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Thrill Me Thursday…Just Du it!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Yeah you know where I’m going and you know what you gotta “Du.”

1) Steel reinforced shmanties…Check!
2) Shamwow…Check!
3) Fan for vajayjay…Check!
4) Seatbelt…Check!
5) Protective head gear, just in case…Check!
6) Bucket to catch drool…Check!
7) Protective cover for keyboard…Check!
8) Fire extinguisher…Check!
9) Porn~folio at the ready for sharing…Check!
10) Cold drink…Check!
11) Muffle or Gag if you are at work to keep the moans from escaping and causing suspicious glares in your direction…Check!
12) Knee pads for bowing down to the great Melbie Toast in gratitude for all the pics I stole Borrowed from her tumblr…Check!
13) Paper bag for hyperventilating *thanksRobbieElise for this visual LOL and the next*…Check!
14) Hubs, BF or favorite toy on stand~by!…Check!
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock,  been too busy with RL shizz, don’t know, there is a Film Festival in Berlin tomorrow and our Boyfriend has already departed for Berlin earlier today. Go HERE if you want to see the Pap Pics at the air port.

Now let’s Du it!

Melbie Toast Tumbler


Melbie Toast Tumblr


I wanna Kiss the boo boo's away!

Now this song is older than dirt but under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree the words are going to be what we are all going to be singing when (IF) we ever get to see this movie…
Melbie Toast Tumblr

Yeah, DU that to me one (a million) more times.

Whatch planning to DU there Uma? Hhhmmmm???
 F*cking Sexpenders FTMFW!!
Melbie Toast.Tumblr

This post is gonna get you wet one way or another!

 I think this calls for a little Rhianna don’t you?
“…Take Me for a ride…Take me…Let me make you rise…Make it last all night…I’ll make you feel like a man…”
Hell Yeah!

That's it Baby, Take it all off! Better yet, Let me DU it for you!!


Yeah, give me half a chance and I'll put a bigger smile than that on your face Rob!

 A woman could happily drown in those blue eyes! *swoon*

Is that an invitation to sit on your lap? YES PLEASE! Squeeeee.... We can talk about the first thing that pops UP! *snickers*

UNF! Could you imagine holding that chin/jaw in your hands and staring DOWN *ahem* into those eyes! DED!

OH! Those Blue eyes again! Have mercy on me Rob!

Tickets to Bel Ami anyone?

I don’t know what else to tell you ladies besides this…

**Special thanks to Melbie Toast, InRobWeLust, IceAngel 34, and Pull My Daisy Too for having such great tumblrs for our perving pleasure!***


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Thrill Me Thursday???

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Girlfriends,
As you may have heard yesterday I was at a loss as for what in the world to post today since RFM and I think so much alike and are constantly stealing each other’s post ideas. (What can I say, Great minds think alike!) And I spent most of the day searching for something, anything!!! By 11 pm this evening I was like this…
Picture from Enchanted Robert Tumblr

WTF Am I going to post???

And then I was just about to give it up, (just for awhile sometimes the best ideas come at the last moment) and then I log onto FB and what do I find???
Pic from robs Cougar

Nooooo!!! Say it ain't so!!!

Yes, yes you are STILL F*cking Beautiful and we will Love you no matter what. The Buzz Cut has a huge BUZZ running all along the internet. Tumblr and FB are already flooded with your Beautiful shaved head.
I was going to post a Bunch of pics of Rob with Hair, don my mourning clothes and curl up in my bed until his hair grew back (Thank GOD it grows quickly!) But then I read something that made me verra verra Proud and it has changed my post yet again.




Carline Graphics Tumblr


Hell to the Yeah on that one! Congratulations BB! I would give you a congratulatory HUG for that if I could! (So damn Proud I wouldn’t even perv on you just give you a hug and be happy for you! LOL)
Not Only that but our Robert got a (Well deservered and over due) Standing ovation when they called his name as the winner!!!

Oh I want to be that award at this moment 🙂
Oh! Sorry hehe hehe I got distracted there for a minute!
And may I remind you all that the award was NOT for A TWILIGHT SAGA Pic!! Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE Twilight but this award proves to all those nay sayers out there that Rob is a Fantastic actor! And that he can and will step out of the Twilight and Flourish in the Dawn of all of his new movie roles. Can any one say,
“And The Oscar Winner for best actor is Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy in  Bel Ami”
Hell to the YEAH!
Much Love to you all,
P.S. Still Love you mostest and you are and always will be the most beautiful man on the planet but I miss your hair!!


*Le Sigh*

Now Bring on the Word Vomit Please!!!


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Thrill Me Thursday…

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Good Morning Ladies, Well it’s Thrill Me Thursday again and I have brought you just a sampling of the most recent panty poofing Robporn available. So, Grab a comfy spot on the floor cause you’ll hurt yourself falling down if you don’t!!!
Just push play on the video and scroll through the pics while it plays Ladies.
 *shamwow mandatory*






SMIRKY ROB is always a win!!!



Have you noticed how much broader he is in the chest and shoulders these days?


 I think we need a closer view of that don’t you?

Holy hell!!! *POOF*

 Is anybody else mezmerized by the way his shirt is stretched over his chest or lost at the sight of those broad shoulders?

He looks like he is just about to spew some word vomit here. LOL Rob looks so Mischievious!!

Check out my tumbler if you want to hear THESE great audio word vomits from Rob.

 “The Tip”

“Awwoooo yeeeeessss” and

 “I can fill every sexual fantasy”


Oh Rob *Melt*


Hand Porn!!

 Look at the difference between Robs hand and the other guys. Even with his fingers folded in his hand is twice the size of the other guys! *swoon* and I can always dierect your attention a little farther down south…

and there is always that winning smile...



 Oh Now, after that smouldering pic with the lucious pucker, I know ya want to see this…

and just when you thought you couldn’t adore him more, he opens his mouth and speaks!!

stay tuned today ladies for news from RFM and Maggie In LA at the premiere!!!

Much Love Ladies!




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I showed you mine…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Ya’ll heard me sound off the other day about my opinion on SCUMMIT denying us the visual pleasure of seeing this on the big screen…


and many of you chimed in as well. (thanks for the support girls, I appreciate it alot!) Well apparently we are not the ONLY one who is a little verbal on the topic!

This Poor Kitty Just found out there would be no Headboard scene in BD and is Having a really hard time Coping with it. How ever she has no problem voicing her thoughts on the topic! LMAO

Then Rob found out about it and This was his initial reaction…

Are You F*cking Kidding me??

 No Rob it’s True. But then he realized just how stupid it was on Summit’s part…

Dumb asses! You pay me to spend hours in bed with SWMNBN. Then pull the scene Which means your not going to show all the fans the one major scene they've been waiting YEARS for? Can anyone say Stupid???

 But then The truth was revealed!!! The truth Being that it took so long (TWSS) to film the simple scene Rob was actually costing them a fortune…

Even after SWMNBN passed out from exhaustion, our Boy was still going strong!!!


Maybe I should create an all photo dictionary…called WikiP33nia with just pics like these LOL I showed you mine! Now show me yours? bwahahaha

Anyways, just incase some of you have not seen some of the really great Edits that have came out of the pretty in the last few days, I thought I’d share.

The finished Product


Beautiful profile

Could you imagine just standing by his side?
The Fingers!!! Gah!! *THUD*

Or having your hand in his?



Putting you lips there? anywhere?
Stunning, Absolutely Stunning!!!

Having those eyes look into yours??

Think you can handle a gfif after that??
well, you’re getting one, hang on ta somethin!!


I showed you mine…now show me some of your favorite pics from the last few days.




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Pic The Pick 9

Hello Everybody *waves*


Here I am back with more,
A brand new pick for the hOOrs
You know his face but how well do you know the hands?
Come on Ladies, find the rest of this man!
Give me a hand?

Find me!

 Happy Hunting!!!

Since Jolori was the only one who played and got so very very close to the actual picture (lets face it she was just one snapshot away!) And she couldn’t have been any closer if she tried, I am officially declaring Jolori the winner of Pick the pic 9! Congratulations Jolori! Thank You for Playing!

Jolori you were on fire!

    Jolori Wins!!!
  Laters Ladies,


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Pick The Pick 5 anyone?


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

It’s been a week or so and I’m back to challenge your knowledge of “The Precious Pretty Parts in your Pervy portfolios!” LOL (try saying that three times fast! *snickers*) Pick the Pick Pictures come from our very own Cared this week. so here we go.

Can You find me?

I see you!!!

If This one is found quickly I will post some more throughout the day…
Ready, Set, GO!

rdmickey 1989 *Wink*

           rdmickey1989 Wins round 5!!!

Laters BBez…


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Just for Shizz and Giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Last night as I was browsing the net, I stumbled across a pic of Rob that I had seen different versions of but I hadn’t seen this exact one. I saved it and went on surfing but that pic got me to thinking about a blog I read some where. (sorry can’t remember who, when or where. It was quite awhile ago.) In this blog, a woman had gone to some event somewhere in London Rob was appearing at. She didn’t have tickets to get in but she stood near the “red carpet’ (Gosh, sorry I just can’t remember..) just in the hopes of getting a glimpse or a pic of him. Any way she got more than she had expected and got to shake hands with Rob. *faint*  One of her blog buddies asked if his hands were exceptionally large and were his fingers exceptionally long, after all they’d HAVE to be in order to play the piano the way he does right?
Loooongg Fingers

*Nose dives into the RobGutter*


Then I got to thinking about how many blogs and videos etc. there are about our Wonderful Rob’s hands, Which in turn brought me back to this other pic I had found. So many people want to know how large his hands Really are. Being the curious type I got to thinking and pulled the pic up out of my files and sat there looking at it, wondering…  “if he’s six foot one…and I’m….then that would mean…”  yadda yadda yadda.
 I admit I’m no mathmatical wizard but looking at it on my screen it appeared to be Alomst of life size but not quite. I was like, “Well, crap! If it was just slightly larger I could tell. Then it occurred to me…Enlarge ya dope! So i did…and well, * SNICKERS* by my calculations it’s gotta be in my “Professional Opinion,”  *rolling my eyes*  Pretty Freakin’ accurate!!! *LOL*
You know the drill, click the link, enlarge to 125% center his hand on your screen and compare his hand to your hand…I bet you once you do you’ll be grinning like an idiot!! I did. I admit it!!



See, you are grinning Like and idiot and your mind is going crazy with all kinds of WILD thoughts Right?

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