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Manic Monday Musings

*blows kisses*


Well girls,

Since Rob has gone into hiding and the only pics we see of him are pap pics or fan pics (the recent poor quality Dior pics excluded), I think it’s time we remind Rob that we are here for him.

His 1% + is patiently waiting for his Public return because we want to see his beautiful face…we miss him!

So, I’m sending a message to Rob to remind him of why we all love him so much.


Rob’s fans have known this since day 1!


Perving on Rob is the highlight of MY day, anyway!


Well, duh! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here LOL!


In fact, we FLUV Rob’s flaws…what there are of them!


He doesn’t see it, but WE do!


That it does!


One of the top reasons why we love Rob!


Fist bump!


In my world, he is!


What I’d like to do is definitely NSFW!!!


Couldn’t agree more LOL!


Which awesomeness is what we are missing…just saying!


But I’ll tell you anyway…keep reading!


Preferably in MY bed *THUD!*


Baby, he was born that way LOL!


Amen to that!

tumblr_mo1ylyFfni1qfg8nqo1_500 (1)

How did we exist before Rob came along to brighten our world?


And will be for years to come!


YES! YES! YES!!!!!


Come on girls! You know you have them LMAO!!!


Doesn’t begin to cover everything!


Well, Rob will definitely go down in history LOL!


Yes, they do tend to make us all tongue-tied at some point!


Can’t imagine not having Rob in my life!


God, I could listen to that man talk or, even better, SING for-evah! *Swoon!*


It’s a panty poofer, all right!


And second and third and fourth and fifth and…


And always will be!

We miss you Rob!

C’mon girls, tell Rob how much you adore him and miss him!

Much Love to you all,




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Thrilling Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good morning ladies.

I’m bringing you this special Thrilling Thursday post because I have a secret I want to share with you all.

So Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let me tell you all about it.

Yeah that’s right it’s big, it’s bigger than Big, it’s HUGE! {No I am NOT talking about the Peen~this time hehehe}

You might be right about that Rob cause this post is about our very own Rita01tx! You see, Rita’s been a little stressed lately.

She’s been Really over loaded at work and it’s just gotten to be too much!

She didn’t have much time time to read FF and she barely has time to perv on Rob!

So what’s a Rob hOOr to do?

What else…


And so she is doing just that! This Friday will be her very last day of work! What do you think about THAT Rob?

Yeah really! It’s true! You like that idea don’t you Rob?

And do you know what she is going to do with all of her new found free time? Spend it on You of course!

Oh Rob! You know she Lurves you!!!

So Rita, since you are retiring, we got you a few gifts! First, we got you a party tiara for your Retirement “Party.”

And Your office sent a Cake over just for you!

{What does GTFO Mean exactly? *innocentlook*}

Then we got you a T shirt…

And Claire sent a Stripper over just for you!

And since we know Wet Rob is your absolute favorite, Clairebamboozle and I ran out and got you a few Wet Robs to play with.

This one is from Claire!

But there just isn’t enough room in that tub for two so I got you this one.

But Baby, You know your my Bestie and you know I’d never let you down so I got you the best gift of all!

Good only in the RROP! For use ONLY with RP!

So Girls Lets raise our glasses and toast To Rita’s Retirement…

Here’s to You Rita! “Bottoms Up!” LOL

I’ve drank to your health in taverns,
I’ve drank to your health in my home,
I’ve drank to your health so damn many times,
I believe I’ve ruined my own!

May your liquor be cold,
May your men be hot.
And may your troubles slide off of you
Slicker than snot.

The test of Gold is Fire
The test of Truth is Time
The test of God’s love are the heavens above
And everything sublime
Treasures in life are many,
Dreams realized but few
But I know the test of God’s goodness
Is when he gave me a friend like you.

Congratulations & Much Love to You Rita!



**Special Thanks to Clairebamboozle for all her help in finding the right gifs! 🙂  You’re a doll!!!**


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Monday Madness…Keepin it real

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning ladies,
Although we are all dedicated to The Pretty and consider this blog a part of our lives, RL goes on behind our Rob Attack lives and after considerable discussion we have all agreed to make a few changes. Don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning you! 🙂 We are here to stay for the long haul but we are going to change a few things.
Starting today there may be fewer posts, mostly to give you ladies more time to enjoy the post we do write for you. FFF will remain the same however there will be no posts at all on Saturdays. This will give you all more time to share what is owning you every week. Rita’s stil going to do her funny and sexy “Sensual Sunday” posts as well.  RFM is going to cut it down to just her “Wandering Wednesdays”  and when she has no Wanderings to speak of she will be RA’s Roving Reporter and bring you all the latest news. TMM Won’t be back until March (if possible) as she has some RL issues to face. As for me…I will post at least once a week but not even I know what I will post when but rest assured it will either be “Monday Madness” or “Thrill Me Thursday” it just depends on my mood and how often Rob lets me out of the RROP *giggles*
That being said, On ward and up ward! Rita didn’t post the “Official” Berlin shot yesterday so I will do it now.

"Official Berlin Shot"

This is the picture they chose? Seriously? It looks like a mug shot! But hot damn that’s a sexy mug! Nice Vneck too Baby. You knew we were missing those right?
I was talking to Rita early this morning about our boy’s clothing choices! that conversation went something like this:
RITA:{fist bump}!  God, that man is so gorgeous, even without the hair {swoon}!

RF: IKR? I still love the hair more but Damn! I loved the vietnam Jacket saying he had on but our boy seriously needs to learn to shop at Wal~mart or K mart at least LOL It’s still cheap but not full of holes!
RITA: Loved that jacket too…thought that’s what it was before I got a real good look.
RF: yeah it was. It has a huge rip up the sleeve too. And his shirt was missing 3 buttons when he left LA
RITA: BB, his hobo clothes are so endearing and just HIM!
RF: I think we need to take up a collection and go shoping for him and then send him a care package courtesy of RA LMAO!!
RITA: I like to take care of his package LMAO!!!! We’d have to know his SIZE first {snicckers}!
RF: LOL ME too Darlin Me too!  Oh I knows his size! LOL X-tra Large {giggles}
RITA: GAH! Hoor down!!!
RF: Xtra Tall, Xtra EVERYTHING!!! UNF!!
RITA: Puddle of goo here BB! LMAO!!!
RF: He Sounds like an order for dinner to me! LOL
RITA: Shit, I’d like to nibble up that long lean body from tooties to ear tips!
RF: I Totes you all the way, might linger here and there though heh heh
RITA: So far his only explanation for the hair is that he got tired of it flopping into his eyes.
RF: DOH!!! Bad excuse! He coulda trimmed it!! I do miss the sex hair deeply
RITA: If he thinks it’s gonna turn us off, he’s sadly mistaken but i miss the sex hair too!!
RF: xactly, I’ll wait for it!!
RITA: Can’t believe KStew will let him keep it short for long…gotta have something to tug, right??
RF: hehe I would have to, yes!!! {gigglesnort}
RITA: Ooops! She already does have something to tug on {snickers}
RITA: Xactly!
RF: I can’t believe she isn’t with him. I would be.
RITA: Don’t know where he is right now but I’d be wherever he is too. stuck like glue
RF: I’d face a whole horde of demonic paps to stand by his side! she crazy to turn him loose in another country
RITA: she has no reason not to trust him…that man is loyal to the people he loves! wonder if Tom Stu having a baby is giving them ideas?
RF: I Know But the women are so crazy for Rob they’d kidnap him if they could LOL hell’n  we’ve plotted it a couple times now [for our fics] {snickers} Yeah, Probs is.
RITA: Daddybert will be so swoony!
Yeah we are insane LOL So any way as you can see his taste, or lack there of in clothing and his “Hobolicious” ways was what insired this post. So I did some searching. Remember this…


First he hides the hair, then he’s all hair and now he’s got no hair! Rob Baby, you’re killing us here.

Mismatched buttons as ever!

Remember the crooked Buttons? Well if you don’t this should refresh your memory…

Did ya all notice on Robsessed that he had three buttons missing on his shirt when he left LA?? LOL That’s our Boy!! I couldn’t seem to be able to save those pics or find them anywhere else so if you have them, Please share!

But here’s something I want to know, since he has so much trouble Buttoning his shirts, Why, OH WHY Can’t he have an equal amount of trouble buttoning his fly???

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! He does the crooked button thing just to see who’s loyal to him!

How about the torn clothing? Anyone remember that?

Yeah you knew I'd go for the "HOLY STOLI"




And THIS was just so hobo homeless I can’t stand it…

Killer smile but the clothes have got to go!

But it doesn’t matter what he wears really, he is so lovely inside and out. I mean look at this…


Our Boy is just ROCKIN that suit and long black coat! Talk about a hOOr DOWN!
And Lastly…This…

Look at that grin and those EYES!!!

He looks like he is up to something VERY SNEAKY or SERIOUSLY PERVERTED LOL!!! OH Yeah! *falls into the gutter*
Hobolicious, Red Carpet Ready or 19th Centry Gentleman, Rob, Baby, We love you just the way you are!!
Much Love to you all,


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Surprise Rita!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
As we ring in the New Year tonight we will als be ringing in our very own Rita01tx’s  Birthday! Rita and I met in April and since March I don’t think a day has gone by that we haven’t chatted or e-mailed each other every day. (except for when she was on vacay) She offered to fix my boo boo in WIT and we’ve been tied at the hip ever since and I must say having her as my friend has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me!So from the bottom of my heart I wish you a

 Very Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!

MidNight Cougar was kind and thoughtful enough to make up the Banners from all of us to You on your Birthday Rita!!

Heh heh heh We knows how muuch you like “WET ROB”

And the “Happy Trail” Too

Oh And Rob Stopped by with a special birthday wish of his own fr you. He told me he would be waiting in his Penthouse Suit with your “gift!”

Love You Girl,




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Tonguing It Tuesday: Holey Moley!

Holey Moley, it’s Tuesday!! With the Robdrought indeed over and all the wonderfulness that has been pouring down on us, I had a hard time focusing on the task at hand. A Rob bit that we hadn’t featured! So this week we are going to examine Rob’s beauty…marks, that is! You know; moles, freckles and what not. The thing I love about them is that they are unique to each person. We all may have them but each are different shapes, sizes and locations. So let’s take a look at some of Rob’s beauty marks!

I’ve been looking around for the newest mole porn we could get. So here it is!

Lips, jaw, moles...done

Here’s one that has a special place in my heart (yep, I saw Rob this day!)

Panty poofing smile

Let’s broaden our search with some freckles and moles, shall we?

Is it getting hawt in here?!

This one has a little bit of everything!

Take it all off, baby

Let’s cool down a bit with some jawporn. What do mean that doesn’t cool you down?


Fine, let’s try some arm freckles. Seems harmless enough.


And who knew there was a song with lyrics about a mole?!

So if you survived all that, I’m gonna kill you know with some new tongue for you to enjoy!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, ladies! And show us your favorite beauty marks in the comments!

Robs Fan~tasy


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Wandering Through the Desert

Hello Everybody *waves*

It has begun! The Moment we have all feared!

The time we have all dreaded!

The day that marks the great and terrible… Rob Drought!!!

Into the blistering wilderness we walk alone. We wander aimlessly in the vast empty desert of “Rob Desire”, ever searching for…an oasis, a precious haven where can quench our thirst for The Pretty. But It shall not come to pass.
Day by day we will search, wandering from place to place but what we seek, we shall not find. Without  hope, our hearts are in turmoil like the hot winds and raging sands that lash us with the fury of a “Master’s” whip. We are driven onward, always onward …into the molten wilderness. The dry air blows HOT against our skin until we are sobbing for relief. Our skin grows hotter still and our bodies BURN for the one thing that will bring us fulfillment. Each night brings the Black Embrace of Loneliness. In the mocking whisper of the wind, we hear in the echoing Voices of the Dark…


Wondering if  the desert’s hot breath has melted our reason into madness, we are unable to cool the burning kiss of thirst upon our lips nor shade the scorching Fury of the Sun. It has become a thirst we cannot quench! We crave those lucious red lips, soft and moist like a pomegranite…

All about us is desolation.  We will pray for Shade to cool our burning skin. Daily we plod ever onward, desperately searching for those eyes of liquid blue… like twin pools of bright, cool blue waters.

We long for something to shield us from the tearing sands against our skin, longing for the softness and  the Wild Tangle of Supple Bronze Hair.

The thick silken strands soft against our Flesh.

But  then, in the midst of our desperation, loneliness and longing, near maddness from seperation and desire, a vision appears in the distance. What’s that? Can it be? Do our eyes decieve us? Is this an Oasis or a cruel mirage?  Firelight flickers at the edge of the oasis and we must move closer!


Truly, it is a beautiful Arabian tent with tall, twin torches standing either side of the open flap. Please tell us it is not just a mirage conjured up by the Drought madness. It looks so real…our feet are drawn forward against our will.

Suddenly, a devilishly handsome desert sheik with an achingly familiar face steps forward, beckoning us to enter…at our own risk. Hearts thumping, we glide into his desert abode…for him, we will risk all!

“Come. Seek refuge in the tent of the shiek…but you must enter at your own risk.”

Entering his tent, we notice that he is looking at us as though we are something to feast upon. What awaits us now?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…share The Pretty?  No fucking way!!!
When I see the woman I want, I take her.
Resistance is futile! We will either share him or lose him forever, damnit!  So, yes…we WILL share! For we are all SISTAS!!! And one look upon that well defined, glorious face and we know…though our minds have been driven mad from desertion and longing…that he truly is Extraordinary!!

Suddenly the face before us wavers like the heat rising from the desert sands! The blinding “Sun” of this drought is blocked from scorched our bodies by the looming shadow of a man. But this is no ordinary man. He stretches out his hand and we take it.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

 We smile and say,

“Robert, I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.”

We take his offered hand and turn to smile at him, wondering where he will lead us…
Driven insane by the desert dryness of the Rob Drought, our minds conjure a new image.

and like a messenger from God he leads us out of the desert of Rob Drought to an Island…

flowing with RobGoodness.

Ha ha! Yes, my Lovlies…we all go a little mad sometimes, especially when we have to go without our favorite addiction, Rob! And a Rob Drought is the perfect ingredient for causing such madness. So, if there was ever a more appropriate time for this song, or a more appropriate moment to play it for The Pretty, I can’t imagine it!

That being the case…
Dearest Rob, from all of us here at RA,
this ones for you…

And THIS ONE TOO! LOLHopefully, we here at RA will make the wait a little more bearable for you all…until Nov. 18th.Much Love to you all,RobsFan~tasy  P.S. I MUST give a special shout out of thanks to Paula The Enforcer, Manip Maker Extrodinaire!!! over on NTSI for making the FABULOUS manips that are included in this post! And also to Rita01tx for her Mad Editing skills! I couldn’t have done it without you girls!!Mwah!


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Thank You Rob!

Dear Rob,

We don’t usually write you letters here, we save that for our friends at LTR, but there is something that has been on my mind for a while and this week most especially. I wanted to let you know that I owe you, big time. There is something that you’ve done for me (and a whole slew of others) and I don’t think you have any idea. No it’s not our renewed youthfulness, or our re-ignited passions, or even the fact that you single-handedly brought sexy back.  All those things are great and we are thankful for them but the thing I want to talk to you about today is FRIENDSHIP.

Roadtrip Brit Pack Style

I know how important friendship is to you. You are always supportive of your friends and they of you. You are with them whenever you can (which is probably not as much as you’d like). But do you know that YOU have inspired so many friendships? I have seen and experienced it first hand. Hundreds (probably more) have made friends with the only common bond originally being  their love for you, Robert Pattinson.

There are many types of friendships that come from being online friends. There are friends you comment with on a blog with witty banter back and forth. There are friends you swap emails with and talk about Real Life not just the man who brought you together (hey LTR gang!).  Some friends you find you have so many things in common with that even though you live on the opposite sides of the world you discover you are Kindred Spirits (yep MC, I mean you!). And finally there are friends that you find live only a few In-n-Outs away and that you can actually hang out with (Ros and Mags!).

Good Times

So, as you can see Rob,  I owe you a lot. I have made several friends all because I fell in love with you. And with the closing of RAoR, I have seen that this is the case all over the internet. You have inspired woman all over the world to become friends. Sure we don’t always agree or get along but we love each other through thick and thin. We even expand our homes when others have lost theirs. I am so thankful to get to know even more lovely ladies, who love YOU of course!

Thanks for bringing us all together,


What kind of friendship/relationships have you made because of Rob? Has anyone else had a RL meet up?


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Monday Mourning! Tribute To RAoR!!!

 Monday Mourning a Tribute to RAoR!

Hello Everybody *waves*


As some of you may already know RAoR has posted its last post and many have come to say good-bye.
Broken Hearted

RAoR will always be in our Hearts!

 But I find it very hard to say good-bye…
It is with a sad and heavy heart and tear stained face that I write this post. I stumbled into a little blog known as RAoR several months ago completely by accident. I had a world of trouble on my shoulders and was just wandering the net trying to relax enough to sleep. Little did I know that little blog would change my life completely!  I suddenly Saw the most amazing Face of Robert Pattinson there  and some of the most hysterical statements following that pic that I had ever heard! It was nearly 3 in the morning for me and I found my self *snicker~snorting* loudly at the blog. I didn’t even know that phrase at the time nor did I truly understand what a “Blog” was!
Curious as to what people had  to say I decided to read further into the “comments” and I was soon Laughing Out Loud! Laughing so loudly I had to cover my face with a pillow before I woke everyone up! I did not sleep that night, because in the midst of my worries and sorrows I had found a reason to laugh and to smile!!
 I think my “Robsession” kicked into high gear that night and I was RAoRsessed as well! {The two went hand in hand right?!?!} I never left there actually. I was there at the very minimum of 10 times a day! (usually more) RAoR was my first blog, my first subscription, my first place to go for RobPorn, My first Comment Post. RAoR was my first for everything! I LOVE YOU RAoR!!!! I ALWAYS WILL!!!
I found Fan Fiction on RAoR and Fifty Shades (My first fan-Fic read) on RAoR!  I learned of the incredible singing talents of Mr. Robert Pattinson (beyond what I knew of from Twilight) from RAoR such as  “I’ll be Your Lover Too!” “Broken” and “I don’t Mind.” And still there was more! I found You Tube through RAoR. I found sound bites and Giggles and Banners and Gifs and still there was more…
But you know, I found the very Best thing of all, no, it wasn’t the laughter, It wasn’t the giggles or the porn or the sound bites! It wasn’t the fan fics, *GASP!* *IKR?* It wasn’t the Pics, it wasn’t the music. It wasn’t the videos and I’m sure you’ll understand when I say It wasn’t even the magnificent Rob that I think of as the very best thing of all that I found, no, indeed and in fact, it was YOU! All of You! My friends, My Sistas, My Family!!! I cannot say good-bye. I will not say good-bye! My doors are open to you all Always!

Thank You Girls! Thank you Jag! 
I just found this and felt it was very fitting, Much Love to Jag and RAoR and all the Angelz and hOOrs!


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