Let Me Sign
(a reply)
Sitting beneath the broken tree,
All twisted up in silks of black,
My soul silently cries out,
And tears slip from my eyes.
My Heart feels the sorrow,
Your voice so beautifully expresses,
That mournful cry that is in,
The Elegant grace of your voice.
And I am Entwined in you,
Eternally connected by the ,
Soulful mourning in your voice.
“Let Me Sign, Let Me Sign,”
For I’ll never other-wise be safe.
You have wrapped me
In more than your arms,
I am enveloped in your voice.
Embraced in your soul.
Held Captive by an
Inner and outer beauty,
To elegant to express,
With the simple vocabulary
Of a mere human.
“Let Me Sign, Let Me Sign.”
My heart shudders,
For I hear in the beauty of your songs,
The sorrow you hide from the world,
It seeps out sometimes, In the photos
But you recover it well,
With a smile that could make the angels,
Forget where their loyalties lie.
Its true though it pains me to say, YOU do dazzle us all,
And for a while I am dazed too and
The joy of your beauty is boundless,
But then I remember that beautiful voice,
And the mournful undertones,
And then I am not only dazed by you,
But I am captivated down to the depths of my soul,
Where only your sweet, sorrowful voice can reach
So “Let Me Sign, Let Me Sign,”
I can’t fight the devil
When he puts the angels to shame.
I close my eyes and that voice,
Is like the slightest brush
Of your fingers across my skin,
And for a moment with my eyes closed,
It feels it as though you’re there.
I can see it in my mind and I Carry the images with me
As though they were real.
Then the song begins anew and there it is again,
That mournful moan,
And I see you lean in against me,
Brush my hair off my shoulders
And kiss the curve of my neck,
Yes, I could melt into your eyes,
Into your touch, for Heaven knows,
I’ve already melted into
The beauty of your face,
The richness of your soul,
And God, knows into
 The elegant grace of your voice,
“Let Me Sign Let Me Sign.”
You hitch your leg around me,
Pull me close, and then we sigh
I can’t fight the devil,
When he puts the angels to shame.
“Let Me Sign, Let Me Sign,
Just Let Me Sign.”
Copywrite 2011
 Look at you now, you’re a big movie star
 And you pull up outside in your expensive car.
 Years ago, you wouldn’t have fit with this crowd,
 But now look at you, you’re the man of the hour.
  And when the light shines down on you, it’s golden,
 And though we think that we know you, we just don’t –
 When you smile, we go weak, and it’s so hard to speak;
 But still the light shines on you, and you’re golden. 
 With just one glimpse of that face, that suit,
 Thousands of women want to bear your fruit.
 It’s truly an amazing sight to see;
 One man so loved, as would be a deity.  
And when the light shines down on you, it’s golden,
 And though we think that we know you, we just don’t –
 When you smile, we go weak, and it’s so hard to speak;
 But still the light shines on you, and you’re golden.
  In times of trouble, we mutter your name,
 Turning to you and using your fame,
 To bring you to us, let you heal us again;
 There’s no doubt, we’re obsessed, but we feel no shame. 
 And when the light shines down on you, it’s golden,
 And though we think that we know you, we just don’t –
 When you smile, we go weak, and it’s so hard to speak;
 But still the light shines on you, and you’re golden.  
Copyright 2011   
Imperfect Perfection
 A slow, sweet death embraces the heart
 That, unfaltering, sees imperfect perfection.
 Cursed from the start, it would seem;
 So fall the arrows.
 Doomed, then to follow until the end
 With nothing but limitless affection.
 Clouds cover rose-tinted skies,
 The world still turning
 Stars still shining –
 But none shine as bright
 As when your stars grace our night
 Fervent desire silently burning
 All for imperfect perfection.
 Crowds parting for a god
 Cries of worship as prayers are answered –
 To treat you as such is a sin.
 But such an imperfect perfection
 Strips the heart of all its direction.
 So begins the demise.
 Youth and charm,
 Humour and life
 All serve to disarm
 Those who succumb to your ways.
 Leaving sorrow and grief in love’s wake
 When your presence is missed for some days.
 But following grief, with your sweet return
 Comes the lustful thirst of a heart
 Fit to burst with adoration
 At the sight of that wondrous face,
 The sonorous tones of that honeyed voice
 Laced with velvet, caressing our skin in dreams
 Which leave our hearts to burn.
 Burn for imperfect perfection.
 The familiar melancholy notion
 That such great love to you we cannot give,
 Sets to break our hearts in time
 So until reality halts our desire,
 Both sense and rationality resign.
 By now, we know it all too well,
 To love is our design.
 Through love’s mortal immortality
 Our lives we measure, and tell
 Those we know for constant days
 Of how devoutly we sing the praise
 Of your imperfect perfection.
Copyright 2011
 Loving Rob is so easy…… ‘
Loving Rob is so easy…
Want him at very first glance
Jump him on half a chance
 Adore the air he breathes
Covet him with greatest ease
Follow his every transaction
Lost to fatal Rob-addiction
Make him the immutable centre
He is also surrounding perimeter
Till the entire limits of the universe
He will be the last as well as the first
Take leave of normal sanity
Indulge in pure Rob-idolatry
Until the very end of living
His loyal concubine unchanging
No matter the ridicule and the pain
Existence without him is in vain
While everything else may be a difficulty
Loving Rob is so easy…
Copyright 2011
 Midnight Rendezvous
I walk alone in the light breeze, 
The mist swirls about my feet.
Although it’s the darkest hour of night,
The moon above shines bright.
I smile when I sense you’re here,
A thrill goes through me to know you’re near.
I giggle as I dash away,
My Divine one has come to play.
A Midnight Rendezvous
A game we share, me and you,
You always smile and chase after me,
And I duck behind another tree.
We meet in the dark of night,
No one knows and everything’s all right.
Oh! You’re so close, but no not here,
For some reason it must be over there,
I dart across the open field,
But in the moonlight, I am revealed.
A Midnight Rendezvous
A game we share, me and you,
Over there, your half and mine
Two worlds split, mundane and Divine,
I peek around the broken tree,
Knowing you still cannot see me,
I hear your foot-steps creeping close
This is the moment I love the most,
You reach for me but I’ve crept away,
I giggle, then I sigh your name.
Midnight Rendezvous
A game we play, me and you,
You turn and I see the glory of your face,
I long to touch you and embrace,
The Divine one who Haunts my dreams,
Who is so much more than he seems.
I stretch out my hand between the broken tree,
And smiling you reach back for me.
Midnight Rendezvous,
A game we play me and you.
copyright 2011
written for my fan-fiction, “Waiting in the Twilight”
He Doesn’t Know
He has rescued me in my distress,
Never knowing this life he’s touched,
And blessed and changed more or less.
He doesn’t know he means so much.
A smile that heals with it’s simple Joy,
Hands that heal without a touch
God’s blessings in this beautiful “boy”
He doesn’t know he means so much.
A voice that lifts the heart and soul
And carries you from all the misery,
To leave you with beauty unknown,
He doesn’t know he means so much to me.
Eyes that are a blue-gray so light
You lose yourself in their depths,
And somehow you know it’s just right
He chases away the feelings that left you bereft,
He doesn’t know this life he’s touched
He doesn’t know he means so much.
A giggle that thrills then breaks apart
It fills your heart with sunshine and light.
This man can fill the largest heart,
To overflowing in just one sight,
He doesn’t know the lives he’s touched,
He doesn’t know he means so much.
Copyright 2011
It’s very late and I wonder where you are now,
It’s long past work hours and partying time.
Are you just getting back from where you’ve been?
Are you resting peacefully in your bed?
Are you just waking up and reaching for coffee?
Are you in the shower getting ready for the day?
Are you stepping out the door heading for work?
Are your steps joyful?
Are you anxious to get there?
What’s on your mind? Are you dreading the day?
Are you anticipating the end of this project?
Are you in a hurry to start the next project?
Are you dreading it?
Is there a someone special on your mind?
Do you miss your home? Your family?
Are you glad all this has happened to you?
Do you wish it hadn’t?
Do you miss your old life?
Would you rather be working on your music?
Do you still feel in a rush to get things done?
Does it all still seem like a dream?
Are you still waiting to wake up from this dream?
I see that far off look in your eyes at times,
Where do you go when that happens?
Is it a memory that haunts you? Or a regret?
Or is it a dream you have yet to achieve?
Is it someone you’re longing for?
Strange that I should feel closest to you when you get that look,
Simply because I get that look too,
For that’s when you are crossing my MInd,
And I’m watching you walk by.
Forever distant and out of reach.
Yet always right here with me in my heart, making me smile,
In my mind, making me curious,
In my soul, moving me to laughter, to tears, to longing……… 
Where are you now? What’s on your mind?
Copyright 2011
Written to go along with my fanfiction, “Waiting in the Twilight”                                      

3 responses to “Poetry

  1. This poem was written by me and inspired by the words to Rob’s song, “Let Me Sign”

  2. tessanz

    Hi there!
    Popped in tho see how you are all doing
    and finally managed to do a log-in
    fabulous to see the work posted here
    artistes waxing lyrical in cybersphere
    will definitely drop in again and again
    this website is a major gain!

  3. We are glad that you stopped by to play,
    and we hope you will come back some day,
    we’re always here to perv on The Pretty
    For us NOT to be would be a pitty!

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