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Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


I was working on my fic today and without giving anything away I started listing reasons why we love Rob. It was really quite easy and soon I had far more reasons  than I could use in my fic.  Rob is such an amazing man I thought we could try to see if we could come up with 100 different things to love about him. We all could probably do this quite easily alone but I don’t want to hog them all LOL. I’ll give ya all a jump start but after that it’s up to you! So message your Girlfriend and fellow Rob pervs, Pull out you pornfolios and open up your tumblers, start the music and let’s get started ok?

#1 because he's Beautiful


#2 Rob butt. Let's face it no one else could make us smile the way YOU are smiling now just by looking at their Add!!

#3 Adorkableness has to be in the top five

# 4 A GREAT Body


#5 Just F*cked Hair


#6 Rob's Large feet (that we rearely get to see)


# 7 Whatever this is that makes me love this picture so much. I don't Know what THIS is but I lurve it Alot!!!

Ok Ladies I know I have left you “Loads and Loads” to contribute. Lets hear it for the boy!!! 😀


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Thrill Me Thursday… Thankful for the thrill

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Good Morning My friends,
I just wanted to stop in and say Hello. For some of us Today is Thanks Giving so I thought I’d like to show you some of the Many things I’m Thankful for. Bet you know what they are huh?
Well, at any rate here are some of the things I am Greatful for this year…
Our Boyfriend Rob

Hello Baby!

Black and white photos and profiles…

A Gorgeous profile

Fabulous Fics…

Our Fifty

Adorkable Man Giggles…

Giggly Rob For the WIN

A Loving Heart…

He always finds a way to make us love him more

 Rob’s Hands..

Oh The Large hands and Long Elegant Fingers!

Word Vomit…

No Brain or Mouth Filter

Great Photographers…

So Hawt

Talented ladies who make amazing Edits…


Beautiful eyes, lashes and just recently Goatees…

Those ever-changing stunning eyes *DED* And The Scruff *SQUEEE*

And always Thankful for THIS…*Snickers*


And great gifs…
Love the eyes and the lips here

So thanks Rob for being our personal Prince Charming!

Prince Charming! Yes, Yes he is...


 Oh and off topic here but what they hey, I am Thankful High heels and blue jeans are back in style!! LOL

About friggin time! LOVE THIS!!!!

Hope you all have a great day, catch some amazing food and find lots of Rob Perving time!

And Lastly I am Thankful for all the wonderful online blogging Rob friends I know. You all are AMAZING!!!
Much Love to you all,


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Say What?!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hearing some of the Rob interviews from the Breaking Dawn press junket. And what a surprise, there was Word Vomit!! We all knew that this was just the beginning of this press time and I for one couldn’t wait to see what else Rob had to say in the coming weeks. Well, wait no longer. The junket has come to a close and before the next drought hits us, let’s enjoy some more of Rob’s Word Vomit. Although in this first interview he calls it something else. But I prefer Word Vomit, it’s much more genteel. 😉

Word Vomit or Verbal Diarrhea, whichever you choose, Rob has given us some more!

And this poor lady asks Rob to be serious about what he would name his baby. She obviously doesn’t know him as well as we do! (2:15ish)

Last time we showed the clip of Rob saying he might be married. I told you he’d never hear the end of it! But with this answer, maybe he will now. (3:30)

Some of my all time favorite Rob quotes are from Moviefone. But this time it’s not just Rob that makes me laugh.

This interview makes me think I’ve missed a whole slew of interviews. Seriously, multiple interviews mentioning Twilight sex toys? Why haven’t I seen these interviews?

Now there wasn’t quite as much Word Vomit as I hoped for and I think I know why. Rob’s figuring out that he has no filter! Please tell me there will still be W.V.Rob in the future. He’s one of my favorites!

This one isn’t really Word Vomit but Rob talking about wearing a wet suit is always win!

And of course we need to show the Ellen sketch…priceless.

Oh to be Ellen for that moment!

So what did I miss? It’s hard to get caught up on everything when you’ve been out in the trenches! Let me know what your favorite Rob moments were in the comments.



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Oh the Things You Can Say!

It’s Press Junket time!!! And one of my absolute favorite things about Rob is the Word Vomit he brings while being interviewed. What is Word Vomit, you might ask? Basically, it’s the spewing of words from a person with absolutely no filter. I’m sure we’ll all agree that Rob is the King of this, right? And although we have only had a few Rob interviews so far, he has given us so much to enjoy already.The first one that made me giggle was in Brussels, it was a brave fangirl’s birthday…

Are you 3 years old?  LMAO!! The poor girl couldn’t figure out the joke, she just asked Rob to kiss her. She was probably shaking in her boots! But she did get what she asked for…awwwww.

Now that was sweet, so let’s take it to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with Rob’s story about Edward’s thrusting and the Executive Producer’s “borrowing” Kristen. (check out the 1:06 mark)

The one where Rob calls all of us crazy and you should just give up trying to understand women. Thanks a lot Rob!

The one where Rob wants Twi fans to bring french fries and mayonnaise to events. (I’m on it Rob!) 1:30ish

And whether you’re a Robsten, a Nonsten or an IdontGiveaCrapsten, we all know Rob is not gonna hear the end of this one!

And for those of you who want to go back in your little bubble (like me), I leave you not Word Vomit but Hope For All. (or just me, lol) 1:35ish

By the way Rob, how many times do we have to tell you…We Love YOU!! Looks like we all have bad taste.

Until next time, because you know he’s just getting started,


So what did I miss? What was your fave Word Vomit so far?

PS- Tonight I’m going to be hanging out at the backdoor of Jimmy Kimmel with this amazing banner made by the lovely and talented Cared. Let’s hope I get it signed and have a story for you when I return!


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Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

It’s been A while since I have done a “Pick the Pic” post so here I am throwing this one out to you. I’ll be back with More later. Happy hunting!!


Mydenofsin WINS!!!



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Thrill Me Thursday…Amazing Face

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

Even though it is posted on the top right over there on the side bar I felt it neccessary for the post I am about to do to RE post the following warning:


OK, now just in case that didn’t get your attention and you weren’t listening, Maybe if you hear it from ROB himself You’ll believe me…

“It’s Dangerous For YOU!” 

You have been Warned!! 😛

As you can tell by the post title this is about the most amazing face. Two days ago I had a little “Accident”, you see I tripped and fell deep into the darkest recess of my Pornfolio. Don’t feel sorry for me, IT WAS FUUNN!!! LOL

But it has taken me two days to climb out, with the following pictures clenched between my teeth, so that I coud show them to you. Ok NOW you should feel sorry for me cause I’m no longer swimming among thousands of pics of “The Pretty” LOL

Wihile I was there I got to noticing something about our boy Robert, He has the most AMAZING face! Oh Don’t Roll your eyes girls! I know what your thinking, “Well DUH!” Right? am I right? I know I’m right. But Imma show you my PURDY Pictures anyway!!!!

So what I want to know Ladies,

Is, How can one Man…

Look so very Different…

Every time you see him?

Yes, I can hear you all now, “It’s because he aged in between those photos and they aren’t in chronological order either.” That’s what I though too at first. But look at these two photos of Rob on Leno.

*F*ckin cute ain’t he?”*

Yeah, I know they are a couple years apart and the hair is different But still very different,

It’s Like OMG Right?

Then I noticed this:…

*gulp* Rome Rob!!! *SWOONS*

These pics were all taken in the same day

And yet,

Verry Different…

Besides the obvious fact that our Man Robert hasTHE MOST AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL FACE EVAH I bet you are asking yourselves, What is her point? Right? well… to be honest. I DO NOT have one LMAO!! I just wanted a reason to post The Pretty’s pretty picture cause HE’S VERY PRETTY. SEE? SEE HOW PRETTY HE IS??!! HE’S VERY PRETTY!!!!

Latere BBEZ!!!



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Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Ass Candy!

Hi all y’all! Yep, for some reason I’m channeling my inner Reese Witherspoon today. Maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday and we get to focus on some more Rob bits. And you know Reese did her share of that on the set of WFE! Anyhoo, last week MC had us focus on Rob’s backside and it got me to thinking…I’d like to go down a little more south (twss)! I bet you thought I was an Angel, huh? Well, usually I keep my pervy side private but MC’s on a mission to get me converted. So sit back and enjoy the show!!

Let’s start off with one of my favorite ass shots:

Let's help you get a little more comfortable there, Rob.

Next we have a  nice little moving bum collage:

Shake that thing!

And there’s always he’s adorkable arse:

Rollie Pollie!?

And just imagine these with Ellen underpants (I guess it happens every Twi movie!):

Extra vertebrae anyone?

The hardest part (twss) of these posts is not finding pictures, it’s choosing which ones to use. So let’s bring sexy back with a whole lot of ass candy!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure one of those was NOT Rob but (hehe), it’s the best I can do!  Hopefully we will have much more of Rob’s crack in Bel Ami ( at least that’s what HE told me) and one of you talented ladies can make a new video!So, now it’s your turn. I know you’ve been dying for this one. Let ’em loose all you H00rs!

Robs Fan~tasy


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“O, speak again, bright angel!”

Hello Everybody *waves*


 …”If a picture is worth a thousand words, and we have thousands of pictures of Rob, then how much are a thousand words worth? RobPorn is not just about all the photos in our spank banks. Ít’s also about watching him show us who he is in interviews…in actions and in that Non mouth and Brain filter he has.
“O, speak again bright angel…” ~ Shakespeare ~ ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Sometimes the most Beautiful and Elegant things escape past those equally beautiful lips:

Recently I stood in the desert, far outside of L. A., and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. Everywhere stood animals: elephants, tigers that should be loaded into a steam train. 300 extras in costumes raced around, the modern world had disappeared totally. Although that was totally fake, it still happened directly before my eyes! That was my perfect day. I would be gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough.

Sometimes, he tells us how he feels about the Paps and the fans…

It was recently. It happened while I was filming Water for Elephants in which my partner is Reese Witherspoon. We had a scene with elephants but there were so many paparazzi around that it was scaring the animals and it was impossible to film. Out of the blue, fans that were waiting for autographs had enough and circled around the paparazzi. Teens made big guys run away. It was unreal! I was pleased.

Sometimes he tells us things that makes us droool and fuel our imaginations…

Something about kneeling down, because I had to kneel down so much in the Twilight movies and it always looks really awkward. Ive actually got quite long thighs and it doesnt work.

Oh those long thighs...with only a thin sheet blocking our view...

 Everyone has their favorite Quotes like:

“I’m a tool, I’m just a big hard tool.”  OR

“The car went on fire”

Now I could sit here and quote Our Boy all night and day but it’s Just better to hear it from him…

Like when he talks abut his driving…

Or when He’s Just being Loveable, adorkable Rob, Our Boy…

So Ladies, I want to know, What is you favorite Rob Quote? C’mon on, we know you have more than one!

Much Love to you all,



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Laugh Attack! Just for shizz and giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies, RFM had some RL stuff to deal with so I’m going to fill in for her today. Rather than do 2 days worth of “Pick the Pics”, I thought I’d try for a giggle or two. I thought since we are edging closer to Breaking dawn but still have a ways to go yet we could start out with a few Twilight giggles from the past..

It’s so true!!! Why else would I have things like this stored in my Computer…

*snickers* I actually know people like this LOL

Oh but I haven’t even Begun yet…

I was ROTFLMAO first time I saw this!


Yes I was smiling when I finished reading this one too.


Yes, I know having Jake on RA is a problem but I ca fix that… 
See? All better LOL

And then, there is Rob himself, not just his Twilight Saga giggles but ROB….

Whenever I’m feeling down all I have to do is jump into my giggle folders

And before you know it,


Just like you are now….

And suddenly I feel a whole lot better.

So the next time your feeling down Do what Rob Does…

   Laters Ladies,

I was thinking about adding a tab for “Funnies” If you would like to see more then give this post a like and if i get 10 likes I’ll create one.


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Say What??

Hello Everybody *waves*





Ladies, This Post is so long I’m simply going to say…Enjoy!!! and add as you will!!!



Robcat ~A woman who is older than Rob but was not physically capable of giving birth to him in 1986. She is not a cougar, she is a ROBcat.

Robrator ~ I know you know! Requires batteries, some may have a different name for theirs (BLASPHEMY, plain and simple)

Robphoria ~ the “afterglow” from a few go rounds with the Robrator!

Robsicle ~ Great to lick on a hot day and one that you don’t really care if it melts all over you ;)

ROBHAZE ~ Being in a constant dream state and thinking of Rob…ALL the TIME

RobKittens ~ all the girls younger than Rob who are obsessed with him. ;P

RPatznip ~ Stuff that drives all RobCats wild!!

Roberstitious -when your hubby/boyfriend suspects you are on the computer watching Robporn after you shut the door and insist you need some “space” without distraction because you have so much work to do?

Pattinted – like Rob’s hair or anything nobody else does better than him?

Introberted – so obsessed with Rob and stalking him in cyberspace that you don’t go out anymore?

Robertuitous sex – you know, when you have sex with anyone or any equipment or with your fingers or our Robbrator because you are all hot for what’s-his-name-again?

    Movies: (in no particular order)

TWI ~ Twilight,
EC ~ Eclipse,
NM ~ New Moon,
BD ~ Breaking Dawn,
LA ~ Little Ashes,
BA ~ Bel Ami,
HP GOF ~ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,
HTB or H2B ~  How to Be,
WFE ~ Water for Elephants,
TBMH ~ The Bad Mother’s Handbook,
THA ~  The Haunted Airman,
RM ~ Remember Me


NSFW ~ Not Safe For Work a warning to put on a link to RobPorn sofa king smexy it might get you in trouble at work if you open it and someone is lurking behind you.

OCDR ~ OuiCannesDoRob (a Club for ladies who loved the old navy shirt Rob wore on the Pier in Cannes May ’09 and who are ready to defend Rob’s clothing choices)

OME ~ Oh My Edward (also OMR ~ Oh My Rob)

OMG ~ Oh My God 

ONS ~ Old Navy Shirt (also ONDS ~ Old Navy Dad Shirt)

OT ~ Off Topic

Pattin Angel ~ a lady who loves HHH and is not very pervy with her comments

Pattin Angelo ~ PattinAngel or PattinH00r that makes beautiful RobArt, wallpapers, etc.

Pattin Coppola ~PattinAngel or PattinH00r that creates great moving RobPorn (videos)

Pattin Girls ~ younger Angels who don’t want to f*ck Rob … just stare at his f*ckhawt face.

Pattin Perv ~ a lady who loves HHH and is very pervy with her comments … has a one-track mind. also Pattin hOOr Pattin Slut

PCD ~ as in your Panties are in Combustion Danger … A warning you might want to put when sharing a Web link to f*ckhawt RobPorn.

PDS ~ as in Rob has a Panty Dropping Smile.

PEEN hOOr ~ A H00r who loves the HP.

Peen Porn ~ Pictures zooming in on Rob’s peen.

Peen Tamers ~ underwear, called underpants in the UK.

Pinky / the pink elephant in the room ~ Kristen Stewart.
PML ~ Pissing Myself Laughing.
PPL ~ People.
PPP ~ Peen Porn Prison … place you’ll be going if you look at the JapanPeenPorn or other PeenPorn pics for too long.
Praying at the alter of what’s down there ~ looking at PeenPorn … the RobCrotch
Pretties ~ as in “sharing the pretties” … Rob pics/artwork.
SAP ~ Secret Agent PattinAngel or PattinH00r … Someone who secretely and frequently visits RA while keeping her true identity, Robsession and comments hidden from RL friends and family, especially her SO or DH.
Scruff Porn ~ Pictures of Rob with scruff … a few days without shaving #yummy.
SO ~ Significant Other.
Sofa King ~ So F*cking (as in sofa king Hawt, smexy, beautiful, Talented etc.)
Team IdBangTheBone ~ Team of  H00rs who would bang Jackson Rathbone if given the chance.
Thigh Porn ~ Pics of Rob’s thighs.
Robtacular ~ Robtasticas in Rob pics and videos.
Robulance ~ see RobMedics.
Robward ~ Rob playing Edward.
ROFL ~ Rolling on Floor Laughing.
ROFLMFA ~ Rolling on Floor Laughing My F*cking A$$ Off.
ROFTN ~ Rob’s movie … Ring of the Nibelungs.
S*xboots ~ These are Rob’s Dr. Martens 1460 black boots … worn by RomeRob (October 2008) among others.
S*xspenders ~ Black suspenders worn by Rob. Named S*xspenders because when he wears them, he oozes sex.
SWMNBN ~ she who must not be named.
TMI ~ TMFI ~ too much (f*cking) information.
TSE ~ Rob’s movie  (a short 14-min. Film) … The Summer House.
TuxGasman ~ orgasm caused by seeing a pic Of Rob wearing a tux (e.g. Oscars 2009, on the WFE set)
TWSS ~ that’s what she said.
TY ~ TYSFM ~ Thank you (so f*cking much)
UNF ~ Universal Noise for F*cking [Term often written in reaction to a f*ckhawt Rob pic. And a reported sound by a PattinH00r’s hooha when viewing RobPorn and reading a FF lemon.
VF~ Vanity Fair … both the magazine and Rob’s movie (2004) … his scene was cut.
VPP ~ View Peen Pants, Rob wore on The View in March 2010.
VTs ~ vaginal tremors … after seeing f*ckhawt moving RobPorn.
WFE ~ W4E ~ Rob’s movie … Water For Elephants.
WTF ~  WTH~ what the f*ck / hell. Also HTF ~ How the F*ck WTF ~ Why The F*ck etc.
As Ever, 99.9 % of This list of Terms and Definitions were STOLEN snagged from RAoR with .01% being edited by me and was sheerly STOLEN Snagged for all the lovely new ladies who don’t know WTF we are talking about half the time because we are all SAPs and/or introberted we have created our own Language! LMAO!!! Welcome Home Ladies!!!
Much Love to you all!!!


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