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Size Doesn’t Always Matter!


Being the mature and worldly women that The FicSix are… *stop laughing, all of you* …there is no doubt in our minds that: Size Doesn’t Always Matter 😉 …and this totally applies to the Short and Sweet fics we have reviewed for you today!


*Reviews by Cared*

A Love Story For The Ages by missrebecca

A Love Story for the Ages bb misforMarisa

A Love Story For The Ages ~NOMINATED FOR A SHIMMER AWARD! Edward was changed in 1918 unaware that his betrothed lay dying in an alley outside the hospital. Every eighteen years she comes back to him, only to die a horrible death. Can they find a way to stop it, before it’s too late?

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 5 – Words: 21,044 – Reviews: 68 – Favs: 118 – Follows: 51 – Updated: 10-28-10 – Published: 10-14-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6397934

This story has that special factor that sucks me into Twilight fics again and again – pardon the pun. Irrevocable love is my brand of heroin, and this fic gave me quite the hit!  The unique plot of this emotional and captivating story, A Love Story For The Ages, is exactly as the title suggests; it’s the story of a love so deep…a bond so strong…it defies logic and the laws of both nature and time. It can give the kiss of life to the long-dead human memories of a lonely vampire…

Edward had forgotten her. How her skin was milky white and her hair was so dark against her pale skin. Her lips a ruby red. He’d forgotten what they felt like, to be pressed under his own in a chaste kiss suitable for a betrothed pair. He’d forgotten how one night he’d felt her. The curves under her dress and the sighs over his face. He’d felt the soft skin of her collarbone under his lips that night. But he’d forgotten, until he saw her again.

It was eighteen years after he died. Eighteen years after a vampire named Carlisle had found him and ‘saved’ him, damning him to eternity on the earth but saving him from death. He’d never really known whether to be grateful.

But then he’d seen her. Her hair was shorter than he remembered but her eyes he would never forget. Such a deep shade of brown, he’d seen nothing like it till then. Her face was the exact same heart shape, her lips still an enticing red. She was smiling, with a man he assumed was her father. And he remembered.

Dinners with their families. Chaperoned evenings to the theatre. Nights in playing chess. Drinking tea on the porch swing. Sneaking in and out of windows. Being so deliriously in love they knew not what to do with themselves.

She would be over thirty years old now. Most likely married, with children, though seeing her then she didn’t look much older than she had the last time he’d seen her; through feverish eyes in the hospital he’d died in. How could he have forgotten her?

And so begins the heartbreaking cycle of love and loss, the waiting game and the constant race against time as the sand falls swiftly through the hourglass – all converging in the lives and deaths of the utterly spellbinding Miss Isabella Swan!



Twilight on the Prairie by ilovealion


Twilight on the Prairie ~This was inspired by the pictures taken of Robert Pattinson during the filming of Water for Elephants. Farmward looked so hot in his “period attire” that I was inspired to put him on the Prairie with Bella. E&B friends to lovers… 

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 16,888 – Reviews: 24 – Favs: 39 – Follows: 19 – Updated: 02-28-12 – Published: 09-12-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6319993

I spent many a Sunday afternoon wishing I was Laura Ingalls Wilder – I know, I’m showing my age by confessing that. 🙂 I wanted to run carefree though the wildflower meadow with my sisters while wearing a calico sunbonnet. Stop laughing!  After reading Twilight on the Prairie by our very own Ilovealion, my plans of what…and who…I fancied doing in the meadow became most unPG.  In fact, they became positively M rated! 😉

We meet the lovely Bella as she wakes up to face another day of chores in her pa’s little house on the prairie. She is a dutiful daughter and willing to play her part in the running of the household, allowing her own hopes of becoming a teacher to crumble into dust.  Bella does enjoy taking care of the men though, and one in particular who she thinks back fondly on…

He and my brother Emmett had been friends forever. Heck, Edward was practically a part of the family. Growing up, he spent every spare minute with us. We would all work side-by-side to get our chores done so we could swim and fish down at the river. Even though I was friends with his sister Alice, she didn’t enjoy mud fights and baiting hooks like I did. I was a tom-boy, through-and-thorough, so I ended up being a third wheel, tagging along behind Emmett and Edward wherever they chose to go.

That was when they were children though; time and the seasons move on. Edward is studying to be a physician, like his father, but still helps out on the farm during school breaks. Bella is a young lady, constrained by circumstance, but, thanks to Edward, she gains a new awareness of what being a woman could entail…

My entire body began to flush as Edward tickled my palm with his lips. I had never, ever felt such a sensation. I could feel a tingling purr vibrate across my chest as my nipples hardened like I was outside in the cold. The sensation traveled down my body and settled between my legs, pulsing. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I sucked in a gulp of air and stared at his beautiful face as he kissed my palm gently.

Sigh! Prairieward is the embodiment of sweetness and romance; he is also hot enough to ignite prairie grass!  So ladies, leave modern day life behind for a little while and revel in this gentle love story set in a simpler time.

*I can see why Ilovealion was inspired*

*Mmmh! I can see why Ilovealion was inspired.*



*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*

Hard to Love by drotuno

HTLfirstattemptwtext2 - banner by beffers87

*Banner made by Beffers87*

Hard to Love ~ I didn’t know how to ask him if I was going to lose the one person that had loved me unconditionally my entire life. Bella Swan had been in every moment of my life since I was seven years old. Eighteen years. She was there for it all, and it wasn’t supposed to end like this. AH/Canon couples. EPOV Rated M

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Friendship – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 12 – Words: 52,771 – Reviews: 1,675 – Favs: 1,053 – Follows: 955 – Updated: 09-01-13 – Published: 05-04-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9261922

Hard to Love by the talented storyteller, drotuno, is certainly not hard to love. It’s a short but compelling fic that really packs an emotional punch. Told completely from Edward’s point of view – except for the Fandom for Oklahoma outtake, which is BPOV and actually chapter 12 – each chapter presents Edward’s ‘Present Day’ plight and a Flashback to when Edward and Bella were children. That is where and how we learn the heartwarming progression of their special, childhood friendship into the unconditional, loving couple they are in the present day. But, where the “hard” stuff comes into play, is that all of this is recounted from…Bella’s hospital bedside.

Chapter 1

Forks, Washington

Present Day


He [Carlisle] guided me down the hallway, saying, “She’s stable, which means you can see her.”

After several turns, I knew where we were: Intensive Care Unit.  I stopped dead in my tracks at the end of the hallway.

“Just…” I gripped his sleeve. “Just…tell me, Dad. Before we go any farther. Is she… Will she… Fuck, what happened?”

I didn’t know how to ask him if I was going to lose the one person that had loved me unconditionally my entire life. I didn’t know how to stop the shaking in my hands, either. Bella Swan had  been in every moment of my life since I was seven fucking years old – through eighteen years of bullshit – including the time the man standing in front of me and his wife took me in off the streets and adopted me as their own son. She was there for it all, and it wasn’t supposed to end like this.

I know what you’re thinking, that this is going to break your heart… Well, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I definitely shed some tears, but I also smiled through them, as Hard to Love truly is an inspirational story of two friends and lovers, that no matter what life held for them, stayed together through thick and thin – for better or for worse. And as Edward tells us, while he talks to a “sleeping” Bella, the magic all started when he met his real life “Princess”…

“I remember the first time I held your hand, Princess,” I sighed, playing with each of her fingers. “It was the first day we met, remember?” I smiled at the memory, but kept talking, simply to keep from falling apart. “You were this bright, happy…thing…all in pink. You had this sparkly band holding back all that hair.” I chuckled and sniffled against her hand, toying with a long, dark curl. “God, you really did look like a princess to me…”

Forks, Washington

Age  7

The sound of laughter made me mad as I walked out onto the playground, kicking a pine cone as I went. I hated being the new kid.

Stupid class. Stupid school. Stupid town. Stupid Mom and her new stupid boyfriend. …

“Did you see his hair?”

I glared over my shoulder. A group of girls looked my way and then laughed. I kicked the pine cone again, falling down into the last swing and pulling my hood forward. I wanted to go back home to Chicago, but my mom had wanted to move here. It wasn’t fair.

I dug my sneakers into the dirt at my feet, pushing slowly back. When I swung forward, I had to slam my feet back down in order not to hit someone.

“Hi!” she chirped. “You’re Edward Masen.”

I nodded, staring at her. She was all in pink, with dark hair pulled back by a sparkly thing that looked like a crown. Her smile was big and she had a bunch of freckles across her nose. But her eyes reminded me of the picture of an angel I saw once in a church in Chicago.

“You’re new, right?” she asked, and I nodded again. She giggled. “Don’t you talk?”

“Yeah,” I whispered, frowning up at her. Really, she’d been the first person to talk to me all day, besides the teacher. Everyone else just…stared. 

“My name’s Bella. Today’s my birthday,” she stated proudly, sitting down in the next swing.


“I’m seven.”

“I’ve been seven since June,” I argued, rolling my eyes.

“So we’re the same.” She kicked back and started to swing.

“No.” I shook my head, swinging forward. “You’re a girl.”

Bella laughed, but for the first time all day, the sound didn’t make me mad. “I mean the same age, silly!”

“I’m still older,” I told her.

We were getting higher and higher, which caused my hood to fall back. …

“Edward, you like cupcakes?” she asked, and I nodded, licking my lips, because it had been forever since I’d had sweets. She held out her hand for mine. “Come on. I’ll get you one. My mom made them for me.”

I slipped my hand in hers, letting her pull me up from the swing. It was warm, but even though she was a girl, it didn’t feel funny to hold her hand, because she was my new friend.

See? I know you’re smiling too. Bella is a beautiful, loving soul in this story, and Edward’s love for her will make you swoon and sigh as he takes vigil by Bella’s side while she fights for her life after a terrible car accident – the power of the Edward and Bella connection is incredible here. And, remember, even though the A/N in chapter 1 says, “…this fic comes with a huge TISSUE WARNING…and is a rough ride,” I can honestly say, it’s totally worth the time to read because Bella has a hell of a lot to live for!


For complete pdf copy with images: https://app.box.com/s/ne2v3a2pv7b8b6sm9rk1

Droruno’s Blog for more information: http://www.drotuno.blogspot.ca/



Stealing Home by Nolebucgrl

nolebucgrl-stealing-home-blog-BANNER BY TwiFanfictionRecs.com

*BANNER BY TwiFanfictionRecs.com*

Stealing Home ~ Edward Cullen is hot shot baseball player in a bit of a slump. Bella Swan is the girl that he couldn’t have long ago and now she’s his new owner and he can’t have her again. Will he walk away or swing for the fences?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 2 – Words: 20,278 – Reviews: 265 – Favs: 696 – Follows: 439 – Updated: 06-22-10 – Published: 06-07-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6031956

Stealing Home is another romantic, sexy Sportsward brought to us by one of my favourite fic authors, Nolebucgrl. Now, close your eyes, please, and imagine, Edward Cullen in tight, white baseball pants, and a fitted, white St. Louis Cardinals jersey, trimmed in red, outlining his well-defined muscles, everywhere, as he swings a hard… Yeah, you get the picture! lol And I’m pretty sure that was what a seventeen-year-old Bella Swan was thinking when twenty-year-old Edward first joined her father’s baseball team five years ago and she developed a huge crush on him. But now, today, that she is a college graduate, and the new owner of the Cardinals, after the sad and untimely death of her father, Charlie; how will Bella see the famous short stop? And more importantly… How will he see her?

I heard the distinctive click of high heels on the concrete floor and glanced over my shoulder to see what was going on. I hoped to God it wasn’t Lauren Mallory looking to corner me before the game. She worked for The Post-Dispatch and was constantly attempting to get me into bed. Like I was stupid enough to sleep with a reporter? Rejection seemed to bounce off her though; she just kept coming after me like a rabid dog.

The first thing I noticed when I caught sight of the female walking toward me was that she wasn’t Lauren. This woman put Lauren to shame in every single way. She had hair the color of the mahogany wood cabinets in my kitchen. I loved that color. Her heart shaped face was gorgeous, a perfect peaches and cream complexion, high cheekbones, deep brown eyes flecked with some gold…she was stunning. And the rest of her body was as lovely as her face. She was wearing a charcoal gray pinstriped suit/skirt combination with a cream colored blouse underneath. Her legs were perfect, shapely and muscular at the same time. The tight little package was made complete by a pair of gray heels that matched her outfit perfectly. My mouth was watering at the sight of her.

It wasn’t…it couldn’t be…”Bella?” I asked, shock coloring my tone.

*grins* I think Edward has a lot to learn about “Ms. Swan.” There is so much history, and unresolved feelings, between Edward and Bella, which develops into a sweet and passionate two chapter romance, where Baseballward makes a resounding resolve to, “…get her home run, both on and off the field.” 😉


Nolebucgrl TWCS

Nolebucgrl A03

Nolebucgrl Fiction Pad


*Review by Gingerandgreen*

Dear Bella by Lellabeth

Dear Bella banner

Dear Bella – December 22 is the only day I let myself think of you. I don’t know if you remember, but I’d do anything to forget.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 13 – Words: 15,675 – Reviews: 1,026 – Favs: 418 – Follows: 540 – Updated: 06-28-13 – Published: 05-21-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9314616

Dear Lellabeth,

There are Fanfic authors who write beautiful words, stringing them together like prayer flags in an empty wilderness. There are authors who write important stories, that promote understanding and give insight into pain, suffering and joy. And there are those who use patience and care to weave a story out of captivating moments, revealing the heart of their narrative one delicate leaf at a time.

And then there’s you.

I wonder how many tears, both sad and happy, have been shed as a result of Dear Bella?

Dear Bella,

Do you remember when we met? I can still smell the marinara that got embedded in my hoodie when you bumped into me, and I still smile when I remember how your cheeks flushed redder than the sauce. I knew you of course – the police chief’s daughter come home, the new toy for all of Forks to gawk at. They stared and you faltered, stumbled and stuttered and grimaced your way through those first few days of the spotlight. Except when everyone else had grown bored and looked away, I continued to sneak glances at the glint of your hair in the sun or the way your sundress brushed the backs of your thighs.

I’d pretend to be terrible at biology just so I could watch you arch over the microscope, watch the strawberry slick of your tongue as it soothed the chapped skin of your lips and imagine it was touching mine instead. You’d catch me sometimes, forever staring, and your wide eyes trapped me like pomegranate molasses, and I wouldn’t doubt that there were moments time stood still as I watched the hammer of your hummingbird heartbeat against your neck. But you’d always look away just as I smiled, leaving it to fall just as I had fallen.

As I said to you this week, thank you for tearing my heart into pieces with a few, carefully woven chapters; and for stitching it back together again with the skill of a story-tailor.

Yours always,


Dear Bella ch1



Short and Sweet Reading List:

Edward in the Afternoon by cosmogirl7481 ~ My birthday present for Marvar: A boy meets girl story with sweltering heat, iced coffee and lots of sex… ExB, AH and OOC because no one is a virgin. Romance and humor with a touch of drama. Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 15 – Complete

Figmentum by thimbles  ~ Figmentum: 1. figment, fiction, invention, unreality; 2. thing formed, devised; 3. image. She coaxes him into existence with every word she writes. What will Bella do when she finds herself falling in love with the main character in her latest novel? Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 18 – Complete

Lady Bella by dqwhit19 ~ My name is Isabella Swan, but to the rest of the world, I am Lady Bella.” This is the story of how an international pop star and an extremely attractive USC quarterback find love, despite everything that tries to keep them apart. AH Romance – Chapters: 16 – Complete

Moments by SydneyAlice ~ She’s a college student working toward a dream. He’s a man walking away from the only dream he’s ever known. There are moments that can change your life forever. This is their moment. Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 16 – Complete

Not a Little Girl by Mylisssa ~ Edward spends Saturday nights playing poker with the bachelors of Forks. He has the utmost respect for his new friend Charlie, but when Charlie’s little girl comes home for the summer, it turns out she’s not a little girl at all. Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 12 – Complete

Plan B by chocaholic123 ~ Plan B: a strategy or plan to be implemented if the original one proves impracticable or unsuccessful. Best used in the cold light of day, after waking up in bed next to a virtual stranger. An E/B three shot. Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 3 – Status: Complete

Sugar Walls by JiffyKate ~ Just a sweet and spicy short fic for JennyKate’s birthday! There’s Edward, Bella, and frosting, oh my! AH Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 3

Willow by aftrnoondlight ~ First place winner in A Christmas to Remember contest – A quaint small town. A horse named Willow. Two lonely lovers. These are the ingredients of a DIVINE holiday romance. Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 4 – Complete

In Transit by Lillybellis ~ Riding the same bus every day, Edward and Bella get off to a bumpy start. She thinks he’s stuck-up; he thinks she’s shallow. Sometimes what seems like the wrong thing turns out to be exactly what you were waiting for. A FGB novella for mujisan. Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 7 – Complete

Rhapsody in B by Lillybellis ~ When a rising musician falls in love with his small-town childhood friend, can their yearly New Year’s Eve tradition bring them together once he rockets to stardom and leaves her behind?  Edward & Bella -Romance/Angst – Chapters: 12 – Complete

Shifting Gears by ChocolateSparrow ~ A race. A cyclist. A physio. He wants to win the Tour de France at any cost. She just wants to make it through without getting burned. A birthday gift for the lovely Erron. Edward & Bella – English – Romance – Chapters: 7

The Veil by belladonnacullen ~You always have the choice between life and death… until you don’t. There is poetry at the beginning and end of our journey, but it’s what you make of the interim that counts. BxE, rated M, canon parings Edward & Bella – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 15 – Complete


As with most things in life, Twifics come in many different sizes.  And, as you can see from this selection of stories, bigger doesn’t always mean better.


As you are probably aware, many stories have been pulled from FanFiction.net for violation of terms. Rather than dwell on that move, we would love to help readers find their favourite authors on other sites.  With that in mind, we’d like both authors and readers to feel free to post links to profiles and/or share users names from other sites in the comments below.

The FicSix


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Fantastic FilmFics!


I’m sure we are all familiar with the phrase, “The best of both worlds.” Basically, it means that a person can enjoy the advantages of two very different things at the same time. Those five simple words have inspired books to be written, poems to be penned, and songs to be composed because it’s something many people strive for as they express themselves through their creative medium of choice.

In Twific terms, I think the best of both worlds is realized when we see our beloved Twilight characters placed in the main roles of our favorite movies. You know, Bella as Vivian in Pretty Woman or Edward as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind. We are able to picture each scene and relive each magic, movie moment with a twist of Twilight mixed in. One of us is still waiting for a Han Soloward to be written *side eyes at Ilovealion* …but in the mean time, take a look at the other Twilight FilmFics we’ve tracked down for you to enjoy.


 *Reviews by Cared*

I admit reading these stories was sort of weird…but weird in a good way, as all three of these fics feature the cast of Twilight characters I know and love, with familiar plot lines too – because I’ve seen and enjoyed the films which inspired them. While Pretty Woman, Sweet Home Alabama and August Rush are all undeniably good stories and movies in their own right, for someone like me, and I hope many of you, Edward and Bella being the protagonists in these versions, is the cherry on top of the cake.

I read Twilight itself before the first film was made, thereby ensuring I had my own visual of Edward in my mind, but was then delighted when I saw Catherine Hardwick’s choice to play him. Perfect! All these years later, my Edwards still bear an uncanny resemblance to Rob in all his varied forms.  For me, the Edward in Bella Donna (Pretty Woman) was a Rome Rob, and Coming Home To You (Sweet Home Alabama) was more of a Remember Me Rob. My difficulty arose upon reading Reaching For Stars (August Rush) as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is one of my top three favourite actors, and his image and singing voice kept popping into my mind as I read. LOL  Oh, what delicious inner-eye candy I savoured while reading these fics.  Sigh!


Bella Donna by JiffyKate

*Made by Jenny Kate*

*Made by Jenny Kate*

Bella Donna ~ Edward and Bella are similar creatures; they both screw people for money, but one of them goes for blood. It’s nothing personal…until it is.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 17 – Words: 61,994 – Reviews: 994 – Favs: 408 – Follows: 718 – Updated: 09-15-13 – Published: 04-05-13 – id: 9175099

This is one of those fics where I had to ponder long and hard over how much to tell you to entice you, without robbing you of the pleasure of finding out for yourself.  I could simply say it’s a Pretty Woman meets Twilight fic, but that would not do it justice.  The basic premise is there, of course, I mean, Bella is a hooker and Edward is her John, and he does pick her up in a borrowed stick-shift car to take her back to his posh hotel for the night.  He even ends up hiring her for the week, and despite both their best efforts, feelings get involved, lines are blurred and crossed, and what should have been a simple business transaction suddenly becomes very complicated indeed.  If you’ve seen the film Pretty Woman, none of this should surprise you.  What will be a surprise though, are the tantalising extra layers of plot that JiffyKate have cleverly woven throughout, which only serve to turn a good story into a completely captivating and fascinating one.

If you’ve previously read anything from the talented duo of JiffyKate, something else that won’t surprise you is this fic being so sexually hot…

Are you okay?”

 She seems surprised at my question. “Yeah, I’m great.”

“Good. I was worried that I was too rough.”

She slowly sits down on the bed. “It was rough but nothing I can’t handle. I, um, really liked it.”

I watch as her blush covers her cheeks and moves all the way down to her rosy nubs causing them to harden. My dick automatically follows suit.

“I want to fuck you again.” 

“You certainly aren’t afraid to say what you want, are you?”

“I’m not afraid of anything, Bella, and I always get what I want. Besides, I’ve already paid you. You’re mine for the entire night.” I reach out to touch her shiny blonde hair but she jerks her head away.

“You have your rules, I have mine. No touching the hair.” 

Fuck, she’s hot. A small part of me wonders what Bella is hiding, but who the hell am I to judge? We all have our secrets. Besides, now is not the time to worry about such things; I have much more pressing issues at hand.

I try to stifle the growl that’s rumbling in my chest as I pull her onto my lap. I push two of my fingers in her mouth and command her to suck on them before taking them out and rubbing the moisture on her swollen pussy. When Bella starts rolling her hips and moaning, I know she is ready for me. Grabbing her hips, I lift her up slightly before pulling her back down on my cock.

I grit my teeth in frustration when I realize that fucking Bella feels even better the second time.

It’s not only the plot that has extra layers. Midnight Cougar and I discussed  (read, salivated over) Edward and we agreed he is MORE.  His otherworldly, commanding presence, his brilliant intellectual CEO power, and his above par performance in the bedroom, add up to MORE.

Edward has three rules:
– No kissing
– No oral
– Just fucking!
I only have one:
– Just read this scintillating story now!



Reaching for Stars by knicnort3


*Made by knicnort3*

Reaching for Stars ~ Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you’ve already found it. *Inspired by the movie “August Rush”. Ten year old Bree runs away from her foster home to meet her favorite singer. Eighteen year old Bella needs a new outlook on life, and finds solace in a beautiful stranger that completely turns her life upside down. *AH, B/E

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 23 – Words: 54,938 – Reviews: 577 – Favs: 217 – Follows: 363 – Updated: 08-29-13 – Published: 06-28-13 – id: 9435225

This author’s note is to be found at the beginning of the story:

Ten year old Bree Tanner has a dream to meet the band Cullen, or more specifically, their lead singer Edward Masen. When Cullen’s summer tour brings them closer than ever, Bree knows it’s her chance. Against the wishes of her parents, she sets out on a journey to finally meet her idol, but in doing so she learns more about herself than she ever thought possible.

Eighteen year old Isabella Swan is focused. She dedicates every last minute to her Columbia University education, but when her roommate asks to be accompanied to a party for the band Cullen, Isabella reluctantly agrees. While there, she meets a dashing stranger who completely captivates her, and for the first time in her life, she finds herself falling off course

Inspired by the movie “August Rush”, this story follows both Bree and Bella as they struggle to overcome the hardships they face, and find a way back to the life they were always meant to be living. 

There will be some romance, drama, slight angst, and ultimately an uplifting HEA.

Well, what can I add to that?

Bree is brilliantly written! Her story is heart breaking, but the child herself, and how she copes with life is truly heartwarming.  It’s almost painfully poignant, but from the moment I met her, I just had to believe in her finding a HEA, as much as she believes in finding Edward Cullen.

As for Edward and Bella, their moment together is all too brief, nevertheless – it is beautiful and unforgettable…

He smiled wistfully. “I’m from Chicago, so I guess it’s not that much different than here. What do you miss the most about your home…I mean, besides family and friends,” he asked, swooping the conversation right back to me.

“I don’t know, the stars maybe….The high buildings and bright lights don’t let too much of the sky through.” 

“That’s true….but again, maybe you’re just not looking at it the right way.”

“Meaning?” I asked with a smile, already knowing he had another beautiful lesson to teach me.

“Come here,” he said before grabbing my hand. The moment his skin touched mine there was an immediate physical reaction that zinged between us; it was electrifying, a spark stronger than any other I felt before. He looked at me as if he felt it too, but he just smiled and pulled me behind him towards the opposite side of the roof. “Look,” he insisted while pointing out over the city skyline. 

My heart jumped. “Stars!” I said excitedly. It wasn’t really stars; in fact it was overcast that night, but the lights illuminating from all the buildings’ windows was almost as amazing. It surprised me that I never noticed it before, but then again, I was always too busy to pause long enough to truly see anything. “Thank you for showing this to me…” 

“Edward,” he answered with a crooked smile. He still had my hand grasped firmly in his, but he squeezed it tenderly as almost a way to shake my hand for the greeting. 

“I’m Bella,” I said with a returning smile.

“Well Bella, it’s nice to meet you.”

My heart fluttered. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly about this fic that appeals to me.  The plot is interesting and pulled at my heartstrings, and the main characters are sympathetic; they quickly and effortlessly drew me into their lives.  The secondary characters are certainly an eclectic bunch, including true and loyal friends in Jake and Alice, and the vile, despicable Victoria and Riley.  But, it is something more than that…maybe it’s the vibe given off by this absorbing story or the strong emotional element.  It is all-human, yet it has that lovely feeling there is a greater force in the universe guiding our dear characters, which gives it an extra layer of interest.  Perhaps it’s all that reaching for stars!



Coming Home to You by secamimom

coming home to you

*Made by Cared*

Coming Home to You ~ When Bella is forced to go back to her hometown to take care of unfinished business, will she be able to leave the past behind her or is she just finally coming home?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 22 – Words: 39,675 – Reviews: 322 – Updated: 6-20-11 – Published: 10-7-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

Edward and Bella have been inseparable since they were tots, and it looked like they would be devoted to each other for well…forever.

Bella peddled her bike as hard as she could, her long brown hair blowing in the breeze behind her. Finally arriving at Edward’s, she threw her bike down and ran into the back yard where she knew he would be. Flinging the door to the old barn open, she found Edward exactly as she had a hundred times before. He stood before her in an old pair of ripped jeans and one of his favorite flannels, a pair of old work boots on his feet. All were splattered with paint that had somehow not made it on the large piece of cardboard in front of him.

Edward loved to paint. He had begged his mom and dad for canvases like real artists used, but they weren’t able to afford them at the time. So, Edward had settled for large pieces of cardboard that he would tack in front of him while he worked on his masterpieces. He often imagined that one day he would have his very own place to paint in peace and not have to hide away in a barn.

“Edward, whatcha doing?” Bella asked as she took a seat on one of the extra stools Edward had brought out for her one day. He figured since she spent as much time in here as he did, she should be comfortable.

“Nothing much. You ready to go?” he asked her as he began to pack away his painting supplies. He cherished every item he had. Not knowing when his parents would have the extra money to buy him more supplies, Edward made sure to take care of the ones he had.

Once he was all packed up, he walked over to Bella and grabbed her hand, leading her out of the barn. The two of them walked hand in hand down the well worn path behind the Cullen’s property. They both knew this path very well since this too was a daily thing for them. Once they had reached the meadow, they both laid down in the tall wildflowers, hands still clasped between them.

After a few moments of silence, Edward turned to Bella, almost willing her to look at him. Finally feeling the sensation that he was watching her, she turned to him, brown eyes meeting green.

“Bella Swan, one day I’m gonna marry you,” Edward told her with complete conviction. Bella looked over at him, smiling widely. Bella shook her head at him, laughing a little bit as she sat up. Edward followed suit, and sat up beside her.

“Now why would you wanna marry me, Edward?” she asked him as she held his hand tightly in hers.

“So that every day you can be the last person I see before I go to sleep and the first one I see when I wake up,” he told her. They both smiled at each other and leaned in together, sharing their first kiss.

Oh, my!  Isn’t that one of the most romantic and sweet lines in the universe? It made me simultaneously melt and smile.  You would think the next line should be “and they all lived happily ever after”, but it’s not.  I was left wondering what on earth had happened to drive Edward and Bella apart.  Not just metaphorically speaking – Bella now lives in New York and Edward still lives in Forks.

Riley, a suit from New York, proposes to Bella, she accepts, and travels home to Forks for the first time in seven years.  It’s not purely a social visit as she has the teeney-weeney, itsy-bitsy, little matter of getting a divorce from Edward to take care of.  Of course, I was rooting straight away for Bella to reunite with Edward; I did feel a tad sorry for Riley though, as he is totally unaware of an ex-husband – or not so ex as it turns out.  The fact that I envisaged him as Patrick Dempsey, (aka Dr. McDreamy) has absolutely nothing to do with it. *wink* (Understand what I mean about all the inner-eye candy now?)

Naturally, Edward and Bella fight, say and do mean things to each other, make stupid mistakes, and are the last people to recognise they are both still in love.

So, make a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights and settle down to enjoy the banter, the underlying love and the entertaining secondary characters. And, just like in a good RomCom, let’s see if Edward and Bella find their way home to one another.



*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*

La Ville Lumière by Audeamus-Amor 

La Ville Lumière ~ COMPLETE: Inspired by the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset films, Bella and Edward meet in Paris. With only 12 hours left in a city made for lovers, how will they fare? Rated M for My God, I can’t believe I wrote a Lemon. AU, AH, ExB, THREE-Shot.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 16,578 – Reviews: 73 – Favs: 132 – Follows: 39 – Updated: 03-07-09 – Published: 03-05-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4904279

This three-part story, told from both BPOV and EPOV, may be short but it certainly isn’t lacking in anything, especially adventure and romance! La Ville Lumière was inspired by the 1995 romantic drama film Before Sunrise, starring Ethan Hawke; where a young American man, and a young French woman, meet on an European train and disembark in Vienna, as they spend the night walking around the city, and getting to know each other, and then its 2004 sequel, Before Sunset, which picks up the story years later.

The premise for this story is much the same, except the ending differs somewhat and it is set in Paris, France – la ville de l’amour – and both Bella and Edward are young Americans on a lone, summer adventure before real life dictates its expectations. They casually meet outside a French pub, as Edward offers Bella a light for her cigarette. Their romantic connection is instantaneous and one could even say…smokingly erotic…

He gave me another appraising look, his eyes traveling up my body just once, tauntingly slow. My insides squelched at the obvious insinuation in the look and I cleared my throat to stop him, playing the part of the good girl. He gave me another dazzling smile before he took steps forward, his chest nearly touching mind. My breath faltered as his fingertips came dangerously close to my lips, his earthy smell and just a hint of cologne mingling pleasantly in the air around me. He plucked the cigarette from my mouth and I licked my lips unconsciously the moment he pulled it away.

He smiled at me again, reassuring yet burning with his easily won intensity. It probably came naturally to him, that smoldering look, it was a mainstay of all men that looked the way he did; it was like the membership card to the club. He moved to place my unlit cigarette between his lips and I opened my mouth to protest, but when he gave me a challenging ‘tut’ I quickly quieted. He touched the cherry to the end, his deliciously full lips closing around the cigarette that had only just been in my mouth, and inhaled… Sexily. I didn’t know that breathing could be sexy, but watching the way his eyelashes fluttered just barely as he inhaled and the sound of the softest moan rumbling from his throat as he exhaled confirmed it. Breathing could be sexy. Almost painfully sexy. He offered it to me and I took it, his fingers brushing against mine.

And, as in true Twilight fashion…sparks fly! But when they part ways, and she walks off into the Paris night, something quickly changes in Edward’s mind, and on their last night en Paris, he decides to up the ante and propositions her with an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

“Miss! Wait!”

I turned around, my decision still unmade.

“Yeah?” I called back, stopped in my spot.

“Come with me!” he called, his eyes shining with the promise of an adventure.

“I don’t even know you!” I yelled, ignoring the confused looks of an elderly couple as they stepped around me on the street.

“Well,” he carried on, not missing a beat, “Get to know me!”

His boyish enthusiasm was impossible to ignore, the glint in his eye more charming than anything he had pulled out thus far. Looking at him, I knew the night would be anything but boring, the opposite of safe. 18 years of careful, self-imposed maturity was protesting somewhere inside of me. No! Don’t do it! I shook my head at him, just barely, refusing his invitation, agreeing with the voices in my head. He was leaning out, his upper body hanging over the edge of the window.

He pouted at me playfully and shrugged, “Please?”

I took a step toward him and stopped. Don’t do it. Do it. Don’t do it. Do it! I teetered on my feet, my teeth worrying my bottom lip, my hand clenching and unclenching into fists at my side. Everything about him screamed reckless, screamed playboy, and while I knew that I probably shouldn’t have, I took a step forward…. Then backward…Another two steps forward… And another… And finally, I broke into a run…

I knew what I needed …

…And what I needed was an adventure.

Oh, yes, Bella, that’s exactly what you need! Ooh, la la, so much ‘love at first sight’ and sweet romance. *wink*

And there is now a final installment of this series of movies, called Before Midnight (2013)… And I am hoping the author of La Ville Lumière may someday be inspired to write a bit more of her lovely tale, so we can see where life took these two adventurers.



From Geek To Chic by MrsK81 

From Geek to Chic by MrsK81 - banner by Evilnat

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From Geek To Chic ~ Convinced she was headed to permanent residency in Loserville, Bella Swan would have done anything to fit in with the popular crowd. What if she was presented with an opportunity to do just that? Would she take it happily or would she stop and think about the person she was leaving behind? Inspired by 13 going on 30. Romance, drama, humor and a little bit of everything.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 12 – Words: 48,315 – Reviews: 430 – Favs: 191 – Follows: 290 – Updated: 08-18-13 – Published: 02-17-13 – id: 9021054

I previously reviewed From Geek To Chic by MrsK81 in the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…. post, but wanted to mention it again because it fits into today’s post perfectly. It was inspired by the 2004 movie 13 Going on 30, where an unpopular girl or “geek” falls asleep and wakes up many years later as an older, professional woman but with the personality of a child in an adult’s body… She has a whole new and different life, both personally and professionally, to cope and deal with, and Bella’s adventures are as fun to read in this fic, as Jenna’s were to watch in the movie. From Geek To Chic continues to make me smile; Bella is strong, intelligent, and resilient, and I am still following and enjoying each update.



Lady Of The Knight by ObsessingOverEdward


Lady Of The Knight  ~ One rainy night and a bit of bad luck has two complete strangers thrown together in a chance encounter. Bitter by an unfaithful wife Edward runs away to New York where he takes in an unlikely companion with a questionable occupation. Pretty Woman AU/AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 26 – Words: 97,573 – Reviews: 3,573 – Favs: 4,048 – Follows: 1,181 – Updated: 11-16-10 – Published: 09-21-08 – Status: Complete – id: 4550368

Again, this is a sweet Twific that I have mentioned a few times in past posts, but since it is also inspired by a movie, the excellent flick, Pretty Woman, I’d be remiss not to mention Lady Of The Knight. Not only is it a lovely, romantic read, it’s a different twist on the movie that makes it a bit unique and interesting, and as the author says, “It’s very loosely based on the movie Pretty Woman. I loved Richard Gere in this movie. He played a fantastic piano playing Edward.” *nods head and swoons*

Previous reviews: Here and Here.



*Review by WiltshireGlo*

Mate of Honor by MagTwi78

Made by MagTwi78

Made by MagTwi78

Mate of Honor ~ Best friends Bella and Edward have a deal—if they’re not married by the time they’re 30, they’ll marry each other. While she’s been searching for Mr. Right, he’s been busy with Miss. Right Now. Would you be happy seeing your long-time love say ‘I do’ to someone else? B & E, M

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 15 – Words: 29,538 – Reviews: 677 – Updated: 9-12-13 – Published: 11-29-12 – Edward & Bella WiP

Warning: MagTwi78 has an evil streak and she’s taking it out on poor Edward – and I adore him! Actually, I also adore MagTwi78 because she has given us an Edward who is thoroughly charming, completely inept at showing his feelings and tries so hard to show Bella just who the best man is – the poor boy!

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself…let me set the scene. Bella is working in Australia and calls her best friend, Edward, with news…

I stretch my legs further, pointing and flexing my toes. “So why are you calling? Nobody else to torment?”

“What? Can’t I call my best friend?”

“Of course you can.” I can hear my own voice softening. “I just don’t think you called to tell me you were eating lunch.”

Again, that laugh—I’ll never get sick of the sound. “Okay, I’ll cut to the chase.” A gulp, that sounds more like drinking than eating. “I’m letting you off the hook.”

“Which one?”

“The one that ties you to me forever.”

My heart falters. “What do you mean?”

“I’m doing it! I’m really doing it!” 

“Doing what?”

“Edward, I’m getting married!” Bella laughs again, that husky chuckle that I’ve loved all my life, and the world falls away from my feet. “And I want you to be my mate of honor!”

*gasp!* Pause for dramatic effect and heartstopping moment – *ohmyedward* and chapter two!

“I’m sorry? You want me to be your what?” My heart has just been ripped from my chest, and she’s speaking some bizarre dialect.

Bella giggles again. “My mate of honor! Isn’t that the cutest?”

Cute? “Who are you, and what have you done with my best friend?” And my reason for living.

“You crack me up, Edward. Seriously. You see, I was talking to Benno about it—”

My defenses are instantly up. “Who’s Benno?” 

“My fiancé, of course! Anyway, he’s an Aussie. I met him through work—he’s one of the curators at the museum. We started talking at Starbucks. He bought me a coffee because I was holding up the line—it wasn’t my fault, their money is all colorful and confusing and plastic. So we exchanged numbers, went out a couple of times, and really hit it off.”

I hate the guy already. And what the fuck kind of name is “Benno,” anyway?

Bella giggles before she continues. “One night he took me to dinner and asked if I believed in love at first sight, and it was so romantic! And then we went for a walk along the pier, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Isn’t that the sweetest thing?”

I bite back my immediate response and go with something a little more non-committal. “Mhm.”

“And you just have to be in the wedding! But you can’t be the ‘maid’ of honor, obviously.” I can practically hear her eyes roll. “And I was telling Benno about you, and he said you could be my mate of honor. You know, ’cause you’re a bloke.”

And so it begins! Mate of Honor is delightfully written – the gentle humour that Mag injects into the story appears effortless because her writing is so smooth. The torment she inflicts on Edward is teasing and affectionate. It’s both a joy and horror to see his reactions and competitive streak appear, making him behave ridiculously. The more he puts himself into uncomfortable situations to get Bella to notice him as not just her best mate, the more I will him on to win her heart – or maybe he just doesn’t realise that he doesn’t have to try quite so hard.

Written completely from Edward’s PoV, it’s a bloke’s view of weddings and all that goes with them – That’s right. My gift bags are classy. I googled bachelorette gift bags as part of my research—and I was pretty freaked out by the stuff that appeared. My Bella is a sophisticated girl; I’m giving her a high-class event. No cocks on straws at this party. LMAO if men only knew the half of it…!

MagTwi78 has me giggling, swooning and cheering Edward on in equal measures as he tries to be all things to the girl he thought he’d walk down the aisle by default – simply because she was supposed to be his all along.

Although we’re fifteen chapters in there may be a little way to go yet and I never want it to end!



*Review by AllyVera*

Twilight on the BLUE LAGOON by knicnort3

*Made by ysar*

*Made by ysar*

Twilight on the BLUE LAGOON  ~ Bella was one of the popular sophomores in her high school, but when a class trip goes awry she finds herself marooned on a tropical island with Edward Cullen, the resident school geek. The two must overcome their differences and learn to work together in order to survive. If you’re a fan of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Blue Lagoon’, this is the story for you! *more info inside* AH, AU, E/B

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella – Chapters: 34 – Words: 136,647 – Reviews: 3,868 – Favs: 2,003 – Follows: 1,622 – Updated: 10-17-12 – Published: 07-11-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8309300

I have many guilty secrets, many of which I won’t share at the moment (‘cause really, that is TMI), but one I will share is that I loved Blue Lagoon when I first saw it in the 1980’s, and I remember having to sneak around behind my Mum’s back to see it! *sigh* Those were the days…

So to see a Twilight/Blue Lagoon crossover was pretty exciting for me – even more exciting though was the fact that knicnort3 wrote it.  I may or may not have bounced up and down when I saw the alert when she published the first chapter.  I read the story as a brand new WIP, and I followed along with the adventure of Bella and Edward with all the faithfulness of a terrier puppy.

First up – I will let you in on a little secret – you aren’t going to like this Bella at first. She is one of the “popular” crowd and thinks quite well of herself, so when she gets stranded with Edward – who is quite unlike any Edward I have encountered before – she is rude and downright nasty to him.  This, of course, is quite a turn up for the books, as how many times have we encountered the opposite situation – where Edward is the loathsome one?  Just like we always forgive the Jerkwards – you will forgive and get to understand our little “Jerkella” here.

One thing about it, though, you will love Edward immediately, particularly if you have a soft spot for Geekwards.  But it’s got to be said, Edward adapts to his “deserted island” surrounds very quickly and becomes quite the survivalist.

A little glimpse of Survivalist Edward and Bitchy Bella mellowing a little in chapter three…

He looked absolutely ridiculous standing out there with a bright orange life vest and large pointy stick…but he didn’t seem to care. He was stranded on an island with a girl who was sure to make fun of him and had in the past, but none of that mattered to him. He was focused on getting fish and surviving the day, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t inspiring. He was right, none of that crap mattered and there was no reason to be embarrassed on that island – there wasn’t room for it, and we sure as hell didn’t have the extra energy to waste on something as superficial as looking good and acting cool.

I decided then that it was time to pull my head out of my ass and do my fair share of contributing to our survival… so I gave myself the nauseating task of cleaning the fish he already caught. It was the last thing I really wanted to do, but it wasn’t right that he was doing all the work while I just sat there and watched.

I took out his knife, and winced as I cut the head off the first fish. “Ewww!” I wanted to vomit. “Pull it together, Swan,” I told myself with a deep breath, turning my face so I didn’t have to smell the stench of the bloody fish. But then something clicked in my mind and I willed myself to just get through it. Once I was determined to get it done, it was much easier and I realized it wasn’t even as gross as I was expecting. Next I cut open the abdomen, and rinsed it out in the waves before bringing it back to the fire.

When I got both fish cleaned, skewered, and set over the fire, Edward returned completely soaked.

“You cleaned the fish?” he asked surprised as he unsnapped his life vest. “How’d you know how to do that?”

I shrugged. “My dad is an avid fisherman and used to make me go with him. I always refused to clean them before, but I watched enough times to know what to do,” I explained.

“Cool,” he said. When he opened his vest to take it off, two more fish fell out.

“Wow, you did well,” I said impressed.

“It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be,” he said with a smirk.

I cleaned the other two fish, and then roasted those as well. When they were finished, we sat there and ate them feeling like it was Thanksgiving. The two medium to small sized fish we each had wasn’t much by normal standards, but we were beyond stuffed and spent the rest of the evening throwing up.

“Ugh, were they poisonous?” I asked weakly.

“No, I think we just ate too much after not eating anything for a few days,” he explained.

I had already vomited in front of Edward once before, but doing it at the same time as him, side by side, was absolutely disgusting and yet strangely cathartic. He didn’t comment on it, and neither did I. We just did what we needed to do and waited for the other to finish as well. When we were both done emptying the contents of our stomachs onto the sand, we helped each other up and walked slowly back to where we had slept the night before. We laid down wishing for the horrible feeling to just pass as soon as possible, and we drifted off to sleep for the night.”

I won’t give away too much of the plot, but lots happen to our favourite couple while stranded on their deserted island, and they both change immensely (Edward’s is more of a physical change and Bella’s a mental one).

I loved this story SO much…I never doubted I would for a second (even when Bella was being a 24-karat bitch).  knicnort3 has a talent for surprising and entertaining her readers in equal measure and this story is no exception, even if Blue Lagoon was before your time, you don’t even need to worry – you will enjoy this story regardless!




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As always, we’d love to know what you are reading, so please share with us what has owned you this week. If you have any “best of both worlds” fics, we’d be thrilled to hear about them also.

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Rob Roles

*A Selection of Rob's Roles*

*A Selection of Rob’s Roles*

Let’s roll on through the Summer with Rob Roles.  We are usually all about Edward here on FanFiction Fridays, but this week he has been joined by a few other fascinating characters who we have been kindly introduced to by Rob.  A big, warm welcome to Cedric, Tyler, Art, Eric and Jacob as they make their FFF debut.

Welcome wishes and thanks go to the gorgeous and talented Planetblue for joining us today – it’s a pleasure and honour to have you here.


*Reviews by Cared*


Finding Himself by Minisinoo


Finding Himself ~ The-Boy-Who-Almost-Died has to figure out what it means that he didn’t. Harry’s tumultuous 5th year at Hogwarts is Cedric’s 7th and final. Bound together by shared trauma, both boys fall under Ministry suspicion … Who is Cedric Diggory? Cedric!Lives AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Cedric D. & Hermione G. – Chapters: 40 – Words: 350,952 – Reviews: 665 – Favs: 1,022 – Follows: 184 – Updated: 11-19-08 – Published: 10-13-08 – Status: Complete – id: 4594634

I’m so excited to share my love of this story with you today…it’s one of my all-time top 5 favourite fics.  Needless to say, the other 4 places are taken by beloved Twilight stories, you know, I even surprised myself by ranking another fic genre so highly.  Now that I think about it, I know why this magnificent novel, yes, novel, for that’s what it is, earned that coveted position.  I was stunned when I first read this story a few years ago, and the feelings invoked by it have not faded from my memory.  I’ve got to be honest here and confess to you, while I read and enjoyed all the Harry Potter books and saw all the films, it was the lure of Cedric that initially drew me to Finding Himself.  Don’t judge me – you cannot deny he was gorgeous in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. LOL


There are many reasons why Finding Himself is one of my favourites, but what stands head and shoulders above the others is the brilliant presentation of the absolutely beautiful love story depicted between Cedric and Hermione. Honestly, it rivals that of Edward and Bella, and in fact, in some ways it’s a lot healthier.  The romance is sweet, can be fun, and as they fall deeply in-love they remain their own people.  I admire the way they grow as individuals as they overcome their problems, and how their friendship with others is also enriched as their relationship develops.  The lemons in this fic are lovely, loving and imperative…as they say, it’s always the quiet ones!  “The Room of Requirement” comes in pretty handy, js.  Maybe I’m wearing rose lemon tinted glasses here because I’m so behind their relationship and truthfully, I’m in love with their love story.  Have a look at their first kiss…

He leaned back in and she really wished he’d just kiss her. She could feel his breath on her lips as he said, “Not in the least. Why do you think I asked you to Hogsmeade? Maybe they’ll leave me alone when they see I’m already very, very…very…taken.”

And she felt his mouth brush hers, faint as butterfly wings. It almost wasn’t a kiss, but it shook her from the roots of her hair to the ends of her toes. Then he was pulling away yet again. “Don’t do that,” she said, reaching out to grip the back of his neck and yank his head down forcefully. This time, there was no almost touch. His mouth hit hers hard; he’d nearly overbalanced and had to recover himself. Then she forgot about books and lockets and nicknames, and everything, really. Cedric Diggory knew how to give a kiss, all lips, a little tongue and complete immersion in the moment. It was very different from kissing Viktor. (And maybe she shouldn’t compare them, but couldn’t help it.)

Viktor had kissed like a Seeker, and she was the Snitch – elusive, precious, delicate . . . but his goal. His passion had overwhelmed, even if she’d never felt pressured to give him more than kisses. She’d felt flattered, swept off her feet, but not quite his equal, really.

Cedric kissed like it was a conversation – give and take, exploratory, sensual, even a bit sloppy because he wasn’t thinking of how it looked, only how it felt. He tried things that might have made her laugh – like sucking her tongue or nibbling her lower lip – but which turned her inside out instead. Cedric kissed like somebody who wanted to be kissed back.

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series you will recognise Finding Himself as an AU rewrite of the Order of the Phoenix with a different focus and new storylines perfectly interwoven with the original.  In this world, Cedric didn’t die in the graveyard – he was hit by a dreadful debilitating curse that will eventually leave him paralysed.  18 year-old Cedric and the 16 year-old Harry have formed an unlikely friendship as they are forever bound by their shared nightmare encounter with *lowers voice* he who shall not be named.  The usual shenanigans still go on at the Ministry though, and the vile Professor Umbridge, in all her pink-suited glory, is still a sicko – this time Cedric is top of her most-wanted list.  Dumbeldore’s Army is still formed, as is S.P.E.W. – you couldn’t leave out that unfortunately named society.  The history and the ethos of the House of Hufflepuff is shown and it becomes obvious why it’s a House to be proud of…why it’s the House of a Hogwart’s Champion.


If you are not at all familiar with the world of Harry Potter, never mind, you don’t need to be.  Simply enjoy it as a story of “coming of age” set against the backdrop of a tumultuous time in the world, a time of parallel crises for both Muggles* and wizards.  A classic love story of two young people who hail from completely different backgrounds.  It’s about friendships and family bonds, and standing up for who and what you believe in.  It’s the tale of a noble young man hit by personal tragedy, falling in-love for the first time, being challenged to do the right thing…it’s the story of a young man Finding Himself.

*non-magical people

Story trailer video by Handmaiden Ande


Sequel can be found here, and one-shots here and here.



Infinite Visibility by TheFicChick


Infinite Visibility ~ “Bella, I’m not perfect.” “I’ve loved perfect before, and he broke me anyway.” (A “Twilight”/”Remember Me” crossover.)

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama – Chapters: 8 – Words: 45,297 – Reviews: 590 – Favs: 330 – Follows: 455 – Updated: 07-07-13 – Published: 04-13-13 – id: 9198986

Infinite Visibility

We’ll let blood build a bridge over mountains draped in stars

I’ll meet you on the ridge between these worlds apart

We’ve got this moment now to live, then it’s all just dust and dark

Let’s let love give what it gives.”

TheFicChick says, “I play around with timelines a little bit here. In this story, the events of ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’ take place in 1999, not in the 2000s, which is how that universe intersects with the ‘Remember Me’ universe.” Well, I say the universes of Twilight and Remember Me do more than intersect, they blend seamlessly together and they become a perfect whole.  Infinite Visibility is a wonderful and believable love story between Tyler and Bella set against the perfect mesh of canon from both original stories – my hat is off to TheFicChick and her way with words for achieving this so masterfully.

Edward pulled his New Moon disappearing trick and eventually Bella moved on with her life, as per his request.  She matured and developed into a lovely young woman and her desire for a complete change, a concrete jungle, led her to New York to attend college.  Edward has not been forgotten – her scars run much deeper than the physical one James inflicted in Twilight – but, with time and new experiences comes the epiphany that Edward was right…

That night is the first night since September that she dreams of Edward, the ethereal, self-proclaimed demon standing against a dreary backdrop, orchestrating his own isolation.

This is the last time you’ll ever see me. I won’t come back.

It’s the first night that she dreams the dream through and doesn’t wake up screaming.

It will be like I never existed. I promise.

It’s the first time in all the times she’s had the dream that she’s still standing when he walks away.

You just don’t belong in my world, Bella.

It isn’t until she’s bumping along in a cab headed for JFK the following morning that the realization comes: he no longer belongs in hers, either.

One thing about Bella that has not changed, however, is her love for the written word, and so she is enticed to the Strand Bookstore by its claim to have eighteen miles of books, only to receive the shock of her life when she asks…

“Excuse me; do you have Virgil’s Doomed Love?”

The boy turns to face her, and she sucks in a breath. At first glance, he’s too similar, too close a replica, too familiar, and all of the contentment that had cocooned her like cotton is torn away, leaving her feeling as though she’s been stripped and sucker-punched. She stares at him for a moment, mouth agape, before spinning and dashing up the long aisle, hearing a faint “What the hell?” coming from the boy behind her as she flees. Darting around the tables near the entrance and nearly tripping over a stroller near the checkout counter, she finally bursts through the exit and onto the crowded sidewalk.

“Watch it,” a guy with a steaming paper cup of coffee mutters as he sidesteps her, and she mutters an apology as she takes in gulping breaths, clutching one of the carts of discounted books with her bare hand, the ice-cold metal burning the skin of her palm. She lets the dull ache in her hand ground her as she navigates a sea of sensation: she feels unsettled, blindsided, as if she’s seen a ghost. It’s impossible. Patently impossible, because while the moment that she’d stared into the stranger’s face was fleeting, it was long enough for her to absorb details: the all-too-human flush of his cheeks, the blue-green of his eyes. Just a likeness, she tells herself as her breathing and her heartbeat try to regulate themselves. That’s all.

“Hey.” The voice floats over her shoulder, and her still-stuttering heart picks up the tempo, now positively hammering against her ribs as if fighting for its freedom. “Are you okay?” the look-alike asks, and she turns, half-convinced that her momentary vision had been a trick of dim lighting. Those blue-green eyes narrow, a heavy brow creased in concern.

Blue-green eyes, she wills herself to remember. Not gold. It is this detail she latches onto as she nods, but the boy is still frowning. “Are you sure? Because you kind of look like hell.”

A bark of surprised laughter escapes her lips as she stares at his face, and if she needed further assurance that the person before her was far removed from his vampire doppelganger, those rather blunt words were it.

The Edward look-a-like…who eventually persuades her to meet him for coffee… is none other than the utterly charming Tyler Hawkins.  This imperfect human is one of the good guys, he has a sensitive soul and even with a lot of baggage – or maybe because of it, he is perfect for Bella.  Their understanding of the other’s pain and the tender emotional connection they develop is lovely to witness.  To quote Kelsey, Bella’s roommate, “Every great love affair starts with something as innocuous as coffee,” and you know what – I think she is right.

This enchanting and sensuous story is creeping slowing towards September and I’m reminded of the powerful prologue (in an unknown POV), which causes me to pose as yet unanswered questions.

Stepping toward the nearest of the two square pools, I can feel the faintest spray on my face, very nearly unnoticeable. Closing my eyes, I let my hipbones rest against the bronze parapet, breathe in the faintly damp air. When I open them, a barely-there rainbow appears in the mist cast off by the falling water. The sky is a perfect, robin’s egg blue, its brilliance reflected in the gleaming new architecture bordering this now-open space. Mirrored glass reflecting light, reflecting perfect blue skies, reflecting billowing white clouds and bright spring sunshine. Perfect tranquility where there was once chaotic devastation.

I squint as I stare upward, the parapet unforgiving against my bony hips, and to either side of me, people reach out and touch engraved names with single fingertips and entire palms. I don’t touch the name etched in front of me; instead, I bring my palm up to my sternum and press it flat against the space where my heart beats steadily in my chest beneath wool coat and fleece top and cotton bra before sliding it down and beneath my arm, above xylophone ribs and inked skin. My face still tipped toward the sky, I close my eyes and remember. A perfect blue canvas marred by twin curls of acrid smoke, then a billowing cloud of dust, the everyday sounds of the city yielding to the roar of destruction and pealing screams of terror.

As I stand blind, hand registering only the faintest echo of my own heartbeat, I do what I’ve made it my life’s mission not to do: I look back.

I remember.

I don’t mean to sound cryptic; I genuinely have no idea how this story will end and TBH, I’m a little afraid that there may be heartbreak ahead – for me, as well as the characters.  Regardless, I’ve been captivated by this love story and nothing is going to stop me reading.  Don’t let it stop you either.





How To Be More by deb24601


How To Be More ~ Art, from How to Be, toils at the grocer’s, missing his ex-girlfriend, Jessica. He’s amazed when she shows up and determined to be the ‘more’ she’s asking for. Entry in Robnipulations You Fic it We Nip it Contest. One-shot.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Words: 5,393 – Reviews: 12 – Favs: 18 – Follows: 6 – Published: 07-12-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6134646

The story starts gently with Art at work a supermarket. Please note – I am not fantasising over Art’s delectable derriere delightfully protruding up in the air as he leans over to stick his head in the freezer.


*clears throat* As I was saying – this is how the fic opens…

Another day at the mind-numbing, soul-sucking grocer’s. Doing a job a monkey could do. Stocking shelves, pricing merchandise, and trying to avoid thinking… about Jessica. She’d dumped me, kicking me out of her apartment in the process. My parents aren’t terribly happy to have me home again. My music isn’t going well either and my mates are always frustrated with me.

Apparently I’m not much fun to be around.

Oh, Art!  If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the film How to Be, you are probably nodding your head in agreement and smiling in recognition, as this is so typical of adorkable Art’s behaviour; deb24601 captures him perfectly in all his lovable quirkiness.  The How to Be film tagline ‘sometimes we all need a little help’ must have struck a chord with the lovely deb24601, as she, in a stroke of genius, uses Jessica (the ex-girlfriend – not to be confused with Twi Jessica of the IKR fame) as a conduit to do just that.  She presents him with a challenge, boosts his self-esteem, and then she sits lies back and reaps the reward. Lucky lady (Jessica not Deb) as Art rises magnificently to the occasion IYKWIM!

This hilarious one-shot has pervy old dears, and a hard, frozen penis, but even that’s not enough to stop this Art from being hot!  Now, there is a sentence I never thought I’d write. This Art is definitely more!

*reaches for frozen penis err…fan*




Imprudence and Gratification by Hank’s Lady

Imprudence and Gratification ~ Eric Packer, billionaire financier, is expecting his physician to give him his daily medical exam. Amusement and naughtiness ensues when Dr Black sends his son Jacob to undertake the exam instead. Slash one-shot.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Jacob & Eric P. – Words: 3,248 – Reviews: 13 – Favs: 9 – Follows: 4 – Published: 02-05-13 – Status: Complete – id: 8980853

While sitting in a darkened cinema munching on popcorn as I watched Cosmopolis for the first time, there was one question at the forefront of my mind.  No!  It wasn’t: Did Rob really pee in the limo?  Although… *snickers*


The burning question at the forefront of my admittedly, somewhat perverted mind was: How did Eric really feel about his daily rectal examination? …But then that made me wonder: Did he gain more than the satisfaction and relief of knowing his prostrate was normal?

In this hot Cosmopolis/Twilight crossover light-hearted one-shot, the young, gay, newly qualified, Dr. Jacob Black climbs in to the limo to perform the personal procedure as it slowly makes its way across town.

Clearing my throat slightly, I lowered his shorts to uncover firm buttocks, snapped on the gloves quickly and applied lube to the fingers of my right hand. My cock twitched slightly and I grimaced, trying to remember I was a professional and the sexy naked ass in front of me was part of my job.

Raising my left hand, I tentatively spread his buttocks to reveal the tight puckered hole, noting the area leading towards his scrotum was hairless and smooth as if he had carefully shaved it – or paid someone to do it for him. I circled his hole with a lubed finger and noticed him stiffen slightly, thighs tensing.

“Breathe out and relax, Sir, I’ll try to make this as painless as possible,” I said quietly.

‘And as pleasurable as I can manage.’ I squashed the amusing thought and reminded myself again that I was a doctor.

Mmm!  Who can resist a doctor with such a good beside manner? *cough cough*
r eric

If you want to discover how Hank’s Lady’s luscious vision of Eric feels about his err…close encounter with Jacob, hop in the back of the limo to take the ride too – it has blackened out glass, js.




Water for Elephants Oneshot by that kiwi chick

Water for Elephants Oneshot ~ “Water for the elephant, or alcohol?” Jacob asked with a smirk, balancing the bottle in one hand and the water bucket in the other. Rosie did her elephant smile and pointed at the alcohol with her long trunk” Jacob/Marlena, Walter their son & Rosie fluff!

Rated: Fiction K+ – English – Family/Friendship – Jacob & Marlena – Words: 1,182 – Reviews: 12 – Favs: 26 – Follows: 3 – Published: 05-24-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7017584

Have you ever watched that few seconds of home video at the end of the Water for Elephants film and thought Jacob holding Walter was the cutest thing ever?  I know I have.  This sweet and fluffy one-shot showcases a few precious minutes of everyday life for the Jankowski family; it’s just how I imagined it to be.  *Happy sigh!*

“Whoa this is so high!” The small child cried, clapping his hands together and wriggling around on top of the massive animal he was sitting on. “Good girl, Rosie.” He praised, patting her wrinkled grey shoulder.

Marlena smiled and snuggled closer into her husband’s side, feeling the weight of his chin on top of her head and his breath in her hair. He ran his hands down her side, letting them come to rest on her swollen belly. She placed her smaller hand atop his and smiled at the look of awe on his face when the baby kicked at his hand.

Queenie ran in circles around Rosie’s sitting form, trying to grab the attention she wasn’t getting. Jacob and Marlena were too wrapped up in each other and Walter was still babbling on to the huge elephant and hugging her neck.

“Come here, Queenie.” Jacob commanded, chuckling at the sparkle in the old dog’s eye as she leapt into his waiting arms. Her little stub of a tail wiggled back and forth and she nuzzled into her owner’s neck and snuggled into his arms.

*Made by twvezonika*

*Made by twvezonika*

that kiwi chick has captured the warm and fun-loving characters of Jacob, Marlena, and Rosie perfectly.  While it’s lovely to see the obvious deep emotions between all the humans and animals, it’s our beloved Rosie and her antics who steals the scene.  This one-shot is very short at 1,182 words, but that is all it took for that kiwi chick to put a smile upon my face.




Last, but definitely not least, is our beloved Edward, after all…

that’s why we are here.



*Review by Planetblue*

One Night Stand in Locked Down London by BlueIsSoul

*Made by Shahula*

*Made by Shahula*

One Night Stand in Locked Down LondonA disinterested, paranoid girl. A wealthy journalist with only one thing on his mind. Too much alcohol. A serial killer on the loose. Here’s the problem with a one-night stand in locked-down London.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 15,126 – Reviews: 215 – Favs: 328 – Follows: 669 – Updated: 06-15-13 – Published: 05-13-13 – id: 9290753

When BlueIsSoul asked me to pre-read her new story, she directed me towards an article that acted as the inspiration and appeared on Esquire.com. The piece basically centers on a guy who had the misfortune of finding himself after a one night stand unable to sneak out of the other party’s apartment during the terrifying lock down the recent bombing at the marathon caused. While the story surrounding the event is of course a tragedy, the article showed the odder side of what Boston inhabitants were going through while unable to leave wherever they had found themselves.

This got BlueIsSoul thinking. What if a British, cocky bloke of a fellow got stuck with a girl he thinks might be just this side of crazy, and caught in a similar situation? In this case, it’s an escaped serial killer that’s on the loose and wreaking havoc for the citizens of London, who are out and about, unaware they are about to be trapped.

We’ve read of the player Edward, and the arrogant Edward, but this Edward is in a class all his own. There are rules he feels men should follow, and he’s the best of the best.  He’s completely unaffected by the situation surrounding him and in fact, out drinking with his buddy Emmett when he finds himself in a bit of a predicament.

Edward’s problem is the girl that Emmett’s hook up has left him with; a Bella so paranoid about everything, she’s consumed with the thought that the serial killer is lurking behind every corner, ready to strike.

“Charlie – my dad – tried to take me to the doctor, because he thought it could be a real issue or something. I don’t go though. I mean, I’ll be labeled, and that’s when things become concrete. It’s almost like then I’ll really have something, you know what I mean?”

“Like a diagnosis?”


“…of paranoia?”

She nods. “Yeah.”

I take a sip from my pint. What do you say to someone who’s kind of admitted they choose not to go the doctor because they think they might possibly be crazy?


So I say just that.


“Then I fixate… on things, people,” she says conversationally, “men mainly.”


My psycho-chick-homing-device explodes.


There are alarms blaring and shit.

Get set, Edward. Go.

Run for your life.

I wipe my forehead with my palm. I’m a little sweaty. All of a sudden I think I’m finding it difficult to breathe.

I’m still here though.

He knows he should leave. He knows he should wipe his hands of her and follow Rule #3, the most important of his rules: You shall make sure that she is relatively sane before you take old one eye to the optometrist.

What ensues is some of the most fun, effortless banter I’ve read in a long time. An Edward who is strangely fascinated by a girl who seems so uninterested in him she’s quite disdainful towards the bugger, who she assumes the worst of based on very few facts and appearance alone.

Edward’s fascination grows as the banter turns more…sexual in nature, as Bella and Edward continue to drink long after their friends have left.

“Tell me,” she commands, like it’s her privileged right to know these things.

“It’s something I’ve always thought was real hot you know, kinda like–”

Come on Edward, fucking enlighten me before I fall into a coma. Stop with the pathetic, pussiness.

I catch a hint of a smile before it turns into her usual someone-just-killed-my-cat expression.

She’s teasing now.

“I like a girl with a potty mouth. Keep it coming angel.”


“What about it?” I’m so wity.

After some great back and forth I’ll leave for you to discover, and making her work for it, Edward finally admits to the good stuff.


I shake myself out the pep talk and gaze into her unsteady eyes.

“Okay. Um, so let’s say there are a lot of people who are there, but they don’t necessarily have to you know, participate.”

I watch her reaction, amused. Her eyes are now large saucers. “What do you mean?” It’s a whisper.

“Being watched when having sex.” My voice is gritty. “Rough, hard sex. There’s something illicit, something sexy about it. It turns me on.”


Bella, being Bella, doesn’t give in too easy, but Edward is persistent. The first chapter gives you a glimpse of what kind of a night he’s got in store for him (and a taste of the odd fantasy Bella has) when he pursues the one night stand against his better judgment. You, like me, will be enthralled with the journey and dying for the city to lock down already.

BlueIsSoul’s writing is snappy, fresh, and purposeful. Being from London allows for the fun British tinge she’s given this story, something I’m particularly enjoying. It surrounds everything, and places you directly on that side of the pond. You can practically feel the warm pint on your tongue and smell the fish and chips on the table as Edward and Bella get ready to have a night neither will be able to forget (or leave, as the title suggests).

Even though it’s only going to be a few chapters in length, it promises to pack a punch.



*Made by Betti Gefecht*

*Made by Betti Gefecht*

Pull your big-girl-knickers out of the drawer ladies, and put them on!

The Lemonade Stand are hosting a one-shot Angst Contest and are accepting entries until July 30th.

Click here for the details: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4769441/

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TLSAngstContest



So, what’s been getting you all hot and bothered this week?  

There is a gentle rock in the hammock with wet Rob for everyone who shares!



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Fan Fiction Fridays

Welcome to a special authors’ review week of Fan Fiction Fridays, where today we ~ The FicSix ~ are thrilled to have joining us three talented fan fiction authors who are going to share with you a fic rec of their own!

Please welcome Thimbles, Missus T, and Livie79!


*Review by Thimbles*

Something True by BelieveItOrNot


Something True ~ With too many secrets and a haunting past she’d love to forget, at seventeen, Bella is sure love doesn’t exist. College dropout Edward Cullen can’t seem to keep hold of love, or his music. A cottage, a lake, a tree, a muse, wrong choices, and heartache. How will these two cope with life and keep afloat? A daily word-prompt WitFit. Alternates between past and present. AH E/B

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 37,557 – Reviews: 1,271 – Favs: 349 – Follows: 597 – Updated: 04-11-13 – Published: 03-15-13 – id: 9103200

Disclaimer: Not only do BelieveItOrNot and I write together on occasion, but she’s also one of my dearest friends—the 10000 miles between us be damned.

As the title implies, Something True is an exploration of truth and falsehood, secrets, rumours, gossip, what things are and what they seem to be. And more than that, it’s the story a young Bella seeking the answer to the question all of us must ask ourselves at some point—who am I? Am I more than the things I’ve done? Am I more than my mistakes and bad choices?

As a little girl, Bella understood secrets. Not the kind learned from others through whispers in ears as she promised not to tell a soul, but the kind that were somehow discovered, that became a true and unwanted part of her—shouts inside her heart that could never be let out. She knew how one secret could grow, stacking itself like a staircase in her mind. And she knew that the longer it went untold, the tighter it had to be locked up, and that if it was released, it would cause devastation and destruction.

Letting a secret like hers out could be like detonating a bomb.

Nobody taught her these things. She just knew. Like knowing if you open your mouth to talk your voice will come out; like knowing if you move one foot in front of the other, you’re walking.

Something True skips back and forward in time, moving between the past and the present with each chapter. Right from the first few chapters, the differences in Bella as we see her “now” and “then” are striking. We see her last winter, as a giggling Junior, holding her own with her friends. This summer, we meet a quiet, withdrawn Senior who is being shunned by almost everyone as taunts fly and rumours abound.

Because of the shift back and forth each chapter, we unravel the mystery of what has happened to change Bella so drastically piece by piece. In the “then” chapters, we watch Bella struggle to come to terms with her mother’s continuing affair. Her English teacher, Mr. Biers, gains her trust with his compliments and kindness, providing a shoulder to cry on and building her sense of self-worth as he ropes her in to grading papers and assisting other students. Vulnerable and somewhat disillusioned, let down by the adults in her life, Bella’s admiration quickly morphs into a crush. Riley—as he allows her to call him—doesn’t discourage her, and it doesn’t take very much before they tumble straight past the line of an acceptable teacher-student relationship.

This can’t end well. And it won’t.

We know from the outset that something will happen to leave present-day Bella a shell of herself, bitter and listless, counting down the days until she can escape from high school. Exactly what it was that’s happened, we can guess, though at this point in the story, we’re not quite sure.

It’s in these present day chapters that we really get to know Edward, too. In his own words, “Some people can be a lot of different things, you know? Maybe that’s why some people have a hard time deciding what to do, because they have a lot of choices. But that’s not me. I’m one thing. A composer. Not a student, not anything else.”

When we meet him, Edward is nursing a broken heart and a dying tree. He’s dropped out of college and is looking for inspiration—for his muse. Through the “now” chapters, we watch Bella and Edward’s friendship grow, their secrets slowly unburdened.

At the time I’m writing this—with eighteen of approximately twenty-five chapters posted—we’re seeing a beautiful, inspiring friendship developing as these two find solace in each other’s company. There’s a peacefulness between them, a sense of trust that allows them to express themselves in each other’s company. As Edward tells Bella early on, “I like your quiet.”

Something True is a witfit (that means BelieveItOrNot gets a prompt each morning, writes her chapter around it and posts the same day), which I think makes the depths this story explores quite remarkable.

I’ll be honest. Personally, I’m generally not interested in reading student-teacher relationships. (Not even, or perhaps especially not, when he’s named Edward.) I’m married to a high school teacher, and I can’t tolerate the romanticizing of these kind of relationships—“age is just a number,” or “it’s different for us.”

But there are some writers I will trust with absolutely any subject, and BelieveItOrNot is one of these writers. There is a grace and sensitivity in the way she approaches difficult subjects that never ceases to amaze me. She has the ability to see beyond the surface of things and to draw out the nuances and complexities that govern the way people interact with each other, and within themselves.

In her writing, we meet characters who are flawed and authentic—real people who make real mistakes. There are no caricatures or melodrama, there is no romanticizing or gratuitous angst—these people and the situations they find themselves in are explored with a deft touch and startling insight.

And of course, I can’t tell you about one of BelieveItOrNot’s stories without mentioning the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into them. The intensity with which she makes you feel, and with such economy of words – it’s steal-your-breath-away stunning. There are a lot of brilliant writers in this fandom, and Believey is among the best of them.

… I’m off to obsessively refresh my email inbox until today’s update lands.



*Review by Missus T*

What If by twihart21

*Made by HeatherDawn*

*Made by HeatherDawn*

What If ~ Edward is a successful defense attorney living in LA. He lives a lonely, predictable life. But one day, he wakes up in an unfamiliar house, in an unfamiliar room with Bella laying next to him. Will he ever want to wake up from this dream? AH EPOV

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 31 – Words: 211,785 – Reviews: 2457 – Updated: 7-17-11 – Published: 1-25-10 – Edward & Bella

*Fic is not “complete” in that the final chapter is up, but the epilogue was never posted.

I rec’d What If  by twihart21 in a recent update of my own fic, and Cared asked if I’d be interested in reviewing it for the blog. I’m all kinds of flattered and nervous, so bear with me.

I found twihart21’s story while reading Firefly in Summer as a work in progress. I’ve always had a thing for time travel and parallel universe stories, and FiS left me wanting more – not because the fic was lacking, it’s clearly not – but because I needed something to read between updates. A search of the Twibrary brought me to What If, and I’m so glad it did.

The summary doesn’t quite do this fic justice, although I’m not sure how to explain it all myself. If you say too much it’s spoilery but if you don’t say enough…You just can’t describe it. I’ll give it my best, though. LOL

Los Angeles based attorney Edward Cullen is driven, career focused and lonely. He misses his family and is sick of his predictable life. One night out with friends and family, he’s introduced to a woman, Bella, who makes him wonder if things could be different. Then he wakes up the next morning and everything has changed. He’s in a strange bed with the woman he just met. There’s a picture of the two of them on the wall and as the background picture on his cell phone. He’s inwardly freaking out but she’s entirely comfortable with him.

He sneaks downstairs to investigate while she’s in the shower. He’s never seen the house before, but his friends are all there acting as if everything is normal. He finds mail on the table addressed to himself – but not the self he knows – it’s for Dr. Edward Cullen. In Seattle.

His first reaction to everything is panic. He tries to go home, to find someone who knows him, the Edward he was before he woke up, but it’s as if he’s been erased.


“Hello, sir. Can I help you?” the doorman greeted me. I really wished I could remember people’s names.

“I just have a quick question,” I said, stepping closer to him.


I leaned towards him and studied him carefully. Still the same doorman, still the same building. What had changed?

“Do I look familiar?”

The expression on his friendly face changed and his eyebrows gathered together in the center of his forehead.

“I mean, the slightest bit? Do you think that there is the slightest possibility that we have met before?”

I stepped even closer, never breaking our eye contact. I wanted to make sure that he stared at me long enough to know without a doubt the answer to my question.

So, I waited. I could tell that he was taking his time, like the solution to this was not easy.

It was as if he knew how important his answer to my question was.

Suddenly, his faced relaxed, and he sighed.

“I’m sorry, sir. But I’m positive we’ve never met.”

I ran my hand through my hair and groaned slightly under my breath. “Thanks anyway. Sorry to bother you.”

Without waiting for his reply, I stalked out of the building and back to the cab. I told the driver to take me back to LAX International Airport.

I wasn’t sure where else to go. I had nothing. I owned nothing. No job. No home. No identity. No life. And for the first time in a long time, I felt completely alone.

As if she heard my thoughts, my phone buzzed in my pocket. A text.

“Come home to me. – B”

I thought for a moment about if I should respond or not. I felt sorry for her. She was waiting on someone. Someone who wasn’t me.

With no home to go back to, Edward has no choice. He jumps into his life in Seattle despite feeling like a fish out of water. He doesn’t know or do things his friends and Bella expect him to, but he’s able to play most of it off. He starts to get a handle on things and recognizes that he likes being this other Edward. He’d rather be this Edward. He loves Bella, and he’s terrified of waking up to find it all gone. Eventually, he can’t fight his feelings and lets himself hope for a future with her.

But this wouldn’t be twific if things went easily, if they rode off into the sunset. Nope. Edward wakes up one morning and he’s back in his cold, sleek Los Angeles condo. I found myself sobbing as I read how Edward reacted to returning to his former life. It was gut wrenching. I couldn’t even imagine his devastation – to finally accept the second chance he felt he’d been given, only to have the rug pulled out from under him.

From there, Edward has one hell of a climb if he wants to get back the life he briefly knew. He has to start over – again. He has to pull himself up, relocate, and convince a girl who hardly knows him that they are in love with each other. It’s no longer a question of what if for him. It’s about what he knows can be.

While I was rooting for Edward and Bella to get back together, I loved that their reunion wasn’t quick and easy. It wasn’t angst ridden I-want-to-eat-Ben-and-Jerry’s-‘til-I-die, but it was real. Because no one lives in a bubble. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes people get hurt while others are trying to get happy.

I thought Twihart21 did a great job of weaving the different versions of Edward’s life together. There were twists I never saw coming that I felt in my heart because she set them up so perfectly. Little details she dropped in that came back later to fit perfectly in the puzzle. She created an compelling original character in Blake. I liked him a lot, and then I felt awful for him, even during the point of the fic when I wanted to hate him.

This story has humor, some great lemons, some E/B arguments that made me cringe for them, and sweet bits that made me sigh. Pretty much, it had all the feels.


I tip-toed away, thinking about what I had heard.

One broken heart is better than two.

Was it? Possibly.

But I couldn’t help that little feeling inside of me. The one that felt so elated… so overjoyed to know that she felt something for me whether it be a feeling she wasn’t quite sure about. Still. She felt something. And right now, something was better than nothing.

Plus, she thought I was pretty.

Walking into the kitchen, I could feel myself smiling. Bella Swan liked me. She didn’t say it, but I knew that’s what she meant. She liked me. She thought I was pretty. A fluttering in my stomach gave way to the emptiness it had been feeling for so long, and for the first time in a long time there was a new emotion taking over me.


And that’s what this fic was about since the beginning. Hope.

The final chapter was posted in July of 2011, and Twihart21 hasn’t published anything new on FFnet since then. I have no idea what happened in her RL or where she’s at, but I’d love to thank her for her words. While I’d still really like to read the epilogue, What If ends at a satisfying place. If you’ve skipped over this story because it’s not marked complete, you should give it a try. If you love the idea of time travel and parallel lives, you should definitely check it out.

*Made by Rose Arcadia*

*Made by Rose Arcadia*


The Twibrary can be found here:  http://twibrary.blogspot.com/


*Review by Livie79*

Adore, Adore by ooza

*Made by ooza*

*Made by ooza*

Adore, Adore ~ Bella is in a bit of a financial pinch. Can one night with Edward solve all her problems? “What do you want to do to me?” she asked. “Everything.” One-shot written for SFFR, now expanded! BxE, AH, Rated MA for dirty citrus

Rated: Fiction M – English – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 6 – Words: 37,973 – Reviews: 1,749 – Favs: 2,857 – Follows: 4,149 – Updated: 10-13-12 – Published: 01-19-11 – id: 6667983

Summary: Bella is in a bit of a financial pinch. Can one night with Edward solve all her problems? “What do you want to do to me?” she asked. “Everything.”

When we meet Bella, we learn she’s a struggling waitress who just can’t seem to make ends meet. She’s in a pitfall of financial woes with no end in sight.

Enter Edward.

He’s recently taken over the financial responsibilities for the building Bella lives in. This translates to collecting the rent. He sets out to track down Bella, one of his most delinquent residents, but things take an interesting turn when he offers her an alternate solution to clear her debt.

“Look, I don’t want to evict you, okay?”

“So don’t.”

He ran his hand down his face and sighed again. His eyes scanned my apartment, finally settling on the large stack of mail on the table. “Bills?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Ooh, feisty. I like it.”

I scoffed loudly.


“Miss Swan,” I corrected through my teeth.

“Miss Swan.” Edward smirked. “Would you be open to coming to an . . . alternate agreement?”

“Like what, a payment plan? It’s not necessary. I’ll give you the money when I get it. I promise.”

“No, not like a payment plan.”

No, not like a payment plan. Edward has something a little more…physical in mind.  When he shares his idea, Bella immediately rejects his offer. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Bella’s mediocre paycheck won’t cover her rent and she realizes she’s out of options. After a tense phone conversation with Edward, Bella agrees to his terms: sex for rent.

When she shows up at his apartment, Edward takes complete control. At first she’s hesitant, but Edward’s confidence and cocky attitude quickly break her resolve.

I whimpered in frustration as he removed his fingers. He dragged them higher, grazing the sensitive skin between my cheeks. I inhaled sharply as he applied more pressure and began caressing the area.

“What are you doing?” I choked out.

“You know what I’m doing,” Edward teased, applying more pressure. “Are you going to tell me no again?”


Never has a sweeter word been spoken. Because when Bella lets go, the readers are swept away by a tidal wave of lust and left in a puddle of goo. But contrary to what Ooza says, this story isn’t just about smut. She’s created two very complex characters who will send you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Bella struggles to come to terms with what she did but can’t deny how much it helped her financial situation. When rent comes due the following month, Edward offers her the same deal. And even though Bella has the money to cover it, she finds herself accepting. Thus begins their arrangement and subsequently where things get tricky.

Edward is a conundrum. In a relationship that’s supposed to be based purely on sex, he blurs the line time and time again. And his hot and cold behavior leaves Bella’s head spinning.

“You should stay.” His voice was authoritative and didn’t leave much room for argument. I really wasn’t in the mood.

“Look, Edward,” I said sternly. “I’m a big girl, okay? I understand the nature of our . . . arrangement. We’re adults. It’s just sex.” I glanced around the room for my clothes before remembering they were in the entryway. I didn’t want to look for my underwear; he could add them to his collection. “I don’t need to spend the night or cuddle with you to be okay with that.” I turned toward the door, but his next words stopped me in my tracks.

“Maybe I do.”

I looked at him, trying to figure out if he was just trying to manipulate me to get his way, but I could see nothing other than sincerity in his eyes.

“It would make me feel better if you spent the night. Please,” he added quietly.

Apparently my inability to deny him extended beyond sex, because I found myself walking back to the bed.

“Okay,” I agreed. “I’ll stay.”

And then you think, oh wow, he has feelings for her. It makes you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. That is, until he does something like this:

As I reached the sixth floor, I heard Edward’s low murmuring. I smiled, glad he was home and that I’d get to see him. My excitement came to an abrupt end when his voice was followed by a feminine laugh. I turned the corner, coming face to face with Edward and a very tall, very beautiful woman with silver blonde hair.

I froze. Edward’s eyes widened as he looked at me with an expression that could only be described as panic.

“Hello,” the woman said pleasantly. She smiled, showing off unnaturally white teeth. Her voice seemed to pull Edward from his trance.

“Miss Swan,” he said formally. “What a surprise to see you. Is there a problem with your apartment?”

His words slammed into me with the force of a freight train. I stood there, holding his Tupperware to my chest like an idiot, shocked and unable to come up with a proper response.

So this was how I rated. He could fuck me, he could call me his friend, but the minute he had a hot date, I was nothing but a tenant.

“No,” I answered dumbly.

“Excellent.” Edward wrapped his fingers around the woman’s arm and gently tugged her toward the elevators. “Have a nice evening,” he called over his shoulder.

Ouch. Jerk. Or is he?

Edward has a story. That much is obvious. But since we’re experiencing Bella’s POV, we’re left guessing. It’s one of the many things that make this story so addictive. One minute he’s abrasive and blunt. The next he’s sweet and caring. There’s one thing about him that never changes though: he’s hot as fuck in the bedroom.

The lemons? Oh, my God, the lemons. Hats off to Ooza for some of the hottest sex scenes ever written. But is that enough to make up for his bullshit? I’ve found myself on more than one occasion screaming, “What is his deal?!” And better yet, will Bella bother sticking around to find out? Will he give her a choice?

Edward pressed me against the wall, pinning me with his hands and his body. “You agreed to be mine, remember? Mine.”


As the story develops and the layers are peeled away you can’t help but fall in love with both characters. When they laugh, you’ll laugh. And when they hurt…so will you. Adore, Adore is an excellent story that is well written and contains all the pieces to make for one hell of an exciting journey. If you’re not already reading Adore, Adore, you’re only cheating yourself. Go! Now!


Visit ooza’s blog for stories, author’s notes, updates, teasers, banners, downloads, etc.: www.gardenofsin.net.



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Have a lovely week!
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Random Rita ~ I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good!

Wet Rob Avi

Me again, ladies!

So, yeah, I was trollin’ tumblr earlier this week…no news there *gigglesnort,* and a gif of the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter {don’t ask me which one} caught my eye.

I saved it for no apparent reason, other than that it was freakin’ cute and nostalgic….

Mischief Managed

that is, until I snagged this pic of Rob from the Paris premier of Breaking Dawn in October 2011!

Mischief Managed

“Mischief Managed!”

Happy Thursday, y’all!


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FanFiction Fridays ~ The Rise of Vampella!

Welcome to The Rise of Vampella on FanFiction Fridays! Today Cared, AllyVera and I, MC, are celebrating the coming of Vampella! We thought it would be fitting to feature Twifics that star Vampella in honor of Bella making her debut as a vampire in Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which officially opened today! So exciting! It’s important to mention here that the stories reviewed below are all unusual but intriguing, as the Edwards are all human – at least when they meet! That leads to an interesting and unusual E & B balance of power in the relationships. Please enjoy Vampella…

*edited/made by Cared*


Review by Midnight Cougar

Carnelian and Ice by Raum

*made by Raum*

Carnelian and Ice: “A man struggling to escape from the darkness, and a woman who thinks she doesn’t deserve the light. How will an ice sculpture affect their lives?” AU with vampires.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 6 – Words: 10,366 – Reviews: 252 – Updated: 11-12-12 – Published: 10-8-12 – Bella & Edward

Carnelian and Ice is written by the talented author Raum; it flows beautifully and is a true pleasure to read. I sat down one evening recently and read all six engaging chapters in one sitting. The story is told in third person narrative and is full of elegant descriptions and vivid imagery. While the chapters are not long in length, they certainly fulfill the reader’s need for a lovely written word, and captivating Vampella story!

Raum’s gives us some insight into the creation of Carnelian and Ice:

“Carnelian and Ice” had three main sources of inspiration:

1) I wanted to write a story as a gift for my friend, prereader and fellow author Camilla10 — the first who encouraged me to write. I wouldn’t have written even my first one-shot without her enthusiasm and support. Since she’s read almost everything featuring vamps in the Twilight fandom, I wanted to work on an unusual twist. So, this time Bella is the vamp and Edward is the human.

2) When I met SatinCoveredSteel, through the reviews she left for one of my stories, we began to talk about her country. She’s from Alaska and began to send me pictures and stories about her country — she loves it very much. When she sent me some pics of the ice sculptures, I thought they deserved to be featured in a story. SatinCoveredSteel is extraordinary; she’s held my hand in every step of this story — for the first time, I was writing about a country I hadn’t visited.

3) The main theme of “Carnelian and Ice” is redemption. Both Edward and Bella deserve to be loved, and they need to understand that, despite their nature (Bella) or some of their choices (Edward), they aren’t monsters. Redemption is a recurring theme in my stories, because it’s what amazed me when I read the Twilight saga for the first time.

Isabella Swan as a vampire in this story carries numerous traditional, canon Twilight characteristics. She feeds only on animals, but is enticed by human blood – even tastes it; she struggles with her existence as a “monster” and, like canon Edward, Bella feels “she knows she doesn’t have a soul anymore”; as well, she is fast, strong, fierce, controlled and beautiful… A true vampire in our Twi-eyes!

Carnelian and Ice’s Bella is all those things I’ve mentioned, and more, including extremely creative and talented. The story is set in Fairbanks, Alaska during the World Ice Art Championship, where Bella is “I.S. Carnelian…resident of Alaska and self-taught artist” who creates her own inspiring and self-expression ice sculpture…

From her hidden spot nearby, she wonders if any of the visitors have noticed the words she’s engraved on the ice, or thought about the meaning of her creation.

This is the first time she has shown a piece of her art in public, although she’s using a pseudonym and never interacts with the visitors or the staff of the World Ice Art Championships. The idea of an ice sculpture fascinated her, because she considers herself like a block of ice that retains only the appearance of the human she was.

Preparing her entry for the competition proved to be challenging, because she had to master her strength and carve the ice block as slowly as she could to avoid raising suspicions. She wanted to stay hidden, so she wore – and still wears – a heavy winter jacket matched with gloves, hat, and a thick scarf; she’s so bundled up that she could pose as a lean man.

The result is the sculpture in three parts the visitors are looking at.

Layers of flames represent the life she lost in her change. They’re so finely shaped that they seem made of crystal. When the carvings are lit up in the evening, the red and orange hues she’s chosen for the theatrical lights make the fire come to life. On the base of the flames, she’s engraved quotes from the poems she loved as a human. Most of them are love verses, representing the love she dreamed of finding, which is now unattainable.

The second part of the sculpture creates a strong contrast with the fire. The ice is shaped in broken columns, like huge splinters of glass surrounded by the flames. It represents the way she emerged from her transformation – frozen, invulnerable, inaccessible. An inhuman creature. A vampire.

The third element is the one that tells more about her life, and at the same time, it’s the most mysterious. A broken chain links the flames and the columns. Small protuberances hang from the links of the chain, as if dewdrops had frozen there. Actually, she’d had blood drops in mind, with the chain being the symbol of her bloodlust—the chain which keeps her a prisoner of the monster she’s become.

In the evening, a white beam enhances the top of the ice columns, as if they are pointing to a distant light. It’s a far cry from the version of the sculpture the artist had imagined at first. In her previous version, the chain wasn’t broken. As long as she was thinking about the blood she’d taken, she believed that the light was unachievable. But then she tried to see beyond the disgust for the inhuman creature she was. She considered the years she had spent never killing a human, and always taking as little nourishment as possible from the animals on which she fed. On a whim, she broke the chain and picked the title for her sculpture:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Bella still knows that light and darkness will always fight in her neverending life. But for once she doesn’t want to believe that the light never stands a chance.

There were so many wonderful passages I could have chosen to share with you when writing this review, because honestly, I’ve enjoyed every word so far as Bella meets Edward and they discover each others different and complex worlds. This story revolves around Bella, but entwines with Edward, and is about sin, forgiveness and acceptance, and we’ve already seen a touching glimpse of that in chapter 6…

He [Edward] holds out a hand toward her, waiting for her to initiate contact. After a few seconds, Bella wraps her fingers around his. Edward takes a small step closer, opening his arms, and she can feel his warmth radiating from his body in welcoming waves. Before her concerns for his safety can stop her, she leans into his embrace. She trembles as he pulls her frame against his chest, close to his heart. He rests his chin on top of her head and brushes her hair – his touch so gentle and comforting that, if she were still human, Bella would abandon herself to the relief of a cry. But she’s no longer human, and the tears will never come.

“I’ve wanted to hug you since I saw you on the bridge,” he whispers. “Now tell me: what sorrow is devouring you?”

Carnelian and Ice is a WIP that updates every Monday, and with each review, you receive in return a sweet note from Raum, and a poem that coincides with the story, from some of the most amazing literary poets – some of my favourites! 😀 Please enjoy!

Also fabulous images and poetry on Raum’s blog, which are a must view as you read Carnelian and Ice: http://myreadinglounge.blogspot.ie/

*made by Raum*



Review by AllyVera

Stealing Edward’s Innocence by Robshandmonkey

Summary: Isabella Swan is a highly gifted, facetious 150 year-old Vampire, who doesn’t play well with others.

Edward is a typical teenager on the cusp of turning seventeen.

The perfect age when a human male is in the prime of his life, in health, and stamina. He is driven by his hormones and the desire to experience everything. 

Their journey in life is about to be altered when Bella crosses his path, and like a monster lurking in the darkness of night, she steals him out of bed, driven by her lust for his sweet blood, and her selfish desire to own him.

However, Edward was born with primal instinct’s that have only been reinforced by his upbringing and furthered along by his own testosterone driven desires.

He believes his destiny is to teach every man how to possess their woman and have them bending to their will.

Suddenly everything just got complicated and so the battle begins when Bella thinks she can steal Edward’s innocence.

No one can write a story quite like Robshandmonkey.  True fact.  I have been a huge fan of hers ever since I discovered the wonderful Edward’s Eternal Kiss.  RHM’s stories are so entertaining, not to mention hotter than Hades, and if you like Vampire stories with a little twist (or bite as the case may be) you will love Stealing Edward’s Innocence.

With a delicious twist on canon we find Bella, a 150 year old vampire, who has discovered her Singer in the gorgeous 16-year-old Edward.  We watch as she struggles with her fight between her blood lust and…her lust.

Currently Stealing Edward’s Innocence is only 10 chapters in, but what fun is had in these 10 chapters! We have a kidnapping, a 16-year-old boy who knows way more than he actually should, and Jasper, who seems hell-bent on ruining all Bella’s plans…  You will love Edward in this one, he is so sexy, with an innate sexual magnetism that he was born with – it is no wonder Bella is breaking quite a few rules to be with him! Enjoy!

A little “taste” of Chapter One…

“The smile that genuinely graces my lips spreads slowly.

Jasper’s here.

But it isn’t Jasper that has me smiling.

Or gushing.

It’s the beautiful one next to him.

The human.

The sixteen-year old virgin human whose hair looks like it’s a blaze of wild flames on fire. My eyes drop down to his throat. The pulse is steady, a little raised but steady. That blue vein throbs with each pump and so do I.

I pull out my deep purple/black lip gloss out of my little pocket in the front of my skirt, swipe it over my lips. It may reek but I can tolerate it. It smells like strawberries.

The human likes strawberries.

I can do strawberries.

He is dressed to kill and he doesn’t even know it. Black pants, suspenders hanging on his hips, green and black tiny checked shirt. His eyes gleam like the moss in the forest where we make our kills and that shirt brings out the green even more.  

He is every bit as broody as he always is. A week of surveillance has shown me that. I stand and watch them for a moment. He glances around, both hands in his pockets, shoulders slumped, pink cheeks, pouty pink bottom lip that I have to say makes my girly parts tingle.

“Are you sure she is here?” His voice is like the sweetest O negative blood, warm and thick and my mind goes to dirty things I want him to say to me with it. Just like that…I gush.

Jasper looks over at the dance floor and sees the frozen mousy girl, his eyes move over to the bartender and he smirks.

“Trust me she is here.” He chuckles and looks around and then he locks eyes with me.

“And there she is.” Jasper’s voice breathes out a sexy sigh.

The tall one next to him follows his eyes and that is when he sees me for the first time.

I found him. I finally fucking found him and he is all fucking mine.”

Robshandmonkey shared a bit about her Edward and his relationship with Vampella in this story:

“… you may think Edward is the weaker one in Stealing Edwards Innocence, he really isn’t, just because he is human.  I didn’t want this story to be anything like the others I have written where they try to dominate one another. I wanted them to discover that it is their love that dominates them. I admit though Edward dominates me and my mind on a daily basis!”

http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/library/viewstory.php?sid=5302 *RHM posts photos in TWCS*


http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7557747/1/Stealing-Edward-s-Innocence *but there is one less chapter*


Reviews by Cared

Bella Voce by Morgan Locklear

*banner made by Tkegl*

Bella VoceParis 1891: Bella is a popular stage vocalist and theatre owner. She’s also a very powerful vampire. Edward is a piano teacher who attends one of her performances and captures her attention. Together they explore the Bohemian Revolution and each other.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 219,691 – Reviews: 2,014 – Favs: 824 – Follows: 510 – Updated: 06-24-12 – Published: 02-14-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5747816

Bella is an amazing creature: a gravity defying 350-year-old vampire nun brought to us from the evocative pen of a male author.  Now that is a sentence I never expect to write LOL.

New readers of this luscious story have images of Bel Ami to draw from or you can immerse yourself in this magical world and read from Morgan’s blog for the complete experience.  Yes, I said experience for that is what you get as the Bella Voce and Brutte Parole represent a half million words, twelve songs, a ten page poem, and many charming images.

While this beguiling Bella and her bewitched beau Edward are the main characters, this beautifully written story also has the most unusual yet believable pairing I have ever read in Twilight fanfiction. I’ll let you discover whom for yourselves.


The well dressed audience waited silently for the curtain to openThe auditorium had been recently remodeled and everything shimmered with newness and richness. Deep tones of blue were offset with creams and gold. The waiting crowd had all purchased their tickets well in advance and now many of the men were impatiently checking their pocket watches to see if it was time.

It was.

At the stroke of midnight the sapphire curtain parted smoothly and the room was filled with the sound of applause as a petite young woman walked out. Miss Bella Swan glided across the stage wearing an elegant blood red evening gown that dusted the floor behind her and wrapped her small frame in a wreath of scarlet. Her pale face looked like an innocent white bud in the middle of a dangerous red flower. A simple silver locket was the only jewelry she wore and long white gloves cradled her delicate hands. Dark brown curls rested against her naked back.

When silence once again claimed the hall Miss Swan began to sing. In truth, what she did was far too beautiful and haunting to be described by a word as pedestrian as ‘sing’ however there has not yet been a word invented to adequately tribute the breathtaking aria she performed. Her Italian was flawless; her phrasing brilliant and her voice was magical.

The whole of the audience was deeply moved, but none more so than a bashful and beautiful young man who sat close to the stage. He marveled up at the breathtaking woman and twisted the playbill nervously in his hand until his sister snatched it from him with a hiss. He barely noticed. His heart pounded in his chest and his stomach was an unforgiving tangle of gears and knots.

He wasn’t just in love, he was reborn. Before the first song was over he had decided that hers was the most heavenly voice he had ever heard and he inadvertently captured her attention when he whispered, “Bella Voce.”

*made by Rose Arcadia*



*Brutte Parole by Morgan Locklear – sequel to Bella Voce*

New York 1892: Bella and her fiancé, Edward, move to America only to discover that the city they chose as their new home is governed by someone from her past. He needs Bella’s help and he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Sequel to Bella Voce.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 31 – Words: 229,812 – Reviews: 566 – Updated: 11-26-11 – Published: 1-1-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete


The author shared this about the writing of the story:

As a man, I like weapons and action, so there is plenty of that but my wife (and beta) instructed me to include love scenes because my take on a lemon would be of great interest.  She was right but I was nervous.  My first few rendezvous went well but since the story takes place in the 1890’s, I wanted the language to match the age.  Therefore the lemons are tableaus and pure poetic than graphic.

“Pure poetic” sigh!

The soundtrack is called Bella Parole. It’s a convenient combination of Bella Voce (Beautiful Voice) and Brutte Parole (Ugly Words).  Morgan includes songs featuring Betti Gefecht.


Fic site: https://sites.google.com/site/bellaparole/home


About Last Night by Dawning Juliet

*made by Dawning Juliet*

About Last NightEdward had a good life, and he thought he had it all figured out. But then a certain vampire crosses his path and, suddenly, everything changes. Sometimes, you just can’t fight fate.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 11 – Words: 48,524 – Reviews: 353 – Favs: 243 – Follows: 385 – Updated: 10-30-12 – Published: 05-06-12 – id: 8091619

This story sucked me in, pardon the pun, with its intriguing prologue and the tone and pace never let up from there.


Since you are reading this story, you’re probably automatically assuming that I’m alive. It would be a hasty conclusion. I don’t necessarily have to be living to tell my tale; there are other means.

I was a regular guy, doing regular things, enjoying all the promise of being twenty-one years old. I had great friends, a loving girlfriend, and an amazing family. Life was good. But then…

Then, I saw her. And, in that moment, I knew. Nothing would ever be the same again.

My name is Edward A. M. Cullen. This is my story.

As Edward said, he was a regular guy until he saw her.  The her who turned his perfectly normal life upside down and inside out, is none other than the beautiful and enchanting Bella Cullen.  This lovely Edward has no idea how long she has waited for him LOL.

There are some quirky role reversals and some canon elements woven seamlessly into this clever story.  The characters are refreshing yet feel familiar and are easy to love.  About Last Night has that undeniable bond between Edward and Bella that warms my heart; that amazing acceptance that although the one you love is not human, you want them anyway.  Oh, I have to mention that Alice, Bella’s sister is a hoot – if you have a strong stomach then close your eyes and visualise Jasper in tights!

I asked Dawning Juliet to tell us about her inspiration:

Ever since I read Twilight for the first time, I couldn’t help imagining, “what if Bella weren’t so helpless?” From there, the idea of the role reversal grew and took shape. I wanted to write a story with a human Edward/vampire Bella because this set up is in direct conflict of our generally accepted idea that men are stronger, the protectors, and women are fragile. It’s easy for us to accept that extrapolation into vampire/human relationship, but in my story, Edward is the “fragile” one, the one who needs protecting. I’m finding this conflicting reality fascinating to write. On top of Edward having to cope with everything he finds out about the vampire world, and what it means to him in terms of being with Bella, he also has to come to terms with the issues that arise from not being in the driver seat merely because he’s a human and unequipped to handle the circumstances they find themselves in. Bella has to be the one to take point, but this is a situation that most men are not all too comfortable with.



The Family Business by SuzsPetals

*made by SuzsPetals*

The Family BusinessEdward Cullen met the girl of his dreams but pushed her away due to his complicated, dangerous family life. When cruel irony reunites them, he’s forced to make a devastating choice: Save her from a fate worse than death or from the family business. AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 31 – Words: 152,068 – Reviews: 1,133 – Favs: 1,026 – Follows: 540 – Updated: 11-04-10 – Published: 02-06-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5722140

I love how all of these Vampella fics have their own unique twist.  The twist is The Family Business is unparalleled and ironic, perhaps even a little sad.  Our extremely absorbing Edward works in the Cullen Family Business.  What is unique about that you ask?  Those wooden stakes in the banner above might give to a hint as to the nature of the business – Edward is a Vampire Hunter!

Slayerward is a Vampire Hunter with a sense of humour, but it was his sense of what is right that made him do a ‘New Moon’ and walk away from the perfect girl for him.  Neither of them could ever have imagined the circumstances under which they would meet again, or how far they would be willing to go in the name of love.  Read this intriguing and romantic tale to find out.

I adjusted my grip on the stake, checked the accessibility of the flame- thrower on the floor by my left foot, and raised the light to reveal the face on the floor below me.

A tangle of long, dark brown hair fanned around her head, which faced away from the door, into the shadows. Her back was still off the floor and her chest heaved in short, shallow pants as she convulsed. I tensed instinctively and grimaced when I saw the single rivulet of blood running from her neck and disappearing into the cleavage of her pale blue T-shirt.

The bowling alley would apparently have to wait.

The right side of her neck, just under the delicate jaw line, was ragged and covered in blood where some asshole had taken a deep bite before leaving her in a closet to turn into a monster. It was apparently early on like the other newborn Emmett and I had handled, so she wasn’t much of a danger to me yet. I could still wrap this up by myself; stake her to the floor and torch her before she even realized what was going on. From what I’ve seen over the years, they’re suffering so much at this stage of transformation that they don’t give a shit what you do to them. The venom burns from the inside out and is obviously excruciating for a good two days.

I was admittedly surprised she writhed in relative silence. An occasional whimper was the only sound she made, rather than the agonized screams I was used to from a vamp in the making. Well, good. Last thing I wanted was that kind of noise reverberating around a small, enclosed space.

Determined, I held the light steady and raised the twelve-inch long titanium stake. It wouldn’t kill her, but I wasn’t sure how much strength she had yet and it would hold her down long enough for me to grab the canister of fuel, squeeze the handle and reduce her to a tidy pile of ash.

I focused on the slight dip between her breasts where the trail of blood disappeared and where the heart was already forgetting how to pump life through her body for much longer. Taking a deep breath, I prepared to impale the suffering girl to the floor. Just as I put all of my strength into the thrust, she jerked her head towards me and her eyes shot open. The deep brown of her irises were just beginning to develop a red halo around the edges. The heavy stake slid like water through my hand and glanced off of her ribs before clanging loudly on the cement floor. The beam of light wobbled on her face as my hand shook erratically, and I stared at those eyes.

I whispered dully to anyone at all who may have been listening.

“Fuck. My. Life.”

I asked Suzspetals about the background to the story:

Writing The Family Business was one of the best experiences I’ve had – both as a writer and as part of what I call my Twilight journey. I loved reading all the great talent upon discovering fan fiction and had no intention of writing anything myself… until a glimmer of an idea sparked. I was a huge Buffy fan and thought a twist in the canon would be delicious to play with. The final scene in chapter 30 of TFB was always clear in my mind but the middle changed and flowed as I went along. Some of my goals for the characters were to make Bella stronger and more dimensional and to make Jacob more likeable. Edward just writes himself.



Guarding Edward by katmom

*made by katmom*

Guarding EdwardA stalker is trying to get close to 24 y/o HUMAN Edward Masen, a concert pianist. He hires Elite Guardians to keep him safe and to find out who is hunting him. Bella Cullen is the owner/operator of the company AND she’s a 110 y/o VAMPIRE. AU/Canon couples

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 50 – Words: 215,280 – Reviews: 2,609 – Favs: 1,556 – Follows: 700 – Updated: 08-23-10 – Published: 01-28-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4823993

Guarding Edward by katmom, is a multi-award winning and popular fic. It is marked as romance and humour and while it ticks those boxes, it is much more. I find it remarkable that this fic is T rated and it keeps you so interested in the plot that you don’t actually notice the lack of fruit of the citrus variety. I cannot be the only one to feel that way as Guarding Edward has over 2,600 reviews.

Bella’s agency is hired to protect Edward but soon this becomes more than a simple monetary transaction.  Why?  Edward may be a Pianist but he is also Bella’s Singer!  Once again this fic has that pull between Edward and Bella that I love; their connection is on a level that cannot be denied.  The romance is set against a backdrop of mysterious and dangerous business, and there is an array of well-written secondary characters to make it even more interesting.

“This is Bella Cullen. She’s the President of Elite Guardians.” Edward took a step closer to me and held out his hand. Emmett had casually moved back beside me.

As I approached Edward with my hand out, I had to tip my head back to look into his face. He WAS tall. I took another deep breath and slipped my hand into his. I didn’t know if it was because his hand was so warm and mine so very cool, but it was almost as if a static charge had passed between us. His eyes were still staring into mine, and again, that look of recognition was on his face.

As strong as the scent had been on his shirt, it was nothing like it was now, with him right before me. This time, the warm linen smell was at the fore. But as he held my hand in his for a few moments longer, I could almost see the musk tones starting to overshadow it.

I asked katmom about her inspiration for this fic and she told me she had heard Rob say once that the fans were great, except for the scary ones.  And he had some worries about some deranged fan coming at him with a syringe of SOMETHING.  That got the creative juices flowing.


In case any of you are wondering if katmom can write lemons, the answer is YES.  She also wrote Immersion.  It’s a very short quirky high-school fic and I just had to squeeze it in for you – again no pun intended.  Geekward and Vampella fall in love at first sniff!

*banner by katmom*

Immersion: interest in something that occupies all the time & energy available. Bella, the new girl/vamp at Forks HS, smells something wonderful. Edward, a sweet geek, smells something great too. What if vampires imprinted/mated according to scent? AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 10 – Words: 41,106 – Reviews: 492 – Favs: 673 – Follows: 270 – Updated: 12-21-09 – Published: 10-10-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5434313



Thank you for joining us today, and if you have a Vampella to rec or another fic, or you’d like to share your thoughts on any of the above stories, please feel free to comment, we’d love to hear from you!

THANK YOU, once again, to Cared and AllyVera for all their hard work and help with this post, they are the best teammates, and I honestly do not know what I’d do without them! xoxo

Have a lovely week, and Happy BREAKING DAWN – PART 2! *reviews welcome*

Midnight Cougar


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Wandering…Lips, BD style!

I promised you guys a couple of weeks back some Wandering Breaking Dawn lips. And what a better week to do it than now when so many of you are getting your own copies of the DVD!! (Sorry Germany, but the 29th will be here before you know it!) So grab your shamanties, get your lips ready and have a cold drink nearby….we’re going in!!!

Let’s start with this handsome guy jumping into your bedroom window the night before the wedding.

Next we have the longest, most inappropriate wedding kiss ever. But who could blame the girl? I wouldn’t want to stop kissing him either!

Holy HALE!!! If this is just the wedding I don’t know if I’ll survive the honeymoon!!! Those luscious lips…GAH.

Our next stop is Lapa. Instead of dancing in the streets, I think kissing is much better!

Who’s ready for a swim? Don’t take too long, ladies!

*Wet & Wild baby!* UNF!

I think we’re all um, prepared for the Honeymoon now. Don’t you agree? Hope you all make it 😉

I think we need a little bit of a cool down to help us acclimate to the real world.


Oh sorry! I said a cool down, didn’t I? Well how about a really sad but romantic kiss. Don’t worry, I’ll  follow up with something steamy!

No words

And a special treat for you…Breaking Dawn 2 kissing!

I almost think this is better than watching the movie. All our favorite parts are right here! Okay, maybe not. But these are pretty darn inspiring!


BEL AMI HAS A US RELEASE DATE! Mark your calendars, ladies. June 8th 2012. Let’s just hope this is the same for our Canadian sisters as well!

I'm ready to curl up with this!


Thank you MidNight Cougar and tumblr for all the steamy gifs!!


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Wandering…through The Hillywood Show

Well ladies, there are only a few more days until we get to have Edward in our very own bedrooms. And this time he is not holding back!  I thought in order to prepare us for that we should have a Twi marathon. But that would take way to long and I don’t know how to post whole movies anyways. So what’s the next best thing? The Hillywood Twilight Saga Parodies of course! I actually really like them, even if they get songs stuck in my head. And the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 is no exception. But I do have to say this new Edward creeps me out a tad. So grab some popcorn, an extra-large soda, sit back and enjoy the show!

(Okay, if you’ve never seen these let me just say…they get better! Trust me)

I love how they incorporated the photo shoots in that one! But now it’s time to say good-bye to my 2nd favorite Edward. I’m trying to prepare you!

Well, what did you think? I know it’s not as good as the original but it’s pretty clever!

So who’s going to get their Breaking Dawn DVDs at midnight on Friday? What edition floats your boat and why? Anyone else having a BD party like me? Yep, we’re having mimosas for our BD: Breakfast for Dinner Party 🙂 Share all your BD thoughts in the comments.



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Thrill me Thursday,

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies, I nearly forgot it was Thursday!! *WHEW* What busy time! I don’t know if any of you have noticed but the tag line for RA is “Beacause he gives us a reason to smile.” When I came up with the name for RA and the Tag line I had every intention of Changing it. (I still think about it sometimes but oh boy! What a headache that would be.) It was just one of those things that was just until I got the site built. I never thought I’d have a hundred members Long before I considered the site done! LOL But at the time It was all I could think of cause every time I looked at Rob I smiled. Of course that’s easy to do when your always Laughing and perving. And Honestly, Who wouldn’t/couldn’t grin over this…

And well, This too…

IDEK What this face is for but it makes me giggle

It didn’t take me Long to pick up the term “Adorkable” either…

And there is Tybert. With all his inner turmoil and pain he made me smile…

But I’m not referring Only to funny pics of Rob. There are even some dramatic ones that make me smile or giggle. For instance…

And it wasn’t long before I found the Jumping Meme Rob to make me laugh!

And of Course there are manips, funny ones and Hawt ones that always bring a smile to my face…

And Did I mention Hawt Manips That make me smile…Does Your Mind Plummet to the gutter at the thought of Rob petting your Kitty???

The Power this man has to make me smile…

Just Rob being his normal sexy self makes me grin like an idiot. Now, you look at this pic and tell me you’re not grinning from ear to ear…

Definately nothing funny about that pic or this one….

But I never realized just how powerful this Beautiful man was until about a week ago. I was out Christmas shopping with my mom. The store was packed. It had been a long day of searching for certain items and not finding them, being trampled on, yelled at, pushed aside, waiting in line, honked at, freezing, pushing a wheel chair with one hand and dragging a cart behind me. I was tired and irritable I had a miserable headache, my feet, back and legs were killing me and I just wanted to go home!!!! I finally got in line to check out and it was the last stop for the day, when I realized I  forgot something I needed. I left mom at the registers and made a bee line for the back of the store. I took a short cut through stationary and lo and behold, the poster display was open to none other than this pic…