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Monday Madness ~ Welcome to the Dark Side!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

So, Sunday got away from me LOL!

Good thing RF didn’t have anything planned for Monday so I can still bring you some of my favorite edits by Edbellfan!

Her edits have a certain dramatic darkness that speaks to me!

These are just a few of the beauties I’ve snagged since I saw her appear on tumblr a while back!

Jessica Szohr, Robert Pattinson, Sean William Scott and Extreme Visit MTV's "Mi TRL" - November 4, 2008

The shadowin’ she uses doesn’t overshadow the whole picture, if you see what I mean!

Edbellfan 001

Rob’s inate beauty still shines through!


Scruff and chest hair show up so much better with a little darkenin’, dontcha think?

Edbellfan 038

And, oh…those lips!  Rob’s beautiful face framed by his crisp, white shirt *I AM DIED!*

'Remember Me' Premiere in NYC

Hey! I shoulda used this one for Rob’s Hump post LOL!

Robert Pattinson

Rob’s gorgeous eyebrows are beautifully enhanced by Edbellfan’s shadowin’!


*Smirky McSmirkerson* LOL!


Rob’s classic smolder really smolders with a little dramatic darkness LOL!


She does wonders with Rob’s blue eyes, as well!

Water for Elephants - UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals

And his cute, shiney teeth *gigglesnort!* Well, they ARE cute!

Edbellfan 055

Do you think Rob will ever understand why we can’t help ourselves when it comes to him?

Edbellfan 054

I’m sure glad he’s not really Edward ’cause I’d hate for him to read my mind LMAO!

Edbellfan 053

Although, if he could, I’d like think he’d hear all the love and admiration, too!

Edbellfan 051

Who’s ready for Rob in a suit again? Raise your hands!!!

Edbellfan 050

Today is officially the first day of production on Map to the Stars!

Edbellfan 049

Fingers crossed we get some set pics like we did on Cosmopolis! *Squeee!*

Edbellfan 047

*Snap out of it, Rita!*  Okay, I’m fine! Well, I was until I saw Rob in a black sweater/jumper!

Edbellfan 046

You know, backwards baseball caps are the dorkiest…unless it’s Rob wearin’ it like that LOL!

Edbellfan 045

Yeah, you cocky little…f*ck me sideways, just got tangled in the ChestHairPorn! *THUD!*

Edbellfan 044

But, seriously, ladies! When was the last time we say Rob without that damned hat?

10/27/2008.  12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival at the Beverly Hilton Hotel In Los Angeles.

His hair must be pretty long by now!

Edbellfan 041

He’s even been keepin’ his scruff shorter than he normally does on his downtime!

'Remember Me' Premiere in NYC

I guess the LA heat might have somethin’ to do with it LOL!

New York Premiere Of "Remember Me" - Inside Arrivals

Rob’s long, thick hair will always make my fingers itch to tug the shit out of it!


Well, I’ll love you and leave you with my absolute favorite Edbellfan edit…Rob in the sunshine!!!

Happy Monday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Monday Madness…Ring in the New Year With the New RA!

*blows kisses*


Hi Ya'all


RF & Rita Co-post

*RF’s standing at the door greeting everyone as they enter*

“Yes, yes…that’s right, girls. Come on in and grab a seat. Here, don’t forget your shamwows. You’re gonna need them! Drinks are up at the bar, so just help yourself! Hi! How are you ladies tonight? Come on in!

*Rita walks in*

“RF, whut in the blue blazes are you up to now?”

“I told you I had plans and surprises for the New Year!”
“Yeah, so?”
“Look around, Girlfriend!”
“Holy crap! You got us a new background…and a new blinkie, too! Niiice!
“Uh huh! Mississippibellaslis was kind enough to do that blinkie for us. And that ain’t all…look up! See? There’s lots of new banners too!”
“Well, now! Who do we get to thank for the new banners?”
“Kerry Delaney and Jolori, made some, as well as Cared, TheRoseAndTheDragon, and Mississippibellalis made the animated ones.”
“I surely do like what you’ve done with the place!”
“Thanks BB, but I’m just getting started! We’re gonna kick it up a notch this year…beginning tonight!!
“Well, it looks like we got us a full house! Go for it!”
“Ladies, I know you are all excited about the changes, but if you’ll take your seats please? Dear RA friends! RA is ringing in the New Year with a New Look!
So, in celebration of a new year, RA’s new look, and a new career for Rob, it’s LADIES NIGHT and  you are all invited to PAR-TAY! Hang onto your knickers…we’re going in!”



It’s a cold and cRA!zy world that’s RA!gin’ outside
Well baby me and all my girls are bringin’ on the fire
Show a little leg, gotta shimmy your chest
It’s a life, it’s a style, it’s a need, it’s RA!


*THUD!* “Hit us with Fifty right off the bat, why dontcha?”

“Only the best for My Girls!”

E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex
Ladies no regrets
E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex
Ladies no regrets


“Oooh! The things I could do to Rob with that tie!” *gigglesnort!*

“That’s it Rob, take it off! Take it all off!”

Been holding back for quite some time and finally the moment’s right
We love to make the people stare
They know we got that certain savoir-faire


“Geeze, I could get lost in those eyes…hell’n I AM lost in those eyes!”

“The man is soooo intense! Grrrr…”

Fasten up
Can you imagine what would happen if we let you close enough to touch?

“Yeah, baby! Here I cum!”

“Back off Rita!! It’s Monday!!!” LOL

Step into the fantasy
You’ll never want to leave, baby that’s guaRA!nteed… Why?


“Is it gettin’ warm in here?” *groan!”

“Getting warm?? Hell I passed warm about a mile back!”

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!.
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.


“I think my ovaries just exploded!” *GAH!*

“Oh! Jack Daniels Body shots off the Happy Trail…YES PLEASE!!”

Le Le Le Le Le Le Le
Le Le Le Le Le Le Le


“You just had to give us a Tattbert…you knowz my weakness!”

“Yup! What can I say? I just couldn’t resist the pistol in his pants!” *Giggles*

We tease ‘em ’til they’re on the edge
They scream and moan for more and more they beg.
We know it’s ROB they come to see
Our pleasure brings them to their knees

Robert Pattinson Manip Twilight_edited-2

“What I wouldn’t give to run my fingers through that Sex Hair and down those abs!” * drool!*

“OH! Rob half naked in the kitchen! Too…Many…Pervy…Thoughts…Must…have…Whipped Cream Rob!!!”

Fasten up
Can you imagine what would happen if we let you close enough to touch?

“Now, there’s MY fantasy…a session in the barn with Rob!” LOL!

“Woo Hooo!! I got some Dollars to stuff into that belt Baby!!

Step into the fantasy
You’ll never want to leave, baby that’s guaRA!nteed… Why?


“The man DO inspire passion…understatement of the century!”

The man’s DOing things to everyone here that Should be illegal! Thank God it’s Not!” *teehee*

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies, confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.

Edward Manip 100 copy

“Gettin’ a little saucy there, ain’t ya RF? I’ll take it…uh, Rob that is” LOL!

“Weeellll, I said I was gonna kick it up a notch this year. Did I lie?” LOL

Le Le Le Le Le lele
Le Le Le Le Le Le Le
RA! [x4]


“Must.Lick.Happy Trail!” *DED!*

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.

“Yeah girls, I know just how you feel!”


“RF! You done went and made ALL our ovaries explode!”


“Well, in that case… 



RobsFan~tasy XOXO



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Monday Madness ~ Corrupt Me Please!

Hello everybody *waves*


Hey ladies, I want to take a minute before I begin to thank mississippibellalis for my new Avi. She gave it life by making “me” blink! Isn’t it Cute! Thanks GF!

Rita and I tend to think a lot alike. We were talking about Rob in leather the other night. As you saw she went straight for the surreal hawtness of Caitlin Cronenberg’s Vogue L’Uomo photo shoot. Heaven help us!

But while we were talking about Rob’s gorgeous body wrapped up tight in leather, I stumbled onto this Rob video by kathk9p and it  just about did me in!! The words scream Fifty Shades and RRoP! Add in Leather Rob and we don’t stand a chance of surviving! So get your shamwows out cuz you’s gonna need it!!


I could corrupt you in a heartbeat
You think you’re so special
Think you’re so sweet
What are you trying
Don’t even tempt me 
Soon you’ll be crying
And wishing you dreamt me
You’d be calling out my name
When you need someone to blame
I could corrupt you
It would be easy
Watching you suffer
Girl, it would please me
But I wouldn’t touch you 
With my little finger
I know it would crush you 
My memory would linger 
You’d be crying out in pain
Begging me to play my games
fashion_scans_remastered-robert_pattinson-black_book-september_2012-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-5 (1)
I could corrupt you
It would be ugly
They could sedate you
But what good would drugs be
But I wouldn’t touch you
Put my hands on your hips
It would be too much to 
Place my lips on your lips
You’d be calling out my name

Begging me to play my games.


We all go a little mad sometimes


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Sensual Sunday ~ The Last Time I Saw Sydney!


We have lift off, ladies!

Rob and Dean {good to see ya, Dean darlin’!} are wingin’ their way to Sydney, Australia as we speak!!!

LAX – Friday : October 19, 2012

Hell’n they probably landed already {they have!}, but I’m breakin’ our non-pap photo rule cause I’m just so excited that it’s finally happenin’!

Wooeeee! We’s gonna be rollin’ in RobPorn like Scrooge McDuck rolls in his money!!!

The one and only time Rob’s been to Sydney brought us some absolutely gorgeous RobPorn!

Star Date:  May 6, 2011

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Event:  Premier of Water for Elephants

Wow! They’re all here to see ME?

Yup! You didn’t think all your Aussie h00rs and angelz were gonna miss the chance to bask in your presence, did ya darlin’!! {And it wasn’t even for a Twilight premier LOL!} Ever notice how many women make up Rob’s entourage? I can understand Stephanie being there as his agent, but the rest?  Hair, make-up and wardrobe…maybe?

Eat your heart out, Rita! You’re just jealous you aren’t one of them!!

Hell yeah, I’m jealous! How ’bout I volunteer to lay out your pj’s at night?  Maybe brush your teeth for you and sing you to sleep?

Not happening, Rita! Now, stop trying to distract me, woman!

Sheesh! OK OK, I’ll shut up…for now {pouty face}.

Aaaah! Feeling love, love, love, love, love…!

Rob sucks up the energy of the crowd like a vampire sucks blood LOL!

The sweet sounds of success! There’s nothing like it!!

The Pretty {and boy, was he pretty in Sydney} deserves all the adoration we can give him!

Don’t Bogart that Sharpie, Dean! I need it!!

Rob does let himself get carried away when he’s wallowin’ amongst his fans…

Aw, come on! Just give me five more minutes!

jonesing like an addict for just a little more time with them LOL!

Just when I was having fun, damnit! He’s not the boss of me!

Anyone else would be completely freaked out by it all, but not Rob!

Let’s see how many female reporters I can confuzzle!

It’s his opportunity to dazzle us all and he never misses the chance!

Wait for it…she doesn’t stand a chance LOL!

Just when those reporter ladies think they’re gonna be cool with a face-to-face encounter…


he stuns them with That Look!!!

Come wiz me to the Casbaaah, my dear!

LMAO!!! One down…

Boobage! Sweeeet!

Oh, Rob! You dog, you!!!

Sorry! I can’t help being tall enough to look down her dress and…shit, they were RIGHT THERE!

Aw, baby! I wouldn’t give you hell for lookin’ at MY boobs and they’s bigger than Reese’s!

Hmmm, in that case, I might reconsider our…um, relationship!

OMG! Really, Rob?

No, not really!

Well, poodiddle! Way to dash a girl’s dreams!

Rita, Rita, Rita! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!


What’s the matter, Rita? Cat got your tongue?

DAYUM, Rob darlin’! If I didn’t think you were just funnin’ with me {again}, me and my tongue would be down on our knees IYKWIMAITYD!!!!

Here’s wishin’ Rob a Sunday filled with fun to make up for last time before Monday’s madness begins!!!! {Remember how pissed off he was about missin’ out on stuff like Jet Boatin’ and Shark Divin’ LOL!)

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Pucker Up, Dollface!

Alright, ladies!

Who has the most kissable lips God ever gave man? ROB!

Can we ever get enough of lookin’ at ’em? NO!!!

We all have a whole bucket list full of things we’d like to do with {and/or to} Rob, even if it will only ever be in our dreams…and dream we do!  But, suckin’ face with The Pretty is way high on that list!

First time I saw this photo of Rob at the Tokyo premier of Goblet of Fire is when I went “DAYUM! That’s ROB?” Cause I hadn’t started seriously huntin’ down RobPorn until Twilight came out!

And while I am completely enamoured with Rob’s PantyMeltin’Pout {I refuse to call it a TroutPout cause that’s just nasty}, what I will be focussin’ on today is the Mother of all Puckers, aka Rob’s MotherPucker!!!

Jayme! What did I just say? ME has no control LMAO!!!

See, every now and then, someone catches Rob puckerin’ those sweet lips like he’s sayin’ “Oooooh!” and I just fuckin’ SWOON!

You can see ’em  beginnin’to loosen up…

just a little bit more…

Until they look as soft as downy pillows! MWAH!!!

Aw, now that’s just overkill! And who the H E double hockey sticks put lipstick on our man!?!?!

Rob pops that MotherPucker even when he’s not aware of the cameras….

Or, maybe he IS aware of the cameras!

{Needed to see that one up close!} DAYUM! That upper lip just begs to be attacked!!!

Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s flirtin’ with us when pops it durin’ personal appearances!

How he keeps switchin’ from top lip pucker to bottom lip pucker, I’ll never know!

But MotherPuckerin’ both of ’em together? Must take a lot of practice LMAO!!!

MotherPuckerin’ even gets to us when it’s framed by Rob’s glorious scruff…

OK, so a more subtle approach to highlightin’ Rob’s MotherPucker with a little red might just grow on me…or, maybe it’s just because it’s BIEL!

Melbie’s black ‘n white just proves that Rob doesn’t need color to suck us in with his MotherPucker!

Give us a profile, MotherPucker! {wipes tear…I just kill myself sometimes!} {Click on it if it turned tiny on me!}

Three-quarter profile? Yeah, better…

OMG! The half-open MotherPucker! *THUD!*

Well, that’s me DIED, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Clairebamboozle…my partner in crime on this post. She provided the gifs and some of the photos! Thanks, BB!!!

Thank you, Rob!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Monday Madness…TR&TD Edits/manips

Hello Everybody *waves*


This Post is Positively NSFW!!!

I’ve had this post planned for some time now. And as I promised eeweee333 last week here it is!

I have a friend on FB friend known as Therose Andthedragon and she had tagged me in some of the most amazing edits and manips. Flove them! I’ll start out relatively safely and increase to Gutter mode as I go along but just in case you didn’t see my warning above this post is NSFW! 

I LOVE this first pic. Rob looks pissed and with it all being in B&W except his eyes it looks like he will jump right off the screen to devour you!

Uh RRoP Mr Pattinson sir? uh ok!
“click it” to make it bigger!

This one just Floored me when I logged onto my FB page and saw this Beauty staring back at me! Hot Damn! Thank You TH&TD!!! I could think up a great one shot based on this pic alone! What is it about a man in a vest? It’s so hot and yet you just want to rip it right off of him. Especially when “Him” is Rob!!!

Those two pics were great but ya know I think Rob has too many layers on lets see if we can remedy that shall we?

Tattward is always a WIN!

That’s Better 🙂 but I still want to see more don’t you? {DUH!}

Oh the heavenly Happy Trail! THUD!

Heavenly Happy Trail indeed! and What is with the “A” Tattoo? That wouldn’t happen to stand for Angel now would it eewee333? When most people think of Rob as an angel it usually conjures up images like This one…



Angelward is great but when I think of Rob as an Angel my mind goes more along this train of thought…

Oh My! What BIG Wings you’ve got there ROB!!! hehehe

Awww I can’t help it! I’m a pervy hOOr where Rob is concerned! Oh Wait I forgot we were undressing Rob weren’t we? Well I think we should get back to that!!!

*DED* FL_________

And last but Absolutely NOT least TR&TD blessed me with this final Manip which I FLOVE!!!

Time to go take a LONG Shower!!!

No Seriously I meant I have to go shower now! heehee Now what did I do with that shamwow???

Much love to you all,





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Sensual Sunday ~ Black Book Badness

Aaaah, Ladies!

Just wait until you see what I have for you today…Autum de Wilde’s photos of Rob for Black Book Magazine! AND THEN SOME!!

What a wonderful surprise when they hit our screens that day! Damned if our Bad Boy wasn’t back, big time!

Hell’n they even tatted up his arms, which was a huge turn on…

Love me forever, or let me go!

{Oh My Gawd! Is there even any question?} ‘Fraid you’re stuck with me, darlin’!  Ain’t never lettin’ go! *le sigh*

Once I got a closer look, I started wonderin’ if they’d turned Rob loose with a sharpie LMAO!

Jeez, Rita! Why would you think that?

What? You don’t remember your “balloon art?” *gigglesnort!* {Not that our boy ain’t creative in every way …

but, if they were gonna give him tatts, they coulda done better than a buncha chicken scratches, right?}

Any one of SoapyMayhem’s Tattward manips coulda given ’em all the inspiration they needed LOL!

You weren’t offended by the ‘peen,’ were you? {blushes} It just kinda…appeared!

Naw, baby, we’re good! Long as it’s not a self portrait *gigglesnort!*  Hmmm, although, on second, or third look LMAO!

I’ll never tell LOL!

{Crap! Remove brain from gutter…back to business} Our man looks amazing in everything from Gucci to hobo but, as far as I’m concerned, Rob compliments the clothes, not the other way around! Even yellow pants we would otherwise find completely hideous LOL!

Back to resorting to flattery to get my attention, Rita?

Ain’t nuthin’ but the truth, Rob…own it, sweetheart!!!

OK, this is the best we got of this one and I’m DYING for a better quality color outtake!  Just couldn’t bring myself to leave it out, cause Rob… {me?}… full length mirror??? {THUD! Straight back to the gutter!}

Hmmm, I could probably think of a few things…

*Fuuuuck!*  I’ll bet you could, darlin’…only not with me {story of my life *groan*}!

Aw, hell! You know I love you, Rita…just not that way!

Love you too, angel…always will!!!

♥     ♥     ♥

Ya’ll ready for the “AND THEN SOME!!” part of this post? @Fearlessmore~InRobWeLust has done Rob proud with her edits of this photoshoot!

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Norman Jean Roy ~ Details 2010

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Stewart Shining ~ Elle France 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Hedi Slimane ~ Another Man 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Theo Wenner ~ US Weekly 2009

Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012 / Matt Jones ~ Cosmo Girl 2009

and a double Autumn de Wilde ~ Black Book 2012

Are these not just the most amazing things you’ve ever seen???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ In Rob We Lust!

Good evening, ladies…well, its evening here LOL!

I’m a little late posting today but it was just too gorgeous to stay inside. I mighta got a pink nose to show for it *gigglesnort!*

Now as to the title of my post, we are all “in lust” with Rob in every way imaginable.  BUT, this is all about Sally, aka InRobWeLust!

Back in March, when I posted “Slave for Rob,” RDMickey1989 said I should check out Sally’s tumblr cause she was a brilliant photo enhancer/editor, right up there with the best of them!

Well, I did check her out and I have since collected quite a stash of RobPorn by the lovely Sally!

Gonna try not to get all wordy and shit and just show you my favorites, but don’t hold me to it LOL!  Just prepare to be dazzled…

Brilliant montage from the Premiere Magazine photoshoot 2012.

Premier of Breaking Dawn 1 in Paris 2011! Goatee and all, Rob’s an angel in this one!

BD1 Promo Tour Barcelona 2011…looks like he trimmed the scruff by then!

Sexy Hobo stalking the streets of Beverly Hills in 2009! Baby rocks the color blue, don’t he?

Graham Norton Show 2011 for the Water for Elephants Promo Tour! Rob was daft side out during most of that interview!

Oh, God! Remember how shocked we all were that he showed up at Comic Con 2011 with half his head shaved? Rob absolutely reveled in all the gasps and groans LMAO!!!

Chateau Marmont 2008.  Am I the only one missing the Rob & Tom Show?

On the set of Remember Me 2009. So many beautiful shots of Rob for that film *sigh!*

This one, still on the set of Remember Me, cracks me the fuck up every time I see it!

Hauntingly beautiful in Bel Ami…not long now til we get the DVD!!

The way Sally colored this Bel Ami still makes it look like a painting…I love that effect!

Sensually lighted still from Breaking Dawn 1.  Damn sexy vampire! DED!!!

Majorly hawt NeckPorn from the Cosmopolis Press Conference in Cannes!

Couldn’t resist sharing Sally’s wicked sense of humor…Cosmopolis Premier Berlin.

I’m up for another threesome! How ’bout you?  Cosmopolis Berlin Portraits.

Fuck me sideways!  Those eyes will be the death of me!  H00r down ~ THUD! {still in Berlin for Cosmopolis}

Just to remind us that Rob is a human being like the rest of us. Remember Me afterparty in London 2010. {Still rocks the color blue!}

Edward {Eclipse} is one smooth motherfucker!  GAH! EyelashPorn…JawPorn…LipPorn!

I think it’s safe to say that THIS edit of Rob’s ass from Bel Ami is the one that put Sally on the map as a master photo editor / enhancer! Can I get an “AMEN” sistas!!!

With that, we’ll paddle off into the sunset with Rob {Malibu April 2012}!

So, was it all you thought it’d be?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ It’s Barcelona, Baby!!! – Part 2

Welcome back, ladies!!

It’s Part 2 of Rob in Barcelona. This time, it’s for the premier of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, on November 17, 2011!

This will be somewhat of a departure from what you are used to seeing from me, but, what can I say…I was inspired!

Last FanFictionFriday, the lovely Cared rec’d a story called “The Agreement” by Gemgirl65 and, Oh My Rob, if you are not reading it yet, you really should!

In chapter 5, Bella recites part of a poem for Edward:

“The Lover”

by Solveig Von Schoultz

My eyes want to kiss your face.

I have no power over my eyes.

They just want to kiss your face.

I flow towards you out of my eyes,

A fine heat trembles round your shoulders,

It slowly dissolves your contours

And I am there with you, your mouth

And everywhere around you –

I have no power over my eyes.

It rocked me big time and I’m not a poetry fan…don’t know any, don’t read any, not my thing. But, for Rob’s sake, I went searching for the rest of it:

I sit with my hands in my lap,

I shan’t touch you and I’ll never speak.

But my eyes kiss your face,

I rise out of myself and no-one can stop me,

I flow out and I’m invisible,

I cannot stop this unfathomable flowing, {could NOT resist!}

this dazzle that knows neither end nor beginning —

but when at last you turn your eyes towards me,

your unaware, questioning, stranger’s eyes,

I sink myself back into my hands

and take up my place again under my eyelids.

*Gigglesnort!* So, did I completely freak you out?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Monday Manip Madness…NSFW!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well Ladies, Take a seat and strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a hot ride today. I have stumbled on the lovely work of and, if you’ve never heard of her before now, I promise you will not forget the name after this post. I was Not a fan of manips when I first learned what they were because most of the ones I saw were bad…I mean REALLY BAD!!! Then someone sent me a couple of Amazing pics of Rob and I was floored. I couldn’t believe our boy Rob had such a great body (was so muscular) and that our shy boy would pose half nude!!! Then I figured it out (LOL @ ME!)  The trick to a good mani is NOT being able to tell that it IS a manip in the first place. Well Kez (AKA Kerry Delaney) has done an amazing job on these pics and I just had to share cause hey, that’s what we do here at RA.

OMG! Rob wearing package hugging leather pants just makes my panties go *poof!*

What was it about this one that spoke to me? Can’t decide if it’s like a young Brando a la On the Waterfront OR…I got it! That’s so gotta be an Irishward!!!

Carrie and Maggie will know what I mean when I say that this pic reminds me of the Lord Master!! I dunno why…maybe it’s the dark pic and the hooded figure but hell yeah, I love it!! And if the Lord Master looked like this, who could blame Alina for falling for him?

You know, I was never a fan of Tattoos before but F*CK me if they don’t look hot on Rob! Can you just imagine being the tattoo artist that would get to do the tatts on a body with this face!! *THUD* Hey I wonder if there is a fic out there where Bella is a tattoo Artist?? If not, there’s a plot bunny for ya!!

I included this one not only for the great job Kez did with it but also for our very own Rita01tx! Cause we all know how much she lurves a “WET ROB!”

This one just makes me think of all the naughty things you could do in the back seat of a car with Rob LOL. The fact that he looks like Rome Rob just makes this Pic all the more f*ckHAWT!

*GULP* umm…yeah, I uh…err…*Falls on the floor*

Hello, biceps! Hello, scruff! Hello, pouty lips and bedroom eyes *THUD!*

For our Music Lovers out there, Rob wants to show you his Chords heh heh heh. Oh my!! I knows if I came home to see that live and in person in my bed, I he could make me sing 7 ways from Sunday!!!

This pic I swear is just picked right out of my mind for a fic I am working on and I just am in love with it. I wish it were larger and had more color but DAYUM!!! Hello BABY!!!

Oh, how I wish I would have had this to promote SofA LOL *singing* “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars…”

And now playing Devils Advocate…”Why Rob! Who cares about Spooning? I wanna Fork!” LMAO and you sure do gotta big fork there Baby *SNICKERS* Isn’t this just sinfully delicious? And we won’t even talk about the finger!!!

Now, I apologize…this one is NOT Kez’s but RED is definately Rob’s color and just the thought of that man, that body naked under red satin sheets is just too good to be ignored!!!


On a side Note: For personal RL reasons TMM will no longer be blogging with us. We will miss her a lot and hope that she stops by once in awhile to say hello. With the loss of TMM And RFM, Rob Attack needs some new Administrators. If you have blog ideas, or would like to write a weekly blog, or even if you would like to write just one, send us an E-mail at and Rita or I will get back to you. Thanks so much!!


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