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Age of Edward 2013 – The Results are In!


We were very excited to see that the results for the 2013 Age of Edward Contest were posted earlier – so excited in fact, we aren’t waiting until Friday to post the results!  So Happy Fan Fic .. er.. Sunday!

We are big fans of the Age of Edward here at the FicSix and we had a great time following and voting in the contest! Thanks so much to the organisers of the Age of Edward Contest for letting us share the fun!

Without further ado…  Here are the winners!


Public Vote

Literotica – 1st Place Winner by Public Vote



Young Adult – 1st Place Winner by Public Vote

Four Days in July by Mrs Brownloe



Literotica – 2nd Place Winner by Public Vote

Loving the Alien by TheFanWhoWasntThere



Young Adult – 2nd Place Winner by Public Vote

Bound by Daphodill



Judge’s Choice


Literotica Judges Choice: Bartered by Hoodfabulous

Literotica Runner Up: The Crossing by PattyRose


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Bound by Daphodill

Young Adult Runner Up: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul




Literotica Judges Choice: Murder Under Trust by musegirl

Literotica Runner Up: East of Freedom by cherieblossom


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Bound by Daphodill

Young Adult Runner Up: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul




Literotica Judges Choice: What I Did For Love by SueBee0619

Literotica Runner Up: The Season of the Witch by MandyLeigh87


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Bound by Daphodill

Young Adult Runner Up: Four Days in July by Mrs Brownloe




Literotica Judges Choice: Bartered by Hoodfabulous

Literotica Runner Up: Medicine From His Heart by RFM86


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Four Days in July by Mrs Brownloe

Young Adult Runner Up: Tikvah by ShellyDuran




Literotica Judges Choice: The Crossing by PattyRose

Literotica Runner Up: Bartered by Hoodfabulous


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

Young Adult Runner Up: Four Days in July by Mrs Brownloe




Literotica Judges Choice: Bartered by Hoodfabulous

Literotica Runner Up: Something to Fight For by State of Delusion


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

Young Adult Runner Up: The Beautiful Ones by HaloJones




Literotica Judges Choice: On Penkivil Street by Thimbles

Literotica Runner Up: Wisteria by Mylisssa


Young Adult, Judges Choice: Bound by Daphodill

Young Adult Runner Up: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul




Literotica Judges Choice: Wisteria by Mylisssa

Literotica Runner Up: Loving the Alien by TheFanWhoWasntThere

Young Adult, Judges Choice: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

Young Adult Runner Up: Miles To Go by Alpha Amber



Literotica Judges Choice: Loving the Alien by TheFanWhoWasntThere

Literotica Runner Up: Murder Under Trust by musegirl  

Young Adult, Judges Choice: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

Young Adult Runner Up: Bound by Daphodill



Literotica Judges Choice: Wisteria by Mylisssa

Literotica Runner Up: Bartered by Hoodfabulous

Young Adult, Judges Choice: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

Young Adult Runner Up: The Beautiful Ones by HaloJones



Literotica Judges Choice: Bartered by Hoodfabulous

Literotica Runner Up: The Season of the Witch by MandyLeigh87

Young Adult, Judges Choice: Bound by Daphodill

Young Adult Runner Up: Memento Mori by BlueIsSoul

**First Place Banner by Shneezles**
 **Second Place Banner by Twilite Addict**
**Third Place Banner by jarkin33**
Thank you again to all the organisers, judges and authors of the 2013 Age of Edward Contest – it was a pleasure to read the entries and we look forward to the next Age of Edward! The FicSix


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Doin it differently with different dos!

Hello Everybody *waves*



In preparing for this post it didn’t take me long to realize I could stretch this out to a 32 part series! But I’m not gonna do that LOL! Yeah, I can hear the sighs of relief all over the Robuniverse. So what am I posting about you might be asking? Rob’s multiple hairdos of course!

Rob’s got more hairstyles than I ever knew!

Who woulda thought this geeky kid would grow to be the Sexiest Man Alive?

The Geek

 And then the hair got bigger than the eyebrows!

The Beatles

But he soon swung back to the other extreme.

The Buzz Cut

Talk about extreme hair cuts…I remember thinking WTF? When I saw this one.

The 50/50

Who could forget the *GASP* heard round the world when he showed up sporting this do? {Which is definitely a don’t IMHO!}

The All Gone

Before that, there was the lovely Cannes do in the “Dad Shirt!”

The Windswept

And, of course, Rita’s personal fav…

The Wet Rob

This is the best pic I could find of Rob with black hair. Most of these make Rob look like he’s actually Rob’s creepy uncle or something LOL!

The Black Raven

Rob makes a better looking werewolf than Jacob/Taylor. JS…

The Wild One

We all remember the days when Rob had a bad reputation for not washing his hair…at all!

The Unkempt

And then there is the allure of the Vampire…

The Edward Cullen

This one is just sexy as hell and ONLY ROB could get away with it!

The Cock of the Walk

And in contrast…

The Disheveled Chicken

One of my personal all time favorites…

The James Dean

This profile shot shows off his sweeping sideburns to perfection.

The Wispy Wings

And this do is part of what made Tybert so appealing.

The Soft & Fluffy

There’s something about the pic, I think it’s the flannel shirt over the T shirt, That reminds me of practically every teenage boy I knew growing up.

The Boy Next Door {if only!}

The slicked-back do of the wealthy man…

The Millionhair Do

Just recently, we saw…

The Mad Max

And the hair standing at attention…

The Mile High

Rob looks very professional with this do.

The Clean Cut

We musn’t leave out…

The Romantic

The hair says as much as the eyes do.

The Come Hither

Will there ever be anything better than is? Indeed Dear Melbie he is a sexy beast!

The Just F*cked Hair

Still in my top 5 fav pics is…

The F*ck Me Sideways!!!

I gotta say, I’m lovin this!

The Current Gorgeousness

So girls I know there lots that I missed. Got any better names for these dos than the ones I came up with? Let’s hear em! Let’ssee you hair favs and what you’d call them.

Much Love to you all,



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Heeey Laaaadies!

Hello Everybody *waves*



Hey Ladies as you may have noticed the posts here at RA have gotten fewer and farther between. 



I’ve been worried how you all will handle it.

Don’t worry we aren’t going Anywhere! But we do need some help.


Lately I’ve been wracking mah bwains to come up with different post ideas.


While I have in NO WAY lost my Rob Mojo {He’s still the sexiest thing alive!!} I spend hours pondering over what to post about.

Try as I might I struggle with it all the time.

After awhile I start to get really upset that I am disappointing you ladies.

One thing we pride our selves on is NOT doing what everyone else is doing. We’re here for the fun of it and for the love of Rob.

So we’re asking ya’ll if you’d like to Join the RA TEAM and post a weekly (or even an occaisional) Blog post About Robert Pattinson (or even a guest post) Please Contact us at

Drop us a line so we can get back to our happy pervy selves!


Much Love to You all as always,




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Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 4: Birthday Memories!

Welcome back, ladies!!

RobsFan~tasy and I are continuing our week long journey with our blogger friends to wish Rob a happy 26th birthday!

It’s my turn again and today’s theme is: Birthday Memories! I’ll be showing Rob some of the things I love that he’s done since his last birthday!!

{You’ll notice I’m having a problem following a specific timeline…Rob keeps goosing me LOL!}

Needless to say, everything Rob’s done this past year was memorable and I loved it ALL, especially his personal appearances!  He found a way to shock and amaze us every damn time LOL!

Remember the MTV Movie Awards on June 5th, 2011?  His famous speech to Reese?

*Gigglesnort! Oh, Rob!*

When he showed up at ComicCon on July 21st with lopsided hair? OMG! We’d all seen the results of his botched Cosmopolis haircut, but nobody expected him to KEEP it…not that it detracted in any way from his inate Hawtness LMAO!!

*See what I mean?*

Last year Rob amazed everyone with his poignant performance in Water for Elephants and we ALL fell in love with Jacob Jankowski…

*THUD!* *DED!!* *HOOR DOWN!!!*

I love that film more each time I watch it *sigh!*

This year, Rob awed us with his portrayal of Georges DuRoy in Bel Ami…

*By George, Rob WAS Georges!*

Who could forget the greatly anticipated release of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, where Edward and Bella FINALLY got all groiny with each other, and we got OUR release LOL?!

Rob went into drought mode for a couple of months between promo tours and we were all bouncing on our seats to see what his transformation from Grizzly Adams Rob to Promo Tour Rob would look like… then THIS photo from Paris  appeared and Goatee Rob literally blew us away!!!

*Puddle of goo!*

Of all the promos, and there were too many to cover here, his interview on Jimmy Kimmel forBD1 was epic Rob!  My favorite Rob quotes were“I’m a butt double for like a lot of different actors!” and, “I want there to be mayhem!” But, the BEST one was “Yeah, they [the fans] want to see thrusting, not probing!” Hell’n I’m gonna have to watch the “thrusting” part of that interview again…

Now, I ask you…how did he know that’s what we wanted to see if he WASN’T reading our blogs?  ROTFLMFAO!!!

Well, Rob has much more in store for us before his next birthday, such as the premier of Cosmopolis at Cannes on May 25th!  {NEXT WEEK *squeeee!*} The teaser trailer that exploded onto the internet back in March was, for me, the most memorable thing Rob has done this past year!

Oops!  I guess I shoulda told you this post was NSFW!

Happy Birthday, Rob darlin’!

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train!

Friday is *Pic Spam* day!  RobsFan~tasy’s will remind you tomorrow and steer you to the One and Only blog where all the photos will be posted. It’s not here on RA, so please be sure and follow the link to Robmusement!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!


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Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 2: Letter to Rob!

All Aboard, ladies!!

As RobsFan~tasy informed you yesterday, we are traveling along with our blogger friends all week to continue wishing Rob a happy 26th birthday.

For today’s blog train, I’m supposed to write a “Letter to Rob!”

(Aw, crap! I’m in so much trouble if he really reads this!) *Deep breath!* OK, here we go…

Dear Rob,

Thanks for letting me fuck with you all year! Guess you coulda stopped me anytime you wanted, but you put up with my insanity, so bless you for that!

Since I started blogging here on Rob Attack, I’ve used and abused you shamelessly!

I got you drunk…

Soaked you to the bone…

Beat you the fuck up…

Stripped you bare, just so we could perv on your fine bod…

And made you run your long, sexy legs off!!

You tried to hide from me, but it was no use…I found you anyway LOL!

Then, I made you jump…


And I even forced you to dance…

If that wasn’t bad enough, I had one helluva good time doin’ it! {Those posts didn’t even include the ones where I completely swooned all over your wonderful, sweet self!}

Rob, you took it all in stride and never called me out on any of it! You’re the best, angel!

Once again, thank you for being such a good sport about us perving on you day in and day out!!!

Happy Birthday, darlin’!

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train!

Come back tomorrow for RobsFan~tasy’s Birthday Gift to Rob!

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


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Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train day 1

Hello Everybody *waves*



Good Morning ladies!!

All Aboard! All week long we are traveling along with our blogger friends and Wishing Rob a Happy 26th birthday. So climb on board (TWSS) and Enjoy the ride!! WooHoo!!


Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Man!

Today’s blog train topic is all about what we would wish for Rob. Well, what do you wish for the man who has EVERYTHING???

Great looks,

A great Body,

Beautiful eyes,

Gorgeous hair…MOST of the time LOL,

A fabulous singing voice,

A Great Pianist,

Fantastic actor,

and he’s even “flexible” LMAO


And He’s got sex appeal rollong off every fiber of his being…


So just what do you wish for the man who has DEFINATELY GOT IT ALL???

There’s only 4 things I can think of:


PEACE (freedom from the paps)





Truy I wish You the Happiest of Birthday’s Rob And a lifetime of Happieness to follow!

Now Get back on board the Rob train and continue the Ride. Next stop,

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for Riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train



Come back tomorrow for Rita’s Birthday Letter to Rob!

Much Love to you all,





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Thrill Me Thursday…Thrilled By Bel Ami…Cared’s Review!

Top 'O the Mornin!

Bel Ami showed on Sunday night at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and lucky me was there to see it.


I’m trying hard to remember the details so I can share an in-depth response with you all but I can tell you this, my overwhelming feeling as the film ended was that I loved it.  I would have very happily sat through it again as I’m sure I didn’t fully appreciate the attention paid to the historical accuracy of the lavish sets or the beautiful detailing of the period costumes for both the men and women.  I remember thinking that the score fit perfectly with the film although I cannot recall the detail of it now. 


There was just so much happening on screen vying for my attention, not least of which was an extremely handsome leading man.  And that’s what he was – a man – all man.  He strode around with a confidence that put me in mind of Clark Gable or Cary Grant.  It was so nice to see that Robert Pattinson was given the freedom, and I suspect the encouragement, to actually act – not just produce a performance to a given formula. 


After hearing from the dynamic duo of Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod before the film, I’m not surprised at the passion that everyone involved obviously poured into the production.  They said it was a labour of love.  The actors took cut price salaries, but there is nothing cut price about their performances.  The directors have a very impressive history in the theatre that adds a certain element to the film.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is; perhaps it is that some of the scenes could play perfectly on a stage without adaptation.  It had a lovely feel to it.


Despite a strong dislike for Guy de Maupassant left over from my school days, as an adult, I read the book Bel Ami with an open mind.  It just proved to me that although times may change and centuries may pass, human beings will always be the same.   This book could have been written and set in modern times in terms of lust, greed, hunger for power, power games, political intrigue, international relations, corrupt media and plain old love, betrayal and forgiveness.  While I’m aware that much of the politics from the book are merely alluded to in the film, it keeps the film from being heavy allows it move along at a nice pace.


I was given a hard time (TWSS) for focussing on the sex scenes when I gave my initial thoughts on the film on Sunday night.  All I can say is: let she among you cast the first stone and all that LOL.  Since I believe inquiring minds want to know – I will share.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know about them.  First of all there are a lot of sex scenes, but let me tell you, they do not become boring; they are never the same.  That’s not just because Georges changes his lovers more often than he changes the sheets on the bed!  It was quite amusing to watch him hurry one lover out the door as he had an unplanned post coital nap and it was time for his next lover to arrive.  You know you should want him to be caught and face the consequences, but he smiles that devilish smile and you are glad that he is not.


The first sex scene is the famous – or is it the infamous – nekkid arse thrusting scene between Georges and the prostitute.  I don’t want to spoil the anticipation for you by giving too much detail; I know I am evil.  It was quick, not that I’m implying Georges was quick even though the scene was.  My DH takes great delight in the fact that Viggo Mortenson, another favourite actor of mine, has a skinny arse (it’s an undeniable fact).  I took great pleasure in sharing the perfectness of Rob’s nekkid arse with DH on my return home; again, I know I am evil.  There is lust fuelled sex, sex purely for gain, sex that is making love and sex between Georges and his wife that is quite disturbing.  It is a tribute to the quality of the acting from Rob and the leading ladies that the difference is obvious each time.


I particularly liked the performance from Christina Ricci as she played Clotilde de Marelle as though she was born in that era.  I’ve always liked Holiday Grainger since I saw her in A Bad Mother’s Handbook years ago and thought her a skilled actress. As Suzanne Rousset, she only has a relatively small part to play in the film but she plays it perfectly.  She looks so happy and innocent walking down the aisle on her husband’s arm; I wonder does she have any understanding of the kind of marriage she has ahead of her or is she actually another player?  Colm Meaney played the pompous Rousset magnificently and Philip Glenister played the unfortunate Foriestier very convincingly.


If you go to this film hoping to see the perfect man you will be sorely disappointed. Georges Duroy is more than easy on the eyes, the colours and cut of clothes suit his body shape and long legs very well.  Look behind the facade though and you will find a very flawed character.  He has come from a background of poverty and deprivation.  He had a taste of wealth and the good life while in the army and upon his return to civilian life has once again to face the harsh reality of being poor.  He believes he has the right to a better life and is driven by greed and ambition to use his good looks to further his aim.  Without shame, he is manipulative and thoughtless as he uses and then discards those who can be of benefit to him.  Somehow, underneath it all, you can see the poor boy who is desperate to never be hungry again, who loves a woman he can never fully have and who himself – in turn – is used and manipulated by others and even cheated upon.  On paper Georges is a despicable cad; I don’t know how Rob did it, but on screen he managed to display Georges not just with all his faults, but also in his loneliness and desperation.  He made me feel sorry for him; he made me wish love and happiness for him whether he deserved it or not. 


There is no denying Bel Ami has strong dark themes. It is intense and dramatic,  with outbursts of anger and violence, some sizzling sex scenes, but there are also moments of humour and love. It is beautifully set, nicely filmed and features some wonderful performances.  There is something for everyone.  I happily admit to being a fan of both Robert Pattinson and period films but really you don’t need to be either to enjoy this film.  IMHO overall it’s a good entertaining story well told. 




Thanks to Melbie for most of these pics!


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Thrill Me Thursday…Just Du it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Yeah you know where I’m going and you know what you gotta “Du.”

1) Steel reinforced shmanties…Check!
2) Shamwow…Check!
3) Fan for vajayjay…Check!
4) Seatbelt…Check!
5) Protective head gear, just in case…Check!
6) Bucket to catch drool…Check!
7) Protective cover for keyboard…Check!
8) Fire extinguisher…Check!
9) Porn~folio at the ready for sharing…Check!
10) Cold drink…Check!
11) Muffle or Gag if you are at work to keep the moans from escaping and causing suspicious glares in your direction…Check!
12) Knee pads for bowing down to the great Melbie Toast in gratitude for all the pics I stole Borrowed from her tumblr…Check!
13) Paper bag for hyperventilating *thanksRobbieElise for this visual LOL and the next*…Check!
14) Hubs, BF or favorite toy on stand~by!…Check!
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock,  been too busy with RL shizz, don’t know, there is a Film Festival in Berlin tomorrow and our Boyfriend has already departed for Berlin earlier today. Go HERE if you want to see the Pap Pics at the air port.

Now let’s Du it!

Melbie Toast Tumbler


Melbie Toast Tumblr


I wanna Kiss the boo boo's away!

Now this song is older than dirt but under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree the words are going to be what we are all going to be singing when (IF) we ever get to see this movie…
Melbie Toast Tumblr

Yeah, DU that to me one (a million) more times.

Whatch planning to DU there Uma? Hhhmmmm???
 F*cking Sexpenders FTMFW!!
Melbie Toast.Tumblr

This post is gonna get you wet one way or another!

 I think this calls for a little Rhianna don’t you?
“…Take Me for a ride…Take me…Let me make you rise…Make it last all night…I’ll make you feel like a man…”
Hell Yeah!

That's it Baby, Take it all off! Better yet, Let me DU it for you!!


Yeah, give me half a chance and I'll put a bigger smile than that on your face Rob!

 A woman could happily drown in those blue eyes! *swoon*

Is that an invitation to sit on your lap? YES PLEASE! Squeeeee.... We can talk about the first thing that pops UP! *snickers*

UNF! Could you imagine holding that chin/jaw in your hands and staring DOWN *ahem* into those eyes! DED!

OH! Those Blue eyes again! Have mercy on me Rob!

Tickets to Bel Ami anyone?

I don’t know what else to tell you ladies besides this…

**Special thanks to Melbie Toast, InRobWeLust, IceAngel 34, and Pull My Daisy Too for having such great tumblrs for our perving pleasure!***


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MTV 2012 Movie Brawl…Cosmopolis FTW!!!

For the past few weeks, we and everyone else in Robland have been talking about Bel Ami. And who can blame us, naked Rob arse is definitely worth talking about. But, MTV had a contest to find the most anticipated film for 2012 and Bel Ami wasn’t the winner.

It all started with Bel Ami up against another of Rob’s 2012 films. (And for the record, Rob had three, yes three films in the contest.) Bel Ami was first slated against Cosmopolis, which wasn’t initially on the list! Cosmopolis was nominated as a wild card. So that put us Rob fans in a tight place.

Which do we want to see more? Naked Rob?

Or Bad ass Gun Wielding Rob?

Well, we were very divided and it was a close race. But Cosmopolis won that round 51.01 %, that’s by .02% people!!

Next, they did it to us again…two Rob movies against each other! This time it was slated against Breaking Dawn Part 2. Which we all know has a  BIG following. Meanwhile on the other side of the competition, The Hunger Games was killing each one of its competitors. So, we went to the polls again to see if we could pick a heavy weight contender against the new and much-anticipated Hunger Games and were once again divided.

Breaking Dawn Part 2, where we get to see Daddyward play piano?

Or once again, a young multimillionaire who needs a haircut?

This time it wasn’t as close at 53.52% and we all thought it would be Breaking Dawn. But as MTV states, “ Fans banded together, choosing to support RPattz’s post-vampire career rather than the franchise that made him a star. “Breaking Dawn” was sent packing.” Yes, we are more than just TwiHards. We support ROB even in “indie dramas” and most of us can’t wait for him to be able to break out the Twilight stigma.

In the second to last round Rob and the Cosmopolis cast went up against The Dark Night Rises and kicked some Batman butt!! And then there was the final round. Would Rob fans be able to beat the Hunger Games fans? Some Twi/Rob fans are really looking forward to the Hunger Games. But it seems we banded together enough to just barely win. But win we did!

I wonder what Rob has to say about all this? Hopefully soon we will know. We’ve heard from his costars; Sarah Gadon and Paul Giamatti. And also, from the director himself, David Cronenberg with this quote:

“He’s terrific. He deserves the affection that the fans have for him. He’s incredibly sweet, he’s very funny, he’s very bright and he’s also very knowledgeable about cinema. Not just movies but the history of cinema. He knows a lot about it. He’s just a sweetheart. And he’s totally professional. He’s always right there. We had a lot of fun shooting [the movie] because, as I say, he has a great sense of humor. We just played a lot. I think that’s a really great tone that’s set for everybody on the set. The lead actor has a really big influence on the tone of the shoot. If you’ve got a guy who’s very difficult and neurotic or whatever, they can’t help but affect everybody’s day. But Rob is not like that. He’s just a ray of sunshine. In fact, he’s in absolutely every scene of the movie, so obviously his temperament would have a huge influence on how the shoot went … and it was a dream. It was a beautiful shoot.

Aww, now who doesn’t want to see Rob in Cosmopolis…and Bel Ami…and Breaking Dawn Part 2…and hopefully many more films to come?!

So now it’s your turn to sound off in the comments about what you are most looking for in Robland in 2012. If your here I know you’ll say any and all. So tell us what your favorite Rob role is so far and do you think it will compete with these new characters?


Thanks to MTV and Robsessed for the info and pics.


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Thrill Me Thursday…Welcome Home!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
With the New Year here I thought I’d throw us all a little Welcome Home Party and show you all just what the RA Mansion looks like. Everyone can have their own room (post yours in the comments) and there’s lot’s of room for hanging out, partying and well, heh heh whateve…
So Follow me  “Ladies” and I’ll take you on a tour of Our New Home here at the Rob Attack Mansion…

The RA Mansion

  Rob has graciously volunteered to escort each of you to the room of your choice…feel free to show us which room you’d like to have for your very own! And hands off The Pretty..well, unless he makes the first move {snickers}!
(Hey nobody said we couldn’t flirt! LOL)

"Ladies," *nods and grins as he opens the double doors*

 “Come…on in…”

Welcome Home!

I Knows You all like a view from the rear *snickers*

Uh....That's not exactly what I had in mind Rob but heh heh I'm not complaining.

Lovely in the day time, but beautiful at night…

Party Anyone?

We can all catch Rob’s eye as we descend these backstairs stairs…

A Grand Entrance

Anybody up for a dip?

Pool Party With Rob? Hell Yeah!!



I thought you might you might all like to see each of our rooms in the RA Mansion. I’ll start with TheMissMod’s room and a direct quote from her,

“All righty! Here tis, The Mod Suite! I picked this room because it’s the epitome of 60’s cool and I can just see myself grooving to records on the Dansette before settling down in the evening (perhaps waiting for a visit from the House Master) XD All ladies are welcome to share my space and drop by every once in a while, no biggie!


An our Wandering RFM’s Suite, with a direct quote from her, 
” I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to curl up with a book by the window. The only thing that’s missing is this inspirational saying on the walls. Keep Thrusting and Carry On. The sitting room is also a fab place to entertain guests! I can see a night of video game annihilation going on in there, hehe. And if we get a little hungry after all those shenanigans, the kitchen will be fully stocked with hot pockets, Heinekens, cereal of your choosing and and anything else that I don’t have to cook! So whether your into book clubs or slayer games, come hang out with robsfuturemate!  I love the cozy but chic bedroom and I’m all ready to… Keep Thrusting and Carry On hehe… come hang out with robsfuturemate!

Passionate purple

And or very pervy and lovable Rita01tx’s room,
You know, I’m a country girl at heart and my ideal bedroom would have…”
Grandma’s Feather Bed ~ John Denver
“It was nine feet high and six feet wide
Soft as a downy chick
It was made from the feathers of forty-leven geese
Took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick
Itd hold eight kids n four hound dogs
And a piggy we stole from the shed
We didnt get much sleep but we had a lot of fun
On Grandmas feather bed”
To my mind, there’s just nuthin’ better than sinkin’ down into a big ol’ brass bed made up with a soft, thick mattress covered by bout a hundred quilts and lots of downy pillows.
“I can just imagine burrowing under the covers to *ahem* cuddle up to a warm Rob on a real cold Texas night!!”

"We wouldn't get much sleep but we'd have a lot of fun" ~ Rita

 You know what they say Rita, “Save a horse…” heh heh heh. This pic reminds me of a certain FF called “Another Fine Mess!”

 And Of course, Rob has a Penthouse Suite all his own, With a bedroom and a room to relax in.

Had to give Rob a head board he couldn't break *snickers* Unless...


Lastly we have My room.


And Just in case you ever hear this from Rob,…

Wheeee… errr um I mean, We have a room for that here at The RA Mansion too

RROP for Bad girls!

And I know just what your reaction will be to this too…

"Yee Haw!!!"

We have full accomodations here at RA, Music room, game room, kitchens, on suite baths, wine cellar, ballroom and more so you can imagine I had to draw the line some where. I am going to make this a page at the top with all the other rooms I mentioned showing a slideshow so show us how you have chosen to decorate your RA bedroom and stake your RA Mansion claim!!
Much Love to you all,


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