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Sensual Sunday ~ Verena Black ‘n Whites!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

Soooo! Rob’s in Toronto filmin’ Map to the Stars and fan pics have been pourin’ in all over the place. However, that’s not what I’m postin’ today LOL!

I hadn’t exactly planned to go straight from the dramatic darkness of my previous post to the lightness of today’s, but there’s this one photo, edited by Verena, that’s been hauntin’ me since I saw it. Of course, this means y’all get to see lots more of her magical black ‘n whites ’cause I can’t show you just one LMAO!!!

I’ve made them all as large as possible so, if you want the full effect, click to full screen!

Enhanced by Verena 052

Despite his half-shaved head, Comic Con 2011 gave us some truly awesome RobPorn!

Enhanced by Verena 072

Light scruff and shadows framin’ that lusciously plump bottom lip…so f*ckin’ kissable!

Enhanced by Verena 085

Full-blown brows over heavy-lidded eyes and soft lips *drool!*

Enhanced by Verena 091

Who could survive bein’ on the receivin’ end of Rob’s penetratin’ stare…

Enhanced by Verena 111

or his sexy smirk? *DED!*

Enhanced by Verena 117

I’d love to know what put that playful glint in his eyes!

Robert Pattinson

All Rob’s facial features combined make for one beautiful man!

Enhanced by Verena 213

Awesome light and shadowplay! You can even see the sweat of his brow!

Enhanced by Verena 242

A good black ‘n white hides nothin’…not even the pores in his nose LOL!

Enhanced by Verena 274

The tender skin of his eyelids and those squished together lips *le sigh!*

Enhanced by Verena 368Love how Rob’s scruff sparkles in certain light LOL!

Enhanced by Verena 464

Highly detailed eyes fadin’ slightly as we reach those lips *THUD!*


Rob’s patented pout! {was Rob’s hair was styled that way or did his own fingers cause that double curl over his forehead? Either way, I love it!!!}

cff canal celebs 200509

Don’t let anyone EVER talk Rob into cappin’ his cute teeth! They’re perfect for him!


More spectacular RobPorn from Comic Con 2011!


Holy crap! I wanna lick that manly jawline!


BottomLipPorn FTMFW!!!


A little tongue-in-cheek to bring us home LOL!


And this…this is the photo I can’t get outta my head! Does this not remind you of those old-time Hollywood glamor shots?

Before I sign off on this one, you MUST see Verena’s latest and greatest fan vid of Rob!  It’s deliciously long {twss}, so please put on your headphones, crank up the volume and enjoy!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Random Rita ~ Rob in da Hood!

Wet Rob Avi

Computer crapped out on me yesterday, ladies!

But, never fear…Rita is here!

Today, I’ll be bringin’ you loads of good RobPorn to brighten your Monday!

‘Cause who can be blue or depressed when Rob’s in da Hood???


The Carter Smith hoodie Rob’s are some of the most beautiful pics of Rob ever made!


I chose this one because it looks like Rob’s about to start an illegal street race LOL!


Here, I’m wonderin’ where the hell everyone went! He’s all by his little self…boooo!


I will forever and ever use any excuse to post and repost Bru’s dark hoodie Rob!

Edbellfan 040

Is this not the most gorgeous edit of Rob as Cedric in a hoodie for HP GoF?

Soul Brother

Goin’ for the LashPorn here, ladies! Can you blame me?


Oh, that sweet upper lip just begs to be kissed! *THUD!*

Enhanced by Verena 411

Again? Yes, please! *le sigh!*


Rob’s threadbare black t-shirt caught my eye in this one. He still wears it after all these years LOL!


JawPorn FTMFW!!!


Is there such a thing as the JawPornPout? I think I just invented it LOL!


Hell to the yeah…a freakin’ close-up!!!


LashPorn and EyeBrowPorn make this one irresistible!


OK, I debated about includin’ this one ’cause, if we didn’t know it was Rob, he could be any ol’ playground perv and that just ain’t right!

Francies67 1005

I am completely melted by the poignant look in Rob’s eyes!


Ghostly FingerPorn LOL!


OMG! Rob really DOES have big hands, doesn’t he?


Some pics of Rob are classic….


and some are iconic!


While some are destined to become classic…


or iconic! Sweet Jesus, this one has it all…just look at those luscious lips and shy boy eyes! *SWOON!*


Rob’s Mona Lisa smile…top that, Leonardo {da Vinci} LOL!


I really wish Da Vinci was alive today to paint Rob! {Oooh! Rob as Michaelangelo’s David? I think I’ve seen a manip of that somewhere!}


Besides a blindin’ smile, I’m totally goin’ for the ChestHairPorn!!!

Robelied 007

The only thing more lethal than Rob in a hoodie is Rob in a hoodie while wearin’ a beanie! *DED!*

Happy Monday, y’all!


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Let’s Do It!

*blows kisses*


Well, Ladies!

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile.

I’ve been in a writing funk and can’t seem to dig my way out!

That, plus Rob going into Super Ninja hiding mode, has made this drought a sand storm for me!

Then, I got to thinking…what’s the best cure for a drought?

I tried going for a brisk walk… Robert-Pattinson-560x794

It didn’t help! I tried doing some stretching exercises…

Nope! That didn’t work either, so I gave my self a stern talking to…

Robert Pattinson Continues Filming "Water For Elephants"

And realized the best cure for a Rob Drought is sharing RobPorn! DUH! And RobPorn from “Water for Elephants” is the best!

So let’s do it! Let’s fall in love with Rob all over again!

Now that Melbie’s vid has your undivided attention LOL, feast your eyes on one of the best (though there are tons) pictures to come out of WFE! Robert_Pattinson_Water_For_Elephants_1 Sexy Beast in Blue! 1001Sexy Beast in Blue with flat cap LOL!NewRobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsStill6 Lordy, just look at the shoulders on our man!wfen Watching Rob play heartbroken Jacob Jankowski coming back to life was a thing of beauty!MV5BMjI3ODM4MDk2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTg5NjQ4NA@@._V1._SX640_SY478_ Going from wide-eyed innocence…robert-pattinson-and-water-for-elephants-gallery to awareness of the darkness beneath all the glitzy glamour…NewRobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsStill2 was what made WFE the awesome film that it was!Pattinson-Water-For-Elephants-5 Of course, watching Rob get down and dirty was fun, too!Robert Pattinson Continues Filming "Water For Elephants" There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to make it all look real!ROBERT-PATTINSON-ON-THE-SET-OF-WATER-FOR-ELEPHANTS-ON-JUNE-3-2010-twilight-series-12728033-452-622 I’ll bet he was in far better shape at the end of the film than he was at the beginning LOL!robert_pattinson_train_water_for_elephants1a He made it look easy but we know it had to have been a lot of hard work! gallery_main-robert-pattinson-water-for-elephants-set-06032010-19 From what we’ve heard in various interviews with his co-stars…     Fotos-de-Robert-Pattinson-en-Water-for-Elephants Rob was greatly admired for his dedication…7224612161045367872238 humor and camraderie! 38781_141338729223783_100000429700240_298254_4978735_nSeriously,if Coca~Cola doesn’t hire this man as a spokesperson, they’re insane! I’ll bet a lot of hot, thirsty hOOrs would buy it just because Rob’s luscious lips have been on that can!!
WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Some people said there was lack of chemistry between Rob and Reese but I beg to differ!robert-pattinson-reese-witherspoon-water-for-elephants-red-dress-blonde-curls-suit-10 At least Rob paid a lot of attention to her boobs, both on set and during the promo tour!


Well, just like in the film, we arrive at The End of this post!


Thanks for revisiting one of my favorite Rob films with me!


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Let’s Play With Sportsward!


Let’s face it ladies; Originalward was no athlete. Yeah, he defeated James and Victoria in battle and played a game of baseball here and there, but he wasn’t a sports freak by any means. Even though we ALL love the pale, sparkling, sleepless music-lover, sometimes a girl just wants–dare I say NEEDS–a good jock.

Thankfully, our fandom is blessed with a plethora of authors who are willing to improve on perfection and give Originalward that extra little something to whet the sports-lover in all of us.

Grab some beers, settle into your favorite recliner, put your feet up, and prepare to enjoy the wide world of Sportswards. You  might wanna grab a drool towel, too, because tight-fitting track pants and bulging biceps abound in this our latest installment of Fanfiction Fridays.


*Reviews by Cared*

Shifting Gears by ChocolateSparrow

*Made by sparrownotes24*

*Made by sparrownotes24*

Shifting Gears ~ A race. A cyclist. A physio. He wants to win the Tour de France at any cost. She just wants to make it through without getting burned. A birthday gift for the lovely Erron.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 5 – Words: 11,746 – Reviews: 145 – Updated: 4-21-13 – Published: 3-18-13 – Bella & Edward


Negative Twenty and Falling by katinki


*Made by katinki*

Negative Twenty and Falling ~ COMPLETE O/S. Two weeks, a few cups of cocoa, a mountain of snow, a pair of mittens, and one Mr. Perfect-Gorgeous. I present to you: Skiward. Just a little bit of wintery fluff so that you don’t think I’m always so doom and gloom. AH.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 2 – Words: 20,666 – Reviews: 296- Favs: 781 – Follows: 216 – Published: 12-13-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7632850

Negative Twenty and Falling opens with Bella listening to a weather report; the destination she is intent on travelling to is minus twenty degrees and falling – hence the title.  Our Bella likes to keep warm and is a little shocked at the forecast.

Mother. Fucker. 

Okay, fine, I think to myself as I test the thickness of my one and only (and new) parka. That’s in Celsius – damned Canadians – but I remember high school science. That’s still below zero in Fahrenheit. It’s negative four to be exact. And that’s… really freaking cold. Like deathly cold. Like my blood will freeze in my veins and I better not lick metal objects (not that I go around doing that) cold. Yeah so… cold.

See, for pretty much… forever, I’ve lived in the desert of Arizona – Phoenix actually – where there are only two possible forecasts: (very) hot and dry and pretty warm and dry. Like year round, too. Not snowing and negative twenty. Or negative four. Whatever. I wear shorts and tank tops at Christmas, not long johns and battery operated socks.

Damn that Alice.

As I shove pants and turtlenecks and a scarf I’ve never worn in the biggest suitcase I have, for the hundredth time, I curse myself for saying yes to her. Sure, she’s my best friend and I love her like a sister, but I should be going with our other roommates to Cabo for New Years’, not to Banff. Where it’s negative twenty. Did I mention that already?

I sigh as I pull the tags off a pair of chunky black mittens (that look remarkably like my oven mitts) before finally stuffing them into the side pocket. I don’t know how you do anything in mittens – like write, or drive, or eat French fries – but if I want to keep my fingers, I have a feeling I’ll need them. And maybe a portable space heater with backpack straps. Do they make those? 

Considering my aversion to less than balmy weather, I honestly have no idea why I said yes when Alice asked if I’d please, please, please go with her to the mountains of Alberta in the middle of winter.

Okay, that’s a lie.

I know exactly why.

If I reveal to you that Alice has a brother named Edward, a brother named Edward who will also be staying at the cabin in the snow, will you know exactly why too?  Believe me, once you have met this charming Skiward, or as Bella thinks of him Mr. Perfect-Gorgeous, you will not be surprised at her willingness to brave the elements.  After all, they can always warm up in the hot tub. *wink*

This story is romance pure and simple. For those of you worried, if you are familiar with katinki’s usual fare, she assures us “this is an angst-free zone”.  At over 20,000 words, it’s long for a one shot, but every word is warranted.  While it’s delightfully told in Bella’s POV, katinki’s voice, complete with tongue-in-cheek, shines through.  Put your thermals on ladies and cozy up to Skiward.  I know you’ll be toasty warm.


*Review by FluffyLiz*

Offside by Savage7289


*Made by Rose Arcadia*

Offside ~ Edward’s the star keeper for the Forks High School soccer team, and is already being scouted by leagues overseas. Bella’s just moved from Phoenix and interferes with his…focus. Soccerward lives! Rated M for the good stuff, of course.

English – Angst/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 125 – Words: 170,098 – Reviews: 32,661 – Updated: 08‑30‑11 – Published: 05-30-11 – Status: Complete

When Cared asked me if I would review Offside by Savage7289, I have to admit I jumped at the chance.  The reason?  Well, apart from the fact that it’s a brilliant fic by the amazing Shay Savage, it’s also directly responsible for me becoming a TwiFic writer – about which, more later.

Offside is the story of a hot young High School Senior who is also the star goalie of his school soccer team.  His father, Carlisle Cullen, is a doctor and the ambitious Mayor of Forks, and has high hopes for Edward to win a professional contract after graduation.  He sees it as his ticket out of a one-horse town, and is single-minded in pushing his son to achieve fame and fortune via his sporting talent.  The fact that Edward is more captivated by Shakespeare than penalty shoot-outs is an annoyance to his father, so much so that Edward has long since stopped risking his ire, keeping his academic yearnings to himself.

“I’m counting on you,” Dad said. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. I flinched a little and stopped breathing again. Even though I knew I was too built up now for him to really do anything to me, old habits die hard. “You know the plan, now you just have to focus, Edward. Don’t lose your focus. Classes okay so far? I don’t want anything distracting you.”

“They’re okay,” I told him. I shrugged a little, hoping it would get his hand off me. It worked, and I took a deep breath. “It’s only the first week of school, but they’re all okay so far.”

“I never should have let you sign up for those AP classes,” he grumbled.

I really, really didn’t want to have this fight again.

“And no girls,” Dad added. “If you want pussy, I fucking buy you some pussy.”

“Geez, Dad,” I turned my head away, cringing. “Not a problem, okay? Seriously, I need to get to sleep soon.”

“Running tomorrow? Six AM?”



So, as you can see, Edward is ruled by his bullying father’s ambition, and he seeks relief in sketching – something else his father has no time for.  As for girls, well they’re just a means to an end, and his treatment of them is very much informed by his father’s vile misogyny.  But then, along comes soccer playing Bella, and everything changes.

Long, thick brown hair covering most of her back and shoulders, pale skin, athletically built, and deep brown eyes. She looked up at me, her teeth sank into her bottom lip, and I knew immediately who she was. It was the girl I slammed into after I was kicked out of the game on Friday, and she was sitting at my lab table.  I dropped down next to her and looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She tilted her head down, which made her hair drop over her shoulder and hide her face. It kind of pissed me off, actually, though I wasn’t sure why. I reached over and pushed her hair away from her face and back over her shoulder. She looked up at me, her deep brown eyes wide.

“Hey,” I said as I smiled at her.

“Um…hi,” she replied. She pulled back a little, and her hair dropped away from my fingers. At least it wasn’t hiding her from me anymore.

“I’m Edward,” I told her.

“So I’ve heard,” she said. Her eyes flashed up to Mister Banner, who was beginning his lecture on cellular anatomy.

“Have you now?” I smirked. I wondered just what she had heard, and from whom. “You got a name?”

“Yes.” She turned to look up at the front of the classroom. I had to laugh.

“Want to tell me what it is?” I asked. “Or do we get to play Rumplestiltskin?”

A few other games I could play with her flashed through my mind.

I glanced back over to the girl next to me, and saw the corners of her mouth turn up a little, like she was holding in a laugh. I shifted my lab stool, moving a little closer to her. She looked up at me, and then quickly looked away.

I didn’t touch her, though it was a little tempting. I kept my leg just about three inches away from hers, shifting when she moved away a bit to keep the constant distance. She had long, slender legs, but I could tell they had some muscle to them as well. I resisted the urge to run my hand over her thigh. No need to move too quickly on a chick that was obviously new.  Maybe even a challenge.

Predictably, a relationship is formed, but Carlisle is not happy about it.  He’s such a complete dick, in fact, that Savage felt compelled to ask readers to come up with novel ways to knock him off in her ‘Die, Daddy C, Die’ contest.  I tried my hand at this, submitting my first ever piece of fiction, and thus caught the writing bug.  So, thanks, Shay!  BTW, you should check these out, as some of them are absolutely inspired and very imaginative!

This is inevitably a story of star-crossed lovers, but, as ever with Savage, there’s much more to it than that – there’s heat, there’s angst, and there’s even a little intrigue.  Topped off with a very satisfying denouement, this is yet another high quality and brilliantly told story from one of the fandom’s most talented authors.

Die, Daddy C, Die Community here.


*Review by Midnight Cougar*

Quarterback Rush by musegirl

*Made by perfacidadeliberada*

*Made by perfacidadeliberada*

Quarterback Rush ~ Bella has a chance meeting with college co-ed Edward and is immediately smitten. But how will she handle finding out Edward is a star football player? Will she be his good luck charm or a curse? AU/AH. Fluff, fun, and lemons. Rated M for a reason.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 111,589 – Reviews: 1,591 – Favs: 2,526 – Follows: 1,592 – Updated: 01-27-12 – Published: 11-10-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6467809

I have to admit, I’ve read a fair amount of Sportsward over the last several years – Baseballward, Soccerward, Swimward, Hockeyward … I seem to be pretty partial to any jock Edward, bulked up, cocky and in some type of sports uniform! *sighs dreamily* But I think my favourite has to a QBward. There is something about Edward Cullen all fit, fast, furious and decked out in a tight football uniform that really does it for me! *fans self*

One of the first QBwards I read was Quarterback Rush by musegirl. Now, it has been quite some time since I read it, but it was definitely memorable. What I remember the most was that I absolutely loved the romance of this story. I read the whole thing in just a few days. The story is set in a Texas college, Edward is the star Quarterback; he is intelligent, a bit cocky, but also adorable, and Bella has no idea who he is as she has no interest in sports. She is an all-around great Bella, though: studious, beautiful, nice; she is so real and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed them both – from their first encounter where their witty banter immediately takes hold, we see their sweet chemistry…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy smirking at me. Glancing at him, my breath caught. Damn, he was hot. Really, really hot. Panty-wetting hot. Fuckhot. Brown-ish, red-ish…bronze-ish…crazy sex-hair with the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen, like fresh-cut grass. A perfectly straight nose and jaw that were a sculptor’s dream and his perfect, totally kissable lips formed that smirk that made my lady parts sit up and take notice.

He lifted an eyebrow to go with his smirk and I quickly looked down, blushing. Fuck, I’d been caught staring. I bit my lip, immediately regretting pulling my hair up so I couldn’t hide behind it. I climbed onto the bus in front of him and headed for the back. The bus was only half full so I took an empty seat in the back corner. Looking out the window, I reached up and released my hair and ran my fingers through it. I peeked through the strands and saw Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy chatting with someone before making his way further back. I hastily looked away to avoid getting caught staring again. I heard someone rather noisily take a seat in the row in front of me and I turned my head. Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy was sprawled across the row of seats and smirking once again at me. Now I became defensive, “What?”

He chuckled lowly and a shiver danced down my spine. His smirk deepened and he asked, “So, going to the game on Saturday?” Oh dear God in heaven, that voice! That smooth, deep, velvet voice. Just that one sentence had my stomach, amongst other things, quivering. What the hell was wrong with me? I’d never reacted like this to any guy before. I was practically panting over him like a cat in heat.

I mentally shook myself and pulled out my trusty friend, sarcasm. “Oh, yeah. I dream of nothing else.” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re going to lecture me on the wonders of football too? I get enough of that from my father. He thinks I’m un-American.”

Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy laughed again and smiled, shaking his head. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He cocked his head to the side, “You’re an interesting girl. You don’t like football, so I’m guessing you’re not much of a tomboy. But you don’t like shopping either, so you’re not a princess. I can’t quite figure out what kind of girl you are.”

Ah, well, Edward, that is for her to know and you to find out! And since it looks like our Bella, while “quivering” on the inside, can hold her own on the outside, he may just have to work for it. *nods head and smiles*

As you can already see, she did make quite an impression, greatly intriguing our “Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy” QBward; and his interest only grows during the first few chapters as they continue to enjoy each other’s company during bus rides home. But it’s after Edward visits her sorority that Bella learns who Edward really is: starting Quarterback Cullen, number 17. Not only does Bella feel she is way out of Edward’s league, being as she is, “…plain as you could get. Brown hair, brown eyes, with that wholesome girl next door look. Not exactly the kind of girl guys would beat down a door to get to,” but she also thinks it’s all a game to him: for the popular jock to romance the quiet, book nerd. But our smooth QBward would disagree wholeheartedly, and his romance knows no bounds, as he pulls out ALL the stops to prove to her he is sincere and to win over his “beautiful girl”…

I was doodling on my notepad when the doorbell rang downstairs. I sighed; the meeting would come to a halt until whoever was at the door left. Jessica ran downstairs to answer the door when singing drifted up to the chapter room. She came racing back upstairs, almost tripping and yelling for us to get downstairs. Half of the girls followed her down and the other half ran to the front balcony. I stayed upstairs, not all that excited. I assumed it was one of the frats ‘serenading’ us. I’d heard Charlotte had met a guy named Peter at one of the parties over the weekend and figured it was his fraternity out there.

I stood in the back, laughing over the song choice, ‘You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.’ The scene from Top Gun where the guys all serenade their teacher was always one of my favorites. I yelped when Alice grabbed my arm and yanked me to the front of the group. Completely startled, I looked down to see Edward out in front on one knee with a large group of football players behind him as backup. They were all wearing their jerseys and smiling and totally hamming up the performance.

I covered my mouth with one hand, laughing at the sight in front of me. Edward looked up and spotted me. He smiled and, still singing, crooked his finger at me. Eyes wide and blushing, I shook my head. Edward winked at me and nodded, crooking his finger again. Alice dug her nails into my arm in warning and I hastily retreated to the stairs. I walked down them, taking deep breaths to cool my cheeks and calm my pounding heart.

Making my way through the girls gathered at the door, I stepped out in front of them. Edward’s smile was blinding. I took a few more steps forward and he took my hand as they finished the song. I ducked my head causing my hair to fall in a curtain around my face, shielding it from view. I knew my face was bright red still, but I couldn’t bring myself to care when Edward was smiling at me like that. The song ended and Edward rose, grabbing my waist with one hand and supporting my head with the other as he dipped me low to kiss me. I clung to his neck, partly to help keep myself from falling, but also to hold him to me. Even though the kiss was nowhere near as deep as the one we’d shared in my bedroom, I still felt it all the way to my toes.

The girls and guys all cheered when Edward lifted me upright again and I hid my face and grin in his chest.

Now THAT is how a football jock, who’s smitten, wins over his girl and scores his own touchdown! You now see why I found this story so memorable? But this only brings us into chapter 3 and there are 20 chapters, so you have lots more to read about Bella and Edward’s lovely, budding relationship in QR. It was a pleasure for me to read; it’s filled with romance and humour, with a little drama and some lemony goodness thrown in to keep things interesting, as Bella learns all about her “tight end.” *wink*


*Review by AllyVera*

Major Misconduct by m7707

banner by m7707

banner by m7707

Coincidental Major by m7707

banner by m7707

banner by m7707

Major Misconduct ~Edward Cullen – hot high school hockey player. Bella Swan – shy high school student. They’ve admired each other from afar, so what happens when they finally meet? Will they be strong enough to handle a threat from his past? No good deed goes unpunished…

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 36 – Words: 160,515 – Reviews: 4,686 – Favs: 5,101 – Follows: 2,345 – Updated: 07-17-10 – Published: 03-16-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5821543

Coincidental Major ~ A tale about a hockey-playing boy who loves his girl. This is Edward’s story from Major Misconduct.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 35 – Words: 193,272 – Reviews: 2,917 – Favs: 1,883 – Follows: 1,176 – Updated: 07-05-11 – Published: 02-02-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6709135

It is no secret that I have an unabashed passion for Hockeywards – hell, my Favourite Edward EVER is the original Hockeyward from HunterHunting’s brilliant The Misapprehension of Bella Swan *Ally goes all glassy-eyed thinking about him* Oh sorry, I got sidetracked…  What I do keep under wraps however, is that I am secretly a High School Fic hOOr.  I love them – so when MC and Cared told me about Sportsward, there was only one choice for me – Major Misconduct and its EPOV companion story Coincidental Major written by the wonderful m7707.

Of course, in MM, Bella is a very smart girl for her age and has crushed on the gorgeous Edward Cullen since first laying eyes on him as a freshman.  Being very shy and unsure of herself, she never acts on her crush, and doesn’t actually officially meet Edward until the beginning of junior year when her best friend Alice starts dating Jasper, Edward’s best friend.  What Bella doesn’t know is that Edward has crushed on her for probably the same amount of time… *sigh* These two!  All that wasted time!!

What I adored most about MM and CM are the characters that m7707 has created. Bella is shy and doesn’t run with the popular crowd, but there is a side to her that is fierce, passionate, glorious, and she has a wicked sense of humour.  Edward is not your typical jock, he’s intelligent, focused and very driven and you will adore the way he loves his Bella.

Here is a glimpse of Bella getting a dash anxious waiting for Edward to turn up for their first date – I laughed myself silly when I read this (from chapter 8)

At 7:25 I ran down the stairs. Edward seemed like the on-time type. I pulled the curtains in the front window back to peer out into the dark, and jerked back as headlights flashed across the front of the house. Oh God, I hoped he hadn’t seen me looking out and waiting for him like some overeager loser. I spun around, and saw that Charlie was watching me incredulously.

“What?” I demanded. “He’s here. I think. I think that’s him. It’s probably him. Should I get the door? No, you probably should. Will you get it? No! Wait!” I flung my hands out at him as he started to rise from his chair, and he froze. “I’ll get it. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see Dad the Police Chief first thing, give him a second to adjust. Right? Don’t you think?” The doorbell rang, and I jumped as if I’d been goosed. “I’ll get it. Dad! Be nice,” I reminded him, and dashed down the hall to the front door.

“Ooo-kay,” I heard Charlie mumble, and realized I was acting like a lunatic. I paused before the door and took a deep breath, shaking my hands to loosen them. Calm down, Swan.

I pulled the door open, and there he was—Edward Cullen, standing on my front door step—tall, gorgeous, smelling fantastic, and smiling down at me. I just stared at him, leaning against the door for support.

No wonder Bella got all worked up! She might be shy, but she’s got spunk and is so funny! She’s also a perv (it’s always the quiet ones), and her slight obsession with Edward’s compression pants is hilarious and well-founded. m7707 delighted in her AN’s with YouTube visuals to help those of us who had no idea what compression pants were.  Well, suffice to say, I am an expert now! (Below is the video that m7707 shared with us…  just pretend it’s Edward… although Sidney Crosby does fill out those compression pants pretty well!)

If you are wondering which story to read first, Major Misconduct was written first, and then Coincidental Major.  I read MM first completely and then I read CM as a WIP.  Personally, I would advise to read MM first, and then delve into Edward’s POV afterwards in CM – but you could read them in tandem if you wanted to, but I think it takes away some of the mystery when you know what Edward is thinking – if you know what I mean!


Sportsward Reading List

Another League by CaraNo

Chasing Victory by mpg   Previous review here.

Comp Sem 101 by bornonhalloween 

Evening the Score by DH78

First & Ten by Nolebucgrl  Previous review here.

Foul Territory » by rinabina

Game, Set, Match by MandyLeigh87

Going Under by sparklnfade

He Shoots, She Scores by WitchyVampireGirl  Previous review here.

Lucky Strike by Twiddler83

Melt With You by Jenny0719

Off Piste by landdownunder

Penalty Shot by Edward’s Eternal

Quarterback Sneak by jayhawkbb

Shadowboxer by nobloodnofoul

Sideline Collision by Nolebucgrl   Previous review here.

Stealing Home by Nolebucgrl 

Take The Ice  by bellamarie117

Taking a Shot by TwoTwiMoms

The Purple Banana Hammock by TheFicChick  Previous review here.

Try by shellshock81

Up to Speed by ericastwilight  Previous review here.

Yosemite Decimal by MagTwi78  Previous review here.

We would like to say a big thank you to FluffyLiz for joining us today on Fan Fiction Fridays.  She didn’t include the link to her entry into the Die, Daddy C, Die contest, What Goes Around Cums Around, *snicker* but we just did.

The FicSix

Let's Play Ball


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Sensual Sunday ~ PCP, My Drug of Choice!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evening, Ladies!

{Sorry, I’m a little late today!}

Now, before you go thinkin’ I done lost my everlovin’ mind, I’m not talkin’ about illegal drugs!  Well, unless you consider Rob a drug…which you know he is LOL!

But, no! PCP = Press Conference Portraits!!!

Star Date:  April 3, 2011

Location: Los Angeles

Event: Press Conference for Water for Elephants


*Gasp!* Rita, are you seriously comparing me to an illegal drug???

Uuuuh! Yeah…I guess I am!


Well, color me confused…mind explaining yourself?

*Gigglesnort!*  You got all night, Rob darlin’?


*Sigh!* You’re about to embarrass me, aren’t you?

Pretty much LMAO!!!


*Deep breath!* OK…hit me!

“Is it in his eyes {Oh no, you’ll be deceived}”


Rita, if you sing the Shoop Shoop song, I’ll turn you over my knee!

*Pout!* Promises, promises!


*Grrrr!* I hate that stupid song!

“Is it in his face? {Oh no, that’s just his charm}”


What’ll it take to make you stop, Rita?

*Snickers!* Beggin’ will do nicely, sweetie!


Then pretty please, with sugar on it…fucking STOP!

Sugar? Ummm… “It’s in his KISS!”


OK! I’ll write you an I.O.U for One Kiss if we ever meet…how’s that?

*Squeeee!* {Rita does the Snoopy Dance of Joy!!!}  Heeey…wait a minute!


What’s wrong, Rita?

Well, crap! The chances of me ever gettin’ to collect is like a gazillion to one!


C’mon, Rita! A gazillion to one is still better than a gazillion to nothing, right?

Don’t have much choice, do it *Groan!*


Stranger things have happened but, no…not really!

Well, promise me this, then…


At this point, I’ll promise you anything to get off my dick!

*Gulp!* {Call the Robulance! Rita just nose-dived into the gutter!}


Focus, Rita! What other promise?

Oh, yeah! I’d like for all your people…you know, like Dean and Nick and everyone…


Yeah? {Where the hell is she going with this?}

I want each of them to carry a copy of that I.O.U. with them at all times…just in case!


You kidding me, right now?

No-puh! Deal or no deal!


And that’s it?

Yes! I don’t want anyone tellin’ me I can’t collect my kiss…if we ever meet! Agreed?


Agreed! {Good thing the odds are stacked in my favor LOL!}

Thank you, Rob! I know you are a man of honor, so I’m pleased with our deal!


Good! Now, back to your explanation of why I’m like a drug?

Damn, baby! I’m so busy imaginin’ kissin’ you, I plumb forgot!


Rita! You are one crazy lady…but you’re MY crazy lady!!!

Damn right, I am! And don’t you forget it!!

Anybody else wanna try explainin’ why Rob is like a drug to us? ‘Cause I KNOW I’m not the only one LMAO!!!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Panty Meltin’ Stare!

Yeah, ladies!

You know the one I mean! The one where Rob stares straight at the camera…at US…as if he knew ALL our durtiest secret desires!

Once I got that thought in my head, I knew there was only one place to go to find the best of the best, and that was our beloved Melbie Toast’s tumblr archieve LOL!

That’s the one I’m talkin’ about! *THUD!*

Rob’s eyes should be registered as lethal weapons!

Rob might not be lookin’ straight at us, but SOMEONE sure as hell was on the receivin’ end of it…hope they survived *gigglesnort!*

*GAH!* Makes me want to know what wicked thoughts are runnin’ through his beautiful head!

Would he like me to tie him up and have my evil way with him? {Where’s the key to RA’s Red Room of Pain when I need it?}

Oh, God! Maybe he wants to tie ME up? {I’ll just run get those ropes…BRB!}

No? Ah, Geez! Not the nipple clamps! Well, on second thought…

Holy hell! If I was a mind reader, I’d be thinkin’ a very nekkid Rita might be crawlin’ his way on hands and knees right about now! Or maybe that’s just wishful thinkin’!

Oh, Baby! The things I’d like to do to you! Better yet, the things you could do to me!

See that slight tilt of his lips? The man KNOWS he does this to us!  How can we resist him? We can’t…it’s that simple!

I just…

I mean…


*Can’t breath!!!*

*Hyperventilating now!!!”

If y’all ‘re lookin’ for me, I’m the big puddle of goo on the floor!

Which means I’ve lost the power of communication LOL!

Now, THIS is why Melbie’s pet name for Rob is “Sexy Beast!” LMAO!!!

I think we are all in unanimous agreement that Rob is Sex Incarnate!!!

And nobody…I mean, NOBODY rocks the Sex Hair like Rob!

I rest my case!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Through the Looking Glass!

Well, good afternoon, ladies!

This has been one helluva week, hasn’t it?  Were you all as shakey and nervous as I was to see Rob again, after so long?

And, all of a sudden, there he was! Girdin’ his loins, as it were, and ready to dive into promotin’ his ass off for Cosmopolis *THUD!*

Rob quote: “I don’t have awkward moments. I have an awkward life, occasionally interrupted by normalcy.”

Lookin’ all fine and fit, if a trifle thinner than I remember…AND the wonky legs are BACK!

We’ll get to the premier of Cosmopolis another time, cause I’ve got some photos in my head from the Good Morning America show that will explain the title of my post!

Arrivin’ at the GMA building, Rob was hustled from the car by his ever present security team.

But, I think Rob had failed to anticipate the hords of screamin’ fans waitin’ on him LOL!  {Aw, crap! I just spotted that triangle of Happy Trail *THUD!*}

This guy was glued to Rob’s side 24/7 the whole week! {Wonder how much weight he lost tryin’ to keep up *gigglesnort!*}

{*GAH!* TonguePorn alert!} Rob was like a vampire…feedin’ off the energy of all the adorin’ women waitin’ for a chance to grab him {they wish}!!!

Hell’n if it was me, I’d be scared shitless!  This particularly avid fan musta been stalkin’ him all over NYC, cause I spotted her when he arrived at the Museum of Modern Art for the premier, too!

And here’s what I mean by “Through the Looking Glass!” Someone took photos from outside lookin’ in and the effect gives Rob an ethereal beauty that does my head somethin’ fierce! {Bet that girl’s hands were tremblin’ so bad, it took her a lot longer to hook him up than it should have LMAO! OR, maybe she made it last as long as possible!?!?! I know I would have *snickers!*}

It must be kinda like Alice climbin’ through the lookin’ glass into an alternate reality for Rob to be yanked so abruptly from solitude to chaos in a heartbeat!

I swear, I’m seein’ stars just lookin’ at him!!!

And his adorable man giggle makes my lady bits tingle LOL!

Am I completely crazy for bein’ so Robsessed that watchin’ him do somethin’ as simple as drinkin’ a cup of coffee warms my heart? If so, then I completely own it…I AM crazy!

Don’t know ’bout you, but I’m lovin’ Rob’s longer hair! {That little forehead pluck tryin’ to escape? *squeee!*}

Imma just lose myself in Rob’s eyes for a while…

Sorry, still lost *gigglesnort!*

Could Rob be more adorable?

Why, yes he can!!!

And then, that buttfaced, swarmy presenter {don’t remember his name…don’t care to} addressed the “elephant in the room!”

“What do you want your fans to know about what’s going on in your personal life?”

Well, Rob thought about it for a second…

Looked out the window at his fans… {thank you, Sista Melbie, for this devine B/W of Rob’s profile *swoon!*}

{God, I hate that ScumDude made him so uncomfortable!}

“I guess…”

And then, our sweet man came up with the perfect answer!!!

“I want my fans to know that…Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl.” {In case WP super minimizes these 2 gifs!}

And there you have it!  Ain’t none of our business…never has been…never will be!!!

Here’s hopin’ all you ladies in the good ol’ US of A can find a theatre near you to see Cosmopolis! Supportin’ Rob’s career is where we need to be concentratin’ all our energy!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Monday Madness…TR&TD Edits/manips

Hello Everybody *waves*


This Post is Positively NSFW!!!

I’ve had this post planned for some time now. And as I promised eeweee333 last week here it is!

I have a friend on FB friend known as Therose Andthedragon and she had tagged me in some of the most amazing edits and manips. Flove them! I’ll start out relatively safely and increase to Gutter mode as I go along but just in case you didn’t see my warning above this post is NSFW! 

I LOVE this first pic. Rob looks pissed and with it all being in B&W except his eyes it looks like he will jump right off the screen to devour you!

Uh RRoP Mr Pattinson sir? uh ok!
“click it” to make it bigger!

This one just Floored me when I logged onto my FB page and saw this Beauty staring back at me! Hot Damn! Thank You TH&TD!!! I could think up a great one shot based on this pic alone! What is it about a man in a vest? It’s so hot and yet you just want to rip it right off of him. Especially when “Him” is Rob!!!

Those two pics were great but ya know I think Rob has too many layers on lets see if we can remedy that shall we?

Tattward is always a WIN!

That’s Better 🙂 but I still want to see more don’t you? {DUH!}

Oh the heavenly Happy Trail! THUD!

Heavenly Happy Trail indeed! and What is with the “A” Tattoo? That wouldn’t happen to stand for Angel now would it eewee333? When most people think of Rob as an angel it usually conjures up images like This one…



Angelward is great but when I think of Rob as an Angel my mind goes more along this train of thought…

Oh My! What BIG Wings you’ve got there ROB!!! hehehe

Awww I can’t help it! I’m a pervy hOOr where Rob is concerned! Oh Wait I forgot we were undressing Rob weren’t we? Well I think we should get back to that!!!

*DED* FL_________

And last but Absolutely NOT least TR&TD blessed me with this final Manip which I FLOVE!!!

Time to go take a LONG Shower!!!

No Seriously I meant I have to go shower now! heehee Now what did I do with that shamwow???

Much love to you all,





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Sensual Sunday ~ Lost in Those Eyes!

So, are ya’ll still standin’?  What a rush, huh? All that RobGoodness for Cosmopolis justa pourin’ all over us?

But it’s never enough…hell’n I’m already havin’ withdrawal pains!!

What I’m pretty much missing the most? Rob’s eyes!  Yeah, I get lost to distraction in those eyes of his *le sigh!*  I’d recognize ’em anywhere!

LOL! Bet you knew instantly these were Rob’s eyes! The thick eyebrows…the unique shape…no other eyes like ’em in the world, right?

Nobody had to tell us whose eyes these were when this Mission Blacklist poster came out, did they!

THE Most Beautiful Eyes in the World!

No matter what color is used to portray them!

Although why anyone would want to mess with perfection is beyond me and I KNOW this was the photo used for the MB poster above!

Even in black ‘n white, Rob’s eyes are absolutely mesmerizing!!!

They could talk me into anything…and, when I say “anything,” I mean ANY…THING!!!

Could you say no to these eyes? I think not!

Rob’s eyes inspire the artist in many of us, including ileana…isn’t the detail awesome?

I have no idea who made this beautiful banner, but bless ’em for it!

Nor do I know who made this wonderful blinkie for Pastiche Pen’s “If Love Could Light A Candle!” {click the photo and watch the eye change colors!} In case you newbies have never read this, here’s the link….

Edward Cullen: telepath, vampire, and psychologist. When a new patient ignites unfamiliar feelings in his soul, can he reconcile his past with his future? A la Midnight Sun. Warnings: Violence, lots of character death, and the usual. AU.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Horror – Chapters: 13 – Words: 122,587 – Reviews: 2758 – Updated: 9-25-09 – Published: 4-26-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

See, even just one of Rob’s eyes shivers me timbers LMAO!!!  OK, OK…I’ll give you the link to TKegl’s “Cutlass!” {She did this banner herself!} Her One-eyed Eddie Cullen is fuckHAWT!!!

Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 101,712 – Reviews: 2868 – Updated: 6-18-12 – Published: 1-31-12 – Edward & Bella

Now, when you combine Rob’s EyePorn with FingerPorn AND SexHairPorn, it’s a lethal combination!

But, let’s “face” it LOL!  It’s the whole package we adore! {JawPorn…LipPorn FTMFW!!!}

Haven’t had enough yet? Me neither!  So, check out this vid by BCD/CML {with a shout out to MelbieToast for contributing her work}!  I couldn’t help myself! Gotta share…it’s what we do!!!

You didn’t think I’d forget Rob’s “Edward” eyes, now did you?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob Takin’ Toronto!

Good afternoon, ladies!

Well, Toronto was the last stop on the Cosmopolis promo tour and didn’t Rob just shine?!?!?!

Seriously, did you see him strut out onto that stage like he owned the world?  And HE DOES!!!

Star date: June 4, 2012

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event: Cosmopolis Premier!

“Ladies and gentlemen…Mr. Robert Pattinson!” ***APPLAUSE!!!***

For the audience Q&A, Rob tried to put on his serious face and follow David’s example…

Host: So why Robert Pattinson?
David: “I knew he would be good, but I had to convince him he would be good.”

He really did…

David: “The movie is very philosophical. Philosophical observations about the nature of capitalism.” blah blah blah

But it wasn’t long…

David: “You’ve got the people you love to work with and you’re creating something and you’re killing yourself laughing.”

Before his irrepressible sense of humor had Paul Giamatti crackin’ the fuck up!

{regarding the prostate exam in the back of the limo…}
” He {David} was like, “I want to shoot it… and just cup the frame with your balls at the top.” I genuinely believed him!”

There was no stopping Rob after that!

“Wow, it’s wall-to-wall dialogue. It’s very complex. It could be great. But am I going to f*** it up?”

Not in a million years, darlin’!

{Gratuitous ThighPorn…*GAH!!!*}

We didn’t get any of that during the press conference, but we DID get some great shots of The Pretty being, well…oh, so Pretty!!!

“I’ve never really taken myself seriously as an actor.”

As self-deprecating as ever! We always knew he was a serious actor!!

“I don’t really know how accepted I am,”

Baby, we accept you unconditionally!

“It is surprising the amount of people who think I’m going to be really dumb,”

Little do these “people” know! Rob is far from dumb!

‘It’s so different to other films, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it.”

Aw crap! ChestHairPorn! FingerPorn! *THUD!*

“Getting the movie, getting it to Cannes and getting the movie I got recently are three of the happiest moments of my life.”

So good to see Rob getting what he wants out of his career!

“I think he {David} heard me in the very obvious throes of a panic attack. He said, ‘When we start shooting, what will be will be.’ ”

And I just know it will be great! In fact, I just found out Cosmopolis is playing here in Holland *squeeee*!  I intend to go see it as soon as possible!!

*   *   *   *

Rob’s fine ass was draggin’ by the end of it all, so much so that he apologized to the audience for gettin’ the short end of the straw LOL! But, maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll show up for the US premier on August 17th, either in LA or NYC!

Hmmm…well, I just might be pursuaded to make an appearance!

Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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