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Monday Mourning! Tribute To RAoR!!!

 Monday Mourning a Tribute to RAoR!

Hello Everybody *waves*


As some of you may already know RAoR has posted its last post and many have come to say good-bye.
Broken Hearted

RAoR will always be in our Hearts!

 But I find it very hard to say good-bye…
It is with a sad and heavy heart and tear stained face that I write this post. I stumbled into a little blog known as RAoR several months ago completely by accident. I had a world of trouble on my shoulders and was just wandering the net trying to relax enough to sleep. Little did I know that little blog would change my life completely!  I suddenly Saw the most amazing Face of Robert Pattinson there  and some of the most hysterical statements following that pic that I had ever heard! It was nearly 3 in the morning for me and I found my self *snicker~snorting* loudly at the blog. I didn’t even know that phrase at the time nor did I truly understand what a “Blog” was!
Curious as to what people had  to say I decided to read further into the “comments” and I was soon Laughing Out Loud! Laughing so loudly I had to cover my face with a pillow before I woke everyone up! I did not sleep that night, because in the midst of my worries and sorrows I had found a reason to laugh and to smile!!
 I think my “Robsession” kicked into high gear that night and I was RAoRsessed as well! {The two went hand in hand right?!?!} I never left there actually. I was there at the very minimum of 10 times a day! (usually more) RAoR was my first blog, my first subscription, my first place to go for RobPorn, My first Comment Post. RAoR was my first for everything! I LOVE YOU RAoR!!!! I ALWAYS WILL!!!
I found Fan Fiction on RAoR and Fifty Shades (My first fan-Fic read) on RAoR!  I learned of the incredible singing talents of Mr. Robert Pattinson (beyond what I knew of from Twilight) from RAoR such as  “I’ll be Your Lover Too!” “Broken” and “I don’t Mind.” And still there was more! I found You Tube through RAoR. I found sound bites and Giggles and Banners and Gifs and still there was more…
But you know, I found the very Best thing of all, no, it wasn’t the laughter, It wasn’t the giggles or the porn or the sound bites! It wasn’t the fan fics, *GASP!* *IKR?* It wasn’t the Pics, it wasn’t the music. It wasn’t the videos and I’m sure you’ll understand when I say It wasn’t even the magnificent Rob that I think of as the very best thing of all that I found, no, indeed and in fact, it was YOU! All of You! My friends, My Sistas, My Family!!! I cannot say good-bye. I will not say good-bye! My doors are open to you all Always!

Thank You Girls! Thank you Jag! 
I just found this and felt it was very fitting, Much Love to Jag and RAoR and all the Angelz and hOOrs!


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