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Monday Madness…Ring in the New Year With the New RA!

*blows kisses*


Hi Ya'all


RF & Rita Co-post

*RF’s standing at the door greeting everyone as they enter*

“Yes, yes…that’s right, girls. Come on in and grab a seat. Here, don’t forget your shamwows. You’re gonna need them! Drinks are up at the bar, so just help yourself! Hi! How are you ladies tonight? Come on in!

*Rita walks in*

“RF, whut in the blue blazes are you up to now?”

“I told you I had plans and surprises for the New Year!”
“Yeah, so?”
“Look around, Girlfriend!”
“Holy crap! You got us a new background…and a new blinkie, too! Niiice!
“Uh huh! Mississippibellaslis was kind enough to do that blinkie for us. And that ain’t all…look up! See? There’s lots of new banners too!”
“Well, now! Who do we get to thank for the new banners?”
“Kerry Delaney and Jolori, made some, as well as Cared, TheRoseAndTheDragon, and Mississippibellalis made the animated ones.”
“I surely do like what you’ve done with the place!”
“Thanks BB, but I’m just getting started! We’re gonna kick it up a notch this year…beginning tonight!!
“Well, it looks like we got us a full house! Go for it!”
“Ladies, I know you are all excited about the changes, but if you’ll take your seats please? Dear RA friends! RA is ringing in the New Year with a New Look!
So, in celebration of a new year, RA’s new look, and a new career for Rob, it’s LADIES NIGHT and  you are all invited to PAR-TAY! Hang onto your knickers…we’re going in!”



It’s a cold and cRA!zy world that’s RA!gin’ outside
Well baby me and all my girls are bringin’ on the fire
Show a little leg, gotta shimmy your chest
It’s a life, it’s a style, it’s a need, it’s RA!


*THUD!* “Hit us with Fifty right off the bat, why dontcha?”

“Only the best for My Girls!”

E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex
Ladies no regrets
E-X-P-R-E-S-S, love, sex
Ladies no regrets


“Oooh! The things I could do to Rob with that tie!” *gigglesnort!*

“That’s it Rob, take it off! Take it all off!”

Been holding back for quite some time and finally the moment’s right
We love to make the people stare
They know we got that certain savoir-faire


“Geeze, I could get lost in those eyes…hell’n I AM lost in those eyes!”

“The man is soooo intense! Grrrr…”

Fasten up
Can you imagine what would happen if we let you close enough to touch?

“Yeah, baby! Here I cum!”

“Back off Rita!! It’s Monday!!!” LOL

Step into the fantasy
You’ll never want to leave, baby that’s guaRA!nteed… Why?


“Is it gettin’ warm in here?” *groan!”

“Getting warm?? Hell I passed warm about a mile back!”

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!.
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.


“I think my ovaries just exploded!” *GAH!*

“Oh! Jack Daniels Body shots off the Happy Trail…YES PLEASE!!”

Le Le Le Le Le Le Le
Le Le Le Le Le Le Le


“You just had to give us a Tattbert…you knowz my weakness!”

“Yup! What can I say? I just couldn’t resist the pistol in his pants!” *Giggles*

We tease ‘em ’til they’re on the edge
They scream and moan for more and more they beg.
We know it’s ROB they come to see
Our pleasure brings them to their knees

Robert Pattinson Manip Twilight_edited-2

“What I wouldn’t give to run my fingers through that Sex Hair and down those abs!” * drool!*

“OH! Rob half naked in the kitchen! Too…Many…Pervy…Thoughts…Must…have…Whipped Cream Rob!!!”

Fasten up
Can you imagine what would happen if we let you close enough to touch?

“Now, there’s MY fantasy…a session in the barn with Rob!” LOL!

“Woo Hooo!! I got some Dollars to stuff into that belt Baby!!

Step into the fantasy
You’ll never want to leave, baby that’s guaRA!nteed… Why?


“The man DO inspire passion…understatement of the century!”

The man’s DOing things to everyone here that Should be illegal! Thank God it’s Not!” *teehee*

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies, confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.

Edward Manip 100 copy

“Gettin’ a little saucy there, ain’t ya RF? I’ll take it…uh, Rob that is” LOL!

“Weeellll, I said I was gonna kick it up a notch this year. Did I lie?” LOL

Le Le Le Le Le lele
Le Le Le Le Le Le Le
RA! [x4]


“Must.Lick.Happy Trail!” *DED!*

It’s a passion, an emotion, it’s a fashion, RA!
It’ll move you, goin’ through you, so do what we do, RA!
All ladies confident, flaunt it, boys throw it up if you want it
Can you feel me, can you feel it? It’s RA!.

“Yeah girls, I know just how you feel!”


“RF! You done went and made ALL our ovaries explode!”


“Well, in that case… 



RobsFan~tasy XOXO



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Monday Manip Madness to Brighten your day!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


This Post is Positively Absofreakinlutely NSFW!!!

I’m back girls and once more Bringing you the AMAZING Maniping Genius

{and edits} of Therose AndtheDragon!!

Therose Andthedragon

Therose Andthedragon

She makes some Great Edits of Our Boyfriend like this one…

I just Love the Rob in the Middle. Can I have him?

I’ll share the other two with you all. Honest!

Some of her work looks like it is straight out of old Hollywood. This is Better than the Original IMO.

Frankly my Dear I DO give a damn!
Rhettward FTW!!

You all may or may not remember a post I did during one of many Rob droughts Called Wandering Through the Desert {a bit of craziness on my part} in which I had Arabian manips of Rob made, never once thinking that Rob would actually play the part of Lawrence Arabia someday soon. But Lo and behold he is!!{can you say psychic anyone? LOL} TR&TD has made this lovely Rob of Arabia manip that looks so very professional.

But when I saw THIS Arabian Rob I had to clean the drool off my keyboard…AGAIN!

Therose Andthedragon

Those eyes will haunt me forever! GORGEOUS!!!

Of Course those gorgeous eyes always make me think of how Heavenly Angelic Rob is and apparently I am not alone in this thought.

Therose Andthedragon makes The Best Angel Robs out there.

Of Course when you think of angelic Rob, inevitably your thoughts will turn to the dark side.

Which brings out the perv in all of us! So you knows your thoughts are going to go here…

Or even better still here…

Hello? Hello? Anybody still alive out there? LOL *sigh* oh well see you all next week *gigglesnort*

Much Love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ The Pretty in Paris!

Ah, ladies!

Spring is in the air and I hear tell that Paris in the Spring is not to be missed! Now, we’ve all been to Tokyo, Rome and Berlin with Rob here on Sensual Sunday, so why don’t we ask him to sweep us all off to Paris!?!?!

I don’t now about you, but my bags are packed and I’m ready to go!

Oh my, that IS a massive erection!

*Grrrrrrrr!* Don't even go there, little girl?

Eeeep! Busted!!! OK, OK…I’ll TRY and keep it clean, but it’s so hard!

Rita...I'm warning you! Don't do it!

Don’t do what? *whistling and twiddling my thumbs*

I know you, Rita! You won't be able to resist!

Resist what? Ooooh! You mean….

Go ahead and say it...out loud!

Ummm…that’s what she said? *ducks head*

Rita, you are incorrigible! I don't know why I put up with you!

Well, because you love all your fans, right? See? I’ve got proof….

Aw crap! I didn't mean to make her cry!

Don’t worry about it, Rob darlin’! She just loves you so much, it leaked out of her eyes!

But...I don't understand this! It's the characters I play, right? Not me!

Weeell, yeah, we love: Gieselher, Rawdy, Cedric, Toby, Daniel, Art, Richard, Salvador, Tyler, Jacob, Georges, Eric and, of course, Edward, but only because YOUR beautiful heart and soul brought them to life!

OK...that kinda makes sense, I guess!

Hey! You know, those natives who didn’t like having their photos taken ’cause they were afraid it was stealing their souls might not have been crazy, after all! LMAO!!

Rita! Once again, you crack me the fuck up! LOL!

Aw, Rob! Flattery will get you everywhere LMAO!

I'll remember you said that! Laters, baby! MWAH!

HOLY F*CK!!!!! And the man wonders why we can’t get enough! *THUD!*

Sorry, ladies!  Rob distracted me…again!  So, just to remind  you of the timeline, Rob’s been in Paris 3 times for personal appearances {no, I’m not counting this year’s Paris Fashion Week}…

New Moon – November 10, 2009

Water for Elephants – April 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn, Part 1 – October 23, 2011

That’s all, folks!

Happy Easter, ya’ll!



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Wandering…Lips, BD style!

I promised you guys a couple of weeks back some Wandering Breaking Dawn lips. And what a better week to do it than now when so many of you are getting your own copies of the DVD!! (Sorry Germany, but the 29th will be here before you know it!) So grab your shamanties, get your lips ready and have a cold drink nearby….we’re going in!!!

Let’s start with this handsome guy jumping into your bedroom window the night before the wedding.

Next we have the longest, most inappropriate wedding kiss ever. But who could blame the girl? I wouldn’t want to stop kissing him either!

Holy HALE!!! If this is just the wedding I don’t know if I’ll survive the honeymoon!!! Those luscious lips…GAH.

Our next stop is Lapa. Instead of dancing in the streets, I think kissing is much better!

Who’s ready for a swim? Don’t take too long, ladies!

*Wet & Wild baby!* UNF!

I think we’re all um, prepared for the Honeymoon now. Don’t you agree? Hope you all make it 😉

I think we need a little bit of a cool down to help us acclimate to the real world.


Oh sorry! I said a cool down, didn’t I? Well how about a really sad but romantic kiss. Don’t worry, I’ll  follow up with something steamy!

No words

And a special treat for you…Breaking Dawn 2 kissing!

I almost think this is better than watching the movie. All our favorite parts are right here! Okay, maybe not. But these are pretty darn inspiring!


BEL AMI HAS A US RELEASE DATE! Mark your calendars, ladies. June 8th 2012. Let’s just hope this is the same for our Canadian sisters as well!

I'm ready to curl up with this!


Thank you MidNight Cougar and tumblr for all the steamy gifs!!


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Thrill Me Thursday…Thrilled By Bel Ami…Cared’s Review!

Top 'O the Mornin!

Bel Ami showed on Sunday night at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and lucky me was there to see it.


I’m trying hard to remember the details so I can share an in-depth response with you all but I can tell you this, my overwhelming feeling as the film ended was that I loved it.  I would have very happily sat through it again as I’m sure I didn’t fully appreciate the attention paid to the historical accuracy of the lavish sets or the beautiful detailing of the period costumes for both the men and women.  I remember thinking that the score fit perfectly with the film although I cannot recall the detail of it now. 


There was just so much happening on screen vying for my attention, not least of which was an extremely handsome leading man.  And that’s what he was – a man – all man.  He strode around with a confidence that put me in mind of Clark Gable or Cary Grant.  It was so nice to see that Robert Pattinson was given the freedom, and I suspect the encouragement, to actually act – not just produce a performance to a given formula. 


After hearing from the dynamic duo of Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod before the film, I’m not surprised at the passion that everyone involved obviously poured into the production.  They said it was a labour of love.  The actors took cut price salaries, but there is nothing cut price about their performances.  The directors have a very impressive history in the theatre that adds a certain element to the film.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is; perhaps it is that some of the scenes could play perfectly on a stage without adaptation.  It had a lovely feel to it.


Despite a strong dislike for Guy de Maupassant left over from my school days, as an adult, I read the book Bel Ami with an open mind.  It just proved to me that although times may change and centuries may pass, human beings will always be the same.   This book could have been written and set in modern times in terms of lust, greed, hunger for power, power games, political intrigue, international relations, corrupt media and plain old love, betrayal and forgiveness.  While I’m aware that much of the politics from the book are merely alluded to in the film, it keeps the film from being heavy allows it move along at a nice pace.


I was given a hard time (TWSS) for focussing on the sex scenes when I gave my initial thoughts on the film on Sunday night.  All I can say is: let she among you cast the first stone and all that LOL.  Since I believe inquiring minds want to know – I will share.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know about them.  First of all there are a lot of sex scenes, but let me tell you, they do not become boring; they are never the same.  That’s not just because Georges changes his lovers more often than he changes the sheets on the bed!  It was quite amusing to watch him hurry one lover out the door as he had an unplanned post coital nap and it was time for his next lover to arrive.  You know you should want him to be caught and face the consequences, but he smiles that devilish smile and you are glad that he is not.


The first sex scene is the famous – or is it the infamous – nekkid arse thrusting scene between Georges and the prostitute.  I don’t want to spoil the anticipation for you by giving too much detail; I know I am evil.  It was quick, not that I’m implying Georges was quick even though the scene was.  My DH takes great delight in the fact that Viggo Mortenson, another favourite actor of mine, has a skinny arse (it’s an undeniable fact).  I took great pleasure in sharing the perfectness of Rob’s nekkid arse with DH on my return home; again, I know I am evil.  There is lust fuelled sex, sex purely for gain, sex that is making love and sex between Georges and his wife that is quite disturbing.  It is a tribute to the quality of the acting from Rob and the leading ladies that the difference is obvious each time.


I particularly liked the performance from Christina Ricci as she played Clotilde de Marelle as though she was born in that era.  I’ve always liked Holiday Grainger since I saw her in A Bad Mother’s Handbook years ago and thought her a skilled actress. As Suzanne Rousset, she only has a relatively small part to play in the film but she plays it perfectly.  She looks so happy and innocent walking down the aisle on her husband’s arm; I wonder does she have any understanding of the kind of marriage she has ahead of her or is she actually another player?  Colm Meaney played the pompous Rousset magnificently and Philip Glenister played the unfortunate Foriestier very convincingly.


If you go to this film hoping to see the perfect man you will be sorely disappointed. Georges Duroy is more than easy on the eyes, the colours and cut of clothes suit his body shape and long legs very well.  Look behind the facade though and you will find a very flawed character.  He has come from a background of poverty and deprivation.  He had a taste of wealth and the good life while in the army and upon his return to civilian life has once again to face the harsh reality of being poor.  He believes he has the right to a better life and is driven by greed and ambition to use his good looks to further his aim.  Without shame, he is manipulative and thoughtless as he uses and then discards those who can be of benefit to him.  Somehow, underneath it all, you can see the poor boy who is desperate to never be hungry again, who loves a woman he can never fully have and who himself – in turn – is used and manipulated by others and even cheated upon.  On paper Georges is a despicable cad; I don’t know how Rob did it, but on screen he managed to display Georges not just with all his faults, but also in his loneliness and desperation.  He made me feel sorry for him; he made me wish love and happiness for him whether he deserved it or not. 


There is no denying Bel Ami has strong dark themes. It is intense and dramatic,  with outbursts of anger and violence, some sizzling sex scenes, but there are also moments of humour and love. It is beautifully set, nicely filmed and features some wonderful performances.  There is something for everyone.  I happily admit to being a fan of both Robert Pattinson and period films but really you don’t need to be either to enjoy this film.  IMHO overall it’s a good entertaining story well told. 




Thanks to Melbie for most of these pics!


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Thrill Me Thursday… Finger Fantasies

Hello Everybody *waves*


 It’s all RFM’s FAULT!!!!  She did it!  She got me going and now I’m off on a tear!  Ya just had to do it, didn’t you girl?  I had this vague idea for a post and there was this one little gif that I couldn’t get outta my head.  Then RFM went and posted about musical Rob, and those magnificently talented fingers of his, and now I’m all wound up about them ~ AGAIN (or should I just say S’MORE?)
And so, my friends, we are here for ONE reason today.
source robdays

Rob's hands and those long, elegant and gifted fingers!

You see, when I think of Rob and music, it makes me think of things like this…

Rob's fingers IN the guitar!! *UNF*

And the shape of the microphone does NOTHING to get me outta the RobGutter *snickers!*
You DO notice the microphone, don’t you?  Rita didn’t…her eyes were locked onto his hands LOL!
Can you handle this, ladies?
“There’s no way”
Rob, I totes agree with you! They won’t be able to handle that.  Seriously?  FingerPorn AND your Stoli T?
Complete overload…especially when I insert (Gah! I love that word!) this Melbie vid, just to be evil *witchy cackle.*
spunk ransom and kstew tumblr
Those hands get to touch his shoulders…
spunk ransom and kstew tumblr
his face…
his body!!!

Those fingers get to touch his lips...I wanna touch those lips! Oh, what he could do with those hands, those fingers....Too hot to handle! I am DIED!!

I know where I'd like those fingers to be pressing *shiver!*

OMG!   Fondling Fingers!!

 Let the fantasies begin…
Much Love to you all,


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Thrill Me Thursday…”Warm Fuzzies”

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Well, my friends for most of us we are a little over a week away from Christmas. It’s winter and that means
C-O-L-D Weather.
 (I despise the cold. Have I mentioned that before? lol) So I thought it would be nice to talk about the things that keep us warm, or rather a particular thing that we could curl up with and get warm.
You all are probably thinking that I am thinking along these lines… *Because I am after all a “PattinAngel” right? *Innocent look*

Yes very warm and cozy indeed but not exactly what I had in mind. not this time any way lol

Actually I was thinking a little more fuzzy that this. Yes, yes, I’m sure you saying to yourself, “I know where she’s going now,” and the image that pops into your mind is this one…

Who wouldn't want to be lying next to Rob on this rug and be the center of his attention? But still not what I had in mind.

It’s a nice and furry “Warm Fuzzy” place to be but I was thinking more along the lines of Man Fur Not Bear (Beah?) fur.
Now I knows you’re thinking I’m going to jump to the scruff right?

Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in those arms and snuggled up under that furry chin. But all these things are still not what I was thinking. I AM NOW! damn it but I wasn't.

Crap! Where was I going with this post? *turns away from computer and scratches head while trying to concentrate.*
OH yeah, I bet you’re also thinking Wild sex hair Rob right?

Wild Sex hair, scruff covered, sexy eyed, smexy looking Rome Rob FTMFW And I totally don't remember WTF I was going to say. *drools*

Crap! I neeed to put on my Winnie the pooh thinking face.
Hello Beautiful Rob!

I SAID THINKING FACE!!! Not Day dreaming about Rob Face…

*scrunches eyes closed*
Think, Think, Think, What was I blogging about…think, think, think,
Oh yeah, warm fuzzies,
No what I HAD in mind when I started this was something a little different and a little lower down *oh yeah* Here we go again. What I was thinking was the man fur. have any of ya’ll noticed how much more MANLY the man fur has gotten lately???







I just want to start there and follow the happy trail to the promised land!!

Just undo the next Button or three Rob please???

We need more Pics Like This but with our more Manly Rob!!!


Dying! edges towards the gutter

*pops head up from gutter to curb*
Show me your Rob man fur porn and I might never come out of the gutter again. Come on in girls the water in fine! lol


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Tonguing It Tuesday: Holey Moley!

Holey Moley, it’s Tuesday!! With the Robdrought indeed over and all the wonderfulness that has been pouring down on us, I had a hard time focusing on the task at hand. A Rob bit that we hadn’t featured! So this week we are going to examine Rob’s beauty…marks, that is! You know; moles, freckles and what not. The thing I love about them is that they are unique to each person. We all may have them but each are different shapes, sizes and locations. So let’s take a look at some of Rob’s beauty marks!

I’ve been looking around for the newest mole porn we could get. So here it is!

Lips, jaw, moles...done

Here’s one that has a special place in my heart (yep, I saw Rob this day!)

Panty poofing smile

Let’s broaden our search with some freckles and moles, shall we?

Is it getting hawt in here?!

This one has a little bit of everything!

Take it all off, baby

Let’s cool down a bit with some jawporn. What do mean that doesn’t cool you down?


Fine, let’s try some arm freckles. Seems harmless enough.


And who knew there was a song with lyrics about a mole?!

So if you survived all that, I’m gonna kill you know with some new tongue for you to enjoy!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, ladies! And show us your favorite beauty marks in the comments!

Robs Fan~tasy


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The RFM Kimmel Adventure

Hello my friends! I am writing to you late at night after a very exciting day. I hope that this makes sense to you because I’m as coherent as possible after experiencing such an exciting day.

Yes, this is from last time

So let’s start with the obvious. Rob taped his Jimmy Kimmel interview this evening. I had been trying for days to get tickets. I started to get really discouraged when all my friends were able to get tickets but me. But I resigned myself to the fact that I could still hang out at the back door and see if I could get an autograph.

It all started to go down hill when the beautiful banner Cared made could not be printed out from my computer. With little time to do anything about it, I grabbed a poster off my classroom closet and just went with it. Traffic was horrendous, people were already in line and waiting out the back, we couldn’t find the parking structure and drove passed Maggie standing in the front of her “general” ticket line. We finally made it there and I stood with a friend in line to keep her company. Maggie was up ahead and was telling them how I didn’t get tickets. One man said, “I have an extra ticket. Does she want it?” She immediately called me over and I think I may have been pretty exuberant in my “Yes” response. I WAS IN!!!!  There were no cameras or pictures allowed, so you just have my story and some fan pics outside.

Let’s just say that it was surreal. I’m still in shock!  We got in the fifth row which is pretty decent (except for the camera directly in our eye line! We were leaning this way and that to get a good look!). Four rows ahead of us sat Richard and Clare. When they came in Maggie grabbed my leg so hard, I think I have a bruise! Dean walked in and was talking to the employees. He actually SMILED!!! And he looked very handsome when he did. Then our Boy walked in and I kind of felt like I was watching a video. It seemed so unreal! But there he was, black t shirt, black jacket and pants, black socks and some old black shoes. He said he wanted to be comfortable! And that he didn’t know where the shirt was from, it wasn’t his! (Surprise, surprise). “It might be racist” he said! Word Vomit #1.

Kimmel then asked Rob about being a hand model. Which Rob responded with the fact that he had been asked this so many times he might be mixing it up with his dreams. They asked his mum to verify and she said, “Absolutely not.” Rob then told her, “Well, actually I’m more of a butt model. Which you’d never know and can’t refute.”  So funny!

There was also a story of Rob getting rocks thrown at him by a “fan” in Brussels. He liked it and wished they wouldn’t have stopped him. Rob said he liked the “Mayhem.” hehe

Then came the part you all are dying to hear about…the BD Sex Scene!! Rob said it was originally an R rated film, mainly because of Kristen. He was just doing the same old thrust. Cue visual of Rob making some weird movements with his arms! He said they needed to put a leash on him so he wouldn’t move so much. (kinda kinky there!) But then he said it looked more like probing and it was just the tip! LMAO, the audience was roaring with laughter and poor Rob was saying, “I didn’t mean anything by that!” Kimmel told us this movie was very erotic and how would the audience survive? Rob mentioned something about us wanting to see thrusting (at least I think he did and hopefully this is not MY dream). We all clapped and screamed.

Finally, Rob talked about filming with the babies. The robotic ones that were half the size of Kristen and the real ones with wigs that looked like Troll dolls. I don’t know why hearing Rob talk about babies makes me swoon so much!

Rob was his endearing, word vomit spewing self. He was gorgeous and kept twisting his wonky feet and pulling on his hands. Watching him when they played the BD clip was fun to watch. He gets so embarrassed! Let me just say the main things I noticed was that Rob was super skinny and those fingers are just as long as they seem! After the show Rob went out and signed stuff for the fans waiting outside.Unfortunately, you can’t do both but I was very happy with what I did get. Seeing Rob with my Real Eyes!!! The pic with him is for my next adventure!

Hope you all enjoyed this little breakdown of the taping. I’m sure I may have missed something and may think of it later! I’ll let you know if I do. And don’t forget to watch The Jimmy Kimmel show on November 9th. You won’t regret it!

Falling happily asleep now,



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Monday Madness…Screw Halloween I got New Rob VIDS!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*

Woo Hoo!! yeah, you heard me, I Love Halloween But I LOVE looking at Rob in motion MORE!!!! So even though it IS Halloween and I have made this whole month about Hallowen, Right now I Found New Rob Pattinson BD Film clips, yeah clips and Trailers with new scenes I have not seen before so Screw Halloween and bring on the Rob Hawtness!!!

 Holy Hell I want that man!!!
*Squeeee* I cannot wait til this is out at the theatre!!!
Some of these vids are very similar but if you watch them all you will see different scenes in them.
ok this one is a fanmade compilation. But I really liked parts of it. 
This last one was apparently recorded over a cell phone during a sneak preview. It’s kinda dark and a little jumpy but you can still see it quite well. And if you don’t hate Jake already you will at this moment.
 Well there we go Ladies That’s all the new BD vids I have. But, I’s not done yet! *giggles* Now, for your viewing pleasure…to get you all worked up…just because I an…here ya go!!
oh! You know what this post needs? More Rob hawtness!!!
Talk about your RobFantasies…*WHEW*
and just to remind you of the Goatee Hawtness…
After all that…I feel like this…
Ok My Lovlies, I’m done now. Hope you had you’re shamwow with you!!
Post your favorite Hot Vids and goatee pics!!
Happy Halloween!!!



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