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Monday Madness…Heavenly Robert

Hello Everybody *waves*


Morning Ladies,  Usually I try to come up with something funny for Mondays and as I was searching I came across the most remarkable Picture of our  boyfriend! It made me think of an old saying from years and years ago…

Somewhere there is a place where everyone is asWonderful as you are…

  We call it Heaven. This picture is Stunning in every sense of the word! Absolute, Undeniable Perfection in its finest form. Add to that his amazing Voice…  And this Lady is left speechless…Happy Monday Ya’all

Love to you all,


Got an amazing pic or a song of Robs That just leaves you Breathless? Show me!


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Monday Madness…Screw Halloween I got New Rob VIDS!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*

Woo Hoo!! yeah, you heard me, I Love Halloween But I LOVE looking at Rob in motion MORE!!!! So even though it IS Halloween and I have made this whole month about Hallowen, Right now I Found New Rob Pattinson BD Film clips, yeah clips and Trailers with new scenes I have not seen before so Screw Halloween and bring on the Rob Hawtness!!!

 Holy Hell I want that man!!!
*Squeeee* I cannot wait til this is out at the theatre!!!
Some of these vids are very similar but if you watch them all you will see different scenes in them.
ok this one is a fanmade compilation. But I really liked parts of it. 
This last one was apparently recorded over a cell phone during a sneak preview. It’s kinda dark and a little jumpy but you can still see it quite well. And if you don’t hate Jake already you will at this moment.
 Well there we go Ladies That’s all the new BD vids I have. But, I’s not done yet! *giggles* Now, for your viewing pleasure…to get you all worked up…just because I an…here ya go!!
oh! You know what this post needs? More Rob hawtness!!!
Talk about your RobFantasies…*WHEW*
and just to remind you of the Goatee Hawtness…
After all that…I feel like this…
Ok My Lovlies, I’m done now. Hope you had you’re shamwow with you!!
Post your favorite Hot Vids and goatee pics!!
Happy Halloween!!!



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