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Sensual Sunday ~ The Art of Seduction!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

It goes without sayin’ that Rob could give lessons in the Art of Seduction, but I’m not here to give away any of his trade secrets!

No, I’m here to wallow in the sensual beauty that is Rob and I’m takin’ you with me!

NEED to be seduced all over again…

Francies67 979

’cause I’ve been feelin’ kinda neglected since Rob’s been in ninja mode!

Francies67 101

With The Rover his only film in the can so far this year….


it could be AGES until he’s on the promo tour!

Francies67 784

Somethin’ along the lines of the Cosmopolis promo tour would be ideal!


I wouldn’t wish for him to be subjected to the intense fuckery that encompassed promotin’ the Twilight Saga ever again!

Francies67 858

Although, WE got an epic amount of RobPorn out of the deal…


I don’t think it was all that much fun for Rob!


Well, except maybe for some of the nicer fan encounters!


The quiet, respectful fans who’d show up late at night around his hotel…

Francies67 046

hopin’ for a glimpse,  a kind word…acknowledgement, if you will…


and an autograph…better yet, a photo!


Rob DOES appreciate his fans, I’m sure!


And, boy, do we appreciate him!


We appreciate everythin’ he does for us…


it’s just that we miss him!


Maybe, if we’re lucky…


some charity event or other will touch his heart enough to attend!


Oh, my! Rob in a suit again after all this time?


That would be such a treat for us…


his 1%!  You remember? He said if only 1% of his Twilight fans followed him forward…


he would consider himself lucky!

Francies67 812

Ha! No luck about it!  We’d follow our man to hell and back!

Francies67 945

All he ever has to do is ask!

Francies67 042

All he ever has to do is give US even 1% of his attention!

MelbieToast FiftyShades 001

Just let us know what your own way is, darlin’, and you can have it!

Oops!  I mighta got off track LOL! But I sure do feel a whole lot better, don’t you?

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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Sensual Sunday ~ Pucker Up, Dollface!

Alright, ladies!

Who has the most kissable lips God ever gave man? ROB!

Can we ever get enough of lookin’ at ’em? NO!!!

We all have a whole bucket list full of things we’d like to do with {and/or to} Rob, even if it will only ever be in our dreams…and dream we do!  But, suckin’ face with The Pretty is way high on that list!

First time I saw this photo of Rob at the Tokyo premier of Goblet of Fire is when I went “DAYUM! That’s ROB?” Cause I hadn’t started seriously huntin’ down RobPorn until Twilight came out!

And while I am completely enamoured with Rob’s PantyMeltin’Pout {I refuse to call it a TroutPout cause that’s just nasty}, what I will be focussin’ on today is the Mother of all Puckers, aka Rob’s MotherPucker!!!

Jayme! What did I just say? ME has no control LMAO!!!

See, every now and then, someone catches Rob puckerin’ those sweet lips like he’s sayin’ “Oooooh!” and I just fuckin’ SWOON!

You can see ’em  beginnin’to loosen up…

just a little bit more…

Until they look as soft as downy pillows! MWAH!!!

Aw, now that’s just overkill! And who the H E double hockey sticks put lipstick on our man!?!?!

Rob pops that MotherPucker even when he’s not aware of the cameras….

Or, maybe he IS aware of the cameras!

{Needed to see that one up close!} DAYUM! That upper lip just begs to be attacked!!!

Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s flirtin’ with us when pops it durin’ personal appearances!

How he keeps switchin’ from top lip pucker to bottom lip pucker, I’ll never know!

But MotherPuckerin’ both of ’em together? Must take a lot of practice LMAO!!!

MotherPuckerin’ even gets to us when it’s framed by Rob’s glorious scruff…

OK, so a more subtle approach to highlightin’ Rob’s MotherPucker with a little red might just grow on me…or, maybe it’s just because it’s BIEL!

Melbie’s black ‘n white just proves that Rob doesn’t need color to suck us in with his MotherPucker!

Give us a profile, MotherPucker! {wipes tear…I just kill myself sometimes!} {Click on it if it turned tiny on me!}

Three-quarter profile? Yeah, better…

OMG! The half-open MotherPucker! *THUD!*

Well, that’s me DIED, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Clairebamboozle…my partner in crime on this post. She provided the gifs and some of the photos! Thanks, BB!!!

Thank you, Rob!

Happy Sunday, y’all!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Remember Me…With Love From Me to You!

Welcome back, Angelz!

If you’re wonderin’ about that little ♥ symbol at the top of my avi that’s been makin’ an appearance lately, it’s just to keep the text from starting off so high up {just don’t look right to me}.

Coulda been any symbol, I guess {Ω ♠ Ψ ♣ Σ or ♦}, but I  Rob, and I you all, of course, so ♥ it is LOL!

There IS a point to this…I think!  Yeah, I was thinkin’ about Remember Me!  One of the only films where Rob looked and dressed so much like himself for the role of Tyler Hawkins that the end scene just broke my !  I know I wasn’t the only one!

I didn’t show you this edit by Sally ~ InRobWeLust last Sunday.  I was holdin’ out on you cause it’s what inspired today’s post!

So fuckin’ beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes!

Sally wasn’t the only one to move me with their lovely edits, enhancements and banners for Remember Me…

I credit this one to Floren83, even though it’s not tagged, cause I snagged it from her RobPorn stash a long time ago {shameless lurker that I am}!

You have to look close, but I promise this is a Robelied edit {gonna have to search for more of her stuff}!

Have I ever told you how much I love Rob in RED???  This is tagged RPAU {Robert Pattinson Australia}, but it has Jules’s fingerprints all over it…Jules? This yours?

Now, I KNOW this one is Jules’s!  Absolutely one of my very favorites!

The lovely Biel made this photo look like it mighta been found among the debris of the Twin Towers…soooo haunting!

There’s a raw earthiness to some of Biel’s edits that speaks to me!  I like her style!!

If you’ve never seen this Melbie edit before, shield your eyes…it will burn itself into your bwainz!  Oops…too late!  I consider this a triumph of her craft!

Once again, I can only tell you this fabulous banner is credited to Nylfn…people need to tag their shit, damnit!

If I knew who made this beautiful banner, I’d hug ’em to death, I tell you! {You guys double clicking these things? They’re huge!}

Such a poignant scene {unknown bannermaker}!

By the time Rob / Tyler spoke those words, I was sobbing my  out…I just broke *ungh, ungh, gulp!* {damnit, Jules!}

Thanks, Melbie darlin’!  Just what I needed to, uh…refocus LOL!

Oh, yeah! Now we talkin’!!!

Lordy, the light on his hair! Those lips…GAH!  With plenty of red in the background? FTMFW!!!

Another Melbie Masterpiece I just had to share with you all!

Am I crazy for lovin’ that beat-up face?  Only because I know it’s just make-up, right? But, oh, that razor sharp jawline *drool!*  So lickable!!!

Whoever chose this photo for the official movie poster was genius! Love the way the wind ruffles his hair!  And the half smile on his beautiful face *groan!*

Take us out with a smile, Biel darlin’!

And, if all that RobGoodness wasn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with her awesome vid “Just Tyler  / with love from me to you”…

Now, Imma just go watch Remember Me again!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Rob…Big in Japan!

Good morning, Angelz!

Happened to hear Rob talking on an old interview the other day about how he could just walk around Tokyo without anyone recognizing him and I thought, “Well, damn! He must have meant YEARS ago, cause no way in hell they’d miss that 6’2″ tall hunk ‘o hawtness NOW, right?”

So, with a little research (don’t we just love Google?), I found that he’s been in Japan for 3 different events over the years:

Star Date: November 18, 2005

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Event: Press Conference for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

And there he was, in all his green eyed, messy bronze haired gloriousness…even BEFORE Twilight!!

Our baby was only 19 years old at the time…and soooo beautiful!!

Runnin’ those long damn fingers through his hair…as usual LOL!!  We didn’t call it “FingerPorn” back then, but it didn’t take us long to zero in on it!

First time “The Pout” killed me f*ckin’ DED…still my favorite one!!

Star Date: November 19, 2005

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Event: Premier of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Bein’ new to the whole “red carpet” scene, Rob was NOT rockin’ the Gucci…yet!  Oh, just check out that blush!

But that didn’t stop him from rockin’ our world with that sexy half-smile and dimples!  Still blushin’, though!

We’d have to wait a couple more years to get the full effect of the chest hair LMAO!!

Yup! The ladies loved him, and so did we!!

Star Date: February 27, 2009

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Event: Premier of Twilight

What a difference 4 years made! It was complete mayhem at Narita Airport on Rob’s arrival!!

See what I mean about the difference 4 years made?  Hair semi-tamed…sporting the sexiest scruff EVER and rockin’ that suit like nobody’s business!  Our boy had become a MAN!!

And the best thing to come out of that event?  Rob got caught eye-f*ckin’ his girl’s ass!  Epic Robness LMAO!!

The other best thing was this iconic portrait of Rob and his rip-kneed, button fly jeans FTMFW!

Star Date: November 3, 2009

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Event: Premier of New Moon

I ask  you…how can he look YOUNGER later that same year?  Must be the smooth cheeks, messier hair and open shirt (no tie)!?!?!

Something about this photo just…I dunno…words don’t work here!

But then, who needs words…the photo says it all!

By the way, here’s a little bonus photo I didn’t have last week when I was trying to get Rob to strip for us…

Yeah, that’s as close as we’re gonna get to his ass crack until Bel Ami LMAO!!!

FOUND THE JAPEEN PHOTO!!! {thanks Nicole, wherever you are!}

BIG in Japan!

Anyone want a close-up?  Thought so!

BIGGER in Japan!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Sensual Sunday ~ Angel Wings & Ink!

Welcome, Angels!

Rob is seriously deep into ninja stealth mode right now.  Won’t even come talk to me today, so get ready for something a little different with this post.

Now, while keeping myself entertained during The Pretty’s absence, I came across this beautiful vid by Olia…

Jesus wept…those EYES!!!!

But it was the title “Angel in Disguise” that got my attention, reminding me of this photo from Twilight…

Was it accidental? Was it on purpose?  We’ll never know and it doesn’t even matter.  It’s a cool visualization of Edward fighting his inner demon with wings on his shoulders..Angel in Disguise!

Wings! Wings! Wings!  Really good manips of Robward with angel wings are few and far between, BUT one of the best I found was Lolypop82’s Angelward!!

Fabulous details in the wings!  Don’t know if it was ever used for a story banner, but I can think of a few fics that it would suit.

One manip that DID make a story banner is this awesome gif by Betti Gefecht for Saritadreaming’s fic I Want It Painted Black!  (click to open and watch it move)

Ah, Betti!  One of the most multi-talented ladies in the fandom!!

Of course, while cruising her other banners, I couldn’t help being hypnotized by the ink crawling over the arms of Edward in her Clipped Wings & Inked Armor banner…(click to open and watch it move)

If ever there was a fic that inspired so many brilliant Tattward manips, it was CW&IA (damn, I need to find time to read it again)!!!

Lolypop82 strikes again!

Snagged this beauty from Floren83!

Another fic that had us all drooling over a new Tattward was A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22…

Hope she updates soon…I miss PAW and his Peaches!  OK, one more from Lolypop82 and then on to…

Soapy Mayhem, Queen of Tattward manips!!!

Holy crap!


This one was inspired by Time of Salt by Scarlettplay.  I FLUV it!!

One of her latest and the one I’ll leave you with today…

Well, who doesn’t love a good Bad Boy???

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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Rob being, well…Haunting in Black & White

Oh, my sistas!  The dark days leading up to Christmas are upon us!

We get up in the dark and we come home in the dark…kinda like the poor little pit ponies of old.

And, speaking of dark, something about photos of our beloved Rob in black and white speaks to me any time of year.

Maybe it’s the contrast in lighting that moves me.  Or, as in this one, it’s the fact that he was obviously caught unawares.

What could he possibly have been thinking about?

When Rob is “dark,” my heart aches for him.  It’s there in his eyes…

But, when Rob is “light,” his lovely soul shines through!

Now, if ever a black & white photo of Rob absolutely haunted me, it was this one.   Damned if I don’t get completely lost stroking his eyebrows, his eyelashes, his nose, lips and scruff.

Of course, lack of color doesn’t always mean pure black & white.  I couldn’t choose between these two sepias by the amazing Jules, so I’m giving you both!

See why I couldn’t choose?

A subtle use of color in a black & white photo of The Pretty just makes it, well…really pretty! *sigh!*

There was a certain beauty in this one I couldn’t resist…can’t quite put my finger on it.  Oh, hell! Who am I kidding?  I’d like to put more than my finger on it!! *Down, Rita!*

And, finally, in a really good black & white, details emerge that might otherwise be missed in a color photo.

Case in point would be the gorgeous Details photo I posted recently.  MelbieToast has been kind enough to give us her black and white version, in which we are treated to a much better glimpse of the Promised Land!

I saved that one for last cause I knew you’d get stuck on it and miss out on all the rest *snickers!*

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



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