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Dream Job

*blows kisses*


Hello all!

Is anybody still alive out there??

With all this Dior and MTTS porn we’ve been getting lately I’ve had a hell of a time dragging my ass outta the gutter. But  now that it seems our fountain of porn is starting to dry up, *pouty face* I have emerged with one thought in mind, (Besides the fact that Rob is the most amazingly Gorgeous man on the planet!) Camile has got to be the luckiest woman on Earth! I mean seriously talk about your Dream Job!

She gets look at this everyday in person, face to face…


She gets to see him coming for her and take her by the hand…


She gets to dance with him…


She gets to be carried in his arms…


She gets to touch him, be touched and kissed by  him…


She gets to snuggle with him…


She gets to wrap herself around him…


She gets to stroke him…


She gets to nuzzle him…


And she gets well paid for it too? How the hell is she still alive????

“Dream as though you’ll live forever. Live as though you’ll die today.”

Yeah, being with Rob like this would definitely kill  me!
















All gifs courtesy of RP AU


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Manic Monday Musings

*blows kisses*


Well girls,

Since Rob has gone into hiding and the only pics we see of him are pap pics or fan pics (the recent poor quality Dior pics excluded), I think it’s time we remind Rob that we are here for him.

His 1% + is patiently waiting for his Public return because we want to see his beautiful face…we miss him!

So, I’m sending a message to Rob to remind him of why we all love him so much.


Rob’s fans have known this since day 1!


Perving on Rob is the highlight of MY day, anyway!


Well, duh! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here LOL!


In fact, we FLUV Rob’s flaws…what there are of them!


He doesn’t see it, but WE do!


That it does!


One of the top reasons why we love Rob!


Fist bump!


In my world, he is!


What I’d like to do is definitely NSFW!!!


Couldn’t agree more LOL!


Which awesomeness is what we are missing…just saying!


But I’ll tell you anyway…keep reading!


Preferably in MY bed *THUD!*


Baby, he was born that way LOL!


Amen to that!

tumblr_mo1ylyFfni1qfg8nqo1_500 (1)

How did we exist before Rob came along to brighten our world?


And will be for years to come!


YES! YES! YES!!!!!


Come on girls! You know you have them LMAO!!!


Doesn’t begin to cover everything!


Well, Rob will definitely go down in history LOL!


Yes, they do tend to make us all tongue-tied at some point!


Can’t imagine not having Rob in my life!


God, I could listen to that man talk or, even better, SING for-evah! *Swoon!*


It’s a panty poofer, all right!


And second and third and fourth and fifth and…


And always will be!

We miss you Rob!

C’mon girls, tell Rob how much you adore him and miss him!

Much Love to you all,




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Bet You know what this is!

*blows kisses*



Good Morning Ladies! Or should I say Good Afternoon after last night’s New Years Celebration? HeeHee. Don’t worry, I wont keep you very long.

I just couldn’t let this day pass without saying that the last nearly 2 years have been a complete joy {well, ok not all!But Large portions of it anyway} And Many of the reasons for that is this Blog and the friends I have made. One of my closest and best friends {Evah} Happens to be Rita01tx. She first made a comment to me on ROaR back on 3/7/11 and we hasn’t shut up yet! So I had to take this opportunity to say…



by Misssissippibellalis


Mississippibellalis made these especially for you on your special day. And we both know how Fond you are of Western Rob so, Since we can’t send you a REAL ROB or a real pressie, this is From Mississippibellalis and I With Love,

by Mississippibellalis


Hope You Have a Wonderful Robirthday!!



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Monday Madness…TR&TD Edits/manips

Hello Everybody *waves*


This Post is Positively NSFW!!!

I’ve had this post planned for some time now. And as I promised eeweee333 last week here it is!

I have a friend on FB friend known as Therose Andthedragon and she had tagged me in some of the most amazing edits and manips. Flove them! I’ll start out relatively safely and increase to Gutter mode as I go along but just in case you didn’t see my warning above this post is NSFW! 

I LOVE this first pic. Rob looks pissed and with it all being in B&W except his eyes it looks like he will jump right off the screen to devour you!

Uh RRoP Mr Pattinson sir? uh ok!
“click it” to make it bigger!

This one just Floored me when I logged onto my FB page and saw this Beauty staring back at me! Hot Damn! Thank You TH&TD!!! I could think up a great one shot based on this pic alone! What is it about a man in a vest? It’s so hot and yet you just want to rip it right off of him. Especially when “Him” is Rob!!!

Those two pics were great but ya know I think Rob has too many layers on lets see if we can remedy that shall we?

Tattward is always a WIN!

That’s Better 🙂 but I still want to see more don’t you? {DUH!}

Oh the heavenly Happy Trail! THUD!

Heavenly Happy Trail indeed! and What is with the “A” Tattoo? That wouldn’t happen to stand for Angel now would it eewee333? When most people think of Rob as an angel it usually conjures up images like This one…



Angelward is great but when I think of Rob as an Angel my mind goes more along this train of thought…

Oh My! What BIG Wings you’ve got there ROB!!! hehehe

Awww I can’t help it! I’m a pervy hOOr where Rob is concerned! Oh Wait I forgot we were undressing Rob weren’t we? Well I think we should get back to that!!!

*DED* FL_________

And last but Absolutely NOT least TR&TD blessed me with this final Manip which I FLOVE!!!

Time to go take a LONG Shower!!!

No Seriously I meant I have to go shower now! heehee Now what did I do with that shamwow???

Much love to you all,





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Inspired Again! :D

Hello Everybody *waves*


Holy Hell Angelz! I haven’t been this excited for awhile now and though I’m still crazy about Rob I was totally at a mind numbing loss for things to post about our boy or even write in my fanfictions. My Rob mojo is strong but my writing mojo was just GONE. I had been trying to work on my fan fiction and wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Then I realized that today is our favorite Vamps one hundred and eleventh Birthday! I just kept thinking what could I say about Edward’s birthday that hasn’t been said 111 times already?

{Or his “Eleventy-first” birthday as Bilbo Baggins would have called it lol}

Well, it might be Edward’s birthday but I’m the one that got a present!

I was working on my fanfic “WIT” and got to thinking about the battle scene Bella was supposed to write. A reader asked me in a review once if I was actually going to write the Non Battle scene that was suppsed to be Bella’s work. I told her that from the on set that had been my intention, either as a chapter or as an outtake {still undecided about where and how I should put that in WIT.} So Breaking Dawn 2 has always been very important to me since the beginning of my Robsession when I first started thinking about writing WIT. I was thinking about things I could write for that scene and I remembered that I hadn’t seen anything lately for BD2. {Yes apparently I do live under a rock in RL! LOL} but at any rate I started looking for a pic to use in chapter 17 when I stumbled onto this…

OMG! Life will never be the same!

Then I saw where it said it  was a pic from Breaking Dawn {was it from 1 or 2? I didn’t remember seeing this in BD1 but it got me to thinking, November is not that far off and didn’t someone say there was supposed to be a teaser trailer out this week?} So of course, greedy little Rob fan-girl that I am I wanted MORE!~ So I started searching and I found this~

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Lord he just gets more beautiful every time.

Well we all know how addicting Rob is, he’s like a bag of chips, you can’t have just one, so my hungry eyes started searching for more.

“My Familys in danger. I need your help.”

 Now I knows this gorgeous pic wasn’t from BD1 so that had to mean it was from BD2 and THAT meant there was MORE!!!! That caption reminded me that there was supposed to be a vid and I started looking. I was thrilled at getting to see these pics but at this point I still wasn’t all that inspired to do a post. {I know, WTF is wrong with me? I’ve been asking myself the same thing for weeks!}

Then, without even looking for it, I found this and I knew that elusive vid was real and it was more than likely on you tube.

Volturi vs. Cullen clan.

and just before I went to look for the Vid I saw this…

You’ll have to go through us to get to Nessie.

Side by side forever.

It was starting to look like BD2 was going to be Epic but having read the books and the Epic “non-battle scene” I still had my doubts. They hadn’t ever strayed too far from SM’s original story line so I was pretty sure that while it would look great on film, it was going to be a huge lead up into a pretty bland face off. So with a lack luster enthusiasm I headed over to You tube to find the Video…

Now first of all let me say… “SQUEEEEEEEEEE! FTMFW!”

Second, this looks like it was taken straight outta my mind as the “re-write” Bella was going to write in my fic. This look,

Fucking thrilled me to no end. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching/reading a story where the “helpless, delicate, fragile Girl” Finally gets enough of the bull shit, picks herself up and says “Damn it! You’re not going to fuck me over anymore! You want to go there? Then Bring it bitches.” Then to everyone’s utter amazement she kicks some serious ass!

I hope and pray that someone actually has re-written SM’s ending and the Cullen Clan go head to head with the Volturi and kick their weird asses all over the big screen.

I am more thrilled and anxious than ever to see this movie. So ladies, what do you think?

Much love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Takin’ Toronto!

Good afternoon, ladies!

Well, Toronto was the last stop on the Cosmopolis promo tour and didn’t Rob just shine?!?!?!

Seriously, did you see him strut out onto that stage like he owned the world?  And HE DOES!!!

Star date: June 4, 2012

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event: Cosmopolis Premier!

“Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. Robert Pattinson!” ***APPLAUSE!!!***

For the audience Q&A, Rob tried to put on his serious face and follow David’s example…

Host: So why Robert Pattinson?
David: “I knew he would be good, but I had to convince him he would be good.”

He really did…

David: “The movie is very philosophical. Philosophical observations about the nature of capitalism.” blah blah blah

But it wasn’t long…

David: “You’ve got the people you love to work with and you’re creating something and you’re killing yourself laughing.”

Before his irrepressible sense of humor had Paul Giamatti crackin’ the fuck up!

{regarding the prostate exam in the back of the limo…}
” He {David} was like, “I want to shoot it… and just cup the frame with your balls at the top.” I genuinely believed him!”

There was no stopping Rob after that!

“Wow, it’s wall-to-wall dialogue. It’s very complex. It could be great. But am I going to f*** it up?”

Not in a million years, darlin’!

{Gratuitous ThighPorn…*GAH!!!*}

We didn’t get any of that during the press conference, but we DID get some great shots of The Pretty being, well…oh, so Pretty!!!

“I’ve never really taken myself seriously as an actor.”

As self-deprecating as ever! We always knew he was a serious actor!!

“I don’t really know how accepted I am,”

Baby, we accept you unconditionally!

“It is surprising the amount of people who think I’m going to be really dumb,”

Little do these “people” know! Rob is far from dumb!

‘It’s so different to other films, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it.”

Aw crap! ChestHairPorn! FingerPorn! *THUD!*

“Getting the movie, getting it to Cannes and getting the movie I got recently are three of the happiest moments of my life.”

So good to see Rob getting what he wants out of his career!

“I think he {David} heard me in the very obvious throes of a panic attack. He said, ‘When we start shooting, what will be will be.’ ”

And I just know it will be great! In fact, I just found out Cosmopolis is playing here in Holland *squeeee*!  I intend to go see it as soon as possible!!

*   *   *   *

Rob’s fine ass was draggin’ by the end of it all, so much so that he apologized to the audience for gettin’ the short end of the straw LOL! But, maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll show up for the US premier on August 17th, either in LA or NYC!

Hmmm…well, I just might be pursuaded to make an appearance!

Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Thrill Me Thursday…Thrilled By Bel Ami…Cared’s Review!

Top 'O the Mornin!

Bel Ami showed on Sunday night at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and lucky me was there to see it.


I’m trying hard to remember the details so I can share an in-depth response with you all but I can tell you this, my overwhelming feeling as the film ended was that I loved it.  I would have very happily sat through it again as I’m sure I didn’t fully appreciate the attention paid to the historical accuracy of the lavish sets or the beautiful detailing of the period costumes for both the men and women.  I remember thinking that the score fit perfectly with the film although I cannot recall the detail of it now. 


There was just so much happening on screen vying for my attention, not least of which was an extremely handsome leading man.  And that’s what he was – a man – all man.  He strode around with a confidence that put me in mind of Clark Gable or Cary Grant.  It was so nice to see that Robert Pattinson was given the freedom, and I suspect the encouragement, to actually act – not just produce a performance to a given formula. 


After hearing from the dynamic duo of Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod before the film, I’m not surprised at the passion that everyone involved obviously poured into the production.  They said it was a labour of love.  The actors took cut price salaries, but there is nothing cut price about their performances.  The directors have a very impressive history in the theatre that adds a certain element to the film.  I can’t quite put my finger on what it is; perhaps it is that some of the scenes could play perfectly on a stage without adaptation.  It had a lovely feel to it.


Despite a strong dislike for Guy de Maupassant left over from my school days, as an adult, I read the book Bel Ami with an open mind.  It just proved to me that although times may change and centuries may pass, human beings will always be the same.   This book could have been written and set in modern times in terms of lust, greed, hunger for power, power games, political intrigue, international relations, corrupt media and plain old love, betrayal and forgiveness.  While I’m aware that much of the politics from the book are merely alluded to in the film, it keeps the film from being heavy allows it move along at a nice pace.


I was given a hard time (TWSS) for focussing on the sex scenes when I gave my initial thoughts on the film on Sunday night.  All I can say is: let she among you cast the first stone and all that LOL.  Since I believe inquiring minds want to know – I will share.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know about them.  First of all there are a lot of sex scenes, but let me tell you, they do not become boring; they are never the same.  That’s not just because Georges changes his lovers more often than he changes the sheets on the bed!  It was quite amusing to watch him hurry one lover out the door as he had an unplanned post coital nap and it was time for his next lover to arrive.  You know you should want him to be caught and face the consequences, but he smiles that devilish smile and you are glad that he is not.


The first sex scene is the famous – or is it the infamous – nekkid arse thrusting scene between Georges and the prostitute.  I don’t want to spoil the anticipation for you by giving too much detail; I know I am evil.  It was quick, not that I’m implying Georges was quick even though the scene was.  My DH takes great delight in the fact that Viggo Mortenson, another favourite actor of mine, has a skinny arse (it’s an undeniable fact).  I took great pleasure in sharing the perfectness of Rob’s nekkid arse with DH on my return home; again, I know I am evil.  There is lust fuelled sex, sex purely for gain, sex that is making love and sex between Georges and his wife that is quite disturbing.  It is a tribute to the quality of the acting from Rob and the leading ladies that the difference is obvious each time.


I particularly liked the performance from Christina Ricci as she played Clotilde de Marelle as though she was born in that era.  I’ve always liked Holiday Grainger since I saw her in A Bad Mother’s Handbook years ago and thought her a skilled actress. As Suzanne Rousset, she only has a relatively small part to play in the film but she plays it perfectly.  She looks so happy and innocent walking down the aisle on her husband’s arm; I wonder does she have any understanding of the kind of marriage she has ahead of her or is she actually another player?  Colm Meaney played the pompous Rousset magnificently and Philip Glenister played the unfortunate Foriestier very convincingly.


If you go to this film hoping to see the perfect man you will be sorely disappointed. Georges Duroy is more than easy on the eyes, the colours and cut of clothes suit his body shape and long legs very well.  Look behind the facade though and you will find a very flawed character.  He has come from a background of poverty and deprivation.  He had a taste of wealth and the good life while in the army and upon his return to civilian life has once again to face the harsh reality of being poor.  He believes he has the right to a better life and is driven by greed and ambition to use his good looks to further his aim.  Without shame, he is manipulative and thoughtless as he uses and then discards those who can be of benefit to him.  Somehow, underneath it all, you can see the poor boy who is desperate to never be hungry again, who loves a woman he can never fully have and who himself – in turn – is used and manipulated by others and even cheated upon.  On paper Georges is a despicable cad; I don’t know how Rob did it, but on screen he managed to display Georges not just with all his faults, but also in his loneliness and desperation.  He made me feel sorry for him; he made me wish love and happiness for him whether he deserved it or not. 


There is no denying Bel Ami has strong dark themes. It is intense and dramatic,  with outbursts of anger and violence, some sizzling sex scenes, but there are also moments of humour and love. It is beautifully set, nicely filmed and features some wonderful performances.  There is something for everyone.  I happily admit to being a fan of both Robert Pattinson and period films but really you don’t need to be either to enjoy this film.  IMHO overall it’s a good entertaining story well told. 




Thanks to Melbie for most of these pics!


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Thrill Me Thursday…Just Du it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Yeah you know where I’m going and you know what you gotta “Du.”

1) Steel reinforced shmanties…Check!
2) Shamwow…Check!
3) Fan for vajayjay…Check!
4) Seatbelt…Check!
5) Protective head gear, just in case…Check!
6) Bucket to catch drool…Check!
7) Protective cover for keyboard…Check!
8) Fire extinguisher…Check!
9) Porn~folio at the ready for sharing…Check!
10) Cold drink…Check!
11) Muffle or Gag if you are at work to keep the moans from escaping and causing suspicious glares in your direction…Check!
12) Knee pads for bowing down to the great Melbie Toast in gratitude for all the pics I stole Borrowed from her tumblr…Check!
13) Paper bag for hyperventilating *thanksRobbieElise for this visual LOL and the next*…Check!
14) Hubs, BF or favorite toy on stand~by!…Check!
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock,  been too busy with RL shizz, don’t know, there is a Film Festival in Berlin tomorrow and our Boyfriend has already departed for Berlin earlier today. Go HERE if you want to see the Pap Pics at the air port.

Now let’s Du it!

Melbie Toast Tumbler


Melbie Toast Tumblr


I wanna Kiss the boo boo's away!

Now this song is older than dirt but under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree the words are going to be what we are all going to be singing when (IF) we ever get to see this movie…
Melbie Toast Tumblr

Yeah, DU that to me one (a million) more times.

Whatch planning to DU there Uma? Hhhmmmm???
 F*cking Sexpenders FTMFW!!
Melbie Toast.Tumblr

This post is gonna get you wet one way or another!

 I think this calls for a little Rhianna don’t you?
“…Take Me for a ride…Take me…Let me make you rise…Make it last all night…I’ll make you feel like a man…”
Hell Yeah!

That's it Baby, Take it all off! Better yet, Let me DU it for you!!


Yeah, give me half a chance and I'll put a bigger smile than that on your face Rob!

 A woman could happily drown in those blue eyes! *swoon*

Is that an invitation to sit on your lap? YES PLEASE! Squeeeee.... We can talk about the first thing that pops UP! *snickers*

UNF! Could you imagine holding that chin/jaw in your hands and staring DOWN *ahem* into those eyes! DED!

OH! Those Blue eyes again! Have mercy on me Rob!

Tickets to Bel Ami anyone?

I don’t know what else to tell you ladies besides this…

**Special thanks to Melbie Toast, InRobWeLust, IceAngel 34, and Pull My Daisy Too for having such great tumblrs for our perving pleasure!***


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Sensual Sunday ~ Angel Wings & Ink!

Welcome, Angels!

Rob is seriously deep into ninja stealth mode right now.  Won’t even come talk to me today, so get ready for something a little different with this post.

Now, while keeping myself entertained during The Pretty’s absence, I came across this beautiful vid by Olia…

Jesus wept…those EYES!!!!

But it was the title “Angel in Disguise” that got my attention, reminding me of this photo from Twilight…

Was it accidental? Was it on purpose?  We’ll never know and it doesn’t even matter.  It’s a cool visualization of Edward fighting his inner demon with wings on his shoulders..Angel in Disguise!

Wings! Wings! Wings!  Really good manips of Robward with angel wings are few and far between, BUT one of the best I found was Lolypop82’s Angelward!!

Fabulous details in the wings!  Don’t know if it was ever used for a story banner, but I can think of a few fics that it would suit.

One manip that DID make a story banner is this awesome gif by Betti Gefecht for Saritadreaming’s fic I Want It Painted Black!  (click to open and watch it move)

Ah, Betti!  One of the most multi-talented ladies in the fandom!!

Of course, while cruising her other banners, I couldn’t help being hypnotized by the ink crawling over the arms of Edward in her Clipped Wings & Inked Armor banner…(click to open and watch it move)

If ever there was a fic that inspired so many brilliant Tattward manips, it was CW&IA (damn, I need to find time to read it again)!!!

Lolypop82 strikes again!

Snagged this beauty from Floren83!

Another fic that had us all drooling over a new Tattward was A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22…

Hope she updates soon…I miss PAW and his Peaches!  OK, one more from Lolypop82 and then on to…

Soapy Mayhem, Queen of Tattward manips!!!

Holy crap!


This one was inspired by Time of Salt by Scarlettplay.  I FLUV it!!

One of her latest and the one I’ll leave you with today…

Well, who doesn’t love a good Bad Boy???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Thrill Me Thursday… Down and Durhtay

WARNING: this post may not be safe for work! it may cause giggles, impromptu out burts of laughter. swooning and possibly hazardous slippy keyboards due to excess drooling and other types of wet spots! Bwahahaha! you have been warned! 

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well ladies, I’m back with the post that I promised you last week when my laptop decided to go berserk! (Was Rob just to hot for it to handle??? Hmmm??)

So, anybody up for some dirty Rob? I mean Durrhtay Rob? I knows I am!!! I raided Melbie’s tumblr for most of the Pics! (God Bless her Huge Pervy Cougar Mamma Heart!)
So let the music play. This is one song that REALLY fits Our Boyfriend and all of us too! Just call me trouble *snickers*
Lyrics: Hey baby if you’re feelin down, I know what’s good for you all day. Are you worried what your friends see? And will it ruin your reputation lovin me? no Hollywood movie star. You want me to be true to ya! You dont give a damn what I do to ya! I’m just a girty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! … I’ve been in trouble since I don’t know when, I’m in trouble now and I know somehow I’ll find trouble again. I’m a loner but I’m never alone. Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone. Cause I’m a Dirty White Boy! Yeah a Dirty White Boy. A Dirty White boy. I’m a Dirty White Boy! Dirty White Boy! etc…

"Can you handle it Baby?"

I’ll supply you with this button just in case you can’t handle this post. *giggles*

I'm not going to promise you it will work though. LOL

Now we all know our boyfriend has (had?) a reutation for not always being the most hygenic… 

"Hey Baby! I found us a nice dirty spot right behind ths dumpster. You Up for it? I am"

Or very clean at times.

"But baby I thought you liked whipped Cream."

 But lets face it, he’s given them plenty of reasons to think these things…


"Ah that dumpster was great! Glad I took that long nap afterwards."

 He often appeared in a number of unkempt Smexy ways…

"Whut? I thought grunge was in!"

 Back n the RAoR days “Rob” was even quoted as having said…

"I look like a disheveld chicken"

And he admits he’s a terrible hoarder

"I'm a Homeless Hoarder"


There’s even been a few times that Appeared really bad…

Now Rob, you know I’d never say anything bad about you just give me a minute to explain Baby! *giggles* Like this one…

bahahaha Oh Sorry LOL

Even though we love the just F*cked hair you have to admit that sometimes you need a Shampoo, a shave, hair cut and a bath LOL

"HEY! I like it rough!"

 We LOVE you Both ways *unf!* Rob. Imma just trying to show both ways BB!

It's like magic!!

See just a little touch here and there and you look Mahvelous Dahling!! *snickersnort*

Before & After

See what a difference a brush makes? *giggles*

But that’s not the only way our Boy gets down and dirty. Sometimes he has a real Potty mouth!

See what I mean?

I dunno but that expression on his face makes me think he’s totally wasted LOL

Because we love you Rob. Clean,  durty, hero or villan, Prince or gigalo we love you. And we love to watch you doing this *UNF*

What you have all been waiting for me to get to heh heh heh

And This…

Whut? You want to see more? Me Too!!! *snickersnort*

This is still not Enough! I say Bring on Bel Ami! NOW!


Yes yes we are! There is your answer Rob! and you have to admit, when the man smiles,


He puts the sun to shame!



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