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Brit Boy

*blows kisses*



♥ ♥ 

Well, hello my friends!

We may be approaching July 4th, Independence Day, here in the good ol’ USA, but I thought I’d celebrate Rob and a different “Red White and Blue” today!

This time, there is clearly only one side to choose!


Because, well, let’s face it he is…


So just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. You’re in good company!


Now you knew I couldn’t do a Rob / Union Jack post without getting my girl Mississippibellalis to make us something special!


Just looking at this gorgeous man puts butterflies in my stomach…and a few other places, too!50c7a579baebdf23a6353d46124a83fa

Must be something in the water that makes Britboys so damned hot!


Those eyes could melt straight through an iceberg! *SWOON*


This reminds me so much of The British Invasion of the Beatles but Rob is a thousand times more gorgeous IMO! So glad he switched to sex hair LOL


Yes, yes he is the king of my heart! Take it off Rob! Take it ALL off! *snickers*


Now, when I think of the red, white and blue and eagles in the same sentence THIS wasn’t the picture that came to mind! But it forever will be now!

robert_pattinson___union_jack_by_oxgerryberryxo-d4ppx46 - Copy

Lips to die for! *THUD!*


Why even Breaking Dawn Edwards look better with a UJ flag for background.


I have no idea who created this was or why (a FF maybe?) Hell, I don’t even remember snagging it…just found it floating around in my porn stash! Man, I have good taste LOL! (it is marked/credited to oksanarosten)

london_by_oksanarobsten-d57h01g - Copy

Thank you, England, for giving us such hotness!


Well, we all know it’s impossible, but…


Yes Rob + the Union Jack flag is cause for a…


Much Love to you all,



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Sensual Sunday ~ The Blues and How to Cure Them!

Wet Rob Avi

Rita’s Blues

Got up outta mah bed…do do do di do

Put mah feet on da flo’…do do do di do

Whut da fuck is dis feelin’…do do do di do

Mah bwainz haz gone DED…do do do di do

But da cure fur da blues…do do do di do

Is jist two clicks away…do do do di do

Gonna perv on Da Pretty…do do do di do

Da whole live long day!!! do do do di do

 Blue Jules 001

If Rob is missin’ us as much as we’re missin’ him, then he’s got to be feelin’ da blues, too!

alwaysteamrobsten blue001

Thought I’d acknowledge that fact with some Blue Rob pics!


You know, the ones with a blue accent somewhere in them…like the big blue R, or…


A blue necktie and that blue wasp on his white shirt!


Rob’s pretty blue eyes will always chase my blues away LOL!


A blue band of color in the middle…


Or on either end!


Blue baseball cap will do in a pinch!

**EXCLUSIVE**Robert Pattinson arrives on the set of 'Remember Me' wearing a blue hoody

But blue hoodies FTMFW!! {do we have a muffin alert goin’ on here?}

PattinsOnWorld blue

Hey, wasn’t that blue shirt originally yellow?


Sally’s blue shirt is an eye-popper for sure!

Melbie blues Tyler

While Melbie tones it down to Baby Blue!

IveBeenToast blue eyes 001

She and I’ve Been Robbed got into cahoots for Blue Eyed Rob…called themselves I’ve Been Toast LOL! {I’ve Been Toasted probably would’ve been more appropriate LMAO!!!}


I dearly love a black ‘n white with only one point of color in them!

MySexyVampire edit

But, when I saw this edit by Mysexyvampire…All I Saw Was Blue! *Gah!* The EYES!!!

Blue uh Shirt

Blue shirt AND blue jeans…includin’ a DEFINITE MUFFIN ALERT!!!


Endin’ with a Malibu Rob with his blue surfboard to get us all primed for MUCH warmer weather!!!

To those of you in the line of fire of all the winter chaos, please be careful out there!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Futuristic Fantasy!!!

ritatx01 avi

Oh, ladies!

The last few days have been dark and cold, in more ways than one, and I’m needin’ to get to my happy place in the worst way!

So, c’mere! I’m takin’ you all with me!

Remember the Caitlin Cronenberg photoshoot Rob did for Vogue L’Uomo? Were you just as shocked as I was at the surreality of it? The fantasticness of it? Yeah, it was kinda weird at first but, the more I looked at Rob in all the strange clothes and poses, the more fascinated I became!

01 RobertPattinsonMag

In his last interview with Jimmy Fallon, Rob called the hardware on the coat “Nipple Armory!”  Someone else called them “Butt Plugs!” Either way, they look ouchy as hell!

02 Jules_caitlinvogue1

Didn’t take long for our enhancers extraordinaire to swing into action! This futuristic banner was made by Jules {Creations by Jules}!

03 cray4kstew

Cray4kstew shows us the coat without all the scary stuff! No distraction from Rob’s “Mile High” hair LMAO!

04 IRWL148

Sally {InRobWeLust} made this brilliant two-fer {two for one} and shared it on tumblr!!!

05 RobertPattinsonMag

This is more like the messy hair we love to see on Rob, with a closer look at the Butt Plugs {uh, I don’t think so!}

06 Francies67400

Personally, I’d like a better look at that full-finger ring! But, I’ll settle for Rob’s beautiful eyes in this Francies67 edit!

07 tinypixie

This edit I snagged from TinyPixie looks like a paintin’…again, his eyes are simply mezmerizin’!

08 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob in red on red! Gotta say, I’m lovin’ the fingerware!

09 Pattinsonworld 001

A Pattinsonworld edit gives us the close-up we all crave!

10 Francies67419

Francies67 changed the color from red to grey, which immediately made me think of…

11 a_clockwork_orange

this poster from Stanley Kubric’s film, A Clockwork Orange! Damn kinky/creepy film, in its day!

12 RobertPattinsonVogue

Rob usin’ his middle finger in this shot…subliminal message to the paps?

13 PattinsonWorld

Another Pattinsonworld edit showcasin’ all the metal studs on Rob’s bad boy leather jacket!

14 Francies67420

Don’t know about you, but I sure wanna crawl into the back seat of that car with Rob!

15 RobertPattinsonVogue

Something about this shot is very Count of Monte Cristo…ish!

16 Francies67421

Rob looks HOT, in more ways than one! {Well, it WAS shot in the desert LOL!}

17 RobertPattinsonVogue3

But I needed a closer look at his eyes cause I swear they used mascara and eyeliner on him!

18 RobertPattinsonVogue1

Now, the pointy shit on The Pretty’s eyes was a real “whoa…WTF!” moment LMAO!!!

19 RobertPattinsonVogue1 - Copy

Somehow, the thin straps on his forehead make ’em kinda…well, sexy???

20 RobertPattinsonVogue2

Rob said {again, on Jimmy Fallon} that he felt like a 45 year old divorced guy when he hoisted himself into those painted on, skin-tight leather pants!  I disagree vehemently!!!

21 RobertPattinsonVogue2 - Copy

But, why couldn’t that long, silvery metal scarf have been waaaay shorter IYKWIMAITYD?!

22 RobertPattinsonVogue5

Give Rob a dashin’ rapier and a mask, and we’d have our new Zorro!

23 Mississippibellalis 001

Thankin’ Mississippibellalis for the multiple Robgasms!!!!

24 RobertPattinsonVogue6

Black leather jacket, tight leather pants, greasy leather chaps and a leather pirate’s tricorn? Now, I LUV Rob in leather, but I’m guessin’ Miss Caitlin couldn’t decide what “look” she was goin’ for LOL!

25 RobertPattinsonVogue6 - Copy

Need a better quality close-up of Rob’s face in that crazy hat!

26 Mississippibellalis gif

Lastly, Mississippibellasis made this painting-like gif…love the changing colors!

Can’t leave you without sharin’ this other Veranajj vid I found! She’s freakin’ awesome!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

Welcome back, Angelz!

If you’re wonderin’ about that little ♥ symbol at the top of my avi that’s been makin’ an appearance lately, it’s just to keep the text from starting off so high up {just don’t look right to me}.

Coulda been any symbol, I guess {Ω ♠ Ψ ♣ Σ or ♦}, but I  Rob, and I you all, of course, so ♥ it is LOL!

There IS a point to this…I think!  Yeah, I was thinkin’ about Remember Me!  One of the only films where Rob looked and dressed so much like himself for the role of Tyler Hawkins that the end scene just broke my !  I know I wasn’t the only one!

I didn’t show you this edit by Sally ~ InRobWeLust last Sunday.  I was holdin’ out on you cause it’s what inspired today’s post!

So fuckin’ beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes!

Sally wasn’t the only one to move me with their lovely edits, enhancements and banners for Remember Me…

I credit this one to Floren83, even though it’s not tagged, cause I snagged it from her RobPorn stash a long time ago {shameless lurker that I am}!

You have to look close, but I promise this is a Robelied edit {gonna have to search for more of her stuff}!

Have I ever told you how much I love Rob in RED???  This is tagged RPAU {Robert Pattinson Australia}, but it has Jules’s fingerprints all over it…Jules? This yours?

Now, I KNOW this one is Jules’s!  Absolutely one of my very favorites!

The lovely Biel made this photo look like it mighta been found among the debris of the Twin Towers…soooo haunting!

There’s a raw earthiness to some of Biel’s edits that speaks to me!  I like her style!!

If you’ve never seen this Melbie edit before, shield your eyes…it will burn itself into your bwainz!  Oops…too late!  I consider this a triumph of her craft!

Once again, I can only tell you this fabulous banner is credited to Nylfn…people need to tag their shit, damnit!

If I knew who made this beautiful banner, I’d hug ’em to death, I tell you! {You guys double clicking these things? They’re huge!}

Such a poignant scene {unknown bannermaker}!

By the time Rob / Tyler spoke those words, I was sobbing my  out…I just broke *ungh, ungh, gulp!* {damnit, Jules!}

Thanks, Melbie darlin’!  Just what I needed to, uh…refocus LOL!

Oh, yeah! Now we talkin’!!!

Lordy, the light on his hair! Those lips…GAH!  With plenty of red in the background? FTMFW!!!

Another Melbie Masterpiece I just had to share with you all!

Am I crazy for lovin’ that beat-up face?  Only because I know it’s just make-up, right? But, oh, that razor sharp jawline *drool!*  So lickable!!!

Whoever chose this photo for the official movie poster was genius! Love the way the wind ruffles his hair!  And the half smile on his beautiful face *groan!*

Take us out with a smile, Biel darlin’!

And, if all that RobGoodness wasn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with her awesome vid “Just Tyler  / with love from me to you”…

Now, Imma just go watch Remember Me again!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Master of Madrid!!

Welcome back to Sensual Sunday!

Are you ladies ready to continue our world tour with Rob?

Now, we aim ta please, here at RA, so this one’s for Exaltada darlin’!  We’re going to Madrid!!

Star Date:  November 12, 2009

Event:  New Moon Fan Event & Photocall

Location:  Madrid, Spain


Ever notice how Rob starts out a little reluctant at all the attention?

Well, I'm having a little trouble understanding their directions!

Little, by little, he warms up…

Pssst! Rita...what does "Un poco más cerca, por favor" mean?

A little closer, please!

Oh! Yeah, I can do that.

Loosen up, Rob! They’re not gonna hurt ya!

Easy for you to say! You're not standing up here with me!!

*Sigh* Well, I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.  Would you feel better if Kristen joined you?

Really? You'd do that for me??

Aww, Rob! ‘Course I would…I can share!  {NOT!}

Kristin, this is Rita...she's always f*cking with me!

Not literally, but a girl can dream!

Oh hell! I'm leaving before you piss her the f*ck off!

If he thinks he’s getting off that easy, he’s got another think coming!!

Fan Event:

Dean, you need to keep an eye out for Rita. I don't think we've seen the last of her!

Oh, baby! You have no idea! *snickers*

Yeah! Now, this is more like it!

Nothing gets Rob more jazzed than having his fans around!

Kristen! You gotta get out here and feel this electricity!

Unless it’s having his girl by his side!

Damnit, Rob! Get your hand off my boob!!

Uh oh! Trouble in paradise!

Well, how was I to know you weren't wearing a bra!

*Gigglesnort!* And he thought I was trouble!!

Damn! She's pissesd at ME now!

Somebody rain on your parade, darlin’?

Yeah, I...Rita? What the hell? Where did you come from?

Whither thou goest, sweetie!  Ya can’t get rid of me LMAO!!

Aw, crap! I give up...you're like a damn tick!!

Must be your magnetic personality, Rob darlin’!

Catch me, if you can, Rita!!!!

Til next time, for sure! Laters, baby! MWAH!!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…I Wanna Get in Your Pants!

Hi, ya’ll!

Last week’s Perfect in Plaid post got me ta thinkin’, and ya’ll know that thinkin’ just gets me into a world of trouble, since I’m always thinkin’ of Rob!

So, thinkin’ of Rob’s plaid shirts just naturally leads me to what he wears with ’em.

Now it occurs to me that we’ve been sorely missin’ somethin’, lately…can’t quite put my finger on it, though.

Hmmm, now what on earth could it be????

Now, Rita! You couldn't possibly be missing the suits, now could ya?

No, Rob darlin’, you been real good to us in the suit department.  No complaints…at all! That’s not what’s got me ponderin’ so hard… {*Gasp!* Jules, honey! That’s one  damn fine gif you gave us!}

Well, I know you ladies don't like me in shorts, so that can't be it.

It’s not that we don’t love your bare legs, baby!  But, seriously???

You surely don't mean to diss what I wear on my down time, now do ya Rita?

*Gulp* No! No, I wouldn’t DREAM of makin’ fun of those shiteous red shorts, Rob honey!

Good (I think)! Cause, when I'm not on "display," the "boys" gotta breathe, ya know?

I couldn’t agree more, Rob!  Wouldn’t wanna jeopardize any future baby makin’ plans, darlin’! {Kill me now!  Daddybert!  How sweet will that be?}

So, you're not down with loose casual pants, huh?

*Whew! Fannin’ frantically!*  Well, not really, Rob…but, I might be down with gettin’ THOSE down *gigglesnort!* 

Aw hell, Rita! What else could you possibly be missing? I'm completely stumped!

*Squeeeeee!*  YES!!!  There they are!  Oh, we sooo miss your ripped button-fly jeans, Rob darlin’!

What??? I would've thought you ladies would be missing the "sexpenders!" LOL!

*THUD!* Yeah but…! No, but…!

Not even with your favorite sexboots? Rita! I'm surprised at you!

Aw hell, Rob! Now you’re just bein’ mean…makin’ me choose!!?!?!  It’s just that…

there ain't NUTHIN' sexier than a good pair of jeans!

So, puhleeeeeze!  More button-fly jeans!

I give up...just take me AND my button-fly jeans AND my sexboots to boot...get it? To boot? LMAO!

If only I really could “take” you, Rob darlin’!  If only…

No truer words have ever been spoken, Melbie darlin’!  Thanks for all the lovely edits! MWAH!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…First Time Ever I Saw Your Face!

Good day, my lovelies!

Do you sometimes wonder where in the H E double hockey sticks we get the ideas for our posts?  Rob, of course, is the main motivation and inspiration for everything we do here at RA.

Occasionally, RF, RFM, MC, TMM and I inspire each other from post to post.  Or, we might get a spark we get from one of YOU!!

RobCatCdn:  “…SexDriveRob was the first pic I found on the net. I thought “Good lord!  He’s so f*ck hawt!!! Eyes, hair, lips, neck, chest … *THUD*   How old is he??”  SexDriveRob def. grabbed my attention … not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. LOL :-)

Rita:  “When it comes to Rob, it’s not a good thing or a bad thing…it’s an INEVITABLE thing!”

And it IS, because the first time you see that face, your whole world shifts!  No one else makes you feel the way HE makes you feel.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

(Creations by Jules)

The first time ever I saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave

To the dark and the empty skies, my love, To the dark and the empty skies. 

The first time ever I kissed your mouth And felt your heart beat close to mine

Like the trembling heart of a captive bird That was there at my command, my love

That was there at my command. 

And the first time ever I lay with you I felt your heart so close to mine

And I knew our joy would fill the earth And last till the end of time my love It would last till the end of time my love

The first time ever I saw your face, your face, your face, your face

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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