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The Last Hurrah

Hello all! I know I promised you an epic blog post today but that’s not going to happen for reasons that I will get to in a bit. First let me say that the Lake Arrowhead show was amazing, everyone enjoyed it. And if you ever get the opportunity to see Lee, Sam, and Marcus in person DO IT!! You won’t regret it! And if it’s a private show, you better RUN not walk to get your tickets!!! It is truly something you don’t want to miss. And maybe people will tell you more about it in the comments.
Now, I want to let you know that  I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with the sweetest, most talented, fun-loving Brit boys this weekend. I also found out that the RA readership goes much farther than any of us ever imagined. (*waves* Hi Jack! Thank you for being so cool about it. But most importantly thank you for helping me move on). And because of those two things, I have decided that I will no longer be blogging. It feels strange to write about people who you’ve spent time with. Or a certain person that you’ve seen out doing normal things. I am no longer comfortable writing about any of them and I feel I need to keep my personal experiences personal from now on. (Don’t read anything major into that. Nothing that exciting happened.) I will continue to support Rob and all of his amazing friends through the films and albums they release. I just want to give them the love and respect they deserve and don’t want to do that in any public forum. I hope you understand and continue to support them as well!
I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you through this crazy adventure and have cherished every moment with you! Thank you all for allowing me to share  my experiences with you and for being so supportive of RA. I know that the rest of the crew will be here giving you the great posts you have grown to love. So please continue to show them your love too!
I wish you all the best!



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Rob’s Mates Are Great…Marcus Foster

Thank you all for the enormous response to Monday’s post! It was shared all over Facebook and had around 2,000 views. I really appreciate all your kind words about our self-control and respect for Rob. We tried as hard as we could to be good RobH00rs in public! But I really want to make sure that Marcus gets his due, so, enough about that.

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Marcus Foster at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles both on Friday and Saturday. I had never seen him live but I just really love his musical style. At this point, he is my favorite of the Britpack. (not including Rob of course, he’s always number one) I’ll let you know in a few weeks if that remains that way. (Yes, more Britpack lovin’ for me!) Marcus really reminds me the most of Rob. He has that gravelly, bluesy kind of feel to his voice.  And he is very passionate about his music!

Marcus’ original music was mostly acoustic and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved the new stuff on electric guitar with a band. There was no band on tour with him, just a keyboard player named Jack (get away driver on Sat). Friday night’s show had a little mess up on a new song. But on Saturday it was perfect! You wouldn’t even have known if he hadn’t brought attention to it.

Marcus is so passionate on stage, he is fun to watch. He has this little scream thing he does. And the more you clap and scream, the more he will do it. He certainly enjoys himself up there! He wasn’t as talkative as Lee or Bobby. And I do admit I love hearing live Word Vomit. So that was a tad disappointing, but there is a chance for more of that next time.

I also was very lucky to have the opportunity to chat a bit with Marcus, Jack and Sam Bradley each individually. I have mentioned before my friend’s private show at Lake Arrowhead, and with that just around the corner she had some business to discuss with them. So me being the supportive friend that I am, was there talking a bit as well. These boys are too funny when it comes to business! They are really just go with the flow kind of guys. I’m surprised they can get this whole tour together. Even the manager seemed a bit flaky. Maybe it’s the European thing, maybe it’s that they are young guys. Who knows? But they certainly are entertaining to talk to! Sam has a great memory and is so easy to carry on a conversation with. Jack seems pretty together but light-hearted as well. I didn’t talk much with Marcus as he was getting ready for his gig. But he was super sweet. After the show we spoke with another friend of theirs, Dustin. Or the greaseball as Rita called him! LOL. Now that guy, is one you want to have around when you party! But he seems like a good friend to them. All in all it was a great weekend with a nice little surprise on Saturday! And here’s a little snippet of what you missed at the Hotel Cafe. (I missed it too because I was busy listening to my rapidly beating heart and trying to look casual)

Be sure to check out Marcus’ music and swag on his website!

And I am super excited to announce that this Friday I will be seeing another mate of theirs, Johnny Flynn. I believe tickets are still available online at the Hotel Cafe. Also, the epic Lake Arrowhead show is this Sunday as well with Marcus, Sam and Lee. And there might be a ticket or two left! And then I will have seen all Britpack Boys live in concert!  But of course, still waiting on Rob’s! 😉

Because all of these shows are around the same time, here’s how the tentative Blog schedule will go.

Lake Arrowhead Show- post on Wed. April 4th

Johnny Flynn- post on Wed. April 11th

Can’t wait to fill you in on all of these great shows! Hopefully I will survive the weekend!


So what do you guys think of Marcus? Anybody going to see them on this tour? What are your favorite Marcus songs? Let us know so we can discuss away in the comments 🙂

And a big heartfelt thank you to Amandac3 and Maggie for sharing their pics!!


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Rob Encounter at the Hotel Cafe

Howdy! I know this isn’t my normal day and I promised you a Marcus post but don’t worry that will still be coming.  He will get the respect he deserves Wednesday. I just thought you all might like to get this breaking news as soon as possible!

Saturday was the second Marcus Foster show at the Hotel Cafe but what is even more cool was that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Sam Bradley were there as well. Sam was there Friday also, but more on that later. Here’s how it all went down…

Maggie and I and our friends were just enjoying the evening, listening to music. I was pretty chill since I had done the whole scope out the place yesterday to no avail. I didn’t see anybody with Marcus before he played, which did seem a little odd compared to Friday night but not abnormal. Maggie decides to do a “loop” of the place. I wasn’t that worried about it, I did the same thing the night before to no avail. She comes back (I guess, I never saw her) and my friend is telling me I need to go to the bathroom. I immediately knew why but couldn’t get myself to go. It felt weird, too much an invasion of his privacy. But of course, I went. I didn’t want to kick myself later.

On my way to the back, there was a huge crowd of people. Mind you, I had no idea where he was just somewhere on

Imagine seeing this from the front, side, whatever!

the path to the bathroom. I saw him slumped next to the wall in the hallway wearing the ever popular black and grey plaid flannel.I want to say that we had eye contact at this point. But it’s a hazy experience and I was a bit out of it at the moment. But there’s  a really good possibility that we did. (giggles)  I kept going towards the bathroom but there was a line so I came back out and found a spot along the hallway wall. A little behind Rob and across from him. It was then that I noticed Kristen standing in front of him.

They were just enjoying the music, no one bothered them. They were just standing near each other. Maggie and our friends came up behind me and started saying something to me. I have no idea what, I shushed them so quick. My heart was racing, and I was just trying to stand there all nonchalant and enjoy the music. I have no idea what Marcus was playing at this point but I could see Rob from my peripheral. It was then that I noticed the black beanie and the beard. It wasn’t out of control, just an average length beard. Kristen was texting someone and her phone was lighting  up the darkened hallway.

Another friend of mine comes by and asks why I left. I had tried to tell her before but she just wasn’t getting it, so I left to find Rob myself. It’s every woman for themselves at that point. I’m not standing around trying to get you the info and  miss my chance! I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she’s saying, “No, you didn’t”. I quickly pull her out of the hallway. I was so not having that convo right next to Rob!!!! She had no idea he was there and then went back in to see him.  Then we sat out  in the main entrance room by the “Private” door for the musicians. A couple of minutes later, Rob comes around the corner and into the room a mere foot away from me. He was moving quickly followed by Kristen, Sam and another friend of their’s.

That was it. The encounter was over. They left with what we could only hope would be a hassle-free exit. It wasn’t until I ran into Maggie later that I found out what happened when I left the hallway…

Maggie’s daughter was with us that night.  She was brave enough to go up to Kristen and ask her if she could buy her a drink!!!!  According to Maggie, her daughter and my friend, Kristen looked at Rob then told her daughter,”No thanks. I’m good.” They all had a giggle after that. Rob, Kristen and company, I mean. I was so sad to have missed The Giggle!!!!! But seeing Rob in motion was enough for me. I was just bummed that it was Kristen that was drinking from a bottle and not Rob!

Hope you all enjoyed that little glimpse into the evening! Sorry there are no pics from this night. But I really feel it’s inappropriate and rude to take pics of someone enjoying the night on their personal time. Besides, it was so dark a flash would have blinded us all! We all let them continue enjoying their night even though I’m sure they knew why a whole slew of people kept walking past! It’s just being considerate and I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.

UPDATE: there were a few pics from that night. Apparently, it wasn’t as pap-free as we hoped. This pic was from Robsessed.


And don’t forget to come back Wednesday to show Marcus some love!


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Wandering…through Twilight Giggles!

It’s the middle of the week and I had the blues. Let me get my harmonica out and play you a tune. Just kidding, but I was in need of some cheering up this week. (Having a pulled muscle for 2 months puts a damper on your life.) But I was in desperate need to kick these feelings. I have a Britpack show (or two) to go to this weekend! Yep, gonna see Marcus Foster perform and I will  update you all next week on the whole adventure. So I headed for tumblr (surprise, surprise) to look at Robporn and get me back to my happy place. What I found had me lit’rally laughing my ass off and I hope you to do too!

Who would have thought Edward was into the gangsta music? Rob, yes. Edward, even more surprising!

That’s funny ’cause I call mine Woody! 😉


hehe, Daddy’s not gonna like that!

James, can I get a copy of that?


Now that’s what I call an unfortunate head. (snickers)

Oh no he didn’t!

I kind of miss the fake lesbians! lol

And as far as newsworthy, how about the teaser trailer for BD2? It’s definitely a tease!

Now we just need the much anticipated Cosmopolis teaser!

Hope those put a smile on your face! And don’t forget to come back next Wednesday for an update on my Britpack Adventures. Especially since this man was seen out and about in LA yesterday 😉


Thanks to Twilight Humor and Iluvmormonvampires for the funnies!


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Wandering…Lips, BD style!

I promised you guys a couple of weeks back some Wandering Breaking Dawn lips. And what a better week to do it than now when so many of you are getting your own copies of the DVD!! (Sorry Germany, but the 29th will be here before you know it!) So grab your shamanties, get your lips ready and have a cold drink nearby….we’re going in!!!

Let’s start with this handsome guy jumping into your bedroom window the night before the wedding.

Next we have the longest, most inappropriate wedding kiss ever. But who could blame the girl? I wouldn’t want to stop kissing him either!

Holy HALE!!! If this is just the wedding I don’t know if I’ll survive the honeymoon!!! Those luscious lips…GAH.

Our next stop is Lapa. Instead of dancing in the streets, I think kissing is much better!

Who’s ready for a swim? Don’t take too long, ladies!

*Wet & Wild baby!* UNF!

I think we’re all um, prepared for the Honeymoon now. Don’t you agree? Hope you all make it 😉

I think we need a little bit of a cool down to help us acclimate to the real world.


Oh sorry! I said a cool down, didn’t I? Well how about a really sad but romantic kiss. Don’t worry, I’ll  follow up with something steamy!

No words

And a special treat for you…Breaking Dawn 2 kissing!

I almost think this is better than watching the movie. All our favorite parts are right here! Okay, maybe not. But these are pretty darn inspiring!


BEL AMI HAS A US RELEASE DATE! Mark your calendars, ladies. June 8th 2012. Let’s just hope this is the same for our Canadian sisters as well!

I'm ready to curl up with this!


Thank you MidNight Cougar and tumblr for all the steamy gifs!!


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Wandering…Around the World News

That’s right folks! We have news from around the world today! I thought for sure we would be having a bit of a drought but it seems that Rob had another idea in mind, little Rob snippets to help us get through the week. Thanks hun, we do appreciate it 🙂

Our journey this week starts off in New York City. Rob left LA and was spotted in NYC doing a little shopping.

That's right baby, we're looking at YOU!

Did you know it was cheaper to go shopping there compared to LA? Well, that’s the story that’s going around. Rob was also spotted in New York with Dean.

It's okay Dean. They're keeping their distance.

And whenever I see Dean, or bodyguards in general, I think there must be some work to be done! The rumor for this one is a Cosmopolis photo shoot. That would be frickin awesome!!! But we need to take it with a grain of salt because there has been NO confirmation.  😦

Tell us what you're up to, baby.

Whatever Rob was up to in New York didn’t last very long. The next day he was on his way to Paris. And has been spotted at various fashion type things. And we all know how much Rob loves fashion!

But at least he looks like he’s enjoying himself!

How drunk are you, Rob? hehe

But the most newsworthy thing I heard that came from Paris was this. Rob met with Paul McCartney and is rumored to be in talks with him on a new film project. An ANIMATED film project. In which Rob would play Wirral the Squirrel.

Yes, Paul McCartney wrote this children’s book and is in works to make an animated film.

I don’t know why, but I really want this one to be true!!! Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and love to read (so adding this to my collection). Or maybe because it’s a G rated cartoon I can watch while at work. And my niece and nephews can finally watch their Uncle Rob Robert Pattinson on the big screen.  I don’t know, but I’m a little giddy just thinking about it! It will probably come out in theaters before I ever see this movie:

Yep, that’s a new clip of Bel Ami. VERY newsworthy!! And it looks like a few more countries have release dates now. So yeah for you!! Sorry, US residents, still no official release for us yet. I really want someone to make a vid with all the clips in order so that it will feel like I’m seeing the movie.

Here’s to hoping there will be more info to come!


What are you looking forward to? Any Rob news that made you feel like a giddy schoolgirl? And who gets to see Bel Ami in the theaters? *sigh*

Thanks to robsessed  and  tumblr (my new addiction) for the pics.


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Wandering through…Award Shows!

Hey all! Not much news on the Robfront. I have seen some better reviews for Bel Ami, so that’s great news! And there was a couple alleged Rob sightings at pre-Oscar parties. Unfortunately, we did not get to experience this beautiful sight at the Oscars though.

Devastatingly handsome *swoon*

But it did get me thinking, I remember all these wonderful pictures of Rob and I know he didn’t win an Oscar. So, he must have been presenting. But why don’t I recall it? Let’s see if we can see why.

Oh, now I remember it! An award show where Rob came prepared, read the teleprompter and said exactly what he was supposed to! It should be the perfect presentation but it’s just not that memorable. Let’s take a wander through some of Rob’s more memorable presentations.

At the ACM Awards, Reese tries to get Rob to lighten up a bit.

It’s better, just not the classic Word Vomit we’ve grown to love from Rob. But I think Rob learned it was best to be himself. And the next time he presented an award to Reese he let it all out!

Unfortunately since it’s MTV we can’t get the full benefit here at RA but you can click here and see if it works for you. The awkwardness, the inappropriate jokes, it’s really a must see.

It doesn’t just end with presenting though. Rob has the ability to show his true colors accepting awards too.

Not sure what that means, but it’s Classic Rob! I love that he also sees the humor in this next award.

How about the times he doesn’t know what he’s saying but carries on anyway?

Rob knows when it’s time to get serious and when it’s time to show us some adorkable in these next clips.

Let’s hope soon we will see him with less surfboards and popcorn and more prestigious awards! I think we are in need of another OscarRob. And this time to be accepting the award!


So what are your fave Rob award moments? And we can always discuss the clothing choices to said events too!


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Wandering…through Bel Ami News

Yes, you read that right. It’s news time here at RA with your Wandering Reporter, RFM. I’m kinda like a roving reporter,  just much more laid back! And I’m sure you know the only thing happening in Robland  this past week is Bel Ami. So let’s do this news quickie style. I know, that’s blasphemous when it comes to Rob. I promise next time we’ll do it nice and slow. 😉

The news first started last week when Rob emerged from hiding at LAX on his way to Berlin. And almost more newsworthy was his buttonless shirt!

I just want to rip ALL the buttons off! UNF

Rob landed in Berlin to do the Bel Ami Press Conference where he tells us that Declan Donellan  told him not to have a six-pack for this movie. Shouldn’t that be Rob’s dream job come true? But he sounds kind of self conscience about it.

No worries, baby! Look how far you've come (twss)

Next, Rob was onto the Red Carpet. He posed with his costars and checked out their um, assets.

Every time, Rob. Every. Time.

Spent time signing autographs and taking pictures with his adoring fans,

Rob, it's a camera. You can do it! You used mine!

And even flashed the paparazzi.

Rob!!!! We want to SEE!!!

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what he was doing!  Then he signed this awesome pic and went in to enjoy the movie with his family. AWKWARD, anyone?

Then the reviews started coming and most of them weren’t very nice. Some bad words kept slipping through.

Yep, that’s right. Those words were Twilight, Edward Cullen and Twihards. They even started Christina Ricci calling us that. Luckily, the reviews started to get better and the fan reviews are even more awesome!

After that whirlwind weekend, Rob headed home with some pants that are MOST newsworthy.

So that’s the low down in Robland. Not sure when our next newscast will be. It depends on how deep in hiding Rob goes and if anyone can find a new story. And yes, I know about other Rob pictures that emerged this week. But we don’t need to know where Rob lives or what he does in his down time.


Thanks to Maggie, for reminding me about this! Please help the US/Canada areas see this movie. Even if you’re not from those areas please like this page. The more noise we make about this, the better all of our chances are to see this movie!

The objective is simple: We WANT Bel Ami in the US!!

If a grassroots campaign to get Betty White on SNL via Facebook worked for them, we’re hoping it will work for us.




Until next time,


Any favorite tidbits from the Bel Ami weekend? Who’s with me in demolishing the rest of Rob’s ragged clothes? I’m sure we can make it worth his while!


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I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! Today’s post is inspired by Midnight Cougar. She gave me this great idea and then lo and behold…when I woke up in the morning it looked like someone had read our minds! All around yesterday was Rob and his lips. They were on  Popsugar’s 30 most memorable kisses. the new TV spot featuring DuRob kissing his costars, and these awesome videos by HisHandsObsessed (that we will get to later).

So here’s what Rob himself has said about kissing, “I always get carried away when I’m kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It’s embarrassing – not knowing what to say to each other.” Well Rob, I think there’s a few ladies that might help you out with that!

I know what you’re thinking. Enough talking and let’s get to the lips!! Okay, okay.

We have to start out with a first kiss. And let me just say, if this is the way the boy gives a FIRST kiss, we are all ded!!!

And after some more practice it really gets going.

Sometimes it’s more than just the lips that wander.

Is it getting hot in here? Wow! Rob has done all kinds of kisses. From chaste forehead kissing, to man on man kisses, to full-blown passion and these  next videos have them all! And even if you’ve seen them before they are so worth watching again, and again and again.

Here’s part one with the song I thought of immediately when I think about kisses.

Part 2 takes us all the way to Breaking Dawn and starts to turn up the heat.

How are you holding up? I’m thinking if you haven’t changed your shamanties yet, you will after this! This one is packed with passion.

Whew!! Barely made it through that one without spontaneously combusting! I think HisHandsObsessed used almost every Rob kiss known to womankind. I say almost because I think there is one more that is so classic, so amazing and let’s face it, kinda hot. It has kisses on the lips, forehead and a kiss on the hand all rolled into one!

Oh yes! I think that the Taybert  kiss was a definite top kiss moment!! Shows that our guy is willing to do anything to make a good show. Now let’s see that one more time!

I bet you never thought you’d wish you were Lautner, now did you?  After all this I’m thinking next time I see Rob I’m going for a kiss!!! Screw Dean, it will be so worth it 😉  So ladies, what is your favorite Rob kiss? And don’t worry, we’ll focus on Breaking Dawn later! And I can’t wait for more kissing to come!



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Wandering…through The Hillywood Show

Well ladies, there are only a few more days until we get to have Edward in our very own bedrooms. And this time he is not holding back!  I thought in order to prepare us for that we should have a Twi marathon. But that would take way to long and I don’t know how to post whole movies anyways. So what’s the next best thing? The Hillywood Twilight Saga Parodies of course! I actually really like them, even if they get songs stuck in my head. And the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 is no exception. But I do have to say this new Edward creeps me out a tad. So grab some popcorn, an extra-large soda, sit back and enjoy the show!

(Okay, if you’ve never seen these let me just say…they get better! Trust me)

I love how they incorporated the photo shoots in that one! But now it’s time to say good-bye to my 2nd favorite Edward. I’m trying to prepare you!

Well, what did you think? I know it’s not as good as the original but it’s pretty clever!

So who’s going to get their Breaking Dawn DVDs at midnight on Friday? What edition floats your boat and why? Anyone else having a BD party like me? Yep, we’re having mimosas for our BD: Breakfast for Dinner Party 🙂 Share all your BD thoughts in the comments.



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