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Only one complete fic this week that began as a one-shot for the Mine to Mark Contest,  receivin’ 1st place Public vote, 2nd place Judge’s Vote, Most Tantalizing Lemon, Most Seductive Edward, and Hottest Dirty Talk!



When a mysterious stranger moves in next door to Bella in the middle of the night, he awakens something inside her that she didn’t even realize she yearned for. One shot written for the Mine To Mark contest.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 39,434 – Reviews: 180 – Favs: 534 – Follows: 455 – Updated: Jan 19 – Published: Jan 16, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 8913601

They Meet…They Mate…They Marry…They Multiply! How predictable, you might say, and you might actually be right if it wasn’t for love-tart’s  way of bringin’ Edward and Bella to life for us in a way that will send the stock in ShamWows through the roof!

I made my way to my bedroom, pondering the arrival of the stranger.

My mind was so sufficiently distracted that it took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. My bedroom window was open; I had left it like that because it was such a warm and breezy night. It’s not like I worried about someone climbing in through my window; the crime rate in our tiny town of Forks, WA was slim to none. So when it was nice out I usually left my windows open.

Oh, dear God. He the most beautiful thing I think I’d ever seen.

His jaw was strong, and my eyes dropped to fasten on his Adam’s apple as he swallowed from a bottle of water. He lowered the bottle and licked his lips and I swear I actually whimpered. Those lips were dark pink, soft and perfect, and even with the distance separating us I could see that they were unbelievably kissable.

I was wrong about his hair. It wasn’t regular, medium, brown, but rather a rich coppery hue. It was tousled and sticking up all over, and I suddenly ached for the soft brush of it against my fingertips, my throat, the sensitive skin of my thighs.

I felt slightly creepy, just watching him when he was so unaware of my presence, but I literally could not stop. My eyes were drawn to him, refusing to look away. They followed him closely, and I felt them widen when he reached back with one hand and tugged his shirt over his head.

Holy shit.

His body was literally a work of art. Not only was it toned and tight, broad-shouldered with slim hips, but it was also a canvas for some amazing tattoos. There were lines of script on the left side of his ribcage, and a stunning flock of ravens across his back. Colorful Koi swam down his left arm amid lush blue waters and green jungle plants. Some sort of coat of arms covered his outer right bicep.

He bent over to retrieve something and I admired the long, strong line of his back; two dimples were visible just above the edge of his jeans.

I sidestepped quickly when he turned to fully face the window. I calmed my racing heart after a few seconds and peeked around the edge of the window. I frowned. His light was now turned off, the bedroom in darkness.

It’s not long before they meet and sparks really start to fly on their first date when Bella notices his tongue is pierced!

“I really want to kiss you right now,” he said huskily.

“Please,” I breathed, aching for the touch of his lips.

“I can’t,” he replied. “Not here. I’ve barely held myself in check all night long. You’re so fucking beautiful, and if I kiss you now I won’t be able to stop.”

I took a deep, unsteady breath. God, he smelled amazing, so warm and clean and manly. The scent was just radiating off of him and invading all of my senses.

I watched as he glanced around sharply, seeming to look for something.

“What is it?” I whispered.

He looked down into my face.

“I don’t want anyone watching this,” he replied, just before his mouth covered mine.

Oh, sweet Jesus, the man could kiss. His lips were unbelievably soft and warm and they just molded to mine so perfectly. I moaned, opening my mouth and gratefully accepting the sinuous plunge of his tongue. I encountered his piercing and was immediately enthralled.

He held still, letting me explore him. I brushed the little silver ball with my tongue and was startled – yet searingly aroused – by the groan that he emitted. So I did it again and was rewarded the same way. I grew bolder, slowly licking up the length of his tongue before flicking the piercing more firmly.

Edward snapped. His hips thrust against me and his fingers slid up my throat to curve around the back of my neck. He held me still, trapped between him and the car door, while he kissed me almost savagely. It was in-fucking-credible. Never had I been so completely possessed by a man’s mouth. I gloried in it. I was fucking born to be kissed by Edward, to be owned by him like this.

And this is just chapter one *THUD!* Read, ladies…I’m tellin’ you to READ!!!




One night, successful businesswoman, Bella, stumbles upon Edward stitching up his bloodied face in the office. Edward is unfriendly and rude and people at Cullen Consulting Inc don’t trust him. Soon, Bella becomes obsessed with figuring out what he is hiding from them all and when she finds out, she gets drawn into a world of danger, in which one wrong move will lead to death.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 12 – Words: 38,670 – Reviews: 601 – Favs: 502 – Follows: 783 – Updated: Jan 11 – Published: Sep 10, 2016 – id: 12143266

“Mr. Masen appears to have a relatively normal life, if not a bit of a reclusive one. His parents are both dead and doesn’t have any other family on record. It doesn’t appear that he has many friends or really any associates he spends much time with. He has however, been spotted multiple times eating at Bite, the restaurant downtown that is owned by one of the Brigado sons.”

Bella looked at the picture of him entering the restaurant.

“After talking with a chatty hostess, it seems that he always eats alone and always orders the same thing. He is served by the same waiter every time as well,” Mr. Marcus said slowly.

Bella was not necessarily sure what that meant, but Mr. Marcus was looking at her meaningfully.

“And this one?” she asked, flipping to the next picture.

It was Edward reaching into the back of his waistband of a suit.

“Masen appears to be the owner of several guns, which he carries regularly on his person. And while that isn’t necessarily illegal, it doesn’t appear as if those guns were legally purchased, nor does he actually have a permit to conceal and carry,” Marcus said as Bella stared at the picture. 

“When were these taken?” Bella asked, moving to close the folder again.

“Last night.”

Mr. Marcus was looking at her and he didn’t seem concerned about his pending job application. He kind of shook his head to himself.

“Mr. Masen is one interesting man.”

Bella could only nod in response.

Interesting…and potentially dangerous.

Tryin’ to figure out what Edward is up to and why brings Bella closer and closer to an answer she’s might not be able to live with…literally!

Edward leveled her with an angry glare. “You do not need to be around this, Swan.”

Bella looked down at her fingers as Edward continued to breathe shallowly.

“What is this, exactly?” she asked quietly.

Edward closed his eyes and rested his head against the stall behind him. He stayed like that for an undeterminable amount of time – so long that Bella was sure he was going to ignore her existence.

“This,” he finally intoned, “is what Carlisle does not know he asks of me.”

Bella was silent in response. She did not understand what he meant, yet was hardly in the position to be asking more questions, especially given the fact that he had answered one already. She didn’t want him to continue to try and send her away and so, she remained quiet, determining that her presence there was more important than answers at the moment. Without a word, Edward pushed up the sleeve of his already unbuttoned white dress shirt. His hands shook as he pushed it past his elbow and let it drop to his lap for Bella to examine.

There were angry red dots right along certain parts of his veins.

They were tiny, yet the recently dried blood around them left Bella to conclude that these were recent.

He seemed resigned to her presence and resigned to his fate. He rested his head against the stall, his eyes closed as he let his arms loosely encircled his raised knees. Bella guessed he was determined to wait out the lasting effects of whatever had been injected into his system, and she’d be damned if she let him do it alone.

This is a slow burn, people…but soooo worth it!




Ten years ago four people were forced from their world into his. He learned that he could live another way but not until it was time. He never thought that he’d be liberated from high school purgatory by the brightest star in his eternal life.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 13 – Words: 142,635 – Reviews: 235 – Favs: 114 – Follows: 180 – Updated: 8h ago – Published: Aug 19, 2016 – id: 12109038

Oh, Reneeeee! Here’s that HP/Twilight crossover I told you about a couple weeks ago LOL!

“Mrs. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, may I please have some paper and ink?” a young girl, about ten years old, asked while she skipped into an odd-looking kitchen.

“Of course, my sweet Isabella. What do you need them for?” the aforementioned Mrs. Weasley asked as she pulled some parchment, ink, and a quill down from a shelf to put in front of her.

Isabella smiled a stunning smile for one so young. “I’m going to draw my Edward and his family.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded. “Well, okay then. We wouldn’t want you to stop drawing your Edward now, would we? You’ll be drawing his family too? How many pieces will you need?”

When her answer didn’t come immediately, she looked at Isabella to see her contemplating with her eyes closed and her finger tapping her lip.

“Hmmm, I’ll need eleven, please.”

Again, Mrs. Weasley nodded, took out her wand, and replicated eleven pieces of parchment; she then floated them to the table in front of the sweet girl.

It was well into the afternoon when Isabella had finished her drawings.

Mrs. Weasley saw them on the table and decided to look through them. Her eyes grew bigger and bigger when she came to the last few pictures. She turned to the owl sitting on the kitchen windowsill, quickly wrote a note on a piece of parchment, and tied it to his leg.

“To Dumbledore, Errol, quickly; this is important.”

Mrs. Weasley started on that day’s dinner after she had spread the drawings on the large table in the kitchen. She busied herself getting everything ready, or watching the pots simmering on the range, until she was distracted by a loud pop from outside. Seconds later, a tall man with a very long beard and half-moon spectacles tapped on the door frame.

“Albus! I’m so glad you could spare the time. Come in, come in.”

“What was the urgent message for, Molly?” he asked.

She nodded to the parchment laying on the table. “Take a look, Albus, and tell me what you see. Isabella has been drawing at least four times a week since her fifth birthday, and it’s always the same thing. My Edward.”

“Well, she’s part Veela, so if she draws anyone on a consistent basis, you should know what that means,” Albus Dumbledore said. “It is unusual that she drew others, though.” He turned his attention back to the drawings.

He picked them up one by one, acknowledging them for what they were. “Vampire, vampire, vampire; vampire dressed as a doctor, vampire, two more vampires, and…No!” he gasped. “It can’t be.

They were supposed to have died years ago!”

Dumbledore continued to stare at the last four pictures. The ones I could see that had him intrigued were of a dark-haired man whose hair was down to his shoulders, a taller, older-looking man I recognized straight away, another darker-haired man who had round glasses, and then a little boy, again with round glasses. But this boy also had a scar on his head, a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

“Molly, you better call Arthur home; he’s going to need to look after the younger ones. It looks like you, Isabella, and I are going to be going on a trip to the United States.” Albus laughed as he looked back at an older picture of Isabella’s Edward. “She’s even managed to tell us where they are located.”

Molly took the picture from Albus to have a look before she ran from the room getting the other pictures from the last five years. “Oh, my God, she’s been telling us the whole time she’s been here, but I never took notice. What does it mean? And why is he hers?” she asked, holding up the last picture.

“He’s her mate, Molly. Veela are immortal, and if they are lucky enough, for all their lives, they dream of just one man repetitively. Their mate. She is exceptional in that she’s dreamt of his family too. But now we must prepare her and ourselves to go to Forks, Washington.”

This is the beginnin’ of Bubbleybear’s epic project of weavin’ the Twilight characters into the wizardin’ world of Hogwarts! I would love to just show you the whole thing right now but I’ll leave you with Bella’s beautiful introduction to the Edward and his family!

“Hello, Miss Rosalie. You’re my big sister along with Miss Alice. I know you will be the best big sisters in the whole wide world.” She beamed like a sunny day. “My name is Isabella, but you are going to call me Bella.”

Rose and Alice had leaned forward to interact with her, but she surprised them by leaning forward and placing kisses on their cheeks.

I watched as Rose reached out and tucked some hair behind her ear. “Well, hello, you adorable little girl. I’d be honored to be your big sister.”

“Me too.” Alice clapped quietly. “We’re all going to be the best of friends.”

Isabella beamed at them again before moving on. “Mr. Jasper, you don’t need to worry; you aren’t going to eat me.” She giggled. “I don’t smell like food! Will you be my big brother?”

Jasper, who had been standing, dropped down to his knees, picked up her hand, then gallantly bowed over it, placing a kiss. “You, little lady, are fascinating. And I’d love to be your big brother.”

Again she surprised him by kissing him on the cheek and moving on to Emmett. “Hello, Mr. Bear. I don’t need to ask you because you always want to have fun! And I’m fun!”

Emmett let out a boisterous laugh, bending down to pick her up.

“Of that, Miss Bella, I have no doubt. I can’t wait to get to know you.”

She leaned in and started to whisper, it looked like she didn’t know that we could hear her. “Could you please put me down on my mummy’s lap?”

Esme put her hand over her mouth trying not to let out another sob. She was overwhelmed that this little girl wanted her to be her mother. She looked over at me, telling me silently that we would be taking care of her and confirming that she was my mate. When I nodded to let her know it was true, she held her hands out to Emmett.

Isabella snuggled right up under her chin after she was placed down. She sighed. “It’s so nice to have a mummy who will love and care for me.”

Esme whispered in her ear. “You don’t have to worry about it ever again. I will always love and care for you, Bella. I promise.” It was that promise that made Isabella break down into sobs. It looked like she’d been holding that in for quite some time. “Hush, shhh, my beautiful girl. I’m always going to be here.”

When Bella finished, she got up and walked directly to me. She climbed up onto my lap with no hesitation at all. She placed her hands on either side of my face before leaning in and placing the smallest, softest kiss on my cheek. “Hello, my Edward. I’m your Isabella. We’re mates, and I’ve been dreaming about you for years. I’m going to call you Teddy like your mother did, and to you, I’m going to be Isa.”

I leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. “Hello, Isa. I believe you are right because I feel the electrical charge between us that the other mated couples feel. Do you feel it?” She nodded so hard I thought she was going to pop her head right off. The others snickered at her. “I can’t wait to get to know you better too, and I’d love to be your Teddy.”

“Good.” She yawned before laying her head on my chest and going straight to sleep. Again, the others snickered as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her to me. She was the most adorable child I had ever seen. I had a feeling she was going to grow into one stunning woman.

“Well, that was certainly the most interesting introduction we’ve had in a while. Is it true?” Emmett commented.

I nodded, but it was Jasper who answered. “Their bond is already strong. I can feel what they are feeling and just being together like that is enough. They’re mates, but the mating instinct isn’t there yet.”

“As well it shouldn’t be,” Albus stated. “And it won’t be there until she comes of age around sixteen or seventeen.”

This first “book” is nearin’ completion and I’m so anxious to see what she does with the next one *squeeee!*

What’s everyone readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!




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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Anyone don’t believe in miracles, I’m here to prove you wrong! After a hiatus of three years and some change, Catastrophia managed to hit the ball right outta the park and bring Me and Mr Cullen home COMPLETE!


That was me when I saw the updates pop up in my inbox…two in a row *THUD!*



It was just a long weekend in Vegas, so how did eighteen year old high school senior Bella Swan end up married to thirty one year old movie exec, Edward Cullen? This is the story of their awkward life. Rated M for future lemons.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 39 – Words: 142,116 – Reviews: 8,859 – Favs: 6,306 – Follows: 7,594 – Updated: Jan 7 – Published: Mar 15, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 7925096

After a fun day of seein’ the sights of Las Vegas, followed by a sumptuous dinner and too much champagne, the Vegas cliché…

A deep groan escaped the chest beneath my head. How did this happen? My gaze flitted around, realizing that I was not in my hotel room. My eyes shot down, and I sighed when finding my dress was still on and so was most of his suit. Though his shirt was unbuttoned enough to reveal the sculpted chest beneath.

One of the hands moved up and brushed the hair from my face before tilting my head back. Edward’s emerald eyes widened when they met my brown.

“Jesus-fucking-Christ!” he cursed.

His eyes squeezed shut and he pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. I don’t know why, but his reaction made my chest tighten. I needed to leave, get away, now.

Using the hand on his chest, I pushed up, lifting me from the bed and his warmth.

“I. . . have to go,” I whispered.

He opened his eyes at my movement, and his hand reached out, grabbing mine as I tried to remove it from his chest.

“Wait. . . What the hell is that?” he questioned and my eyes followed his down to the large diamond ring I was sporting.

“I don’t know. It was there when I woke up.”

Quickly, he jerked his other arm out from underneath my body, his eyes widening when a white gold band reflected in the light.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped. “Did we. . . I. . . how. . . ”

“I don’t know, but I think so,” he replied to my incomplete and incoherent questions, the same running through his own mind.

Jumping up, he staggered, grabbing his head and stumbling back to the bed. Trying again, slowly, he walked across the room to the table and picked something up from the glass top.

He picked up another item, and then began mumbling and chanting ‘fuck’ over and over.

“What is it?” I asked, though I had a feeling I knew what it was already.

“Well, Mrs. Cullen, it’s our marriage certificate.”

Fuck. Me.

Each assumed the other regretted the deed and the word annulment was bandied about but a clearer head prevailed!

“There you are! I didn’t think you’d be out all night. Hope you two had fun!” she exclaimed with a wink and ushered us in.

I wanted to face palm myself from her reaction. My mom was actually hoping I had sex with him?

“I’m surprised to see you as well, Edward,” she said, smiling at him.

“Well, hurry on in, check out is in two hours and I want to get another few minutes in at the casino before we head out.”

“Actually, Renee, we have something to tell you before that,” Edward started before announcing. “We got married last night.”

Her eyes were almost bugging out of her head as she looked between us.

“Don’t worry, Mom, we’re going to get an annulment,” I said hurriedly.

“Why?” my mother asked and she was genuinely confused.

What the hell?

Only my mother. Rational people knew why.

“Because, this was a mistake. We just drank too much Champagne.

She’s only eighteen, Renee,” Edward pointed out.

“So. You’re married now; why not give it a try?” Renee questioned like it was the most obvious answer.

“She’s eighteen and still in high school! We live in different states,” he argued.

“Edward, do you like her?” she asked pointedly.

“That’s irrelevant.”

“Just answer, please,” she requested.

Edward’s eyes widened. “Well. . . yes.”

“Good. She’ll go home with you, and I’ll send her things.”

“What?” Edward and I cried at the same time.

“Mom?” I looked at her inquisitively, my chest tightening. Was she trying to get rid of me?

“Oh, Bella, sweetheart,” she said and wrapped her arms around me.

“Why?” I asked softly, my voice quivering.

“I see your why and raise you a how. How do you two know this wasn’t meant to be? Maybe this was destiny hitting you both over the head,” she explained and turned to Edward. “Is that really your only concern, Edward, her age?”

“I. . . ummm.. . she’s in her senior year.”

“Yes, and it’s only the fall semester. She can easily enroll in classes where you live,” she stated and then sighed. “Look, Edward, there must have been something about her that interested you, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked her to marry you. You bought a ring and said ‘I do’. It doesn’t matter how much you had to drink, that was what you did. Drinking is not an excuse to wipe everything away in the morning. You two are married. Deal with it.”

Well, dealin’ with it AND the reaction of Edward’s family prove to be Bella’s real education…oh, that and what she learns from Edward in the bedroom and you’ll have to read to follow his class with her LMAO!


If there was a category of fics called “How The Hell Did I Miss This One?” Drotuno’s Gravity Series would be at the top of the list, which I’ve discovered to my great delight…after much urgin’ from Zveka! She’s even got Kay readin’ along with me while  she’s re-readin’ for the umpteenth time LOL!



The definition of a mercenary is a soldier for hire. His crew are trained fighting machines. Hers are smart PIs. What happens when they need each other to survive? Canon couples. AH/AU. Rated M for lots of reasons, including violence and lemons.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 33 – Words: 302,953 – Reviews: 4,752 – Favs: 3,790 – Follows: 1,407 – Updated: Jun 25, 2011 – Published: Feb 18, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6755101

Edward Cullen is a soldier for hire that works for his father, Bella Swan is a Private Investigator and the daughter of Carlisle Cullen’s best friend, Charlie. When Bella goes missing, Carlisle employs his own band of mercenaries, including his son to find her and protect her. What happens when Bella finds out that her father’s business partner and best friend isn’t exactly what he said he was? What happens when Bella discovers that the boy she met one time is now an efficient military killing machine? And what happens when she decides that it doesn’t matter? But what kind of Bella does Edward find?

First time Bella meets Edward:

I was twelve years old when I met the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. He was sweet, kind, funny, and had the most adorable speech impediment. He stuttered. A lot. He was shy – very shy – with crazy hair and a crooked smile, but it was his eyes I remembered the most.

Green. They were piercing green, framed with long, dark eyelashes women would give an appendage for. He had a round face – still somewhere between boyish and teen – and smooth, pale skin.

The next time Bella comes face-to-face with Edward years later:

I heard running steps and a door open, but it was a loud boom that made my mind come undone, because suddenly, I was plunged into complete blackness. Miller had turned the lights off on me, but it had never been this dark, because the light from upstairs had always filtered dimly from underneath the door. But this…this was like someone had taped my eyes closed, like I had gone entirely blind. And that scared the shit out of me, because it wasn’t so bad when I could see shit coming my way, and now I couldn’t.

The table I was lying on shook with the force of whatever had exploded.

Another, smaller, explosion happened right above my head, causing dust to fall onto my face, and I started to struggle under the tight leather straps that Miller had around me. I was going to burn right on that table.

Quieter, yet unsure, footsteps came down the stairs, a flashlight behind them, and I started to hyperventilate. I couldn’t breathe, see, or even formulate a clear thought.

“Easy, Bella,” a smooth, velvet, but so very calming voice met my ears, and all I knew was that it wasn’t Miller.

I dissolved into hysterics.

“Shh…it’s okay, it’s okay,” he said, his fingers struggling to slide under the leather straps. “I need to get…something to cover you up…”

“Don’t leave me…” I panicked, grabbing at whatever I could get a hold of once my arms were free. “Please…don’t…” I cried.

“Okay, I won’t, I swear,” he sighed, freeing me from the rest of my restraints. He stepped back just a little, covering me up with what felt like a leather jacket. “Can you hold on?” he asked gently.

I nodded, allowing him to wrap my arms around his shoulders. Warm, strong arms slipped underneath my legs, lifting me up as if I weighed nothing, and I curled into him, unable to stem my tears.

He smelled like leather and comfort and man. He smelled like strength and warmth, and I gave in, because I was too tired, too beaten to fight.

Once he’d carried me up the stairs, I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Should you decide to join us, I promise you won’t regret it!!!


Hold onto your hearts, ladies, ’cause you will not believe how fast you fall completely in love with Edward in Bornonhalloween’s latest jewel, courtesy of the P.S. I Love You Contest!



He’s old school, and I think I like it! 2nd Place Judges’ and Public Votes, P.S. I LOVE YOU CONTEST.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 6 – Words: 12,810 – Reviews: 615 – Favs: 358 – Follows: 599 – Updated: Jan 10 – Published: Dec 23, 2016 – id: 12286291

Of course it starts pouring because I actually flat-ironed my hair this morning. I hunch my shoulders as if playing turtle might stop the raindrops from landing on my head and my skintight clothes. If only I had a real waterproof shell to escape into.

Come on, 51! If the bus arrives before my T-shirt gets soaked through, this day might not be a total disaster.

A body shuffles behind me; the rain stops—or at least, it stops falling on me. A soft pitter-pat above my head muffles the noise pollution of the city street. Any other day, I would shrug away from a stranger’s umbrella. Today, I can’t afford to be prickly. 

Craning my neck, I take a cautious peek at the pavement behind me. A man’s brown loafers, almost twice the size of my own open toed sandals, stand firm against the water droplets ricocheting off the sidewalk. My gaze ventures up his tan corduroy pants, just reaching his thigh when a deep voice startles me.

“Sorry, didn’t meant to scare you. I hope you don’t mind.” 

My focus jumps to the man’s face—a handsome, grown-up face framed by a close-trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. A hint of a smile brushes his cheeks, mirrored in his silvery-blue eyes.

“Not at all. Thanks, actually.”

His grin widens. “It goes against my grain to let a lady get wet.”

Coming from any other guy, that line would definitely ring the creeper bell. Something about this man—maybe the crinkles etched at the corners of his eyes and lips—lends a sense of depth that instantly sets me at ease. Or maybe his swoon-worthy smile has lulled me into a false sense of security.

“I appreciate that.”

“My pleasure.” He steps close to my side, creating a safe, dry island for two.

Such a sweet and saucy first meetin’ as they share an umbrella and a seat on the bus. Of course, this isn’t the last time she sees him!

With trembling fingers, I pull a cocktail napkin off the stack and set it neatly in front of him. “Welcome to Hooters, Umbrella Man.”

My voice sounds steadier than I feel.

“I told you you’d get the job.”

So he had. “You come here often?”

He chuckles. “No. I had to come see for myself. . . ” What he’s come to see becomes apparent as his eyeballs hit the “HOOTERS” stretched across my chest. “Bella. Suits you.”

“Well, that doesn’t seem fair. Now you know my job and my name.”

“I’m Edward.” He offers his hand, and I take it before remembering mine is damp and chilly from handling cold beverages and wet cloths.

“Sorry, my hand is—”

His grip tightens as I try to pull away. “Incredibly soft,” he says, holding my gaze as firmly as my hand.

A shiver races up my arm. “Edward? Not Eddie or Ed? Or Ted?”

“Never Ted. Eesh!” No, I suppose, not Ted for the man who brings his mother flowers.

“Edward, then. That suits you, too. Very old-school.”

“Ouch.” He releases me and claps his hand to his chest.

“I like it. It’s different.”

“Old and different. Maybe I should quit while I’m behind.”

“Can I buy you a drink, Edward?”

“To make up for all the insults?” He gives me a fake-wounded pout I don’t buy for a second.

“Let’s call it a trade for the umbrella.”

Old School might be older but it’s nothin’ Bella can’t deal with and he’s not holdin’ back, either! Oooh, I really look forward to the updates on this one!

What fics are keepin’ you warm on a cold winter’s night?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

The first two COMPLETE recs I have for you this week have been burnin’ a hole in my pocket for a looong time, as you’ll notice by the “Published” dates!

But they are finally complete and I’m proud as punch to share ’em…if you haven’t already found yourselves caught up in ’em LOL!



Desperate times call for desperate measures. Bella is starving for a better life for her and her son, and taking her clothes off in front of a stranger is just the first of many lines she’ll cross.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 35 – Words: 143,814 – Reviews: 10,500 – Favs: 4,907 – Follows: 6,596 – Updated: Dec 5, 2016 – Published: Nov 18, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9856697

Of all the wonderful WIPs on Sheviking’s profile, this is the one she managed to complete for us despite her hectic RL schedule and let me just say…DAYUM!!!

I’m walking down the sidewalk, trying to keep myself from crying. I’m humiliated and defeated. I went to the club. I crossed that line and ending up taking my clothes off in the manager’s office. I fucking did it and what did it get me? Nothing!

“You’re not hot enough to dance on stage,” he told me.

My tits are too small—meaning they’re real—and the rest of me too skinny.

“Quit starving yourself, and maybe we can work something out,” he said.

I nearly screamed. I’m fucking broke and in order for my child to eat, I skip meals.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I whisper into the cold night air, blinking back tears. “I tried.”

I don’t know what to do now. There’s no more money, and there’s food for maybe two more days. The rent is long overdue, and if we get kicked out on the street, they’ll take Seth away from me! My heart grips with fear and I have to stop walking and concentrate on breathing.

“How much?”

I startle and nearly trip as I lose my balance. A dark car has pulled over and the passenger side window is lowered.


“How much?”

How much for what?

Then, the proverbial ton of bricks hits me. He thinks I’m a hooker!

Well, I guess I do look like one, sort of. Shit.

“I’m not a—”

“I don’t care,” the voice interrupts. “How. Much?”

“Look!” I say sharply. “I’m not a hooker, okay? I’m just trying to get home.”

“Three hundred dollars.”


I don’t know the going rate, but I’m pretty sure it’s less than that.

Three hundred dollars! To me, that’s a lot of money. I can almost taste the food I’d be able to buy with it, feel the heaviness of the grocery bags in my hands, and practically see the brimming shelves in my fridge as I put it all in there. And Seth, my darling boy, could have a real hot breakfast in the morning!

“F-for what?” I ask, stepping closer to the car.

The door opens and I catch a glimpse of a suit sleeve and a large hand.

I know I shouldn’t do this. It’s dangerous. But I can’t lose Seth!

Quickly, I bury my right hand in my coat pocket, gripping the can of mace I’d put there earlier as if it’s my lifeline, which I suppose isn’t an exaggeration in this case.

Climbing into the car with my heart in my throat, I don’t know if I’m about to make a huge mistake, but I have no choice. I’m desperate.

I’m crossing another line.

Bella soon finds herself in an arrangement with Edward, who is quite a bit older, that she actually enjoys, strange as it is…

I never know what to expect when I go to his house. Some nights I cook; on others, he orders in and I only make a dessert for us to enjoy after dinner. Sometimes he ravishes me the moment I step through the door, and other times he saves it for the end of the night. We’ve had sex in his bed, on the couch, on the kitchen table, in the hallway, and on the stairs. One night, I spent twenty minutes on my hands and knees, scrubbing his already immaculate floors while he watched warning me that I’d better keep on scrubbing unless I wanted a spanking. Smiling to myself, I slid the brush across the wet floor so it was out of reach, delighting in his reaction as he called me a naughty girl while bringing his hand down on my ass again and again until I came so hard, I could hardly see straight.

While it’s good, it’s very good but there will be angst and heartbreak before everything gets straightened out enough for Edward and Bella to get their HEA!



{banner by vbfb1 Designs}


After her mother’s wedding in Mexico, Bella encounters a vampire with less altruistic motives than the those held by the vampires she might have met in Forks under drastically different circumstances. One bad decision, she discovers, can change her entire life. AU E/B

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 33 – Words: 248,596 – Reviews: 1,862 – Favs: 1,126 – Follows: 1,711 – Updated: Jan 3 – Published: Mar 13, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 7920089

“So tempting,” he whispered against her skin. “Everything about you calls to me. Your body, your blood…” He moaned again. “Oh, how I long to taste your blood.” 

“If you want that kid, you’re going to have to wait a couple of weeks,” Serena said brusquely from the kitchen. 

Bella looked at her, her eyes going wide in alarm. “Weeks?” 

“That’s right,” Joham murmured, taking her by the chin and turning her face back to his so he could press a soft kiss to her lips. “That’s the beauty of keeping my girls with me throughout their pregnancies. There’s no waste. Once your child is born and no longer requires your body to sustain him, I’ll have the privilege of drinking your sweet blood.” 

Bella’s stomach rolled, but Joham didn’t seem to notice. He was back to nuzzling her neck again, his tongue flicking out to caress her skin. 

“But — but weeks? I only just got pregnant. It will be months…” 

Joham chuckled softly. “My children grow much faster than human children,” he said, sounding amused. “You’re quite lucky. A human pregnancy lasts for months on end, but from conception to birth, our son will only take four or five weeks to grow.”

OMG! How the hell is Bella gonna get herself out of this predicament? And when and where do the Cullens come in?

You’ll be shocked, amazed and thrilled at the twists and turns this fic takes before the end!




A true gentleman can never resist a damsel in distress.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Chapters: 5 – Words: 16,846 – Reviews: 220 – Favs: 103 – Follows: 183 – Updated: 5h ago – Published: Jan 2 – Status: Complete – id: 12303942

Ahhh, but my 3rd complete rec is only 5 chapters and we didn’t have to wait that long at all *woohoo!*

When a handsome stranger shows up at Doctor Swan’s veterinary practice with a stray kitten, Bella is completely smitten and it’s hard to watch him walk out the door not knowin’ if she’ll ever see him again!

At the start of the following week, we’re getting ready to close up when I hear Alice calling Rose to look at something on the computer.

I’ve just locked the door and am flipping the sign to closed when she calls me over. “Bella, you’ve got to see this!”

Walking over, I see she has a YouTube video paused. “What’s this?”

“Remember that hottie who was here with the kitten?”

Like I could forget. “Uh huh. What about him?”

With the grin she’s sporting, Alice looks like the cat that ate the canary. She reaches over and grabs the mouse. “Watch this. You’re going to die!”

She clicks the play button, and my eyes widen in horror as I see a helpless kitten stuck on a busy interstate. Cars are flying by, some swerve, and some straddle it, while the poor baby lies there, completely defenseless. The scene plays out over and over as cars, buses and trucks shockingly miss the terrified creature. I’m already wringing my fingers with anxiety over how this may turn out, until finally, this one car comes to a stop right there on the freeway and turns on its hazard lights, blocking the flow of traffic in that lane. I let out a deep sigh of relief, but then, my jaw drops as a sexy as hell man strolls from the car, as if he’s on a runway. I watch, elated, as he reaches down to snag the little ball of fluff from danger. The riot of hair on his head, the tight plaid button up, rolled to the elbows and cowboy boots are enough to give him away immediately. It’s Edward!

Of course, we wouldn’t have much of a story if Edward hadn’t had his socks knocked off, too…he came back!!!


Swallowing, I force my eyes open to meet his. “What else did you need?”

Leaning even closer, his forehead nearly touches mine. His lips are so near that it would only take a small move to connect mine to his.

He speaks in that gravelly voice I love so much. “I was hoping that you’d agree to a date. I’d love to take you out and get to know you better.”

My eyes dart between his green ones and those full lips. I should probably say no. He lives seventy-five miles away. Plus, all my attention needs to go to my practice right now. None of that matters, though, when he’s all I’ve been thinking about, and he’s here and so close I can feel the heat coming off him. “I’d love that.”

It’s a short, sweet, hawt read you’re sure to enjoy!

Happy Friday, y’all!





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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Lookie what Sandy Claws got me for Christmas! A brand new office romance with Snarky Bella and Assholdward LOL!



It’s the hottest book of the season, every kid wants it. When two people who often clash at work go head-to-head for the last one on the shelf, who will come up the winner? A holiday fic written from a Pay it Forward prompt and for my Secret Santa last year, thank you again.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 5 – Words: 8,550 – Reviews: 449 – Favs: 234 – Follows: 416 – Updated: 19h ago – Published: Dec 25 – id: 12290095

Edward’s assistant goes on maternity leave but ultimately decides she’d rather stay home with her twins than come back to work. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Edward proposes to make Bella’s temporary position permanent!

“What is in it for me?”

His eyes narrowed again. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s see, you have no choice, you need me as you explained. However, I do have a choice. My contract ends in two weeks, I could simply walk away. You’ve given me nothing but hell for two months, why should I stay?”

“You’ve seen the package and benefits, I’ll throw in five percent more, and an extra week vacation time.”

“I’ll take the extra week, but ten percent more and Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off next week.” The office was closed for Christmas and New Year’s Day, but Mr. Cullen had calls and video conferences scheduled around the holidays.

“Oh, um, thank you.” He nodded, waiting for something else. “Do we have a deal, Mr. Cullen?”


Bella pursed her lips. “What do you want?”

“New Year’s Eve; I need you here.”

“All night?” she asked. He nodded once again. “And you’re agreeing to my pay raise and extra week?”

“You drive a hard bargain, Miss Swan. Yes, I’ll agree to your terms.”

She smiled as she stood up, holding out her hand for his as he rose to his feet. “You have yourself a deal, Mr. Cullen.”

“Good, now go get me some coffee, make a fresh pot.” He said it with such authority that normally she would snap right to it, but if he wanted her to work for him, some things had to change. She waited, even after his dismissal, his attention already on his planner. “Is there something else, Miss Swan?” he asked without looking up.

“I know you have an eidetic memory, so use it to figure out why I’m still waiting.”

He looked up at her, his eyes narrowing again. “You’re pushing your luck, Miss Swan.”

She batted her lashes and smiled sweetly, adding a little wink that seemed to make him smile. Though he covered it quickly, adding a gruff, “please,” to his request.

She walked out of his office with a bounce in her step and swing in her hips, singing Christmas carols.

Edward sat back, watching the delectable Miss Swan, and wondered what circle of hell she was sent from to torment him.

This fic is so much fun…just try to resist!


It’s been a good while since we’ve had a good RockStarward so I jumped onto this one the instant I read the summary!



Bella Swan never expected superstar Edward Cullen to wander into Walgreen’s and she never expected him to change her life.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Bella – Chapters: 8 – Words: 23,663 – Reviews: 272 – Favs: 213 – Follows: 471 – Updated: 3h ago – Published: Nov 4 – id: 12219270

Bella glanced at the clock for what felt like the thousandth time that night. 11:42. It was like that time keeping monster was running more slowly just to spite her. She gave it the finger. She dropped the accusing finger quickly when the doors slid open.

“Welcome to Walgreens,” she said slapping on her retail smile.

The grunt that came from the ball cap clad gentleman wasn’t inviting but it was retail standard. Customers had a habit of forgetting the people behind the counter were real, live humans who addressed them. Bella felt her smile fade and she turned her gaze back to the clock. 11:43. Rat bastard clock.

She moved from around the counter to the magazine rack to straighten the misplaced gossip rags. She read the headlines without much consideration. Leo was dating another model. Brad and Angie were splitting up. . . again. Blake Shelton did something redneck. A Kardashian did something trashy. Edward Cullen was spotted hand in hand with the star of some new drama that Bella would never see.

Bella wrinkled her nose. The allure of life where your every move was media headlines was lost on her. She didn’t aspire to notoriety. Her goals were more along the lines of having enough funds to move out of her dad’s place. She hoped that if she really worked hard, that place would have a fridge filled with Killian’s instead of Bud Light.

“Excuse me,” the guy from earlier was at the counter. The only item he placed there was a bottle of wine.

“Sorry,” Bella told him slapping on the retail smile again as she headed over. “Just tidying up.”

“No problem,” he replied without looking up from his fishing expedition in his wallet.

His voice was nice. Melodic. And, bonus, he spoke real words to her instead of grunting this time.

“May I see your ID?” Bella asked picking up the wine.

“Uh. . . ”

His hesitation made Bella’s nerves twinge. No freaking way was she getting into it with some underage punk who wanted to give her shit ten minutes before close. Then he looked up and she understood. Her mouth dropped open. Her eyes darted to the magazines she’d just organized.

“You’re Edward Cullen,” her tone was way more accusatory than she meant for it to be.

He looked both hesitant and amused.

“I am,” he agreed.

Bella felt her nose wrinkle. Words were out of her mouth before she could put them together the right way. The right way being something without profanity.

“What the fuck are you doing in Forks?”

What the fuck indeed?

He could think of at least a thousand things he’d rather do than trek off to some Podunk town in Washington to celebrate the retirement of Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He’d rather have a sex tape with the ugly Kardashian leaked. He’d rather do Kimmel after swallowing a bucket full of acid. He’d rather cover Celine Dion for the rest of eternity.

To say Edward’s relationship with his father is a train wreck is puttin’ it mildly! Still, he might just have found another reason to come back to Forks…a girl who treats him like a normal human being!

With her backpack across her shoulders, she headed down the cemetery path and through the wrought iron gates. The walk back home would be nice. Forks was quite on Sundays, with folks at church or home doing the family thing. The streets were nearly empty, and Bella felt the sadness that crept in drifting away again.

For a while, after her mom died, Bella was scared of the sadness.

She was scared that she would be devoured by it, just like her mom was. Even though she had lived in Forks for a few years, she was still on the outskirts of the kid populace. She wasn’t bullied but she didn’t really have a circle either.

Bella’s attention was caught when the sleek SUV that was driving by eased to a stop along the sidewalk in front of her. Her curiosity was peaked but many, many SUV reruns with her dad made her ease off to the opposite side of the walkway. As she approached, she saw the passenger side window was down. Behind the wheel was the fuck-hot man she’d just been telling her mother about.

“Hey little girl, need a ride?” he quipped.

Bella felt her mouth curve up in a smile and her heart started to pound.

“Got any candy?” she asked reaching for the door.


Creepy as hell but it’s Drotuno and, as impossible as it seems at first glance, I’m trustin’ her to take us to a happy place in the end!



A month after losing his wife, Edward Masen was taking it one day at a time, trying to simply survive the torrent of grief. Surrounded by memories of their life together and messages she left, he was already questioning his sanity when his phone lit up in the middle of the night… with her picture and number. EPOV/OOC/AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 13,553 – Reviews: 553 – Favs: 462 – Follows: 698 – Updated: Dec 26 – Published: Dec 12 – id: 12270478

Plus, I’m a sucker for any fic that includes a cat!

Resetting my alarm for just a bit earlier, I fell back on the bed, smiling over at Steve, who barely shifted when the bed moved. One long, orange paw stretched out, finally covering his eyes.

“Right, right. . . Turn the light out, human. Got it.” I chuckled, reaching over to shut off the light.

The room went dark, except for the street light outside beaming in through the window. I closed my eyes and pulled the covers up, trying to relax after the long, strange day. Just as I was about to roll over, the sound of my phone buzzing across my nightstand had my eyes snapping open.

Once I’d grabbed the phone, my heart stopped and my hand shook so badly I almost dropped the phone to the floor. As it was, it landed on the bedside table with a thump, still continuing to vibrate. But it was who was calling that had my brow breaking out into a sweat.

My wife’s happy smile, a picture I’d taken just a few months ago, lit up the screen of my phone. Her number. Her face. It didn’t make sense. She was gone, and so was her phone.

Swallowing thickly, I swiped my thumb across the screen to answer.

“Who is this?” I answered angrily.

There was a sudden inhale of breath, but whoever was on the other end didn’t say anything.

“How did you get this phone!?” I yelled, starting to shake with anger and heartbreak. “Answer me, dammit! Where did you find it?!”

There was that same whispering that sounded like static, and then the phone beeped that the call had been ended.

I wanted to throw my phone, but at the same time, I wanted answers. My first assumption was that some kids had found my wife’s phone and were playing around. But deep down, somewhere in the depths of my soul, I wanted her back. And as crazy as it sounded, I’d take whatever I could, even though I knew it wasn’t possible. My wife had died almost a month and a half ago.

Geez, the hairs on my arms just stood on end readin’ this again *shudder!*


The gore factor is strong in this one LMAO!



This could have been your typical high school romance. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Live happily ever after. But when a deadly illness breaks out in Forks, students at Forks’ High have to put the romance aside and do what they can to stay alive. Even if that means losing a few friends along the way. Rated M ExB

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 6,466 – Reviews: 193 – Favs: 154 – Follows: 312 – Updated: Dec 27 – Published: Dec 12 – id: 12269910

Just then, the bells rings, and the lunchroom erupts in the chaos that is “making it to your next class on time.”

“I’ll see you next hour.” Edward grabs his belongings and joins the masses. We’re herded like cattle, out the tiny double doors that lead from the cafeteria into the halls, and disperse from there.

I make a quick stop at my locker and turn to go to my next class when I see her.

Tanya walking, more like stumbling down the hall. She trips over her own feet and falls into a small group of people. She doesn’t get up right away, her shoulders heave up and down like she’s trying to catch her breath.

“Tanya, are you okay?” One of her friends rushes to her side.

“No. I can’t breathe,” she gasps. “I can’t.” She starts to cough, so violently that she falls again, this time onto the ground.

As soon as she does, everyone around her gasps. Her face has these strange spots all over it, almost like pimples, but they’re huge and raw. The next time she coughs, blood spurts from her mouth like an erupting volcano.

“Oh my God. . . ” I whisper, instinctively backing up.

Mr. Franklin, the math teacher, steps out into the hallway to see what the commotion is. When he spots Tanya, he immediately springs into action.

“Everyone, back up. Back up, people!” He kneels down beside Tanya and checks her out. She coughs again, spewing another rain of blood.

Mr. Franklin backs away, shocked, his shirt and his face dotted with red spots. “Oh, dear.” He turns to another student. “Call 911!”

By that time, more teachers and students had gathered. I’m frozen, standing by my locker with my hands gripping my books so tightly that I can’t feel my fingers.

“Come on, guys. Let’s give her some room. Ambulance is on the way.” Principal Walters starts pushing all of the students back, urging them to get to class while they tend to Tanya.

I force myself to look away and robotically walk to my next class, one foot in front of the other.

Edward is already in his seat, seemingly blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the hallway. He’s got his headphones in, working on his homework before class starts.

I plop down beside him, still shaking and unable to speak. When he finally notices me, he immediately pulls his headphones off.

“Bella? What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Did you see her just go down?” A student says, walking in the door.

“No, but I saw the blood, man. It was all over Mr. Franklin’s face!” Another says.

As the classroom fills with students, all chattering about Tanya, Edward seems to get a good idea of what happened without me uttering a single word.

Our teacher tries to run a normal class for about five minutes before she realizes it’s not going to happen and declares it a study hour.

A text ringer goes off on someone’s phone. Then another one. Then another one. The teacher doesn’t bother yelling at anyone for it.

As each student reads their texts, the talk starts.

She started bleeding out of her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

She was convulsing as they took her out in the ambulance.

And the final one. The worst one.

She’s dead.

So, what do Mike Newton, a wild party and a dead deer have to do with anything? You’re gonna have to read to find out!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’ ladies!

Tonight, I’m sharin’ some the fabulous Christmas fics we’ve been blessed with this holiday season!

Oh, and you can thank Planetblue for kickin’ my ass back into gear…ain’t no way I could ignore her precious gift so first up is…


{banner by Lolypop82}


“I like her, Emmett. And I like the idea of her.”

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 2,872 – Reviews: 252 – Favs: 253 – Follows: 483 – Published: Dec 22 – id: 12284423

After sufferin’ a nasty break-up six months previously, Edward is dragged to a family Christmas celebration in Colorado. I say dragged ’cause he’s totally bummed at bein’ the odd man out…the last single Cullen, although Emmett already has a plan…

“Edward, I don’t get mushy often. This is something you know well.” He turns to face me, a dead serious look on his face. I nod, waiting to hear what words of wisdom my parent’s oldest child is about to impart on me.

“Listen to me. And listen to me good.” His eyes bore into mine, and he actually places his closed fist on my hand, as affectionate with a man as Emmett can get. I lean in, on instinct.

“I’m going to find you the hottest fucking snow bunny to throw around the sheets like a ragdoll, because if you ruin my vacation with your sourpuss, I will kill you.”

However, one of Santa’s sassy elves changes the game!

“You look like you could use a treat.” A girl elf pops up in front of me, waving a candy cane in front of my face. I go to reach for it, but she pulls it back. “Have you been a good boy or a naughty boy?” My eyes widen at her question, while Emmett stands next to me, laughing.

“Dude. Forget the snow bunnies.” Emmett grins and nods his chin towards the girl. “You should bang an elf.”

Go ahead and join the fun…you know you want to LOL!


My next offerin’ is a pure D accidental find! Well, I musta had the author on alert for her WIP but I swear I don’t remember when or why *headscratch!*

That bein’ said, I started readin’ Christmas Magic and now it completely owns me!



Sometimes all it takes is a little Christmas Magic to make my spirits bright.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 4 – Words: 15,834 – Reviews: 15 – Favs: 11 – Follows: 34 – Updated: 14h ago – Published: Dec 19 – id: 12280272

Edward wasn’t expecting his world to be turned upside down this past Thanksgiving but, boy…

Emmett’s little sister grew up to be hot.

“Bella, that looks delicious. What are you making?” My father leaned over her shoulder to gaze at the masterpiece in front of her and it was no secret that culinary school had been very kind to her. Whatever she was making was coming along perfectly, not a speck of anything out of place, all portions of the pie gleaming with perfection. I watched her lean towards her left, allowing my father to slide comfortably next to her. Considerably closer to her than I was.

“Oh, thanks, Carlisle. It’s nothing special. Just a Pumpkin Cheesecake.”

I felt my mouth water in anticipation.

“Hey, that’s Edward’s favorite!” Alice pointed towards me. “You’re going to have to try some.”

Bella’s gaze left the pie and went to look at me directly, a smile playing on her features again.

“Perfect,” Bella said, wiping her hands on her apron. She picked up the pie to bring it over to the counter to make room for the other pies. I willed my eyes to keep from swiping down her body, and only when I felt my eyes slipping was I suddenly bounced back with an intrusive thought.

Wait. This is Emmett’s sister. She’s off limits.

Good thing for our boy Bella doesn’t see it that way LOL! Enchanted already? I’m certainly giddy to see what happens when he goes home again for Christmas!


Now, don’t let the fact that this fic starts out with Tanya pickin’ up Edward’s kids from Bella’s house put you off! Although, sweet as she is, I still want to scratch her eyes out LOL!



‘Tis the season to be jolly. To give and to appreciate. To spend time with family and all that jazz. Not to wind up in bed with my ex-husband, which is exactly what I did, all because of a not so simple wish from our youngest daughter… E/B. Romance/Family/Friendship

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 4,489 – Reviews: 65 – Favs: 103 – Follows: 201 – Updated: 6h ago – Published: Dec 22 – id: 12283858

Bella finds a letter to Santa from her kids and rushes over to Edward’s to discuss it with him only to find him outside doin’ yard work.

He hadn’t put on his shirt, and I hadn’t asked him to. But the fact he still had his tattoo of my name both turned me on and made me sad. He’d gotten it the day after his 18th birthday and a few days before he proposed. It was forever like we were meant to be and the sweetest thing anyone had done for me at the time.

“I should go,” I repeated, making a beeline for the door. This was all too much. Too many emotions hitting me at once.

As I reached the door knob, his hand clamped down around mine, stopping me.

“Was there anything else you needed?” he whispered from behind me, close enough I could feel his lips at my ear and chest at my back.

My entire body tensed.

“Edward,” I warned.

“Are you sure you want to go?”


“Are you sure?” he moved my hair from one side of my neck to the other.

His lips were a perfect combination of hard and soft as he dropped a kiss to my shoulder, my neck, then right behind my air.

His moves hadn’t changed and apparently neither had my reactions to them.

His mouth lowered to mine at the same time I tilted my head up.

The frame on the wall next to us shook as we slammed against it, my arms in the air—trapped between his hands—nearly knocking it over.

“Oh, God!” I breathed out, knees buckling as his hands slid down my pants, fingers already at my flesh.

He was so slick, so quick, that I hadn’t even noticed when he’d unbuttoned them.

This was bad.

Really bad.

Oh, I beg to differ! I’d have to say it was good! Really good LOL!


What the hell is this one doin’ here, you may ask!

Well, Josie’s snarky, bad ass, tattooed, work boots and construction hat wearin’  Angelward qualifies for a Christmas spot in my book! See if you don’t agree…


{banner by Clo Roddefer ~ HeartForTwilight}


Edward Cullen is a fallen angel, living among humans. He’s dark, snarky, tattooed and a total badass. Isabella Swan, a human, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. In her innocence, she manages to worm her way into his heart, bringing him back into the light and out of the darkness.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 9,534 – Reviews: 201 – Favs: 254 – Follows: 437 – Updated: 18h ago – Published: Dec 3 – id: 12258504

While workin’ a construction job for Emmett, Edward first sees Bella durin’ lunch with his coworkers…

Breaking me from my reverie, I heard a musical giggle. I turned toward it, seeing the most gorgeous creature I’d laid my eyes on. She was petite with long brown hair, pale skin and the curves of a beautiful woman. She was talking on a cell phone to another woman, sharing details about a blind date. A bad blind date.

I was inexplicably angry that this woman had gone out on a blind date and that it wasn’t with me.

What are you talking about, Edward?

I was a fucking angel. I didn’t do romantic involvements. Up until I was on earth, I was a virgin. But, once I jumped into the pool, I couldn’t get enough.

One night stands, sure. I may be an angel, but I’m still a man. A horny man, damn it.

But, this woman was not like the women I’d been with before. She was pure, innocent, and fucking beautiful. I shook my head, watching her as she continued her conversation before she walked to a nearby elementary school. I waited until she was inside before going back to my job. However, I kept my thoughts trained on hers while I was close by, just to hear the beautiful tenor of her mental voice and her kind nature as she taught her fourth grade students.

And the more he tunes into her, the more ensnared he becomes until he hears something that makes his neck hairs stand on end!

Help! This can’t be happening to me! Not again!

I knew it was Bella. Her voice was panicked and I could feel her terror. Closing my eyes, I listened for her. I got out of my car and into a nearby alley. Shrugging out of my jacket, I spread my wings and took off. I found Bella easily, near her school, around the corner from a resale shop. A group of men was surrounding her, pushing and tearing at her clothes. One guy had a knife and the others were punching her body.

Aw, hell no!

I wanted to rip them limb from limb and make them feel the pain that they inflicted on their victims. But, killing is a big no-no for angels.

Needless to say, our hero swoops in, kicks ass and rescues an unconscious Bella!

She was still unconscious and covered with bruises. I gingerly picked her up, holding her close to my body. I could feel broken ribs and blood filling in her lungs. Her beautiful face was covered with bruises and her clothes were in tatters. I unfurled my wings, taking off and flying back to my house. Landing carefully, I carried Bella into my unused bedroom. I changed her out of her ruined clothes and dressed her in some of mine. They were too big for her, but they were not torn and covered in blood.

Usin’ his healin’ powers, Edward takes her pain into his own body and leaves her to sleep under the watchful eye of his chocolate lab, Felix.

It took me an hour to heal all of her injuries. I collapsed on the ground, panting heavily and covered with sweat. Felix wandered over to me, plopping down next to me and eyeing our guest. She was resting comfortably and would stay asleep until morning. Healing also tired out the human. I leaned against my furry friend. He licked my nose, whimpering quietly. “I’ll be okay, Felix,” I said tiredly. “I had to help her.” He cocked his head, snuggling close to me and putting his head on my thigh. I leaned my head against the bed, running my fingers through his thick fur, watching as Bella slept.

I prayed she wouldn’t freak out. She was in a stranger’s house, in a stranger’s clothes with a creepy dog watching her every move. Oh, wait. It’s you who’s the creeper. You’ve only been watching her for the past three weeks, Edward.

I shook off my snarky thoughts. After my shower, I felt better.

I made some breakfast, eating some myself since I was weak from healing her. Protein worked the best, with organic fruits and veggies as well. Processed shit made me sick. After eating, I heard her shift in the bedroom and her thoughts become more coherent. I darted upstairs, anxious to actually talk to her, but prepared for her to freak out and blame me for what happened to her. I knew that I didn’t hurt her.

A few moments ticked by, and Bella was shifting on my bed. She moaned, rolling onto her stomach. However, she patted the pillows and she shot up, her hair a tangled mess and her mind confused. Where am I? This is not my bed, she thought. She turned around, sitting up and looking directly at me. Her espresso colored eyes widened. What happened? He’s so gorgeous, but who is he? “Who are you?” she asked before fainting dead away.

Not the worst reaction, I shrugged, but I was giddy at the fact that she thought I was gorgeous. It made my heart do a flip-flop in my chest and a smile to spread over my face.


Hell’n I’m in love with Angelward already LOL!

Apologies for the long break but when your mojo ain’t workin’, it ain’t workin’ *shrug!*

What fics have had you completely spellbound while I was “asleep at the wheel?”

Happy Friday, y’all!




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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Well, a promise is a promise so here are some complete fic recs for Eewee darlin’!

And, as it turns out, there’s significant age difference in the first two but so well written, you can’t help but love ’em!



On that side of the Equator a six year age difference is nothing, just a number that loses meaning in the face of adventures and shared interests and long bus rides. But on this side of the Equator, in Forks Washington where Bella is a teacher, six years are everything, an impenetrable barrier that makes life impossible when Edward Cullen shows up as an exchange student.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – [Bella, Edward] [Emmett, Rosalie] – Chapters: 21 – Words: 91,415 – Reviews: 1,048 – Favs: 575 – Follows: 980 – Updated: Oct 9 – Published: Jan 14, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10020758

So, this is what happens when your vacation fling follows you home…

“Edward,” I say, leaning against my desk. Needing a moment to collect myself, I dig the heels of my hands into my eyes. Three deep breaths and my hands fall to my sides as I straighten to look at him.

He’s closed the distance between us. I have to look up to meet his eyes. “You’re an exchange student?”

“Cool, yeah?” he says, smiling once more.

“You’re an exchange student in Forks?” I demand, not really believing it.

“You moved back to Forks. I came to Forks. Simple.”

“No!” I shriek, glancing nervously towards my still open door. “No! Not simple. You are my student, Edward. How are you still in high school? You’re nineteen. You just turned nineteen. You graduated!”

The difference in our ages once felt like nothing, forgotten in the face of shared interests and experience. Now these six years separating us might as well be the fucking ocean.

And they will drown me.

“I’m your teacher,” I repeat.

“I forget how prudish Americans are,” he says, rolling his eyes. He takes another step closer and I push back into my desk with such force that the metal legs drag on the linoleum. The sound is unpleasant but Edward takes another step. I scramble around the desk, pleased to have a physical barrier separating us. “Are you running from me, love?”

“Do not call me that!” I am absolutely seething, glancing at the door every three seconds. I play with that annoying patch of wispy hair at my temple. The rate I am going this will be another nervous habit, joining the lip biting. “In this classroom, in this school, it’s Miss Swan.”

This fic is chock full of angsty goodness, trials and tribulations…mostly for Bella ’cause Edward doesn’t see the problem, but you can count on the HEA they both deserve!




Hot old dude was cocky from the beginning, yet for some reason she wanted him. He was relentless, and she was a brat, but together they were on fire.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 80,345 – Reviews: 1,348 – Favs: 987 – Follows: 1,248 – Updated: Aug 25 – Published: Feb 13, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11042171

On the opposite end of the age spectrum from Equator, I present to you Asshole and Brat!

Hawaii is like a dream come true. Four days in paradise are just what the doctor ordered. Between finals and helping my sister plan this shotgun wedding, I need to just relax.

I exit the airport in Kona and find the shuttle bus to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. It’s crowded and although the air conditioning seems to be on high, it’s hot as hell in here.

There is one available seat, which happens to be next to some sexy as fuck older dude. He’s not as old as my dad, Charlie, but I would say he has at least ten years on me.

If I didn’t have the five-year-rule, I would totally get on that.

His face is divine and I’m not exaggerating. Old dude is smoking, with his chiseled cheekbones covered in facial hair. His green eyes dance mischievously as they take me in.

“I’m here for a family thing but…” He shrugs his shoulder suggestively, and then gives me a sexy smirk and a wink.

Five-year rule.

I do not do older men.

Not even sexy-as-fuck old men.

“Does that usually work for you? What’s the matter can’t find a woman your own age down at the senior citizens home?” I give him my best bitch brow, but it does nothing but cause him to laugh loud and hard.

“Playing hard to get? I like that.” He inclines further into me and takes a deep breath.

“You need to back off, gramps. The desperate act is not a good look on you.” I turn around in my seat officially dismissing him.

I’ll be damn if I give him the satisfaction of knowing I’m attracted to him. Nope, I’m sure once the bus gets to the hotel I’ll be so busy with maid of honor duties that I’ll never see any other hotel guests…

Especially hot-as-fuck-old-dude.

The van pulls to a stop in front of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. It is breathtaking. People start exiting the van and I turn to face sexy grandpa.

“Well, I hope you find a young girl that will fall for your lines. Enjoy your vacation.” I stand up grabbing my bags.

“Oh baby, I’m sure before my vacation is over, I’ll have you beneath me.” He says as he follows me off the van.

“In your dreams.” I turn away from him trying to hide my blush.

I quickly take my luggage, rolling it to the front desk, acutely aware that sexy is following me. I may or may not add an extra swing in my step, giving him a full view of the ass.

Again, this fic has the most wonderful HEA with lots of fun and fuckhawt lemons along the way! Low on angst…high on fun!




The winter of 1869 recorded a low temperature that would last for more than one hundred and fifty years. The only thing colder ever recorded was Isabella Cullen’s marriage bed. Entry for the Caveat Emptor: Maybe An HEA? contest. Trigger warning. Now expanded from original contest entry.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward, Jasper – Chapters: 24 – Words: 73,905 – Reviews: 1,755 – Favs: 766 – Follows: 1,108 – Updated: Oct 5 – Published: Jun 2, 2015 – Status: Complete – id: 11287145

Warning: This story takes place in a time when women had no control over anything including their own bodies. They could not own property, vote, or serve in office. Most importantly to this story, legally there was no such thing as marital rape. Being married implied consent. This story touches on this dubious consent. Although today it is, rightly, considered rape, in that time it was not. The law was not changed in Canada until just after the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) was enacted, in 1983. Please do not read this story if it will in any way make you uncomfortable or trigger a reaction. 

This fic ain’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but for those souls brave enough to take it on, there is great reward at the end!

A large sign proclaiming Inn at the Forks announced her arrival. The building was bigger than any she had ever seen and she wondered how she was to clean it all. Perhaps there would be another maid or two to help. She tried to brush the dust off her dress before walking into the main reception hall to find her employer. A cheery peal of bells sounded as she opened the door. The young man at the counter took in the sight of travel-weary Isabella and smiled at her. She walked to the desk and put her baggage on the floor.

“I am Isabella Swan. I’m to see Mr. Cullen.”

The young man at the counter nodded and left the desk. He came back minutes later with a tall man, who had a look of consternation on his face.

“You are Isabella Swan?” Isabella nodded her head.

“This way.” The man pointed to an open door just beside the desk.

“Get Weber.” He said to the desk clerk.

Isabella picked up her bags and followed the tall man. He led her through a few hallways to the back of the Inn. He held a door open for her and motioned for her to go ahead of him. Once through the door he pointed to a smaller building set away from the Inn. It was a large carriage house with what looked like living quarters above. He led her again to a stairway up to the living area. When she opened the door she saw that it was a dwelling rather than the dormitory she was expecting. She looked around the sitting room just off the entry. It was well appointed and comfortable looking although it could do with a good cleaning. The tall man stood by the door with his back to her. She waited patiently for him to give her instructions.

“You are not what I expected.” He finally said after a very lengthy pause.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It was a very taxing journey. If you could show me to my room I can clean up before meeting Mr. Cullen and starting my work as housekeeper.” Isabella was exhausted but could rally her courage to begin her new life.

“I am Mr. Cullen. This is your new home, not your place of employment.

You are here to become my wife, not my housekeeper.”

The tall man did not even turn to face her as he destroyed her every perception.

“My uncle said I was to be a housekeeper at the Inn. Not your wife.” Isabella’s voice shook with terror.

“Your uncle told me you were pretty; I guess he lied to us both.

Here’s the Minister. Just do as you are told, do you understand?

Answer every one of his questions with an affirmative.” The tall man finally turned and fixed her with a glare.

“Yes, Sir.” Isabella obeyed.

For a period piece that starts out so dark, it gets even darker until it finally takes a turn into the light when the right Cullen turns up to set things right! Ain’t gonna give away the plot any further than that LOL!

Lookin’ forward for your recs!

Happy Friday, y’all!




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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Tonight, I’ll be takin’ you from the lightness of a supersweet Beardward to the darkness of a 15,000-year-old vampire in the throes of the mating instinct!

Intrigued? Yeah, I thought you would be LOL!



Can a bearded, quiet man, a shy, sweet four-year-old and a cup of hot chocolate be enough to entice an even shyer woman out of her shell. A birthday fic for sweet Ericastwilight.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 2,914 – Reviews: 93 – Favs: 103 – Follows: 190 – Updated: 5h ago – Published: Oct 11 – id: 12186362

“The leaves are falling.” The amazement in his voice made me smile.

He had always been excited with the leaves falling, the colors they changed to.

“They are. I think we will have to rake them up soon. But I think maybe for today, we could go to the park and walk around. Seems a good day for it. And you could pick up some more leaves for your collection.” I turned around and began to walk towards the front door, grabbing our coats along the way.

Toby followed, and then stopped, looking entirely way too serious for a four-year-old. “You know. . . I think I need another red leaf.”

I turned my head, my hand automatically coming up to my now long beard, and Idly wonder if I should shave it all off or keep it on with the oncoming cold weather. My son, Toby, has never seen me without it in all his years so far on this earth.

“Like you don’t have enough of those?”

He laughed and turned around so that I could help him into his coat. “Nope! Wanna know why, Dad?”

I knew his answer; it was always the same.

“Because my friend loves the color red.”

She was sitting on her favorite bench. Red hat on top of her head, long brown, wavy hair blowing every which way in the wind, but she smiled the instant she saw Toby running toward her.

Toby stopped and stood still a few feet from his friend and brought his hands up. He confidently signed, Hello, friend!, and her eyes lit up as her smile grew bigger. She signed back, slowly so that Toby would know most of the letters. Hello, Toby.

Her eyes found mine just before she patted the seat next to her for Toby to sit down. I slowly walked up to them, taking in the sight.

And then I signed what she taught me weeks ago.

Hello, Bella.

Careful, now! You just might crack your teeth on this one!




Bella is an e. r. doctor who doesn’t play by the rules. One night a gunshot victim is brought in and Bella feels protective over him. She realizes he may be one of the most feared men of New York, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to help him. In doing so, she finds herself mixed up with some unsavory characters. Mobward Assward Jerkward mafia mob kidnapped Spunkella EPOV BPOV

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Crime – Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper – Chapters: 10 – Words: 33,403 – Reviews: 498 – Favs: 444 – Follows: 759 – Updated: 21h ago – Published: Sep 26 – id: 12165736

“What do we got?” I yelled.

“Caucasian male, mid twenties to thirties. No I.D. Unconscious.

Gun shot wound to the abdomen. He’s lost of a lot blood. Oxygen and heart rate are steadily dropping.”

“Last vital check?”

He called off the numbers. We had to get this guy into surgery NOW.

I barked out orders and soon the man was on the operating table.

Hours later. . . .

Nicole, the front desk receptionist, greeted me with a half smile.

“Hey Nicole. What do you need?” I asked.

Nicole motioned for me to get closer. “Two men came in looking for a gunshot victim.”

“Are they police?”

“No.” She replied.

Nicole’s voice got lower. “I have a bad feeling about these two men.

Watch your back.”

I nodded and then she motioned her head, indicating where the two men where.

They were in suits and looked to be about mid-twenties. Once they saw me look in their direction they walked towards me.

“Sweetheart, will you be able to give us some answers?” He said with a thick Jersey accent. He smiled, trying to be charming. He was average looking with brown hair and grey eyes. I had a bad feeling about him.

“You’re friend isn’t here. I’m sorry.” And then turned to walk away.

Before I took five steps I heard one say, “Come on. We got three more hospitals to check. If Masen is still alive, we got to finish the job.”

My blood ran cold. I forced myself to keep walking, to act like I didn’t hear their comment.

I walked back to the unidentified man’s room. I leaned back against the door and stared at his unconscious body. They were talking about him. I could feel it in my bones. They also said “Masen.” The name of a supposed mafia family here in New York City. A name that put fear in just about everybody. The men in the waiting room could very well be from a rival mob. And I made myself stuck in the middle of it all.

Now what to do?

I went to the table and grabbed the cellphone from before. I took a deep breath and called the number I did earlier. When he picked up, I didn’t wait for him to answer.

“You need to get here and get your friend out ASAP.”

An unpolished jewel that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go LOL!




He is the ruthless Emperor of the world- the oldest and most powerful Vampire in existence. She is a young human girl. What will happen when he finds his mate in her after years of loneliness?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 6,834 – Reviews: 73 – Favs: 100 – Follows: 195 – Updated: Oct 10 – Published:Oct 3 – id: 12175535

The careful façade of humanity which I had perfected over the years, was ripped to shreds. I was no longer Edward Masen, the Emperor of the shadowy world of Humans and Vampires, but an animalistic Vampire who had caught the delectable scent of his mate.

The beast was released from his cage.

With an effortless pull, I ripped the door of my car off of its hinges and jumped out, fierce growls issuing from my chest. I was unmindful of screams of panic as humans around me ran for their lives. Lost in frenzy as I was, only the scent of my mate registered to me. That delicate aphrodisiac which was a heady amalgam of freesias and strawberries, commanded my senses in every possible way.

I was barely aware of the rush of footsteps behind me, as my guards followed me. But none dared to stop me, which was quite prudent of them, for it was the height of stupidity to try to stop a Vampire lost in mating frenzy.

The last mistake one can ever make.

Shades of Totteacher’s Captive, Batman *Wicked Evil Grin!* 

What fics have had you totally enthralled this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!





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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Got another bag of goodies for you today, so gather ’round, gather ’round!

Now, it’s not often I rec a particular author twice in a row but Lara’s givin’ us a Prisonward and, even with only one chapter up, I’m absolutely rivited!

ROB ATTACK{banner by MarieCarro}


An imprisoned man who’s run out of options to prove his innocence, a young attorney volunteering her time to help the wrongly convicted, and the actual criminal walking around free for ten years. The consequences of a crime are far reaching and often unseen.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Words: 1,306 – Reviews: 58 – Favs: 103 – Follows: 210 – Published: Oct 5 – id: 12177956

Ex Delicto ~ “from a transgression”; indicating the consequence of a crime.

I found myself drawn to the files of the man about my age, who had been sitting in a cell for ten years for something he might not have done. I normally waited to get a feel at the first visit, and I never accepted sexual assault cases.

This one had hooked me, though, and my mind continuously drifted back to the letter his mother included with his application. I had to go, needed to meet him and make the decision. I pictured a wrongly accused 19-year-old, sentenced to 15 years in prison when he knew he was entirely innocent. Then I pictured him being released in five years, having to register as an offender and not being able to get a job or a place to live.

Sighing heavily, I picked up my phone and looked at my schedule for tomorrow afternoon. I needed to see what I could do about this one and get the ball rolling before he spent another unnecessary day in that hellhole.

She already has 11 chapters written and says she’ll update once a week and not let it interrupt her other two stories!




The downside of high school: cafeteria food sucks, and sometimes, you’re cast as the weirdo. On the bright side, sometimes Edward Cullen is your best friend. Even if it is a secret.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Friendship/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 47,780 – Reviews: 915 – Favs: 620 – Follows: 1,223 – Updated:Sep 4 – Published: Feb 29 – id: 11815724

As I weave through the crowded hall, no one looks at me. That’s the only thing about crowds I can stand. I’m like a blind spot. In fact, my superhero name would probably be Blind-Spot Girl. Attention just bounces off me.

All Edward wants to do is hang out with me, in public. Like real friends do.

But I can’t, because I like not being noticed. I like not having people look at me. And if we hang out in public, and someone sees us, they’ll notice. They’ll start talking, and they’ll stare at me at school, and I don’t want that. I don’t know how to deal with that.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble, guilt settling in my gut, squirming and heavy. “It’s not that I don’t want to hang out. I just…” I trail off, ending with a shrug instead.

He shakes his head. “No, I know. It’s fine.”

We both know it isn’t.

Awww, bless their hearts! But don’t worry! Edward is slowly but surely and oh so carefully breakin’ through Bella’s painfully shy shell and it’s beautiful to behold!

You’re gonna love it!




Edward is a loner … always has been. The only people he’s ever loved are his parents and they were taken from him. The day he rides into town to bury his mother and father, he sees her.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 6 – Words: 23,102 – Reviews: 544 – Favs: 311 – Follows: 529 – Updated: Sep 30 – Published: Jul 30 – id: 12076052

Taking one last long draw on his beer, he spies a group of women sitting at a round table, laughing, enjoying their evening. One of them in particular looks as if she wishes she were somewhere else, only smiling to appease the others.

Draining the last of his brew, he sets it down, slips out from his booth, and grabs his leather jacket. While he slips an arm into the sleeve, he makes eye contact with the brunette.

Her mouth goes dry the closer he gets, but when he walks past her, she slumps in disappointment. She notices the bad boy look about him; the tattoos, the leather, his day-old beard. Although he’s not the type of man she would typically go for, this man certainly has her insides reacting, especially when she hears the motorcycle fire up outside.

She’s never seen him around before, but he must be a local, otherwise the guys at the bar would be pestering him just to get him to leave. She shrugs and returns her focus to her friends.

You think it’s gonna end there? Naaaa!

As he tries to lift the engine off the repair rack and back onto the pallet, he loses his grip and his footing. In an attempt to regain his hold on the motor to avoid dropping it, his chest meets the propeller, and his back hits the ground. Managing to get to his knees, he rights the motor onto the pallet and absentmindedly rubs the sharp pain in his chest. When he pulls his wet hand back, he finds blood dripping through his fingers.

Looking down at his shirt, he sees it’s soaked with blood, and when he looks down through the neckline of his shirt, all he sees is blood and the meat of his pectoral muscle.

“Well, fuck,” he mutters.

Oh, and did I mention she’s a doctor?




When graduate student Isabella Swan decides to write her final paper on death row inmate Edward Masen, she promises her mother she won’t get too involved. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Rated M for language, content. B/E Mini Fic

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 13 – Words: 18,577 – Reviews: 1,191 – Favs: 1,285 – Follows: 582 – Updated: Feb 29, 2012 – Published: Aug 18, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7297320

For my “complete” offerin’, I’m goin’ back a ways to one of my favorite Prisonwards ever!

Dear Mr. Masen,

My name is Isabella Swan and I’m a graduate student at the University working on a research paper for my Criminology class. Our assignment is to research and present a paper on a subject of our choosing. I’ve chosen you Mr. Masen. I understand that your current situation limits visitors, but I would like a chance to speak with you. I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to learn more about you.


Isabella Swan

For the next two weeks, I waited by the door watching for the mail to come. Every day I was disappointed so I stopped looking for it.

“Hey Bella,” one of my neighbors called as they passed.

“Hey Ben.” I smiled and pulled the mail from my mailbox. I shuffled through the usual items and finally came to the last envelope. I recognized my handwriting right away and my heart jumped into my throat. He wrote back.

My fingers shook as I tore at the paper. There was one piece of paper inside. And it was the same one I’d sent him. I scanned my own letter until I noted the different handwriting at the bottom.

Not interested.

Yeah, like that’s gonna stop her! This girl isn’t gonna stop until she gets her way, even if it means bringin’ out the big guns…his family!

“You’re a persistent little one aren’t you?” He asked me, turning back towards the glass.

“You wouldn’t answer my letters.”

“I thought maybe you’d get the hint after I sent them back a few times, but apparently I was mistaken.”

“Mr. Masen, please agree to these interviews. I’m interested in your life, how you grew up, your family, what happened with Tanya. I want to hear all of it.”

“Nobody wants to hear any of it,” he said, turning angry. “Nobody.”

“I do.”

“I call bullshit.” 

“It’s not…bullshit!” I said, a little louder than I expected.

“How’d you get in here anyway?” He asked, seemingly curious.

“I used your sister’s driver’s license. She dropped it after we had lunch at the diner.”

“Alice talked to you?” His brow furrowed.


He tapped his finger slowly on the countertop as a smug smirk spread across his lips. “I’ll talk to my lawyer about arranging the interviews.” He stood from the chair. “And give my sister her ID back; she’s probably shitting a brick right now.”

“So…you’re saying yes?” I squeaked.

“I’m saying yes.”

An excerpt from one of their early interviews…it’s just tragic the low opinion Edward has always had of himself!

We’d covered a lot about his childhood. He got yanked from his parents’ house when he was four because of their drug habit and was placed in foster care. After that, it was a string of screw ups and shuffling. Different homes, different families, different schools. As he spoke about his experiences, I couldn’t help but think that the system failed him.

“Let’s see. My last foster dad had just kicked the ever living shit out of me.” He scratched his head. “Put me in the hospital, which is where I met Carlisle. He uh…took a liking to me I guess.”

“And why was that?”

“He thought he could…save me, or some bullshit.” He shook his head.

“Why is that bullshit? Being saved?”

“Because people like me don’t get saved, Bella.” He looked up at me and shrugged.

“People like you?”

He laughed under his breath. “I’m no good, you know that right?”

“How do I know that?”

“Because.” He looked down at his fingers. “That’s what they all tell you.”

Damn, this calls for a reread *sigh!*

What fics have you so intrigued you can’t put them down?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Rob Attack



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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!


Evenin’, ladies!

Ain’t gonna bore you with excuses for my long absence…suffice to say, I don’t do well with heat waves or WordPress glitches LOL!

However, the silver linin’ to bein’ in readin’ mode for so long is havin’ a ridiculous number of fics to rec!

These recs are all about the feels!



Bella talks in her sleep. Emmett gets an idea. Jasper/Bella bonding ensues.

Twilight – Rated: T – English – Friendship – Chapters: 1 – Words: 4,389 – Reviews: 405 – Favs: 1,254 – Follows: 191 – Published: Aug 20, 2008 – Jasper, Bella – Complete

Why I’d never heard of this author before, I don’t know but I literally gorged myself on all her one shots…this was my favorite and so good, I had to share!

Major Jasper and Blackbird: or, Why Edward Decided (for the 23rd time) That Emmett Needed to Die Already!

Emmett was on babysitting duty. Jasper was also left at home, but no one expected him to watch Bella and he would never have offered unless it was an absolute necessity. 

Emmett hears something with huge potential for mischief when she sleep talks after dozin’ off durin’ a movie and surprises her next day with a trampoline!

And so it began. It was a matter of trial and error – Jasper didn’t quite know how much pressure to assert when Bella’s small frame made contact with the trampoline, and Bella didn’t know what to make of the added height and momentum he gave her. She soared off the right side a fair few times, always being caught in either Emmett or Jasper’s arms before she could injure herself. She showed no sign of nervousness or discomfort, only joy and abandon – a steady stream of her laughter ringing through the clearing.

Her feelings were having an incredible effect on Jasper; he couldn’t remember a time when he’d felt so wonderful without being near Alice. He couldn’t help but spread it around, causing a very silly grin to form on Emmett’s dimpled face.

Of course, Edward comes home from a huntin’ trip at exactly the wrong time…well, you’ll just have to read the whole thing to see how that turns out LMAO!




The wind is hot, and I’m sticky and sweaty and need to go home and take a shower. I should be taking advantage of the fact that we’re done early for the day, but I’m not. Instead, I’m sitting in my truck, waiting for the mom with the double stroller to walk by. I do this every day of the week and even though I worry I’m becoming a little creepy, I can’t seem to stop myself.

Twilight – Rated: T – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 6 – Words: 13,570 – Reviews: 486 – Favs: 237 – Follows: 444 – Updated: Sep 28 – Published:Aug 26 – Bella, Edward

Some of you might recognize the first chapter from the Meet the Mate contest where it took 3rd place…Meli has since expanded this wonderful story, for which I am eternally grateful!

I first noticed this woman who I’ve dubbed – double stroller mom – on the Monday we started working to replace the sidewalks in the older neighbourhood on the east end of town. She was walking at a quick pace on the opposite side of the street, pushing a double stroller with one child jumping up and down in it, and another that looked like a baby. Behind her trailed a young girl, maybe five or six years old, who was trying to keep up.

Weeks later, I’m on my hands and knees in a dugout that was once a sidewalk and will be again soon, when I hear a soft sniffling sound. Looking up, I see two, small, bare feet with toenails that look as if they’re painted with sparkly pink dirt. As I slowly stand and raise my eyes, I notice knobbly knees just under the hem of a short pink nightgown with multi-color cupcakes printed all over it. I start chuckling at the cuteness of it all, but quickly stop when I see her face. It’s double stroller mom’s little mini-me. Her brown eyes look abnormally large on such a little face and for a moment, she just stares at me. Brushing the dirt off my hands, I look up at the house and then back at the girl. She looks as though she is going to be sick, but in a small, quiet voice she says “my mom,” and “blood” in such a way that it leaves me cold.

Thus begins Edward’s entrance into the world of Double Stroller Mom!  Oh, and she has a nickname for him, too…Rusty!



{banner by MarieCarro}


Shy, reserved Edward has a little too much Jack Daniels after finding his fiancée cheating on him. Waking up the next morning in a strange woman’s bed, he fights the pull he feels for her. Will he realize they’re fated for each other, or will he only focus on their differences?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 5 – Words: 7,777 – Reviews: 273 – Favs: 256 – Follows: 565 – Updated: Sep 26 – Published: Sep 5 – id: 12135729

Prepare to meet one of the baddest ass Bellas ever!

“Someone in this bar has been banned,” my voice rang out in the silence. “Someone was told to stay away, or there would be consequences.” I stopped swinging, banging the business end of my stick on the wood floor.

Standing at his full six feet seven inches, I knew I wasn’t physically any match for him. However, I also knew every single person in that bar would have my back if me and my Slugger were to fail. He straightened his spine, but being the coward he is, he didn’t speak.

“You need to leave. You are officially banned from my businesses, in front of witnesses, in case you forget again.” Rocking my hips a little, I swung the bat in small circles over my shoulder.

“I didn’t forget,” he finally spoke. “I just didn’t think you were seriously going to turn away my money.”

The blood in my veins boiled harder at his words. “Are you implying something, Black?”

“Just that I’m a paying customer. Last I checked, you don’t give anything away for free.” He smirked, thinking he had me where it hurt. He knew I struggled to meet all of my responsibilities.

So I played it up. I let my eyes water a little, and my lip quivered as I dropped the bat to my side, relaxing my stance. He leaned closer to me. “But-but-but. . . ” Striking like a snake while his guard was down, I grabbed him by the gonads, twisting my wrist ruthlessly. “I don’t need your fucking money!”

The crowd that had mostly been silent up until then erupted. Some men groaned, most people cheered, and Emmett made his very tall presence known behind a crying Jake. I nodded, and he grabbed him by his neck, shoving his bent over body out the front door.

When I turned back to the bar, there were a handful of cheers, and I did a curtsy as the music came back up. Replacing the bat under the bar top, I caught the eye of my one night stand before he moved to sit back down.

Yup, Edward grew a pair and came back for round two, three, four…well, you get the drift LOL!




Two lost, lonely people travelling to different destinations. One storm that brings them together. Could their meeting alter their final destination?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 5 – Words: 12,415 – Reviews: 790 – Favs: 621 – Follows: 914 – Updated: Sep 28 – Published: Aug 31 – id: 12128224

Anyone who’s ever suffered a long layover at a socked in airport can relate to Bella’s predicament, although I’m sure none of us was ever granted such a magnificent partner in mind numbin’ boredom LOL!

Across from my spot, a man was stretched out, already sleeping. On the floor beside him sat a bulging backpack resting against the seat and a battered guitar case. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, his feet clad in dusty work boots. The way he was curled up, his T-shirt had ridden up over his pants, exposing a wide expanse of his naked back. His jeans were pulled down, the waistband of his underwear peeking over the edge. Tilting my head, I read Fruit of the Loom written across the banding. Feeling like a stalker, my eyes drifted lower, settling on his ass. His well-shaped, very firm-looking ass. The angle he was bent in showed it off to perfection. Squinting my eyes, I could even see two dimples that rested just over the swell of his ass cheeks and the sudden desire to reach across and touch them made me actually sit on my hands so I didn’t do exactly that.

He was lying down—stretched out across a few seats. Maybe I should try doing that. I stood up and pulled on the wide, metal arm rail, but it didn’t budge. I pushed and pulled, but I couldn’t get it to move. I moved to the next set of seats and tried again. Obviously, some of them had to pull up so you could lie down. Ass-man had figured it out. Surely I could, too.

I circled around and warily leaned over the back of the seats he was sleeping on to see how the arm lifted. I was shocked when I realized the arm wasn’t missing. Mr. Ass-man was curled right around the metal—so tightly it was digging into his stomach. I frowned at the dark circles under his eyes, but understood better how he was able to sleep in such an awkward position. He was exhausted.

My gaze strayed over to my backpack. I wondered if I should cover him with my blanket and if there was any way of sliding the airplane pillow under his head, to make him a little more comfortable. I wanted to do something, help in some small way. Why, I had no idea, but the urge was overwhelming.

His eyes were now open—staring right at me. Wide, startled eyes, so green it was like losing oneself in a deep forest. I felt my cheeks burst into flames at being caught leaning over him and staring.

I waited for the anger. The yelling that would start any second.

Instead, his full mouth curved into a slow, deep smile.


The next few hours entail monumental bondin’ that makes it imperative to choose a combined final destination!




Bella’s night doesn’t go as planned when she forgets an address and stumbles upon an injured stranger instead. AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 7 – Words: 9,111 – Reviews: 463 – Favs: 291 – Follows: 536 – Updated:Sep 24 – Published: Sep 3 – id: 12133072

Why is it that a beat up to hell and back Edward tugs at our heartstrings? Oh, and Bella’s as well…

My phone died right around the time I hit the corner of Chestnut and High. I wish I were high when another gust of cold wind flies up my skirt. Shivering, I cross the street, stopping right in the middle of the road when a moan comes from behind one of the parked cars.

“Hello? Is someone there?” Another moan. “Look, if you’re planning on attacking me, I’d advise against it.” Looking side to side, I noisily dig around in my purse. “I’ve got a new can of pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it.” Key point being that it’s new.

Another moan comes out of the darkness before cheers erupt from inside the surrounding warm houses. I creep closer to look around the back of the car where I find a man sitting on the curb, his head in his hands.

“Hey, are you okay?”

With my finger firmly in place on the pepper spray, I move closer until I’m standing right beside the guy.

“Excuse me. Hey . . . ” I reach down and touch his shoulder, and he jerks away, looking up at me in fear.

“Oh, wow.” I automatically cringe, unable to help it when I see the condition of the guy’s face. He’s obviously been in a fight by the looks of that busted lip. His eyes are swollen shut. But what really worries me is the bloody gash on his forehead.

She insists on callin’ an ambulance to take him to the hospital and winds up goin’ with him. Then, she can’t get rid of him LOL!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Masen, but I can’t in good conscience let you go without someone to stay with. I just can’t.” The doctor repeats my words from earlier in the evening and Edward looks at me out of the side of his eye.

“Oh, no. Huh uh.” I simultaneously shake my head and wave the idea away with a sassy finger.

“What? You heard the doc. Only twenty-four hours and I’ll be out of your pretty brown hair.” He reaches up to flick a curled end and my mouth drops.

He cannot be serious.

Still haven’t found out who beat him up but I have my theories…make your own!


So, this was the teaser Bornonhalloween threw at us for her latest endeavor!


She’s sooo evil but, boy, did she finally deliver LMAO!


{banner by Betti Gefecht}


A stressed-out grad student hiding from the world finds a mountain man of few words and quiet strength. Still waters do run deep. E/B, Rated M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 9,648 – Reviews: 370 – Favs: 290 – Follows: 538 – Updated: Sep 28 – Published: Sep 20 – id: 12157301

The fresh mountain air filled my lungs, and I could almost feel the cobwebs blowing away. Ahhh. Grown-up camp might even be tolerable if the other inmates could just learn to suffer in silence like me.

I didn’t want to completely lose the group, but as a kid, I had played enough hide-and-seek with my brothers to know a count to fifty was in order. I’d just reached “thirty-eight Mississippi” when I heard someone calling my name. Crap.

“Isabella? Isabella Swan?”

Not Mike.

“Yeah, I’m over here.”

“Oh, thank God.” Heavy boots jogged toward me, and I got my first close-up view of our shy hike leader as he dropped to one knee next to my pack. “Are you okay?”

Damn, he was gorgeous. Like, drop dead, but first tear off all your clothes gorgeous. Or maybe tear off his clothes gorgeous. Fit and tan and mountain-man scruffy, wild hair poking out all around the edges of his camo-patterned Red Sox cap. Outfitted in neutral tans and greens that melted into the earth, he looked like someone far more comfortable blending in than sticking out—someone like me.

A semicircle of sweat darkened his tan T-shirt, and the rise and fall of slightly labored breathing distracted me to the point where I couldn’t look away from that sexy chest. I couldn’t tell if he was out of breath from his jog or the anxiety of misplacing one of his hikers in his first half hour in charge. Either way, it was my fault.

His eyes were hidden behind brown-tinted shades, but I could feel him checking me out for visible signs of injury or worse—something he couldn’t see that might be even more dangerous out here in the wild.

Dayum, where the hell are my hikin’ boots?


And because I can never resist a good vamp fics…



With Edward gone, Bella believes his every lie and assumes he has it easy. It isn’t long before she finds herself in his shoes. (No, not literally.) NM AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Humor – Bella – Chapters: 12 – Words: 17,045 – Reviews: 352 – Favs: 61 – Follows: 152 – Updated: 9h ago – Published:Sep 9 – id: 12141284

The story is told mainly from Bella’s point of view, but for some reason Edward seems to think it’s okay if he interjects in the middle of each chapter, therefore each has alternating points of view—Bella/Edward/Bella.

At first it seems like such a rush, plummeting feet first into the freezing cold water. It makes me feel alive for the first time in months, but then my body turns numb and I feel nothing.

My heart is frozen, just like yours, but it’s not the same.

I don’t want to be here anymore.

. . . . .

Leaving you has solved nothing. Leaving you has only proven what I already knew: I am the very worst kind of monster, and I have all but killed us both.

You were far too young to die; you had barely begun to live. And I? I have lived long enough.

I don’t want to be here anymore.

Trust me…neither of them actually dies! Someone, and we don’t know who yet…she was abandoned by her maker, turned Bella and it’s drivin’ me crazy waitin’ for her to remember who she is and for Edward to learn she’s still alive!

Of course, whether he’ll be able to find her or not when he does is the question LOL!

Okay! Did that make up any for the wait?

Happy Friday, ya’ll!




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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!


Evenin’, ladies!

It is my very great pleasure to feature a brand new fic by none other than….


Kermit flails_400


You coulda knocked me over with a feather when I heard she was comin’ back after a five year hiatus!

AKABrattyVamp_MVP_banner by Beegurl13

{banner by Beegurl13}


“Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.” -Yogi Berra

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Words: 3,758 – Reviews: 105 – Favs: 129 – Follows: 281 – Published: Aug 4 – id: 12084328x

Accordin’ to good ol’ Google:

MVP is an abbreviation for Most Valuable Player and is an award given to an individual player for their outstanding achievements during the season. In Major League Baseball, both the American League and National League award an MVP for the regular season. There is also a World Series MVP awarded to a player on the championship team. The regular season MVP is voted on by journalists who belong to the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). Voting takes places at the conclusion of the regular season, and winners are announced after the World Series. The first MVP awards handed out after voting by the BBWAA in 1931.

No baseball yet…only 1 chapter posted so far, but you really don’t wanna miss this:

No more than six or seven years old, he stood near the door of the building, holding on to a red plastic cup, with a distressed-looking frown on his face.

“Oh, no! Mary! Thirteen!” the child cried out. Just a few feet away, a young woman with bright blue streaks dyed into her dark black hair darted in and out of the busy people who walked past her, squatting down and picking up colorful, bouncing rubber balls that rolled across the area. The two stood out in this white and black world like a pair of circus performers, yet no one but me seemed to even notice them.

“I’ll get ’em, Jackie!” the woman promised. “Here. Put these in your cup. There’s four.”

“Thirteen!” the boy moaned.

I watched the spectacle with curiosity. Obviously, the boy had been carrying rubber balls in his cup, and they’d spilled to bounce and roll across the area in front of the building. The woman was trying her best to collect each and every one of them, but when one of the small rubber missiles bounced off the toe of my shoe and rolled toward the street, I knew that unless I acted quickly, they’d never be able complete the boy’s collection. The ball had rolled over the curb and disappeared beneath a shiny black Sedan that was parked there. While it was nothing more than a twenty-five-cent toy that could be purchased in any turn-knob-style machine, it was obviously important to the child. He wiped tears from his face with the back of his hand while the woman continued her search for the missing toys.

“Here’s ten, eleven, twelve…” the woman counted, dropping the balls she’d collected into his cup.

“Thirteen, Mary! Thirteen!”

With a sigh, I stood and walked over to the curb. Mindful not to ruin my stockings, I carefully lowered myself to my knees and stretched my body forward like a cat, pressing my cheek to the warm concrete while I peered under the vehicle. Just as I thought, the ball had rolled to rest just behind the back tire. It wouldn’t be easy to reach. I pushed my arm out as far as I could and wiggled my fingers, smiling when I finally felt the rubber ball beneath my fingertips. I froze, however, when I heard someone clear their throat above me.

“Not that I mind the view,” a decidedly masculine voice spoke. “But would you mind telling me what in the hell you’re doing to my car?”

I closed my eyes and groaned, realizing that my bottom was pointed straight up at the owner of the vehicle that I was practically crawling beneath. Trying to muster up whatever dignity I could, I stood and straightened my clothing before turning to face the man who towered above me.

Oh, damn.

Now for a little reminder of these jewels of the past:

Abbracciare Il Cantante – What if Edward left Forks after his first encounter with Bella, and he never returned? Fate couldn’t keep these two apart. But meeting at a later time and place might have changed the nature of their relationship.

Click & Strum – Bella moves from Forks to St. Louis to share a luxury loft apartment, The Abbey, with her stepsister, Rosalie. Edward, Rose’s womanizing neighbor, is supposed to keeps his hands off…yeah, right!

Four Summers – Sun, surf and sand. Best friends, and best kisses. Broken hearts, broken ties, and dreams that can never be broken. A bounce through time between summers past, and somewhere closer to present-day. Every road we travel leads us to exactly where we are meant to be.

Green – What happens when lawn-boy, geek, and self-proclaimed social leper finds himself in a situation that shakes his comfortable invisibility? Will he stay green? AU- All human. 

In Vain – Bella is a girl who desperately wants control over her own life. Edward is a Volturi guard who is accustomed to being in a position of control. Together, they struggle with a force that neither of them have any control over, whatsoever. OOC, AU.

Love on Wheels – It’s fast… it’s fun… it’s 1978! The most ‘not-to-be-taken-seriously-fic’ that you’ll ever be tempted to take seriously!

My Escort – When Edward’s partial scholarship gets taken away, he reluctantly takes the advice of his roommate and gets a job at a high-class escort agency. Relax… it’s a legit company. He’s got nothing to lose. Or does he? All-human, OOC.

Ring of Stars – When Edward finally had the opportunity to present Bella with Elizabeth Masen’s ring, he was surprised to learn that the small black box held a far greater gift to him, than the delicate gold band that was nestled inside. O/S

The Best Man – Next-door neighbors home from college, reunited for two weeks of their summer break. Childhood memories and adult hijinks abound. Will a friendly competition strengthen childhood bonds? Or will it help to forge a new relationship between adults? AH/AU

Toye – Vampires like to play with their food. A campy and kitschy horror short-story that lets the men of the Cullen household be the monsters that Edward always claimed they were. Extremely OOC.

Ring any bells? Countless hours were pleasantly spent lost in each of these fics back in the day and I, for one, wouldn’t mind if Kat considered repostin’ one or two or ALL…no pressure *whistles!*

Happy Friday, y’all!






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