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The FicSix are adding another F or two (or more) to FanFic Friday this week –  it’s Fearsome, Fantastic, Fun, Fanfic Friday, otherwise known as the Week Before Halloween. Get your scare on and join us for Fright-Friday… costumes not strictly required…


*Reviews by Gingerandgreen*

Asylum by darkNnerdy


Asylum ~ He is sin personified, wicked and inked, cruelty always at the tip of his tongue. Black wings grace his back, and blood stains his hands. She’s the poison he wants to consume, but can she survive?

I don’t know, but I think darkNnerdy may be some kind of genius. She’s managed to script an Edward (well, actually a Masen) both truly terrifying and frighteningly attractive. I’m warning you now, you need a strong constitution to read this supernatural tale. It’s both dark and addictive, right from the first word:

Black wings flutter under a long grey coat as he sits in the shadows and watches her.

There is a shiver up his spine, crawling and snaking its way under his skin. The only indication of what’s happening around them. Around the bubble he’s placed her in.

“I drew you a picture.” Her tiny little legs carry her all the way to the corner of her yard. Big brown eyes find his as he smiles down at her, taking the picture she drew.

He observes her for a moment. Her wide smile, framed by dimples set in chubby cheeks. She looks so much like the woman inside.

The woman whose blood is staining the walls and soaking their cream colored sofa.

Her mother.

He could protect her, but he’d much rather sit outside with Bella. Watching her play, hearing her laughter.

Even with a heart as dark as night and as cold as snow, the small girl warms him. She’s an enigma. So small and fragile, yet the strongest person he’s ever met.

She’s a contradiction.

She shouldn’t be able to survive, not with him, but she does.

“Do you like it, Masen?” She asks, tugging at his slacks, annoyed that he isn’t paying attention to her.

“I do.” His eyes drift to the sliding glass door of the house as blood sprays across it, and he takes her into his arms, walking them to the swings.

He fights the urge to turn around and enjoy the sight before him.

“Do you think mommy will like it?” Her hands make fists on his jacket, and he knows she can sense what’s happening. He can feel it within her, the unease, the tension.

“I think she’ll love it.” He brushes her wavy hair out of her face, his skin connecting with hers and easing her mind.

It’s a gift he doesn’t use often, something he shares with his brother. Something forbidden with mortals.

He’s supposed to follow the code. Rules set in place centuries ago to protect them. But Masen rarely does as he’s told, especially when breaking the rules is so much fun. When breaking them means he gets to keep Bella.

And Bella is spared nothing – no atrocity is too evil for her to witness, it seems. Life gets complicated, and every chapter brings with it another dark turning, never what you expect to read.  If I tell you anything at all about the story, I’ll be taking something away from you, so I urge you to lock all the doors, check under the bed and snuggle up next to someone strong and protective.

In the true spirit of Halloween, read Asylum for the thrill of being frightened and enthralled – I dare you.



World To Come by CaraNo


World To Come ~ “We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.” – Nicene Creed. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors leave what’s left of civilization behind. With Florida in the rearview, they begin their journey toward Alaska. Five thousand miles with the undead.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Adventure/Horror – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 2 – Words: 9,728 – Reviews: 385 – Favs: 486 – Follows: 721 – Updated: 10-20-13 – Published: 10-12-13 – id: 9759063

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like a zombie apocalypse. Tension, fear, scruff, muscles, dirt, tough guys, tougher women – CaraNo has skimped on nothing in this brilliant beginning to what promises to be an epic gore-fest.

Bella screamed, putting all her strength into each blow, but the surface was just too small. She could barely move, cornered in an alley by three fucking monsters. Out of options, all she could do was fight with her fists to buy time until she reached a head she could drive a blade into. 

She was covered in sweat and grime. The smell from the undead was revolting; nausea crept up, but as sad as it was, she was getting used to it. Her clothes were in shreds, jeans and a too-big hoodie. Hair greasy and tucked in under her shirt in a ponytail; she didn’t want to give a walker more to grab onto.

“Fuck!” she cried out and shoved her blade up the closest one’s chin. He fell to the ground with a grunt, blood and gore splattering all over. Another beast tried to claw at her, but with tears of fury and exhaustion streaming down her cheeks, she managed to push him away for now. “Seth!”

She needed her little brother to be alive. He was out there—right now, fighting. A fifteen-year-old boy…he shouldn’t have to see this. With another scream, Bella’s fist flew out, her knuckles throbbing so painfully. Her only protection was the duct tape that covered her hands. They could bite through, but it gave an extra few seconds.

Somewhere out on the street, a car alarm went off.

Bella was too busy staying alive to give a rat’s ass, but she still acknowledged the fact that the blaring noise was going to attract more walkers. “Seth!” she shouted again. Due to the rotten-smelling blood soaking her fingers, her blade almost slipped out of her grasp, and it was enough for a walker to try to take a bite outta her arm. “Oh my God!” She pushed and shoved, internally weeping…I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die…over and over. But she refused to let her weakness show.

She couldn’t quit.

It was amazing how quickly you could harden your heart and pull up armor to keep the emotions at bay.

Love it? You’ll enjoy it even more if you head over to CaraNo‘s WordPress site to see the incredible manips and banners there, made by the talented Lolypop82. She’s promised us some for every chapter. I don’t watch The Walking Dead myself, but I’ve heard it’s great, and it has to be if this story is what the show inspired!

Lolypop82 world2come



Dark Goddess by Lissa Bryan

Dark Goddess

*Banner by Soapy Mayhem*

Dark Goddess ~ A free-spirited archaeologist & a shy, absent-minded genius find a 500 year old vampire who thinks she’s a goddess. They try to sneak back to the US, teach her about the modern world, and try very, very hard not to fall in love with the Dark Goddess. OOC/AU/Rated M

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 33 – Words: 154,588 – Reviews: 2733 – Updated: 11-24-12 – Published: 3-28-12 – Bella, Edward – Complete

This is not an Indiana Jones crossover fic, but every time I think of it, the movie soundtrack plays in my head:

I had so much fun reading this story. It’s adventurous, hilarious, gripping and silly, all wrapped in a parcel of delicious geeky genius Edward and beautiful goddess/vampire Bella. The whole cast and crew have creative roles, especially Jake.

Jacob approached it and added his light to Edward’s. “It’s a sarcophagus,” he whispered. “I know it is. I can’t believe it. Fuck me, I can’t believe it!” He traced his fingers over the carvings and a look of determination crossed his face as he swung his bag off his shoulder. 

“Jake, what are you doing?”

“I’m opening it.”

“No, no way.” Edward extended a hand to grip the bag. “Jacob, stop and think for a moment. We don’t know what’s inside, what condition it’s in. Exposing it to air – ” 

Jacob’s jaw clenched. “I’m opening it. I have to. I can’t leave without knowing if I was right.”

“You can’t use a crowbar on this, Jake, it’s just wrong. You’re an archaeologist, for Christ’s sake, not Indiana Jones!”

Jacob whipped off his t-shirt and wrapped the end of the crowbar to avoid chipping or scratching the stone. He wedged the crowbar into the rim under the lid at the narrow end and shoved. The lid lifted slightly with a puff of air, scented luxuriantly with that rich, spicy smell. Edward filled his lungs and bent to help Jake slide the lid down safely. Like entering the temple itself, if he couldn’t talk Jake out of it, he’d do all he could to lessen the consequences. They slid it down a few feet and then shone their lights inside. 

“Holy fucking moley,” Jacob said mildly. 

“I .. can’t … believe …” Edward gaped in shock. 

A perfectly preserved woman’s body lay within.

The whole supernatural world, Lissa Bryan-style, is to be found in the Dark Goddess. There are elves – quite freaking scary elves, too. Vampires have their own laws, and Aro is not the usual suspect (a reason enough to read the story in my book). If you want to enjoy Halloween but aren’t in to horror at all, you can still join in by reading this story.

If you have the stomach for it, you can read two versions of Dark GoddessThere’s the original which seems to have some sort of Edward/Bella/Jake three-way thing going on. *Shudders* Or if you get squicked out by that sort of thing (like me!) you can stick to the version posted on Fanfiction.net. There are lots of options. You can read the story, see the pictures and read a Q&A on Lissa’s Blogspot  or her Facebook page; you can read her original version on TWCS; or go the traditional route and read her  here story here:



*Reviews by Cared*

Don’t Fear the Reaper by javamomma0921

*Made by Twisted in Masen*

*Made by Twisted in Masen*

Don’t Fear the Reaper ~ Halloween in Philly is a month long affair. Edward is hunting among the freaks and geeks on South Street when he spies her. Traditional vampires, very mature content. OOC Edward.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Edward · Bella – Words: 9,581 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 131 – Follows: 79 – Published: 10-16-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6402561

Javamomma0921 gives a warning that Edward is a traditional vampire who hunts humans, a premise that may offend some who should not read on, but if you find dark traditional vampires hot, then proceed.  I hesitated for only a moment before reading on.


The only thing that was different about South Street around Halloween was the costumes. Even they weren’t terribly different from the outlandish things the regulars usually wore … just more honest. It was as if the freaks took the masks off around Halloween and let everyone inside their twisted heads. Not that they could ever hide from me.

The locals here knew how to draw out a party. In the weeks before All Hallow’s Eve, they’d host party after party just for an excuse to drink and grind, dress up and then get naked. I couldn’t blame them either; Halloween was a damn fine holiday.

I could usually blend into the sea of humanity fairly well, despite being cold, sparkly, and undead. But I refused to put on fake fangs or dress up just to fit in. I shrugged past the humans as they glanced leeringly at my beat up leather jacket and torn jeans. I looked the same tonight as I did every other night. And though it drew more attention to me, I wasn’t bothered by their glances. They would never truly guess what I was.

I wouldn’t classify the 21st century as my favorite century—a vampire just didn’t get the same respect today as he did in the sixteenth or seventeenth century—but modern times had their perks. For instance, my red eyes used to be a dead giveaway to all the superstitious bumpkins walking around. When I’d slip and let them see my eyes, I would be forced to make quick work of killing them before they did something foolish like raise a pitchfork army against me. Now, no one gave me a passing glance. Colored contacts were all the rage, and people just took me for an eccentric.

I also had to give modern times major “props” for the sexual revolution among women. That had been quite useful to me. Constantly being forced to woo my prey for months at a time before getting them naked bored me. I often bit them before I got all I wanted from them. The game was much more efficient in the present day. It took me a week at the most before these modern beauties were writhing in my bed, begging me to fuck them senseless. And I did … though likely not in the way they expected.

Tonight, I was hunting. The humans looked at me, drawn to me despite the terror coiling in their stomachs. I could see it in their minds, the fleeting fear that they pushed away as quickly as it came. Their patent denial of their natural instincts was so useful to me. It was almost too easy. When I found my target, I didn’t have to worry about fear driving them away. I didn’t even need to work for them. I simply stood and stared … they always came to me.

Javamomma0921 also tells us her Edward is out of character, and that is true in relation to his diet and the complete lack of guilt for his blood-sucking ways, and indeed, his attitude to women.  But when this Edward and his 400-year-old, cold dead heart meets his Bella – quite a mysterious and self-assured lady – he loves her every bit as much as Canonward loves his.  Don’t ask me to explain why, but that fact alone allows me to gloss over the taking of human life and wish him an eternal HEA.  Okay, I admit it, Edward being so thrilling, primal and sexy helps too 😉 What a sucker I am for a dark, hot Vampireward – no pun intended.



Halloween ~ Cared Cullen's Photos


And now for something completely different…

Murder at Masen Manor by SparklingTwilight

Murder at Masen Manor ~ Four friends, a creepy ghost story, and a haunted house come together to create a night one of them will never forget. Halloween o/s

Rated: Fiction M – English – Mystery/Humor – Bella · Edward – Words: 12,033 – Reviews: 50 – Favs: 134 – Follows: 38 – Published: 10-31-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6442753

This spooky story gave me whiplash! Honestly, I vacillated between being scared and holding my breath as I read frantically, and giggling like a sugared-up schoolgirl.


I hate horror movies.

I hate all things creepy, spooky, macabre, disturbing…

I pretty much hate anything and everything that can be associated with Halloween; spiders, ghosts, goblins, witches, ghouls, skeletons, gore, bats, webs, hockey masks, zombies, vampires, and last but not least…

Dense fog.

How the hell did I get roped into this?

“Edward,” I whimpered, squeezing my boyfriend’s hand tightly as he slowly navigated the truck through the overgrown path and fog that was so thick it hung like impenetrable curtains around us. The screeching of the branches scraping the sides and roof of the truck, as we pushed forward at a snail’s pace, had chills running down my spine and gooseflesh permanently marking the skin over my entire body. “I hate this…you know I don’t like spooky stuff. Do we have to do this?”

“Bella…” His laughing voice trailed off as he squeezed my hand back and shook his head at me. “It’ll be fine. Emmett and I used to come here all the time. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Mmmh Edward, why don’t I believe you?

I fancy SparklingTwilight stirred the perfect portion of essential into a bubbling cauldron: a vial of great characters, a touch of creepiness, a pinch of fun, and a sprinkling of romance to produce Murder at Masen Manor.  I doubt she followed a spell book though, just her own inherent skill at storytelling.

I felt I was sitting around a campfire inhaling the heady scent of wood smoke, while a lone eerie voice cut through the night air as the firelight flickered scarily across their face, and every gust of wind was hand of the undead – ghosting across my back. Oooh, I’m as bad as Bella for being a wimp and for getting carried away…what did this terrifying tale do to me? LOL



*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*

Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31st. It’s well-known for its haunting and ominous imagery, and for those of us who enjoy a damn good horror tale, it presents the opportunity to read the creative and daunting genre of horror-filled, suspenseful writing. So, in keeping with that scary theme, today I bring you two tales of death, but in two totally different presentations! 


Master of Puppets by The Unholy Trinity of Horror

Master of Puppets banner

Master of Puppets ~ I’m pulling your strings. Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams. Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing. Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream. A collab between darkNnerdy, Livie79, and Raggdolly.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Suspense – Chapters: 6 – Words: 6,041 – Reviews: 89 – Favs: 32 – Follows: 65 – Updated: 10-23-13 – Published: 10-18-13 – id: 9774726

This haunting collaboration between master storytellers darkNnerdy, Livie79, and Raggdolly is one that will make you shiver and shake, one that epitomizes the theme of thrilling blood and guts horror at Halloween, and one that will have you anxiously waiting for updates to see what the man behind the mask with the bloody machete…will do next!

Silver moonlight sliced through the trees, casting long shadows that danced over the leaf-littered forest floor. In a clearing, among the deafening sound of thousands of crickets, stood a man. The blade of his machete glinted in the moonlight. Dark red blood dripped from the tip and splatted onto the dried leaves below. He exhaled heavily, his hot breath billowing up in a fog as it hit the crisp night air.

His eyes narrowed behind his mask as he stared at the cabin across the clearing. The lights were out, and to anyone passing by, it would seem deserted, empty. But he knew better. She was inside. The only one left of her ten person group who’d decided to take a last minute camping trip before the weather turned cold. …

He stood over her, a sinister smile gracing his lips that were hidden behind a blood covered mask. With one last satisfying glance at her blood-soaked body and mangled blonde hair, he waltzed out of the cabin and toward his home. There he would wait, hidden in the shadows, until the next group of unfortunate fools decided to go camping.


Less than a hundred miles away, Bella threw a duffel bag into the back of her jeep and slammed the door closed. Grabbing her best guy’s hand, she flashed him a warm smile and pressed her lips to his. “Is everyone ready?”

He grinned and tugged her closer. “Yeah, we’re taking three cars so no one is crowded. Are you sure you’re up for this?

Nodding in reassurance, she slipped behind the wheel. “Yeah, baby. Of course. I love camping.”

*raises eyebrows* ‘Cause, yeah, you know what is happening next, right? As Bella and E (maybe Edward?), Esme and Carlisle, Kate and Garrett, and Angela and Ben – a group of good friends looking for some partying time away from real life – make their way to these ominous cabins in the “beautiful” woods. They have no idea what kind of frightening fun they’ll really have or what in fact awaits them…

Checking herself over in the mirror, she [Bella] grabbed her phone and headed for the other cabin.

When she pushed the door open, she was assaulted with Kate’s drunken giggles. “Bella, tell E that I can totally out drink him.

Falling onto the couch beside him, Bella gave Kate an indulgent smile. “E,” Bella said, her tone serious, her expression blank. “Kate can totally drink you under the table.”

The room was silent for a moment before everyone double over with laughter. Drinks flowed and stories were exchanged. The light, happy atmosphere a stark contrast to the evil lurking outside the windows. The man moved without sound from vehicle to vehicle. Cutting wires and ripping cables, he disabled their vehicles one after the other.

His hot breath fanned around his masked face like a puff of smoke as adrenaline coursed through his veins. Satisfied, he slipped through the cover of trees and to his home. Once inside, he fell onto his sofa and closed his eyes. He thought about all of the blood he would spill, the pain and death he would cause. Running his thumb over the blade of his machete, he smiled when skin split and warm blood ran over the shiny silver surface. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He wanted their blood.

And he would have it.

*shivers* And you will be shivering too, I can guarantee it! I read all six chapters in one sitting; I couldn’t stop, even though I was scared as Hell… The spine-chilling sense of suspense, of what will happen next, does not disappoint in this disturbing yet captivating tale of death, blood and gruesome murder! Enjoy! *grins evilly*


For more “creepastic news,” Master of Puppets chapters, and also daily Halloween flash fic prompts and related storytelling, visit The Unholy Trinity’s blog: http://theunholytrinityofhorror.blogspot.ca/ 

darkNnerdy Prompts 

Raggdolly Prompts


Til Death Do Us Part by up2late

Edward lives a lonely existence in his career as a mortician. Will a chance meeting with a certain brunette bring all of his fantasies to life? Rated M for hot, funeral home lemon! E/B O/S

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward, Bella – Words: 6,744 – Reviews: 21 – Favs: 48 – Follows: 14 – Published: 05-13-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6988512

Cullen Funeral Home

What’s one of the things we think of most when considering Halloween? Yes, dead people and funeral parlours, and that’s exactly where this little one shot it set…in The Cullen Funeral Home. Edward has been the “owner and operator of The Cullen Funeral Home for a mere decade, not one hundred years” and as he tells us, now that he’s buried all his family, that at the age of twenty-nine, he is “all alone in the world,” well, except for, “the dead that passed through my doors,” he says. I know it sounds like a morbid and sad tale – but then this is Halloween, right? *wink* – but have no fear because “Bella. Bella Swan” is here to breathe new life into Edward’s dull and lonesome life…

Her hands fluttered nervously as she dug into her briefcase. Withdrawing a stack of business cards, she pushed one across the desk. I reached for it as quickly as I could, ensuring another jolt when our fingers touched. I couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off my face that stayed put longer and longer each time I touched this fascinating woman. Reluctantly, I looked away from her to the card. It read, “Til Death Do Us Part.”

“It was Alice’s idea. I worry it might be a little tacky. I mean, who wants to hire a wedding planner with a name like that, I know. Like you just started your new life together and if you book your funeral when you put down your reception hall deposit, you get half off your casket. I mean, we don’t have that sort of a deal… but I just feel like it’s a little callous. Sorry. You don’t have to take those. I realize it’s a little silly.”

I refused to let her take back the stack of cards that were on my desk.

“No!” I practically shouted as her hand tried to tug mine free from the pile. She jumped in surprise at my tone. “I mean, no, it’s really a great idea. Of course I’ll hand out your cards. A lot of people could use some guidance when it comes to funerals. More than I can give them anyway. Besides, you seem like you’d be really good with people.”

There was that blush again. “You don’t seem so bad yourself.”

“When you spend your life living above a funeral home, you become a little reclusive. A little out of touch.”

“Not to me.” She spoke quietly and I felt my heart and cock lurch at the same time.

Oh, yes, LOTS of things cum, I mean, come to life in Edward’s funeral home showroom, and maybe even a fantasy is lived out on top of a “mahogany casket,” by the end of this humourous,  somewhat strange, and quirkily romantic *lol* tale!




‘A Journey into the Dark & Twisted Twific- Contest’

Dark & Twisted icon

All 10 Horror/Suspense entries are in, and voting is over, with winners being announced October 30th, but if you want some truly Dark & Twisted fics, love gore and the thrill of hide & seek… Well you’ve come to the right place!

Dark and Twisted Contest (FF.net)

‘A Journey into the Dark & Twisted Twific Contest’ (Blog)


We are grinning like crazy people over here at Rob Attack’s Fanfic Friday, because we’ve been nominated for an award at the Twific Fandom Awards! 😀 If we are your favourite Fic Rec Site, you can vote for us by following the link below. And guess what? So many of our favourite stories and authors and people have been nominated for awards there too. We’re so proud of our dear Midnight Cougar, who has been nominated in two separate categories! When you’ve told us about your fave Halloween fics in the comments section below, head over to Twific Fandom Awards for lots and lots and lots of fabulous reading pleasure. Happy Halloween!


*Cared Cullen Photos*


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FanFiction Fridays – Halloween Horror Part 1!

Welcome to Halloween Horror Part 1! This week and next, Cared, AllyVera and I, MC, will be getting into the Halloween spirit by reviewing a variety of fics belonging to the Horror genre. We have One Shots, WIPs, Complete, and fics posting specifically for Halloween. There will something for everyone…who dares to go into this spooky literary realm!

*made by Cared*


Review by Midnight Cougar 

Que Sera, Sera by Livie79 *WIP*

*banner made by Cared*

*rubs hands together* My first rec this week is a story that will start posting today, for 13 days leading up to Halloween. It’s called Que Sera, Sera by Livie79, the author of Glass House. *Now updated with story link.*

*As soon as the first chapter posts today, I will update this post with the link, until then, if you put Livie79 on author alert you’ll get Que Sera, Sera in your Inbox as soon as it goes up!*

Summary: Isabella’s life was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events since the day she was born. For her, monsters are real, love is the fantasy, and life is a cruel mistress. The future’s not ours, to see…what will be, will be.

Que Sera, Sera is labeled Romance/Horror and every chapter title is the name of a book from Lemony Snicket’s series A Series of Unfortunate Events – Chapter 1 The Bad BeginningChapter 2 The Reptile Room, Chapter 3 The Wide Window, etc. That in itself,  if you know anything at all about the series, should tell you this story fits perfectly into our horror post today.

The story is told in third person narration giving Livie79 flexibility to naturally change character POVs, switch venues/scenes and give the reader an overall wider view of what’s going on throughout the story. It definitely works well here as we’re recounted a detailed story about the life challenges that Isabella struggles to survive through every day of her existence. But when she meets Edward the story’s path somewhat changes course “…because what happens to them…the love they share, it’s almost canon – that otherworldly love that is too big for this world; it’s sure and true and pure and unbreakable and he wants to save her, he wants to protect her, he wants to give her the world”…but can he? And if not, what will happen to Isabella?

Here is a look at the beginning of the story…which, IMHO, ominously sets the scene for Isabella’s horror tale…

Chapter 1 – The Bad Beginning

“They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.” 

Isabella closed the book quickly and slid it between her mattresses as footsteps echoed down the hall. She scrambled quickly under the sheets and screwed her eyes shut, hoping that whoever stood in the now open doorway would believe her feigned sleep. 

Several tense seconds followed, the air around her thick with anxiety as she waited. A sharp exhale echoed in the room followed by a muted swear as the door swung shut once more, the click of the lock engaging from the outside sounding like a cannon in the quiet night. 

She breathed a sigh of relief as she rolled onto her back, her exhale slow and measured, the last sentence of her book echoing in her mind. Isabella knew all about unfortunate events, her entire life had been one long string of them―starting from the day she was born.

Her parents never let her forget it either. They never failed to remind her that she killed her twin brother, sucked the life right from his body before he even had the chance to take his first breath.

Evil. Wicked. A spawn of Satan himself. That’s what they called her every time she did something to displease them, a validation that their treatment wasn’t ill-founded.

I know, it starts out tense and really, nothing has happened yet! 😉 But damn, it’s so enthralling,  and I know this because I’ve pre-read the first three chapters, and can honestly say that, once again, we are in for a hell of an exciting ride with Livie79! This story guarantees to be another emotional rollercoaster and I can’t wait to delve into the rest and see where it ends up! But please heed this warning… Liv is gonna give it to you straight…

I am going to WARN YOU ALL NOW! This is a HORROR STORY! Horror encompasses: terror – dread – fright – abhorrence – fear – death… So please, before you start reading Que Sera, Sera, remember that it is a romance, angst, drama, hurt, comfort, suspense, horror, and tragedy all rolled into one intense story. And for those of you who know choose to continue…enjoy!



Review by Midnight Cougar

Slots by texasbella *One Shot*

*made by JA Mash*

*only available to read on Archive of Our Own and TWCS*

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

Category: Horror/Gore

Characters: Jasper, Bella, Alice, Edward

Summary: You know the saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’… that’s not always true. Three travellers find themselves running there to attempt to right a wrong, only to have it backfire… in a big way. Rated NC-17 for extremely graphic scenes. Please heed warning inside. *Entry for the 2012 Twi-Harders Gorey-est Contest*

Texasbella wrote this one shot for an entry for the 2012 Twi-Harders Gorey-est Contest. I can tell you, because I beta’d this beast, that it is one of, if not the most INTENSE and GORIEST pieces of fanfiction I’ve ever read, especially as I was privy to the visuals as she wrote it. The story is told from Jasper’s POV, it is non-canon, and definitely HORROR! It’s very well-written, as are all of texasbella’s works, and my heart was pounding with anticipation and fear as I made my way through this sick, twisted story! So, if you want to read a story that will make you shiver and cringe as you experience the warped mind of Jasper and his “Slots” 😉 this is for you! Here’s a small excerpt…



Everyone plays them.

Sometimes they win.

Sometimes they lose.

When I play the slots?

I win.

With a motherfuckin’ payday everytime.


I was going to go for it.

I turned to the bartender and ordered two unassuming rum and cokes. After I’d paid for them, I turned away and nonchalantly pulled the vial of crushed powder from my pocket. Dividing the contents between the two glasses, I gave them each a quick swirl with the little stir straws. I extinguished my cigarette in the overflowing glass ashtray on the bar and took a deep breath. Fixing my face with my ‘good ‘ole boy’ smile, I lifted the cups and crossed the room.

“Evenin’ ladies, I’m Jasper. How’s lady luck treatin’ ya’ll tonight?” As expected, they visibly swooned and giggled at my thick Southern accent, the waify girl tugging on slot girl’s elbow as she shot her a pleading look. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was into me. Soon, little one, soon I’ll be so deep into you… you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. I chuckled at my private joke.

I continued to flirt with them and then offered them the drinks. I kept a comforting, friendly smile in place as they thanked me and introduced themselves as Bella and Alice. I was sure that if I’d had a mirror, my eyes would no longer be blue. They’d be black.

I’d just started tonight’s game of slots… and doubled the bet.

*SHIVERS*  Because that’s what you’ll be doing when you read what Jasper does to his “unassuming” victims…. Enjoy! *Bwhahaha*

Warnings – A/N:  If you could not read “I’m a Doctor,” step away now. This story is not for you. If you are a child, elderly or have a heart condition, click the X. This story is not for you. If you cannot handle torture scenes and/or have a weak stomach, why are you here? This story is not for you. If you have any problems with: language, nudity (and descriptions of such), drugs, forced sexual acts (including gore porn), maiming, torture, forced humiliation, self-mutilation, vomit, urine, blood, snakes, character death or necrophilia… this story is not for you. Now, having read the warning, should you choose to proceed and read the story, I do NOT want any flaming reviews, because let’s face it, you’ve been warned… I don’t think I can make it any clearer… this story is SICK… it is for a Gore Contest after all.

texasbella on TWCS

texasbella on Archive of Our Own


Review by Midnight Cougar

Next, I want to share with you the Countdown to Halloween 2012 – Movie Spin Off Edition because if you love a good one shot and are looking for some creepy Halloween daily reading, these special holiday fics are some fantastic one shots all based on  some of your favourite Halloween movies! They are well-written by talented authors, and very creative and interesting  to read! We already have 19 stories and more to come!

Author: Breath-of-twilight: A one shot each day, by a different author, with your fav characters & based off of some of your fav Halloween movies. Each full of citrus & spookish delights, all geared to get your month of October off to a good start each day. Ending with one mass collaboration written by every participant.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Chapters: 20 – Words: 100,003 – Reviews: 607 – Favs: 94 – Follows: 154 – Updated: 10-18-12 – Published: 09-15-12 – id: 8526898

Each one shot is rated M, and for good reason. Not all stories are canon pairings; there is a mixture of canon, slash, etc… As well, each individual story may be human and some may not, it depends on the author…. 

You, the reader, will guess at the end of each one what movie the one shot was based off of.

There will be no voting for this, just a bunch of superb authors sharing their citrusy, spookish stories with you, all in one place. But again, even though u can’t vote, you can leave one hell of a good review to let them know how much you loved their story!


Also, the next countdown – Countdown to Christmas 2012 – A Lyrical Melody is already in the planning stages – there is quite a line-up of participating authors already, and they are always looking for a few more, new and seasoned alike. 😀

COUNTDOWNS – Go HERE –> http://twilightfanfics.wix.com/holidaycountdowns for more info. On all past/present and upcoming countdowns.


Review by AllyVera

Buried Beneath the Begonias by durtynelly  *WIP*

Straight off the bat, I am going to have to dive straight into the warnings about this story (it’s ominous already!)  I discovered this story when, a long time ago, I was reading a discussion where the topic was “the most shocking fic you have read” and this one came out the clear winner, and of course, I just had to go and check it out!   It resides no longer on fanfiction.net, durtynelly posts straight to her blog now – and the main reason being it has been pulled from FF.net before, but this last time she took it down herself.  This story deals with a LOT of sensitive topics, such as extreme violence, abuse, rape, torture, mental health issues, gore and murder.  The other warning I do need to give is that it is a slow updater.

Oh dear, I have painted a pretty picture, haven’t I?  But all this aside, when I started to read this story there were only 14 chapters posted and I read the whole lot in one sitting, with my butt on the edge of the seat the whole time and since that first time, I have re-read it twice more, and in all seriousness there are only a very small handful of stories I have read this many times.  It is also one of the very few WIP’s I have read that I can honestly say, if it never completes, it won’t matter, because to me it is a really satisfying experience to read.

We meet Bella and Alice first who are close friends and studying at college together.  For some reason that Bella is unsure of, Alice never wants her to come home with her, but on a fateful day, Alice forgets her books and they need to return to the house to collect them.  Alice gives Bella strict instructions to stay inside the car, but after a while of waiting, Bella needs to use the bathroom and decides to go inside.  Here is a little tidbit of what happens in the first chapter…

Excerpt from chapter one:

“Alice?” I called timidly. “Alice…Anyone? …. I’m sorry, I need to use the bathroom…Hello?”

 Silence. Nothing. Not a peep.

 “Damn it.” I sighed.

I was thinking of maybe making a run for it and peeing in the bushes, when I heard someone coming down the hall – the sound of bare feet on hard wood, coming closer.

Turning around, the footsteps stopped. That is when I saw him, not even 5 feet in front of me. Starring, my breath caught and I knew I was blushing at least ten shades of red.

He was the most amazing creature I had ever seen! He was tall, lean and muscled, like a soccer player – dressed in dark skinny jeans and a tight, black, Sex Pistols t-shirt. He had a pale, but perfect complexion and wild, bronze hair that looked striking against his fair skin. His face was sharp and angular, with the most perfectly straight nose, and full pouty lips. But all of these things did not compare to his eyes, which now had me locked in place – they were the most startling color of jade green. I had seen eyes that color only once before, on Alice. This must be Edward, her twin brother.

“Heaven-fucking-help me.”

A small smile began to play on his lips, as I stood frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. He arched one eyebrow at me, as if to ask ‘who are you and what the fuck are you doing here?’ Before I could answer his silent question, he very obviously and shamelessly looked me up and down – ravishing me with his deep green eyes and biting his bottom lip. I blushed even harder and his smile widened further, before we locked eyes once more.

There is a very good reason why Alice doesn’t want Bella to meet Edward and you soon find out why that is.  I won’t tell you why – as if you are brave enough souls to read the story, it is part of fun finding out.  Ooh… and watch out for Masen! Twisted girl that I am, I luuurrvvee Masen.

For as confronting as this story can be at times,  there still resides deep at the core a great love that develops between Bella and Edward.  They are both incredibly damaged souls with horrific pasts,  but together they become a force to be reckoned with, each giving the other what they need. Durtynelly is a wonderful storyteller, and if you do like the horror genre, check out her other stories – she is the Master of the Macabre!

Oh, and the one thing this Edward definitely has in common with Canon Edward…  he will definitely kill for his Bella! <<wicked laugh>> 

DurtyNelly Fiction


Review by AllyVera

Into the Night by Babette12  *One Shot*

Summary: Bella gets a flat tire on the side of a dark, deserted highway. There she is kidnapped by her worst nightmare. Or, is it her fondest dream?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Edward & Bella – Words: 11,269 – Reviews: 163 – Favs: 382 – Follows: 85 – Published: 09-15-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5378916

It is my great pleasure to share one of my favorite Vampward one shots with you, Into the Night.  This one shot was written for the Darkward Vampfic Contest back in 2009 and it is a tale of Bella travelling on a lonely road on the way home to visit Charlie.  She travels this road so she can admire the beautiful house by the coast.  After stopping to get a better look at the house and view, she starts to feel uneasy, thinking she is being watched.  She realizes she has a flat tire, and while fixing the tire Edward appears out of nowhere.  Excerpt:

“You should be more careful,” a smooth voice spoke from a dark shadow nearby and I whipped my head to the right from which the sound emanated.

 I couldn’t see anyone so called out, “Who’s there?”

“I’m the owner of the house you were admiring,” the voice sounded right over my left shoulder. I spun quickly, and once again lost my balance. Expecting a fall, I was surprised to feel ice cold hands griping my shoulders and keeping me upright. Glancing at him I suddenly gasped at the inhuman beauty that stood before me. He was tall, with pale skin, dark eyes, and leanly built. His hair seemed to catch the dying colors of the sunset, setting it ablaze like a halo around his head.

“You’ve wounded yourself, give me your hand,” he commanded and I felt a curious imperative to obey him. I lifted it up and was surprised to see him swallow as he took it in his, wrapping his cold fingers around my wrist as he bent over my wound to see it more clearly in the falling darkness. “That spike is old and rusty, you can’t risk infection. The blood must be sucked out some so it doesn’t infect your system,” he whispered and then he affixed his mouth over my wound and began to suck.

I just love this Edward, he knows what he wants and he wants Bella.  He is canon enough to have the similarities we all know and love about Edward, but it is the non-canon elements that make you squirm in your seat while reading!  Enjoy Ladies!



THANK YOU for joining us today and to AllyVera and Cared for all their help and support with this week’s post,  and if you dare 😉 please join us again next week for Part 2 of Halloween Horror!

Also, if you’d like some more Halloween Horror reading, you can visit my FanFiction Fridays – Happy Halloween post from October 28, 2011.

I’d wish you all a lovely week, but if you read these recs, it might be better to wish you a creepy week! *Evil cackle!*

Midnight Cougar

Vampward to make you swoon!
*made by Cared*


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FanFiction Fridays – Happy Halloween!

RA presents Happy Halloween on FanFiction Fridays

Since it’s the last FanFiction Friday in RA’s October Horror Month, this week I will be recing 1 Horror and 1 Supernatural, and RA’s Boss, RobsFan~tasy, will rec 1 Supernatural. It’s gonna be a scary week here on FFF! *shivers*

So, let’s get started with our first rec of the week by RobsFan~tasy…..


This is my first official FF rec ever! It’s a little story I heard about several months ago and it stuck with me so much, kept calling my name so often that I finally had to break down and read it.  It’s called Across the Universes by FantasyMother.

This story is complete at 20 chapters, including a future-take, and it will grab your interest and attention in the first few lines.  I love unusual, paranormal type stories and this one does not disappoint.

The story begins with a human Edward and Alice shopping  in a bookstore, where they discover an old and tattered leather-bound Journal. It seems like an antique and Edward falls in love with it, yet the pages are crisp, white and pristine. Not at all what you would expect for an antique Journal. From the moment he begins to write in the Journal it begins to change and with every change in the journal there is an odd change in him as well. Then, in a parallel universe, a vampire Edward buys the same journal and discovers that each time he writes in the Journal there are new, unexplainable additions to the Journal and even stranger changes in him. When the two Edwards discover they can communicate with one another through the journal, the story grabs you and refuses to let go. Will their parallel lives collide? Will Vampire Edward abandon his human half in an Alternate Universe to suffer alone?

I love the struggle these two Edwards and Isabellas have to endure and the fact that Human and Vampire Edward both worry for their counterpart’s Bella’s. When this story ends you will discover a unique ending that leads to a myriad of possibilities; in fact, if you like where this story leaves off as much as I did, there’s a sequel that began in January, Collapse the Universes.

My only criticism of this story would be that it ended too soon! It could have carried on for ages and kept you bouncing on the edge of your seat for months instead of days. Maybe the sequel will keep us spellbound much longer. This story is like nothing I have ever read before and I hope you will give it a chance.

Summary for Across the Universes: “Not all is as it seems when Edwards from two different universes find an old journal that can bridge the gap between them. Things become even stranger when the reality of one universe starts to bleed into the other. AU, B & E Rated M for Lemons.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Fantasy/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 90,213 – Reviews: 1152 – Updated: 1-2-11 – Published: 4-21-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete”


Ok MC, Back to you, the Master Fic Rec Queen. Thanks: RobsFan~tasy.


Alright, now for my first Horror Month rec, it’s by one of my favorite FF authors; a brand new WIP called The Curse of the Swan by kitkat681.


The first chapter of The Curse of the Swan was just posted this past Wed. Oct. 26/11, and the intended update schedule will be once a week; every Wednesday.

The story is labeled Supernatural/Romance and in chapter 1 we learn that when Bella’s mother, Renee Swan gave birth to her on a cliff, Bella was immediately cursed, and that she “…had lived with her Aunt Esme and her daughter in Salem since she was just a baby. Her mother had died during childbirth and no one knew who her father was. She always felt that something was missing inside of her when she saw her cousin with her mother. She knew she was loved, her Aunt made sure of that, but she could feel deep in her soul that there was something more that was just out of her reach.”

While Alice and Bella are browsing in an antique store, Bella discovers “…a navy blue book that had a beautiful pentagram covering most of the front.” She learns that this special book is actually a Book of Shadows – a journal of sorts – used to keep track of spells and rituals, and also that her Mom, her Aunt Esme, Alice and herself are actually White Witches.

Do not fear, this is a Bella and Edward TwiFic, and since we haven’t met Edward yet, I interviewed the author, kitkat681, to get some additional information regarding the storyline.

I learned that Edward is NOT a Vamp in this story, but in chapter 2, that will be posted next week, so far we STILL will not know his name. Esme will explain everything to Bella, but they don’t remember Edward’s name since the original curse happened over 200 years ago. When we meet him in chapter 2, we also discover that he was a human, but that when Bella was cursed, he was also cursed – he has his curse tattooed on his ribs! Tattward! Here is a Curse Teaser from chapter 2:

Eternal night Eternal day

Until the rite has given way.

The key to all’s the graceful bird

The only one your heart has heard

She continues to fade away

And death will take her where she lays

Your life

Your truth

You’re living proof

That all is lost

When love’s exhaust.

For all that you have done to me

As is my will…so mote it be.

I am anxious to follow this new Supernatural/Romance fic. kitkat681 has presented us with an interesting and original storyline that will be full of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca, Spells and Rituals, and I have complete faith that The Curse of the Swan will turn out to be another one of her epic tales!

Summary for The Curse of the Swan: “Bella Swan lives her life completely unaware that her time on this Earth is slowly counting down. A chance discovery opens her eyes to a history she never knew about. Will she be able to break the spell that has cursed her family for centuries?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 1,236 – Reviews: 45 – Published: 10-26-11 – Bella & Edward”



My last Halloween rec is a true Horror fic called I’m a Doctor by the talented author,  texasbella. This story is written in Drabble format, and at 53 chapters and an Epilogue, it is complete, well-written and VERY CREEPY!!

I read this story as a WIP and let me tell you it is one of the best Horror fics I have ever read! I was so creeped out, I literally *shivered* when reading it; it is definitely the perfect FanFiction rec to end RA’s Horror Month. 

I’m a Doctor is labeled as a Horror Edward fic, and even though we do get BPOV from chapter 37 and beyond, the story really is centered around Edward’s manic activities, his bizarre mannerisms and absurd grip on reality. This Horror fic is not for the faint at heart, it deals with “Crackedward”, who also got dubbed, by many of us readers as the story progressed, as “Pyschoward, Freakshoward, Dr. Dark and scarWard, Seedward, Expelward, Shaveward, Reepward, Creepward, Dr. EVILward, Twisted Darkward…it all boils down to the boy is CRACKED! “

Edward is obviously a Doctor, but in the loosest sense of the word. After a devastating loss, he loses all grip on reality and goes to disturbingly extreme measures to right his discombobulated life. There are no words to explain his manic thought processes, but I can guarantee you will be freaked-out as you try to wrap your head around his incredible mind and his horrific activities. I have never read such a unique and creepy Edward! He is truly captivating! If you want to read a true Halloween Horror fic then please give I’m a Doctor a chance, you will not be disappointed!

Chapter 3:

I was a doctor.

I should have been able to save them.

I couldn’t.

My sweet daughter dead on arrival.

My beautiful Bella lost to a madness from which she couldn’t escape.

I will make it right.

I will bring us peace.


I have a plan.

Summary for I’m a Doctor:  “DRABBLE How does a man cope when his world crumbles around him and he thinks he’s lost everything? What lengths will he go to in order to find happiness? Dark, disturbing, not for the feint of heart. M for lang/lemons.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Horror – Chapters: 54 – Words: 9,972 – Reviews: 1258 – Updated: 10-22-11 – Published: 10-21-11 – Edward – Complete”



Well, there you have it, the last of RA’s Horror Month recs. I want to say thank you to RobsFan~tasy for joining me this week and giving us an excellent Supernatural rec. I hope you enjoy these special Horror/Supernatural recs and please share what is owning you in the FanFiction world this week! Happy FFF my friends! 😀

Happy Halloween! MC


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Monday Madness…What IF


Good Morning Ladies, and yes it is Monday Madness! It’s also October which is Horror Month.

*Cue Rod Serling Voice Over*

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

 There are many unnatural things people are scared of, some are afraid of the dark, some fear monsters under the bed or Monsters hiding in the closet,… but we all know these things can’t really hurt us…(right? I mean, Right?? Hello? Anybody?) *bites nails*

There are so many of us from all different walks of life, different cultures and beliefs, different childhood influences that we have carried into our adult years. The members of RA cover the entire globe, USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, London, Nova Scotia, Africa… With all these different beliefs I began to wonder, what is the one thing that would frighten us all?

And then it occured to me, we all would be petrified of only One thing.

Only one thing could turn our hair white at just one glance.

So here I am to drive you all into madness (hey it gets lonely here all by myself LOL) and make your worst NightMare a virtual reality!

Do you all remember a sweet little Christmas movie Entitled: “It’s a Wonderful Life” Starring Jimmy Stewart? Do you remember George Baily? Do you remember what George wished for?

By now I’m sure your thinking the same thing Rita thought when I ran this idea by her….
“What if Rob had never been Born? NOooooooo!!!!
A lifelong RobDrought? Unthinkable!!
What if the RobDrougt NEVER ENDED??
What if Rob never exsisted?
What If YOU KNEW he had exsisted at one time but one morning you woke up and all traces of him had vanished? 

*Cue Rod Serling Mid-way introduction*
You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

What if the RobDrought never ended …OMG! Nooooooo!!! Or worse what if you knew there was this Beautiful Bronze haired, adorkable, F*ck hawt man named Robert who had consumed all of your day time fantasies, he was everything a girl could want, he had millions who adored him but then there came a RobDrought that seemed as though it would never end.

Finally, when you could take it no longer you went in search of him on the internet…but there was no trace he had ever exisited. Every one you asked about him seemed to think you had gone completely mad. “Who was this Rob Patterson person you kept rambling about?”

You knew he was real. You had perved over him, they had called him “The Pretty” Had you just Dreamed it all? He was inhumanly Beautiful, maybe it had all been a dream?
NO! No way, you knew you weren’t mad, you had folders full of his beautiful face but when you went to your Rob porn Portfolio this is what you found….

NO It Can’t Be!

WTF?? and it didn’t matter how far you went back Rob was Gone, Just GONE!

There was never an Edward Cullen…

There was no Twilight Saga…


Not even a Cedric Diggory

Tyler Hawkins Never did an insignificant thing…

Jacob Jankowski Never saved Marlena or Rosie…

What if… What if…

Yes it is true my Lovelies, we all go a little mad sometimes. BWahahahaha…

Sweet Dreams Ladies…


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