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Random Rita ~ When Edward Finds Love on a Train!

Wet Rob Avi

Oh, my God!

Ladies, you are in for such a treat ’cause I have not one…not two, but THREE recs for you today!

Any of you ever catch the eye of a super hottie you’d give anything to get your hands on while travelin’ on public transportation? Maybe the attraction was the other way around and you had to decide whether to accept their ardent advances…or not!

Questions such as these are what we’ll be explorin’ with the following fics!

Rob Attack

Maps dictate where we go, but they don’t always take us home. City subway tunnels and dim street lights converge, bringing two people infinitely closer. Will a chance meeting lead them to forever? Maybe it was only a matter of time. Collaboration with Maplestyle. Romance; BxE; Rated M.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 5 – Words: 13,442 – Reviews: 302 – Favs: 206 – Follows: 394 – Updated: 7h ago – Published: Mar 28 – id: 10223126

What happens when Bella turns in her seat to find her nose practically smashed into hot dude’s junk? Follow Seven Forty-Three by CullensTwiMistress and find out! Sparks fly but, despite all the eye fuckin’ goin’ on, it’s a lovely, slow burn and a joy to watch them dance around each other LOL!


Next up is a horse of a distinctly different color!

Rob Attack

Edward wanted her from the moment he saw her. Bella doesn’t have time for a man. What happens when Edward takes a risk? The answer is he will possess her body, but she’ll possess his heart. Will Bella learn who Edward really is? Silence is not always Golden, but the Sex sure is Divine!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 15,856 – Reviews: 208 – Favs: 222 – Follows: 375 – Updated: Apr 6 – Published: Mar 23 – id: 10208579

It’s not just eye-fuckin’ happenin’ on the train in Dishie’s deliciously decadent fic, Silence is Golden Sex is Divine! Not gonna say another word…you’ll just have to find out for yourself! Believe me when I tell you, I’ll drop EVERYTHING when this fic updates!


And, since the first two are WIP’s and I know how some of you are about your preference for complete fics, I give you the classic…

Rob Attack

Bella wanted to fulfill a fantasy – to be groped inside a crowded train. She gets her wish and more, when a sex-starved ex-convict decides she’s fair game. ALLHUMAN. Mature but with plot.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 67,524 – Reviews: 4,312 – Favs: 6,519 – Follows: 3,933 – Updated: Aug 6, 2011 – Published: Aug 20, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 6253744

I think the summary pretty much speaks for itself so if, after all this time, you’ve missed readin’ Ride by Kris Salvador, now is the time to jump aboard and ride that train!

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider




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Random Rita ~ When Edward Goes for a Dip!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

Are we sick to death of winter, yet? I know I am! Soooo sick! Summer can’t get here soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

I swear, if it wasn’t for watchin’ Rob havin’ so much fun trampin’ around in the snow, I’d be ready for the funny farm!

Rob Attack

Get it? Funny farm?LMAO!


Lucky for us, there are loads of fanfics out there to give us that feelin’ of long, lazy summer days of searin’ boredom interspersed with hilarious highjinx with our friends and cool quenchin’ dips in the nearest swimmin’ hole!

Rob Attack

And, if we’re really lucky, a steamy summer romance might be in our cards!

Rob Attack

So, today, as you can tell from the banners, we’re gonna take a little Cruise down south with DeeDreamer to see what Edward and the gang have in store for us!

It’s the heat of the summer and Eddie Masen’s heart just got trampled in the Carolina clay. He’s convinced his summer is ruined when a li’l firecracker enters his world. Bella’s a sweet name for a girl so hell-bent on makin’ mischief, but she might just be exactly the thing to breathe new life into good ol’ boy Eddie. June 2013 WitFit.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 25 – Words: 51,600 – Reviews: 454 – Favs: 372 – Follows: 329 – Updated: Jun 29, 2013 – Published: Jun 2, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9351736

What are your favorite summertime fics?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Black and White Tease!

Hi Ya'all

Good mornin’, Ladies!

The dark, cold days of winter have me wishin’ for the warm, sunny days of summer!

You know…the days when Rob’s wearin’ way less clothes LMAO!!!

Cause, don’t he look FINE in those cool, soft tees we all love? Rob has a wide collection of them, but give me plain ol’ black or white t-shirts any day!


Especially, the V-neck tees that show just a little bit of chest hair! {Oh, sweet button-fly jeans…how I miss thee LOL!}


Rob’s hands in his pants…thumbs pointin’ to the Promised Land!


Black tee, dirty jeans and bare feet…sweeeet!


OK, the FingerPorn was what drew me to this one LOL!


Please tell me HHP didn’t get rope burned!


When Rob looks like he’s enjoyin’ himself, he lights up my world!


Oh, crap! This has got to be one of the hottest shots ever made of The Pretty!


Can’t get enough the SexHair/FingerPorn combination LOL!


See what I mean? Wonder if Rob’s hair is as soft and silky as it looks!


We don’t get much Adam’s apple Porn, so I treasure this photo!


What would YOU do if Rob tapped you on the shoulder while you were tryin’ to work?


You know, much as I love Rob in bed with a white t-shirt, I’d prefer NO t-shirt at all LOL!


The man does NOT need to wear clothes in bed…just sayin’!


Even beat the hell up, Rob is HAWT!!


Excuse me while I get back in bed with Rob for a minute LOL!


Do I envy his leadin’ ladies? Is the Pope Catholic???


Sorry, couldn’t resist another roll in the hay with HHH!


Long and lean Rob just does something to me…if you know what I mean and I think you do!


Hello biceps!


Once again, the FingerPorn steals the show LOL!


If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of tea and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will always come back to you. She’ll talk as if the characters in the book are real, because for a while, they always are. Date a girl who reads because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable​. — Robert Pattinson

Well, it sounds like something Rob might say…who knows if he really said this!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Futuristic Fantasy!!!

ritatx01 avi

Oh, ladies!

The last few days have been dark and cold, in more ways than one, and I’m needin’ to get to my happy place in the worst way!

So, c’mere! I’m takin’ you all with me!

Remember the Caitlin Cronenberg photoshoot Rob did for Vogue L’Uomo? Were you just as shocked as I was at the surreality of it? The fantasticness of it? Yeah, it was kinda weird at first but, the more I looked at Rob in all the strange clothes and poses, the more fascinated I became!

01 RobertPattinsonMag

In his last interview with Jimmy Fallon, Rob called the hardware on the coat “Nipple Armory!”  Someone else called them “Butt Plugs!” Either way, they look ouchy as hell!

02 Jules_caitlinvogue1

Didn’t take long for our enhancers extraordinaire to swing into action! This futuristic banner was made by Jules {Creations by Jules}!

03 cray4kstew

Cray4kstew shows us the coat without all the scary stuff! No distraction from Rob’s “Mile High” hair LMAO!

04 IRWL148

Sally {InRobWeLust} made this brilliant two-fer {two for one} and shared it on tumblr!!!

05 RobertPattinsonMag

This is more like the messy hair we love to see on Rob, with a closer look at the Butt Plugs {uh, I don’t think so!}

06 Francies67400

Personally, I’d like a better look at that full-finger ring! But, I’ll settle for Rob’s beautiful eyes in this Francies67 edit!

07 tinypixie

This edit I snagged from TinyPixie looks like a paintin’…again, his eyes are simply mezmerizin’!

08 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob in red on red! Gotta say, I’m lovin’ the fingerware!

09 Pattinsonworld 001

A Pattinsonworld edit gives us the close-up we all crave!

10 Francies67419

Francies67 changed the color from red to grey, which immediately made me think of…

11 a_clockwork_orange

this poster from Stanley Kubric’s film, A Clockwork Orange! Damn kinky/creepy film, in its day!

12 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob usin’ his middle finger in this shot…subliminal message to the paps?

13 PattinsonWorld

Another Pattinsonworld edit showcasin’ all the metal studs on Rob’s bad boy leather jacket!

14 Francies67420

Don’t know about you, but I sure wanna crawl into the back seat of that car with Rob!

15 RobertPattinsonVogue

Something about this shot is very Count of Monte Cristo…ish!

16 Francies67421

Rob looks HOT, in more ways than one! {Well, it WAS shot in the desert LOL!}

17 RobertPattinsonVogue3

But I needed a closer look at his eyes cause I swear they used mascara and eyeliner on him!

18 RobertPattinsonVogue1

Now, the pointy shit on The Pretty’s eyes was a real “whoa…WTF!” moment LMAO!!!

19 RobertPattinsonVogue1 - Copy

Somehow, the thin straps on his forehead make ’em kinda…well, sexy???

20 RobertPattinsonVogue2

Rob said {again, on Jimmy Fallon} that he felt like a 45 year old divorced guy when he hoisted himself into those painted on, skin-tight leather pants!  I disagree vehemently!!!

21 RobertPattinsonVogue2 - Copy

But, why couldn’t that long, silvery metal scarf have been waaaay shorter IYKWIMAITYD?!

22 RobertPattinsonVogue5

Give Rob a dashin’ rapier and a mask, and we’d have our new Zorro!

23 Mississippibellalis 001

Thankin’ Mississippibellalis for the multiple Robgasms!!!!

24 RobertPattinsonVogue6

Black leather jacket, tight leather pants, greasy leather chaps and a leather pirate’s tricorn? Now, I LUV Rob in leather, but I’m guessin’ Miss Caitlin couldn’t decide what “look” she was goin’ for LOL!

25 RobertPattinsonVogue6 - Copy

Need a better quality close-up of Rob’s face in that crazy hat!

26 Mississippibellalis gif

Lastly, Mississippibellasis made this painting-like gif…love the changing colors!

Can’t leave you without sharin’ this other Veranajj vid I found! She’s freakin’ awesome!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Through the Haze

Hello Everybody *waves*


Dear Rob, I heard you quit smoking so I did something for you and the RA Girls!

“What did you do?”

I wrote a poem about you and smoking!

Well I did! Here, read it for yourself love!

Through the Haze

Some of us smoke, some of us don’t,


Rob use to but now he won’t.

He always made it look so cool,

Even non-smokers took time to ~drool~

I remember all the wonderful days,

I first saw his face through the haze.

How he gloried in a smoke,

Our beautiful British bloke.

In every movie, he could be seen,

Smoking when he wasn’t on screen.

I remember all the wonderful days,

I first saw his face through the haze.

So I write this poem to reminisce,

About Rob smoking that I’ll miss,

And all the wonderful smoking shots,

From the photo shoots that got us so hot,

I’ll remember all the wonderful days,

I first saw his face through the haze.

But oh my angels, don’t you mourn,

Because with this loss, a new habit was born,

So my hOOrs don’t be forlorn,

Because now we have some Toothpick Porn!!!

And something that will make all your drawers jaws drop,

Rob having his way with a Lollipop!

Through the Haze by RF

So Rob, what did you think?

Awww come on Darlin’! You mean you didn’t like it?

Aww, Thank you Rob! ~blushblush~

Well girls, here’s a little bit of video fun for you…

Much Love to you all,



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Monday MotU Madness…NSFW!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies. It’s Monday and you know I ain’t about to let you start a Monday off with the Blues. I think we should start it of with RED instead. Red Hot that is. As promised I’m bringing you a “Master of the Universe, Fifty Shades Video” tribute. So Brace youselves and IF you’re working wait till you get home!!! Cause if you don’t and your boss catches you watching this he/she is going to look at you like this…

So just to make sure I have your FULL attention…

Heh heh heh I knew that would work. Oh those hips just Bring all kinds of pervetry to my dirty mind.

This first Fifty Vid is about 98 % Exactly the way I pictured Fifty’s House looking. This thing screams sexy Fifty Shades….

This next lady is just amazing. She makes her own vids, she makes amazing Banners and gifs, Videos, writes FF, Writes sings and produces her own songs and I’m sure there is tons more. I am of course talking about the amazing Betti Gefecht…

This Next one was made by our very own Maggie!!! *waves* Hey BB!! I Love this song with this vid!!

**WARNING** Mild female nudety in this VID!!! If you are easily offended, under 21 or at work STOP NOW!!!

And once again I have to leave you with our very own pervy ol cougar mama’s FABULOUS Work! I swear Melbie! This song is so durhty!! LOL But so fitting for Fifty!!!

Well that’s all from me this week mah friends. Hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend!

“Laters BBez”



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I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! Today’s post is inspired by Midnight Cougar. She gave me this great idea and then lo and behold…when I woke up in the morning it looked like someone had read our minds! All around yesterday was Rob and his lips. They were on  Popsugar’s 30 most memorable kisses. the new TV spot featuring DuRob kissing his costars, and these awesome videos by HisHandsObsessed (that we will get to later).

So here’s what Rob himself has said about kissing, “I always get carried away when I’m kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It’s embarrassing – not knowing what to say to each other.” Well Rob, I think there’s a few ladies that might help you out with that!

I know what you’re thinking. Enough talking and let’s get to the lips!! Okay, okay.

We have to start out with a first kiss. And let me just say, if this is the way the boy gives a FIRST kiss, we are all ded!!!

And after some more practice it really gets going.

Sometimes it’s more than just the lips that wander.

Is it getting hot in here? Wow! Rob has done all kinds of kisses. From chaste forehead kissing, to man on man kisses, to full-blown passion and these  next videos have them all! And even if you’ve seen them before they are so worth watching again, and again and again.

Here’s part one with the song I thought of immediately when I think about kisses.

Part 2 takes us all the way to Breaking Dawn and starts to turn up the heat.

How are you holding up? I’m thinking if you haven’t changed your shamanties yet, you will after this! This one is packed with passion.

Whew!! Barely made it through that one without spontaneously combusting! I think HisHandsObsessed used almost every Rob kiss known to womankind. I say almost because I think there is one more that is so classic, so amazing and let’s face it, kinda hot. It has kisses on the lips, forehead and a kiss on the hand all rolled into one!

Oh yes! I think that the Taybert  kiss was a definite top kiss moment!! Shows that our guy is willing to do anything to make a good show. Now let’s see that one more time!

I bet you never thought you’d wish you were Lautner, now did you?  After all this I’m thinking next time I see Rob I’m going for a kiss!!! Screw Dean, it will be so worth it 😉  So ladies, what is your favorite Rob kiss? And don’t worry, we’ll focus on Breaking Dawn later! And I can’t wait for more kissing to come!



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Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Bel Ami Edition

Yes, it’s Tuesday again! And somewhere in the world (Belgium, to be exact) lucky h00rs are having multiple panty poofing moments watching Bel Ami on the big screen. If only we all lived in Belgium or could get there easily. Most of us unfortunately have to wait til March, or later. So let’s brighten up the day with our own little DuRob fest! (all quotes from the novel)

“And there’s no mistake. He’s Georges Duroy. I’m still covered in bruises from the awful old bed of his”

Not that any of us mind being bruised by him or his bed

“And what do you enjoy?”

gulp...You, we enjoy you

“I wanted you so much.”

Really? We have been waiting for you to say that.

”Oh my darling Bel-Ami, I love you more and more every day.” ‘Their cab was rocking like a ship at sea. His mind was on Madame Walter’

You can call us Madame Anything with a stance like that

  ”Why not?  It’s fools and innocents who are always being taken in”

So you're game? There's a whole mansion of h00rs here ready to be your Madames.

“Yes you’re right.  I am a fool – no, an idiot.  Isn’t that what you said?  Love makes idiots of us all”

Well, if you're going to be upset take it out in the RRoP.

 ”When can I see you on your own so that I can tell you how much I love you”

shhh! Don't tell the others but I'll meet you in the penthouse.

“I will never be your mistress.  Do you understand?”

Well, maybe you can persuade me.

So while I spend some time in this little ole fantasy world, why don’t you ladies enjoy this wonderful video someone posted on facebook.

Robs Fan~tasy

So who’s lucky enough to live in Belgium? Give us your Bel Ami review in the comments! If not, what are looking forward to seeing? And show us YOUR favorite BA moments so far!

All gifs from Robert Pattinson Life


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Monday Madness…I’m such a tease!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
After Rita’s F*ck hawt post yesterday I knowed I was doomed! I Usually write my posts the day they are due, I work well under pressure *usually* But it was a no go today. So I did what I usually do and ran to Rita for help!! LOL 

You all know I “go a little mad sometimes right?” yeah, I thought you did so…Imma have to put in a huge (and hopefully a team) effort into my Next post and What you have here is a Teaser post for next Thursday…



If I were you I’d be thinking Satin Sheets and…heh heh what ever your pervy minds can dream up Cause this Thursday will be an interactive post! Be ready and don’t miss it! And That is all I’m saying! I am such a Tease!! LOL

Much Love to you all,



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Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous

Tuesday is always such a fun day of the week. I mean, who doesn’t love them some Robporn?! But this week is extra special because it’s our 200th post!! And looking back through our collection I feel like we have missed a very important body part…THE JAW! After all it is the foundation for a good Robgasm!

But in honor of our 200th post, I think it will be nice to give you not only the jaw but a little bit from every section of the Robgasm Pyramid! So let’s get on with it, shall we?

This one is double the pleasure with some eyebrow porn!


I love the smile in this one.


Now let’s move on up on the pyramid with finger and lip porn with some pics I found from the talented Jolori and Melbie!

Just imagine what these flexible fingers can do

These lips...unf!

The next rung moves us on up to hair and the promised land of the CROTCH!! Can you handle it ladies?

When speaking of hair, we must go to one of the most loved places…RomeRob!

Sex hair at it's finest

And now, for the crotch! Brace yourselves cause I’m going all out on this one!

And finally, for extra schmexy I think we just need to watch this video! And yes, there’s a whole lot of tongue in there!

Thanks for supporting us and helping us get to 200 posts! And thanks again to Jolori, Melbietoast and Biel for allowing us to perv on their creations 🙂

Robs Fan~tasy

Bring on the jaw porn ladies!!


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