Hello Everybody *waves*


Welcome To Rob Attack!!!

This site is Lovingly Dedicated to The Very Talented and Beautiful Rob Pattinson. *swoon* It’s my hope that he’ll stumble through here one day and say hello. (As if). *even so, looks to Heaven and says a little prayer* Any ways, I think this man is so amazing I just can’t get past it. Even as I write this I’m listening to him singing, “Never Think” &“Let Me Sign” In an endless loop, for the Millionth time and I’m still amazed by it. His singing voice is so mournful and soulful! That VOICE… The Growl in it…ungh, it gives me butterflies in the stomach. Gah…! I Flove this so much!


This year part one of the new movie “Breaking Dawn” is being released in November of 2011. I thought a new Rob Pattinson fan site would be a lovely way for me to support Rob and start the New Year. Anything that starts with ROB is a lovely way to start Anything! I Know I start every day with Rob. *shivers* For that matter anything that ends with him is pretty friggin’ groovy too!
On top of this Rob is in “Water for Elephants” which is due out April 22nd 2011 as well. Huh? What? Did I just use the words “Rob”  and “on top” in the same sentence??? GAHH…! *THUD* Oops, sorry ‘bout that. Excuse me. I can’t help myself. Rob is so incredibly sexy even with short hair!! I’ll take him any way I can get him. Yeeeah!! (I Wish.) See What I Mean? Short hair… sexy! Crinkly, bedroom eyes…sexy! Beautiful smile…Yup, Sexy!!! *LOL*
Jacob *pant*
Sexspenders! Wooo Hooo!
I’ve been far too serious for far too long and now I’m gonna be silly for as long as I possibly can!! Hey RAoR and LTR ladies, if you’re reading this, check out the spenders will ya? WOOT WOOT HAWT!
I’ve also heard he’s doing another photo shoot. As soon as I find out when I will post it here and probly write a blog about it. We all know a Robert Pattinson photo shoot is desperately needed right now. We miss him dearly. But that won’t happen till Breaking Dawn is complete. The cast is being held in a Movie set compound to prevent leaks about Breaking Dawn. Let him out Bill Condon! 🙂 (Please?)
 Also,I’ve heard the RUMOR that as soon as “Breaking Dawn 2” wraps up its promotional campaign, Stephanie Meyers is going to begin the completion of “Midnight Sun” which we all know is the Twilight Story retold from Edwards Point of view, Looks Like it just might be a great year for Rob and all of his fans.
 Annywhooo, I wanna give a shout out to all the Rob-stalkers @ RAoR, Thanks for the giggles. Ya’ll are awesome and wicked funny! And you’re welcome here anytime!! I can only hope and pray this site will be as awesome, cool and as successful as yours Jag!!! *huggies* If you haven’t been over to RAoR, (Random Acts of Rob) you should go check it out. It’s a Hoot for the Pervy Minded.(Not recommended for under age viewers).
 I’d also like to add a shout out to UC and Moon from LTR for welcoming me into their group. You’ve all been so nice to me. Thanks. *huggies2Uall* Awesome Site, (Letters to Rob,) Check it out!
Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the latest, find out what we’re all about and leave a comment. Join me and my friends here for a while, and get in on all the gigg;es and the best Fan fic recs around. Check out my Rob Videos I Snagged from You-Tube and a few i made mah self *blows on finger nails and polishes them on my shirt* and pics etc. I’ll be adding more of everything every day. As soon as I figure out how to get my forums up I’ll start them too. So, Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

25 responses to “Hello

  1. My Welcome Page. I wonder if My Avi Works yet?

  2. ilovealion

    I found you!!!! Added your site to my favorites.

    OMR–The Pure Revelations Banner looks awesome! Thanks for making a place for us on your site. You’ll get two more chapters in a couple of days.

    I’m prepared to have rotten tomatoes thrown on Thursday *hides face* another cliffie…

    Looking forward to this new site.

  3. Hello I just wanted to stop in and say that I am glad to have found this site(thanks mainly to my Pattinh00rs) I love that we have another place to come to talk and share! you are doin a lovely job on this page I hope to visit as often as I can!!! I, like you, LOVE his voice, and happen to have that voice on a loop every day no matter what it is(his songs, or just mp3’s of his voice from interviews and such!) I am always workin on creations(deskRobs) to share with everyone and hope to share some here soon!! {{hugs all around}}

    • Jolori, Hi Sweets! We would LOVE to have you vaery talented and Lovely work Here on RA!!! I even had an idea for something I call “Sunday Swoon” Where you all could send and or post all your Lovely new creations! Thanks so much for joining I love seeing all the RAoR Rob sistas back together again. My Girls and I are just thrilled to have been up and running well enough to have given you all a place to land safely and that you will hopefully call RA your Home!

      • jolori54

        sounds like a great idea dear and no matter what day it is I will share when I get new ones made….maybe I’ll even share some older ones cause maybe there are people here that haven’t seen my work and would like something new to them and the ones that have could still drool over them 🙂 I love seeing em all comin here as well and yes it would be great to call this place home!!!

  4. hello all. i’m mainly just a lurker but i just wanted to say hi and thanks for making this site. also the fic recs are great. can anyone make a suggestion?

  5. thanks for the warm welcom.e. i’ll start combing through my archives. i have found some amazing fics.

  6. Just started following!!! Can’t wait to take a look around 😀

    (Lolo Eighty-Four/ Lolo84) ❤

    • hello Lolo and WELCOME to RA!!! Don’t be shy we have very few rules here at RA. you can post up to 3 links in your comment {the first will always need approval} but after that your good to go. All the ladies here are sweet as honey and more than willing to help with anything Rob or fic related you may be looking for. check out some old posts for some great giggles and again, Welcome.

    • hello Annette, you just copy and paste in the title, the URL, The Summary and then tell us why you like it! check out MC’s FF Friday post for examples. if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask we love to help. Thanks for visiting, hope to see more of you!

  7. Hi, Big Thanks to Cared Cullen for highlighting my story CSI Seattle WA on this cracking site today. I’m a new author and was unaware of Rob Attack until a few weeks ago. I’m looking forward to reading some of the great stories highlighted in your pages. Thanks again Cared for helping an ICT illiterate newbee !! xx Joan (aka Michaelmas54)

  8. jolori54

    HEY ALL!!! It’s been a looooooong time I know for shame on me! I’m not in the Twi-fandom anymore still Robsessed though, I just don’t really visit anywhere anymore except like Tumblr so I’m always there but I just wanted to stop in to say HELLO and see if I actually remembered my login info! I shall stop in sometime again to leave you all with some goodies you may or may not have seen on tumblr I haven’t had much time to make new ones recently so I’ll share what I have so far! Take care all see you around! xoxo

    • hey Jo! nice to see you again! We’re still here but Rita is pretty much running the whole show now. I’m still Robsessed as well but just ran out of post ideas! If i ever come up with some I’ll post but we’re always here and willing to accept or share any Robgoodness you may have to offer. Take care and come back anytime! You are always welcome here!

    • rita01tx

      There you are LMAO! I didn’t get the email notification of your comment ’cause it was RF’s post *facepalm!*
      For some ungodly reason, neither RF nor I have felt terribly inspired to post RobPorn…I’ve mostly been doin’ fanfiction recs since the start of this year.
      Look forward to seein’ your name pop up whenever you get the chance to stop by! MWAH!!!

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