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The Last Hurrah

Hello all! I know I promised you an epic blog post today but that’s not going to happen for reasons that I will get to in a bit. First let me say that the Lake Arrowhead show was amazing, everyone enjoyed it. And if you ever get the opportunity to see Lee, Sam, and Marcus in person DO IT!! You won’t regret it! And if it’s a private show, you better RUN not walk to get your tickets!!! It is truly something you don’t want to miss. And maybe people will tell you more about it in the comments.
Now, I want to let you know that  I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with the sweetest, most talented, fun-loving Brit boys this weekend. I also found out that the RA readership goes much farther than any of us ever imagined. (*waves* Hi Jack! Thank you for being so cool about it. But most importantly thank you for helping me move on). And because of those two things, I have decided that I will no longer be blogging. It feels strange to write about people who you’ve spent time with. Or a certain person that you’ve seen out doing normal things. I am no longer comfortable writing about any of them and I feel I need to keep my personal experiences personal from now on. (Don’t read anything major into that. Nothing that exciting happened.) I will continue to support Rob and all of his amazing friends through the films and albums they release. I just want to give them the love and respect they deserve and don’t want to do that in any public forum. I hope you understand and continue to support them as well!
I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you through this crazy adventure and have cherished every moment with you! Thank you all for allowing me to share  my experiences with you and for being so supportive of RA. I know that the rest of the crew will be here giving you the great posts you have grown to love. So please continue to show them your love too!
I wish you all the best!



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Rob’s Mates Are Great…Marcus Foster

Thank you all for the enormous response to Monday’s post! It was shared all over Facebook and had around 2,000 views. I really appreciate all your kind words about our self-control and respect for Rob. We tried as hard as we could to be good RobH00rs in public! But I really want to make sure that Marcus gets his due, so, enough about that.

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Marcus Foster at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles both on Friday and Saturday. I had never seen him live but I just really love his musical style. At this point, he is my favorite of the Britpack. (not including Rob of course, he’s always number one) I’ll let you know in a few weeks if that remains that way. (Yes, more Britpack lovin’ for me!) Marcus really reminds me the most of Rob. He has that gravelly, bluesy kind of feel to his voice.  And he is very passionate about his music!

Marcus’ original music was mostly acoustic and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved the new stuff on electric guitar with a band. There was no band on tour with him, just a keyboard player named Jack (get away driver on Sat). Friday night’s show had a little mess up on a new song. But on Saturday it was perfect! You wouldn’t even have known if he hadn’t brought attention to it.

Marcus is so passionate on stage, he is fun to watch. He has this little scream thing he does. And the more you clap and scream, the more he will do it. He certainly enjoys himself up there! He wasn’t as talkative as Lee or Bobby. And I do admit I love hearing live Word Vomit. So that was a tad disappointing, but there is a chance for more of that next time.

I also was very lucky to have the opportunity to chat a bit with Marcus, Jack and Sam Bradley each individually. I have mentioned before my friend’s private show at Lake Arrowhead, and with that just around the corner she had some business to discuss with them. So me being the supportive friend that I am, was there talking a bit as well. These boys are too funny when it comes to business! They are really just go with the flow kind of guys. I’m surprised they can get this whole tour together. Even the manager seemed a bit flaky. Maybe it’s the European thing, maybe it’s that they are young guys. Who knows? But they certainly are entertaining to talk to! Sam has a great memory and is so easy to carry on a conversation with. Jack seems pretty together but light-hearted as well. I didn’t talk much with Marcus as he was getting ready for his gig. But he was super sweet. After the show we spoke with another friend of theirs, Dustin. Or the greaseball as Rita called him! LOL. Now that guy, is one you want to have around when you party! But he seems like a good friend to them. All in all it was a great weekend with a nice little surprise on Saturday! And here’s a little snippet of what you missed at the Hotel Cafe. (I missed it too because I was busy listening to my rapidly beating heart and trying to look casual)

Be sure to check out Marcus’ music and swag on his website!

And I am super excited to announce that this Friday I will be seeing another mate of theirs, Johnny Flynn. I believe tickets are still available online at the Hotel Cafe. Also, the epic Lake Arrowhead show is this Sunday as well with Marcus, Sam and Lee. And there might be a ticket or two left! And then I will have seen all Britpack Boys live in concert!  But of course, still waiting on Rob’s! 😉

Because all of these shows are around the same time, here’s how the tentative Blog schedule will go.

Lake Arrowhead Show- post on Wed. April 4th

Johnny Flynn- post on Wed. April 11th

Can’t wait to fill you in on all of these great shows! Hopefully I will survive the weekend!


So what do you guys think of Marcus? Anybody going to see them on this tour? What are your favorite Marcus songs? Let us know so we can discuss away in the comments 🙂

And a big heartfelt thank you to Amandac3 and Maggie for sharing their pics!!


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Rob Encounter at the Hotel Cafe

Howdy! I know this isn’t my normal day and I promised you a Marcus post but don’t worry that will still be coming.  He will get the respect he deserves Wednesday. I just thought you all might like to get this breaking news as soon as possible!

Saturday was the second Marcus Foster show at the Hotel Cafe but what is even more cool was that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Sam Bradley were there as well. Sam was there Friday also, but more on that later. Here’s how it all went down…

Maggie and I and our friends were just enjoying the evening, listening to music. I was pretty chill since I had done the whole scope out the place yesterday to no avail. I didn’t see anybody with Marcus before he played, which did seem a little odd compared to Friday night but not abnormal. Maggie decides to do a “loop” of the place. I wasn’t that worried about it, I did the same thing the night before to no avail. She comes back (I guess, I never saw her) and my friend is telling me I need to go to the bathroom. I immediately knew why but couldn’t get myself to go. It felt weird, too much an invasion of his privacy. But of course, I went. I didn’t want to kick myself later.

On my way to the back, there was a huge crowd of people. Mind you, I had no idea where he was just somewhere on

Imagine seeing this from the front, side, whatever!

the path to the bathroom. I saw him slumped next to the wall in the hallway wearing the ever popular black and grey plaid flannel.I want to say that we had eye contact at this point. But it’s a hazy experience and I was a bit out of it at the moment. But there’s  a really good possibility that we did. (giggles)  I kept going towards the bathroom but there was a line so I came back out and found a spot along the hallway wall. A little behind Rob and across from him. It was then that I noticed Kristen standing in front of him.

They were just enjoying the music, no one bothered them. They were just standing near each other. Maggie and our friends came up behind me and started saying something to me. I have no idea what, I shushed them so quick. My heart was racing, and I was just trying to stand there all nonchalant and enjoy the music. I have no idea what Marcus was playing at this point but I could see Rob from my peripheral. It was then that I noticed the black beanie and the beard. It wasn’t out of control, just an average length beard. Kristen was texting someone and her phone was lighting  up the darkened hallway.

Another friend of mine comes by and asks why I left. I had tried to tell her before but she just wasn’t getting it, so I left to find Rob myself. It’s every woman for themselves at that point. I’m not standing around trying to get you the info and  miss my chance! I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she’s saying, “No, you didn’t”. I quickly pull her out of the hallway. I was so not having that convo right next to Rob!!!! She had no idea he was there and then went back in to see him.  Then we sat out  in the main entrance room by the “Private” door for the musicians. A couple of minutes later, Rob comes around the corner and into the room a mere foot away from me. He was moving quickly followed by Kristen, Sam and another friend of their’s.

That was it. The encounter was over. They left with what we could only hope would be a hassle-free exit. It wasn’t until I ran into Maggie later that I found out what happened when I left the hallway…

Maggie’s daughter was with us that night.  She was brave enough to go up to Kristen and ask her if she could buy her a drink!!!!  According to Maggie, her daughter and my friend, Kristen looked at Rob then told her daughter,”No thanks. I’m good.” They all had a giggle after that. Rob, Kristen and company, I mean. I was so sad to have missed The Giggle!!!!! But seeing Rob in motion was enough for me. I was just bummed that it was Kristen that was drinking from a bottle and not Rob!

Hope you all enjoyed that little glimpse into the evening! Sorry there are no pics from this night. But I really feel it’s inappropriate and rude to take pics of someone enjoying the night on their personal time. Besides, it was so dark a flash would have blinded us all! We all let them continue enjoying their night even though I’m sure they knew why a whole slew of people kept walking past! It’s just being considerate and I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.

UPDATE: there were a few pics from that night. Apparently, it wasn’t as pap-free as we hoped. This pic was from Robsessed.


And don’t forget to come back Wednesday to show Marcus some love!


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Rob’s Mates are Great…Bobby Long

Yes, here I am again, taking you along another one of my adventures!! Hope you’re all enjoying living vicariously through me! Hehe. I’m hoping to make it worth your while one of these days with the Ultimate Adventure…meeting The Man, Himself. But for now let’s take a trip to Santa Monica and the quaint guitar shop that is McCabe’s.

Here's the best shot of our Mates (that wasn't in your face papp pics)

It was a cool night waiting in line for McCabe’s. This time both Dazzledbyrp and Roslyn Selene were able to join me, along with a few other Robfriends! It sure makes for a great night when you have such wonderful company to enjoy. We made our way into the guitar shop with the perfect seats in mind. You know, to be able to scope out all possible entrances for Bobby’s mates and to still be able to see Bobby himself.  We had seen Bobby at McCabe’s before and had enjoyed all the hilarity and good music that came with it. Last time Bobby had laryngitis and had to “get two shots in the arse” which seemed to make him pretty talkative. I couldn’t wait to see if that was just the shots talking or if Bobby was like his mate Rob when in public, Word Vomit Galore.

Turns out it wasn’t because of the shots! Bobby says he’s very quiet but don’t believe it. Although his voice may be quiet, the amount of words is not. We had a wonderful night of listening to him play his guitar and tell very humorous stories. Bobby is an amazing guitar player. Just watching his fingers fly around the frets is mesmerizing! And he has a deep gravelly voice to go with it. (kind of like someone else we know!)

Here’s a little sample of what we heard that night. Although Bobby kept reminding us that we couldn’t record there, which led him to be even sillier!

So now that you’ve heard him sing you’re probably wondering how funny Bobby is really. Well  here are some of our favorite moments:

  • Whilst driving down the highway from San Fran, the convertible roof blew off. “I had to hold it down with my

    Signing autographs for us

    hands.” (Does every Britpack member have car trouble in the US?!)

  • “We eat Jolly Ranchers all day, they’re good.” He also told us when he gets older he wants to “settle down, shower every day and find someone to watch his kids so he can eat Jolly Ranchers all day”!
  • Bobby told us he was drinking beer in his cup. “No its not, it’s water. Just kidding, it’s a milkshake. My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.”
  • Here’s your Rob tie-in: Someone in the audience yells out “Is Robert a bad influence on you?” (after the beer comment). Good ole Bobby either misheard or classically diverts with a comment about drinking Rockstars and how hyper they make him.

I’m sure these are much funnier coming from Bobby himself, so get yourself to one of his shows!! Who knows? Maybe you too will have paparazzi there asking YOU if you saw Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart inside! And then of course you should make a quick trip to the back alley just in case. Not that it worked for us, mind you. But it’s definitely worth a try!!

Until next time,


Head on over here to Bobby’s site for more music and vids. He has a new EP coming out soon, so keep your eyes open! What do you guys think of Bobby? Who wants to go to his next show?!


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