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Evenin’ ladies!

Out of all the Mobwards I’ve ever read, 99.9% of them were alpha males, ready and willin’ to wreak bloody mayhem upon their rivals to defend their honor and keep their territory!

So, imagine my surprise to discover a fic that gives us a poor, young Mobward who got sucked in by dreams of wealth and power without realizin’ what it would cost him in the end!

ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/13109404/1/Not-the-Boy-I-Married

Southwestern PA, Steel Country. In February 1959, I married a boy. Life, and its path, made him into a man, a man I didn’t recognize, with secrets I didn’t want to know. Expansion of We Love Mobward contest entry.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Angst – Chapters: 16 – Words: 76,649 – Reviews: 1,053 – Favs: 370 – Follows: 508 – Updated: Feb 21 – Published: Nov 1, 2018 – Status: Complete – id: 13109404

I never imagined the months I spent going steady with Bella would lead us to where we are today. The quiet, beautiful girl I fell in love with is now my wife. I know Dad’s disappointed in us, in me, but I don’t care how we got here. Yeah, Bella being in the family way wasn’t planned, but I can’t regret anything that led to making Bella my wife.

I know our road will be rough, making a decent living to support us. It’s a lot on my nineteen-year-old shoulders, but I’m willing to do anything I have to do to give Bella and our baby the best life I can provide.

Maybe Uncle Tony’s offer to do a few side jobs won’t be so bad. Working for him at the bowling alley isn’t as awful as everyone told me it would be. The hours are okay, and he promises to give me a few more, and maybe a little extra to look the other way when he meets with his associates. He says I could be managing it if I play my cards right. And maybe the side jobs will help, too.

All I know is if the five hundred dollars he gave us after the ceremony is any indication to what’s possible if I do a few of those jobs for him, then he can sign me up. I can only hope it doesn’t pull me away from my family. Above everything, Bella and our baby are my life now.

They say ignorance is bliss and it is…up until the light bulb moment!

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Felix says with a disapproving shake of his head as he stares down at the man on the ground. “Looks like you’re racking up debt all over the city, there, Chuck. Five thousand,” he says before he whistles, long and low, shaking his head slowly. He leans in close to whisper. “You’re making quite a name for yourself, and not in a good way. People are starting to talk. They know who you’ve been borrowing from, and if you don’t pay up, it makes Tony and Frank, even Mr. LaRocca, look bad. Like they can’t keep tabs on the men who owe them money. And LaRocca doesn’t like to look bad. He starts to notice when people don’t pay up.” He pulls away, meeting Charlie’s eyes. “And he’s indirectly sent us to collect.”

“I don’t have it, but I’ll—”

“So you don’t have it?” Felix asks.

“No, but I—”

“Eddie, you’re up.” Felix stands and steps to the side, motioning for me to get on with it.

“Me?” I ask, my voice cracking.

Felix’s grin is anything but friendly. “Figure it’s best if you handle this one.” He steps closer to me and speaks quietly. “Wouldn’t want you to have any second thoughts about all this when the fuzz find him. He is your wife’s father after all.”

I nod, swallowing the lump that’s suddenly in my throat as I grab the pistol from my coat pocket. With trembling hands, I raise the weapon and try not to look into his eyes; eyes so much like Bella’s they almost make me turn and run.

“No! Please, no! I’ll get the money, I swear! Please don’t do this to Bella! Please!” Charlie gets up on his hands and feet, trying to crab crawl away from me, slipping and sliding on the wet ground in his hurry to get as much distance from me as he can.

When I hesitate just a bit too long, Felix reminds me of my place.

“It’s him or you, Eddie. The Boss doesn’t take too kindly to his orders being ignore—”

The blast from my revolver echoes in the quiet of the alley. A single shot to Charlie’s head renders him still and lifeless, his blood splattered on the fresh snow beneath him and his blank eyes staring back at me, making me question when my life took such an abrupt turn.

It might be hard to imagine but this fic has an incredible HEA!


ROB ATTACK(banner by Heartfortwilight)


With her son missing, Bella learns something about her boyfriend he never really wanted her to know. Continuation of my one-shot contest entry for Bad Ass Babes contest

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Family – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 43 – Words: 124,149 – Reviews: 1,866 – Favs: 525 – Follows: 761 – Updated: May 29 – Published: Aug 9, 2018 – Status: Complete – id: 13029726

Now, reluctant is one thing but total ignorance is quite another, especially when your partner neglects to tell you he is a mob boss and the reason behind your son’s kidnappin’!

“It’s true, isn’t it, Rose?” I whispered quietly through the thickness in my throat. “He’s been taken; my sweet little Charlie has been taken by someone.”

Rose scooted closer to me and wrapped her arms around me again.

“I’m so sorry, Bella. Yes, it’s true, but we’ll get him back. Try not to worry, Edward’s helping the detective downstairs. Do you want me to get him for you?”

At the sound of his name, I remembered his first words, ‘We’ll get him back, I promise’, from when he burst into the house. It had seemed strange at the time, and I had almost forgotten about it until now. He had said that before the police had knocked on the door. And then there was that phone call to people I had never heard of before. Who were Felix and Demetri and Santiago? I knew I didn’t know his family, but the way he spoke to them was not the way you would to members of your family, or even your employees or colleagues; more like your subordinates. This was Chicago, and I couldn’t stop my mind from drifting over the word ‘Boss’. I didn’t know his family at all, and that now worried me.

These thoughts only took a second and Rose left the room to get Edward as I had asked. A new determination filled me; he would answer my questions this time. No more avoidance.

And, as we all know, you do NOT wanna get between a mama bear and her cub!

“I’m done with letting Edward do it his way. I’m going,” I stated, daring her to argue with me. “Aro can’t be trusted, Esme.” I sat beside her again. “We have no idea what his agenda is and I’m not letting him get away.” I took her hand and squeezed gently. “Esme, you don’t know me at all and I appreciate that, but I’m not just going to sit back and wait for the men to deal with everything. Charlie is my son, too, and I’m going to do everything I can to get him back, with or without Edward’s help.”

She took a breath to speak but I didn’t allow her to say anything before plunging on. “Right now Emmett, Garrett, and the others are working on getting Edward out of wherever Aro has him and I trust them to do that, really, I do. That also means Aro is otherwise occupied and won’t be at the house now. But, none of that really matters, I’m doing this and I’m doing it now; with Rose.” I glanced at her as she nodded again. “And you’re either with me or against me.”


ROB ATTACKhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/12779804/1/Killa-Bee

Edward “Killa” Masen isn’t sure why his father wants to team up with the Italians, and he sure as hell isn’t happy about the deal to combine the two most powerful families into one. Isabella ‘Bee’ Swanatori has dreams of her own and they damn sure have nothing to do with Edward Masen.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 114,688 – Reviews: 3,126 – Favs: 1,294 – Follows: 1,668 – Updated: May 22 – Published: Dec 30, 2017 – Status: Complete – id: 12779804

Ultimately, I adore Mobwards who were born to rule as Edward proves at the tender age of fourteen!

I hear the second stair to the top creak. It’s an old house, and I know every sound.

Without thinking, I turn and aim the gun. It takes me two seconds to know it’s not one of our guys and then I fire.



He falls backward down the stairs.

My mother lets out a high-pitched cry, but I’m too on alert to care.

“Take Ma to the safe room now!” I yell at my brother, who looks like he’s going to piss himself.

My heart is beating out of my chest as I crawl to the banister just in time to see two armed men coming up the stairs.

They’re locked and loaded, and I know if they get up here we’re all dead.

I aim; my hand steady like I was born to kill.



The first guy is down, and the other one looks around frantically, not seeing me. My finger is on the trigger before his eyes lock on mine.

I fire.

Kill shot.

Deciding this is the best spot, I set the second gun next to me ready for when they come.

And come they do.

Four more gunmen open fire, but they’re shooting blindly as they can’t find me behind the large pillar that connects to the staircase.

A few seconds pass before I’m hitting one of the greasy-haired motherfuckers in the knee and another in the head. But I’m too slow as the last two run up the stairs.

Fucking Italians!

I’m out of ammo, and I throw the empty gun down, picking up the other that is locked and ready.

“Dove sei fottuto?” the motherfucker says as he gets closer to me.

I don’t know Italian, but I know it’s an insult.

Steadying my breath, I quickly turn, just as he’s reaching the top stair, and fire. He stumbles back from the two chest shots I deliver and falls on the last guy. He’s looking around wildly, trying to find the shooter.

Standing, I point and shoot in one swift motion. His eyes go wide before the life leaves them altogether.

Before moving, my ears perk up, searching for more footsteps. I’m at attention as I creep down the stairs, the only sound is a grunt coming from the kitchen.

My gun is locked and loaded when I ease in, only to find Felix, our head bodyguard bleeding out on Ma’s kitchen floor.

“Christ, Kid! I thought they killed you all,” he says, grimacing in pain.

He’s bleeding from his chest and leg, the body of a dead Italian at his feet.

“No. I killed them,” I say coldly.

Our eyes lock, and he nods in understanding, pressing his hand against his wound as best he can.

Before I can move. the door opens, and I point my gun, once again prepared to defend my family.

“Whoa! Whoa! It’s me!” my Da yells, coming into the kitchen with his gun ready and armed men surrounding him.

I lower my weapon but don’t say a word because I’m too upset with him for leaving us vulnerable like this.

The gunmen separate and leave the kitchen while my father and I stare at each other.

“What happened, Felix?” my father asks.

“Killa over there took out all the men except that one.” He nods to me as two of the guys help him up.

“Killa? You a killa, Edward? Is that why you’re glaring at me like you have a fucking problem?” Da eyes the gun still firmly in my grasp.

“Put down the damn gun,” he commands.

“Where were you?” I ask, my teeth clenched.

“I don’t fucking answer to you. I’m the father!” he yells.

I lift the gun and hold it to his head. “Where. The. Fuck. Were. You?”

My hand is wicked steady as I look into his cold blue eyes.

“Oh! You’re a killa now, so you’re going to kill me too? Do it,” he says, no fear in his eyes.

“Edward! What are you doing? Put down that gun!” my mother cries from the doorway.

I’m aware of the gunmen around me, and I see one go for his weapon.

“You pull that gun out on my fucking kid, you won’t walk out of here alive. That goes for all of you,” Da says, not breaking eye contact with me.

“You leave Ma vulnerable like this again while you go fuck one of your whores and I’ll kill you my fucking self,” I say before dropping my hand and turning away from him.

“Whatever you say. Killa.”

Havin’ a wicked pissa mate who is his equal is just icin’ on the cake!

My eyes travel up and down her curvy body, going to the ends of her long dark hair that sits on plump fucking breasts. I’m hard for this girl, and I can’t give a fuck if she’s Italian or not.

Her face is gorgeous with a cute little nose and pouty lips that would look wicked pissa around my cock.

Goddamn, I’m hard as a rock.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” Her voice is cold as ice and dark brown eyes glare at me with nothing but hate.

Jerking back as if I was slapped, I stare at her, not believing the balls on this girl.

“Bee,” The Chief says to the hot piece of ass.

“He’s fucking staring. That’s rude,” she says, waving a hand at me.

“You’re wicked crazy. Watch who you’re talking to, Princess,” I tell her, not caring how fucking hot she is.

I won’t be disrespected by no one, not even a hot piece of ass.

“I’m not your fucking princess, cocksucker.” She gives me a sardonic smile.

“Oh, my!” Ma says in shock.

My mother may be a lot of things, but she doesn’t curse and hates when other people do it in front of her. She expects all ladies to be ladylike. Apparently whoever this Bee is, doesn’t agree.

“Please forgive my daughter, Esme. Isabella has very colorful language. I blame her brother and cousins,” the older woman says, smiling at my mother.

“Do not call me that. Il mio nome è Bee!” Bee glares at the woman with fire in her eyes.

I let out a chuckle, not believing the balls on this girl. Her attitude is shit even if she is hot.

“What the hell is going on?” I ask Da, tired of this little show.

“Language! Christ, what will your children be like?” Ma does the sign of the cross.

My eyes go wide, and all the air leaves my body.

I swear to all that’s fucking holy if Da did what I think he did I’ll shoot him my fucking self and The Chief right along with him.

“Fuck no!” she shouts, rushing to her father.

“I’m not marrying that fucking bitch!” I yell.

Immediately I regret calling her out of her name, but that’s all she’s fucking been since I walked through the door.

The room goes silent, and all eyes land on me.


I probably shouldn’t have said that, but she’s getting on my fucking nerves.

Charlie looks like he wants my balls for dinner, and Da even looks like he wants to take a shot at me.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” Bee walks over as if she can take me down.

I admit the girl is sexy as fuck in her anger. It just makes me want to tame that fire inside of her. Letting out a little laugh, I look her up and down. “I called you a bitch, Princ-“

She’s wicked fucking fast as her fist connects with the tip of my nose. The crunch of the bone breaking is heard in my head, and the pain immediately hits me as I feel the blood run down my face.

“Fuck! You broke my nose!” My words are muffled as I hold onto my face.

“Call me a bitch again, and that won’t be all I’ll break, Princess.”

She blows me a kiss and takes her seat back in the corner of the couch.

My traitor cock hardens at the sight of her blowing me a kiss.

Fucking bastard.

“You’re lucky you’re a fucking woman.” My voice is hard as blood drips down my shirt.

“Or what? You think you can take me, pretty boy?” she asks with fire in her eyes.

This girl, she can’t be no more than one-twenty soaking fucking wet, and she thinks she can beat me?

“Okay, why don’t we just calm down,” Da says, looking around the room.

“I’m going to clean up and have Felix look at my nose. Then you two old fucks are going to tell me what the hell is going on.” I point to Da and Charlie.

Wow! These two are made for each other LMAO! No, they really are and the fuckhawt lemons prove it!!!

That’s enough damage for today LOL! I’ll be back later in the week with my round-up of fabulous WIPs!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!





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37 responses to “Random Rita ~ Tuesday Feature Fics!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Love me some Mobward! Thanks, Rita!
    You’ve been missed. Glad to see you, Hun!

    • rita01tx

      Don’t we all, Paula darlin’? So many brilliant stories came out of the We Love Mobward Contest of 2017, I don’t know if I’ll ever finally read them all! Hell’n several are still updatin’ so I’ll be waitin’ for those, too LOL!

  2. readicted

    What a welcome treat! I haven’t read a Mobward in a long time. I read the excerpt you posted for Not the Boy I married and holy shizz!!! How in the world does that wind up in an HEA, omg. I actually was considering diving into Killa & Bee earlier today when I finished my last fic, but I started Grasping Darkness by KiyaRaven instead-although I think I may have read it already. I know at least the first chapter is very familiar. I will definitely round back to these recs.

    • rita01tx

      I promise there IS an HEA for Not the Boy I Married, Kay darlin’! And I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Killa & Bee for all their fussin’ and fightin’ and fuckin’ and fallin’ in love *swoon!*
      As for Grasping Darkness, it’s well worth a reread even if you have read it before…and don’t forget the sequel, short as it is!

    • rahhh Grasping Darkness by KiyaRaven is still on my tbr list …

  3. delightful679

    Love, love, love me a mobward!! 😉 They are to quote Killa “wicked pissa hot!” LOL
    Thanks for the great rec’s 🙂

    • rita01tx

      You’re very welcome, hon! Gotta say, Killa’s Boston accent totally made Killa & Bee a unique experience LOL!

  4. bevey99

    I ‘ve read the first chapter of all of them but haven’t made it any further. Trying to read from my oldest on my TBR. Here’s my rec, because Edward thinks of himself as a super crime fighter, and Bella tells him that Batman is her favorite. Yep he a billionaire vamp crimefighter philanthropist. Not finished but nearing the climax. It’s really good. Lots of Batman references
    Creature of Habit By: EZRocksAngel
    Bella begins working for the elusive and distant Edward Cullen who she discovers is hiding behind an elaborate charade to maintain his secret lifestyle. Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results? Complete
    And, you know how I don’t like to read WIPs, I’m reading several really good ones. So join this one. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13323759/1/A-Dirty-Lion

    • rita01tx

      Well, dang, Bev darlin’! Add another great fic to my REREAD list why dontcha LOL! How I’m ever gonna get to The Gentleman from Washington State and The Cullen Campaign, I’ll never know *sigh!*
      But you better believe I’m all over A Dirty Lion and it will be included in my next WIP round-up!

      • The Cullen Campaign is excellent and I still have to read The Gentleman from Washington State

        I just think that my day need to have more than 24 hours…

        • rita01tx

          A longer day wouldn’t help, Zveka darlin’! It’s all the distractions! Here I was about to open The Gentleman from Washington State when someone in one of my Facebook groups asked for a pdf of The Freshies Club by Maelyn (41 chapters complete) and I’d never heard of it…it’s only on STARS. Weeeell, of course, I had to have a look, right?
          Summary: A darker Edward learns a new technique from his brothers and starts a very special club, luring his new female classmates in. Will Bella be in or out? Can she handle the competition? Can Edward handle the competition when Bella and her friends are dragged into the dark world of the vampire’s who want to collect them?

          Gone again LMAO!

        • readicted

          I enjoyed the Cullen Campaign and The Cullen Legacy fics, haven’t read The Gentleman from Washington State yet.

    • readicted

      I know I’ve read COH, but I was curious so I decided to refresh my memory. That was four chapters ago… I am wanting to re-read this. Trying to resist the pull. I put A Dirty Lion on alert.

    • Creature-of-Habit is excellent 🙂

      • rita01tx

        Oh, from the summary, I got Creature of Habit confused with Edward’s Eternal Kiss by Rob’s Hand Monkey *sigh!* Now I’m gonna have to read it again…what a hardship LOL! Which one, you may ask? BOTH OF THEM!!!

        • readicted

          That’s my problem. My re-read list is getting as long as a tbr list, lol.

          • rita01tx

            Oh, I feel your pain, Kay darlin’ LMAO!!!

            • readicted

              Oh lawd. I went to glance at Edward’s Eternal Kiss because of course I did. Only, I have the full-color visual extravaganza pdf version and was in a crowded public place. With my daughter, lol. Snapped that closed quickly. I remember that one.

              • rita01tx

                Bwahahahah! Hang on while I wipe down my keyboard *snickers!*
                Yeah, that was my introduction to Rob’s HandMonkey. I have that version, too…don’t think there is a “clean” copy LOL!

  5. Thank you Rita 🙂

    Killa& Bee is my favorite; they are hilarious; Still don’t know what to think about Dangerous-Secrets. .. and I didn’t read yet Not-the-Boy-I-Married

    there is one other excellent mob story

    Her audition turns me on, and that pisses me off, but it’s her identity that’s the game changer.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Crime/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 42 – Words: 171,188 – Reviews: 2,925 – Favs: 1,036 – Follows: 1,315 – Updated: Oct 21, 2018 – Published: Apr 19, 2017 – Status: Complete – id: 12454534

  6. rita01tx

    Hey, Zveka darlin’! Operation Nail the Swan was a whole different ride with lots of twists and unexpected turns but one of the fun parts was when it briefly crosses over into Killa & Bee!

    • Ok let me know what you think once you read this story 🙂

      • rita01tx

        If I ever get to it…been “distracted” all day *eyeroll!*

      • rita01tx

        Hey, Zveka darlin’! Just finished The Freshies Club by Maelyn (on STARS). Well, this story was definitely not for the E/B purists LOL!
        I have two things to say about it for those who left angry comments:
        1) it’s FICTION, people! 2) don’t take everything so damn seriously!

        Set in Forks, Carlisle and his sons, Edward, Emmett and Jasper, are vampires. Carlisle has spent decades tryin’ to figure out how vampires could possibly reproduce and, of course, this involves human “breeders” rounded up and impregnated by the boys before bein’ turned over to Carlisle’s clinic. Once Edward sets eyes on Bella he’s no longer cooperative. Unfortunately, he had already created his Freshies Club (girls willin’ ‘ to service him but the boys aren’t allowed to “breed” with Forks high school girls) and Bella’s absolutely not cool with it! Things get really complicated when Aro involves himself in Carlisle’s project and sends Demetri, Felix and Garrett to take up the slack and they mistake Bella, Alice and Rose for potential breeders. After lots of unexpected twists and turns, some unpalatable to aforementioned E/B purists, Bella gets turned and turns into one bad ass vampire who has nothing to fear from the Volturi LOL!

        In any case, I quite enjoyed the adventure! I will say it again: 1) it’s FICTION, people! 2) don’t take everything so damn seriously or you’ll miss out on some awesome stories!

        • Thank you Rita for you input 🙂 I will put this story on my tbr list …

          ah I forgot I finished Poughkeepsie … wow and wow love it a lot 🙂

        • readicted

          Rita would you mind sending me a copy of The Freshies Club? I tried to download it twice , but I still haven’t quite figured out how to download from STARS, apparently. I know I’ve done it successfully before, but it’s always trial and error for me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes I only get the first chapter. Sometimes I get nothing at all, and a few times, I’ve done it perfectly.

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