!

  18. rita01tx

    Wonder if the scruff is for an upcomin’ film?

  19. rita01tx

    Hmmm, those yellow pants look familiar!

  20. rita01tx

    Ah ha! Black Book Magazine 2012

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