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Monday Madness ~ Mad about the DERP!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hey, hey, hey! I’m baaack, BB’s!!!

Been out forever trolling for RobGoodness and post ideas that are NOT like everyone elses!! It’s a dirty job down there in the RobGutter, but somebody has to do it, right? heheh!!

As you all know, the RA tag line is “Because he gives us a reason to Smile.” Well, with the following pics, I’m sure we will all be able to say “Because he makes us LOL!!”

Rob can be the Sexiest Beast out there, and that’s a part of his attraction, but honestly girls, it’s his ability to be completely Adorkable and Dorkalicious that draws me in just as much! Here’s the proof!


Hahahaha! I caught you! You’re all grinning just as big as Rob is, aren’t ya?



Rob’s adorkability knows no bounds…


He’s cute and cuddly and you just wanna smoosh him in a big hug, but we can’t, cause he keeps us LOLing all the time.


Only Rob could step outside looking like a homeless perv and still manage to look sooo Adorkable and Lovable!

WHOA! Rob is Excited! Wait! Wait! Wait! Did “ME” just goose him, hmmm?


I think he just did a little bit in his pants LOL!


Did one of his pervy fans just flash her boobs at him? *gigglesnort!*


Musta been a nice looking girl!


Oh, Rob! We all know you can play better than that!


With all the funny signs his fans hold up during the premiers, I can just imagine what he’s caught a glimpse of!


Oh, you’ve seen them all before? Nothing original?


Oh no you didn’t just post that picture!

Uh…sorry Rob but yeah I did!


Either Rob’s about to sneeze, or that’s his “O” face!


What’s got you so giggly, Rob?


“I have no idea!”


“Cedric! Get to the cup!”


“…Give me a kiss, From that Elvis lip, You don’t wanna miss this…” { a line from Sugarland song, All I Want to Do}


And this would probably be his exact reaction if I ever got close enough to say that to him! LOL


The Vogue, Rob? Really??


I fall off my chair laughing every time I see this one. I happens to him a lot LMAO!!


Being you is exhausting, isn’t it?


“You have no idea!”


Did you forget what the square root of Pi is, Rob?


“I forgot everything I learned in school!”


Biceps and Grins are all kinds of WIN!!! So, Rob, did you like my post?


Ummm, welll….eeerrrr…



Oh well, I tried.




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Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 4: Birthday Memories!

Welcome back, ladies!!

RobsFan~tasy and I are continuing our week long journey with our blogger friends to wish Rob a happy 26th birthday!

It’s my turn again and today’s theme is: Birthday Memories! I’ll be showing Rob some of the things I love that he’s done since his last birthday!!

{You’ll notice I’m having a problem following a specific timeline…Rob keeps goosing me LOL!}

Needless to say, everything Rob’s done this past year was memorable and I loved it ALL, especially his personal appearances!  He found a way to shock and amaze us every damn time LOL!

Remember the MTV Movie Awards on June 5th, 2011?  His famous speech to Reese?

*Gigglesnort! Oh, Rob!*

When he showed up at ComicCon on July 21st with lopsided hair? OMG! We’d all seen the results of his botched Cosmopolis haircut, but nobody expected him to KEEP it…not that it detracted in any way from his inate Hawtness LMAO!!

*See what I mean?*

Last year Rob amazed everyone with his poignant performance in Water for Elephants and we ALL fell in love with Jacob Jankowski…

*THUD!* *DED!!* *HOOR DOWN!!!*

I love that film more each time I watch it *sigh!*

This year, Rob awed us with his portrayal of Georges DuRoy in Bel Ami…

*By George, Rob WAS Georges!*

Who could forget the greatly anticipated release of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, where Edward and Bella FINALLY got all groiny with each other, and we got OUR release LOL?!

Rob went into drought mode for a couple of months between promo tours and we were all bouncing on our seats to see what his transformation from Grizzly Adams Rob to Promo Tour Rob would look like… then THIS photo from Paris  appeared and Goatee Rob literally blew us away!!!

*Puddle of goo!*

Of all the promos, and there were too many to cover here, his interview on Jimmy Kimmel forBD1 was epic Rob!  My favorite Rob quotes were“I’m a butt double for like a lot of different actors!” and, “I want there to be mayhem!” But, the BEST one was “Yeah, they [the fans] want to see thrusting, not probing!” Hell’n I’m gonna have to watch the “thrusting” part of that interview again…

Now, I ask you…how did he know that’s what we wanted to see if he WASN’T reading our blogs?  ROTFLMFAO!!!

Well, Rob has much more in store for us before his next birthday, such as the premier of Cosmopolis at Cannes on May 25th!  {NEXT WEEK *squeeee!*} The teaser trailer that exploded onto the internet back in March was, for me, the most memorable thing Rob has done this past year!

Oops!  I guess I shoulda told you this post was NSFW!

Happy Birthday, Rob darlin’!

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train!

Friday is *Pic Spam* day!  RobsFan~tasy’s will remind you tomorrow and steer you to the One and Only blog where all the photos will be posted. It’s not here on RA, so please be sure and follow the link to Robmusement!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!


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Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 3: Presents for Rob!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good evening, ladies!

Welcome to day three of the Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train!!

Today, we are sharing our presents for Rob and, thanks to Rita’s help (you’ll hear more from Rita in a little bit), we have some doozies!

For those of you who don’t know, from the day we opened the RA doors here on WordPress, RA inadvertently took on the reputation of having a glorious Mansion… a new home for all the RAoR refugee hOOrs and Angelz. (If we/they are hOOrs, this is a mansion for them and I created it… does that make me a madam?? Bwahahaha!!)

They all came in carrying their bags full of toys errr, I mean their luggage *snort.* They picked out their rooms, made themselves right at home, and God Bless them for it!! If you’d like to see the RA Mansion and all the rooms, you can see it HERE (feel free to comment on that post too… we still get them!) But for now, I’ll show you the bedroom we gave Rob way back then for those nights when he decides to come over and play with us (we can dream, right?)!

I HAD to give Rob a headboard he could NOT break, but just think of all the other interesting things WE could do with it! *snickers*

That makes me think of images like this…

Talk about your Fifty Shades of f*cking Grey!!! Now tell me he wouldn’t be the best choice for that role!

And, of course, we gave him some FINE living quarters!

Oh! just think of that long lean bod stretched out on that sofa!! *SWOOON*

Can’t you just see his long lean body stretched out on that leather sofa? Something like THIS perhaps…


Rita suggested we give him a room full of Heinekin but we REALLY LOVE Rob here at RA and a room full of beer just isn’t quite good enough for our man! Nah, we think BIG here at RA! How about something BIGGER, like this…

But then, one good party with the Brit boys and The Eiffel Tower would be toast {pardon the pun}!!! Maybe we should just give him a whole city made of beer…

With an entire harbor filled with beer…

 What do you thinkof that, Rob?

Ahhh! That’s more like it! But then we are talking about Rob here! As grand as a city and harbor made of beer may be, our Beautiful Man deserves MORE! Rob can’t have this much beer without a lifetime supply of …

We will, of course, provide him with a special cake…

Nothing like a nice piece of *** for your Birthday, eh Rob? *Snickersnort!*

 Oh, and I have one more surprise for you after you blow out the “strategically placed candles”…

Rob, I saw you lick your lips there, baby *wink wink!* I knows what you is thinking!! Now that I have given you a room of your own to play in, gotten you drunk, made sure you were energized off the hot pockets, and bouncing off the walls from a Bum Cake sugar high, it’s time for me to turn you over to Rita…

Oh, I’ll be gentle with you, angel…I promise {fingers crossed behind my back LMAO}!!

My turn in the barrel, is it? LOL!

Well, I don’t know that I can top RF in the gift department, but I’ve had one little ol’ idea just screaming for attention…

Rob, darlin’! I know you’re not a violent man, BUT…next time one of those asshole, fuckin’ paps gets all up in your face, or hassles your sweet baby girl, feel free to go all caveman on his ass! 

This “Get Out of Jail Free” card guarantees NO legal or financial consequences!

 Yeah, baby! Let your inner tiger ROAR!!!! {I LOVE watching Rob lose his shit LMAO!}

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train

RobsFan~tasy & Rita01tx
Don’t forget to join us this Thursday for: Birthday Memories – we’ll be showing Rob something we love that he did this year!!


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Rob’s Birthday Blog Train ~ Day 2: Letter to Rob!

All Aboard, ladies!!

As RobsFan~tasy informed you yesterday, we are traveling along with our blogger friends all week to continue wishing Rob a happy 26th birthday.

For today’s blog train, I’m supposed to write a “Letter to Rob!”

(Aw, crap! I’m in so much trouble if he really reads this!) *Deep breath!* OK, here we go…

Dear Rob,

Thanks for letting me fuck with you all year! Guess you coulda stopped me anytime you wanted, but you put up with my insanity, so bless you for that!

Since I started blogging here on Rob Attack, I’ve used and abused you shamelessly!

I got you drunk…

Soaked you to the bone…

Beat you the fuck up…

Stripped you bare, just so we could perv on your fine bod…

And made you run your long, sexy legs off!!

You tried to hide from me, but it was no use…I found you anyway LOL!

Then, I made you jump…


And I even forced you to dance…

If that wasn’t bad enough, I had one helluva good time doin’ it! {Those posts didn’t even include the ones where I completely swooned all over your wonderful, sweet self!}

Rob, you took it all in stride and never called me out on any of it! You’re the best, angel!

Once again, thank you for being such a good sport about us perving on you day in and day out!!!

Happy Birthday, darlin’!

Next stop…

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train!

Come back tomorrow for RobsFan~tasy’s Birthday Gift to Rob!

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


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Robert Pattinson Birthday Blog Train day 1

Hello Everybody *waves*



Good Morning ladies!!

All Aboard! All week long we are traveling along with our blogger friends and Wishing Rob a Happy 26th birthday. So climb on board (TWSS) and Enjoy the ride!! WooHoo!!


Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Man!

Today’s blog train topic is all about what we would wish for Rob. Well, what do you wish for the man who has EVERYTHING???

Great looks,

A great Body,

Beautiful eyes,

Gorgeous hair…MOST of the time LOL,

A fabulous singing voice,

A Great Pianist,

Fantastic actor,

and he’s even “flexible” LMAO


And He’s got sex appeal rollong off every fiber of his being…


So just what do you wish for the man who has DEFINATELY GOT IT ALL???

There’s only 4 things I can think of:


PEACE (freedom from the paps)





Truy I wish You the Happiest of Birthday’s Rob And a lifetime of Happieness to follow!

Now Get back on board the Rob train and continue the Ride. Next stop,

12 Months of Rob

Thanks for Riding this year’s Rob Birthday Blog Train



Come back tomorrow for Rita’s Birthday Letter to Rob!

Much Love to you all,





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Monday Madness~ A Smile that thrills

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning ladies. I must apologize for not posting last week. RL has it’s moments when it demands your full attention ya know? And, in all honesty, sometimes it’s really difficult to come up with some unique and entertaining posts. Then there are times when there is something about Rob that just keeps jumping out at you and demands your attention and it won’t let up until you share it with everyone you can. That’s where I’m at now. No matter how I try, every time I get on the internet I find a smiling Rob waiting for me and wanting my attention. *Sucks to be me huh? LOL* I kept tucking the pictures away but the new Comopolis grins really got me going and I really really noticed just how many different smiles our boy has. I mean I have always known it but for some reason it is just screaming at me to share so…here we go…

He’s always had a series of multiple different grins even as far back as the Harry Potter days.


This just cracks me up!

And the full on laughter that we would soon associate with his outrageous word vomit.


I wonder what he was laughing about?

And even then he was praticing that smile that would soon *POOF* the panties of women much older than he is. Ain’t no shame in it though cuz…well just look!!!


Oh no wonder so many girls fell for Cedric before they found Edward!

Which bring us to an even more lovable grin in the Twilight series…(Sorry couldn’t find my Cafeteria gif. 😦  )

Twilight Outtake

And who can ever forget this Beautiful smile?

Yes Rob, No matter what she told you, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!


But my FAVORITE Twilight series Smile is this one!!! No matter what I am ding when this movie is on I drop everything and stop and stare just to see this Stunning smile…Oh my! *POOF*


Still in my top 3 panty melting smiles but little did I know just how swoon worthy Robowski would prove to be…


LOVE This SO SO MUCH! I swear his smile alone has the power to light up the whole world! But then there is his sweet, lovable smile that just makes you want to hug him…

And despite how much I’m positive he hates the phrase by now, Edward or Rob, when he smiles, the man just shines!!!


Yeah, I'm dazzled.

And he has a mischievious grin too…


Whut you up to Rob??

Then there is Goofy,ADORKABLE Rob grins….

IDEK what that Gif was about but it is Priceless! *Jumps in the gutter* But also among My favorites are his embarrassed giggle where he Laughs but turns his head in a shy way…So sweet!


And this one just makes me giggle!


Yeah you know it’s cummin  coming… The widely talked about…now well know Cosmopolis grin that is POOFING PANTIES  all over the world…






 And to all of you and Rob too…

Much Love to you All,



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