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Hey Beautiful

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6 responses to “Contact

  1. Sus

    Hi there!
    Lovin’ your blog!
    Was wondering if you might help me find a FF that I loved! I didn’t write it down on my “list,” and I’m dying to find it.

    The story is like this: Edward is a famous 35-y.o. rock star, and he meets a crazy, sexy 20-y.o. Bella and falls in love. It follows their love story, is full of red-hot sex, and I don’t think it’s quite completed. Right now they are married, and she is pregnant. Does this ring any bells?

    My email is:, if anyone knows the name of this FF!

    Thanks so much!

  2. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies, I had been subscribed to RobAttack through an RSS feed and recently bought a new computer and want to go back on the RSS feed but I cannot find the button to the link. Can anyone direct me please?

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