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Rita’s Random Fic Recs!


Evenin’, ladies!

My apologies for the long absence…no excuse except for an acute case of summer laziness! Can’t promise things will become more active as cooler temperatures approach, what with the big 7 0 loomin’ on the horizon *gulp!*

But, never fear! New fics continue to inspire me often enough to feed my passion for sharin’!

Today’s recs are nothin’ if not inspirational!

ROB ATTACK(banner by IpsitaC77) 


I strived on only two certainties: yes or no. Hot or cold. Up or down. Call it a defense mechanism, call it whatever the fuck you want to. In my life, there was no in between. Especially when it came to Edward Cullen.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 13,565 – Reviews: 21 – Favs: 27 – Follows: 50 – Updated: Aug 26 – Published: Aug 19 – id: 12619843

The roads leading to The Rec weren’t different from any of the other roads here in Forks. We twisted and turned, tall green trees surrounding us on either side. The sound of our tires sliding over puddles left over from the rain was a comfort to my ears, but it didn’t surprise me in the least.

That feeling of comfort came along with The Rec, the place where I had spent most of my free time growing up. The Rec was a two-story house converted into a local, social hang out for kids of all ages.

It was monitored by staff and volunteers and was a favorite amongst parents of the town because of how efficiently and safely it was run.

The Rec reminded me of my favorite pair of sweatpants. You know, you think about them all day and once you feel them surrounding you, life is just perfect. Everything is perfect.

So was The Rec.

It was our escape. It was a chance to throw away all the stress that came with being a teenager. It was a chance to relax.

In some of our cases, not mine, but people like Emmett, it was a chance to heal.

For Rose, it was a chance to matter.

For Alice, it was a chance to be heard.

For Jasper, it was a chance to hide.

And for me, it was a constant.

And eventually, all the people I met through The Rec became constants in my life, too. And it turned out that consistency was what I was missing in my life, even though I didn’t need the years of therapy to know that truth.

But to Edward, it was a chance to belong.

Out of all the kids hangin’ out with Bella at The Rec, Edward had it the roughest!

Why wasn’t he moving? He was always the last one to leave The Rec, but something about the way he looked sitting all alone on the couch told me that something was off.

“Are you back at the group home?”

He didn’t answer me and for a long time there was only silence between us.

“When?” My voice sounded so small in the dimly lit room. I watched as Edward shifted on the couch so I couldn’t see his face.

“Last week.”

My eleven-year-old heart broke for reasons I didn’t understand.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“Why would I? It won’t change anything.”

I walked slowly to where he was sitting on the couch, sliding softly into the chair next to him. He watched me out of the corner of his eye, meeting mine briefly before he dropped his gaze to the floor again.

“They’re looking into homes for me.”

“Around here?”

He shrugged, “Maybe. I hope so.”

“Me too.” I heard my Mom’s horn honk from the driveway. I looked at the window and then back at Edward. He was looking at me expectantly. “I have to go. Can we please take you?” I begged.

He shook his head, and even though he hated his situation, I could tell he felt better at least having someone to talk to about it.

“Thanks, though.”

We walked over to the door together before he stopped me. “Bella?”

I turned at my name.

“Please don’t. . . tell. Anyone.”

“I promise.”

And he nudged my shoulder with his, a small smile finally back on his face. 

One of the most promisin’ “coming of age” fics I’ve come across in a looong time!

~oOo~ROB ATTACK(banner by IpsitaC77) 


It certainly wasn’t in his plans when he woke that morning but somehow, someway, Edward Masen left his farm one late spring morning to stock up on supplies with his children and came home with a new wife. Not a real wife, like the I’ll love you to the ends of time kind of wife, but a servant who was also his wife on paper, kind of half of each.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Western – [Bella, Edward] Carlisle – Chapters: 5 – Words: 11,799 – Reviews: 711 – Favs: 559 – Follows: 1,046 – Updated: 19h ago – Published: Aug 4 – id: 12600574 

The only time Edward felt he knew true love is when he looked at his boys. He wished he had loved their Ma as much as he loved them. Life would have been sweeter. However, from the time she answered his post looking for a bride to the day she died, all Edward felt was a real fondness for her. And she was a good wife. Rachel knew exactly what he needed before he even knew himself sometimes.

She knew if he was going to be extra hungry and she’d make a big dinner. She knew when it was time to make a batch of liniment for his sore muscles. The house was always clean, his clothes mended, the garden lush and his meals hot. If Rachel hadn’t died this winter, they were going to work on making a girl baby for her. A sweet little girl to help out around the house when the boys got big. Now he was heading to town with a long list and a mind to get himself some help. 

This story is loosely based on the film, Rachel and The Stranger, RKO Radio Pictures c. 1948. If you have the chance, do watch it!

Mr. Stanley introduced her as Isabella. She was of a good age to work; looked humble, sweet, and kind. Edward noted her average face, brown hair and brown eyes, trim figure and gentle stature. Her hair was pulled back from her face very tight and under a lace-edged cap. She looked strong enough so he knew she could work the farm. She wasn’t so beautiful as to distract him from his work and lead him into temptation. However, there was still a problem with Isabella.

Isabella was nineteen. She wasn’t the spinster or widow Edward was hoping for. She was of prime marriageable age and smart; Mr. Stanley said that she could read, write, and factor sums. It wouldn’t do to have her just working at his farm, it wasn’t proper. They would be looked down upon and his boys would be ridiculed. He could imagine there would be gossip and innuendo about Isabella’s real purpose. It could be seen as scandalous, leading the townsfolk to question his intentions or his honour. Edward realized he would have to marry her to protect her and his family’s name. 

Well, I don’t know about you but I love watchin’ a clueless Edward “come to Jesus,” as it were…and Bella will make sure he gets there LMAO!

~oOo~ROB ATTACK(banner by Zowie Adamson) 


After working on a horror film with hotshot director, Edward Cullen, Bella has finally had her big break through as an actress in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the fame has introduced a dangerous man into her life. A man who watches her every move. Will her former director and ex-lover be able to save her or will the dark side of fame consume them both? M for Violence and Lemons

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 21,518 – Reviews: 405 – Favs: 247 – Follows: 463 – Updated: Aug 31 – Published: Aug 15 – id: 12614775 

As I continue to walk toward my car parked in the furthest corner on the third level of the garage, I can’t ignore the uneasy feeling that overcomes me. Something’s wrong, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach as I trudge through the garage. It feels like I’m slowly ascending the hill of a roller coaster, my stomach dropping with fear, as I wait for the fall to come. Careful to make as little sound as possible, I reach into my small purse and pull out my key ring. I hold it in my palm and allow my keys to slide through my fingers, until I’m resembling Wolverine. Thank you, Oprah for that entire self-defense segment you did on your show.

Gazing around the third level of the garage, I find nothing suspicious, but this doesn’t soothe the horrible feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. There’s a few cars on this garage level and a few puddles here and there from the rain drops slipping through the poorly constructed roof. Besides that, there is nothing I can see. While this should make me feel better, it only makes me feel more frightened.

I charge toward my Civic with my keys tightly in hand. If anyone’s here, I’m not giving them the chance to grab me. I wait until the very last second to unlock my car, not wanting whoever I’m sensing to jump into the passenger seat beside me. As soon as the car is unlocked, I reach for the door, taking a deep breath before I swing it open. You did it, Swan. See, there was nothing for you to worry about. As soon as I finish that thought, I feel something wrap around my ankle and yank me to the wet, concrete garage floor. My head smacks against the concrete with a thud, and the iron taste of blood fills my mouth as I gasp for air. My head is spinning and my eyes are unable to focus due to the impact. I see stars, and watch them twinkle and explode in front of my eyes as I stare up at the fluorescent light of the parking garage. Move, Swan! You’ve got to move if you want to live! 

Oh, my! Miss Lizzie Lee done done it again! This girl is spreadin’ her author’s wings wide as the sky!

~oOo~ROB ATTACK(banner by Sue Gilreath) 


Masen, rock star, had it all—until he didn’t. Now, he’s trying to rebuild his life, retrace his steps and, hopefully, do it all again, only right this time. Bella Swan had her heart broken, her confidence dashed, and her trust in love destroyed by Edward Cullen. It’s taken her years to get over his betrayal, and now, having finally gotten her life together, he’s back. Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 14 – Words: 60,564 – Reviews: 583 – Favs: 245 – Follows: 469 – Updated: Aug 31 – Published: Feb 11 – id: 12360658  

“What’s this mean?” the blonde asked coyly, tracing the tattoo on his chest. 

“None of your business,” Masen snapped, “and don’t fucking touch me unless I tell you to!” His buzz fading, he already regretted bringing her to his room. He’d thought her pretty, with her long hair and blue eyes, but it had been her generous mouth and thoughts of the pleasure it could bring that had made him choose her over the dozens vying for his attention. But once he’d fulfilled those desires, her appeal had faded, and he was eager to be rid of her.

Her mention of his tattoo, though, that particular symbol, and its unwelcome reminder of how monumentally he’d fucked up, made him want to smash things, trash the place—but he wasn’t stoned or drunk enough to not consider the consequences. Victoria would go ape-shit if she had to deal with the aftermath again—although, to be fair, it’s usually James and not him who goes that far.

“On your knees,” he told Chrissie, Chloe, whatever the hell her name is instead.

Cassie scampered to do his bidding as he reached for a condom. He’d only just lifted the foil package when the door was flung open. It hit the wall with an ear-splitting crash, and Victoria stormed in. She threw Masen a murderous glare before she dragged Cassie off the bed and across the floor, the woman trying desperately to free her hair from Victoria’s clutches. Victoria’s grip remained vicelike; she ignored Cassie’s screeching and, with a concerted effort, shoved her into the corridor. Before the blonde could recover, she gathered whatever female clothing she could lay her hands on and hurled it into her face. “Slut,” Victoria yelled and slammed the door shut.

She turned on Masen then, but he spoke before her. “Must you spoil everything?” he asked contemptuously.

“You’ve sunk to an all-time low, Masen. God knows what I saw in you.”

“A meal ticket, baby; that’s what you saw—what you still see.” He sat up against the headboard, not bothering to cover himself. “Oh, and the best sex you ever had—and let’s not forget the chance to get your face in the papers,” he said like the bastard he’d become.

“What’s happened to you? You’ve turned into a pig— a drunk, junkie pig; no wonder you can’t hold onto relationships” she retaliated, unwittingly hitting on a raw, a very raw, nerve.

I dumped those women because they were soulless and fame hungry; like you,” he snapped, pushing back unwanted thoughts of the relationships he severed—the ones that mattered—the one that meant the most—not the interludes with vacuous models and actresses. “And you and I are not in a relationship; we fuck— occasionally—when no one else takes my fancy.”

Victoria recoiled but quickly recovered; her reputation for being a bitch, well earned. “Well, you won’t be famous for much longer if you don’t pull your head out of your ass and clean yourself up!”

Lordamercy! This is one dark and down Edward but there’s got to be a pure light shinin’ underneath there…somewhere! He had it once! He just needs to find it again *sigh!*

Edward told her to check her email. There, she found a video link he’d sent. Bella cried when first seeing it; it was so, so beautiful and romantic. “That’s us, Baby,” Edward, also emotional, said. Over the next years, the video for Beautiful World, a reminder of their love, drove both Bella and Edward to the heights of happiness and the depths of sorrow.


What Have We Done? by Ladylibre_banner by Bee Lynn

(banner by Bee Lynn) 


Fed up with her family’s mourning since leaving Bella behind, Rosalie returns to Forks to prove that the stupid human is just fine without them. But what she finds is not what she expected. And that will not do. **A canon-based, drabblish AU New Moon fic.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Rosalie – Chapters: 57 – Words: 55,606 – Reviews: 3,662 – Favs: 496 – Follows: 918 – Updated: Aug 31 – Published: May 23 – id: 12499419 

And before anyone asks, NO…this is NOT a Bella / Rosalie femme slash fic *eyeroll!*

People fall in and out of love all the time, and Edward is more fickle than even the average human as he’s had years to perfect his emo ways.

For Bella Swan to opt out of living because her heart is broken. . .

I cannot allow it.

We have no intention of ever returning to Forks, so no one in the family would know of her self-imposed collapse, especially as Alice hasn’t scanned the future in months.

“I’m afraid to look,” she’d said.

But I could not survive the next seventy-plus years knowing Bella Swan lays the blame for her walking death at our immortal feet.

No freakin’ way.

I raise my hand to knock on the door and hear the chief’s patrol car backfire at the far end of the street. Annoyed by his timing, I blur back into the forest before he can see me, seeking solace in my tree as Charlie Swan turns into his driveway.

He cuts the engine, and I expect him to rush inside. But he rests his head against the steering wheel, releasing a heavy sigh.

I’m assuming he’s just had a rough day at work—and wondering how hard it could possibly be to fight crime in Forks—when a strangled groan fills the patrol car’s cabin. Charlie covers his mouth to muffle his cries, but my keen hearing catches every nuance of his pain.

His deep, deep pain.

Suddenly I am reminded of a sound I heard from Carlisle’s study last week at a time when he thought the house was empty. But Carlisle did not muffle his cries, and the shock of his naked agony pinned me in place.

And as Bella’s father weeps in his car, the stark similarities between that moment and this one makes me clutch my silent chest in fear.

What have we done?

See why all of us who are already readin’ this are readin’ this? Uh…did that make sense?

I clamp my lips shut to stave off the stinging in my eyes, but his every anguished inhale tugs on my heart, demanding its attention. He has yet to say anything intelligible, but I don’t need an interpreter to understand.

He cries for Bella.

He grieves for Bella.

He fears for Bella.

Which means things are not as bad as I first thought.

They are far, far worse.

Hell’n I’d better stop before I copy/paste the whole damn thing *gigglesnort!* Although not marked Complete, Denise says it is…or has she got something else up her sleeve with which to shock and amaze us?

Of course, there are many more wonderful fics out there I haven’t gotten to yet and I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ which ones have tickled your fancy!

Happy weekend, y’all!




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