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The King Of…Saturdays!

*Rides in on Vespa scooter*

Hey there all you cool, RobPerving kittens! TheMissMod here!

‘Spect a lot of you have looked at Rob more than once. If you haven’t, then quite frankly I’m wondering what in the name of all that is good and Stoli you’re doing here!
But anyway, I digress. I’m afraid I’m going to have to come clean before we’ve even started…*raises hand* I stole this post idea. There’s a show over here in the UK on Channel 4 called “The King Of…” where people decide what is the undisputed King of ordinary things such as holidays, things to put on toast (honestly) and so on. BUT what makes this version different is, of course, Rob. So that makes it okay and completely not wrong or possibly even illegal, right? RIGHT?! Oh God, I can smell the lawsuit from here.
No matter, we shall persevere – after all, it’s only a bit of fun! What we shall be doing each Saturday is deciding what is the undisputed King of all Rob things, and this week, our theme is……………….*drumroll*………………..ROB PHOTO SHOOTS!!!

SO kittens, what could it be?

Maybe it’s GQ?

"Take me in, oh tender woman" sighed The Snake...

Or is it Australian TV Week?

Baby, Baby I want you...

Perhaps it’s Vanity Fair?

Anything he wants me to do...I'll do for him!

Or is it something else entirely?!! YOU DECIDE! But be aware, all of your ‘King Of…’ choices will go into a list to be added to this ‘ere site for novice Pervs so that they may know what is truly the cream of Rob’s crop….*ahem*

So,  what is the King Of Rob Photo Shoots?


(PS Bonus points to anyone who got the song references!)

See you next week!


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Helloooo Mr. Packer!

I’ll admit I was getting ready to bunker down for the upcoming Robdrought that was to be sure to come after the WFE extravaganza. I had Rob videos, Rob movies, pretzel M&M’s (thanks for that Rob. I’m addicted now!) and a two liter of Pepsi all ready to settle in. Buuut it looks like this Cosmopolis still was the start of another Robsplosion! This is no Twi movie and it certainly isn’t Summit Entertainment.

What a profile!

I have not read Cosmopolis. I tried but couldn’t get into it, British Chick Lit sounded much more appealing. I read novels, I just finished Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but this book was not my cuppa tea. Then I saw these…

Packinson knows how to smoulder

Lovin the lips!

And they just keep on coming!

I’m a little more interested in what goes on inside that limo now! I’m going to try it again. For some reason these Robvisuals always make for much more pleasant reading! Hopefully I’ll make it past the first few pages this time!


Did you guys read Cosmopolis? What did you think of it? What unspoilerish(?) things are you looking forward to?

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How I Became Robsessed…The RFM edition

Hello Ladies (and Rob)! Robs Fan-tasy has graciously allowed me to help her out while she deals with Real Life. So, I thought that maybe you should get to know me a little and what better way than how I became Robsessed! Here’s my story…

My first Rob encounter, like many of you, happened while watching The Goblet of Fire. But I was married at the time and Rob was seventeen and I hadn’t had a celeb crush since Mark-Paul Gosselar. So, no sparks there. Fast forward a few years and I was no longer married, reading a book that a co-worker recommended. The book had no jacket cover. I knew nothing about the book except for it’s name…Twilight.

I was immediately engrossed in this book. I love to read, so that wasn’t that hard to do! And when real life sucks, books become your escape. Needless to say, I fell in love with Edward Cullen. He was the perfect gentleman, a musician, and so enamored with the woman/girl he loved. But that didn’t last long. There were things about Edward that were not so endearing. He was controlling, domineering and not very enthusiastic or fun. Edward was not the perfect man either.

I saw Twilight in the theater, thought Rob did a good job and was pleasantly surprised to hear he actually played the piano. But no, the Robsession didn’t start there either. I bought the DVD on the premise that the other movies would get better. I wasn’t that impressed with Twilight as a movie. But then I started to watch the DVD extras and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Rob was so humble in his interviews and behind the scenes extras. I couldn’t help but to be curious. I hadn’t seen an actor with such humbleness in a long time. I kept watching and found he was terribly funny. He not only played piano but guitar as well. Let’s just say I have a weakness for guitar players! I also have a thing for British boys and all things British. That accent…GAH!! I was done!

From that moment on I couldn’t stop Robsessing. I watched YouTube videos, searched the webs and even started to comment on blogs(that was a first!). I have corrupted both my nephews who are now 5 and 3. One of the three-year old’s first words was “Pattinson.” They call “Woburt Pattason” on their pretend phones. I have no idea what they talk about but it’s fun to watch.

Both Twilight and Rob have helped me through a difficult time in my life. I needed to escape and they were just what I needed! One of the great things about this Twi/Robsession is the wonderful friends I have made. They have become some of my greatest friends and I am so grateful for them and their support.

Another thing I owe to Rob is my renewed desire to play guitar and act. I’m not very diligent at either but I’m working on it. I went to the open casting call for Water for Elephants but didn’t get in. Not sure why, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I am also on a mission to see Rob “in the flesh”. But I promise to behave, I don’t want to be on “the list”!

Well now that you know a little about me, I can’t wait to help assist in your Robsession and bring you lots of the man we know as thePretty.


A special thanks to Roslyn Selene for making my new signature icon! I love it ❤

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What Does It For You?


Well, I finally finished building my Robalicious web site. Now I’m writing my first RoBlog and I can’t think of a better topic for any Blog other than Rob can You? I Mean, You just have to LOVE a man who says things like, “I’m just a tool. I’m just A Big Hard Tool!” *LMAO*
As I was lurking around from site to site teaching myself about blogging and Building websites and basically Rob-stalking, (Yes I said it! I Own it! Can you blame me? *LOL*) I realized every one likes him for different reasons. Many, Many different reasons. So to get things started I want to know, What is it about Robert Pattinson that just Drives You WILD? I mean seriously,

      Was it his role in Twilight as the Gorgeous Vampire Edward Cullen
                                                 that captivated you…?
(Amber eyes to Ambush your heart!)
    Is it that GQ look he can pull off so well that makes your heart race….?

OH YEAH!!! C*H*O*M*P!!!

And then there’s his hair that is so often Messy and yet somehow Always Perfect…?

YEP PERFECT! A woman could happily get lost forever looking in a face like that!

 Or could it be those Long, Lush eyelashes, or maybe is it those Haunting Blue-Gray eyes that are so easy to get lost in you forget what you were saying….?

*Le sigh* *faint* *Thud*
 Uumm…where was I? *rereads blog & skips over pictures*…oh Yeah, is
                                           it those full, pouty lips….?
(Those lips are just begging to be kissed, and OFTEN!)
*Shakes away the day-dream* (Hmmm this may take longer than I thought.) I’ve learned that some people have real attraction for that
                                            Strong Gorgeous Jawline….?
(Rob’s Profile. Strong Jaw. ‘Nuff said. *Pffftt*
Could it be, like so many others, (and I absolutely agree with them) that   you’re attracted to his big, strong hands, with those long elegant fingers?
(Yup! That Works for ME!)
 Of Course, there’s always that Amazing torso to tantalize your thoughts…?
(Gah! Happy Trail! Happier Blogger!)
                        Is it that Tush that turns your insides to mush….?
(You Know! BWAhaahaaa)
Could it be that it’s the way he can be Red Carpet Glamourous one minute…?
      And then turn around and he’s completely “Adorkable” the next….?
(Damn! Even “Adorkable” he’s Sexy!)
And then the next time you see him he’s got that drop dead, Take your
                                breath away, “Come Hither” Stare….?
(Too…Pretty…Can’t Take it…)
          *Gah!!! Gotta… concentrate, Can’t. Get. Distracted. By. The. Pretty.*
                   There’s always his Amazing, Soulful, Beautiful Voice…?

(Lord, THAT VOICE goes through me like Liquid Gold! *Shivers*) 
                         And of course there’s that Wonderful Giggle….?

(Go on, admit it, you’re either laughing your butt off or grinning like an idiot trying not to! Ain’t no shame in that!)

 Is it the way he’s Swamped by all his adoring fans to whom he is always so Gracious and yet, he still manages to remain humble and disbelieving
                                               that so many adore him…?
(AWWW!!! Even when he’s shy and Bashful he’s HAWT!!!)
                                    I don’t know about you, but as for me,…


 So tell me, What Does it for you? What is it about Rob that gets you hot? Have I overlooked something? have I left something out? Please leave me a comment and a little love too. Mwah! 




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