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Monday Madness~ Robert in Wonderland

*blows kisses*


Oh my gosh Ladies!!!

I’ve missed a few Monday Madness posts. Hope this makes up for it!!!


You all know posting Monday Madness is my favorite thing ever, especially when I get a great idea for an “Epic” post. Well, I haven’t had an epic idea since “The Invasion of the Robs!” Ever since I wrote that one, I just keep thinking, “What can I do next?”

The answer? Rob and I are going to Wonderland!!! So, if you want to go with us, you know what you have to do…






One gorgeous summer day, RF and Rob are sitting on the meadow when RF spots a white rabbit. Being a huge sucker for bunnies, she runs after it but the rabbit disappears into the hollow of a tree.

Now, when she reaches for it, she slips and starts to fall! Rob, being the gentleman that he is, grabs her ankle to stop her and they tumble down the rabbit hole together.




The real trouble begins when Rob finally reaches the bottom only to discover that RF has vanished!

Rob finds himself in a room with a tiny door, but he’s much too large to fit through it. Searching for another way out, he spies a round, glass top table with an intricate key on it, along with a bottle that looks suspiciously like a Heinekin, only the lable says “Drink Me!”


A drink would be good right about now and it does look very cool and refreshing…

Drink me heini by Mississippibellalis

With a shrug of his shoulders,


Rob drinks…


and suddenly feels a little bit…odd!

Enhanced by Verena 108


It feels he’s shrinking, but how is that even possible?



Moments later, Rob discovers he has shrunk! Now he’s small enough to fit through the door. Unfortunately, it’s locked! Oh, noze! He looks up through the bottom of the glass top table that towers above him and sees that he’s left the tiny key to the door behind! Double Oh, Noze! Then he notices a very tiny table below the much larger one. On it is a cupcake that simply says…



Eat me? Seriously? Rob ponders the problem of the table and the key. Knowing he has no other choice…


he eats the cupake and squeezes his eyes shut in anticipation!



Now stretched back to normal, Rob quickly retrieves the key. Fortunately, there’s enough of the strange drink left to shrink back down to fit through the door. Once through the door, Rob finds himself in a beautiful garden of daisies surrouned by other flowers! In the middle of the field of daisies is a life-sized statue of…Himself!

Smexy in the Daisies by Mississippibellalis

“What in the world?” Rob says, out loud.

“Don’t you mean where in the world?” a voice asks.

“Who said that?” Rob cries. He looks around but there’s no one there! Peering at the statue suspiciously, he begins to wonder if it had spoken to him.

“Curiouser and Curiouser,” he says as he walks around the statue a few times inspecting it. It was very realistic looking  yet not quite life-like. Rob reaches out to touch it.


“DON’T DO THAT!” someone yells.

“She’ll get you if you touch her things!”

“RF doesn’t like anyone messing with her toys!”

“Who said that?” Rob asks again, looking all around.

“We said it!”

grouchy BUDS by Mississippibellalis

“We said it!”

“Talking flowers? Where am I, in OZ?” Rob asks, not believing his eyes.

WWWWH edit 028

“That’s another story entirely!” Yellow Rose cries.

“RF will not like you calling this place OZ or calling us flowers! We’re Roses!” Pink Rose states indignantly.

“RF? Do you know where she is?” Rob asks.

“Where who is?” asks Blue Rose.

“RobsFan~tasy!” Rob exclaims.

“We don’t know anyone named RobsFan~tasy! Who are you?”

“I’m Rob and I came here with RF!” Rob explained.

“You just said you didn’t know where RF is,” Yellow Rose giggles.

“And, if you are Rob, and she is your fantasy, then she doesn’t really exist, now does she?”

“Oh! forget it! I’ll find her myself! Can you tell me where I am?” Rob asks, now thoroughly annoyed.

Enhanced by Verena 175

“Well, if you don’t know where you are, how did you get here?” Pink Rose asks.

“He probably doesn’t even know where he’s been!” Yellow Rose cries.

“I bloody well know where I’ve been and I know where I’ve gone! I’ve gone ’round the bend, that’s for sure!”

“Had you gone ‘Round the Bend,’ you’d be talking to me and not those idiot flowers,” a new voice says behind him.

Francies67 007
Rob spins around…the world spinning with him…and when it stops, he’s standing in front of a mushroom that’s not much taller than he is. Upon the great mushroom sits a hookah smokin’ caterpillar!!!

“Well, since you deem them as idiotic as I do, hopefully, you’ll makes some bloody sense. Who are you?” Rob asks the caterpillar.

“Who are YOU?”  replies the caterpillar as he puffs on his hookah.

“Oh, bloody hell. You’re no better than the roses.  Don’t you think you should tell me who you are?”


“Well, if you ask me…”

“You? Who.Are.You?”


“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Do you know where I can find RF?”

“In the alphabet, of course.”

“I mean RobsFan-tasy.”

“Then you should say what you mean.”

“Can’t anyone give a straight answer around here?”

“If it’s answers you seek, the answers are in the smoke,” The caterpillar says, holding out the hookah pipe to Rob.


Rob feels a little woozy after smoking the hookah and begins to see all sorts of colors whirling around his head mixed in with the smoke.The smoke takes on the form of a cat and then transforms into along table with many chairs. It becomes a rose before finally changing into a crown. Rob doesn’t know what the images mean but has the feeling he really needs to get away from the hooka when he sees that the caterpillar transform into a multicolored butterfly. Rob climbs down from the mushroom and starts to leave when the butterfly calls out to him.

“One side makes you taller.”

“One side of what?”

“The other makes you small”

“Other side of what?”

“The mushroom, of course.”

Rob figures traveling would go much faster if he were larger than 3 inches tall, so he breaks off a piece from each side of the mushroom and stuffs them in his pocket. Then he breaks off two more pieces and, with only a little hesitation, takes a bite of one of them. He returns back to his natural size. Rob laughs at the absurdity of it all!


“Is this crazy, or what?”

There are signs everywhere. Big signs and little signs, pointing in every possible direction.

“I’ll never find RF at this rate!” he says, turning ’round and ’round, looking at all the signs. As he turns, he comes face to…uh…grin with something.

“Lose something?” the grin asks.

Loose something?"

Lose something?”

“Um, yeah…kind of. I’m looking for RF. Can you tell me which way I should go?” Rob asks as the grin grows into a Cheshire cat.

“That depends on where you want to get to.”

“Oh, well that really doesn’t matter as long as…”

“Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go,” the cat says. “Ohhhh, by the way…if you’d really like to know, she went that way.”

“Who did?”


“She did?” Rob asks, pleased that he was finally getting an answer.

“She did what?”

“Went that way!”

“Who did?”


“Who’s RF?”

“But didn’t you just say…oh, bloody hell! Just forget it!”


“However, if I were looking for an RF, I’d ask the Mad Hatter,” the cat says, pointing to a sign that read MAD HATTER. Well, the last thing Rob wanted was more madness.

“Um, no…no thank you! I, I don’t…”

“OR, there’s always the March Hare in that direction,” the cat tells him as he points in the opposite direction.

“Yes, thank you. I think I’ll go see him.”

“Of course, he’s mad too!” the cat replies.

“Noooo! I can’t take any more mad people!!” Rob exclaims.

“Oh, you can’t help that! Most everyone’s mad around here! You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself!”

Cheshire cat

“Most everyone’s mad here! You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself!”

“I’m mad. You’re mad, ” the cat goes on, not giving Rob a chance to comment.

“How do you know I’m mad?” asks Rob.

“Oh, you must be or you wouldn’t have come here.”

With that, the cat vanishes into a fit of dissolving giggles.

To be Continued…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Much Love to you all,



 I have to extend a Super HUGE Awesome THANK YOU To Mississippibellalis for making all the above “Rob in Wonderland” manips and gifs with Rob and RF in them. Her edits and graphic work helped inspire this post and as you can see She has an awesome Talent! Thank You Missi, It was great working with you!! 

And as always I couldn’t do these Crazy posts without the Help of My girl Rita01tx. Thanks BB!! You’s da best!


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Profile of Perfection

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies, I finally got a day off work and found time to put up a post!Hang on to yourselves cause Imma taking you to Jaw Porn Heaven!!!  Back when Rita did her “Remember me” post We had a conversation that got me to thinking about Rob’s Perfect Profile ~SWOON!~ Then the Black Book photo shoot came out and while I loved it, *so different for him & I was  loving the tatts!* I was disappointed that there weren’t more profile pics, just this one gorgeous shot.

Black Book photo shoot 2012

I don’t know about you girls but I think Rob in Leather is a freaking stroke of genius not to mention sexy as hell. Case in point, The stunning pics from the “Another Man” photo shoot!

I just want to wrap myself around him like a gumby figure and never let go!

Look at that neck, that Jaw, those pouty lips, those lucious lashes, eyes, eye brows, side burns, hair! THUD!

No other photo shoot has captured Rob’s strong, sexy, purrrfect profile Better than this one. It’s absolutely stunning in its simplicity and B&W photos.

Unbearably Beautiful!

Rob looked pretty wiped out and exhausted when he appeared at the Today show back in 2010 while promoting Remember Me But from that show came one of the most beautiful and inspiring {for me}Profile pics of Rob EVAH! This picture is all kinds of WIN and remains my Twitter avi and one of my favorites of all time to this day.

One of my personal favorites of all time

This Profile shot is so perfect in my eyes I want to have a cameo made of it to wear all the time. I even looked into having it made once from an online site who makes custom made Cameos from family portraits but apparently they are no longer in business as they never replied. {Total Bummer!}

While “Edward” is man-scaped, he still has one of the most beautiful, intense and compelling profiles as seen here in Melbie’s Fabulous Edit.

No one can deny the sultry sex appeal of what I call the “work out” photo shoot. {Mark Segal 2008 another  great Melbie edit} I call it the work out shoot because just looking at it makes you breathe heavy, get all hot and sweaty and then you need a shower! LOL


Is it just me or does every profile picture seem entirely different? I Love the inquisitive eyes in this soft InRobWeLust edit of Remember Me and the smile playing at the corners of his mouth. We won’t even discuss those full, soft lips cause I have to finish this post and if we go there, I’ll never get it done! I also love how this picture hints at the cleft in his chin that we all know is there but we don’t always get to see.

Thanks Sally!

I don’t remember if this was a professional profile pic or if it was a fan pic but what a great shot. {Great edit by Francies67} I love the way Rob’s face is bathed in light and yet his eyes are in shadow. That just screams Rob to me. He is so open to the public and to his fans, friendly, out going, personable but you just know that there’s more to him than what we see. I think he has a brilliant mind and if you could hold a serious conversation with hm for a long period of time you’d find him to be very philosophical.

Again with that damnable smile playing at the corner of his mouth! I want to play there too!

Rob looks slightly perturbed here in this RM profile shot but somehow he even manages to make perturbed sex as hell.

See what I mean in this Rome Rob edit? He looks like an entirely different man and yet same beautiful face, great smile but he just looks like a different man all together!  How is that possible ladies?

Ok I am beginning to think Rob is actually a sex-tuplet *snickers* and that is why every pic is so the same and yet incredibly different! Another great Melbie Edit! What would we do without her?

*sigh* As usual when i start to TRY to focus on one specific part of our man I inevitably find something new to perv on and it’s happened again! Is it just me or are his freaking sideburns sexy as hell too!?!?! I never really liked sideburns before but Rob makes them look hawt  and makes me wonder why I the hell have I never noticed this before? I’m never going to get over this man!

Show me your favorite profile of Rob!

Much Love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

Welcome back, Angelz!

If you’re wonderin’ about that little ♥ symbol at the top of my avi that’s been makin’ an appearance lately, it’s just to keep the text from starting off so high up {just don’t look right to me}.

Coulda been any symbol, I guess {Ω ♠ Ψ ♣ Σ or ♦}, but I  Rob, and I you all, of course, so ♥ it is LOL!

There IS a point to this…I think!  Yeah, I was thinkin’ about Remember Me!  One of the only films where Rob looked and dressed so much like himself for the role of Tyler Hawkins that the end scene just broke my !  I know I wasn’t the only one!

I didn’t show you this edit by Sally ~ InRobWeLust last Sunday.  I was holdin’ out on you cause it’s what inspired today’s post!

So fuckin’ beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes!

Sally wasn’t the only one to move me with their lovely edits, enhancements and banners for Remember Me…

I credit this one to Floren83, even though it’s not tagged, cause I snagged it from her RobPorn stash a long time ago {shameless lurker that I am}!

You have to look close, but I promise this is a Robelied edit {gonna have to search for more of her stuff}!

Have I ever told you how much I love Rob in RED???  This is tagged RPAU {Robert Pattinson Australia}, but it has Jules’s fingerprints all over it…Jules? This yours?

Now, I KNOW this one is Jules’s!  Absolutely one of my very favorites!

The lovely Biel made this photo look like it mighta been found among the debris of the Twin Towers…soooo haunting!

There’s a raw earthiness to some of Biel’s edits that speaks to me!  I like her style!!

If you’ve never seen this Melbie edit before, shield your eyes…it will burn itself into your bwainz!  Oops…too late!  I consider this a triumph of her craft!

Once again, I can only tell you this fabulous banner is credited to Nylfn…people need to tag their shit, damnit!

If I knew who made this beautiful banner, I’d hug ’em to death, I tell you! {You guys double clicking these things? They’re huge!}

Such a poignant scene {unknown bannermaker}!

By the time Rob / Tyler spoke those words, I was sobbing my  out…I just broke *ungh, ungh, gulp!* {damnit, Jules!}

Thanks, Melbie darlin’!  Just what I needed to, uh…refocus LOL!

Oh, yeah! Now we talkin’!!!

Lordy, the light on his hair! Those lips…GAH!  With plenty of red in the background? FTMFW!!!

Another Melbie Masterpiece I just had to share with you all!

Am I crazy for lovin’ that beat-up face?  Only because I know it’s just make-up, right? But, oh, that razor sharp jawline *drool!*  So lickable!!!

Whoever chose this photo for the official movie poster was genius! Love the way the wind ruffles his hair!  And the half smile on his beautiful face *groan!*

Take us out with a smile, Biel darlin’!

And, if all that RobGoodness wasn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with her awesome vid “Just Tyler  / with love from me to you”…

Now, Imma just go watch Remember Me again!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Lost in Those Eyes!

So, are ya’ll still standin’?  What a rush, huh? All that RobGoodness for Cosmopolis justa pourin’ all over us?

But it’s never enough…hell’n I’m already havin’ withdrawal pains!!

What I’m pretty much missing the most? Rob’s eyes!  Yeah, I get lost to distraction in those eyes of his *le sigh!*  I’d recognize ’em anywhere!

LOL! Bet you knew instantly these were Rob’s eyes! The thick eyebrows…the unique shape…no other eyes like ’em in the world, right?

Nobody had to tell us whose eyes these were when this Mission Blacklist poster came out, did they!

THE Most Beautiful Eyes in the World!

No matter what color is used to portray them!

Although why anyone would want to mess with perfection is beyond me and I KNOW this was the photo used for the MB poster above!

Even in black ‘n white, Rob’s eyes are absolutely mesmerizing!!!

They could talk me into anything…and, when I say “anything,” I mean ANY…THING!!!

Could you say no to these eyes? I think not!

Rob’s eyes inspire the artist in many of us, including ileana…isn’t the detail awesome?

I have no idea who made this beautiful banner, but bless ’em for it!

Nor do I know who made this wonderful blinkie for Pastiche Pen’s “If Love Could Light A Candle!” {click the photo and watch the eye change colors!} In case you newbies have never read this, here’s the link….

Edward Cullen: telepath, vampire, and psychologist. When a new patient ignites unfamiliar feelings in his soul, can he reconcile his past with his future? A la Midnight Sun. Warnings: Violence, lots of character death, and the usual. AU.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Horror – Chapters: 13 – Words: 122,587 – Reviews: 2758 – Updated: 9-25-09 – Published: 4-26-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

See, even just one of Rob’s eyes shivers me timbers LMAO!!!  OK, OK…I’ll give you the link to TKegl’s “Cutlass!” {She did this banner herself!} Her One-eyed Eddie Cullen is fuckHAWT!!!

Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 101,712 – Reviews: 2868 – Updated: 6-18-12 – Published: 1-31-12 – Edward & Bella

Now, when you combine Rob’s EyePorn with FingerPorn AND SexHairPorn, it’s a lethal combination!

But, let’s “face” it LOL!  It’s the whole package we adore! {JawPorn…LipPorn FTMFW!!!}

Haven’t had enough yet? Me neither!  So, check out this vid by BCD/CML {with a shout out to MelbieToast for contributing her work}!  I couldn’t help myself! Gotta share…it’s what we do!!!

You didn’t think I’d forget Rob’s “Edward” eyes, now did you?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob’s Happy Tail!!

Sorry, ladies!

Got a little sidetracked on my way to Barcelona, so…next week, I promise! And, before you ask…NO! That’s not a misspelling of Happy Trail LOL!  I actually do mean Happy Tail!

Aw, come on! You know what I mean, right?

Here, lemme just explain how this photo on tumblr froze me in my tracks…

Edward about to walk into the light in New Moon!

Beautiful, isn’t it? One of a million gorgeous photos of Rob, right? So, what caught my eye?  That darlin’ little tail of hair on the back of his neck!  GAH!

Rob as Tyler in Remember Me

Women can’t keep their hands off of it…I know I want MY fingers locked.right.THERE! BTW, you’re gonna want to click this one cause it’s HUGE!

Edward in Breaking Dawn Part 1

See what I mean?

Remember Me {not likely to forget LOL!}

When that little lock of hair comes with BackPorn, it’s ALL GOOD! *THUD!*

Theo Wenner photoshoot

You can even see it when Rob is photographed in profile…well, if his hair is long enough, of course!

Rob at Collectormania 2006

Like in this one! Well, it might not be THE little pluck, but when Rob’s hair is long enough to curl around his neck, it gets to me BIG TIME!

Melbrooks Book Signing 2008

When it gets TOO long, we get to drool at the swept back hair exposing his elegant neck, but that little curl is still there!

LAX October 21, 2011

Damned airport paps KNOW what I like!

LAX March 8, 2012

No matter how short Rob cuts his hair, that little pluck is just waiting to come out and play!!!

Don't know when or where...stole it from Melbie's tumblr!

Now THAT‘s what I’m waiting to see again! Oh, WHEN, Rob????

MTV Movie Awards June 5, 2011

With any luck, that little lock of hair should be at least this long, by now! We’ll see when he gets to Cannes, unless the reported photoshoot is issued first *FIST PUMP!*

Inglorious Bastards premier at Cannes 2009

Not such a visible neck curl at Rob’s last appearance at Cannes, but I don’t think we minded, now did we? *le sigh!*

Rob as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with the shorty in Cosmopolis, and…

Bel Ami

the longer neck curl in Bel Ami.  HEY! The Happy Tail…not the ass crack LMAO!!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Perfect in Plaid!


If there’s anything I love to see Rob wearin’, it’s plaid!  Don’t matter what color plaid…it all looks f*ckHAWT on our boy!

Well, as long as he NEVER wears plaid pants!  Those shiteous orange pants were bad enough, but PLAID?  Just…UGH!

Oh, shouldn't have said that! Now I'll have to dig up a pair just to tease you!

Don’t do it, Rob!  I’m watching you {2 fingers pointing from my stink eyes to his twinklies}!

OK, where was I?  Oh yeah!  So, beanie Rob gave us black plaid during rehearsals for Cosmopolis …

Purple, baby! It's plaid is so boring!

I dunno, Rob…looks black to me!

Well, I'm standing by purple. And, damn it, Rita! No dissing the red pants!

Soooory!  Must be the light cause those pants look orange to me…no need to pout, but I love the LipPorn, so go ahead and purse those pretty lips at me anytime LOL!

Now, as to red, NOBODY rocks red plaid like The Pretty!

Awww, baby! One photo wasn't enough? Looks like a "scatter shot" LOL!

Rob, honey!  We could NEVER get enough of you, and you know it!!

Blue plaid is so cooool on our boy!  Love the blue plaid jacket he wore for the Vanity Fair 2009 shoot!

Hey! It was cold that day, and I really liked this jacket. Too bad they wouldn't let me keep it!

Yeah, baby!  Looks good on you {and I’d like to be all cuddled up under there against your warm chest *sigh*}!

{Thanks for the multiple Robgasms on these 2 gorgeous wallpapers, Jolori darlin’!}

Oh hell, let’s have us some more blue plaid Rob!!

Uh, Rita? Hate to tell you, but this is check...not plaid!

WHAT? Noooo!  It’s plaid…ain’t it?  Crap, you’re right!  It’s definitely blue check.

That's what I said! Maybe you should get your eyes checked, Rita! Get it...checked?

Well, you can’t go wrong wearing blue AND red PLAID, Rob darlin’!!!

Um, Rita? Forgive me for that eyes remark? Didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

Sweetheart, I’d forgive you ANYTHING you look at me like that! {Damned ol’ Baby Boomer Cougar eyes!}

Good! Cause I was wondering what you thought of boring ol' BROWN plaid LOL!

On you, Rob?  Just looks waaarm!  {Gah! TonguePorn!  Just kill me now!!!}

So, brown plaid doesn't turn you off?

No, baby! It purely don’t! {will…not…get lost…in the EyePorn!}

Hmmm...well, what color plaid DON'T you like, Rita?

I dunno, Rob…yellow’s not really my favorite color, so maybe yellow? {GAH!! Can’t take much more LipPorn!}

Gonna have to agree with you on yellow plaid, Rita!

Aw, it ain’t THAT bad, darlin’!  But, of all the plaids, Tybert plaid is my absolute favorite!!

Tybert? What the hell is a Tybert???

Tybert is, well…Tyler Hawkins and Robert Pattinson…Tyler / Robert = Tybert.  See?

LMAO! Damn it, Rita! You crack me the f*ck up! Good thing I wasn't actually drinking this coffee!!

Oops! Well, now it’s MY turn to apologize, Rob darlin’ LOL!

Gotta run now, Rita! It's been fun...see you next week!

Thanks for dropping in, Rob!  It’s a date! {OMG!  MuffinPorn… FingerPorn… LipPorn… HairPorn FTMFW!!!}

Crap! And I had about a million more Tybert photos, too!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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King Of…Rob Roles!

*Shines torch and scans the internet* HELLO?? IS THERE ANYONE ALIVE OUT THERE?!!

Oh good, you’re all here! *Wipes brow* For a moment there, I thought I’d lost you!

Hello again and welcome to another edition of ‘King Of…’ with me, TheMissMod, where we discuss and decide what is the undisputed King of all Rob things. What with Rob unexpectedly thrusting himself in our faces (oo-err) via the Bel Ami trailer yesterday, I thought it would be quite apropos to set this week’s theme as Rob’s movie roles.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Rob’s filmography, so all I ask of you this week is to delve into that filmography and pick your definitive Rob role – sounds simple enough, right? Well, you’d be wrong there, kittens! There are so many good things about Rob’s movie roles that even I must admit this is a very hard one (twss) to pick!

Although the world may not have been allowed to see the true glory of Rawdy Crawley, that did not matter, as instead, what did we get? That’s right – Brave, brave Sir Robin! *Ahem* I mean, brave Cedric Diggory! He was so brave and smart and…well….gorgeous, of course.

Look how pretty he is! I think I'm going to cry :')

But of course, I’m sure many of you were drawn into the Rob Vortex by the elusive, mysterious Edward Cullen:

Never has brooding been so sexy...well, since Jimmy Dean anyway 😉

Or perhaps it was dirty, sexy Vet Jacob Jankowski that got your pulse racing?

Blimey! That's all I can say...

Other honourable mentions include; Toby Jugg (1940s Airman uniform….RAWR!), The adorably socially awkward Art, Daniel Gale (rainbow jumpers and Buddy Holly glasses never looked sexier ;P), Tyler Hawkins *sniff*,  Salvador Dali (that was one hell of a brave move, but my damn did he pull it off!) and of course, the man of the hour himself, Gorgeous Georges!

So, what do we think chickadees?? Who is the King of Rob roles? DISCUSS!!!

P.S. Feel free to ramble, shout, scream, babble and chatter on about Bel Ami in the comments too – how many of you have read the book en dehors de moi? Are you ready for the sexy, evil, sexy ways of Georges Duroy?? If you ask me (which you didn’t), this film will well and truly blow the roofs off our Uterusesessseses……Uteri? Oh hell, it’ll be HOT HOT HOT!

That’s all from me for this week folks, see you next week! xxx


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What Would You Say?

Hello Everybody *waves*


I’ve been feeling very down-hearted this weekend. It’s been too quiet both at home and on the net. It’s been down-right lonely in fact.

As I’ve come to realize alot in the past few months Rob is, if not the cure then definately a comfort for the blues. There were times when he made laugh out loud…
WTF is he doing?


 but then the blues came back eventually.
There were times when he made me smile the most ridiculously Huge smile…

Yes those are the sexspenders. Gah!

when I stumbled into 400 pics of him I didn’t already have.
And he made me cry with his sweet as honey, soft as silk voice. There was several pictures of him with screaming fans and as we know, he is so patient and kind with everyone, trying to make sure they all get an autograph, a picture with him, and he tries to hear and answer all their Questions, (such a sweetie).
Yeah Baby!!!

OH MY! *fans self, faints*


So Sweet!

*Not too high there Rob Heh heh heh*

I continued on with my search and found a site that professed to have the address where you could write to Rob. (as if he’d ever get to read any of them). It got me to wondering though, SRSLY, if you had the chance to write to him, If you knew he would get just one letter and that it would be your letter, what would you say to him?
Tybert, I want one!

Rob, Put that smutty letter down and WRITE ME BACK! LOL


What would you say to steal his heart away and make him want to know you better? I mean, that’s the whole point of wanting to get near him right? Or, if you had just twenty minutes to talk to him, What would you say? How would you act? Could you speak at all? Would you just stand there and drool? LOL It’d be hard not to. I thought about this for several hours as I worked on my site and when I thought I had it all figured out I sat out to put it all down on paper just to see how it sounded and what it looked like. I wrote for three and a half hours ( I said I Thought I had it figured out. lol) It’s not as easy as it sounds, when you’re trying to talk to someone like Rob (what the hell am I saying, there is NO ONE like ROB) and tell them what an effect he’s had on your life and how much he means to you without sounding like an idiot and scaring him off.
Tybert in Remember Me

Don't Run Away! I'll Protect you BB!! hee hee hee


LOL Think about, give it a try and let me know what you come up with.  :)
P.S. Lets be Honest, IF any of us were to meet him face to face, we all know that there is only one TRUE reaction we would all have and it would be this one…
Freakin' Kitty

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