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Monday Madness~Beanie Rob is Back!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Girls! Sorry for my absence lately. For those of you that don’t know, my mom had a stroke and I have been with her for the past 14 days.We are home now and she is doing ok. Not as well as I had hoped but better. It will be a long process to get her her back.

I came up with a post idea of wondering where Rob’s beanie went before mom got sick and Our Boyfriend must have read my mind because he brought the beanie back out that he has not worn for sometime.

We don’t usually use pap pics here at RA outta respect for The Pretty and his privacy but on occasion, if Rob is looking fairly happy and the pic isn’t too invasive into his private life we will use those pics. What surprised me most was trying to find a pic of Rob in his beanie that wasn’t a pap pic or a candid! They were practically impossible to find let me tell ya!!

It seems our boy liked his beanie best in 2006 and 2008. So strap on your seat belt, grab a shamwow and hold on tight cause we are going on a trip back in time with Rob!

What a nice looking young man! Why those eyes are so intense he just might be someone when he grows up!

November 14, 2005 photo mark peterson

Rob looking a little pale and thin and very boyish here in his beanie but he’s just about to steal the hearts of millions of girls and women around the world.

March 13, 2006 leaves the afterparty for the Empire Film Awards at the Cobden Club in West London.

Zipping forward a couple years the beanie makes several appearances in 2008 . Ahhhh…much more handsome and manly here at the ripe old age of 21! Gotta love the scruff, the black V neck T and oh yeah!…that smirk!

Thursday June 26, 2008. Robert Pattinson at Seven night club.

Rob has whipped out the Beanie and black V neck T again and looking a little worried about Camilla’s driving ability in this photo. What ever happened to her anyway? They were tight for awhile in 2008 but I never knew why they stopped hangin out together.

July 10, 2008 in West Hollywood, California. Rob and Camilla Belle (Photo by Jean Baptiste)

Oh my one of my personal Favs, The black beanie, black leather jacket and the “Plain ‘ol Gravy” T!!!  I am died!!! Scruff and perfectly plump and pouty Pattinson lips!! Have Mercy!! I’d like to sop that man up wit a biscuit! hehehe

Friday August 1 2008 at the T-Mobile Sidekick LX ‘Tony Hawk’ edition launch party held at 6121 Sunset Boulevard in LA. Photograph: ©Josephine Santos

Ok I have no idea Why Rob and his friends would hang out in a parking Garage but Damn, I wish I’d have been there! Just look at that gorgeous smile! I think if I’d been there I might have suddenly developed a case of the cold chills just as an excuse to snuggle next to Rob! LOL

September 02, 2008 Robert in a parking garage with a group of animated friends who joked around with the photographers as they snapped away at their good friend.

And who can forget the hottest pics ever, up to that point, The film festival in Rome! Rome Rob in his black beanie and gray helmut lang shirt will be hall of fame hawt forevah! not to mention that smexy “Mother Pucker!”

October 29, 2008 in Rome, Italy Robert Pattinson attends the Ciak Magazine Party at Hotel Exedra

This photo cracks me the F*ck up!! Rob looks like he’s about to go all gangsta on this poor guy and bust a a move *gigglesnort*

November 04, 2008 Robert on his way to the MTVstudios for TRL in New York

And then the beanie just disappeared!! {maybe it’s hanging out with the shiteous nikes, sex boots and sexspenders? Ya think?} From what I can tell from my research it hasn’t been seen since. But then on October 6, 2012 we saw Rob in a beanie once again!! YEAH!! FTMFW!!

October 6, 2012 Rob drills his name into a table

Rumor has it he stole this one from Tom Stu. If that’s true me thinks he’s keeping it LOL because he was spotted in Sydney Australia just yesterday wearing the beanie yet again!

October 21 2012 Sydney Australia BD Promo tour Begins

Does this mean the Beanie days are back?? If so, dare we hope that  maybe, possibly, someday, The Tri-Fecta of Win, the sex boots and sexspenders along with the beanie will return as well?

The Tri-Fecta of WIN!

*crosses both sets of fingers and squunches eyes tightly closed* “Please, Please, Please, Please!”

There were far too many Beanie pics to post them all here but I did include a slide show that has one pic from each of my personal beanie-porn folders and inserted them into a slide show for your drooling pleasure! 🙂

Much Love ❤ to you all!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Sensual Sunday ~ Lost in Those Eyes!

So, are ya’ll still standin’?  What a rush, huh? All that RobGoodness for Cosmopolis justa pourin’ all over us?

But it’s never enough…hell’n I’m already havin’ withdrawal pains!!

What I’m pretty much missing the most? Rob’s eyes!  Yeah, I get lost to distraction in those eyes of his *le sigh!*  I’d recognize ’em anywhere!

LOL! Bet you knew instantly these were Rob’s eyes! The thick eyebrows…the unique shape…no other eyes like ’em in the world, right?

Nobody had to tell us whose eyes these were when this Mission Blacklist poster came out, did they!

THE Most Beautiful Eyes in the World!

No matter what color is used to portray them!

Although why anyone would want to mess with perfection is beyond me and I KNOW this was the photo used for the MB poster above!

Even in black ‘n white, Rob’s eyes are absolutely mesmerizing!!!

They could talk me into anything…and, when I say “anything,” I mean ANY…THING!!!

Could you say no to these eyes? I think not!

Rob’s eyes inspire the artist in many of us, including ileana…isn’t the detail awesome?

I have no idea who made this beautiful banner, but bless ’em for it!

Nor do I know who made this wonderful blinkie for Pastiche Pen’s “If Love Could Light A Candle!” {click the photo and watch the eye change colors!} In case you newbies have never read this, here’s the link….

Edward Cullen: telepath, vampire, and psychologist. When a new patient ignites unfamiliar feelings in his soul, can he reconcile his past with his future? A la Midnight Sun. Warnings: Violence, lots of character death, and the usual. AU.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Horror – Chapters: 13 – Words: 122,587 – Reviews: 2758 – Updated: 9-25-09 – Published: 4-26-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

See, even just one of Rob’s eyes shivers me timbers LMAO!!!  OK, OK…I’ll give you the link to TKegl’s “Cutlass!” {She did this banner herself!} Her One-eyed Eddie Cullen is fuckHAWT!!!

Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 101,712 – Reviews: 2868 – Updated: 6-18-12 – Published: 1-31-12 – Edward & Bella

Now, when you combine Rob’s EyePorn with FingerPorn AND SexHairPorn, it’s a lethal combination!

But, let’s “face” it LOL!  It’s the whole package we adore! {JawPorn…LipPorn FTMFW!!!}

Haven’t had enough yet? Me neither!  So, check out this vid by BCD/CML {with a shout out to MelbieToast for contributing her work}!  I couldn’t help myself! Gotta share…it’s what we do!!!

You didn’t think I’d forget Rob’s “Edward” eyes, now did you?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob at Cannes…need I say more!?


Good afternoon, ladies!

I don’t know ’bout ya’ll, but all the woundrous beauty and excitement of Rob’s appearances at Cannes damn near killed me!!!

My poor fingers are all twisted and swollen from lickin’ ‘n savin’ at least a bazillion photos of Rob {you too? thought so!}…

Don’t now why I wasn’t expectin’ him to show up until the Cosmopolis premier, but there he was on Wednesday, May 23rd, gettin’ off a speedboot to walk the red carpet for On The Road!

I can just hear Stephanie goin’ “Goose, goose…duck!” in her head LMAO!!! {I’d a gone for it!}

Mr. Sex-on-Legs lookin’ so cool comin’ down those rocky steps! {Do try and keep up, Nick!}

Wonder how much of Rob’s quiet confidence came from havin’ the ever watchful Dean at his side?

Rob’s regal profile! {JawPorn *DED!*}

You know me and my love affair with shadowed photos highlightin’ Rob’s gorgeous eyes! {*le sigh!*}

Not in favor of hidin’ those eyes, but Rob in RayBans on a Red background? Triple R treat!

{*Squeee!*} I’d been waitin’ for Rob to bless us with his ducky lips and he didn’t let me down LOL!

Despite all the madness, Rob has an air of innocence you won’t find in any other so-called celebrity on the planet!!!

The cameras love Rob…we love Rob! What’s not to love? {Couldn’t resist the happy tail LOL!}

Then Friday, May 25th! FINALLY! The premier of Cosmopolis! Rob was super busy that day, startin’ with…


Rob didn’t get much time with his fans at Cannes, but at least some of them got to see him {lucky hOOrs!}

Wish I had room to share them all with you, but here are some of my favorites!

Rob and David Cronenberg were thick as thieves the whole time. I think it’s safe to bet on another project together!!

Sinfully gorgeous!

So not leavin’ this one out! Me and my shadows again LOL!


Was Rita in shadowy heaven with these shots? Why, yes she was!!


That luscious upper lip is MINE! Gimme more, baby!

And my wish was granted…I am DONE!!!

Well, I’m runnin’ out of room here, but don’t worry! RobsFan~tasy is just itchin’ to run with Rob on the Red Carpet, so check back tomorrow for her Monday Madness post!

Oh, one last thing…saw his interview on Robsessed and it’s the best one so far. Both Rob and David speak intelligently about Cosmopolis.  BUT, you know Rob{*snickers!*}  It wasn’t on YouTube, so here’s the link.

All I can say is enjoy!

Allocine interview with Rob and David re Cosmopolis

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob, Your Sex is on Fire!!


Now I know where Rob practiced and perfected all those sizzling, panty-melting, f*ckHAWT, smoldering, hOOr-killin’ stares he unleased on us in Rome!!

Yeah…like he really needs to practice what just comes naturally!!!

Star date: October 15, 2008

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Event: Premiere of Sex Drive

Created by dear Ubervamp, may she Rest in Peace…your Friends Miss You, Darlin’!

Rob might not have been prancin’, dancin’, struttin’ and glowin’ with his cocky “just-got-lucky” glow like he would be in Rome, but DAYUM…our boy’s SEX WAS ON FIRE at the premiere of Sex Drive!!!

Take a deep breath, Angelz! You're in for a rough ride tonight!!

Can’t…breathe!  Chest hair done got me *gasp*!!!

Hell, baby! I thought you were tougher than that!

I’m okay, darlin’!  You just caught me by surprise is all…*umpf..those eyes!*

Well, if you're sure...

Uh huh! *whimper*

Let's kick it up a notch, then...shall we?

Holy Mother of Pearl!  Those LIPS…the SEX HAIR…GAH!!

Oh, but I'm just getting warmed better hold on to your knickers!

What damn knickers?  Mine just disintegrated! Just you wait right there…don’t move…I’ll be right back! {grumbles while runnin’ off to *ahem* freshen up}

Don't make me wait too long, now...I might have to punish you!

{Rita freezes mid-stride as visions of Fifty’s Red Room of Pain flash before her eyes!}

Rita? Rita? Has anyone seen Rita? She should have been back by now!

I’m here!  I’m here! Oh, crap…you moved!  Do I get punished now?  Please? *trembles in anticipation*

Oh, what I'd love do to to that smart mouth of yours, baby...but, not yet...maybe later?

Oh My Rob!  I’d be happy to join you in your penthouse suite at RA Mansion when this is over…it’s my birthday, after all!  And I know what I’d like to have…YOU!

Well, then...laters, baby...and you WILL be waiting in the correct position when I get there!

Creation by Jules

Yes, Mast…uh, Rob! *moaning like a hOOr in heat!*

Dammit, Rita! Stop distracting me...I have a few more hOOrs to dazzle!

Rob, darlin’!  I don’t hear nothin’ but crickets chirpin’!  I think you killed ’em DED with the JawPorn!!

So, if we're done here, baby, I believe you and I have things!?

Squeeeeeee!  Don’t wait up for me, ladies! {and don’t come a knockin’!}

I came...I saw...I conquered!

Uh uh, baby!  You still got a LOT of coming to do tonight *snickers!*

Here's hoping all my precious Angelz and HOOrs stay with me in 2012!

To the moon and beyond, Rob darlin’!  Bel Ami? YES!  Cosmopolis? YES!  Breaking Dawn, Part 2? YES! YES YES!!!

Happy New Year, ya’ll!!!



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Rita being, well…BACK INDA HOUSE!!!

Howdy, friends and neighbors!  Just got in this morning from my 3 weeks on the farm in Texas!

It’s great to be back…I missed you all so much, I can’t even tell you!

So, obviously I don’t have a Rob being, well… post today (OMG! I have so much catching up to do!) so, reflecting on TMM’s Saturday post on her sixth Faniversary, and at the *ahem* urging of RFT, I guess it’s my turn to tell you how I got Robsessed!

You see, I was just minding  my own business…checking out the latest movie trailers on Yahoo Movies, when I saw…not a trailer…but this poster for Twilight!

Holy shit!  Who is that fuckhawt guy in this poster?  And WTF is Twilight?  I’d never even heard of the books at that point in time.  But a little research lead me straight to them and I devoured them all within a few days!  Now I couldn’t WAIT to see the movie!!

OK, the movie wasn’t better than the book…they hardly ever are, right?  But when Edward…uh, Rob…walked into the cafeteria, I was a goner!  It wasn’t until the credits that I caught the name Robert Pattinson.  I didn’t connect him to GoF until later but I have since watched GoF about a million times.

It didn’t take me long to start collecting every film he’s ever made…yes I have them ALL and watch them every chance I get.  I loves me a Rob marathon movie day!!

Well, then I discovered all the blogs dedicated to Rob, especially RAoR, and I got deeper and deeper into perving on Rob, especially when I realized I wasn’t alone in my addiction.  One thing lead to another, and I wound up here on Rob Attack perving my little (?) ass off with all of you!

Here’s to many more years of RobGoodness!  You know there will be more in store after…


OMG!  2012 cant’t get here fast enough to suit me!

Anyway, that’s how I became (and still am) Robsessed!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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RA News: The Drought Is Over…Or Is It?!

RA News Anchor, TheMissMod

Hello and welcome to RA News on Saturday 22nd October 2011. This week, the news is unfortunately short, in that we are only featuring two breaking news items.

First, the lovely ladies over on Robsessed have published Rob’s promo calendar, so for those of you who haven’t had a chance to take a peek at Rob’s schedule (and no, that is not innuendo), here it is:

Monday, 24 October
Rob in Paris for Breaking Dawn Promos

Tuesday, 25 October
Rob in Paris for BD Promo
Rob on French TV

Wednesday, 26 October
Rob in Belgium for Breaking Dawn Promos

Friday, 28 October
Rob in Stockholm for BD promo

Thursday, 3 November
Rob’s Handprinting Ceremony

Saturday, 5 November
Rob in Los Angeles for BD Convention

Monday, 14 November
Breaking Dawn World Premiere

Wednesday, 16 November
Breaking Dawn UK Premiere

Friday, 18 November
Rob in Berlin for Breaking Dawn Premiere

There will be more updates as they come throughout the week, but this is what we have managed to gather thus far. So, are any of you lucky ladies going to be within at least a ten mile radius of any of  these events? Will you go? Let us know in the comments!

And now for today’s main news. The eagle has landed. The fieldmouse is peeking through the grass. In other words, there has been a HHH sighting! Yes, that’s right ladies – Rob is out and about and ready to cause havoc with heart conditions! After lots and lots of praying at the Church of St. Mattress…

…the prayers of hoors and angelz across the world were answered yesterday, when Rob was snapped at LAX. I will warn you, the following images are paparazzi photos:

Thanks to IceAngel34 on Tumblr for the first picture! I’m beginning to relax as far as the beard goes, I don’t know about anyone else…leave your opinions on the beard in the comments! Also, do you have a beard-o-meter? If so, share that with us too, and maybe we’ll make it an official feature on Rob Attack!

*looks back up at photos* The BBJ is back, too! Even if that shirt makes him look like he works in a department store….what a look! So, he’s a sexy hobo that works in a department store and goes on aviation/jungle adventures on weekends? That’s the vibe I’m getting…and that’s okay! Hmm, now I just can’t get the Curb Your Enthusiasm and Steptoe and Son themes out of my head when I look at Rob here! *Shakes head*

…or maybe he’s Joaquin Pohenix circa ‘I’m Still Here’?


Now, I’m sorry we’ve had to cut the news short today, but I thought you’d all just want to cut to the chase and ogle The Pretty for a while :’)

And now, the weather: There will be strong breezes and some heavy rain across the fandom again today as new pictures of Rob at LAX emerge. There will be a sizable dry spell as we all try to figure out wtf he’s going to be doing, but this will be short lived, and there will be sunshine and showers in Paris on Monday, which will be set to spread across many countries the rest of that week as Breaking Dawn promotion starts.

Have a good weekend, RA ladies! xoxo



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Robert Pattinson: Poetry In Motion

Hi all! It’s TMM again here to wish you a happy Saturday! Today, I thought we would do something a little poetic. To quote the great Johnny Tillotson, Rob truly is ‘poetry in motion’. So, I thought that I would elaborate on that a little and delve into the old poetry files to find something that describes Rob. Now, as some of you might know, I wrote several poems inspired by Rob, because he really is such an inspiration, and I believe that conveying that through the written word can be extremely powerful and intense. In the same way, many famous poets the world over have written some of their greatest works about a love of theirs, be it unrequited or real, and that’s proof enough that someone like Rob really can touch our lives so powerfully. Today, I thought it would be cool to go poem searching until we’ve each found a poem that to us speaks about Rob, in whatever way. But before I reveal which poem I picked, I’ll just prove that Rob really IS poetry in motion:

…yep. Definitely true. It’s almost hypnotic, isn’t it??!

Now that you’ve wiped the drool from your keyboards and you’ve come (twss) crashing back down to earth, it’s time to share the poem I picked. It’s pretty much my favourite poem ever, and it’s Tennyson’s ‘Fatima’. I think it perfectly captures the way we feel about him, what it’s like to be in our position, especially in a time of Rob Drought, I thought it would be nice to share this with you all:

O Love, Love, Love! O withering might!
O sun, that from thy noonday height
Shudderest when I strain my sight,
Throbbing thro’ all thy heat and light,
Lo, falling from my constant mind,
Lo, parch’d and wither’d, deaf and blind,
I whirl like leaves in roaring wind.

Last night I wasted hateful hours
Below the city’s eastern towers:
I thirsted for the brooks, the showers:
I roll’d among the tender flowers:
I crush’d them on my breast, my mouth;
I look’d athwart the burning drouth
Of that long desert to the south.

Last night, when some one spoke his name,
From my swift blood that went and came
A thousand little shafts of flame
Were shiver’d in my narrow frame.
O Love, O fire! once he drew
With one long kiss my whole soul thro’
My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.

Before he mounts the hill, I know
He cometh quickly: from below
Sweet gales, as from deep gardens, blow
Before him, striking on my brow.
In my dry brain my spirit soon,
Down-deepening from swoon to swoon,
Faints like a daled morning moon.

The wind sounds like a silver wire,
And from beyond the noon a fire
Is pour’d upon the hills, and nigher
The skies stoop down in their desire;
And, isled in sudden seas of light,
My heart, pierced thro’ with fierce delight,
Bursts into blossom in his sight.

My whole soul waiting silently,
All naked in a sultry sky,
Droops blinded with his shining eye:
I will possess him or will die.
I will grow round him in his place,
Grow, live, die looking on his face,
Die, dying clasp’d in his embrace.

Someone once said that we should compile a book of Rob poetry, and perhaps this could be part of it – we choose existing poems that remind us either of Rob or our fandom, and include these with some of our own poems, if you’d be willing to share them. Let me know if you think the Rob Poetry book is a good idea – just send an email to and address your email to TheMissMod.

For now, I’m interested to see what everyone comes up with for their ‘Rob poems’! Post them in the comments ladies! xoxo


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RFM’s TCA Adventure

Well, as promised here is the recount of my adventure at the Teen Choice Awards 2011 with my good friend, dazzledbyrp.

The afternoon started off with the growing excitement of seeing Robert Pattinson in person! Which for me was a first and for DbyRP a third sighting (lucky), both of us were so excited. It’s always more fun when you get to share that experience with a true Rob H00R!! We nonchalantly made our way to the theater, browsing stalls and chatting. When we got near the entrance they started hustling us along and herding the cattle towards the metal detectors. We’re still not sure what the hurry was all about.

Well, we got in the theater,  found our seats and took a look around. The set was amazing! We seemed close to

No Rob, but I spy someone else!!

the stage but were oh so far away! The first thing we did was grab our binoculars and start scouring the front seats. They were pretty empty! Eventually the screaming began but the people (teens) that were coming in were not any we recognized. Then I spotted Taylor Lautner and started to get excited. Because who would be coming soon after him but Rob, right? WRONG!!!!  After hours (lit ‘rally) of looking at the seats and watching the celebs play musical chairs we started to give up. There was no Rob in sight and Justin Bieber had just one Choice Hottie (WTForks?!) It was starting to look bleak. Maybe Rob was only going to be with the entire Twilight cast?

Awww! There he is!!

Shortly after that we heard Choice Vampire was coming up. Dazzledbyrp thought Ian Somerhalder was going to win but I told her to get her camera ready, just in case. As most of you know already, we were ecstatically surprised to see the winner announced and strut on stage. ThePretty, HHH himself… Robert Freakin Pattinson!!!!

Rob surfboard wrestling

To be able to watch him with “my real eyes” (as I like to say) was surreal. When you are there in the audience it is so difficult to hear what the celebs are saying. There is so much screaming and talking it’s really crazy. I heard Rob’s voice. (Awwww) But we had no idea what he was saying! We finally realized he was talking about something serious!! CANCER. After rewatching later at home (a must to reallysee/hear properly) we saw what a terrific job he did! We’re not really sure what happened next. The second watching, showed we missed a really great band. How did we miss that? We were sitting right there! Ummm, I did mention we saw Rob with our real eyes, right? Does that cover it for you?

So serious

Next up, who knows really, but I saw Rob in his seat again. I watched him for a few moments through my binoculars before I started to get a little creeped out by the stalker-ness of it all. We snapped some pics and just enjoyed the view.  He was quickly up again for Choice Actor in WFE (yay!!) and we got to hear some Classic Rob: “I’m really nervous. This is scary, teenagers are scary.” Yep, perfect thing to say to an auditorium of teenagers, Rob. But that’s why we love you! Do you know how hard it is to decide if you should watch him with your real eyes, with binoculars or take pics with your camera?! Well, we settled for a little of both! The pics in this post were taken by both dazzledbyrp and myself. Hope you enjoy “our”view and our story!


Click the pics for a larger view!


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Pick the Pic 4


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

 Well, It’s that time again. No, I didn’t forget. I’m just trying to post these completely at random so that everyone has a fair shot at it. But this time I have a toughy for you thanks to rdmickey! (Thanks Girl!) She sent me this picture and I have to say I have never ever seen this pic of the Precious before and I’m willinng to bet ya’ll wont find it in 15 minutes this time! *LOL* Of course I could be wrong! (I often am! 🙂 )You Ladies really know your Rob porn!

The results so far are

Pic #1 goes to dazzledbyRP

Pic #2 goes to deanshoneybear

Pic #3 goes to rdmickey

Remember the first one to pick 10 pics correctly wins! Ok ready?

Have you seen this pic before?

Enjoy the search girls!

Much Love to you all,
Spunkransomlover wins round 4!!!

Cop a feel much? *LOL*


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How I Became Robsessed…The RFM edition

Hello Ladies (and Rob)! Robs Fan-tasy has graciously allowed me to help her out while she deals with Real Life. So, I thought that maybe you should get to know me a little and what better way than how I became Robsessed! Here’s my story…

My first Rob encounter, like many of you, happened while watching The Goblet of Fire. But I was married at the time and Rob was seventeen and I hadn’t had a celeb crush since Mark-Paul Gosselar. So, no sparks there. Fast forward a few years and I was no longer married, reading a book that a co-worker recommended. The book had no jacket cover. I knew nothing about the book except for it’s name…Twilight.

I was immediately engrossed in this book. I love to read, so that wasn’t that hard to do! And when real life sucks, books become your escape. Needless to say, I fell in love with Edward Cullen. He was the perfect gentleman, a musician, and so enamored with the woman/girl he loved. But that didn’t last long. There were things about Edward that were not so endearing. He was controlling, domineering and not very enthusiastic or fun. Edward was not the perfect man either.

I saw Twilight in the theater, thought Rob did a good job and was pleasantly surprised to hear he actually played the piano. But no, the Robsession didn’t start there either. I bought the DVD on the premise that the other movies would get better. I wasn’t that impressed with Twilight as a movie. But then I started to watch the DVD extras and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Rob was so humble in his interviews and behind the scenes extras. I couldn’t help but to be curious. I hadn’t seen an actor with such humbleness in a long time. I kept watching and found he was terribly funny. He not only played piano but guitar as well. Let’s just say I have a weakness for guitar players! I also have a thing for British boys and all things British. That accent…GAH!! I was done!

From that moment on I couldn’t stop Robsessing. I watched YouTube videos, searched the webs and even started to comment on blogs(that was a first!). I have corrupted both my nephews who are now 5 and 3. One of the three-year old’s first words was “Pattinson.” They call “Woburt Pattason” on their pretend phones. I have no idea what they talk about but it’s fun to watch.

Both Twilight and Rob have helped me through a difficult time in my life. I needed to escape and they were just what I needed! One of the great things about this Twi/Robsession is the wonderful friends I have made. They have become some of my greatest friends and I am so grateful for them and their support.

Another thing I owe to Rob is my renewed desire to play guitar and act. I’m not very diligent at either but I’m working on it. I went to the open casting call for Water for Elephants but didn’t get in. Not sure why, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I am also on a mission to see Rob “in the flesh”. But I promise to behave, I don’t want to be on “the list”!

Well now that you know a little about me, I can’t wait to help assist in your Robsession and bring you lots of the man we know as thePretty.


A special thanks to Roslyn Selene for making my new signature icon! I love it ❤

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