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I'm a wife first and foremost. Mother of four (three boys and a baby girl). Twilight lover. Fanfic writer. Physician Assistant. My profile name (i-love-a-lion) is a reference to my hubs as is my Avi tattoo. that's all.

Fiction, Friends and Friskiness!

Fan Fiction Fridays

Just like people, friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short and sweet, serving a momentary purpose, while others are strong and formidable, lasting for years.

No matter the type of relationship, all friends have one thing in common. At some point in time, they met.

I think  the American author, Anais Nin, described it best:

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

As I, ilovealion, sit at my dear Cared’s kitchen table in Ireland, I see Anais’ words come to life. As friends joined together in person and via Skype, the FicSix created this meaningful post. My “new world” was born because of a few comments on a Twilight blog, and it continues today, almost three years later, as something more precious than I ever anticipated.

Twilight and Twific have brought us all together. So, today’s post is appropriately about friendships and their beginnings. Let’s take a look at the “meet sweets” of Edward and Bella in some of our favorite stories.

*Review by Cared*

Fanfiction Addicts and Review Whores by Hoodfabulous

*Made by Monica Solis*

*Made by Monica Solis*

Fanfiction Addicts and Review Whores ~ Bella Swan is a closet fanfiction addict who lacks romance in her life, so she decides to create it online. After transitioning from fanfiction reader to fanfiction writer she butts heads online with TonyMazen69, a well-known smut writer in the Moonlight fanfiction world. What happens when the two bickering fanfiction writers meet during a three-day Moonlight Fanfic Convention?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 11 – Words: 27,894 – Reviews: 718 – Favs: 384 – Follows: 694 – Updated: 08-27-13 – Published: 04-04-13 – id: 9169385

Chapter One is entitled ‘The First Step is Admitting’ and opens, quite fittingly so, with Bella attending an AA meeting seeking solace in a safe place; a place where no one would judge…

There is a semi-circle of metal chairs in the middle of the room. Haggard looking guys and girls, some older than I, some younger, sit in the chairs. Their faces droop and are lined with distress and hard times. I probably look just as rough. When I got dressed earlier tonight I noticed the dark shadows beneath my eyes and my brown hair, once full and shiny, now hung limp and lackluster past my shoulders.

A tall man in his mid-twenties stands near the front of the room. He looks vaguely familiar, and it doesn’t take me long to identify him as Mike Newton. Mike Newton is quite a catch in our small town. It’s probably the blonde hair and sparkling sky blue eyes that draw the women in the most, or possibly the fact that he’s a business owner. Mike owns Newton’s Sports Bar, and I immediately find myself snorting over the irony of the situation.

A sport’s bar owner in an AA meeting. How ironic.

Mike frowns at the sarcastic grin on my face. He’s probably remembering the torment Rose and I constantly inflicted on his dweeby ass in high school. He motions for me to sit among the group and I do. The other basement dwellers are unfamiliar to me, which means they are not locals. Although AA is supposedly anonymous, everyone knows there are no secrets in small, Southern towns. These people are probably intelligent enough to switch towns to hide their shameful addictions.

Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Mike, apparently, is the chairperson of this illustrious club of troubled souls. He stands in the middle of the semi-circle of chairs, glancing at our distraught faces as he speaks. When he meets my brown eyes, I advert my gaze to the styrofoam cup of coffee clutched in my hands. I not only try to avoid Mike’s stare, but also the smell of body odor drifting from an extremely red-faced man to my right. This dude looks as though he hasn’t seen a tub of water in a year. 

“Do we have any newcomers who’d like to stand and introduce themselves?” Mike asks.

My eyes dart up from the dark swell of liquid in my hands. Mike meets my stare head-on, pleading with his eyes for me to stand. I take a deep breath, knowing that this was the reason I was here, to admit I had a problem. I stood, sat my cup of coffee on the metal chair, and carefully smoothed out any wrinkles in my black dress pants. 

“My name is Bella Swan,” I begin, taking a deep ragged breath as I met the smiling, friendly faces of my basement companions. “And I’m a fanficaholic.”

I roared with laughter when I read that scene.  Why?  Did I consider Bella a caricature to be ridiculed?  No!  I recognised a sister soul in Bella and I could picture myself sitting next her to with wild eyes and pounding heart, clutching on to her with a sweaty palm.  Why?  *clears throat – scrapes back chair – stands up – titters nervously * “My name is Cared, and I’m a fanficaholic.” *side-eyes at Ally Vera, Midnight Cougar, Ilovealion, Gingerandgreen and Wiltshire Glo*

Now, along with this fabulous Bella I can identify with, this hilarious story has a cast of characters with interesting online user names such as AngelWings, AliceTrippinThruWonderland and JazzyPoo22.  My favourite of them being Edward, aka TonyMazen69, who leads a ‘pathetic existence as a complete and utter review whore and eventual novelist’. The Oxford Dictionary Hoodfabulous definition of a review whore is: a writer who thrives on his or her reviews, constantly living in the sweet, sweet glory of the encouraging, thoughtful words of his readers. 😉

I’m really looking forward to these online friends meeting at the upcoming Moonlight Fanfic Convention.  I hope they experience the magical connection I was blessed to find upon meeting my online friends.


*Review by WiltshireGlo*

 Maybe I’m Falling For You by coldplaywhore and Flightlessbird11


Maybe I’m Falling For You ~ Edward and Bella meet one cloudy May morning at their neighborhood coffee bar. Little do they know that they have actually been conversing for several months under assumed names. Collaboration between CPW and FLB11. M for language and lemony goodness.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 36 – Words: 202,788 – Reviews: 6134 – Updated: 8-23-10 – Published: 8-30-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete

Online friendship – a world of ridiculous pseudonyms, anonymous avis of favourite bands, artists, or even *rolls eyes* hot young actors, leading inevitably to conversations that no one would ever have in real life! Bonding over a passion that few understand, an intense dedication to a cause or just a shared sense of humour… Sounds far-fetched? Yeah… I thought not! It’s a world we all know so well. But can silly online ramblings lead to face-to-face friendship? Would you even like each other if you met for coffee or would you be drawn together instinctively, unknowingly, regardless of where you met?

Although it’s an oldie from the world of fanfic legends, Maybe I’m Falling For You resonates even more for me now than when I first read it three years ago. It’s not difficult to understand the true affection felt for a person you’ve never met, whose given name is unknown to you and whose face you wouldn’t recognise on the street.

Coldplaywhore and Flightlessbird11 (incidentally, online friends who collaborated to write this, but hadn’t met in real-life!) capture the frivolity and lightness of online friendship, but also that magic spark between Edward and Bella.

PennyLane84: Morning Stranger.

 Ah, one of my favorite times of the day, when I found my constant companion online or in today’s case she found me.

 Paperback_Writer: Morning yourself.

 PennyLane84: I didn’t see you around last night, started to worry you got attacked by the parrot lady again.

 Paperback_Writer: Thankfully no, although I did see her this morning at my local coffee shop. I hid like a coward and prayed she found her own personal pirate… or walked off the plank, either option seemed good to me.

 PennyLane84 and I had met online several months ago on a music based chat room where we got into a heated discussion with some punk teenager with the handle ‘Paul_iz_Ded’, who insisted to us that the Beatles were overrated. Of course, PennyLane and I being huge Beatles fans, as evidenced by our own handles, spent the next few hours trying to bend him to our ways and lead him from the dark side, to no avail. On a positive note though, I struck an unlikely friendship with another fellow New Yorker and we chatted about virtually everything, including my favorite parrot lady.

 PennyLane84: That’s a shame, she sounded like a lovely woman, arrghh… (attempting pirate impression. Is it working?)

 Paperback_Writer: Yeah, I tend to prefer my ladies with pets that don’t molt. (No, not really. LOL)

 PennyLane84: No molting pets. Got it. Can you handle two crazy roommates? Thanks for crushing my ego btw.

 Paperback_Writer: Well if it helps at all, I am sure hidden behind your computer monitor I am certain you are a pretty woman. (Stroking the ego as best as I can) I don’t do crazy roommates either. If I did, I’d still be living with my two best friends.

 PennyLane84: Apology accepted. Do you live alone?

 Paperback_Writer: No. I have 87 cats actually. I’m the cat man of New York City.

 PennyLane84: See, we could never work in real life. I love dogs.

 Paperback_Writer: Whatever PL84. You don’t have a pet, you just told me so. What makes you think you wouldn’t like one of my cats?

 PennyLane84: Allergies.

 Paperback_Writer: Look at that… the cats are gone. I have an allergy to raisins, or at least I tell people I do because I hate the texture.

 PennyLane84: And you think the parrot lady is weird?

 Paperback_Writer: Make fun all you want. Didn’t you previously mention an aversion to cereal?

 PennyLane84: Not all cereal… just the shit that stays crunchy in milk. I mean, how do they do that? Isn’t it supposed to go soft? I’m certain they smother the cereal in all sorts of additives and preservatives that will probably cause me to sprout a third limb. Although I suppose an extra arm would help me walk the dogs.

 Paperback_Writer: It always comes back to those damned dogs.

 PennyLane94: So what’s on your agenda for the day?

 Paperback_Writer: Oh you know, the regular shit. Knitting an afghan for my hard of hearing grandmother with belly button lint, taking my underwater basket weaving class down at the Y and after that I think I have to skip to my loo. What about you PL?

 PennyLane84: I have to get to work and walk some dogs around a park, scooping up their feces for way too little money. Then I think I might force my roommates to eat some of my atrociously bad cooking.

 Paperback_Writer: Sounds thrilling. Too bad you can’t cook for me, I’m absolutely horrible. Perhaps I should sign up for cooking classes at the Y after I’m done learning about underwater basket weaving.

 PennyLane84: Dog walking is not thrilling in the least, but it certainly beats working for the man, don’t you think? As for the cooking, my roommates say it’s good, but I tend to be a bit experimental. I think they are just being nice because I haven’t killed them yet.

 Paperback_Writer: Ah death by casserole, what a way to go.

 PennyLane84: Speaking of going, if I don’t sign off soon the Pug might walk himself. Have a great morning PBW. C U Soon.

 With that final sign off, she was gone. Her name was no longer highlighted on my little messenger system and my heart stopped soaring for a moment. I tried to ignore the thoughts and feelings my online friend made come to life within me and grabbed my coffee and paper, opting to get comfortable on my couch to finish up the morning.

It’s such a lovely story to get swept along with – and if, like me, you’ve had the pleasure of meeting some online friends and recognising kindred spirits, this will make your heart glad. Bearing in mind that real life can often be stranger than fiction, be sure to take note of your fellow coffee drinkers…you never know if one of your closest online friends is actually only a few steps away! 😀


*Review by AllyVera*

Tropic of Virgo by In.a.Blue.Bathrobe


Tropic of Virgo ~ He’s a young but jaded musician writing lyrics for his band, and she’s a naive, frustrated poet looking to break out of her shell; their words collide online. What happens when they meet in high school, unaware of their literary connection?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Chapters: 38 – Words: 150,800 – Reviews: 19,670 – Favs: 12,213 – Follows: 5,175 – Updated: 09-09-13 – Published: 03-04-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4901517

When my fellow FicSix colleagues discussed doing a post which covered Edward and Bella meeting (or probably more importantly) getting to know each other online, the first story that popped into my head and stuck there was the wonderful Tropic of Virgo, written by the uber-talented  In.a.Blue.Bathrobe.

We meet both Edward and Bella in the first chapter when they “discover” each other online.  Bella writes poetry and Edward loves her words, and she loves his.  Unbeknownst to both of them, the girl from Phoenix and the boy from Forks are soon to meet in person – but it is a quite a while before Edward and Bella find out that they are each others’ online personas of Debussy_88 and Ordinary_Girl.  They are brought together online with their words, but when they meet in real life, they are brought together by music.  And here unfolds the plot…  Edward is a member of the band Breaking Dawn and when he first hears Bella sing, he knows she is what he is looking for.  But nothing ever goes as smoothly as you hope!

Now, my normal “M.O.” is to show Bella’s first glimpse of Edward (because you know, that is always my favourite part), but today, I have to share Edward’s beautifully worded first sight of Bella – just after reading Ordinary_Girl’s latest comment to him…

“The words triggered a song to tumble around in my head, and it occurred to me that I was arranging for the mystery girl’s voice, and I could hear her speaking, a breathy alto, ultra feminine and warm with residual laughter, and imagining it made my heart beat faster, and I realized with horror that it was real, she was here, chestnut brown hair and navy hoodie and that incredibly sensuous voice telling the teacher, “I’m Bella Swan,” and she was so beautiful and simple and genuine I wanted to cry, or ravage her mouth with mine, or beg her to sing for no-one but me.

Instead I just sat there, gripping the table, not knowing what to do or what to say. The irony of it infuriated me. My name was synonymous with money and style, my reputation with the ladies famous. I was the lead singer in a rock band, and I’d lost my nerve for a shy little girl who wasn’t even wearing lipstick. She approached my desk, tripping slightly, and I recoiled. Her wide eyes were clear brown, and I wanted to drown in their sweetness and warmth, but then she frowned a little, and the blush from the lunchroom returned with full force. She looked down, and sat next to me, and I remembered to breathe.

How could she be both the sultry torch singer and this? How could this awkward slip of a girl affect me this way? She wore slim jeans and a baggy shirt that hid every possible curve, no make-up except for that stuff that goes on the eyelashes, which was redundant, because they were so ridiculously long they looked fake, and chapped lips that probably got that way because she bit them nervously, and oh, God, she was biting her lip, pink flesh caught in white teeth.”

The thing I just loved the most about this story was the beautiful, poetic writing.  These two definitely have a connection that is cosmic or maybe pre-destined.  Mind you, the road isn’t an easy one for this pair, but Tropic of Virgo is worth every bump and curve you navigate.  I know ToV is probably one of the most well-known in the fandom, but we couldn’t leave it out of today’s post.  If you are one of the few who haven’t read it, trust me when I say – there is a reason it is one of the most favourited stories on!


*Reviews by Gingerandgreen*

The Best I Ever Had by WhatsMyNomDePlume  

*Made by famously*

*Made by famously*

The Best I Ever Had ~ Sex between friends complicates everything. Bella knows this. But she has no idea how much more Edward is going to complicate things.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 14 – Words: 64,919 – Reviews: 7,218 – Favs: 9,275 – Follows: 5,466 – Updated: 06-25-12 – Published: 02-17-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6752826

Friendships grow to fill a particular role in your life, and while they may fluctuate over time they don’t normally change dramatically overnight: – over one glance, one change in the light, one unexpected spark in the eye.

In The Best I Ever Had, Edward and Bella’s friendship undergoes just such a dramatic transformation. WhatsMyNomDePlume, in her usual sexily smart style, delights in exploring the ramifications. 

“Nothing,” I reply quickly. “It’s nothing.”

“What’s nothing?” Jasper pipes in as he sits down next to Alice. Behind him I see Edward enter the coffee shop and grab his drink, before heading over to our table.



Shit crap.

I need to change the subject. Now. I need to think of something riveting and juicy that’ll get their attention and make them forget all about my mystery man.

“Did you know that mama birds vomit up their food because baby birds can’t handle eating something that’s not already been digested?

That’s not it.

Emmett makes a face at me, but it’s Edward, piping up from behind me, who says what everyone is thinking. “What the fuck are you talking about, Bella?” He sits down next to his sister with a bright pink coffee cup—apparently, the coffee shop hasn’t gone back to their regular ones, even though Valentines’ Day was yesterday—as he says hi to the others.

“She’s deflecting,” Rose tells him, arching an eyebrow in challenge to me. I swear to God, if I didn’t know she didn’t know, I’d think she knew. And of all people that shouldn’t know, it’s Rose because I don’t think she’d be pleased to know that this conversation is actually about her brother.

“Deflecting from what?” Edward asks.

Oh God.

I see it happening in slow motion, the words leaving Alice’s mouth like a car skidding and screeching on the brakes, trying not to hit anything.

“Bella told us she had the best sex of her life two days ago but won’t tell us who it was with.

I wish a car would hit me right now.

“Actually, it’s ‘whom’,” Jasper corrects.

“Shut up, Jasper,” Emmett says.

Edward turns to me, his green eyes bright and blazing, and it reminds me of the look he had as I took my shirt off that night. My stomach twists, and the feeling is not as unpleasant as it sounds.

And then he smirks and looks more like what he actually is: the smuggest bastard on the planet. “Really? Really? The best sex of her life, huh?”

If you haven’t read this light-hearted, hilarious and gorgeously written classic yet, I’d really recommend that you do now. It’s just the story to share with your fanfic friends – the ones who understand the REAL you: smutty-minded, fiercely romantic and with a wicked sense of humour. At least, that’s my experience of Twifanfic friends – all of you!


Blurred Lines by SparklyLadies


*Made by RoseArcadia*

Blurred Lines ~ Edward Cullen: secret phone sex operator, dirty talking pro and hopelessly in love with his best friend. When a familiar voice calls in, will the lines between friendship, love, and lust become blurred? Our entry for the 2013 Dirty Talkin Edward Twific Contest. Top 5 in the Public Vote

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 14,447 – Reviews: 18 – Favs: 48 – Follows: 76 – Published: 08-29-13 – id: 9642612

I know the Dirty Talking Edward contest was last week’s post, but Blurred Lines is such a good Friends-to-more story, I had to write about it this week.

There are exactly eight freckles on your nose.

You have the tiniest scar right above your left eyebrow. It’s thin, a hairline scar, barely visible to anyone standing an acceptable distance away.

It’s from when I knocked you off your feet when we were kids. I was playing on my bike and you on your skateboard. We collided, and I sent you flying across the decking in your backyard. You split your head open.

There was blood—lots of it—and I puked all over your shirt. You’ve never let me live that one down.

You have those sexy little dimples at the bottom of your spine, right where the curve of your ass meets your lower back. Every time I see you in a bathing suit, I want to rip it off and lick those dimples. I can see them right now, in the sliver of skin exposed between your flannel pajama pants and tank top.

These are the little things I notice as I lay beside you in your bed, studying you. The sun shines through the window; light dances across your pale skin, giving it a luminescent glow. Inside, the rays warm your skin, but outside it’s cold. Fall’s quickly merging into a typical Chicago winter. Snow is forecast over the next few days.

I shiver at the thought.

You’re lying on your stomach, propped up on your elbows, hair piled high on your head as you highlight notes in your text for your test tomorrow.

Wearing no makeup and only your glasses, in this moment, you’ve never looked more beautiful to me. Of course you’re oblivious to this and absolutely clueless that I feel this way about you.

I wish I could tell you.


SparklyMeg and Twilightladies have collaborated to write something really special here. Edward ‘dirty talks’ for a living, but he’s too ashamed to tell Bella. We get a glimpse of what he’s like with ordinary women who phone the 0800 number, and while we can see how much his voice and words would make any woman melt, there’s no spark. That is a measure of the great skill of these authors, because when someone special comes on the line – wow.

I hear you gasp, and then giggle. “Wait—how do you know I’m beautiful?”

“I can tell by your voice, Marie. It’s sweet, like cotton candy. The way you caress each word, Marie, just gives me shivers. Such a beautiful voice could only belong to a beautiful girl.”

“I…” You’re speechless already.

“So I know that you look beautiful, Marie. And I know that you sound beautiful.” I pause, and lower my voice to a whisper, “But can you guess what I really want to know, Marie?”

“Um… what?” you whisper.

“I really want to know how you smell.”


Perhaps you wouldn’t think so from the concept, but this story is about friendship and the deep and abiding love of our favourite fiction pair. The SparklyLadies do plan to write more when they’ve finished their current WiPs, so put it on alert and enjoy.


We have Twific to thank for bringing us all together. With this spirit of friendship in mind, we’d like to call your attention to some of our fandom who have banded together.  Fandom for Friends is a cause close to our hearts as its purpose is to support one of our own. We are proud of what our “new world” friendships can accomplish.

For more information, just click the link.

The FicSix would love to hear how you met your fandom friends and what they mean to you.

The FicSix


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Cruising Through The Summer


Hello ladies, and welcome to another FanFiction Friday with The FicSix. I’ve got a great summer fic picked out for you, so settle in for something a little different this time around.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a “visual” person. I’m a visual learner, a visual teacher, and a visual writer. Some people are inspired by written words or music, but I’m inspired by images. So, I decided to do a visual review today. Just a few words and a lot of images to portray all the things I love about Cruise by DeeDreamer.

 *Review by Ilovealion*

Cruise by DeeDreamer

Cruise by DeeDreamer

Cruise ~ It’s the heat of the summer and Eddie Masen’s heart just got trampled in the Carolina clay. He’s convinced his summer is ruined when a li’l firecracker enters his world. Bella’s a sweet name for a girl so hell-bent on makin’ mischief, but she might just be exactly the thing to breathe new life into good ol’ boy Eddie. June 2013 WitFit.

Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 25 – Words: 51,605 – Reviews: 293 – Favs: 171 – Follows: 250 – Updated: 06-29-13 – Published: 06-02-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9351736

Many of you already know and love DeeDreamer because of her Sinday reviews on RAoR. She also holds a dear place in my heart because she dedicated over two years of her stellar beta services to our story Pure Revelations. Let’s just say… the woman knows her way around a fic. Her newest story Cruise is no exception.

Take a look at my review in pictures.


Um… Dear Edward, actually.


Drowning his sorrows down by the river.


Red (aka Bella) shows up and…



“I lost my top.”


Eddie and Red bond over soccer, but the day ends on a sour note.


But, guess who shows up for breakfast the next day…


And gets an eye-full of Eddie.  (nom nom)


Later, Bella steals a kiss.


They chicken fight.


Edward prepares his meat…


And wins a kiss.


They have a first date.


They share some chocolate and kisses,


…but the green-eyed monster shows up and causes a stink.


This and…

This (Florida Georgia Line – Cruise) made it all better.


Then, Eddie was all… YEAH!


And, Red was all… oops. I confess.


But then it was all good with some of this…


And a whole lotta this…


And some secluded this…


And finally this…


Until summer ended.


Do you think DeeDreamer gave us a happy ending? Go check out this COMPLETE WitFit challenge fic and see. It’s all in pure country EPOV. It’s yummy from beginning to end. You NEED to puts some words to the pictures, so go READ it and leave Dee some love along the way.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Fabulous July. Would love to know what you’re reading! Please share!




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