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Happy Valentine’s Day Rob Attack!

*blows kisses*


Good morning, ladies!

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day for those of you who have a significant other (besides Rob, I mean). Thought I’d wake you up with something hot and steamy, OK?

Via Rob Attack!

Not exactly what you had in mind? Well, this is just a warm up! We all know how sweet and adorable Rob is.

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Every time someone says, “He’s so sweet!” I think of one song. So, for this Valentine’s Day, I put together a romantic little vid for you ladies.

What? It was romantic! ~gigglesnort~ Oh, don’t we all want to swing on Rob’s vine? ~gigglesnort~

Whenever there is a holiday, I turn to my go-to girl, Mississippibellalis, AKA Lis-a-rama, to make some custom graphics for RA! Now, I can’t help it if she likes to make graphics that let me live vicariously through them. You know, little things like this…

Via Rob Attack

Oh, wait! How’d that get in there? That’s from my personal stash heheheh! If you can’t have Rob in reality, it’s reallllly nice to have a friend who can give him to you virtually!

Via Rob Attack

*Oh, if only….* Don’t worry! This post isn’t all for me. Dang it! No way! Missi and I have some lovelies for you girls, too!!! This here (artist unknown) is Rita’s personal favorite and who can blame her?


*Sweet…Sugar…Candy man…CHOMP!* And who hasn’t dreamed up hearing this from Rob?


Every girl wants Prince Charming to come rescue her on Valentine’s Day, don’t we? Well, who could be more charming than Rob?


Of course, if you’re going to imagine Rob as Prince charming, why not “go all the way and make him your King?

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* Drifts down from cloud 9* Where was I? Oh, yeah! Of course, some of us prefer the bad boy side of Rob…

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*I suddenly have a craving for buns* Then again, others like that Rock -N-Roll version of Rob…

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So, whatever your “Rob Fantasy” is…

from RobAttack

I hope you keep warm with this…




My personal Valentine to Rob…

Happy Valentine's BB

And from Rita, Lisa, and RobsFan-tasy, we wish you all a

from Rob Attack

Much Love to you all,


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The Robgospel According to RF

*blows kisses*


   ~RF walks out onto the stage dressed in her Sunday best. She steps up to the podium and takes down the microphone. Returning to center stage, she begins to speak to the Robitorium in her best Southern Baptist, Gone ta Meetin’, Sunday Revival accent~


Ladies, nay, Sistahs! Sistahs, just why I have bought you here today is to tell you all somethin’ you may already know. But, I feel the need…I say, I feel the neeeed to share the Robgospel with ya’ll here today! Now you may already know that the word “gospel” means “the truth.” So, what we are talkin’ about ri’ chere is the Rob-truth, or the truth about Rob!


Can I get an A…man?

Dom Stance

Sistahs, as you know, this man has large hands and long fingers. Have Mercy! And with those hands he has reached across the lands, across nations, even unto the ends of the earth, to the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the angel and the h00r! He has touched us all!



My dear friends, who among you can say you have not looked into those multicolored eyes and not been affected by his stare? Has he not looked into that camera and made you feel his kiss?!


And, without the distraction of the rest of Rob’s gorgeous face *coughJawPorn* *coughLipPorn,* we are helplessly trapped…and lovin’ it! AMEN!!!



He has not looked upon you with that come hither stare and made you feel desiiiiired!


Yea, there is no escape from his wickedly sexy gaze…nor do we wish to! Can I get an AMEN!!!



Sistahs, I have come here today to preach to you about the power of this man and to confess to you that I know what you’re goin’ through! I have witnessed the power of his wonky legs!



I have seen those snow white fangs of his and wished that he truly was a vampire and that I, yes I, was his all too willing next victim! Are ya feelin’ me, now?



I too have looked upon those luscious lips and felt the call of seduction, Sistahs! I know! Indeed I know!

Melbie Toast Tumblr


Believe me when I say you are not alone! I have been there when the cameras have captured that sharp jawline and I have felt my knees go weak like my weight was supported on rubber bands!

Melbie Toast Tumblr


And, my Sistahs, have mercy, the man was blessed…I say he was blessed with the voice of an angel! An angel who was sent here to bring us great joy!


The man can make your soul dance!


He can make your heart sing!


He can make your legs weak!


He can bring your libido back from the dead!


Now, I know that not all of you are here in the Robitorium with me. I know that some of you are on the bus or in a carpool on your way to work takin’ the opportunity durin’ your ride to come get yours. I know some of you are already at work sittin’ in your office or in your cubicle sneakin’ the chance to peek at The Pretty when ya should be workin’. Some of you are at home sittin’ on your home computers stoppin’ in here to get your Rob fix for the day before you set about your chores, and some of you are in your beds with the lights out and your laptop or e-reader open and grabbin’ a gape at Mr. Sex on Legs before bed!

Melbie Toast Tumblr

My Sistahs, I also know you have one more thing in common…you’re all sittin’ there, wherever you may be, with your hand over your mouth tryin’ NOT to squee! Hear me now, Sistahs! Take that hand down! Are ya hearin’ me, Sistahs? Take that hand doooown and let it out! For this is the Robgospel and…


The Truth Shall Set You Free!


Much love to you all,




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Dream Job

*blows kisses*


Hello all!

Is anybody still alive out there??

With all this Dior and MTTS porn we’ve been getting lately I’ve had a hell of a time dragging my ass outta the gutter. But  now that it seems our fountain of porn is starting to dry up, *pouty face* I have emerged with one thought in mind, (Besides the fact that Rob is the most amazingly Gorgeous man on the planet!) Camile has got to be the luckiest woman on Earth! I mean seriously talk about your Dream Job!

She gets look at this everyday in person, face to face…


She gets to see him coming for her and take her by the hand…


She gets to dance with him…


She gets to be carried in his arms…


She gets to touch him, be touched and kissed by  him…


She gets to snuggle with him…


She gets to wrap herself around him…


She gets to stroke him…


She gets to nuzzle him…


And she gets well paid for it too? How the hell is she still alive????

“Dream as though you’ll live forever. Live as though you’ll die today.”

Yeah, being with Rob like this would definitely kill  me!
















All gifs courtesy of RP AU


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Takin’ It Back!

*blows kisses*


I’m baa-aack!! Yeah, I know I’ve been gone awhile and ya’ll probably thought I had abandoned you but no such luck, you’re stuck with me! ~snort~ I has a reeeaaalllly good reason for being gone so long though! See, I’ve been working my butt off (along with Rita and Mississippbellalis) on finishing both my fan fics. Yes! ” Waiting in the Twilight ” is finally done! And “Songs of Angels” now renamed “Unforgettable” is soon to be (self) published in e-book format and will be available on Amazon and several other e-book sites.

But enough about that, on to the reason we’re here…ROB PORN!! LOL!

Just like you, I’ve been hoarding all the latest and greatest (and not so great) Rob pics from Dior, the airport, out and about, old out takes and, of course, Map to the Stars. Of all the new ones lately, my personal favorite is this outtake from Cannes 2012.

*Le Sigh*

*Le Sigh*

Rob always looks gorgeous when he’s in Cannes!!! But, in the midst of all this, I kept seeing old pics of Rob. So, hop in the Rob Attack WTF Tour Bus with me and I’ll take you back in time with Rob!


Come on in! There’s plenty of room inside! The RA WTF Tour Bus is spatially distorted LMAO! It looks tiny on the outside but inside, it’s the size and comfort of 10 limousines! Now, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and strap on your seatbelts made of Shamwows!


Let’s go back to 2006 and visit Rob on a UK TV show called Saturday Showdown for GoF. He was “Pretty,” even then.


Next stop, we see Rob as a teen model, guessing between 2000 and 2004…don’t know which magazine it was for.


Isn’t his buzz cut adorable? It’s obvious this girl is just a kid cuz if I had Rob and whipped cream in the same room, I would do alot more than put it on his nose!!! hehehehe


Now we are jumping forward in time to 2010. A press conference but darned if I know which one. I joined the Rob train a little after this here appearance. I think it’s pretty obvious why, right? LOL!


Man, we shoulda brought a bed for poor Rob! He looks tired back in 2006 at Collectormania 9. Little did he know this was just the beginning of such appearances.


Now normally I’d be like, “Step off my man, blondie!” but since I know this didn’t go anywhere, I’s fine with it! ~snickers~ It may be a blurry shot but isn’t Rob just a cutie pie in this fan pic from the same Collectormania 9 in 2006.


Here he is in the 2009 Twilight promo tour in Japan. And we all know what happens when Rob is in Japan, right? (Now, where’s my Japeen pic?)


Now lets peer in at Rob at the 2005 NYC premiere of HP GOF!


Okay, let’s go forward a bit to the 2007 (outtake) from the Hackett Campaign photo shoot. Rob looks like such a little gentleman here!!


Now on to a wonderful BTS shot from How to Be 2008. Okay, will you all still love me if I admit I have never seen HTB? I never see it on or available anywhere!! ~pouty face~


Rob and his then girlfriend, Nina Schubert, at the Chakravarty Cup in 2006. And just in case you wanted to know, the Chakravarty Cup is an annual polo match created to raise funds and awareness for selected charities. Started in 1997, it has now donated well over £1 million to various charities. Dayum! Our boy was thiiin!!


All these pics are new to me but I lurve this edit from the 2005 photoshoot for Goblet of Fire. Look at that smile and those eyes!!!


And another fan pic from 2006 Collectormania GMEX. Dunno the difference from Collectormania 9, but I hear there is one! Anybody know?

e5ee33251404e0e2d1a7fd28cafb2176 This should bring back some fond memories…anybody else remember the bubble jacket? Gucci Private Dinner 2008. I recognize Ed Westwick but not the girl


Ok this pic bugs me to death!! I srsly think someone needs to fill in with black that little white spot of wall between Rob’s ear and shoulder!!!! If you look at this pic from a distance, or minimize it just a bit, it looks like Rob is wearing a big plastic star earring!! Or is it just me??? Cropped pic of Rob with the little girl who played Bella as a child in Twilight 2008. From the early morning stubble, it looks like he still has to do hair and make-up LOL!


Candid of Rob, Tom Sturridge and Nina Schubert…guessing 2006. Rob’s having fun at least LOL!

Rob and Sister Lizzy

Candid of Rob and sister Lizzie..again, guessing 2007 or 2008! Great looks and talent run in the family, right?!

I hope you all enjoyed this little time warp down memory lane. Now that we have arrived back at the RA mansion, please exit the vehicle (I GOTTA go find my Japeen pic LOL!!!!)

Much Love to you all,




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Brit Boy

*blows kisses*



♥ ♥ 

Well, hello my friends!

We may be approaching July 4th, Independence Day, here in the good ol’ USA, but I thought I’d celebrate Rob and a different “Red White and Blue” today!

This time, there is clearly only one side to choose!


Because, well, let’s face it he is…


So just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. You’re in good company!


Now you knew I couldn’t do a Rob / Union Jack post without getting my girl Mississippibellalis to make us something special!


Just looking at this gorgeous man puts butterflies in my stomach…and a few other places, too!50c7a579baebdf23a6353d46124a83fa

Must be something in the water that makes Britboys so damned hot!


Those eyes could melt straight through an iceberg! *SWOON*


This reminds me so much of The British Invasion of the Beatles but Rob is a thousand times more gorgeous IMO! So glad he switched to sex hair LOL


Yes, yes he is the king of my heart! Take it off Rob! Take it ALL off! *snickers*


Now, when I think of the red, white and blue and eagles in the same sentence THIS wasn’t the picture that came to mind! But it forever will be now!

robert_pattinson___union_jack_by_oxgerryberryxo-d4ppx46 - Copy

Lips to die for! *THUD!*


Why even Breaking Dawn Edwards look better with a UJ flag for background.


I have no idea who created this was or why (a FF maybe?) Hell, I don’t even remember snagging it…just found it floating around in my porn stash! Man, I have good taste LOL! (it is marked/credited to oksanarosten)

london_by_oksanarobsten-d57h01g - Copy

Thank you, England, for giving us such hotness!


Well, we all know it’s impossible, but…


Yes Rob + the Union Jack flag is cause for a…


Much Love to you all,



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Manic Monday Musings

*blows kisses*


Well girls,

Since Rob has gone into hiding and the only pics we see of him are pap pics or fan pics (the recent poor quality Dior pics excluded), I think it’s time we remind Rob that we are here for him.

His 1% + is patiently waiting for his Public return because we want to see his beautiful face…we miss him!

So, I’m sending a message to Rob to remind him of why we all love him so much.


Rob’s fans have known this since day 1!


Perving on Rob is the highlight of MY day, anyway!


Well, duh! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here LOL!


In fact, we FLUV Rob’s flaws…what there are of them!


He doesn’t see it, but WE do!


That it does!


One of the top reasons why we love Rob!


Fist bump!


In my world, he is!


What I’d like to do is definitely NSFW!!!


Couldn’t agree more LOL!


Which awesomeness is what we are missing…just saying!


But I’ll tell you anyway…keep reading!


Preferably in MY bed *THUD!*


Baby, he was born that way LOL!


Amen to that!

tumblr_mo1ylyFfni1qfg8nqo1_500 (1)

How did we exist before Rob came along to brighten our world?


And will be for years to come!


YES! YES! YES!!!!!


Come on girls! You know you have them LMAO!!!


Doesn’t begin to cover everything!


Well, Rob will definitely go down in history LOL!


Yes, they do tend to make us all tongue-tied at some point!


Can’t imagine not having Rob in my life!


God, I could listen to that man talk or, even better, SING for-evah! *Swoon!*


It’s a panty poofer, all right!


And second and third and fourth and fifth and…


And always will be!

We miss you Rob!

C’mon girls, tell Rob how much you adore him and miss him!

Much Love to you all,




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Tempting Tuesday Dior or What?

*blows kisses*


Morning Ladies,

Like most of you stuck in this Rob drought I’m desperate for some new Rob Porn that doesn’t come from a pap! Knowing that all the projects he signed up for last year are now on hold, that leaves us with one final hope. The Christian Dior Campaign!!

It’s Been said by that well known non-existent? “SOURCE” *ahem* that,

“It’s going to be the biggest and most talked about advert of the year …”  

“The advert is sexually charged. Robert is topless for part of it and kissing the model with tongues. He looks very much into the girl he stars alongside. Rob and the model are in a swimming pool making out and he’s seen giving her a blow-back with a cigarette at one stage, too…”  

“There are scenes where Rob is chasing the model around town wearing a mixture of Dior jackets, shirts and suits…”  

“There’s also one scene where R-Patz takes part in a foursome and writhes around in bed with three models in various states of undress. But nobody is sure whether this will make the final cut. It’s a no-holds-barred advert and very sexy for a fashion house like Dior. Dior are thrilled with it however because they know how controversial it’s going to be. It’s the talk of the fashion world right now and has been one of the most eagerly awaited adverts for years.” 

quoted from Celebitchy


Like everyone else I’m wondering Where the F*ck is the Dior campaign we were promised? Well when I heard recently that the commercial would only be shown in Paris, (I was f*cking pissed off!! That’s not fair!! WTF???)  Slightly miffed. Then I heard the magazine campaign was on hold indefinitely, wouldn’t be out till October, would be out this month, was delayed until JUNE!!! WTF?? Seriously? If you don’t know for CERTAIN then DON’T report on it! Hurrumph!

Typical of the rumor mill, I know nothing more than when I started searching!

Since Dior won’t cum to us, I knew the Rob fandom wouldn’t let us down! So since we can’t have the real thing, here are several Dior/Rob manips for your viewing/daydreaming pleasure…


STEfraFYc_77 did several of hese manips! Bless her heart and Thank You very much!


The sleek wealthy Eric Packer look is pretty nice with a Dior slogan!


This campaign was shot back in December 2012 when our boy was without the sex hair. even though I am a sex hair addict Rob doesn’t need it with the sexy scruff and the F*ck me eyes!


This one is kinda plain but Rob’s look says it all!


If  I’m not mistaken (and I could be!) This was a previous Dior campaign but come on…Rob does EVERYTHING Better!


according to the descriptions I’ve read about what this campaign is supposed to look like, This manip (artist unknown to me) is the closest one I have seen to what this Dior campaign is supposed to look like but not nearly as sexy as was described above!


If you have ever wonder why they call Rob “Mr. Sexy On Legs” all you gotta do is look at this picture and let your imagination run wild! hehe

Robert-Pattinson-Dior (1)

To me, this one looks like it was torn straight from the magazine! Great job Mimy!


I wasn’t gonna include this one but Rita loves the damn (ugly) shirt so what was I to do?


Ah now here, this one is niiiiice!!


I LURVE this one! To me it screams sexy and sensual without saying a word!


I saved my favorites for last cause who wouldn’t love to see Rob walkin’ into their bedroom lookin’ like that! Sex hair, scruff, sex stare… add to that the thought of him wearing Dior cologne…OMG! Just kill me now!



This last one is one of my favs just because it looks so classy and like a real Dior Campaign! A true work of art!

Well, that’s all I have for today ladies! Do you fiddle with Photoshop? Goof around With Gimp? Show us your take on The Robert Pattinson Dior Campaign.


Much Love to you all,





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Let’s Do It!

*blows kisses*


Well, Ladies!

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile.

I’ve been in a writing funk and can’t seem to dig my way out!

That, plus Rob going into Super Ninja hiding mode, has made this drought a sand storm for me!

Then, I got to thinking…what’s the best cure for a drought?

I tried going for a brisk walk… Robert-Pattinson-560x794

It didn’t help! I tried doing some stretching exercises…

Nope! That didn’t work either, so I gave my self a stern talking to…

Robert Pattinson Continues Filming "Water For Elephants"

And realized the best cure for a Rob Drought is sharing RobPorn! DUH! And RobPorn from “Water for Elephants” is the best!

So let’s do it! Let’s fall in love with Rob all over again!

Now that Melbie’s vid has your undivided attention LOL, feast your eyes on one of the best (though there are tons) pictures to come out of WFE! Robert_Pattinson_Water_For_Elephants_1 Sexy Beast in Blue! 1001Sexy Beast in Blue with flat cap LOL!NewRobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsStill6 Lordy, just look at the shoulders on our man!wfen Watching Rob play heartbroken Jacob Jankowski coming back to life was a thing of beauty!MV5BMjI3ODM4MDk2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTg5NjQ4NA@@._V1._SX640_SY478_ Going from wide-eyed innocence…robert-pattinson-and-water-for-elephants-gallery to awareness of the darkness beneath all the glitzy glamour…NewRobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsStill2 was what made WFE the awesome film that it was!Pattinson-Water-For-Elephants-5 Of course, watching Rob get down and dirty was fun, too!Robert Pattinson Continues Filming "Water For Elephants" There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to make it all look real!ROBERT-PATTINSON-ON-THE-SET-OF-WATER-FOR-ELEPHANTS-ON-JUNE-3-2010-twilight-series-12728033-452-622 I’ll bet he was in far better shape at the end of the film than he was at the beginning LOL!robert_pattinson_train_water_for_elephants1a He made it look easy but we know it had to have been a lot of hard work! gallery_main-robert-pattinson-water-for-elephants-set-06032010-19 From what we’ve heard in various interviews with his co-stars…     Fotos-de-Robert-Pattinson-en-Water-for-Elephants Rob was greatly admired for his dedication…7224612161045367872238 humor and camraderie! 38781_141338729223783_100000429700240_298254_4978735_nSeriously,if Coca~Cola doesn’t hire this man as a spokesperson, they’re insane! I’ll bet a lot of hot, thirsty hOOrs would buy it just because Rob’s luscious lips have been on that can!!
WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Some people said there was lack of chemistry between Rob and Reese but I beg to differ!robert-pattinson-reese-witherspoon-water-for-elephants-red-dress-blonde-curls-suit-10 At least Rob paid a lot of attention to her boobs, both on set and during the promo tour!


Well, just like in the film, we arrive at The End of this post!


Thanks for revisiting one of my favorite Rob films with me!


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What A Crock!

*blows kisses*



Well, I know many of us often say, “Can he get any sweeter?” Or “Could he be any more lovable?” and just when we think it’s not possible Rob proves us wrong EVERY time! Here’s the proof…

You all remember this VF Cover right?




Well, Apparently the Alligator and the Australian Outback had an affect on our Boy friend because, like the sweetheart he is, Rob paid to have an alligator released into the wild! All together now… 1 2 3 “Awwww!”


Rob, You gotta love him!

Much Love to you all,



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Who’s Your Paddy?


Top O’ tha Mornin’ to Ya!

Nope, it ain’t St. Patrick’s Day…yet, but I didn’t want to deprive you all of Rita’s lovely Sensual Sunday post!

Till then, let me entertain you with some St. Robby loveliness made by Mississippibellalis!

These 3 Robnips have never been seen before today so I guess it’s true what they say…the Irish really are lucky LOL!



Oh, Baby! I’ll be your Patti, your Sally, your Margaret, or anyone else you want me to be!


Now that’s one rainbow I really wanna ride!


We love you too Rob!

Oh look! I got my wish! *tee hee*


So, here’s to Rob’s safe return and a…
Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day!!
Basic RGB
Best of luck to you all!




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