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Random Rita ~ Never Before Seen Vid of Rob on Guitar!

Wet Rob Avi


Just found this video of Rob rocking out with Pop Singer Andrea Meli, Dermot Mulroney and Adam Shankman in the Most Awesomely Random Video Ever!!!

It’s not a YouTube vid, so I’m givin’ you the link to the HAHAJK article…

Happy Thursday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Showed Me Something I Didn’t Know!!!


Conversation I had with my friend, Karin, earlier this week at work…

“Hey, Karin!” I said, sidlin’ up to bump her with my shoulder, a shit-eatin’ grin spread across my face.

“Oh, hell!” she groaned. “It’s finally out, isn’t it?”

She hated Bel Ami, so gettin’ her to agree to go with me to see Cosmopolis when it came out had taken some almighty beggin’ on my part LOL! But, bless her, she knows how much I love Rob!

“Yup!” I allowed. “It’s playin’ at one of them ‘indie’ theatres in Haarlem. Only problem is it starts at 9:30 pm…no early screenin’s.”

“Well, no way are we going on a weeknight then,” she huffed.

“Nope…let’s go Saturday night, OK?” I urged. “Oh, and, by the way?”

“What?”she wondered.

“That indie theatre is the one right across the alley from your favorite Irish pub!” I chortled.

She didn’t need any more convincin’ after that!  I didn’t even have to show her that fuckawesome teaser trailer!

So, last night we met up at the Irish early enough to have a drink before amblin’ across the alley to the Filmschuur.  Just seein’ this poster in the window had me internally squeein’ my ass off!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people already seated…most of them middle aged men and their wives, with nary a teenie in sight.  Probably pretentious Cronenbergians, I figgered, although their womenfolk probably harbored a secret Robsession *gigglesnort!*

From the opening scene, with the line “We want a haircut.” I was riveted to my seat! Rob was perfectly, inhumanly cool as Eric Packer!

Most of the action takes place in that damnably sleek, futuristic limo, where Eric is king of his world. Information flowing at his fingertips…people coming and going at his beck and call!

We don’t see his eyes until he steps out of his limo into the cab with his wife. Except for the fact that they were both obscenely wealthy people (maybe she was a merger & acquisition to him, or vice versa), I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they married. She’s an ice queen who’s constantly railing at him (rightly so, of course) for smelling of sex, but showing no signs at all of wanting it herself (her loss LOL!). His myriad excuses for “smelling like sex” are hilarious!!

Since his frigid wife is not giving it up, Eric takes sexual excitement where he can get it, even during a prostate exam. He randomly mentions his asymetrical prostate throughout the rest of the film, at the most inappropriate moments LOL!

This scene was very brief and I would have loved to see more of Rob, uh…  ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo…when she got up off him! Other than that, we see Eric’s unbelievably huge ego and disregard for his own wealth as he instructs her to buy something he covets…at any cost…even though the owner(s) have no wish to sell it!

The sex scene with one of his bodyguards was fuckHAWT! He BEGGED her to use the taser on him, all 100,000 volts, but it doesn’t show whether she complied…I like to think she did LOL!

The scene where Eric grieves for the death of his favorite rapper is the first sign we see of any real emotion on his part. Karin said it was like he was losing his mojo! Yeah, that about sums it up!

As the trip progresses, both the limo and Eric lose their spit and polish. By the time he arrives at the old barber, who remembers him from when his father brought him in as a child, he’s been pied in the face {I loved Pie Dude’s rant about his previous conquests and how he passed up the chance to pie the President to get to Eric, who he saw as the bigger target…something of a compliment LOL} and shot Torval, his main bodyguard…probably for letting Pie Dude get to him!

I can’t rememer why he left the barber shop with half a haircut, but he took the barber’s gun with him and winds up with only his driver for company, heading for the limo garage.

{Gotta share this fabulous Melbie edit!}

Which is where he gets shot at by a disgruntled ex-worker bee at his company and storms into the derelict building to confront him head on!

Rob’s alley strut just cracked me the fuck up!  {couldn’t find a good gif…sorry!}

I just love this shot of him waiting to burst through the door…looks like a painting!

Benno tells him he must be crazy to walk into a place where he knows someone is waiting to kill him!

Eric calls his bluff and thus begins the most powerful scene in the whole film! Benno {not his real name} burned out when the information flow became too fast and too much to keep up with. They get into a philosophical discussion about life, money and asymetrical prostates LOL!

I don’t remember exactly why Eric shot his hand…mighta been he didn’t expect the gun to go off cause he was just playing with it at that point…but the sheer shock and agony Rob gave to that scene was fuckin’ awesome!

Not gonna tell you how it ends. All I will tell you is that, when it ended, I said “WHAT?”

So, in conclusion…

Yes, you could follow the dialogue! Yes, you could understand it! But the whole film was like that!  Wordy as hell…lyrical in places…richly complex and hypnotizing!!!

Karin and I both agreed we needed to see it again! But we’ll wait until it comes out on DVD so we can watch without distractions!

Hell’n I might have to buy the damn book!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Rob Encounter at the Hotel Cafe

Howdy! I know this isn’t my normal day and I promised you a Marcus post but don’t worry that will still be coming.  He will get the respect he deserves Wednesday. I just thought you all might like to get this breaking news as soon as possible!

Saturday was the second Marcus Foster show at the Hotel Cafe but what is even more cool was that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Sam Bradley were there as well. Sam was there Friday also, but more on that later. Here’s how it all went down…

Maggie and I and our friends were just enjoying the evening, listening to music. I was pretty chill since I had done the whole scope out the place yesterday to no avail. I didn’t see anybody with Marcus before he played, which did seem a little odd compared to Friday night but not abnormal. Maggie decides to do a “loop” of the place. I wasn’t that worried about it, I did the same thing the night before to no avail. She comes back (I guess, I never saw her) and my friend is telling me I need to go to the bathroom. I immediately knew why but couldn’t get myself to go. It felt weird, too much an invasion of his privacy. But of course, I went. I didn’t want to kick myself later.

On my way to the back, there was a huge crowd of people. Mind you, I had no idea where he was just somewhere on

Imagine seeing this from the front, side, whatever!

the path to the bathroom. I saw him slumped next to the wall in the hallway wearing the ever popular black and grey plaid flannel.I want to say that we had eye contact at this point. But it’s a hazy experience and I was a bit out of it at the moment. But there’s  a really good possibility that we did. (giggles)  I kept going towards the bathroom but there was a line so I came back out and found a spot along the hallway wall. A little behind Rob and across from him. It was then that I noticed Kristen standing in front of him.

They were just enjoying the music, no one bothered them. They were just standing near each other. Maggie and our friends came up behind me and started saying something to me. I have no idea what, I shushed them so quick. My heart was racing, and I was just trying to stand there all nonchalant and enjoy the music. I have no idea what Marcus was playing at this point but I could see Rob from my peripheral. It was then that I noticed the black beanie and the beard. It wasn’t out of control, just an average length beard. Kristen was texting someone and her phone was lighting  up the darkened hallway.

Another friend of mine comes by and asks why I left. I had tried to tell her before but she just wasn’t getting it, so I left to find Rob myself. It’s every woman for themselves at that point. I’m not standing around trying to get you the info and  miss my chance! I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she’s saying, “No, you didn’t”. I quickly pull her out of the hallway. I was so not having that convo right next to Rob!!!! She had no idea he was there and then went back in to see him.  Then we sat out  in the main entrance room by the “Private” door for the musicians. A couple of minutes later, Rob comes around the corner and into the room a mere foot away from me. He was moving quickly followed by Kristen, Sam and another friend of their’s.

That was it. The encounter was over. They left with what we could only hope would be a hassle-free exit. It wasn’t until I ran into Maggie later that I found out what happened when I left the hallway…

Maggie’s daughter was with us that night.  She was brave enough to go up to Kristen and ask her if she could buy her a drink!!!!  According to Maggie, her daughter and my friend, Kristen looked at Rob then told her daughter,”No thanks. I’m good.” They all had a giggle after that. Rob, Kristen and company, I mean. I was so sad to have missed The Giggle!!!!! But seeing Rob in motion was enough for me. I was just bummed that it was Kristen that was drinking from a bottle and not Rob!

Hope you all enjoyed that little glimpse into the evening! Sorry there are no pics from this night. But I really feel it’s inappropriate and rude to take pics of someone enjoying the night on their personal time. Besides, it was so dark a flash would have blinded us all! We all let them continue enjoying their night even though I’m sure they knew why a whole slew of people kept walking past! It’s just being considerate and I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.

UPDATE: there were a few pics from that night. Apparently, it wasn’t as pap-free as we hoped. This pic was from Robsessed.


And don’t forget to come back Wednesday to show Marcus some love!


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Sensual Sunday ~ Show Me Something I Don’t Know!!!


Holy shit, angelz!

No way you haven’t all seen it by now, but Rob doubters be DAMNED! That Cosmopolis teaser trailer was the best 34 seconds EVER and I can’t stop watching it!

Oh yeah, baby! It’s coming and it’s gonna be EPIC!!

You won’t be surprised to learn that tumblr went absolutely WILD with screencaps, gifs, banners and edits!  Even I couldn’t resist the urge to do a little editing of my own, although I have no idea how to tag it…oh well!

Ah, Geez! Rob's sweat soaked, lickable happy trail *THUD!*

That first sequence was very popular for gifmakers…

I think I’d like to see that in slow motion, wouldn’t you? {if the gifs aren’t moving, click ’em!}

Hell’n I literally jumped a foot off my chair when he shot his hand! How the F*CK did they do that?? {gif}

Didn’t you think AudioMachine’s “10 Inch Nails” from their Deus Ex Machina album was the perfect music for that trailer? Especially for the nightclub scene, which was beautifully shot…{gif}

Kill me now…Rob going all predatory on us in the limo? *THUD!*{gif}

And MelbieToast made us a beautiful edit…

This might seem like overkill to you, but I just gotta include another gorgeous edit…a close-up!  I could swear it’s a SlaveForRob (Bru) edit, but it’s not tagged…

Wild limo sex anybody? Hell yeah!  {Why didn’t they hire ME to do that scene *sob!*}

That just BEGS to be gif’d…{gif}

Rob’s alley strut just cracks me the f*ck up!  InRobWeLust wants to know which of Rob’s movies we are most looking forward to…Bel Ami or Cosmopolis?  BOTH, BB!!!!! {gif}

Cronenberg is gonna shock us all with Cosmopolis!  Nothing is taboo and that’s as refreshing as pissing in an expensive limo LMAO!!!

Sparkybitchface entered the tumblr fray with this contribution…{gif}


So much action was packed into 34 seconds of RobHeaven that, had it not been for the screenshots, I never would have seen this…doesn’t it look just like a painting?  Simply stunning!

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, WE HAVE ASS CRACK!!!  Yes, it’s from an Italian trailer for Bel Ami so it doesn’t exactly fit this post, but I couldn’t NOT share this gorgeous edit by InRobWeLust!

And whoever made this gif should be given sainthood LMAO!!

Now, I know this has nothing to do with Rob, but were you even aware that Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Host, was being made into a movie?

Science fiction being one of my favorite genres, I enjoyed the hell out of that story! And, if this trailer is any indication, it might just be worth checking out when it hits the theaters next year!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Hair…The Long and Short of It !!

Good day, Angelz!

Well, here we are again, talking about Rob’s hair. That would get old, if it wasn’t one of our favorite Rob topics, right?

Of course, we’re all wondering what his hair looks like right about now.  I mean, Rob’s latest hair reveal at the People’s Choice Awards was quite a shocker, even if it did look damn good on him…

And it’s not like he hasn’t done it before.  Which means that, by now, it should look something like this….

‘Cause you know his hair grows faaast (thank God!).  Let’s see the “rear” view *groan*…

Let’s just hope Rob never does THIS ever again LMAO!

Ooooh!  There’s that little rat tail he once talked about having as a kid!  I dunno…it’s still Rob so that makes it automatically HAWT!

Speaking of iffy hair styles, did you know that Edward was originally intended to have longer hair?

As you can see, Rob was NOT amused, forcing them took it down a notch…

What’s funny about this is that he actually wore his hair very much like this at one time.  Found this screencap from a vid of his audition for How to Be…

OK, his sideburns are way longer there, but definitely starting to like this look.  I’ll just need to see a few more before I can finally decide…

*Gulp!* More please!

Yes? No? Maybe?

*Sigh!*  You know, I don’t think I would’ve minded the longer hair.  But Rob totally rocked the “do” we finally got!

So, ladies!  Just how long DO we want to see The Pretty’s hair?

Well, definitely longer than the buzz cut…just not half and half LMAO.  Still, on Rob, it WAS f*ckin’ cute…

Longer than he usually wears it?  Hmmmm….

Gieselher long?

Aw hell!  It all looks good on our boy!

However, when all else fails, we can just let our imaginations run WILD

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!!



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Thrill Me Thursday???

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Girlfriends,
As you may have heard yesterday I was at a loss as for what in the world to post today since RFM and I think so much alike and are constantly stealing each other’s post ideas. (What can I say, Great minds think alike!) And I spent most of the day searching for something, anything!!! By 11 pm this evening I was like this…
Picture from Enchanted Robert Tumblr

WTF Am I going to post???

And then I was just about to give it up, (just for awhile sometimes the best ideas come at the last moment) and then I log onto FB and what do I find???
Pic from robs Cougar

Nooooo!!! Say it ain't so!!!

Yes, yes you are STILL F*cking Beautiful and we will Love you no matter what. The Buzz Cut has a huge BUZZ running all along the internet. Tumblr and FB are already flooded with your Beautiful shaved head.
I was going to post a Bunch of pics of Rob with Hair, don my mourning clothes and curl up in my bed until his hair grew back (Thank GOD it grows quickly!) But then I read something that made me verra verra Proud and it has changed my post yet again.




Carline Graphics Tumblr


Hell to the Yeah on that one! Congratulations BB! I would give you a congratulatory HUG for that if I could! (So damn Proud I wouldn’t even perv on you just give you a hug and be happy for you! LOL)
Not Only that but our Robert got a (Well deservered and over due) Standing ovation when they called his name as the winner!!!

Oh I want to be that award at this moment 🙂
Oh! Sorry hehe hehe I got distracted there for a minute!
And may I remind you all that the award was NOT for A TWILIGHT SAGA Pic!! Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE Twilight but this award proves to all those nay sayers out there that Rob is a Fantastic actor! And that he can and will step out of the Twilight and Flourish in the Dawn of all of his new movie roles. Can any one say,
“And The Oscar Winner for best actor is Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy in  Bel Ami”
Hell to the YEAH!
Much Love to you all,
P.S. Still Love you mostest and you are and always will be the most beautiful man on the planet but I miss your hair!!


*Le Sigh*

Now Bring on the Word Vomit Please!!!


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RFM’s Most Excellent Adventure

Hello my lovelies! I’m back and boy do I have a story for you! I hope that you have all been enjoying the down pour of Rob goodness and that this post just adds another element to the pics and videos you all have been perving on. I just want to tell you that this is by no means meant to be taken as bragging. I know how lucky I’ve been lately but it’s because I am out there DOING. I’ve finally taken the big step and started doing whatever it takes to see thePretty in person! And, I also want to say that you SHOULD go to the BD2 premiere next year. I don’t think you would regret it. Even though there will be some downs, the ups are SO worth it!!  Oh, and this has way more Twilight than Rob and it’s gonna be long, so be prepared. So, let’s start with the story…

Erik Odom, aka Peter

This adventure started last Tuesday with a drive to Los Angeles. (We’re not gonna discuss how I got lost and was driving around LA by myself) Well, I made it in time to see three-quarters of New Moon. Yep, right after Edward left. But it was fun seeing it again in the theater. Afterward, Maggie and I met Erik Odom who plays Peter in BD2. We had a nice little convo about the contacts. He didn’t think they were that bad. Did you know they had to spritz their eyes with water throughout the day to keep them from drying out? Learn something new everyday! We also met Jack Morrisey that night but didn’t really talk with him.

The next night, Wednesday, was pure torture. We stayed up all night trying to figure out where to go for the unofficial line. Everyone was tweeting, facebooking, and texting. We made some friends that night and almost got bombarded by an angry mob. When we finally confirmed the right location we were told to split into our groups and stay still. Then security came around and “randomly” picked who would get their wristband first. Tension was high, emotions even higher. We had no idea what the criteria for picking was and were so thankful when we got picked. We walked quietly and with our heads down, so as not to upset the people left. (I did try to peek for my friends but it was so hard to find them) Then we waited for hours to get our wristbands and campsite. Some that were there at the same time as us originally waited over 12 hours!! So hard to watch.

Kiowa Gordon, aka Embry

That afternoon I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with Jackie Zane, Lucinda from WFE. She had some wonderful Rob stories. Basically things we already know, like how kind and funny he is! I found out that Rob likes to drink wine! Who knew?! Later that evening we watched Twilight on the jumbo tron outside. There was a whole lot of screaming going on! After my “nap” Maggie and I ran into Kiowa Gordon from the Wolfpack. He wanted to surprise the campers by waking them up with music. That idea was vetoed and he sang for a small group outside Tent City. It was a hard night of sleep that night. Nokia has lights and sounds that go on until 2 am every day. Eye masks and ear plugs are a MUST!!

The next day was a fun day of milling around and meeting people. Everyone just trying to relax. I met Tink from Robsessed and got my Cosmopolis button! (I think I kind of fangirled inside) Tink is a sweetheart and had a cute little city of cardboard Robwards to keep her company. That night we watched New Moon and yes, more screaming ensued. The comments from the peanut gallery were funny bordering on obnoxious. We had a surprise visitor after the movie, Kellan Lutz! Unfortunately security wasn’t really prepared for him and there was a bit of mass chaos. I was pressed up against the barricade with people yelling and screaming. I waited patiently and was so disappointed when Kellan skipped our section. Trying another area for a pic only resulted in pics of Kellan’s ears and being pushed into following Kellan around. Luckily we made it out of there and my friend, who’s seen him numerous times, got a hug with him. Aww, sweet!

Stephenie bringing us signed BD books!

The following morning we had another surprise. Stephenie Meyer came and brought us all signed copies of Breaking Dawn! She handed them out individually and took pics with us. We told her how much we appreciated her stories and that because of her we were able to make so many friends from all over the world. She was so sweet! Can you believe she signed at least 1000 books for us!

There were so many things to keep us occupied during the time we were camping. They set up a TwiFi lounge where you could take pics with Cardboard BDward. And if you were courageous enough, you could wear a wedding dress while doing it!! They had little contests throughout the week and gave away shirts and pj pants. That afternoon we had our own concert of artists off the BD soundtrack. They were amazing! Charlie Bewley (Demetri) hosted the event and he was hilarious! Not surprising, he is a  Brit boy after all! 😉 He even had Cardboard BDward do a dive into the audience, after he tossed him around a bit that is. After that we watched, you guessed it, Eclipse. Well ironically, I only watched the tent scene. After spending most of the movie cleaning my tent from all the rain.

Mr. Edward Pencil hands

The next morning we had breakfast brought to us by the cast. Or more like the cast visiting us while Corner Bakery gave us some yummy muffins and such. The cast members consisted of Peter Facinelli, Jackson  Rathbone, BooBoo Stewart, MyAnna Burning (Tanya), and Casey LaBow( Kate). I didn’t get pics with Peter or Jackson but had a fun convo with both. We told Jackson that we were Monkey Junkies. He said, “Thanks, but you should really see a doctor for that.”  And then, being the teacher I am, I commented on Peter’s pencil grip (he signs with both his fist and his fingers depending on the color sharpie). Peter said that he was “Edward Pencilhands”. Clever man!

I fangirled again that day when I met Moon and UC from Letters to Rob. They were my first blog experience and if it wasn’t for them posting my “letters to Rob” I would not be here writing to you today. Thanks girls!! They are also super sweet but somehow got me to help them with a Trivia Game on Yahoo movies. Luckily, I won my portion of the game so it wasn’t too first hand embarrassing! I quickly ran outside after that to take a pic with Melissa Rosenberg, Twilight screenwriter. So cool! That night we could stay in our hotels, so Maggie and I hit the LTT/LTR party with Moon and UC. It was so awesome to meet people who you’ve been “talking” to you for years but never met!! And the sangria wasn’t that shabby either 😉

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The black carpet event!!! We saw so many great looking celebrities and was able to take a few pics of them. Many of the fans wanted pics and autographs with everyone but I kept my eye on the prize. There was only one thing I wanted from this event, and it was either a pic with Rob or his autograph. When I saw him arrive it looked like he was only doing autographs, so I grabbed my LTR notebook. (the whole RA banner is a fiasco that I am perfecting for my next adventure 😦 ) Then the girls behind me tell me no, he’s taking pictures too. Well, I found a little niche in the front row and hauled myself up on the barricade. Luckily, there was a tiny bit of space and my friend was next to me. When Rob came by I was trying to snap pics and enjoy the moment. I stood there holding my notebook and making sure Dean was okay with where it was. Rob signed my book and took pics with the girls on either side of me. I stood there watching the whole thing for a second or two before I snapped out of it!

Rob was gorgeous. When I asked him for a picture he said, “Yeah, sure.” But I was fumbling around with my camera and he asked if he should take the picture. I said, “yes, please.” No flash went off so he asked if I got it, and while I was checking he moved onto the next girl. I looked down to see only a blurry Me in the picture! (I knew asking Rob to hold the camera was a bad idea) I think I then may have yelled at him a bit, hope nobody got that on film. I told him he only got me and he said, “Oh, sh*t. Let’s do another one. Do you want me to take it?” “No, I hold it, ” I told him.  I thanked him and he moved on. He took multiple pictures for other people who’s didn’t turn out. Super nice!

This whole experience was amazing! There is no other place where you could experience all of this in just a few days. And although meeting Rob was the icing on the cake; meeting new friends, old friends whom you email with, and bloggers you admire was the best thing about this adventure. I have met women whom I hope will become lifelong friends. The premiere was crazy but being sore and having bruises all over is worth it. Kind of like how Bella feels after her first time with Edward, well maybe not that kind of sore.

Hope you all enjoyed this and I wish that every one of you could have your own Rob moment!!



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Halloween Special: Rob Zombie!

RA News Anchor, TheMissMod

Hello, and welcome to a very special Halloween edition of Rob Attack News. Today, we bring you these clips of an important news broadcast, giving advice on what to do in the wake of reports that a ZOMBIE INVASION has broken out across the world:

A BBC report advised everyone to stay inside and make no attempt whatsoever to reach loved ones. It also detailed ways in which you can fend off the zombies – the most important tip being DESTROYING THE BRAIN in whatever way you can. There are no answers as to why this zombie invasion is happening – all we know is that we all must do whatever we possibly can in oder to survive.


London is reportedly desolate:

And Manchester equally so, with only a handful of people attempting to flee the city and reach loved ones:

Reports are also coming in that in the last few minutes, the invasion has reached parts of the USA, although we can’t say at the moment how severe the situation is there.

…whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s just stop this right now! Panic not, dear friends – there is no zombie invasion! It’s all a bit of fun in honour of Horror Month and of course, Halloween! HOWEVER, in this post, I will be asking ‘what would YOU do in a zombie invasion?’ Amongst a few other postentially horrifying things *evil cackle*

So, onto our first question – would you be prepared for a zombie invasion? If so, what plan would you put into action in order to survive? Let me know in the comments!

Personally, I think our collective plan would be something like this:

So, here’s the plan – we go to a caravan park,

nick an RV,

drive to Rob’s place, grab Rob,

drive to the Trafford Centre,

barricade the doors and windows, draw up a rota (who wants to go first?) for sex with Rob,then have a nice cup of tea and wait for this whole thing to blow over!

*Sits back in chair doing best plan laugh* Yep. Sounds about right to me! BWAHAHAHA!

Anyway, onto our second and final question for this special Rob Attack Halloween post – this question came to me in the dead of night *snickers – how appropriate!* while I was watching Land of the Dead. You know when you’re watching a movie and you notice little things that make you think? Little things that amuse you? That. As I was watching the film I kept an eye out for some good old-fashioned zombie makeup, and in the process of doing so, I found that one of the zombie extras looked a bit like Rob as Edward in the first Twi movie! Spooky, I know – but it got me thinking – what would I do – what would WE do if Rob turned into a zombie? Could you handle it if one day, you met Rob and instead of lusting for your bod, he wanted your braaaaaaaaiiiins?!

…that’s a face only a mad doctor would love. Or another zombie – and I don’t think anyone wold be about to let themselves turn just for him – zombies can’t have sex! They’re too stupid! It would all be such a waste…*sigh* Maybe Rob Zombie would look different to that? Maybe he would look a little more like himself?

…much better. Although I’m still not convinced I’d sacrifice my life for Rob Zombie.

Let’s try another scenario – Rob isn’t a zombie. I can already hear the collective sighs of relief. So, Rob isn’t a zombie – instead, he’s part of our zombie-slaying team:

*salivates in Homer Simpson-esque way* Mmmmm, Slayerbert. My, that’s a big shotgun you have there, Rob! And an axe, too? You must have very strong arms…..*snaps back into concentration* So, we’re going zombie slaying with Rob. What do we pack? What do we pack?! I know just the stuff – let’s take you back to a few Halloweens ago, when I had this exact conversation with a friend – let’s call her AC.

TMM: There’s a zombie invasion. What would we take with us?

AC: First Aid kit, guns, axe, a camera and Rob Pattinson.

TMM: Hmm, I tend to agree! Although I can’t help but think something’s a little out of place…why the camera?

AC: It’s simple – we use the camera to document the experience. Also – we’re trapped in a zombie invasion with Robert f*cking Pattinson – *shouts* QUICK, ROB! TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT TO CAUSE A DISTRACTION! *Click* 😉

I think that’s pretty conclusive, don’t you? 😉


TMM xoxo


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Rob being, well…a man on the Run!

WARNING!  If you have a weak heart (a.k.a. dicky ticker) you might want to skip this post!!

Hi, everybody!

I don’t usually get to do this, but since it’s all her fault anyway, today’s post is especially for PullMyDaisy2!

She just HAD to get all swoony about Rob’s THIGHS last Sunday!!

(*winks* Thanks for the inspiration PMD darlin’!)

Just thinking about those long, strong, muscular thighs…moving, flexing, pumping…GAH!  And we get to see them in all their glory best when he runs!

Check ’em out!

I couldn’t decide….

which one to post…

so, I posted…

ALL of them!!!

Death by ThighPorn! I am so DIED!!!

Now, can you handle THIS?  I don’t think they can handle this!

When Rob wears light colored pants, it REALLY shows off his gorgeous thighs! {click photo for full screen!}

Ooooh!  My twisty tour of YouTube delivered this deleted scene from Eclipse…watch if you dare!

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHH! I'm outa here! She's crazy!!

Aw, baby…don’t be like that!  Rob?  Come baaaack, Rob!  Rob?

Oops!  I think I skeered him away! Crap!!  Can I help it if he ignored my warning? *LMAO!*

Oh, well!  At least he left us with some mighty fine AssCandy *snickers!*

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Wandering Through the Desert

Hello Everybody *waves*

It has begun! The Moment we have all feared!

The time we have all dreaded!

The day that marks the great and terrible… Rob Drought!!!

Into the blistering wilderness we walk alone. We wander aimlessly in the vast empty desert of “Rob Desire”, ever searching for…an oasis, a precious haven where can quench our thirst for The Pretty. But It shall not come to pass.
Day by day we will search, wandering from place to place but what we seek, we shall not find. Without  hope, our hearts are in turmoil like the hot winds and raging sands that lash us with the fury of a “Master’s” whip. We are driven onward, always onward …into the molten wilderness. The dry air blows HOT against our skin until we are sobbing for relief. Our skin grows hotter still and our bodies BURN for the one thing that will bring us fulfillment. Each night brings the Black Embrace of Loneliness. In the mocking whisper of the wind, we hear in the echoing Voices of the Dark…


Wondering if  the desert’s hot breath has melted our reason into madness, we are unable to cool the burning kiss of thirst upon our lips nor shade the scorching Fury of the Sun. It has become a thirst we cannot quench! We crave those lucious red lips, soft and moist like a pomegranite…

All about us is desolation.  We will pray for Shade to cool our burning skin. Daily we plod ever onward, desperately searching for those eyes of liquid blue… like twin pools of bright, cool blue waters.

We long for something to shield us from the tearing sands against our skin, longing for the softness and  the Wild Tangle of Supple Bronze Hair.

The thick silken strands soft against our Flesh.

But  then, in the midst of our desperation, loneliness and longing, near maddness from seperation and desire, a vision appears in the distance. What’s that? Can it be? Do our eyes decieve us? Is this an Oasis or a cruel mirage?  Firelight flickers at the edge of the oasis and we must move closer!


Truly, it is a beautiful Arabian tent with tall, twin torches standing either side of the open flap. Please tell us it is not just a mirage conjured up by the Drought madness. It looks so real…our feet are drawn forward against our will.

Suddenly, a devilishly handsome desert sheik with an achingly familiar face steps forward, beckoning us to enter…at our own risk. Hearts thumping, we glide into his desert abode…for him, we will risk all!

“Come. Seek refuge in the tent of the shiek…but you must enter at your own risk.”

Entering his tent, we notice that he is looking at us as though we are something to feast upon. What awaits us now?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…share The Pretty?  No fucking way!!!
When I see the woman I want, I take her.
Resistance is futile! We will either share him or lose him forever, damnit!  So, yes…we WILL share! For we are all SISTAS!!! And one look upon that well defined, glorious face and we know…though our minds have been driven mad from desertion and longing…that he truly is Extraordinary!!

Suddenly the face before us wavers like the heat rising from the desert sands! The blinding “Sun” of this drought is blocked from scorched our bodies by the looming shadow of a man. But this is no ordinary man. He stretches out his hand and we take it.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

 We smile and say,

“Robert, I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.”

We take his offered hand and turn to smile at him, wondering where he will lead us…
Driven insane by the desert dryness of the Rob Drought, our minds conjure a new image.

and like a messenger from God he leads us out of the desert of Rob Drought to an Island…

flowing with RobGoodness.

Ha ha! Yes, my Lovlies…we all go a little mad sometimes, especially when we have to go without our favorite addiction, Rob! And a Rob Drought is the perfect ingredient for causing such madness. So, if there was ever a more appropriate time for this song, or a more appropriate moment to play it for The Pretty, I can’t imagine it!

That being the case…
Dearest Rob, from all of us here at RA,
this ones for you…

And THIS ONE TOO! LOLHopefully, we here at RA will make the wait a little more bearable for you all…until Nov. 18th.Much Love to you all,RobsFan~tasy  P.S. I MUST give a special shout out of thanks to Paula The Enforcer, Manip Maker Extrodinaire!!! over on NTSI for making the FABULOUS manips that are included in this post! And also to Rita01tx for her Mad Editing skills! I couldn’t have done it without you girls!!Mwah!


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