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Thrill Me Thursday…Just Du it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Yeah you know where I’m going and you know what you gotta “Du.”

1) Steel reinforced shmanties…Check!
2) Shamwow…Check!
3) Fan for vajayjay…Check!
4) Seatbelt…Check!
5) Protective head gear, just in case…Check!
6) Bucket to catch drool…Check!
7) Protective cover for keyboard…Check!
8) Fire extinguisher…Check!
9) Porn~folio at the ready for sharing…Check!
10) Cold drink…Check!
11) Muffle or Gag if you are at work to keep the moans from escaping and causing suspicious glares in your direction…Check!
12) Knee pads for bowing down to the great Melbie Toast in gratitude for all the pics I stole Borrowed from her tumblr…Check!
13) Paper bag for hyperventilating *thanksRobbieElise for this visual LOL and the next*…Check!
14) Hubs, BF or favorite toy on stand~by!…Check!
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock,  been too busy with RL shizz, don’t know, there is a Film Festival in Berlin tomorrow and our Boyfriend has already departed for Berlin earlier today. Go HERE if you want to see the Pap Pics at the air port.

Now let’s Du it!

Melbie Toast Tumbler


Melbie Toast Tumblr


I wanna Kiss the boo boo's away!

Now this song is older than dirt but under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree the words are going to be what we are all going to be singing when (IF) we ever get to see this movie…
Melbie Toast Tumblr

Yeah, DU that to me one (a million) more times.

Whatch planning to DU there Uma? Hhhmmmm???
 F*cking Sexpenders FTMFW!!
Melbie Toast.Tumblr

This post is gonna get you wet one way or another!

 I think this calls for a little Rhianna don’t you?
“…Take Me for a ride…Take me…Let me make you rise…Make it last all night…I’ll make you feel like a man…”
Hell Yeah!

That's it Baby, Take it all off! Better yet, Let me DU it for you!!


Yeah, give me half a chance and I'll put a bigger smile than that on your face Rob!

 A woman could happily drown in those blue eyes! *swoon*

Is that an invitation to sit on your lap? YES PLEASE! Squeeeee.... We can talk about the first thing that pops UP! *snickers*

UNF! Could you imagine holding that chin/jaw in your hands and staring DOWN *ahem* into those eyes! DED!

OH! Those Blue eyes again! Have mercy on me Rob!

Tickets to Bel Ami anyone?

I don’t know what else to tell you ladies besides this…

**Special thanks to Melbie Toast, InRobWeLust, IceAngel 34, and Pull My Daisy Too for having such great tumblrs for our perving pleasure!***


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Monday Madness…DuRob Me!

Hello Everybody *waves*



Dear Ladies,

Due to a death in the family on the eve of a family reunion I have had no time to prepare a typical Monday Madness post. I have to go out of town for a funeral tomorrow so I Probably won’t be here but rest assured one of the other RA team members will reply to your comments. Rather than Not post at all I thought I could at least put up some DuRob Pics for you all to drool over since (Let’s face it, he’s hawt and sexy!) and it will be Robs Next Project for us all to see. Can’t wait for that day!












See you all Thursday.


(*NOTE* Here at RA we are making more of an effort to make sure everyone gets the proper credit for their pics. I do not know the origins or makers of all ofthese pics but those I do know you can find their names by hovering over the pic. If you have made one of these wall papers edits or if you know the source of the pic Please let us know so that we can give credit where it is due. Thank you!)



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Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Bel Ami Edition

Yes, it’s Tuesday again! And somewhere in the world (Belgium, to be exact) lucky h00rs are having multiple panty poofing moments watching Bel Ami on the big screen. If only we all lived in Belgium or could get there easily. Most of us unfortunately have to wait til March, or later. So let’s brighten up the day with our own little DuRob fest! (all quotes from the novel)

“And there’s no mistake. He’s Georges Duroy. I’m still covered in bruises from the awful old bed of his”

Not that any of us mind being bruised by him or his bed

“And what do you enjoy?”

gulp...You, we enjoy you

“I wanted you so much.”

Really? We have been waiting for you to say that.

”Oh my darling Bel-Ami, I love you more and more every day.” ‘Their cab was rocking like a ship at sea. His mind was on Madame Walter’

You can call us Madame Anything with a stance like that

  ”Why not?  It’s fools and innocents who are always being taken in”

So you're game? There's a whole mansion of h00rs here ready to be your Madames.

“Yes you’re right.  I am a fool – no, an idiot.  Isn’t that what you said?  Love makes idiots of us all”

Well, if you're going to be upset take it out in the RRoP.

 ”When can I see you on your own so that I can tell you how much I love you”

shhh! Don't tell the others but I'll meet you in the penthouse.

“I will never be your mistress.  Do you understand?”

Well, maybe you can persuade me.

So while I spend some time in this little ole fantasy world, why don’t you ladies enjoy this wonderful video someone posted on facebook.

Robs Fan~tasy

So who’s lucky enough to live in Belgium? Give us your Bel Ami review in the comments! If not, what are looking forward to seeing? And show us YOUR favorite BA moments so far!

All gifs from Robert Pattinson Life


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